“Move in the direction of your ideal self…”

Prefect and the Dentist

That’s what Nancy Salzman implores usto do at her website: http://www.nancysalzman.com/.

But like much of the word salad admonitions and proclamations of other members of the NXIVM/ESP cult, these are words without meaning.

Nancy Salzman, the President of NXIVM Corporation and numerous other related companies – who prefers to be called by her self-given title of “Prefect” – is the epitome of the fraud and deception that is at the core of everything related to NXIVM/ESP.

Just read what she has to say about herself at her website:

“With over thirty years of intensive study and practice in the fields of healthcare, human potential and human empowerment, Nancy brings an incredible wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience to her role as President of Executive Success Programs. Nancy spent many years seeking out and mastering models of human empowerment—from Neuro-linguisticProgramming (having studied with both Bandler and Grinder) psychobiology (with JoanBorysenko) to Ericksonian Brief Solution Based therapy (studying directly under Milton Erickson,Ernest Rossi and StephenGilligan). She practiced individual and family counseling beforeexpanding to the field of human potential.”

Somehow, in the midst of all this self-adulation, Nancy forgot to mention that she actually started out by fraudulently billing Medicaid for her counseling services by using a legitimate Medicaid provider’s billing credentials – and kicking back a portion of her fees to that person.

And this was before she even heard about the man who would teach her how to be a full-time criminal; i.e., the one and only Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard.

Although many believe that Raniere turned Nancy into a criminal, the reality is that she had already gone down that road long before she met him.

So, their creation  – and operation – of the NXIVM/ESP criminal enterprise really needs to be looked upon as a “partnership” rather than as something that Raniere lured her into.

Other insights into Nancy’s core character can be gleaned from the transcript of her deposition in Toni Natalie’s bankruptcy case (At Raniere’s direction, Nancy sought to prevent Toni’s bankruptcy from being approved by the judge who was presiding over the case).  

Here are just a few of her statements from that deposition:

  •  Q. And can you tell us what your educational background is.
  • A. I’m a nurse.  I have a college degree in nursing.
  •  Q.   What kind of degree?
  • A. I have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. 
  • Q. Bachelor of science or bachelor of arts?
  • A. Bachelor’s of science in nursing.

OK –So, she’s a nurse. No problem with that (It’s actually a very noble profession). But, of course, like everyone else involved with NXIVM/ESP, Nancy had to pretend to be much more than just a nurse.

  • Q.   Any other degrees beyond that?
  •  A. No.
  • Q.   Any other professional training beyond that?
  • A.   Well, I have a lot of professional training beyond that.
  • Q.   Can you tell us what your professional training beyond nursing is?
  • A.   I have several years of Ericksonian training.
  • Q.   Can you tell us what that is?
  • A.  It’s a post-graduate type of training that taught me how to use and apply brief solution-based models of therapy and hypnosis.  And also I took a course at Columbia University in hypnosis, but that was given with Dr. Herbert Siegel. 
  • Q.   Is the training you received in this Ericksonian method, was it through a college or private institution or was it individual?
  • A. There were several types of trainings I took.  I took a series of courses through theNational Institutes of Health.  I took — that was given in Bethesda, Maryland.  I took a series of courses at Reuters University.  And then I took a series of courses that were given privately by different practitioners of the Ericksonian therapeutic method.
  • Q.   Can you tell us what the Ericksonian method is, or at least generalize?
  • A. Milton Erickson is considered to be one of the foremost experts in clinical hypnoses in the world, and there’s an Ericksonian Foundation that offers courses all over the world.  And he is considered to be the founder of brief solution-based models of therapy.  So I’ve taken many of those courses since 1979.
  •  Q.   Can you tell us what brief solutions means?
  • A.     Originally when I started studying this, it was a new approach to therapy back in the’70s.  Now, it’s the standard accepted type of therapy.
  • Q.   When you say therapy, what kind of linguistic programming?
  • A.   Psychotherapy.

And, BOOM, there we have the basis for the professional title that Nancy bestowed upon herself: Psychotherapist.

Which sounds pretty damn impressive until you realize that New York State does not recognize– or license – any such profession.

So, you too can be a Psychotherapist simply by saying you are. And, don’t worry if you can’t explain what that is because there’s nothing illegal about claiming to be a member of a profession that doesn’t actually exist in New York State.

This is the kind of bullshit that is the very essence of NXIVM: i.e., claiming to be something that you’re not.

