Shadow: Allison Mack’s Greatest Champion

By Shadow State 1958
A few weeks ago, Pea Onyu, spouse of Allison Mack, implored Sultan of Six to stop defending Kristin Kreuk and instead defend a more worthy  person, Allison Mack. The article was Pea Onyu: Sultan should switch from defending Kristin Kreuk to Allison Mack
Maybe Pea doesn’t know this [or maybe she does], but Allison already has a valiant defender.  A person on Instagram, who goes by the name charger426hemi1
Charger426hemi has an entire page devoted to Allison Mack.
Charger’s avatar is a faceless person with two middle fingers pointed up, and tells people, “If you don’t like the brilliant and talented Allison Mack feel free to move along.”
Evidently, a lot of people have moved along. Charger has 107 posts, dedicated to Allison, but only 95 followers. Charger first posted in May 2018 about a month after Allison was arrested.
Charger’s most recent post was this picture of Allison, four days ago, writing, “She is beautiful and my opinion of her will not change but everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, I think a few of them who just want to be keyboard warriors throwing abuse and insults should keep their opinions to themselves though.”
                                                                                                                                                                    Here are some hashtags used by Charger to describe Allison Mack:

In one post, Charger compares Allison Mack to a Goddess, writing, “This suits the beautiful and inspiring @allisonmack729 perfectly ♥♥♥ #inspirational #allisonmack #chloesullivan.

Charger quotes the Knife Media in defending Allison.
                                                                             i                                                                                                                                  .
Charger posts inspirational passages relating to Allison Mack’s situation.
Here’s one by Najwa Zebian:
“Stay true to yourself. Don’t worry about what people think of you or about the way they try to make you feel. If people want to see you as a good person, they will. If they want to see you as a bad person, absolutely nothing you do will stop them. Ironically, the more you try to show them your good intentions, the more reason you give them to knock you down if they are committed to misunderstanding you. Keep your head up high and be confident in what you do. Be confident in your intentions and keep your eyes ahead instead of wasting your time on those who want to drag you back. Because you can’t change people’s views, you have to believe that true change for yourself comes from within you, not from anyone else.”



Charger: That’s her playing Marlise in a short run series called Riese.
“To me, Allison’s beauty is more than just her looks, it’s everything about her,” -Charger.
“Allison is perfection at its best ♥♥♥” – Charger
So who is Allison’s brave champion, Charger426hemi1?
Some claim it is Allison herself.  I believe the answer lies in Charger’s name.
A Charger 426 Hemi is an engine placed in a Dodge Charger.  What famous car in the movies had a Charger 426 hemi? In the 2005 The Dukes of Hazzard motion picture, Cooter replaced the “General’s” original engine with a Chrysler 426 Hemi engine.
General lee.jpg
The General Lee from the movie “The Dukes of Hazard (2006).
And look who’s sitting inside the General Lee!
Allison Mack’s loving and loyal wife, Nicki Clyne.
Pea Onyu, who is Charger 426 Hemi1?

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  • Sarah Edmondson has appeared on tv since the branding story broke. Olivia Cheng, the face of NXIVM shell company One Asian is on television. Are they being investigated for crimes? Are they being punished?

    Have the authorities even looked into Kristin Kreuk? If they asked her if she knew anything, like hell she would admit it. They probably have not even investigated her at all.

    If she were clean, which she is not, (named in a lawsuit with Mack) the CW network would not be shielding her from answering questions about her very deep involvement in the criminal cult NXIVM. That is how they are protecting her. Her name. Allison Mack did not discover bad things in 2015, create DOS and two years later get exposed. She knew bad things already and so did the coward who recruited her. How could Mack know about criminal acts before 2015 but not Kreuk? That is outrageous. The CW network and CBC certainly don’t know about Kreuk’s full involvement. Who there even knows about Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit?

    • I think it is fair to comment that but for Sarah Edmondson going public and revealing to the world that she was branded [and showing her brand] that the colossal take down of Nxivm and Keith Raniere might not have occurred. As for Kreuk, for me personally it is her virtue signalling in stark contrast to her role in Nxivm that hurt so many people that is appalling.
      I think Sarah Edmondson showed a heroic spirit. Kreuk showed the precise opposite, in my opinion.

