Shadow: Does Allison Mack understand her actions were brutal and cruel?

By Shadow State 1958

According to Tom Gargiulo’s report of the latest court hearing, Allison Mack “took the position of social chairman and smiled broadly with over-expressive facial features at everyone and hugged Lauren Salzman and Clare Bronfman. All the hugging did not seem appropriate considering the grim circumstances. Sex trafficking is not much cause to celebrate anything.”

Expressive facial features are called mugging. Like mugging for a camera.

So Allison Mack was mugging and hugging. Leave it to the actress Allison Mack to put on a show.

It was “a stage set that would slowly put a drama into motion.”

With a defendant like Allison Mack, it will be less of a drama than a farce.

“Mack strikes me as someone who needs to make herself the center of attention to prove she is likable and is not intellectually focused.”

Alison Mack wants to be the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral and the prisoner at every execution.

According to the indictment and to media reports, Mack branded women, paddled women, forced women to go on starvation diets, kept women in cages collected blackmail and compelled women to engage in sex against their wills.

Here are a few questions readers might consider:

Does Allison Mack understand the importance of the charges against her?

Does Allison Mack understand that she is charged with branding women like cattle?

Does Allison Mack understand that she allegedly paddled women?

Does Alison Mack understand that she is accused of starving women and locking them in cages?

Does Allison Mack know that she is indicted for collecting blackmail information against women?

Does Allison Mack appreciate that she is accused of using coercion against women to compel
those women to have sex against their wills?

Does Allison Mack have enough of a brain to qualify as brain washed?

Is Allison Mack too stupid to understand to understand the importance of her actions, that she is accused of brutal, cruel acts against women?

Does Allison Mack even have enough of a brain to qualify as brainwashed?

Does Allison Mack understand that her actions were brutal and cruel?

Of course prisons are filled with stupid people.

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  • Yes to questions 1-7, 9, and 10. On queation 8, no she does not get to claim to be too stupid to understand; do not let herr off that easy. She knew what she was doing and did not care. Fry her!!!!!!

  • She is an actress. Acting stupid is not hard! But stupid people will think she’s dumber than ever! Frank Report is on of those people who does! Who’s clever now?

  • As it has been said here many times by many commenters, all Mack’s evil actions would never have happened if Kreuk had simply taken her friend with her when she left the cult.

    • Mack is a thirty six year old adult whose parents also drank the kool-aid. Kreuk isn’t responsible for Ally Whack’s stupidity.

      • Yes Kreuk is stupid. Kreuk was in deep too. Just because some participated in DOS and some didn’t, doesn’t mean she is not a dumb bitch herself.

        • I didn’t say anything about Kreuk’s intelligence level. I said she isn’t responsible for Allison’s stupidity. Kreuk was also at least smarter than her to leave the cult and not get deeply involved with sketchy enough stuff to get in trouble.

        • Do you think Kreuk was stupid before she joined the cult, or did it make her stupid?
          When you call her a “dumb bitch” it make me suspect you call all women stupid.

    • Kreuk didn’t actually leave the cult. She lied by saying she left “about five years ago” because she could not be specific. Still coaching after 2013 is not leaving the cult.

    • Only people who don’t know much about the cult or have an ax to grind would make that kind of comment because If it were that easy to get people to leave this cult, I’m sure Catherine Oxenberg would have simply taken her own daughter with her when she left in 2013. Read CO’s book and you’ll see that she gave up trying to get India out initially. Four years later only after she was told about DOS did she try again and only went public because she still couldn’t get India out even with the help of deprogrammers, ex-members, and grandma.

  • Shadow

    Your questions to Allison Mack are direct and compelling.

    According to the defendant’s attorney, in cases involving forced labor and extortion, one must have “knowledge and intent” to break the law. And, the burden of proof for knowledge and intent is on the prosecution. According to Mack, she was participating in a women’s club that was centered around accountability in reaching one’s goals (not centered around sex as a main goal).

    From my observation Mack is someone who has a strong “false self”. People who have false selves don’t know who they are; their main goal is to please other people to give them a sense of self even if it means doing stupid, idiotic things that are not in their long term best interest. Yesterday in the courtroom, Mack displayed the false self at full speed. She acted like a party host despite it being in-appropriate considering the grim circumstances.

    How will a jury find her? I have no idea but it is believable she did not have “knowledge and intent” she was breaking the law. Would a jury find her guilty anyway because she “should have known”. Juries are guided by emotion as much as reason so they absolutely could.

  • She may well have lost touch with all reality and is still living in fantasy land. She willingly lived the cult life, sleep and nutrient deprived. She doesn’t know how to act appropriately now. She doesn’t know who she herself is.

    • Good thought, Natashka. I’ve said this before and Frank was aghast about it too; there’s never been a bail modification request for Allison to get counseling, “deprogramming,” any kind of psychiatric help.