In the end, that’s what Raniere himself is all about. Claiming to be something that he’s not…

Not the world’s smartest man…

Not one of the three greatest problem solvers in the world…

Not an Ethicist…

Not a Vanguard…

NXIVM/ESP is – or, maybe more correctly, was – an organization built on deception and lies – and headed by two people who constantly deceived and lied to others…

And how did that work out?


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  • If Nancy takes a plea and goes free, I think she could support herself using her nursing and NLP training by becoming a deprogrammer for expians.

    • Haha that would be like asking the fox to rescue you from the hen house! I think LaLaLad is living in La La Land!
      Everything about these people was fraudulent and the sooner you face reality the faster you will be deprogrammed.

      I recall Barbara Jesse being referred to as Madame Reality. In retrospect that was so ironic since she failed to face reality and seek a licensed physician’s to diagnose her hand issues which Keith the quack Doc diagnosed as carpel tunnel. When she finally saw a doctor, her brain cancer was too advanced.

      This is typical of the insanity and evil these people perpetrated.

      Conviction for Nancy looks like reality and if some miracle saves her I would recommend staying as far from these people as possible.

      Nancy’s highest value has always been money and sex. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. Sound familiar??

  • Nancy and Keith are cut from the same cloth — both saw an opportunity in NLP to perfect their scheister scams. Keith was using it to close sales and scam girls pre-CBI. 1985, ‘86 Keith was training his acolyte sales staff in it. He gave me an NLP workbook to study way back then. We’d practice the excersizes therein — mini “intensives” and “explorations of meaning.”

    But Keith hit the jackpot when Nancy came along to lend the NLP skills, her name in which an MLM could be formed and her “credibility” in the field such as it was. While Keith was forbidden to MLM, nothing said Keith couldn’t own the underlying “tech” —Rational Inquiry — patent NOT pending. Nor was he forbidden to own sex slaves under the NY AG settlement agreement.

  • Didn’t I read way back that Nancy was the top rank that Kreuk was closest to, who took KK under her wing and “mentored” her in things like GBD? Nancy seems like a dangerous person for a trusting mind to be around.

    • Nancy Salzman used to go to Kreuk’s house when Kreuk was holding NXIVM events at home. This was very early on in Kreuk’s NXIVM cult career. Kreuk knew what she was a part of. She is no naive victim, hence her arrogant silence. If she was being held to account about what she did and knew about, she would not come across looking good. It’s not a matter of Raniere and Salzman being the only bad ones. Those who chose to follow them knowing about bad things are bad too.

      • You seem to of known Kreuk in her early cult days, so I wonder what you know that makes you say KK was “no naive victim.”?
        I believe from reading this blog that Nancys NLP and other cult love bombing and brain washing corrupted even stronger willed women then KK.
        You think she’s wrong to not fess up now, ok, I understand you, But what do know that makes you think she was into “bad things” early on.?
        I only knew her through the TV, but you seem to know her personally, so please share

        • Lemme ask you this — btw, it was one of KAR’s fav “Socratic” questions in the day — “would you lie if you were hiding Jews from the Nazi’s during the Holocaust?”

          If you answered “yes,” you’re an heroic savior. You’re also a deceitful Luciferian.

          If you answered “no,” you’re a traitor to the Jews and may have caused the Holocaust yourself — in a previous incarnation. Maybe you were even one of Hitler’s close associates. Fear not, if ye walk in the path of Vanguard his might will prevent you from disintegrating to that level —which through the scientific theory of time dilation — will stop the Holocaust from ever having happened and make you the hero of all ethical humanity.

          But you might have to fib a little here and there along the way!

          Wouldn’t want to be a Luciferian would you?

          • Keith is a fucking dolt and anyone who fell for such a comparison is too. Lying to save the wrongful extermination of the lives of people – and killing someone just because they practice a certain religion is surely so – is incomparable to lying for the “mission” for whatever reason except the equivalent. And the last time I checked, NXIVM people were never being sent to concentration camps.

        • He/she is likely a NXIVM person and is upset she got away, or someone who joined NXIVM to try to get with her business or relationship wise and could not, or some other vengeful reason. A person cannot know they did such and such in NXIVM unless they too were a part of it. The problem is they can’t say their true motives or they are still drinking the NXIVM kool-aid on an anti-NXIVM website because it diminishes their credibility.

          • – “He/she is likely a NXIVM person and…”

            Stop weaving narratives. It’s more than “likely” who you obviously are… Heidi knows a ton of stuff that happened that she didn’t participate in. People left NXIVM after finding out about about bad things they didn’t participate in too. Shut your mouth.

