In defense of Jeff Peterson – Burke behind ‘Laura D. Esq.’ post?

Former Arizona US Attorney Dennis Burke represents Clare Bronfman. It is not known if he is posting here under the moniker Bangkok.

.By Well Informed

I read the article posted to your blog by an author who claims to be “Laura D. Esq.”, with the title, “Peterson lawsuit not relevant to NXIVM.”

It requires a detailed response, which I will offer here.

I believe the “Laura D. Esq” article was authored by Dennis Burke using a pen name. At the very least, Burke ordered the author of the article to write exactly as he said.

Image result for obama dennis burke
Dennis Burke

I can speak with authority on this topic because I know Dennis Burke and I know Jeffrey Peterson. I recognize Dennis’s style of writing.

I previously worked with both of them and have watched this dispute between former business partners evolve all the way from inception to its current form, in which Peterson sued Dennis Burke civilly in Federal Court on December 14, 2018, with accusations of retaliation and defamation against Burke.

Considering how long Burke has been harassing and defaming Jeff, those of us who are familiar with the situation were not surprised to see the civil lawsuit filed.

First, I will start with precisely the point about Peterson’s recently filed civil lawsuit against Burke.

There’s nothing that would please Dennis Burke more than to successfully convince a prosecutor to charge Jeffrey Peterson with a crime with respect to the business dispute between him and Peterson, based on Burke’s incessant retaliatory table-pounding and carnival barking about Peterson.


Because Burke knows if the matter is thoroughly investigated, Burke may again end up being called a leaker and a liar, as he was during that well documented time in history when Burke was sanctioned and fined by the Arizona Bar for his own lawyer misconduct resulting from the Fast and Furious gun running scandal.

Let’s not forget. Dennis Burke resigned in shame from his previous position as a U.S. Attorney, called a “liar and a leaker” in Fast and Furious. At the time — May 20, 2013 — the Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General published a report criticizing Burke for “particularly egregious” misconduct that was “wholly unbefitting a U.S. attorney.”

This was published in the national news and remains the subject of ongoing inquiries by the Trump administration.

However, much to the disappointment of Burke, if a prosecutor (i.e., one of Burke’s former DOJ cronies) charges one of the parties in a business partner dispute with a crime, in order to “help a friend” (i.e., Burke), without adequately investigating the matter, it may amount to prosecutorial misconduct.

Maybe the only thing that would please Burke more than improperly causing Jeffrey Peterson to be charged with a “crime” for Burke’s own gain in a business dispute (on a topic much more relevant to Burke), would be if Burke’s Fast and Furious scandal came with a statute of limitations.

As Burke’s bad luck would have it, credible rumors continue to circulate that Obama officials including Burke are still under investigation by the Feds in connection with gun running to Mexican cartels. Seems a number of folks still don’t understand exactly how or why federal agents, under Burke, smuggled weapons to Mexico. Maybe Burke, now that he’s working with Marco Lopez, Emiliano Salinas and NXIVM, is better positioned to answer those questions.

Bill Clinton with Jeffrey Peterson.

Second, the business Emiliano Salinas invested in, referenced throughout Peterson’s lawsuit against Burke as “C1”, is incorrectly referenced by your “Laura D.” author as a “scheme.” That is Dennis Burke “prosecutor” language. C1 was not a “scheme.” I know because I worked there.

The C1 business was a legitimate start-up company with a decent sized team among several regional offices. The company employed known executives and reputable law firms. It is highly unlikely illegal activity could have occurred at C1. Why? Candidly, there were enough lawyers around C1 from day one to sink a ship. There were transactional attorneys, corporate attorneys, inside counsel, outside counsel, even compliance attorneys.

Company executives relied on those attorneys.

In fact, our compliance attorney at C1 was Dennis Burke himself, from the very beginning, as evidenced by company records including Burke’s signature on his agreements. If Burke claims C1 was a “scheme,” does that mean Burke is claiming he was part of a “scheme?”

We all know by now that Jeff sued Dennis in federal court a few weeks ago.

Those of us who follow Frank Report have witnessed someone passionately posting comments in recent days, who I suspect is Burke, making much of the fact Peterson filed his initial complaint as a “pro se litigant;” belittling Jeff about alleged deficiencies. So, let’s go with that for a minute. Remember, Burke was the head of compliance at C1 from the very beginning of the company.