      • Frank, don’t you think Sarah Edmondson only went public because she was personally affected by the cult? She got branded by choice, held down other women to be branded, filmed it and only left two months later after realising whose initials were scorched on her flesh. There is no way she did not know about, participate in and profit from criminal activity regarding financial crimes. Her husband Anthony Ames was named in O’Hara’s lawsuit. It does not seem right that Edmondson can go overnight from serious cult member knowing about all sorts of bad things in the cult to pretending to be the ethical moral heroine against the cult, literally see-sawing the other way without any scrutiny, because she was personally affected. She ignored so much in the cult, including Raniere’s paedophila, the lawsuit harassment, tax evasion, money laundering etc.

        Imagine an ISIS terrorist who has done bad things in the terror group, then turns over to the CIA and helps bring the death cult down. You can’t ignore his past.

        As for Kristin Kreuk, it is impossible that she knew nothing bad. She spent at least a six digit sum on NXIVM bullshit, recruited, coached, used her fame to legitimise the cult against bad press, spent years and years there, yet didn’t care about being named in a lawsuit as a likely perpetrator in financial crimes, or being publically named in a series of articles that exposed the pedophilia of this monster. Only when the press were suggesting she was in DOS did she release a very weak statement that held back her true role in the cult, what she did, what she knew about and she lied about not knowing about anything illegal. Her refusal to acknowledge and own what she did and knew about, lying about it, being allowed to get away with it so far and continuing to receive huge amounts of tax payer money like nothing has happened is appalling. On top of that, the virtue signalling… The NXIVM cult is sick and evil. Anyone who willingly helped them while knowing about and ignoring unethical, illegal activity is fair game for scrutiny.

        Would be interesting to hear more about Olivia Cheng and Mark Hildreth too.

        • I think Sarah Edmondson went public because she and her husband felt a line was crossed. I don’t think that she being in Vancouver had the same exposure to the sinister side of the cult that the Albany-dwellers had.

        • “Frank, don’t you think Sarah Edmondson only went public because she was personally affected by the cult?”

          You mean like Frank only got involved in a public campaign against NXIVM over a half a decade later after Clare and company allegedly pushed the US government to file criminal charges against him for allegedly stealing the $1 million he claims he received as pay for several months of work?

          “I don’t think that she being in Vancouver had the same exposure to the sinister side of the cult that the Albany-dwellers had.”

          So why all of the hate on this website in articles and the comments on former Vancouver members like Cheng, Hildreth, Vicente, Kreuk, etc.? Why the perpetual acceptance of unsubstantiated claims and slander repeated in the comments from the same person(s) that all of these people were involved in such sinister activities?

          • 100% guarantee you are asbergers boy “sultan”.

            Frank has actually done something regarding combating NXIVM. He didn’t have to post your comment attacking him, but he did. What ever his motives, he is part of the war on NXICUNTS.

            What a dry vagina you are. You don’t want heat on a bit part actress approaching her forties so you try to put it on Frank.

            Have you tried online dating “Karl Basset” to address your loneliness and lack of female sexual companionship? I’m sure there are sites out there for … people and the over fifties. The women will have faces like a bomb site, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    • –The authorities and the media don’t even know what Kreuk did and knew about–

      Does the CBC or the RCMP have internet?
      Is there Google in Canada?
      Is the Frank Report available there?

      Apparently not, or what other reason could there be for the CBC investing millions of (taxpayer) dollars on her show, and for the authorities not charging her?

      • What is the likelihood anyone with power at CBC reads Frank Report? What is the likelihood they have read all the facts regarding Kreuk’s known involvement? Very unlikely. Frank Report, as good as it is, is not widely known about.