          • I’m not weaving narratives. A person cannot know if a big shot NXIVM person like Nancy Salzman went to a person’s house unless they were/are part of NXIVM in some manner. It’s just a fact. I also never responded to Heidi nor said anything about her so I don’t know why her name was even brought up.

          • “A person cannot know if a big shot NXIVM person like Nancy Salzman went to a person’s house unless they were/are part of NXIVM in some manner.”

            Yes they can. At least one person who was in NXIVM posted that information here. You don’t have to be in NXIVM to read Frank Report.

            “I also never responded to Heidi nor said anything about her so I don’t know why her name was even brought up”.

            She was used as an example. You didn’t have to be in NXIVM directly to know about bad things they did.

          • “Yes they can. At least one person who was in NXIVM posted that information here. You don’t have to be in NXIVM to read Frank Report.”

            You just proved what I said: “A person cannot know if a big shot NXIVM person like Nancy Salzman went to a person’s house unless they were/are part of NXIVM in some manner.”

            The majority of posts on the Frank Report are anonymous in the sense that there are no verifiable personalities attached to their aliases. Who is this one person with an actual name and verifiable NXIVM membership who posted such information here?

            “You didn’t have to be in NXIVM directly to know about bad things they did.”

            Heidi’s sister was intimate with Keith and in his inner circle. She helped him take the take home IQ test. Heidi dealt with Keith personally many times. She’s as close to being in NXIVM as one can be without actually being in it.

          • I completely agree with Anonymous, but Anonymous is just a troll and should be kicked off this blog. And Anonymous is a fool who is not smart enough to choose a name to post under so her/his comments just turn this blog into a Tower of Babble. But Anonymous–now that is one smart cookie.

          • “You just proved what I said: “A person cannot know if a big shot NXIVM person like Nancy Salzman went to a person’s house unless they were/are part of NXIVM in some manner.””

            No I didn’t [deleted] I’m saying you can quote others on Frank Report and have knowledge about the cult without ever of being in the cult simply by reading about it. Also you can know someone who was in the cult who tells you things… [deleted]

          • Kreuk was named in an expose as a cult member that exposed her cult leader as a rapist and pedophile who rapes little girls. She was named in a lawsuit regarding NXIVM crimes, she knew it and why. She would of known where those Necker Island photos came from and the allegations the whistleblower made regarding financial crimes. Everyone named in that article was named in the lawsuit too. As a minimum, Kreuk knew all of that. This is applicable to Kreuk and Mack.

            You don’t have a clue what else she knew about but sure as shit, a devoted cult member close to the top people (also named in the lawsuit) for many years would not be naive. [deleted]

      • She knew she was a part of a group labelled as a cult. It doesn’t mean she knew about nor participated in any illegal activities other people within the group may have done. Not everyone who is a part of a group knows everything that occurs within it. You can’t be held accountable for things you never knew or did. This is not a difficult concept to understand.

  • Another lie under oath. Nancy does not have a bachelors in nursing. She had many bachelors while pursuing nursing but not the degree. She attended a now defunct hospital nursing program that led to an RN but not a bachelors degree. Her bio info says she went to Muhlenberg college- a liberal arts college in PA which does not offer a nursing degree . Another lie. She went to the defunct Muhlenberg hospital nursing program. A simple confusion of names, of course. At most they gave an associates degree through a local community college. And her reported high school is a lie too. Is she trying to hide her meager roots in small town NJ?

  • Another title to this post could be, “Move in the direction of your ideal self…we also take American Express”. So, from what I gather, someone in this cult thought it best to begin addressing Nancy Salzman as “Prefect”? You’ve got to be kidding me. Seriously? It sure seems to me like her new title was a play on word choice to imply “Perfect”? With that said, how could anyone in their right mind get sucked into this shit? This whole debacle reminds me so much of the stupid preachers on TV like Joel Osteen.

  • Well came home from work and there was a guy pulled into Keith townhouse and had a lot of paperwork. Karen hasn’t lived there since June he kept knocking strong.

    • No…This was when she was seeing private clients in Albany – and before she got involved with Raniere. But the details have been well documented – and there is zero doubt that she was, in fact, involved in billing the Medicaid (not Medicare) program for some of her clients by using another licensed therapist’s Medicaid billing number.

      And, surprise, surprise, once she got involved with Raniere, she steered several of her former clients to take NXIVM/ESP classes. Once again, all well documented and easily verified.

      • It just seems like Keith and Nancy were nothing more than opportunists who found something that clicked in separating people from their money. Just another gadget. Another void to fill.