The Obama Administration had to finally admit they brought guns to Mexico. Dennis Burke took the fall for the criminal and murderous US government operation.

Surely, with Burke’s superior legal knowledge, Peterson could not have been involved with a C1 “scheme,” during a period of time when Burke was head of compliance of C1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if such a “scheme” had occurred at C1, as Burke suggests, (it did not), wouldn’t that mean Burke, hypothetically, failed to perform his duties as head of compliance because such an alleged “scheme” would have happened on his watch?

Does “Laura D.” mean to suggest Peterson’s legal knowledge was previously more sophisticated than that of Burke, during the time C1 was operating (2013-2015) in that Burke was unable to detect an alleged “scheme”, but now in late 2018, somehow, Burke is back to being more sophisticated than Peterson, because Peterson filed a complaint as a “pro se litigant” while Burke has not?

Working with the logic of “Laura D”, if Burke answers the lawsuit with his ECF account as a “pro se litigant,” should such an action suggest Burke is less sophisticated? Will anyone truly believe Burke was a “victim” of what the author implies was, at one time, Peterson’s superior legal knowledge over Burke? It’s an absurd attempt for Burke to use the “victim card.”

It won’t work.

Clearly, at all times pertinent to his involvement in C1, Burke knew what he was doing.

Third, in his lawsuit and otherwise, Peterson never claimed he was threatened by Salinas. Peterson’s lawsuit describes the circumstances whereby Peterson’s former best friend, Marco Lopez, who now works with Salinas, threatened Peterson with respect to Lopez’s Salinas-related activities in 2014. Peterson has publicly stated on his social media that he never personally witnessed any wrongs pertaining to NXIVM with respect to Salinas.

It may be an appropriate moment to mention, in light of the “Laura D.” article, that the single largest recipient of C1 funds was Grupo Carso, Carlos Slim’s real estate conglomerate in Mexico City. Conveniently, Marco Lopez, Burke’s business partner, was promoted within the organization to become one of Slim’s top advisors, in proximity to the period in which those funds were paid by C1 to Carso. This timeline and progression is documented by photographs, emails, legal audio recordings of phone calls, and other evidence.

“Now, all the money is gone,” writes the author in a disingenuous manner. It is one of the favorite accusations Burke has made throughout his retaliatory campaign against Peterson. In speaking this way, Burke tries to create the impression that C1 money was somehow made to “disappear,” (it was not) while implying, of course, the funds must have been . . . . (shudder, brace for it. . . ) “stolen.” Because, that would make the matter “criminal,” right?

To the contrary. The former Chief Financial Officer of C1 is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner licensed by his state board of accountancy. No missing funds or fraud were reported by that former CFO or any other C1 executive. Moreover, C1 was subject to oversight from a top-40 accounting firm in the U.S. and passed detailed financial audits by that firm. Such financial audits are a matter of C1’s corporate record. C1’s accounting firm never reported irregularities.

The only person, as far as we know, who has ever made a report of alleged wrongs in connection to C1, is Dennis Burke, who as we all know, was previously fined by the Arizona Bar for, and I quote: “engaging in misconduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

Furthermore, Burke’s reports of alleged wrongs at C1 contradict Burke’s own documented actions at C1.

Fourth, the article fails with credibility because its only source to cite a supposed “fraudulent aspect to his start-up” is a vague reference to “some reporting in some Arizona media.” The “Arizona media” reference is clearly meant to invoke a defamatory article published by the Arizona Republic newspaper, December 14, 2017, (referred to throughout Peterson’s complaint as the “December 14 article”). Defamation is one of the materially adverse actions in connection with a retaliatory campaign described by Peterson’s Complaint vs. Burke.

According to Peterson’s complaint, the December 14 article was conceptualized and orchestrated against him by Burke. So, the only article “Laura D” cites, is the same article that forms a large part of the basis of Peterson’s defamation claims against Burke.

I find the “Laura D. Esq.” article even more interesting because while acknowledging the existence of the “Arizona Mafia” it states: “I would not be surprised if there were suspect activities involving these people, some kind of corrupt use of their official positions; maybe the ability to do influence peddling with others in official positions.” Is that an admission? Did Dennis Burke write an admission pertaining to Arizona Mafia corruption using a pen name of “Laura D”? All while saying Peterson should be investigated?