        • –What is the likelihood anyone with power at CBC reads Frank Report? What is the likelihood they have read all the facts regarding Kreuk’s known involvement? Very unlikely. Frank Report, as good as it is, is not widely known about.—

          Do you honestly believe that the CBC would commit to a multi-million dollar series starring KK without SOMEONE googling “Kristin Kreuk”?
          In reality, they all have been googling her for years just for the fake porn images.
          Get real

          • Google Kristin Kreuk and FrankReport does not come up. This is the ONLY site with info on her cult life. Saratoga In Decline is offline. As long as the mainstream press don’t talk about her in NXIVM, the CBC won’t care. If they even know these allegations.

          • –This is the ONLY site with info on her cult life–

            google her then hit the “news” tab…and what magically appears? A page full of links about the cult, mostly to ArtVoice, Frank’s main publication with the same topics as the FR. That takes .13 seconds, but maybe the CBC, CW, RSMP, and the FBI didn’t have the time to check.

            Not sultan

          • lol, the FBI use google news to check info on Kristin Crook!

            That is a very specific action: google NEWS, type in her name.

            Who does that at the CW/CBC? Who is looking for controversy at those shit networks?

            And you smell like the talibanspanker. Don’t lie.

  • sorry for this rerun—–

    A blurb about the upcoming season of KK’s TV show says there will be an embarrassing revelation about KK’s TV character that seems to parallel the real KK’s own life that she wants hidden.

    —To make matters worse, the case forces [her character} to confront parts of her personality she would rather keep hidden. “When people attack her privacy, it starts to get into emotional profiling and the darkest parts of your psychodynamics that you don’t want to look at and you don’t want anyone else to see,” Kreuk says.—

  • I was in a port-a-john, and saw someone had drawn a cartoon of the General Lee jumping over a pit filled with erect penises

  • And Pea, you truly sound like a crazed lunatic. If you’re not a troll, please get help. It used to be funny. It’s not anymore. You are deranged, your moral compass is beyond broken. Please seek professional help.

  • I don’t get it. Allison Mack is very ordinary looking. Her accomplishments are minimal (Honey I shrunk the kids & Smallville). She “seemed” like a good person til Keith came along. Then the shit really hit the fan with her. She turned her life over to him, brainwashed or not, and is in really hot water presently. I could see why she has fans – Smallville was fun to watch and her character endearing. But, why some people idolize her and think she’s so great is beyond me. She’s plain looking, has had minimal success as an actor…and that’s about it. And thanks to Keith/NXIVM, her life is in the mud.

  • One more thing. Even if Keith were to give you permission to marry Allison he would still have the right to be with her. This does not make you a cuckold. This is not an ordinary man and Allison is not an ordinary woman. They are far beyond normal human considerations. And conventions. Shadow if you really want Allison you should let her know but realize that she has Keith and she has me and others. She will never leave us.

    • ask permission?. Pea seriously believe that someone outside of NXIVM is interested in the approval of KAR, that you do not realize that we have even reduced it to being only an acronym and it is not because of writing your name, it is only because you call it his real and complete name is to say keith allan raniere, (swindler, master of manipulation, thief of ideas and everything you allow him to steal especially your dreams and illusions, but above all your time, cult leader, scrounger who Aprobecha of women and of course a state prisoner and eventually a convicted felon) that is keith allan raniere, but as you see that takes up a lot of space so we better say KAR and we all know who you are talking about and well as I told you seriously you think that someone outside of NXIVM is interested in KAR approval. you should think better about this idea (how would my life be if I had never met KAR, it would be better or worse my life) if your answer is BETTER then you have the possibility of having a life without it, but if your answer is WORSE think about it. It is better to go wrong following your own path than to follow the path of another.

  • Shadow has crossed the line. charger has a right to anonymity. Just like I do. Why do you try to out me ? This is evil. I do not try to out you Shadow. Ethical people let others have privacy. Who I am does not matter. What matters is what I have to say. Shadow we are both in love with the same woman but here’s the difference. You never loved Vanguard. And I do. That’s your issue. Yes Allison Mack is the most wonderful woman in the world. Her and Clare. But you wouldn’t accept Vanguard and you can’t have Allison or me without him.

