Exclusive Frank Report Video: Allison Mack Sings!

Dear readers, you are in for a rare, extraordinary treat.

Frank Report has uncovered the finest video you’ll likely ever enjoy: Allison Mack sings, “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know.”

The wondrous lady, whose unique talents led her to not only star on TV’s Smallville, as the innocent and beloved Chloe Sullivan, but also to garner worldwide fame for her role in branding her initials on the pubic regions of some 150 women.

She is accompanied by an a-cappella group that features the marvelous back-up vocals of several NXIVM mega talents and is known to the world as Simply Human.

The song, “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know”, was originally performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears, and written by the group’s founder, Al Kooper. It was later recorded by Donny Hathaway. I think it fair to say, however, no one ever did it justice as songstress Madam Allison Mack.

But wait, there is yet another treat in store: If you look carefully at 2:59 in the video, the audience shot reveals that the man she is singing this soulful, tender tune to is in the front row. He is Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard. Next to him is Prefect, Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafritz and the lovely DOS slave Lauren Salzman.

The place is the Silver Bay Resort, in Silver Bay NY, on the shores of Lake George – nestled below the verdure-filled mountains of the Adirondacks.

The date of the performance, August 26, 2016 – the nativity day of the illustrious Vanguard.

The event – Vanguard Week, that 10-day long week of continuous bliss held every year – except 2018 [2019 Vanguard Week is not yet scheduled, Please check back with Frank Report for more details on where it will be held].

Ah, but what an auspicious alignment of the stars must have occurred in the heavens that night to bring this stellar performance to this distinguished and august audience  – and how fortunate we are to be able to hear it.

Yes, the hills were alive with the sound of Madam Allison P, Mack’s soulful rendition. Stay with us, won’t you, and enjoy the sweetest music this side of the Hudson River! – again and again and again.

So it is with great pride and not a little sense of humility, in the presence of supreme talent, that Frank Report presents Madam Allison Pimp Mack singing for her Vanguard and for all of  us,  “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know.”


Lyrics to the song, slightly modified for Miss Mack.
If I ever brand you, baby
You can release my collateral
And if I ever fail to recruit for you
I fail to recruit myself as well
Is that any way for a slave to carry on
Do you think I want my Vanguard gone
Said I take the Vow for you
More than they’ll ever know
When I was making much money
You know where my paycheck went
You know, I brought it home to you, baby
And I went deep in debt
Is that any way for a slave to carry on
Do you think I want my Vanguard gone
Said I serve you

More than Nxians ever know
More than DOS slaves ever know,
Now listen to this
I’m not trying to be just any kind of slave
No, tramp stamp for me
I’m trying to get you fuck toys
You can fuck, & suck in front of me
I know, I know, I know that I can be
A top sex slaver pimp harem madam wing woman
better than Pam Cafritz ever used to be
But I gotta hear you say
Put your initials on me
I’ll burn that brand into my flesh and blood
I can be anything that you hanker, [I hope it won’t rankle]
If I can just be master of the others
Not just put a tramp stamp tattoo on my cankle
Is that anyway for a slave to carry on
Do you think that I want my Vanguard gone
I love you
More than you’ll ever know
I said I love you
I love you, I love you, hey
I’ll make them all burn in hell for you


Finally, for all those fanboys who love the canklicious, much of the video features the barefoot Canktessa’s abundantly generous and fulsome cankles. Cheers.

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  • You know where my paycheck went
    You know, I brought it home to you, baby
    And I never spent a red cent
    . . .

    I’m only flesh and blood
    But I can be anything that you demand

    Appropriate lyrics for Allison to sing to Keith.

    • Yeah, right, Dianna? I read somewhere that Keith blew through her life-long acting earnings she’d saved up from childhood. And the “I can be anything you demand” line? Brrr.

      Thanks for laying that out!

  • Is this blog a journalistic endeavor or a site for trash talk and body shaming, both of which show about as much journalistic integrity as a tweet?

    • Thanks Shadow, Love Amy. Went to the Winehouse foundation thingy a month or so ago and apparently there are plans to send a hologram of Amy out on tour ??!!