Where’s the FBI to look at this potential admission of corrupt acts by Burke or his colleague?

While criticizing Peterson for filing his complaint against Burke as a “pro se litigant”, as if such an action itself would render the claims invalid, the author fails to acknowledge Peterson has publicly stated his complaint was authored and filed expeditiously in light of certain potential scenarios relating to statutes of limitations, after several attorneys opted out of representation due to the existence of the Salinas parties in the lawsuit.

Nothing precludes Peterson from amending the complaint and there is nothing stopping Peterson’s counsel from filing an appearance in the future. Simply because it has not been done yet does not mean it will not happen. The first complaint was filed only two weeks ago.

“Laura D” writes, “If I were judge, I would likely rule the complaint frivolous…” Wishful thinking?

Peterson’s complaint is not frivolous because Peterson has extensive proof, including documentary evidence, audio recordings and other evidence supporting his claims against Burke and others. With evidence in hand of a legitimate dispute, it is highly unlikely the judge will “rule the complaint frivolous” or dismiss it on summary judgment. Furthermore, Mr. Burke with his vast legal knowledge should know it is extremely rare for a court to declare a Plaintiff a “vexatious litigant.”

There is an example from the Supreme Court of Virginia, Dora L. Adkins v. CP/IPERS Arlington Hotel LLC, known as the Adkins decision, where a pro se party was found to be a vexatious litigant. In the Adkins decision, the plaintiff had filed 14 different suits, 27 petitions for appeal with the Supreme Court, and “at least” 41 pro se (not represented by counsel) lawsuits in Northern Virginia. Even then, she was not prohibited from moving forward with her case; she was ordered to retain an attorney.

Indeed, Peterson’s lawsuit against Dennis Burke is the first civil matter Peterson has ever filed in a Massachusetts court. “Laura D’s” invocation of a hypothetical “vexatious litigant” outcome in this matter is enough to cast doubt on the amount of commercial litigation or trial experience “Laura D” has, “herself,” as opposed to Government paid minions who may have done her (his?) legal work in the past while “she” sat back and arranged for the delivery of “certain items” to foreign “organizations.”

Lastly, the author states, “Regardless, and most importantly to your readers, there is pretty much nothing about Peterson’s story that is materially relevant to NXIVM.”

Did you spot it Frank? This sounds like a familiar plea for Frank Parlato to stop his investigative reporting about a high value topic of interest too close to NXIVM, such as Peterson’s lawsuit against Burke!

To be certain, Peterson’s complaint has a lot to do with NXIVM because it has a lot to do with Dennis Burke. And despite his attempts to remain “invisible,” Burke has a lot to do with NXIVM… oh yes, he does.

Dennis K. Burke has been called Clare Bronfman’s “invisible lawyer.” Burke may have been coordinating other NXIVM lawyers behind the scenes. Burke was likely responsible for causing Mark Sullivan, the former director of the United States Secret Service (Burke’s former business partner in GSIS), to show up at a court hearing to offer assistance to Vanguard.

Several NXIVM defendants have Arizona lawyers, which didn’t make sense until Burke’s involvement in NXIVM was revealed. Burke obviously has a lot to do with NXIVM because of Burke’s connection to Salinas, and it is a widely known fact published in the media in Mexico and the U.S. that Salinas was deeply involved with NXIVM.

As outlined by Peterson’s lawsuit, Peterson believes Burke and his Arizona Mafia colleagues orchestrated a retaliatory campaign against him so as to damage Peterson’s credibility in order to cover up ongoing bad acts, including their involvement in NXIVM, among other things. It makes perfect sense. And we still don’t understand the extent of Burke’s involvement in NXIVM. For that matter, we still don’t completely understand many elements of NXIVM itself. Clearly, Clare Bronfman is one of the keys to NXIVM’s many secrets. And Clearly, Dennis Burke is one of the keys to Clare Bronfman and Salinas. As such, Dennis Burke is in the chain of unsolved mysteries when it comes to the many secrets about NXIVM.

