Sultan: Kristin Kreuk is dating writer on Burden of Truth – move on fellows and leave her alone!

By Sultan of Six

Kristin Kreuk is apparently dating a guy named Eric Putzer who is a writer on her new show.

It says on her Wiki page: “Kristin’s current boyfriend Eric Putzer is a writer on her show Burden of Truth. They have been in a long-term relationship for approximately four years.”

And you guys are just dicks. Spamming her Twitter account and/or her Instagram account with NXIVM-related questions is just a form of harassment which likely will be removed.

Kristin doesn’t even have to report them or remove them herself. Anyone of her fans could do it and they will be removed if they are seen as bullying (unlike here where the bullying is not removed).

You people don’t seem to know how cults work, but the authorities do and they don’t seem to care at all about Kristin’s involvement in it. If living normal lives is an indicator of unconcern for legal repercussions due to association with NXIVM, which Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente seem to be doing from their own Twitter and Instagram accounts – and they were involved in the cult for longer (until 2017) –  had more income dependence upon it – were much higher ranks in it – then all the more so for Kristin who left in 2013 before “shit hit the fan,” – was much lower in rank – and had no income dependence upon it since she seemed to be the most successful of the famous members who had a normal career outside of the cult.

She is now executive producing, has been nominated for an esteemed Canadian acting award, is regarded as one of the most amicable people in the industry, and is likely making even more bank as a result of all of these things.

You guys should move on.

Kristin Kreuk with boyfriend Eric Putzer. He is a writer on the Canadian taxpayer-funded TV show Burden of Truth. Kreuk plays a lawyer willing to risk her career to out pedophiles and corrupt scammers who care nothing about the health of women and girls.

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  • One of the ugliest guys on Earth. He looks like a zombie and he looks like a twin of my neighbor’s boyfriend, only my neighbor’s boyfriend has a huge wart by one of his eyes. I almost threw up when I read your article and saw Putz’s ugly face, and you’re a total douche for telling men to move on. I financed a house from a rip-off scam artist named Frank on accident by the way, and I bailed and left him broke, ha ha. I bet your just like his scumbag a$$. Sorry, but Kristen could do way better and you should retire to a nursing home along with Franky con scum. Ya’ll are both old as molasses, he he.

  • Typical of her. New show, new boyfriends. Really think she’s with just one? She can’t act and he can’t write. She is so dumb, she actually gets away with accidentally joining a sex cult and accidentally recruiting children into that sex cult for a pedophile. Everyone knows she’s just that dumb and stupid. Not that surprising.

  • Hell, no we’re not moving on. Kristen’s ass is hot as peppers. She obviously knows something, why else would anyone waste their time reading this Franky Reporty? Hey who is the harry guy? is that Vanguard? really where’s super man when you need him? i guess the W B doesn’t have kristens mouth on its dick anymore. No worries Allison can sing us to the next commercial brought to you in part of her new writer boyfriend whats that lame ass show again that they make in canada? hey wheres the frog from the wB? I guess she hopped the border with the frog. Poor Allison she is standing by her hairy looser man. pedophile freak.

  • Geezus. It’s the comments section. People share their thoughts and opinions. Is it so hard to believe that people don’t find her amazing, actively dislike her, think it’s possible she’s full of shit or was involved more than she claims. They know her as well as you, Sultan. Which is not at all.
    Interviews, shows, social media is all what she chooses to project. Friends family, co workers know the real person. Not us, you or her many fans.

    • Ah. So if her friends, family, and co-workers who “know the real person” already came out to support her, that would stop all of the negative comments?

      Nope. Because they already did. It has never been about who she really is. It has only been about who you perceive her to be.

      This site’s comments are full of only trolls and life-losers.

      • Wasn’t my point at all. Just pointing out that fanboys and haters all speak as if they have insights into who she is. Not speculating but speaking in certainties and conviction. Not much is known about her involvement either way factually speaking

      • People she recruited into the cult have foolishly defended her. They havent even admitted being in the cult or that she recruited them or revealed what they knew about. Why would she tell everyone she knows, her family, her cult is led by a pedophile and engages in financial crimes. Kendra Voth and Suzanne Gomez are full of shit. They haven’t even admitted they were in the cult and she recruited them. Go away you vile creature “sultan”. You are beyond help.

