Exclusive photos of ‘vulnerable’ Allison Mack and ‘jubilant’ prosecutors leaving court yesterday

By Tom Gargiulo

The Photos Essay/Collage was shot at the US Courthouse, Brooklyn, NY January 9, 2019 by Tom Gargiulo.

It is divided into 4 parts.

Itinerary to show where the courthouse is located within the geography of New York City and itinerary to arrive there. Everyone is familiar with New York in someway. This is an attempt to show where it is in relation to Manhattan and downtown Manhattan landmarks such as Washington Square Park and the Village.

Environment Around the Courthouse. The courthouse is an impersonal modern structure within an urban environment. The symbols of American power (The Great Seal) and the symbols of truth and justice (the Torches) also have a stark impersonal feel about them. People are scarce but security remains abundant. There is an ominous feel in the air against this powerful, impersonal structure.


Court: Photos and recording are not allowed in Federal Court.

Exiting Court: The prosecution team is shown smiling while engaging in conversation as they walk down the courthouse corridor preparing to exit the courthouse. This is in contrast to the image of Allison Mack exiting. Mack’s demeanor has changed from court. She seeks a quick exit and displays none of the effusive energy that the prosecution team enjoys.


Portraits of Mack: Mack is in full retreat and seeks the protection of her lawyers. She huddles close to them as a frightened child would huddle close to one’s mother. A person who normally clamors for attention shuns it to avoid the humiliation of her present circumstances.

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  • I feel sorry for Allison, Mr. Raniere brainwashed her and many others. I pray she and all those Mr. Raniere brainwashed will get the help they need. Hope to read of more details as the case progresses.

  • You Gargiulo, looks like you’re having fun savoring other people’s grief. I’d like to see how cool you think those prosecutors are the day you get accused of something, even if you didn’t do it, and they come out swinging their cheesy rulebook and feminist laws against you without regard to whether or not you are really guilty. Don’t worry… we’ll be laughing for you!

    Not that I think Mack is not guilty of something. Looks like she was in some sleazy affairs. But darn dude, no need to rub it in whike making the prosecutors look like heroes ’cause they are really not. Truth is, more often than not, they get it wrong by letting the guilty slide (esp if they are rich and powerful) or by hammering the innocent (hello poor ppl). To me they are just a bunch of devil worshippers that do what they do for the money. Feel the same about judges and the justice department in general. Society really stinks.

  • She’s “taking one for the team” because she’s been brainwashed into believing the current “fall of NXIVM” is due to her actions.

    No honey. They’re not due just to your actions. They are ultimately due to the false leader that you and everyone else who are still mind-fucked follow. Do you really think you would be in this situation today if you didn’t decide to join NXIVM and weren’t under their undue influence? Do you really think you would have ever thought of branding women near the vagina with you and your master’s initials as some form of female empowerment if you weren’t influenced and led by a sexually promiscuous shell of a man? No. You would likely still have an acting career and be doing what you’ve been doing ever since you were a child.

    Honey, shake off the cobwebs from your mind-fuck. These people do not really care for you one bit. They care about your celebrity and what you could do and did for them. And they care about only what you can do for them right now. They’ll say all the right words about sacrifice, yada, yada, yada, but if the script was flipped they wouldn’t give anything of value to save you.

    Your acting career is over. Your life is not. Don’t let them continue to take that away from you with some bullshit notions about empowerment, strength, the mission or cause, etc.

  • These pictures of Allison break my heart. For shame Frank Report sneaking up behind her and taking these pictures. There is a fiery place in hell for you Frank Parlato.

  • Allison Mack had her chance to cut a deal and pretend she was going to when the Judge allowed her to stay with her parents in L.A. vs in NYC.
    She looks like hell and it’s her choice to take one for the team. Question is what team does she think she’s taking one for? What is the one she is taking?

  • Nancy and Lauren are clearly not team players. Why the hell does Allison feel she has to take one for the team?

    Tell the prosecution that Vanguard told her to take credit for the branding and agree to testify against him!

  • I never missed the Court TV channel as much as I do now. Can one imagine? There would have been so much coverage of this trial. Nancy Grace slamming Keith and the other defendants daily. I never cared for Nancy Grace all that much but she did an incredible job of character assassination. “I believe innocent until proven guilty…. however there is so much out there. How can you not comment?” Michael Rosenbaum said that about his former cast member Allison Mack.

  • She’s also wearing ENGINEER BOOTS/Biker Boots. These have a steel toe and are typically used by Workmen and Harley riders.

    That’s a very strange choice for a fashionista. Perhaps inwardly, she feels weak. So she has to give the outward appearance of a Rebel or Tough guy.

    Also dressed in Black from Head to toe.

    Going to a funeral Ms. Mack???

    • Hey I reject the comment about her boots 😂. This the only time I will defend her but I have some similar boots. They are a good choice if I do say so myself. They are very comfortable and go perfectly well with jeans or skirts/dresses. Mine have the benefit of a fleecy lining so very cosy in a cold snap. Nothing wrong with practical 😂

    • It could be that the reason that Ms. Mack chose black for her clothes is to appear particulary
      unobstrusive and plain so as not to present an attractive picture, because in her situation she
      does not want published photos of herself to be seen. One sees that she does not want to be

    • She’s wearing those boots to partially HIDE HER FAT CANKLES.

      Those boots hide the bottom-most portion of her fat cankles, giving the ‘illusion’ that her cankles aren’t as fat and disgusting as they really are.

      But even in those boots, her cankles still look disgusting for a TV star.

      How can any producer or director cast an actress with cankles like that?

      • Those boots draw attention to the cankles! Come on, Bangkok! A knee-high boot is a better choice for Allie if she’s looking for camouflage.

        • I would love to see Mack in knee-high boots with her cankles busting out the sides. She may even burst the stitiching as she walks. The question is, how could she possibly get them on? And then off? Get the boots with a full length zipper, and put them on after raising her legs in the air for a half hour first? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Allison is living her life according to the collective and will continue to do so to her own dwtriment.
    I know this type of cult follower all too well.
    When Allison said she will “take one for the team” she showed us her mindset. She sees herself as matyr for the cause.
    This is what happens to an impressionable mind caught young enough and worked on 24 by 7.
    Can we say fanatic? Hmmm?
    And fanatic she is.
    Perhaps, though I put little stock in it, in the end she will run to the loving arms of Claire (omg did I use the term loving in relation to Claire?) and the two can live out their deluded Sapphic fantasy though it appears with this group anything goes, there are no sexual or age limit boundaries.
    Anyone, besides myself, note the little girl, coquettish, backpack getup on Allison? I suspect this denotes her lack of emotional maturity. She is stuck in time thanks to her pals in NXIVM.
    A woman she is not, more like a sexual nymphet.

  • This is an expected reaction for someone who is starting to feel some shame. Mack has been humiliated. Her acting career is over and the stain of sex-trafficker will forever mar her life.

    • Whoa! I disagree.
      Having been in a cult myself years ago, watching from afar the social dynamics play out over time with those I knew on a day to day basis, Allison is a die-hard convert to the skewed culture of NXIVM.
      She feels not one iota of embarrassment or shame or guilt.
      Remember Allison is an actress, a grade B actress, but an actress nonetheless; thus. she plays up the little girl lost bit for the camera.
      Remember she’s used to taking one for the team.
      Ya gotta trust me on this.

      • g I think your assessment is on the mark and she is fully committed to NXIVM and her Vanguard. She is probably hanging her head to avoid the photographers and not out of any sense of shame. She may also be concerned because KAR is looking so rough.

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