Shadow State: Allison Mack is a pervert herself

Allison Mack was promoted leader of DOS ahead of Lauren Salzman even though Lauren had been with NXIVM longer.

Why did Vanguard promote Mack over Salzman?

Mack is younger by 6 years and Mack is a charismatic actress who could seduce more young women into the DOS harem.

Now Lauren Salzman has the opportunity to wreak revenge on Vanguard and Mack for being passed over. Is it possible that Lauren Salzman , Number 2 in DOS, is going to sell out her good friend Allison Mack?

The Feds are worried more about nailing Raniere, Mack, and Bronfman.

For Allison Mack to turn into a Brainiac, she first has to have a Brain.

Notice that all three prosecutors are female.  And also notice that all three defense lawyers for Clare Bronfman are female.

Both the US DOJ and Clare Bronfman understand the gender politics inherent in this case.

Meanwhile, Raniere’s and Mack’s legal teams are predominately male. I wonder who the designated Fall Guys are in this case.

As for Kristin Kreuk:

Hypocrisy and Cowardice are not crimes.

Racketeering is a Crime.
Extortion is a Crime.
Mail Fraud is a Crime.
Human Trafficking is a Crime.
Involuntary Servitude is a Crime.

That’s why Kristin Kreuk has a TV program and Allison Mack is standing trial.

The real hypocrisy in the NXIVM story is Allison Mack talking about female empowerment while luring women into a sex slave cult.

If Allison Mack had had her way, Kelly Clarkson and Emma Watson would now be sex slaves.

Did the “brave” Allison Mack ever stand up to the perverted Keith Raniere and call him out?

No, Allison Mack enthusiastically joined in on Keith Raniere’s perversions. Because Allison Mack is a pervert herself.

Read Frank Parlato’s article on Ms. Mack and the 8-year-old gymnast girl.

Allison Mack has spent 12 years traveling through NXIVM with her Eyes Wide Shut.

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  • Kinda unrelated, but this CDAN blind RUMOR/GOSSIP mentions branding of groupies by rock stars:

    #4 – This one named former A list heavy metal band who had their prime in the 90’s were an actual metal band. Nothing that said hair metal. They were closer to death metal. Long before NXIVM did the branding thing, these guys were doing it. If they had sex with a groupie they would always want to brand her after so other bands would know she had already been with someone from this band. They had a fairly successful rate. About half of the women said yes to being branded.

  • I dated Lauren Salzman briefly when she was working as a rather young acolyte within the Executive Success Program, an executive development program they were trying to sell local companies in the Albany, NY area. I was, and still am, with the firm Rose & Kieran and our executive management team thought ESP might hold some value for us. After the first couple of meetings it became clear to us we weren’t buying what they were selling. I think the weekly “exercises” they assigned each of us were considered irrelevant, so we severed our business relationship. However, I thought Lauren rather cute, so I pursued a more personal connection.

    Almost immediately Lauren starting suggesting I meet her mother, Nancy. I agreed to and Lauren set up an appointment with her at their offices on New Karner Road in Colonie. She introduced me to her mother and left us alone to talk. Nancy started asking me about my upbringing, probing personal questions, etc., which went far beyond the boundaries of normal introductory conversation. She said their organization needed men like me and she harped on all of her accomplishments in the business world, citing vague examples of how she helped turn ConEd around.

    Subsequently, I was invited to their home in Clifton Park. Lauren’s bedroom was upstairs next to Nancy’s. I showed up, we all sat in the kitchen that evening and her mother proceeded to repeat everything she had told me in our previous meeting. It seemed like she was trying to convince me of something. I put up with it because I was more interested in Lauren. Moments later Nancy suggested we go upstairs to be alone. I went to Lauren’s room while Nancy followed behind. We entered Lauren’s room and her mother watched from the hall as Lauren closed the door. Eventually, we started making out on the bed but the entire time I could hear Nancy wandering about in the hallway. I thought it odd, stayed a bit longer, said my goodbyes and took off.

    Lauren loved to talk about the different levels of leadership within ESP to which she aspired and almost obsessed about it. However, a couple of days after my visit to her home she asked me to lunch. When I got out of my car at the restaurant parking lot, she walked up to me and flatly stayed she couldn’t see me anymore. I asked for a reason. She gave none and walked away.

    I always felt her mother was trying to recruit me but couldn’t be sure. Once the issues with this organization came to light, I was convinced of it.

    Strange people. Still wish I got in her pants that night, however.