  • You guys “crack me up”. Most of you display the mental maturity of a bunch of immature teenagers. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of jealous/angry whiners concerning other people’s success. It seems like all of you were/are more affected by NXIVM than Kristin ever was, as it looks like she doesn’t even care about it, nor does she let it impact her anymore. Or you use it as an excuse to cast the filth of your own souls onto others. Diminish, bitch, moan, and whine on repeat.

    In the spirit of the goodness displayed by all true religions, I hope you guys don’t continue to suck for the rest of your life. Otherwise, I wouldn’t give a shit. The majority of this site’s comments are unhealthy for any sane person’s spirit and sanity.

    • Spanky, you are a mentally deranged stalker. Your words have no meaning. This is an anti -NXIVM website and Kreuk is NXIVM. She lied, has not so far faced any scrutiny and people don’t like it. It’s the hypocrisy, cowardice and arrogance of it. An impartial person would never side with your sad views. All these people need to be exposed and called out. And they will do. Because you don’t want to fuck any of the other NXIVM members, you don’t mind them being called out. But Crook? What a sad beta male pussy you are. Now piss off.

      • “Good luck” with your fake justice quest that is about as sincere as Raniere’s goal to create a more noble civilization by being a bigoted, misogynistic, whiny, crybaby loser in the comments here.

        I’m sure the feds give a sh_t.


        • Curry boy, watch your cowardly mouth. You wouldn’t dream to talk shit to people face to face. You could not possibly like yourself. Your self esteem must hang lower than your half a century aged tiny testicles. We can look down on you, not the other way around you actual creep. Nothing you say, no amount of masturbation makes your dream spank clean and dainty and naive to the things we talk about on Frank Report. Deal with it.

          • Looks who’s talking you lying sack of shit.

            Ain’t nothing gonna happen to Kreuk or any of the other NXIVM members who got out of your cult but you can continue to cry more here until this site goes the way of the dodo and you still won’t get what you want.

            Oh and you should hope the feds don’t come for you.

            NXIVM troll cry-baby.

        • I’m not a NXIVM member, past or present you fucking c***. How many NXIVM cunts who knew about bad things will get away with it? Edmondson and Vicente? Difference is Haroon, Kreuk is in the public eye and if the press wanted to, they could post tons of articles based on what Kreuk did do and know about. The press could destroy this NXIVM member who like me and everyone else would think you were a cunt. What a disgusting freak you are “Jesse”.

          • I don’t care who you are. You’re a whiner who obviously has some play in this game, especially when it comes to Kreuk. Otherwise you wouldn’t be posting here. Too bad things aren’t going the way you want them.

            If you’re not NXIVM, how would you know “what they got away with?” How do you know what they knew or didn’t know?

            Yeah, I thought so.

            You’re also a sociopathic, bigoted, liar. I wouldn’t want to get within a hundred yards of you because the anger you display here shows that you have a propensity for violence and could physically harm someone. If I was the authorities, I’d keep my eye on you.

            So continue to cry and cry pretending you don’t care. Because I’m sure it’ll continue to help.

          • Times Union expose, criminal lawsuit, Necker Island. Evidence. You don’t talk to the authorities if you don’t have info. And the most wise thing you have ever said is to give a man a wide berth if you talk shit and can’t throw heavy hands. Dweeb.

  • i wouldnt even call this border-line obsessed at this point lol now you are writing about her having a man ? so ? jesus christ lol move on dude.

  • My condolences, Sultan. She’s nearing the end of her best child-bearing years and looks like this dude’s got the timing right. Unless you really are her proud papa. Let us know when you become a grandpa and congratulations are in order.