    • That is singing Amy!
      Allison is no singer Her stage presence is awful and she eats the lyrics
      Another Nxivm failure.
      Keith you are no musician or voice coach
      No you are just a common criminal who sits among others of his ilk for the rest of his life on this earth

  • What a talent! What a shame! Interesting choice of material. Most heartfelt, IMO, when belting out the lyrics over the sacrifices she’s made for “love.”

  • Woahhhhh my ears! Err body in their own key about halfway through. What price did the others have to pay for going rogue?! Allison surely was unforgiving of this demolition of her attempt of presenting perfection to her love! Yeesh!

  • To those who claim that cankles don’t matter and that it’s cruel to make fun of Allie’s body…

    1) Cankles do matter in show business. It’s fair game to criticize actors.

    2) If you have cankles then why SHOW THEM OFF on stage like that, rather than cover them up with better wardrobe? She’s therefore INVITING people to comment on her cankles.

    3) Her entire LEGS — including her DISGUSTING FAT THIGHS — are deformed for a woman and very unfeminine. Her legs look like those of a stocky male wrestler. They are disgusting to look at.

    4) Her disgusting legs and cankles should disqualify her from show business. Why? Because there’s a gazillion other gals without cankles who can take her place — who are prettier — and who won’t do “smell the fart” acting.

    5) If she ever entered a beauty pageant the judges would probably barf/upchuck when the bikini round began — since Allie wearing a bikini would look like a woman from the waist up and a stocky male wrestler from the waist down. Yuck. She’s therefore a MUTT and not a whole woman.

    6) Did you see the creepy look in her eyes at the 1:20-1:30 part of the video? She’s serenading Vanguard with a creepy look in her eyes that says: “I’d do anything for you Vanguard” — “I’d lick the ground you walk on” — “I’d fuck a Komodo Dragon if you ordered it”. That’s SICK.

    7) She’s a sick puppy and needs to be put in a kennel IMO. She’s only part human now. She’s 1/3 sick puppy, 1/3 woman (from the waist up) and 1/3 stocky male wrestler from the waist down. That makes her a MUTT. IMO mutts shouldn’t be free to roam around society. IMO the government should tag her with a microchip and force her to sleep in a kennel at night.

    8) Offending a woman’s body is no worse than offending a man’s body. It’s hypocritical to complain about women being insulted but never complaining about men being insulted.

    9) You can say that you’re not a hypocrite all you want — but until you SHOW ME a real comment where you STRONGLY objected to a man being insulted before today, you’re just a HYPOCRITE and deserve to be verbally shit upon until you repent for this sin. When’s the last time you PASSIONATELY objected to Trump being called an orange colored fat monkey? Never. Ha! 🙂

    • To Clicky Eighty, you make fine points. Whether or not it’s a good thing, the media has a sometimes unhealthy preoccupation with people’s bodies. Some celebrities, even well-known ones with amazing bodies have pretty vocal about their dislike for people focusing on their bodies instead of their talents. There’s not much they can do since it’s been a part of the media since long before the digital age.

      I commend Frank Parlato, Shadow State, and mk10art for their consistency, but where does one draw the line between journalism (or satire) and what is just bias? Cankles, “Pimp Mack”, even those going back and forth about the looks of Frank Parlato and Keith Raniere, how much of this site can be seen as fact as opposed to biased opinions?

      Not saying I know the same basic facts as everyone else, but at this point some of what is posted on here seems more about speculation from people sitting at the edges of their seats waiting for a trial that keeps getting pushed to a different date.

      Allison Mack, if anything, has become a poster child for people who have found success, maybe have garnered popularity as well as a loyal fan base, only to sink to the lowest level.

      The people preoccupied with debasing her are as diehard as the ones who praise the hell out of her and hold onto a foolish hope for the best.

      Where do the obsessions end?

    • You know Clicky you have great insight and I like your sense of humor. Here is challenge for you, next time you go off on this refuge from a neglected septic tank, see if you can work in the phrase “no-talent fuck puppet”. Any talent it is perceived to have is just an illusion.

  • To the nxivm members commenting here would you please organize a heaven’s gate reenactment amongst yourselves. It’s over you narcissistic shitpumps.