    Stephen Donnelly

  • I did not read the article as I never read this guys obsessive entries. However when I saw 14 comments I peeked in. More of the same jibbershit. I noticed when this shadowguy first started commenting he seemed reasonable and made some good comments. Then after a period of time at least 90% of his comments were about Mack as if the whole NXIVM cult revolved around her. I realized the guy was not only obsessed but maybe possessed himself. He obviously has a vendetta against Mack much like a spurned lover or an ex spouse. Frank Parlato does himself no good let this obviously mentally troubled stalker continue. I come here much less often because of this among a few others.

    • All that’s needed is ONE sentence from Shadow State giving a valid reason WHY he focuses on Mack all the time and people wouldn’t shake their heads every time he posts. Such as, “My daughter/wife/girlfriend/friend was lured into DOS by Allison Mack and branded.” That would be enough, and even though it’s better for the DOJ to handle such matters, readers would least be able to understand Shadow’s anger and need for vengeance of a sort. But he doesn’t. People have asked him why he does this and he never gives a reason, which is why the whole thing is so perplexing and gives readers wiggle room to suspect the worst.

  • For what it’s worth, I am thoroughly sick of all of them and all the articles – speculative or otherwise – regarding celebrities. It will all come out eventually, and then the regular press will be all over it, I can assure you. There is no doubt at least the Allsion Mack is a disgusting, selfish, amoral human being. Can we leave it at that for now?

    Others have suggested just skipping over the articles about AM, KK, etc. and that is good advice. But Shadow, there seems to be an inordinate amount of space trying crucify Mack and others. Can we let law enforcement do its job? Mack is under arrest and is preparing to stand trial. Kreuk is not – at least not at the moment. Who knows whether or not she should be? If the feds spread their resources as thin as tissue paper chasing down dozens of people, there is a greater chance that Raniere will wind up walking on some technicality. I would love to see the feds focus heavily on those currently charged.

    Why isn’t there more digging about Raniere himself and his shady past? There is quite a bit unknown at this time.

    • OCD, apparently your view is not what is selling the books at the top of the page. The silver lining is there is an anti-liberal book included.

      As I’ve stated before, I’m in favor of expanding the focus to other MLM scams that are still operating and scamming others, and on a much larger scale. But it appears the gossipy, soap opera-ish NXIVM content is what is selling, so why save others from being scammed? Also, most people, like yourself, are satisfied with reading and making comments rather than taking other actions against MLM scams.

          • Why not take the initiative and keep your other MLM stuff on those blogs then, instead of demanding other people change the contents of their blogs to suit you?

          • Agree with Jane. Leave this site the way it is. If Johnson has three blogs exposing mlm scams,
            I don’t understand why he keeps trying to overwhelm this site with it. Leave something for nexivm.
            Maybe spend a little more time on your three, and less on this one.

          • Berating belittling, and name calling other posters, probably is not the best way to get them to visit your blogs. If you were a little nicer you may not have to try to hijack Frank’s site to get visitors to yours.

      • Scott, what sort of “action” would you would like me to take? I stay miles away from anything that even smells like an MLM. I was never sucked into one in the first place. Currently I am focused on taking Raniere down, partly because I saw first hand what his prior MLM scheme did to certain people I cared about). Raniere graduated from simple MLM scammer to a power-mad cult monster, and that has my attention.

        The truth is that MLM-ers will tell you their products are a great value because their organization has bypassed the brick and mortar storefront. With the advent of Amazon and online shopping, they can no longer raise that argument. In fact, it was never true in the first place, because in order to support the layered commission structure, the products are necessarily heavily marked up. Correct? I just thought that any idiot could figure that out. To be fair, people were much more vulnerable to these scams in the early 90’s and before, when they didn’t have the internet to do independent checking of products and organizations.

        Also, if you simply did the math on Raniere’s Consumers Buyline, you could easily see how quickly you’d run out of population is everyone enrolled two people (or was it three? I forget), and was therefore earning the promised commissions.

        I have certain focusses, including things completely apart from the NXIVM saga, and taking down each and every MLM out there is not one of them. “Buyer beware” should now be a factor.

  • The 8 year old doesn’t mean a thing, have you ever watched gymnasts train, their coaches are always standing them straighter and manipulating their bodies. This is the problem when your stories only focus on Allison!
    You are not gaining support for your hate mission here.
    Just because you write it doesn’t make it true.
    As Frank is trying to pull the report back to a valid blog, you could do your part and stop proving those that say your behaving like a jilted lover (where have we heard that before)?
    Since your obviously a writer on here now, write something. No more regurgitating the same old stories. I quit reading your articles for a while, I decided to give you another chance, i was wrong I should have just kept passing you by.
    When your ready to focus on something besides AM I’ll give you another chance.
    Best of luck!