      Allison’s parents and advisors either need psychiatric treatment themselves or they’re all on board with an impossible defense strategy to pretend all this is perfectly normal. No cult, no problemo with branding, blackmailing, recruiting little GBD girls while “on their knees,” projects called “Gone in Saigon,” reports of Allison’s nightly histrionics and sleepwalking, Mexicans tweeting about Allison “singing like a canary” in custody, nada.

      Even KAR declared Allison too “unstable” to bear his Avatar baby. He said the same about Pam Caffritz.

      For the love of God, since you did request church outings for Allison, get the 36 yr. old child some counseling at least!

      • If AM is not receiving counselling and it’s true that her parents are as enamoured with KAR as their daughter then AM could well still be living the cult life. She may believe all this is just going to go away once the jury ‘understands’ what they were doing. She could honestly believe she did nothing wrong and could be in for a big surprised if she hears the word guilty at the end of the trial.

        • I’ve read similar things on the comments before about AM’s parents bring a fan of KR. How do people know this? Just wondering where it has come from

  • Do you understand that you’re a stalker Shadow?

    Do you understand that what you do is eat, shit and drink Allison Mavk.

    Do you understand that you need to be fired from Frank Report?

    Do you understand that you’re a keyboard warrior seeking attenion?

    Do you understand that you might be getting your ass kicked?

    Do you understand out fucktarded you’re? huhh! huhh!

    Do you understand that you’re an asshole!

    Do you understand that you lack discipline!?

    Do you understand that you lack conviction?

        • Or maybe he is 100% correct.Just like the women who loved the likes of Raniere and Chuckie Manson, there are cuckolded men who are emotionally teenage boys who worship female celebrities. Shadowboy is among that deviant group.

    • Detective John Kimble, aka Kindergarten Cop, aka Arnold Schwartzenegger,
      Some questions for you to answer:

      “Do you understand that you’re a stalker Shadow?”

      Was Catherine Oxenberg a stalker when she went to Brooklyn in April, 2018 in order to rescue her daughter India from the clutches of Alison Mack?
      It took Catherine Oxenberg only a few days to find Allison Mack and Mack’s mother exiting a Brooklyn coffee shop and walking into the Saint George Tower where Mack had her luxury apartment.

      When is Allison Mack going to apologize for deceiving women?
      When is Allison Mack going to apologize for torturing women?
      When is Allison Mack going to apologize for abusing women?
      When is Allison Mack going to apologize for dehumanizing women?
      When is Allison Mack going to apologize for enslaving women?

      When is Allison Mack going to admit that she did it all on behalf of a misogynistic man?
      When is Allison Mack going to acknowledge that Keith Raniere is a fraud and a charlatan?
      When is Allison Mack going to admit that she fell in love with a grifter and turned into a grifter herself?

      When is Allison Mack going to admit that she sold her soul to Keith Raniere and the Bronfman sisters?
      When is Allison Mack going to admit that she also fell in love with the Bronfman money?
      Six hundred million dollars between sisters Clare and Sara Bronfman.
      Isn’t Allison Mack as much of a shark as Keith Raniere?
      When is Allison Mack going to admit that the only woman she intended to empower was herself?

      Who paid for Allison Mack’s 3000 dollar per month luxury apartment in Brooklyn?
      That sounds like Clare Bronfman money.
      Of all of the NXIVM contingent in Brooklyn Allison Mack lived in the most luxurious apartment.
      Who paid for the townhouse Allison Mack owned in Clifton Park?
      Or the townhouse Allison Mack rented in Clifton Park where the brandings took place?

      Who paid for the Clifton Park home Allison Mack later sold to Doctor Brandon Porter, aka the NXIVM Josef Mengele?
      The same Doctor Porter who later used that house to house some Mexican girls up from Chihuahua who were supposed to be ‘mentored’ by Keith Raniere.

      Who paid for Allison Mack’s BMW? A finely engineered German car.
      The same BMW abandoned in Clifton Park after Allison Mack’s arrest by the FBI.
      That BMW Allison Mack used sounds like a gift or payment by that great “humanitarian” Clare Bronfman.

      Who paid for Allison Mack’s acting school The Source?
      Wasn’t The Source really just Alison Mack’s front to recruit new slaves into NXIVM?
      What was the source of the funding for Allison Mack’s The Source?
      Was it Clare Bronfman money?

      Allison Mack’s spouse Nicki Clyne worked at the Knife Media.
      Who funded Nicki Clyne’s salary?
      Who funded the Knife Media?
      Was that Clare Bronfman money?

      These are just some of the questions the FBI wants answered about Allison Mack and her NXIVM activities.

  • I think the odd thing is a male judge asking a female defendant if she happened to be in the cafeteria. It’s probably meaningless but there have been a number of judges over the years that for ever reason have gotten star struck. Maybe Mack is a B actress she can still act well enough for a jury.

    There is a good chance the defense will put her the stand.

    • If the judge starts wearing a woolen hat, goes by Tom S., or starts asking Frank if he can be a contributor to FR – we may have an issue.

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