Tangled Web: Keith Raniere/Clare Bronfman/Marianna Fernandez/Dennis Burke Ménage à Quatre

Mariana Fernandez

It’s hard to know where to begin with this latest convolution in the case of The U.S. v. Raniere Et Al…

But let’s give it a try.

Last night, I gave an overview of the most recent filing by the prosecution in this case.

The filing – which is labeled as “THE GOVERNMENT’S MEMORANDUM OF LAW REGARDING  DEFENDANTS’ ASSERTIONS OF ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGES – contains the prosecution’s arguments as to why none of the materials that were seized from Nancy Salzman’s house are entitled to attorney/client privilege.

But it also contains a wealth of other information that underscores just how complex and widespread the NXIVM criminal enterprise had become before the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) prosecutors and FBI agents intervened and, hopefully, put an end to it.

Consider, for example, these revelations from that filing:

  • Back in July 2015, a Mexican national named Marianna Fernandez (MF) [She is the longtime girlfriend and now baby mother of Raniere’s youngest son] engaged the services of Frontier Solutions, Inc. (Frontier) regarding her immigration status. Although the prosecution did not supply any identifying information regarding the company, our research indicates that it is based in Washington, DC and that its website is at www.frsdc.com/.
  • Marianna Fernandez had supposedly entered the U.S. in December 2013 on a B-2 “Tourist Visa” but, according to U.S. Homeland Security records, had her visa canceled in January 2016 on suspicion that she intended to immigrate to the U.S.
  • In response to the cancellation of Marianna Fernandez’s visa, one of Frontier’s attorneys – the now infamous Dennis Burke – wrote a letter on January 2, 2016 in which he claimed that Mariana Fernandez “…has no intent to remain unlawfully in the United States” and that her plan was to continue living in St. Luis Potosi, Mexico where she “…enjoys a large network of family and friends, including her mother and sister who live nearby”.
  • Beginning in July 2015, Bronfman and Raniere worked with attorneys from Frontier to figure out some way to get Marianna Fernandez a legitimate visa. Among the options that they considered are the following: (1) Claiming she was an employee of Jness; (2) Claiming she was an employee of an unnamed investment company; (3) Claiming she wanted “…to reenter the USA to care for her closest friend, Pamela Cafritz” [who was dying of cancer] (4) Applying for an EB-5 visa – which requires the foreign national to invest at least $500,000 into an enterprise that will create at least ten jobs for Americans; (5) Having her marry an American; and; (6) Having her open an office in the U.S. for Sagitta LLC, a company that is owned by Marianna Fernandez’s father.
  • Although none of these attempts to get a visa for Marianna Fernandez ever worked out, she apparently did manage to get back into the U.S. In fact, the prosecution claims in its latest filing that Marianna Fernandez has been living in the Albany, NY area “…for nearly a decade as part of the Nxivm community and as an intimate partner of Raniere” – and that in August 2017, she gave birth to Raniere’s child.
  • In a curious and cryptically worded note, the prosecution also claims that “The relationship between Bronfman and Marianna Fernandez also appears to be personal in nature”.  
  • And last, but certainly not least, the prosecution notes that “In or around July 2018, after Raniere’s arrest, a trust was created named the ‘KAR 2018 Trust.’  Clare Bronfman is the sole donor of funds into the trust—approximately $500,000— and Marianna Fernandez is the sole recipient.  The notation ‘family support’ appears on each of the disbursements of funds from the trust to M.F.”

So, let’s try to unpack this overflowing suitcase of new information – and  see if we can figure out what the hell is going on here. 

  • It appears for certain that Raniere and Bronfman were doing everything they could think of to get a visa for Marianna Fernandez. Several of these things appear to involve violations of several immigration laws.
  • In 2015, Marianna Fernandez hired Frontier to help with these efforts. Despite her being the client, it’s probably safe to assume that Frontier was actually paid by Bronfman.
  • Frontier just happened to employ Dennis Burke as one of its attorneys. It also employed John R. Sandweg who previously served as the Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) and as the Acting General Counsel for Homeland Security.
  • Either Raniere, Bronfman and Marianna Fernandez. lied to Burke and Sandweg about where Marianna Fernandez actually was living and what her immigration plans were – or Burke and Sandweg lied to the immigration authorities about those matters.  Either way, someone’s in trouble.
  • Burke, who once represented Marianna Fernandez is now representing Bronfman. Whether that represents a conflict-of-interest is an unanswered question.
  • Marianna Fernandez had an intimate relationship with Raniere and gave birth to his child – who, by the way, is named “Kemar” – in August 2017.
  • Marianna Fernandez may also have had an intimate relationship with Bronfman.
  • After Raniere’s arrest – and just before her own arrest – Bronfman set up a $500,000 trust fund for Marianna and Kemar. Does this make Bronfman Kemar’s Fairy Godmother?