    • Shadow doesn’t know anything else to write about, nor is he interested. If you don’t want to read what he writes, stop reading it. Frank already explained why he publishes Shadow’s articles. Do you recall the reason? Your complaints are a bigger pain in the @ss than Shadow’s stories. If you are really fed up with Shadow, why not use your limited time to help others not get scammed by active MLM scams?

      • Re Scott 8:32pm
        “Shadow doesn’t know anything else to write about”… then two sentences later…”If you are really fed up with Shadow, why not use your limited time to help others not get scammed by active MLM scams?”

    • “Is Ms. Mack trained as a gymnast or a gym teacher?”

      It’s quite possible, yes. Not as a gymnastic coach per se, but as a gymnast or dancer. It’s always been a common practice for professional gymnastic and dance coaches to touch their students. That’s why it’s called “physical education”. Most all sports coaches follow the same practice in touching their students as to what Heather Anne alluded. It’s also plausible and more than likely Allison Mack had some professional gymnastic or dance / ballet training in her early years and beyond, and was merely trying to develop a kinship with the little girl in question. Whether Allison touched this girl under her clothing is speculative at best. I doubt if Ms. Mack had a more nefarious motive in mind as this post claims, she would not do this in broad daylight.

      • TK, thankyou for trying. Something is seriously wrong with shadow overdoing attacks on Allison Mack. He does not seem to get that he’s making people question what’s being written about her rather than convincing anyone she’s the ogre here.
        FRANK allowing this is bizarre. Did I miss an important article that explained why shadow is now a writer here?

        • Heather Anne, I totally agree with you, but thought I’d try again. Oh well. ! was a gymnast in grade school well over 40 years ago along with my brother and sister so I can easily see how this so-called touching or video taping by Allison Mack of the little girl be taken out of context. Guess I missed the important article as well about shadow being a guest writer. Would be nice to see a brief bio of contributing writers going forward. Will this happen? Probably not. But, at least it would go miles to instill a bit relevancy to the topics discussed here.

        • He’s been questioned about his reasons for going after Mack specifically but never gives one. A simple legit explanation would set everyone straight. Otherwise, his excessive focus on Mack and Mack alone (with particular attention paid to her sexual predilections) will continue to look odd at best and outright creepy at worst – something he himself apparently cannot see – and other readers will keep questioning the nature of his interest instead of leaving him be.

          All of which ultimately does the site no favours.

          • Jane, yah, I agree with you. It’s already reached the creepy stage. It’s quite.a shame. Was just hoping this site would evolve considering the high profile circumstances of this case.

        • Heather, yes you missed Frank clearly stating that Shadow’s articles bring new readers. New readers are not likely to search the older articles, so it makes sense to keep Mack stories fresh. Your comments complaining are even worse to read, as all you have to do is not read and/or comment on Shadow’s stories.

  • “Read Frank Parlato’s article on Ms. Mack and the 8-year-old gymnast girl.” You point to a story told by a third party as though it is evidence instead of hearsay, as though this is proof positive that Allison Mack is a pedophile, instead it’s just more examples of your writing salacious articles. And why is Allison Mack’s being a pervert some kind of news story?

    Frank, seriously, please stop posting these ridiculous “news” stories.

  • I still don’t get it.
    Ive gone to new age groups before.
    When someone says ok, now we want a naked picture to blackmail you with if you leave and you have to fuck the leader,
    I say, nah, I’m good.

    To stay is a personal CHOICE.
    I have not yet seen any evidence that anyone’s free will has been violated.

    How weak would a person have to be to be forced to do something against their will?
    And where are these weak people? Because I’ll happily tell them to transfer their bank accounts to me.
    And they’ll just do it because they’re so weak.

    • Unfortunately this is not how it was presented to these long term members. They were tricked and yes most of us would still say no fucking way, even to your best friend! Brainwashing over a long time period and NLP is a powerful tool along with sleep deprivation. Mothers remember how exhausted you were after a new baby, especially if your breast feeding and go back to work. Your like a zombie.

      • At least new mothers can breast feed their children. Near starvation diets of NXIVM babes find it hard to ovulate, and if they somehow do get lucky and the baby is not ordered to be aborted, they wouldn’t have the nutritional intake to adequately feed their infant.

  • Lol. Frank you obviously have anger issues mate! Did Allison turn you down somewhere in your life? If only the UK had you on our side when Jimmy Saville was alive. Things might have been different.