  • Well that’s one of the things I’ve been saying this whole time if the courts and the law have no interest in her at all then why can’t we all just be quiet unless it is proven she’s guilty what’s to do not even trying to prove at this point. As for those who keep saying they want put their d e in r c get a life man this is isn’t a p*** talk this is where people can converse get their message across so let’s just do that for now on

  • Sultan has a broken heart. Kristin Crook could have been one of his four wives that Islam supports, and perhaps still will be. Hope sprints eternal.

    • Maybe someone can give him writing lessons. According to IMDB, he is a boom guy and cable puller, not a writer at all. I guess him putting his cuck penis in Kreuks vagina got him a writers gig. That is a bit leachy-ish.

      • Kreuk’s boy-toy was a long-time tv crewman who worked with her on Beauty and the Beast. He handled the boom mic and maybe the years of waving his big hard boom mic in front of Kreuk’s “beautiful face” ultimately mesmerized her and she fell in love.
        On Burden, he “earned” a gig on her writing staff, and wrote his first two scripts, one each season.

  • I agree with Eric Putzer. Most of the posters who bash Kristen Kreuk on the FR were never in NXIVM and string together fake facts to make her out to be one of the “bad guys”.

    Grave Park left NXIVM only after DOS was exposed if she left at all. The FR doesn’t do articles about her every other day. Matter of fact none in months. If we’re to go by who’s more well known in the actors world. I’d say its Grace Parks. She has never spoken out about her time in NXIVM but we dont see Parks bashing on the FR? Why is that Frank?

    Mark Hildreth is a Canadian actor/singer who was in NXIVM longer than his ex Kreuk, but we dont see an article every other day bashing him either. Not one article in months. Why is that Frank?

    Why are you not focusing more on
    Michelle Salzman, Karen Untereeiner
    Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt,
    Loreta Garza, Marianna Fernadez,
    Nicki Ciine, Jens Gould
    Jimena Garza, Omar Boone,
    Edgar Boone, Esther Carlson
    Dawn Morrison, Rosa Laura Junco
    Jim Del Nigro, Mark Hildreth
    Steve Ose, Ben Meyers
    Ivy Navares, Brian and Mark Elliot
    Lucas Robert,
    Marcelo Garza, Siobah Hotaling
    Farouk Rojas,Brandon Porter
    The list goes on.

    I think Mark and Sarah have worked with the DOJ to help put an end to NXIVM. With the above names who has really came out an made an apology for their actions, are working with the DOJ, or get articles written about the every other day?

    The Kristen bashing is getting kind of old Frank. Dont you have something better to write about or are you just going to let the Kristen bashing continue?

    Does she need to call you personally and ask you to stop? Has Grace Parks and Mark Hildreth called you and asked you to stop? Is that why there are no longer since story about about them on the Frank Report? Is that what it takes?

    • Christ “sultan”… All this excessive masturbation and online white knight typing must leave your hands with fucking calluses.

      • Fuck you. This person is not me.

        Stop projecting your multi-aliasing, sexually infatuated fantasies on me.

        Fucking loser.

        • Can you fight “sultan”? Would you talk like that to a man who is sick of your bullshit? If you were threatened face to face, would you be so smug? Do you think your half a century body could cope? Can you muster up the violent intent to fight? You are a little autistic bitch.

  • Bangcock –
    by the way if Frank decideds to publish my rebuttal to your attack article on my impromptu article, I will not be responding to your criticism. I have come to realize that your screen name One Night in Bangcock is a red herring as to your actual age.

    Bangcock, you are definitely a teenager or very immature 20 something or perhaps a mentally challenged adult. Nevertheless, I will not be defending myself to you once my rebuttal is submitted.

    My comments, while at times not always lucid, are always factual and correct unless otherwise stated. A fact that drives my wife crazy. In fact, if my wife read this paragraph, she be rolling or eyes and saying”oh god?!?!?”.

    Good day Bangcock

  • – “She is now executive producing”

    She kisses lots of men on television. I’m sure real executive producers see her as a peer.

    – “has been nominated for an esteemed Canadian acting award”

    It’s Canadian, who cares? It’s not like Canada has many actresses in drama roles to pick from. Have you heard of the other nominees? I never even heard of Kreuk until reading Saratoga in Decline and learning about NXIVM.