  • Thanks Frank, and sorry Anonymous – I found this article interesting, but perhaps that’s because I drive a Charger 😉 Glad to have found a friend in Pea!! 😂😂😂

  • Man, but what an extremely unnecessary and random post of banality and conjecture. And way to use the picture of Chloe in her bra from the Smallville episode Truth because that’s not trying to be provocative in the least.

    Seriously, what is the point of this post, to call out Clicky Nine, I mean Nikki Clyne? Even if she is Pea or this Charger person, no one freaking cares. Except for shadow state.

  • Hi Shadow,
    Some of the articles you write are humorous; this article happens to be one. Don’t let the haters bring you down. Shadow you unwittingly do a great job of pointing out the reality and absurdity of Allison Mack and NXIVM.
    The NXIVM faithful probably feel compelled to read your articles; everybody else seems to be compelled as well. One day it might dawn on some of the Nxivm members how insane, ridiculous, and sad their lives have come.
    Hopefully, you will end up playing a part in someone getting his or her life back.

    • Some of the articles you write are humorous; this article happens to be one. Don’t let the haters bring you down. Shadow you unwittingly do a great job of pointing out the reality and absurdity of Allison Mack and NXIVM.
      The NXIVM faithful probably feel compelled to read your articles

      Yea I bet when they read his folly, they recall that he was kicked out of NXIVM for harassing Allie Wack. Don’t think for one minute that he would not have changed places with Raniere to make deep passionate lust to his fantasy girl.

  • I know it’s low hanging fruit but who cares: I believe charger also goes by Tom and has a shadowy glow when he looks in the mirror.

  • —A few weeks ago, Pea Onyu, spouse of Allison Mack, implored Sultan of Six to stop defending Kristin Kreuk and instead defend a more worthy person, Allison Mack.

    Really? Does this “Pea” person seriously think Allison is “more worthy” of defense? While Allison is under indictment for multiple serious charges and possible jail time as a result, and has lost nearly all of her wealth and her acting privileges, Kristin is free of suspicion from authorities, still has a career where she is acting and is apparently now also executive producing a Canadian television series that has also been sold to networks in different countries. If by “more worthy” she should have meant “of condemnation” or “of jail time”, then I agree wholeheartedly!

    • We don’t know that Kristin is free of suspicion from authorities. You may want to believe that but, Recruiting underage girls to a sex cult and carrying large amounts of cash illegally across borders, does not sound like “free of suspicion” to me!

      • You put little credence in the legal authorities of this country. She must be free of any suspicion where it matters. It’s been nearly a year since VanDouche has been arrested and the government had been building up a case against him for a while prior to that. There is likely one more round of superseding indictments and nothing that I’m aware of seems to indicate that Ms. Kreuk is targeted in it despite all of the rumors I’ve mostly read from the comments on this site. Thus, the claim that she recruited underage girls into a sex cult and carried large amounts of cash illegally across the border as a cash mule – which sounds silly in itself – can be dismissed as baseless. Also, from what this person you responded to has said, it seems like she has no fear of arrest as she appears to be living her life like normal and rather successfully.

        • Is the media calling Kreuk out? Are they asking her why she was named in a lawsuit with Ally Wack? If any Girls By Design girls were in NXIVM thru Kreuk, aka Jane the DOS slave? Did you read John Tigues article about what they were doing on Necker Island? What backlash and questions has Kreuk faced? Nothing. The CW Network is making sure journalists won’t ask her NXIVM questions so that she can continue living an extremely privileged life. So far, she is being allowed to brush her role under the carpet, but it won’t go away.

          • This isn’t the compromised authorities in Saratoga Springs. This is the FBI who arrested Raniere and the authorities of the EDNY performing the investigation and prosecution.

        • “One Asian” is a registered NXIVM shell company. The authorities have named it as such.

          Z-list “actress” and NXIVM coach Olivia Cheng fronted it.

          Is she being investigated? She is on the television like Kreuk, in a Bruce Lee inspired television show. Is the media calling her out on that? Is the media aware Kreuk and Mack and other top NXIVM players were named in a lawsuit?

          If Kreuk has been interviewed, she would not admit to knowing about crimes. She would just lie.