  • 7. I cannot imagine Salzman not accepting a plea deal. She is a single, 64 year old woman coming off 2 separate, major surgeries and is financially motivated. Her child is facing serious charges as well. And, Raniere set up the whole branding mess that brought her life down in flames.

    She will not back the cause of Nx. She will look for a plea for her and daughter

  • 1. Nancy Salzman is a guilty party in the Nx fraud, intimidation of adversaries, money laundering and abetting KAR’s sexual proclivities.
    2. She deserves punishment.
    3. Certain professions do not require licensing in NYS. Psychotherapy is one and there many qualified, effective psychotherapists in NYS.
    4. Effectiveness in psychotherapy is not necessarily tied to licensing.
    5. Misbilling is a separate crime and indicates an entitled, deceptive attitude.
    6. Despite FR publicity of her actions, Salzman is still practicing and requesting $2,500 for a 90-120 minute sessions.

  • So the DOJ can ask her about billing clients medical insurance via someone who had the credentials and qualifications to legally bill.
    This is insurance and mail fraud as soon as the Bill’s went into the mail system. It probably past the time frame she can be held accountable for these actions but it does point to “the kind of person she is”.

  • Nancy Salzman:

    All your Psychotherapy and Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming will count for nothing when the US Department of Justice has you by the nape of the neck.

    Making a false statement – using any form of linguistics – to federal law enforcement agents – is a felony under (18 U.S.C. § 1001).

    Straighten Up and Fly Right!

    Nancy, either start cooperating with the government and make a plea deal or you and Lauren and your greasy weasel of a son in law, Ben Myers, are in for the experience of your lives.

    Making a false statement – using any form of linguistics – to federal law enforcement agents – is a felony under (18 U.S.C. § 1001).

    Also Nancy Sallzman, hypnosis can not make a person do something against their will.
    That is only in the movies.
    The FBI’s will, is to nail you to the wall if you don’t cooperate.

    “Hypnosis can be persuasive, but does not give the hypnotist control over your mind, morality, or judgment.”

    Special message to Ben Myers:
    The Feds are on to you and your computer hacking.
    Benjamin Myers, the gullible perjurer in the computer trespass case against Joe O’Hara, Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, and John Tighe,

    Mr. Myers’ role in the imprisonment of D. F. could also be the focus of the investigation.

    Myers, do you want to go to prison for the kidnapping and false imprisonment of a Mexican girl?

    An urgent message to Raniere’s IT man – Ben Myers

    • Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please:

      Shadowstate, authored the post above mine…and not once did he mention “The Sex Trafficker of Smallville”; you may want to mark this on your calendars.

      Shadow, I am in shock and awe; in stunned amazement, I am at a loss for words. Here, you have written an intelligent, cogent post which is both on-topic, and succinct.

      For the record, I agree with this post, 100%.

    • – Not BS it’s practiced here in a local Albany hospital.

      Maybe the term is not BS, but is the “Prefect” legitimately accredited to practice it? Is she an actually educated psychiatrist and/or licensed as that website states here: “Our staff of experienced psychiatrists and licensed social workers work to improve our patients’ productivity, self-esteem and satisfaction with life.”

      Likely not, and if not, she is engaging in a form of fraud.

    • Of course there are legitimate practitioners of psychotherapy – just like there are legitimate human empowerment programs. But neither Nancy or NXIVM fall into that category.

      My point in bringing up Nancy’s pre-Keith illegal Medicaid-billing activities was simply to show that she was not some innocent lamb that got corrupted by Keith. She had already wandered down the path of corruption long before she even met him.

      And my point in bringing up the fact that Nancy glommed onto the title of “Psychotherapist” was simply to show that there is no such recognized profession in New York State. For that matter, the same is true for the term “Therapist”.

      But using legitimate-sounding titles is just one of the ways that fraudsters like Nancy and Raniere ply their trade.

      Here’s a blog post that gets at this issue: https://thriveworks.com/blog/counselors-practicing-without-a-license/

      PS – The fact that Nancy and Raniere have started claiming that they can resolve real medical problems like Tourette’s Syndrome could cause them some real legal problems. But probably not in New York State because the New York State Department of Health is one of the most lax agencies in the country when it comes to this type of stuff.

      • In the early days of ESP a licensed psychologist rented space in their offices and I think it was under that person’s license that they would have billed Medicare or any other insurance company. Yes, that is fraud!
        Just the beginning of years of illegal activities all motivated by money.

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