Peterson, in his recently filed civil lawsuit against Burke, accuses Burke of orchestrating a “hit piece” article against him in the Arizona Republic newspaper on December 14, 2017. I will state for the record I believe the article recently posted by “Laura D” on Frank Report is yet another Burke “hit piece” against Peterson; made of lies, innuendo, intentional misdirection and misstatements. If that is correct, the fact Burke would be desperate enough to author such an article on Christmas Eve brings us back to the same gargantuan question raised by Burke’s entire retaliatory campaign against Peterson.

If Peterson’s claims were truly frivolous, if there was nothing to all of this, would we be seeing such a effort to discredit Peterson? The AZ Mafia people would simply laugh at Peterson and ignore him. Burke would simply file a motion to dismiss, and they’d be gone. No posts, no debate, no arguing, nothing. End of story. But that hasn’t happened. Instead, we continue to see significant efforts to silence and discredit Peterson.

What in the world can be so important, so significant, that a man such as Dennis K. Burke, a former United States Attorney who resigned in the midst of one of the top scandals of the entire Obama Presidency, would go to such lengths to discredit a former longtime friend such as Peterson who has extensive knowledge about Burke’s inner circle? Why is he trying so hard to manufacture the appearance of wrongs by Peterson, considering ample documentation to prove Burke’s claims false? The answer to this question, when and if it is discovered, may have significant implications in the history of American and international politics.

These days, I don’t make a lot of bets. However, here’s one I’m willing to consider. The chance Frank Parlato will listen to “Laura D” and cease his investigative reporting about Clare Bronfman’s lawyer, Dennis Burke, or anything relevant to NXIVM for that matter, is probably about as likely as Vanguard getting an early release from the slammer.

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4 years ago

“Nxivm members have sought to end the violence in Mexico, have introduced tools useful…”

Quote from recent “People Magazine” story on Allison Mack and her co-defendants’ latest motion to dismiss.

…Wondering what the remote possibility is that the whole “Fast and Furious” debacle was a valiant effort led by señores Keith Raniere and Emiliano Salinas to introduce tools (such as weapons) to end the violence in Mexico? On the face of it.

Failing the effort to make a hero of whichever Arizona politician or AG busts a Mexican Cartel’s alleged kingpin first by tracking a freshly armed “coyote” over the border to its fearless leader — as IF drug kingpins in Mexico have no other source of US weapons except for those sold at border pawn shops to human traffickers (coyotes).

Power to Dodson’s family! Sorry you’ve spent another Christmas not knowing. Hope you find peace in 2019!

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Heidi

VERY remote, Heidi. About the same probability that Martians were the middlemen in the Fast and Furious scam.

F U Willis
F U Willis
4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

Not remote. Obama and Holder of the most corrupt regime ever to occupy the seat of power in Washington were responsible. It was their way of backdooring the 2nd Amendment that the alt left CNN loving junkies hate so much.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  F U Willis

Then Burke is more of an idiot than I thought he was, he should have thrown Raniere under the Fast and Furious bus.

4 years ago
Reply to  F U Willis

Ah, so. What do we know about GSIS —Burke and Mark Sullivan’s PI co. retained to provide security detail, etc. for Keith Raniere on bail, etc.? Sullivan has quite a colorful history in the Secret Service allowing Colombian privately hookers to entertain his troops. Now, that sounds like a Salzman sex scheme. Anyone get sued for sexual harassment?

4 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

Thus far there’s no lack of debauchery around NXIVM affiliated personalities.

“The director of the U.S. Secret Service publicly apologized for the first time Wednesday for a prostitution scandal that has rocked his agency as lawmakers revealed fresh allegations of misconduct including reports of non-consensual sex and soliciting prostitutes.

“I am deeply disappointed, and I apologize for the misconduct of these employees and the distraction that it has caused,” Mark Sullivan told senators Wednesday. Sullivan said the employees involved “did some really dumb things”.

Commenting about the Sullivan incident, Senator Joe Lieberman said, “It is hard for many people, including me I will admit, to believe that on one night in April 2012, in Cartagena, Colombia, 12 Secret Service agents — there to protect the president — suddenly and spontaneously did something they or other agents had never done before,” Lieberman said.” (The Secret Service agents utilized the “services” of hookers while on the job)

Mark Sullivan was Dennis Burke’s partner in GSIS. Was the Colombia prostitution scandal before or after Dennis Burke became involved with the NXIVM Sex Cult?

4 years ago

Hailing from Arizona, Dennis Burke,
Changed sides, like a jerk,
in his kind of work..