      • I was wondering who she was as well. I’m not sure who you’re referencing as “one of the first people to complain to authorities about the branding of slaves” though. It’s not Sarah Edmondson though. They are not the members listed on Simply Human’s Facebook page: Siobahn Hotaling, Mike Baker, Bonnie Piesse, Mark Hildreth and Allison Mack. The Hobbit looking guy with the tucked shirt next to Mark Hildreth isn’t in any of the pictures of Simply Human either. Bonnie Piesse is Mark Vicente’s wife, and she’s the person who defected from NXIVM and told Catherine Oxenberg that she needs to save India. They were among the early whistle blowers who went to the NY Times and were photographed (brave). But she’s not in that video even though she’s in Simply Human. Siobahn Hotaling is the short one between the mystery girl and the Hobbit. I believe the guy all the way on the right is Mike Baker, but I’m not sure about him either. But he looks like a short haired version of the guy on the Simply Human Facebook page.

        So I’m not sure who the dark haired girl with glasses all the way on the left. I’m very curious to figure out who they are. I don’t know if I recognize her from Smallville or something else That girl looks so familiar thought it’s going to drive me nuts. Frank do you know who the mystery brunette with glasses and the Hobbit are?

  • I have to be honest, seems like cultural appropriation to ! Lol

    Not impressed and nothing to do with her situation or what she’s done.

  • Allison has talent. She is talented as an actress, singer, and looked to have to makings of a pretty decent director – she directed the episode “Power” of Smallville.

    That’s why VanGrifter decided to parasitically attach himself to her. The only thing VanGrifter is good at is abusing other people for his own benefit and sucking the life out of them. It’s a shame what happened to Allison – and she does bare some responsibility for it – but shame on the Bronfman and Salzmans for love bombing the hell out of her and manipulating her for such a scam artist.

  • Why hasn’t anyone here googled Frank? I did a brief search. This guy who is fascinated by AM’ s imaginary candles is apparently under investigation for and been sent to court by a grand jury to court. Also he’s extremely ugly. This guys looks could scare Satan. Yet on his various so called news sites he cries I’m being unfairly attacked. The DA could indict a ham sandwich. Well Frank you’re doing the same thing to AM. I hope you’re innocent but found guilty so you know what it is like. Frankly with your biased lies AM shouldn’t be found guilty because you are trying to prejudice the jury.

  • I just noticed something. Some commenters get sideways when Allison Mack’s appearance or body is ridiculed, yet not a word is said if the same is directed at Raniere or another male cult member or any male for that matter.

    So explain that bullshit please. I think at the least as adults people should be thicker skinned period and if the complaint is equal Rights and equal treatment than don’t be a hypocrite. Be above offense at insults and confident in yourself. Others should not be permitted to affect how you “feel”.
    Many are upset at the term snowflake and yet they live up to that very stereotype. According to reports Mack was very good at insulting other women and her slaves. People complaining if a woman gets insulted or complimented on their appearance as though men do not experience the same. In the comments of this blog I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “fat slob” directed at a male poster.
    And yet Mack’s ankles are off limits and it’s called cruel.
    Toughen up or hide in your home

    • I think any comments directed @Ranier as fat slob is justified through the severe diet restrictions and amount of excersize he imposed on OTHERS, but wasn’t willing to live up to himself!

      • That’s fine. Is Mack any better in that regard?
        I stand by my opinion not to allow other’s to have power over you with their insults. It’s what grown ups do and what we teach our children. So to be living in a time where people are constantly offended, triggered and looking for safe spaces is disgusting.
        I’m not talking about victims of Nxivm. I’m talking about the commenters here and society.

    • Frank is known for trying to date AM and she turned him down. That’s why he keeps this site going. He evidently saw beauty and the beast and thought she would like him.

  • This is heartbreaking and gut wrenching on every level. She is talented . I truly hope it’s the top ppl who go down for once. The ones who dreamed up the scamming and took advantage of women’s giving hearts. Set them all up from the start.

  • A more appropriate song for Vanguard is Stevie Wonder’s “Skeletons.”