      • better get the Mounties to charge Kristin real soon–

        or maybe Kristin hasn’t gone down for her crimes because she’s been going down on the cops, or mounting the Mounties. or maybe she’ll get off because some kinky guys get off on girls smelling their farts.

          • Knowing about crimes and staying with the group is not innocence. Being named in a lawsuit is not innocence. Knowing Raniere was a pedophile is not innocence. You think Ally Wack was naive before 2015!?

          • Innocent of what? Was Allison Mack innocent before DOS? Mark Hildreth and Mark Vicente (presumedly) didn’t brand women. You think they are innocent? You think they didn’t know about crimes? They too were named in O’Hara’s lawsuit.

            Newsflash: being part of a known cult that you know engages in criminal activity, even being named in a lawsuit for such, means you are not innocent. If you knew your friend finances terrorism (even if you don’t) and you do nothing, you are not innocent. You sure as shit should not be allowed to take huge amounts of other people’s wages to virtue signal on television while ordinary men tip toe on egg shells at work around women and minorities in case they lose their livelihoods because of HR assholes. Unfair.

          • **while ordinary men tip toe on egg shells at work around women and minorities in case they lose their livelihoods because of HR assholes. Unfair.**

            maybe you have exposed too much of yourself here and lost all credibility. Fair

          • You don’t have to be divorce raped to be against divorce rape …. You don’t have to tiptoe around anyone to know men tiptoe around women and minorities for fear of their livelihoods been stolen from them.

    • The authorities and the media don’t even know what Kreuk did and knew about. The CW Network is protecting her. Both Kreuk and Mack were named in a lawsuit. Both were on Necker Island. Both knew he was a pedophile. Sarah Edmondson, Mark Hildreth and Mark Vicente are not being called out either.

      If the media approached Kreuk on camera and asked about the above allegations/facts, her butthole would blink like a police siren.

      • I didn’t know a media network such as The CW was more powerful than the US government and they could protect a not very well-known Canadian actress from being indicted for breaking the law.

        • The CW network is making sure journalists don’t ask Kreuk NXIVM questions. That is protecting her. Have the FBI even questioned her about what she knows about? Both Kreuk and Mack must of known about criminal acts before DOS was created in 2015.

          • If Kreuk had any remotely tangible problems with the law due to cult involvement and/or her past involvement in it presented image problems for The CW and/or the CBC, these networks would no longer work with her and would drop her quickly just like the producers dropped Allison Mack from the cast of the animated film “Lost in Oz” that she was a part of. These networks wouldn’t protect her because 1) they couldn’t 2) that would be against the law.

            I swear people are becoming dumber every day.

    • to Anonymous January 31, 2019 at 1:58 pm aka sulanofstalk

      Just stop. What does the CW/CBC know about Kreuk’s true involvement to be concerned with associating with her? What is the likelihood Kreuk told top CW/CBC people what she AND Mack knew about pre-DOS? What is the likelihood Kreuk has been thoroughly investigated by the FBI about what she knew about? What is the likelihood of Kreuk admitting anything to the FBI? What is the likelihood of the CW/CBC communicating to the FBI, even about Ally Wack? What is the likelihood of the FBI telling the CW/CBC anything about NXIVM?

      You are still so rude and arrogant. Calling people dumb for – brace your snowflake self – calling out Kristin Kreuk. Why is it you never defend Mark Hildreth or Olivia Cheng? Do they not get your motor going?

      You are far too emotionally engulfed with your obsession with this devoted NXIVM cult member to even consider the very likely fact that she must of known financial crimes were going on and didn’t care among other things. You don’t get named in a lawsuit accused of assisting with financial crimes by accident, nor without knowing about it.

      • Why are you such a whiny little crybaby when it comes to the Kreuk?

        You’re a little turd blossom hiding behind an alias crying in the comment section of a website. Why don’t you call her out to her face?

        Call the wambulance.

        • sultan of spank, even posting anonymously, your asbergers, sanctimonious, robotic style of ranting is as obvious as a fart in the lunch line.

          “Call the wambulance”…?