As a prosecutor he’d sworn to get the bad guys,
In Fast and Furious, it came out,
he was full of lies..

Quit his job, screwed over Dodson,
This time, Burke’s lies got him sued in Boston.

To scary “hombres” he’s their go-to guy,
Many casual observers don’t understand why,
Does a former cop,
Never ending lies from his desk-top;
Trying to swap,
Fiction for truth..

It’s uncouth,
To see what is supposed to be a mature fellow,
Not mellow,
Coordinating half truths and half proofs,
In the NXIVM case, about corruption and human smuggling.

For NXIVM, Burke may be in charge of intimidation,
It’s still illegal, in this nation,
Despite what he calls “attorney communication”..

Whether due to insanity or done expressly,
It’s hard to watch him abuse our friend Jeffery..

Someone tell those scary “hombres”,
As they employ the services of Mr. Burke,

To stop the coercion,
Vanguard had his way with plenty of insertion,
And now,

Assertion, of threats,
May result in prosecution, and seized assets.

This time Dennis may be shown to be more than a goof,
If he keeps lying,
He may see his license go poof.

If he continues to stand guard (for NXIVM),
He might join Vanguard,

Then we will see,
If Burke and his client make not two, but three,
With housing, for free,

Where they belong,
in the Brooklyn MDC.

Stealth Alfonse
Stealth Alfonse
4 years ago
Reply to  CULT CHOIR

LOL !!!!!!

2nd Fiddle
2nd Fiddle
4 years ago
Reply to  CULT CHOIR

Sing choir of Angels, sing in exploitation!

Empire State of Mind
Empire State of Mind
4 years ago
Reply to  2nd Fiddle

^^^^^ According to what has been posted by many on social media with the hashtag #arizonamafia, Dennis Burke is second in command of the Arizona Mafia under Janet Napolitano who is the boss. 2nd Fiddle means second in command and “sing in exploitation” is a obvious double-meaning dig on the one hand, someone playing the “victim card” and biblical reference to the Rapture on the other hand meaning end time when one’s life ends and joins Christ, so I’m gonna guess this was a combination feeling-sorry-for-himself post and implied death threat from DeezNuts a.k.a Dennis Burke, yet again right in front of our very eyes on FrankReport!

Improbable methods
Improbable methods
4 years ago

Keith Raniere explored a method for determining whether a Luciferian can be rehabilitated. Maybe Denny Burke is a Luciferian.

Niagara Barrister
Niagara Barrister
4 years ago

If this is even slightly true, Burke has a problem on his hands. A judge on the federal bench in the states will not be kind to an ex-prosecutor suspended for misconduct by a Bar Association, now accused of abuse by a pro se litigant and shown to have credible evidence. Burke could find himself held to prosecutorial standards in civil court which are different than those applicable to other American lawyers. If Burke is suspected of twisting or intentionally withholding information in the litigation considered “exculpatory” or favorable in nature, Burke may find himself in hot water, rather quickly, before the court.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

Spoken like a true lawyer. This may happen, that may happen, if you pay me, I’ll make it happen. Maybe.

4 years ago

“Dennis K. Burke has been called Clare Bronfman’s “invisible lawyer.” Burke may have been coordinating other NXIVM lawyers behind the scenes.” Holy crap, I would not want to be in Burke’s shoes if and when it is all exposed. No wonder he is desperate to frame any one who speaks out about him and to get Frank to stop reporting. Dennis the menace will be facing hell on both sides from the good guys and the bad guys alike. Sucks to be you Big D.

Taking the 5th or had a 5th too many?
Taking the 5th or had a 5th too many?
4 years ago

No rebuttal from Deez or Lawyer Laura D.? …Hung over?

4 years ago

A previous thread suggested Burke is a heavy drinker. No shit, who wouldn’t be after dealing in weapons with Mexican cartels!!!

Recently Departed U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke Was Driver in Near-Fatal Car-Pedestrian Accident

Dennis Burke, who abruptly resigned in late August as the United States Attorney for Arizona after becoming mired in controversy, had to deal with another traumatic event earlier that month: Burke nearly killed a pedestrian with his vehicle in an accident on North Central Avenue.

