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Heidi: Scientology proprietary info was secreted to Keith Raniere – at his request

[Editor’s note: I think it is extremely interesting and typical of Keith Raniere that he encouraged – even insisted – that Gina Hutchinson get her sister Heidi to get him Scientology material, which he later used in Nxivm. In short he stole from Scientology. Then a few years after he started Nxivm, he began his longstanding pattern of suing anyone who divulged his “proprietary information.” He began by suing Rick Ross, who ironically was a bitter enemy of Scientology. Here is Heidi’s story. It dates back to 1989, – 9 years before Raniere started Nxivm.] 

By Heidi Hutchinson 

In 1989, a then-devout member of Keith Alan Raniere’s small “harem” had a sister living in Los Angeles, who was the lead singer for a Scientology rock band that practiced after hours in the Scientology “Celebrity Center” in North Hollywood.

That sister was asked, begged by the KAR “harem” member to procure top secret Scientology course material for KAR.

That sister, in fact, took Scientology courses paid for by the band’s agent, a Scientologist, who convinced her Scientology was an easy road to stardom paved by Armando Anthony “Chick” Corea (a famous jazz pianist who took a liking to the sister), Priscilla and Lisa Presley, Tom Cruise, etc.., including the introductory “audit” whereby the “Sea Org” ranks of Scientology collect “collateral” or blackmail material much in the manner KAR did later.

After obtaining this material, passing it on to KAR, and breaking up with the band’s lead guitar player, that sister escaped from Scientology altogether, fortunately, but is still listed as a Scientology member from 1989 in member blacklists that can be found online.

Can anyone guess the names of the KAR “harem” member and sister who procured Scientology materials for KAR to model what would eventually become ESP/NX on?

There were other Scientology material procurements made by other KAR Harem members who followed suit and may yet be listed as former Scientology members if any detectives out there search these “blacklists,” these “spies” names may also appear therein.


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  • I thought Keith had sued Rick Ross because Ross had included NXIVM in his list of cults.
    I don’t find it particularly ironic that Scientology was a bitter enemy of Ross. I think Ross became the enemy of every group he has listed as a cult. The ones who had the funds available (such as Scientology and NXIVM) sued him.

  • Thank you for sharing that incredible insightful piece of information.

    I had wondered if Kieth or one of his harem members, had used an alias, joined Scientology for a short time to get a hold of Scientology “tech” course material. The auditing/collaterall techniques and the exorbitant course fees to get people more psychologically invested, etc. is Scientology 101.

    In addition to getting people to believe, their self own doubt about the organization is proof that they themselves are flawed.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you, niceguy. that’s precisely what went on even earlier in KAR’s criminal career starting with AMWAY. We went to meetings to take notes as spies on the company structure, etc. I remember clearly, Keith wanted to start his own company modeled after AMWAY with all the girls and after stealing their goods they launched CBI. The Scientology nab was more of a coincidence, I think, to start out with but certainly they sent in spies beyond my days.

  • (Frank of course please don’t post this if you deem it ‘outing’ Heidi)

    Good for you for escaping Scientology Heidi! http://www.truthaboutscientology.com/stats/by-name/h/heidi-hutchinson.html

    While you can’t get off that course completion list, you can join another that was created on the anti-scientology board WhyWeProtest.net. It lists thousands of former members who have left the cult and are now speaking out about it. It was started years ago to provide ‘safety in numbers’ for ex-members get a voice.
    You would be in great company, with names like Lisa Marie Presley, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder. http://whyweprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Former_Church_of_Scientology_members_who_have_spoken_out

    • What, are you new to this site, Scott? She’s obviously talking about Michelle and Lauren. Lauren went to college at age 11 in CA and kills it at karaoke. In their past lives, Michelle and Lauren were two of the Mitford sisters and used to hang with a young L Ron.

      • Cracking me up as usual, Nut! So, KAR played dumb about his adoration and emulation of L. Ron Hubbard down to writing Sci-Fi-whatever fictions with Ivy Neveres, plageruzing Scientology structure and teachings down to celebrity recruitment strategies, a military-style rank system, etc. … Genius!

        In ‘89 the Scientology Sea Org-ers actually wore Navy uniforms with Chevrons (stripe path sound familiar?) and started drills before dawn. We’d be up all night rehearsing sometimes and they’d march through the Celeb Center in uniform saluting any Celebrities around, sometimes even us — the motley rock band! They had an open gourmet breakfast buffet for the “Celebs” and the Sea Org-ers would serve us at attention like Buckingham Palace Guards.

        KAR ate it all up, mixed it with other successful mind-control get rich schemes and successful concubine control strategies and shat out Rational Inquiry, ESP with, as always, smart ladies around to do the heavy lifting.

        Doesn’t preclude a greater influx of stolen Scientology strategies in more recent years. Emiliano’s “salute” to KAR number for Vanguard week has Scientology overtures as much as any military ones.

  • Par for the course. When asked about Scientology, Keith would play dumb, say he didn’t know much about it, and then “guess” that there is probably a lot of good within it.

    I’m sure Scientology would have been happy to find out he had stolen their stuff. How’d they let that one slip by the goalie? Just because Keith wouldn’t let students share material? Maybe Scientology is proud to forever be linked to Keith A Raniere and NXIVM.

  • What does it take for an individual to utterly give up at basic reasoning and willingly falll into absurdities like Scientology And Nx?

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About Frank Parlato

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