    As for pervert. She was brainwashed. I have fell for women who tell me stuff and time and time again it ends badly. I believe their words. We all sadly fall for some kind of crap. Allison fell for the wrong kind sadly. She was trying to please someone she thought liked her. Been there and done that myself endless times only to find out she never liked me. Only liked what I could give or bring her. Keith and Allison are no different. Just twisted and sick. She fell for the wrong guy.

    Please learn what journalism really means! You’re a disgrace mate.

    • You have a valid point. The difference between you and Raniere is that he decided to take revenge on as many girls and women as he could after being jilted one or more of them. In that regard, he must be considered a success.

      And yet I’m the bad guy on this website. Such is the plight of the “good guy,” trying to help millions being scammed by much larger and much more abusive MLM scams.

      Others would much rather rehash the same, sad repetitive comments complaining about Shadow’s repetitive stories that Frank has already explained why they are published. They simply don’t get the irony that they are doing the same thing they are complaining about.

    • Toby:
      I have a friend in the UK who almost had an encounter with Sir Jimmy Saville
      My friend was 15 years old when she was in the hospital for an appendectomy.
      Because she was one year too old my friend was classified as an adult
      My friend wanted to meet the great Jimmy Saville of the BBC.
      When my friend asked the nurse to see Saville the nurse risked her job telling my friend that Saville was a bad man.

      Because the rotten, corrupt inbred Royal Family enabled Saville to molest over 400 girls over a 50 year period they are no different from the women of NXIVM who helped Raniere rape girls.
      In my view the people of Britain would be fully justified in giving the House of Windsor the same treatment they gave King Charles I in

  • For God’s sake, more of your seething hatred for Allison fucking Mack, again. The bitch is already going to jail. You are just as mental over Mack as Mack is for Raniere.

    You brought up Kristin Kreuk because you want the heat 100% on Mack.

    Both Kreuk and Mack were named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit. That was February 2012.

    Both Kreuk and Mack were on Necker Island where attendees went to address the bad publicity of the cult and where money laundering is said to of been planned. That was spring 2010.

    Both Kreuk and Mack were named as NXIVM recruiters in the Times Union expose that spoke in detail of Raniere’s pedophilia and other crimes. That was February 2012.

    Both knew about bad stuff prior to DOS being formed in 2015.

    Allison Mack did not just go off the rails with the formation of DOS in 2015 when Kreuk was still an active NXIVM member and people who were still there know that is true.

    It is wrong for Kreuk to still have a tv show, especially tax payer funded tv, with hypocritical off the chart virtue signalling, that is not being called out by the press. She is not some naive little victim who didn’t know about anything wrong. She has not been called out by the press and she is being allowed so far to get away with what she did and knew about. To suggest Kreuk didn’t know anything bad would be to suggest Mack didn’t know anything bad until at least 2015. Do you actually believe that?

    Even Sarah Edmondson, a known criminal, has filmed a television show since the branding story.

    Mark Hildreth has not been called out by the press and it’s unlikely he plans to avoid pursuing fame.

    Olivia Cheng is in a tv show about Bruce Lee and not once has the press called her out either. She was the face of “One Asian” which was a NXIVM shell company. Perhaps Raniere’s attempt to get some Asian beaver? 🤔

    A lot of cunts.

    The press should read Frank Report more.

    • — Allison Mack did not just go off the rails with the formation of DOS in 2015 when Kreuk was still an active NXIVM member and people who were still there know that is true.

      This is now well over a dozen times you have stated this but have provided no evidence whatsoever. You have been asked each time to provide it and haven’t done so. Either provide your evidence or stop repeating it as it doesn’t make it true no matter how many times you do so.

    • Yes, Kreuk has a lot to answer for…but so do you.

      You have said a dozen times that “in 2015 Kreuk was still an active NXIVM member and people who were still there know that is true.” But a dozen times you have been asked, in what way was she active and how do you know?

      So, once again, share your “knowledge” of Kreuk’s continued NXIVM activity, or stop saying it–otherwise you look like a hater and not a credible critic.

      • Also many dozens and dozens of times this blog is overrun by super obsessed Kruek fans that try to dictate the truth according to their taste. Almost all readers are not swayed by this, and do not look at this page as the KK fan club.
        Nxivm members are not given a “free pass” on this page, and ones comments do not have to be proven by wiki or a court of law. Ex Nxivms should NOT have to prove what they post here, or many would not post. We like to hear what THEY say. Most of us like whats on this site. If you don’t like it. then bye bye.

        • “Ex Nxivms should NOT have to prove what they post here, or many would not post.”

          Sure they do. The burden of proof has always been on the claimant and doesn’t change just because of who you are. You can’t just say things over and over again without evidence and make them true.