Phoenix police records show that Burke was driving his 2011 Ford Escape southbound on Central near Camelback Road when he struck 67-year-old Robert Maresco, who was walking the street in an unmarked crosswalk.

The previously unpublicized incident occurred just after 8 on the evening of August 3 near the Windsor Restaurant, on the southeast corner of Central and Oregon.

Burke resigned from his job (many have speculated he was forced out by the same Barack Obama administration that had appointed him) a little more than three weeks after the car accident, in the wake of the infamous “Operation Fast and Furious” gun-trafficking scandal, which involved local feds providing weapons to Mexican bad guys, ostensibly for the purpose of tracking smugglers.

We tried to contact Burke for comment, but he declined through a third-party, citing (no kidding) the advice of his car-insurance company.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

This part doesn’t make sense, unless Burke is a total idiot:

“There’s nothing that would please Dennis Burke more than to successfully convince a prosecutor to charge Jeffrey Peterson with a crime with respect to the business dispute between him and Peterson, based on Burke’s incessant retaliatory table-pounding and carnival barking about Peterson.


Because Burke knows if the matter is thoroughly investigated, Burke may again end up being called a leaker and a liar, as he was during that well documented time in history when Burke was sanctioned and fined by the Arizona Bar for his own lawyer misconduct resulting from the Fast and Furious gun running scandal.”

Well informed
Well informed
4 years ago

That’s the point, @ScottTexJohnson. Let’s assume, for purpose of conversation, Burke is not an idiot (remains to be seen, as even educated folks can do things that qualify them as ‘idiots’). Those of us who are close to this situation saw the progression of events and are familiar with “C1” company archives, documentation and so forth. Burke left a trail of documentary evidence easily proving Burke’s claims against Peterson are false. I know. I was there as the company developed and I’m familiar with the C1 corporate history. I am not the only one who knows..there are plenty of others, including more than one former General Counsel, VP’s, other execs, all who are available for interview if someone really wants to investigate…everyone knows Dennis Burke was head of compliance from the very beginning.

We also know Burke’s claims that Peterson “swindled” investors are false. First of all, Peterson wasn’t the primary contact point for many of the investors. At C1, it was a group effort to put together a legitimate technology start-up with hopes for eventual success and many parties were involved. Even Burke introduced us to investors, one which was his own relative. The proof is in the company archives. If someone really does investigate company history, they are free to interview the more than fifty former employees and execs who worked on the C1 project, and ask them if there was a real effort or not. Neither Peterson, or I, could possibly change their answers.

With that in mind, I should note it is documented that Burke has contacted former C1 stakeholders and taken steps to coerce them into making negative statements — Burke tries to “stir up dissent” amongst the C1 base, which is interesting considering Burke’s contacts with witnesses or potential witnesses in the NXIVM matter. According to Peterson’s lawsuit, Burke has contacted former NXIVM members, as well. What a lousy job, being the clean-up bully.

So why would Burke, who is a lawyer, constantly try to have his former friend Jeff Peterson improperly charged with a crime in relation to C1, if Burke knows ample evidence exists to disprove Burke’s claims, consisting of Burke’s own Board votes, memorialized by signed documents and numerous legal audio recordings..? Burke’s documented history contradicts his false claims against Peterson.

The only possible conclusion was that Burke, Lopez and the “Arizona Mafia” assume something will happen to Peterson before Peterson can get the truth out…so they don’t (didn’t) care about the abundant trail of evidence disproving their false claims.

That conclusion was enough to lead Peterson to believe they were going to make good on threats previously leveled against him by his former friend Marco Lopez; that if Peterson were to reveal the Marco Lopez/Dennis Burke/Arizona Mafia connections with the Salinas parties of Mexico, there would be a price to pay. I can’t speak for him, but that conclusion seems to have been what led Jeff to go public with his story in July of 2018.

In his campaign against Jeff, Burke latches on to any small item he can find in company history to try to expand his narrative that Peterson did bad things — it’s a completely disingenuous effort by Burke. For example, at one point in C1 history, a few SUV vehicles were hired to transport lawyers from their location, to a company event. The company hired to prove transportation had the word “LIMOS”, or something similar, in their corporate name. And so Burke latches on to that and keeps repeating, as part of his defamatory campaign against Jeff, “Peterson … spent the money … on … expenses, like, LIMOS!” when in reality, it was another line item expense in the long history of the company. You don’t see Burke complaining about his own stay at the Westin in Palo Alto on C1’s dime, or the fact Burke tried to persuade Peterson to pay a significant retainer to Burke’s solo practitioner law firm from C1’s corporate treasury, even though such things are documented in emails and otherwise. Peterson could attack Dennis about those things, but he doesn’t.

