Burke and Sandweg – two high-profile Obama lawyers – represent Nxivm in suspicious visa dealings

John Sandweg walks with his client Clare Bronfman

By Stated For the Record

Let’s be clear about this:

A former United States Attorney, Dennis K. Burke, who resigned in a weapons trafficking scandal involving Mexican cartels, is now working for a Mexican political family frequently accused in the media of weapons trafficking with cartels. Burke is also implicated by the government in a visa fraud scheme, together with his law partner, John Sandweg Esq. Sandweg was formerly a senior executive and Acting General Counsel for the government agencies in charge of foreign visas and immigration crimes at the Department of Homeland Security and ICE.

He is accused of attempting to invoke his old job title as a part of that visa fraud scheme – all done with the apparent intent to get sham visas for Mexican nationals who are members of a Sex Cult accused of federal immigration crimes, and one of the beneficiaries of the scheme was the Vanguard’s baby mama.

Holy heck, you can’t make this stuff up.

You couldn’t write this script if you tried.

In the Nxivm case, real life is stranger than fiction.

So why isn’t this front page news across the USA?

Burke made national news when he resigned in Obama’s Fast and Furious scandal. For these new alleged deeds, he’ll probably be facing more than the oversight hearings he refused to attend in 2013.

The new allegations against Burke by the government are in the government’s memorandum of law, dated December 28, 2018, on page 5.

I quote (Although the prosecution only refers to her as “M.F.”, its description of her leaves little doubt that the woman in question is Marianna Fernandez):

” A January 2, 2016 letter submitted on behalf of M.F. by Dennis Burke, another attorney with Frontier Solutions, represented that M.F. ‘has no intent to remain unlawfully in the United States’ and that she continues to live in St. Luis Potosi, Mexico where she ‘enjoys a large network of family and friends, including her mother and sister who live nearby.’….

“In fact, the government’s investigation has revealed that M.F. had been living in the Albany, New York area for nearly a decade as part of the Nxivm community and as an intimate partner of Raniere.”

On Page 1, the government’s memorandum suggests that all of the named parties are subject to the government’s ongoing investigation.

On Page 24, the memorandum calls Burke and John Sandweg’s actions a “scheme to circumvent the immigration laws”. There’s much more in the memorandum worthy of reporting.

If nothing else, it’s a public document that names high-profile Obama administration officials – Dennis Burke and John Sandweg Esq. – as Clare Bronfman’s lawyers and as Nxivm representatives.

That in and of itself is jaw-dropping, given Burke’s history with the Fast and Furious ATF gun-walking scandal, and his alleged proximity to Emiliano Salinas of Mexico in this matter.

Now I think I know the reason why AUSA Kevin Trowel (known for prosecuting corrupt public officials) recently joined the government’s team of prosecutors. Burke and Sandweg would be significant take-downs for the Public Integrity Section at the DOJ.

Justice may be planning to make an example out of these blatantly corrupt lawyers!

AAccording to the government, Dennis Burke aided and abetted NXIVM with visa fraud. Burke was previously disciplined by the Arizona and Washington, D.C. Bar Associations for misconduct. It made national news when Burke resigned during the Obama-era Fast and Furious scandal where weapons were trafficked to drug cartels in Mexico. There are reports on Frank Report of Burke allegedly intimidating or coercing NXIVM witnesses.

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  • This NXIVM cult goes far beyond a few people communing together. Kirsten Gillibrand’s father was a member, just as a side note. What a web…and it’s ties to sex trafficking and big money: Carlos Slim; CEMEX;, the son of the former Mexican president; the Seagrams heiresses, Sarah and Clare; and I believe to the Clintons, by means of donations and other associations. According to an article in the NY Post, by Charles Hurt in 2007, there are many tangled involvements.

  • Apropos of nothing, every time I see a picture of Clare Bronfman, I have to remind myself that she is 39, not 62. And even then I don’t quite believe it.

  • What’s the difference between a lawyer and a catfish? One is a slimy, bottom feeding scavenger; the other is a fish.

  • Despite Kristin Kreuk being profitable clickbait for Frank, he did not wish her a happy 36th birthday yesterday. Gee, just think of all the reader suggestions for gifts that would have generated.

  • Talk about a MAJOR STORY. Where the hell is NYT, NYP, WP, USA TODAY, CNN, FOX NEWS and everyother news outlet. Talk about a Pulitzer Prize just waiting for someone.

  • “So why isn’t this front page news across the USA? ”

    Because the alt left media (CNN… NBC… NY Times… Wash Post) is not interested in truth and informing. They are interested in indoctrinating and an agenda that moves forward the globalist manifesto.

    • FYI: Forbes, Vanity Fair, Times Union, the New York Times and New York Post have all reported extensively. Reality is the world is bigger than Nx.

      There will be a lot more reporting; as the story is interesting and complex enough involving human sexuality, power, money, control, the use and abuse of the legal system and the media itself that a great book will come from it.

      • My hope is for an in depth, carefully researched and detailed book. I predict it will take three years and 700 pages.

      • Other than the New York Post they have not reported extensively, just sporadically. The Times Union is the local rag and they have done a decent job but are sorely lacking in the political enabling done by the local politicians and law enforcement.

  • So why isn’t this front page news across the USA?

    If you don’t report the news it’s as if it never happened.

    BTW who is the largest shareholder in the New York Times?
    Carlos Slim owner of Mexico’s phone system TelMex and dear friend of Carlos Salinas, father of NXIVM member Emiliano Salinas.

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