  • In all fairness, the 12-year-old gymnast girl was based on what a neighbor “saw”. Everything starts to look nefarious and sinister after finding out the crap someone was involved in. The same is true of some of the sketches that were made.

    Again to be fair, the speculation might be correct. Or the gymnast story and the drawings by Salzman could be innocent and the perversions might have been the furthest from their minds.

    So, while I am convinced that they are all guilty of many things, it’s a good example of the damage done by accusations. The damage done to someone that is legitimately innocent of accusations follows them for a long time, maybe their whole life. Reputation and character destroyed.

    • Fair enough but at the time the neighbor thought Mack’s familiarity with the gymnast girl was highly peculiar at the time and the incident stuck in the neighbor’s mind.

      Particularly the part where the neighbor saw Allison feel the girl up.

      Transcript of interview with neighbor who claims Allison Mack molested 8-year-old girl

      Here is a partial transcript of his on-the-record comments:

      Frank: Allison was trying to interview an 8 or 9-year-old girl who was trying to be a gymnast?

      Neighbor: Yes. She even told me I should get into doing a blog. That’s what she was doing with the girl – a video blog.

      F: Allison?

      N: Yeah.

      F: And she wanted to videotape this girl?

      N: Yeah. She was videotaping the girl…. The girl was doing these little gymnast things.

      F: Did you think it was suspicious at all?

      N: It was creepy. Very creepy.

      F: That is very creepy because you know Keith Raniere had a predilection for little girls.

      N: I saw her feel the 8-year old up.

      F: Whoa!… Could you say that again? You saw her feel the 8-year girl old up?

      N: Yes.

      F: Where were you?

      N: We were up off of Independence. She was up on —-. and they were sitting there and I was walking [with his dog] and we were coming back and I was wondering what she was doing. I did not know who she was at the time. I did not know who she was until November and then I was like, ‘Oh that’s who that girl is.’ But they were sitting there and I just said “Hi” and … I went up to to be nice to them . We started talking and she was trying to quick-end the conversation so she could get back to what she was doing.

      F: With this 8 year old?

      N: Yeah, And at one point she was next to the 8 year old and she turned around and went like that up the girl’s chest.

      F: Allison?

      N: Allison did that, yeah.

      F: Maybe she’s a perv too.

      N: Yeah, she is obviously.

      F: Could you have been mistaken? Could it have been a push or friendly playful thing?

      N: It didn’t look like that

      F: Why didn’t you call the police?

      [He explained how he had a bad experience once before on an unrelated matter involving adults when he called the police to report a crime and the police were not friendly and almost tried to turn it around on him. I certainly could not argue too hard against this, since this is especially true for whistle-blowers against NXIVM.- they are the ones who get into trouble.]

      • So concerned she called child services or walked over and said hi, what’s going on here. She did nothing so her story looks like 2 minutes of fame.

          • The guy’s story still isn’t independently corroborated, though. The guy could have misinterpreted an innocent chest-pat for something sexual in intent, or he could have made the whole thing up.

          • Either way it does not make it true.
            I found my neighbors 2 year old by herself , I live in the country, isolated, I knew they had a pond on their property and I’d seen the mom drive off earlier where our driveways intersect, which is where the girl was wandering. I went to her and talked her in to walking to her house. It took forever as she babbled away but I did not want to pick her up, they had not lived there for long and she did not know me. It took a while for the dad to come to the door which was slightly open.
            I could have called CPS, not got involved but as it turns out dad was taking care of a newborn and the 2 year old went looking for mom. I’m fortunate I saw her but they weren’t negligent intentionally. And in the 6 years since there has never been a similar incident.
            Grief from the cops, you can call any type of law or protection services anonymously.
            The only relationship I’m trying to point out with these stories is I didn’t want to get involved because of appearances. But you do what’s right if you think a child is in danger.
            By not being able to come up with anything new about AM, she’s looking less guilty with each repeat you write. People on this site have given you chance after chance and your blind to the truth.

          • He got grief reporting Nxivm crimes? I thought he didn’t know who she was until the story broke?

          • According to the summary at the end of the transcript, the male witness explained he’d encountered trouble from the cops after he reported *unspecified* crimes. Nowhere does it state these crimes were in any way related to NXIVM. That’s YOUR addition.

          • Apologies Heather Anne, sounds like my last comment was directed at you. It was directed at Shadowguy.

  • [deleted] And by the way not all your haters are a part of NXIVM we just want you to stop posting stuff on Allison so feel cry acting all tough.[deleted]

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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