Heidi: Burke did a little puppet-mastering himself

By Heidi Hutchinson

Agree, Claviger with your post Agnifilo the Puppet-master? but feel there may also be some southerly strings being not-so-masterfully pulled that Marc Agnifilo has little control over thus far.

As Jeff Peterson tells us, EMILIANO SALINAS referred Dennis Burke to Clare Bronfman’s “case” (or rather KAR’s “fuck-toy” immigration scheme) long before it blew up in Burke’s face.

Burke was on board by at least 2016 when “Kemar” was just a glint of an “anchor baby” in Keith and Clare’s crossed eyes. Long before Kemar and “Thor” were implanted to replace “Gaelen” in Clare’s “Rainbow Culture Garden” and Alejandro Betancourt’s multi-cultural, Clifton Park, NY nursery school FR recently exposed.

(Ergo, Burke & his partner, John Sandweg, are now under investigation in that immigration fraud conspiracy.)

I suspect that when Burke & Co. got wind of a NX investigation, one they may have even inadvertently helped set-off, they scrambled to assemble a legal defense team that included themselves and their Arizona pals to, at least, represent the Salzmans in their alleged sex-crime innocence (HA!) and chagrin over Lauren being passed up as the Avatar baby mama.

Dennis Burke represents Clare Bronfman and Nxivm.

Maybe Burke & Co. DID plot with Emi & Alex’s Mexico lawyers —Duran, Duran — to have KAR arrested, consistent with Bangkok’s upset over that Agnifilo filing and Jeff Peterson’s theory that KAR is the designated sole scapegoat for the Mexicans.

The good news is Burk -, er, Bangkok – seems more and more out of control as Clare’s defense fund — his purse strings over defendants other than Clare — shrinks.

Just think, had Keith done the right thing for just once and married Mariana Fernandez after deliberately impregnating her — they way they coerced Allison and Nicki Clyne into a scam marriage — maybe none of this would have ever happened.


Clare Bronfman with her Arizona Mafia attorney John Sandweg


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