          Why? Did you burst a blood vessel in your old slug stroking it to pictures of Kook when she was a teenager or to pictures of the underage GBD girls… “Jesse”? 😂🤣😂

  • When you run out of information and don’t have access to new information,
    you’re left with rumors, speculation or soft topics to write about. Everyone
    who looks at Allison’s Instagram page has known charger for a long time, so
    no news, only for people who only read Frank Report.

  • and this is important why?
    I came upon the FrankReport while investigating the huge and horrific world wide problem of child abduction, child abuse and the sexual exploitation of innocent people.
    I saw a video about this guy ,Frank Parlato, and how he has exposed this cult of fuckheads, NXIVM. A group of deviants who are very likely knee deep in crimes involving sexual abuse and exploitation of innocents.
    The fact that this weird little Charles Manson wanna be, Keith Ranier, chose the wrong guy to bully and was destroyed, is epic and funny.
    My point being, isnt the FrankReport all about justice for the innocent and punishment for the corrupt? If it is, then who gives a shit about this ex-actress and who admires her or doesnt…
    What I care about is her going to prison.
    Write articles about why it’s important to stop this type of evil and why it’s important to stop the moral decay of humanity.

    • Actually you touched on it. People like shadow are into the worship of celebrity. Far too many people like him today are living vicariously through their celebrity and athletic heroes. It is also part of the continuing moral decay, where they can’t live in their own reality. Their lives are so mundane and meaningless, that the lives of those they fantasize about are worth more to them than their own

      • Celebrities are people too. They just belong in a different “status” club. Many have normal friends and family. Some are good and some are bad just like the rest of humanity. Some are great at what they do, e.g., Pacino, Daniel Day Lewis, Streep, etc. Some have no real discernible talent at all, e.g., the Kardashians. Mass media is just a means to an end.

        The problem with celebrity is it often creates an unwarranted perception of self-importance which can lead to megalomania. But celebrity is not a necessary component for the latter as VanDouche is a prime example of a person who doesn’t have to be a celebrity to suffer from it.

        Life for the vast majority of humanity is mundane. People who work real jobs, settle down, raise families, etc. Celebrity takes a small subset of the human population and glamorizes their existence over others because the industry is like any other for profit business that needs to promote materialism and consumerism to make money. It feeds off the intrinsic desire within humans to feel important, loved, and validated. One major issue I have with the industry is it makes material success seem easier to obtain than it is. It creates delusions of wealth and success where in reality the vast majority will never obtain it and fail. Which then leads to self-esteem issues and depression in people. Why can’t I have a great life like these people? What is wrong with me? Am I not deserving of this? This is an unsurprising conclusion for an environment that equates people’s value with their material success and social status.

        If people weren’t already morally decayed, an audience for shows like the Kardashians could never exist for them to be glamorized. People mostly deserve the leaders that are put over them.

        • Nice comments but it really does nothing to help shadow work on his obsession with the celebrity culture. I mean basically he is like a teenage girl following Clynes and Mack’s social media. His emotional growth has obviously been severely stunted from years of celebrity worship from 17 magazine to the more modern celebrity websites that bring people like Mack and Clyne to godess like status to emotionally weak people like shadow.

        • Good to see new comments from you Darth VanDouch, missed observations like yours that contribute a lot to the conversation, people like me that we have been reading in this blog since before the history of the brand appeared we remember the times when the comments were more constructive or at least the main target of criticism was KAR who we all know is the main source of evil in NXIVM. even if outside the cult KAR has much more malevolent partners that we all know that within the cult everyone is just followers, and therefore obsessing with someone and just being a celebrity is silly, and criticizing someone who defends his famous idol which to idealized are silly as demonize it just did not meet our expectations or broke our illusion about it.

    • DB, Nicki Clyne is a DOS slave married to Allison Mack. Anything possibly written by her, under various aliases, is of interest because it shows the mindset of these women. Indoctrination is powerful. If Nicki Clyne is the author under the aliases attributed to her, she is living in an alternate reality where bad is good and wrong is right.

      • She really is no more delusional then the cuckolds that are mentally enslaved to her and her spouse.

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