Burke constantly repeats the same stuff, “fraud,” “swindle,” etc., but those statements are intentional mischaracterizations which in reality are exaggerated half truths, or annoying lies, designed to distract attention away from Burke’s own bad acts.

Burke has constantly tried to start “investigations” about C1’s corporate history with the intent of using law enforcement as a weapon against Jeff. Actually, Burke already started one such investigation with a state administrative agency in Arizona. If the Feds do end up investigating C1, Burke is likely the one who is going to have to explain himself.

Trying to “convert” a dispute between former business partners in to a criminal matter might seem like a good idea to Burke at first, because it’s an effort requiring more brute-force than intellect — the preference of both Burke and his Mexican handlers. I believe Burke just wants the whole situation with Peterson to be “over” so he can continue working with his “business partners” in Mexico and Burke wants to discredit Jeff in order to conceal his new line of work. However, Lying to the cops, the FBI or a grand jury ain’t smart. Just ask Burke’s pal, Bill Clinton, how it worked out for him.

Sometimes, seasons change. Something tells me, as a new season of Justice descends on many of these NXIVM-connected players who were previously used to getting their way, things might be different this time. If Burke is rightfully held accountable and has to face the music for obstruction, perjury, or similar, this time the outcome may be more meaningful than Burke’s former sanctions by the Arizona and Washington, D.C. Bar associations. One day, Burke might find himself having to face what he fears the most: The complicated realities about what he did in the past and what he’s involved with now. If those accusations are true, It wouldn’t be a good time to be Dennis K. Burke.

Prediction: Watch for criticism that this post is “too long.” Another common Burke response. The man, like his Mexican handlers, prefers brute force to anything requiring him to think too much. That is part of the reason why you will often see short, abrupt Burke-styled posts here: “Fraud!” “Swindle!” “Hookers!” “Cocaine!” all said about Peterson, who is the least likely individual to ever be the subject of such words.

4 years ago

Burke may have the misguided hope to have Peterson improperly charged with a crime based solely on the appearance of wrongs before Peterson can tell his side of the story. Taken from the perspective of a former prosecutor like Burke, there’s a famous quote from the Bonfire of the Vanities: a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich, if that’s what you wanted.

If Burke is trying to conceal his NXIVM activities, it’d be easier to shut out Peterson’s voice if Peterson were facing pending “criminal charges” as a way to lessen Peterson’s credibility. It’s been proven NXIVM senior leadership tries to have people charged with crimes as retaliation or to silence them.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Q

If Burke didn’t have a poor reputation, he may think he could get away with that. Plus, Peterson probably has the financial resources to defend himself. The “total idiot” comment still stands.

4 years ago

I didnt understand that particular comment either, Scott.

Did the original poster make a mistake? Because the way it’s written makes no sense to me …the poster is saying that Burke wants a thorough investigation because he knows that such an investigation may result in Burke being called a liar?

I don’t get why Burke would want that to happen.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Flowers

Now I’m beginning to doubt myself, Flowers is agreeing with me.

4 years ago
Reply to  Q

I would add that these false indictments and lawsuits also serve to frame & blame or scapegoat someone other than the perps for criminal activities in often elaborate “schemes” targeting likely fall guys for recruitment. Maybe better even if not an official member of NX.

They needed “criminal minds” and believed anyone could be “criminalized” for the right price.

Casual Observer
Casual Observer
4 years ago

Is it just me, or does this seem like a huge story not being reported by the mainstream media?

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

The mainstream media isn’t covering this because they are involved, either directly in NXIVM, or indirectly, doing similar crimes as NXIVM.

4 years ago

It’s not just you.

Just Facts
Just Facts
4 years ago

Good article. Yes NXIVM runs deeper than the fanboy commentors that post here realize. And Denny Burke knows it too. Yep….NXIVM, American Democrat Party, Arizona mafia, Salinas crime family all globalist connected. However the filthy swamp is slowly draining. Too slow for many but none the less it will be drained.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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