Clearly, Hollywood is going to have trouble convincing anyone that the feature film about NXIVM is based on a true story.

My question is: How the hell do these people all find one another?

Prior to his arrest Keith Raniere fled to Mexico. He was found by Frank Report in San Pedro Garza Garcia. This photo was taken of Raniere with Marianna Fernandez and their baby Kemar.

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  • Strange that Marianna had her Visa canceled in Jan. 2016 months *after* Frontier (Burke & Sandweg’s firm) was retained in July 2015 to allegedly assist with her status.

    Do we know why Frontier was initially retained — *before* it appears there was a real need concerning Marianna?

  • It’s all gone quiet with Kristanna Loken. I only know her from the Terminator sequal and then this cult. Is her baby really KR’s? Has the media been silenced with regard to her?I thought she was threatening to sue outlets who said she was part of this cult. I wonder who recruited her

  • Who is the guy pushing the stroller? His gate is familiar, but the black hat disguise is baffling.

    What’s that green thing behind the stroller? Two ninja turtles hugging?

  • Marianna Fernandez may also have had an intimate relationship with Bronfman.

    A point I’ve made earlier but needs to be reemphasized.
    NXIVM DOS was not only designed to serve the many perversions of Keith Raniere but was also designed to serve the cult’s lesbian elite like Clare Bronfman, Pam Cafritz and the bisexual Allison Mack.

  • Your question: How the hell do these people all find one another?

    The answer is: The modern day command and control of Nxivm was apparently in Mexico City. Turn to the elite Mexicans to understand how it all fits together.

    • First thing I’d like to know from the Mexican Elite is why your women would rather be slaves to an American Psycho like Keith Raniere than reside in what you’ve made of your Country?

        • Thank you Donald. Please remind us all again about the other countries are on your shithole list? We really loved hearing your story about how you discovered Walmart, or, was it the other time when you were actually more Donald than The Donald. Just like Mexico is almost tribal in some regions, you really have to hand the Golden Taco to Texas. Any state that elects Sen. Ted Cruz to a second term it’s pretty fucked up.

      • For the same reason American and Canadian women followed a psycho like Raniere and the men of each nation cuckolded themselves to the organization. Same for the corrupt politicians and law enforcement that enabled it. They too were cuckolds and slaves. ….

      • Heidi. Do yoy really think that you can call a bunch of girks the Mexican Elite? You do not know a thing about the country. How do you give tour opinion on something you ignore so much about

        • I would far rather hear your opinion which my remark was, in part, intended to solicite. I do know many of your native Countrymen (mostly women) and listen to them, their stories are heart-wrenching. Many are here in the US to provide for their families because they cannot earn a decent living in Mexico. They tell me the cost of living is even higher in Mexico than in LA yet the pay is meager, for starters.

          The biggest problem seems to me to be the rampant corruption of your justice system. It’s a system that serves only the wealthiest of wealthy citizens. If this were not so, why was Alex Betancourt able to obtain judgements against so many people with so little evidence?

          • Heidi. You also beleived Keith is a superhero right? There you go, you are a blind believer. If people you talk about tell you they could not make a decent living in Mexico, then they certainly are no Elite, no hard-working, not educated, not progressive or any combination. How many of them do you know? Name some of them. There are many,many people in the US that cannot make a decent living too.

            By the way, you continue to show you know nothing about Mexico. Certainly you know nobody from the Mexican Elite

            Emi, Betancourt and all those Nx puppets are no Elite, they cannot be. They are just foolish believers. Elites drive societies to progress, they never fall into absurd cultish BS.

            I bet you cannot name a single case of justice corruption in Mexico (not that it does not exist, but you just repeat what you hear). Here, Franks has put it clear so as to how justice corruption works in the US with just a few examples.

    • The answer is: The modern day command and control of Nxivm was apparently in Mexico City.

      Until the Salinas Crime Family, including Carlos and Emiliano, is brought to justice NXIVM is still alive.

      • True that, Shadow. And who collects the ESP (I get the impression they’re calling it ESP in Mexico) course fees from the wealthy Mexican Espians or Silver Plume Society (Anima) events?

        Saddens me greatly to think the energy and resources that Country desperately needs to redistribute downward or “trickle down” to buttress a sinking or sunken middle class instead goes further up the food chain to the already very wealthiest hoarders. And in the name of Vanguard’s Rational Inquiry “ethics” teachings that will “end violence in Mexico?” to quote the latest People Magazine Allie Mack story.

        It’s almost like a crime protection tax, like a “Godfather” Part 1 scheme. Like, like a crime syndicate did someone call it?

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