    – “is regarded as one of the most amicable people in the industry”

    And you know this how?

    “and is likely making even more bank as a result of all of these things.”

    Kreuk has never earned money in her life. She’s never had a job, never created a business and has never had to work a shit job for shit money. This is celebrity money. Disproportionate and unearned. Cant have her NXIVM role affect her money privileges right?

    • –I’m sure real executive producers see her as a peer.

      You mean in an industry where many actors also go on to executive produce? [rolleyes]

      –Kreuk has never earned money in her life. She’s never had a job,

      Her tax records say otherwise.

      –never created a business

      So what? Plenty of people have never “created a business”.

      –and has never had to work a shit job for shit money.

      How do you know? Maybe she has. Maybe she’s worked a summer in an office or at a fast food restaurant. Regardless, so what? Plenty of people haven’t either.

      Is that what you have? Is that why you cry about celebrities so much?

      –This is celebrity money. Disproportionate and unearned.

      This is what the free market pays.

      –Cant have her NXIVM role affect her money privileges right?

      You’re such a bitch-ass whiner “Angry Canadian”.

    • – “has been nominated for an esteemed Canadian acting award”

      “It’s Canadian, who cares? It’s not like Canada has many actresses in drama roles to pick from. Have you heard of the other nominees? I never even heard of Kreuk until reading Saratoga in Decline and learning about NXIVM.”

      Ah yes, Kreuk is probably up against that other esteemed thespian Erica Durance :):) Look, I get being a fan of Kreuk but the woman will never be nominated let alone win any esteemed acting awards–outside of of Canada that is.

      Kreuk may want the NXIVM questions to disappear, but they never will. She and Allison Mack and India Oxenberg and Sarah Edmonson will always be linked to Raniere and the cult; that will never change. These women made horrible life choices, these is no way around it and now they will suffer the consequences for it.

      • Why do you people diminish the accomplishments of others? What have you people done that is so worthy of pissing on others? What fills the list of accomplishments on your CV or resume?

        It’s really sad.

        Tatiana Maslany has won an Emmy for her performance on Orphan Black. She’s a Canadian actor who was on a Canadian TV series when she did it. It’s not out of the realm of possibility since it’s already been done.

        Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling are Canadian. So is Rachel McAdams and Jim Carrey. There are a number of high profile Canadian entertainers.

        –Kreuk may want the NXIVM questions to disappear, but they never will. She and Allison Mack and India Oxenberg and Sarah Edmonson will always be linked to Raniere and the cult;

        None of these women are in the same category as Kristin as far as extent of involvement is concerned. Kristin left NXIVM in 2013. She never moved to Albany. She never ran a center. She was never in DOS. She was never close to Raniere and hence never would’ve slept with him. Yes she went to certain public events associated with the cult. Yes she helped coached courses. Yes she was considered a “VIP” member because of her celebrity. But she never was tied to the group as much as the others and no one cares about her involvement anymore except people who post here.

        Allison Mack and India are CC-1 and CC-2 in the FBI’s arrest warrant for Raniere. They are/were both part of DOS. Allison is still drinking the kool-aid and India only left because her mother had the strength to pull her out.

        Sarah Edmondson’s primary source of income was NXIVM. She ran the Vancouver center until 2017 and only left because she was branded as part of DOS.

  • This post reeks of low testosterone and desperation. Spanky has done CIA level intelligence gathering on anyone connected to the virtue signalling coward. Also, this putzer dude looks like a typical Canadian cuck. Like Mark Hildreth. I would bet money he’s a libtard and doesn’t have a masculine bone in his body. Canada truly sucks halal balls.

  • This was written like a week ago in response to comment. What is your basis for selectively 1) not posting my comments on time 2) elevating them to articles many days after the fact?

    • Sultan – you are one of the few defenders of Kristin Kreuk on this forum and I think that the comment was well written and deserved to be posted separately so that more people would read it.

    • Sultan, 1) It takes several days of laughing before Frank can compose himself and post your comments 2) Frank obviously wants to entertain others as well.

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