    Skeletons in your closet
    Itchin’ to come outside
    Messin’ with your conscience
    In a way your face can’t hide

    Oh things are gettin’ real funky
    Down at the old corral
    And it’s not the skunks that are stinkin’
    It’s the stinkin’ lies you tell

    What did your mama tell you about lies
    She said it wasn’t polite to tell a white one
    What did your daddy tell you about lies
    He said one white lie turns into a black one

    So, it’s gettin’ ready to blow
    It’s gettin’ ready to show
    Somebody shot off at the mouth and
    We’re getting ready to know

    It’s gettin’ ready to drop
    It’s gettin’ ready to shock
    Somebody done turned up the heater
    An’ a it’s gettin’ ready to pop

    Crevices in your pantry
    Now what do we have in here
    Havin’ a day time nightmare
    Has always been your biggest fear

    Oh things are gettin’ real crucial
    Up the old wazoo
    Yet you cry, why am I the victim?
    When the culprit’s y-o-u

    What did your mama tell you about lies
    She said it wasn’t polite to tell a white one
    What did your daddy tell you about lies
    He said one white lie turns into a black one

    So, it’s gettin’ ready to blow
    It’s gettin’ ready to show
    Somebody shot off at the mouth and
    We’re gettin’ ready to know

    It’s gettin’ ready to drop
    It’s gettin’ ready to shock
    Somebody done turning the heater
    An’ a it’s gettin’ ready to pop

    It’s gettin’ ready to seep
    You’re gettin’ ready to freak
    Somebody done picked up the talk box
    And gettin’ ready to speak

    It’s gettin’ ready to jive
    It’s gettin’ ready to gel
    Somebody done gone let the lid off
    And it’s gettin’ ready to smell

    They’re gettin’ ready to deal
    You’re gettin’ ready to ill
    Somebody done just dropped the big dime
    And they’re gettin’ ready to squeal

    It’s gettin’ ready to turn
    We’re gettin’ ready to learn
    Somebody done fired up the brimstone
    And you’re gettin’ ready to burn

    It’s gettin’ ready to shake
    You’re gettin’ ready to ache
    Somebody done snitched to the news crew
    And it’s gettin’ ready to break

    You’re gettin’ ready to lie
    They’re gettin’ ready to spy
    Somebody’ s been put on the hot seat
    And you’re gettin’ ready to fry

      • The name game, good catch. Very sad video to watch. She actually has a great deal if talent, one day when she realizes what has been taken from her and destroyed within her. She came to ESP with a life if her own but something inside her must have already been broken.
        To nxivm’s on this site. Some of you maybe didn’t have a lot to lose to start with so you hitched yourself to the cult to suck what you could from the innocent. But those of you who came into Nxivm and lost everything down to your humanity, and every cent you could scrape up or borrow, the others you convinced to join who then lost all they had. Do you see the truth or are you still holding out thinking all will go back to what became your normal these last several years?
        I’ve always had a soft spot for the underdog, the victim, your organization makes this very difficult because Keith first made you victims although you were unaware of this as you were told over and over there are no victims. Once he had you in his clutches he then turned you into the victimizer. Most that defected are aware of this now, are you?
        The successful cult leader does exactly what Keith has done. Once you are convinced he’s a victim of bad press and defectors who want their loans back, he has hooked you into ignoring the truth.
        You should not take my word for it either, what you should do is go back in time and read all the articles and do some serious internet searches and look at them with an open mind. Everything you were told not to pay attention to find out why. An honest truly ethical person would never tell his followers not to read the bad press, an honest , ethical person would not have followers.

  • She can sing…but she looks so worn down! The song choice is appropriate, I guess, given her situation. She just looks so, desperate. What a shame. Also, poor choice on the dress, Allison. Cover up those horrific candles!

    • Putting down Allison’s body is unnecccessary and cruel. Her body image may be what led her to the cult in the first place. Keith may have done the same to her as this site does. He would have been more subtle I’m sure. Also keep in mind he had her running 20 to 30 miles per week on a low calorie diet and lack of sleep, her calves are very muscular and that is likely why. You see the same calves on ballerinas and skaters.
      All that being said, now that she is a victimizer she deserves whatever punishment earned. She still had enough free will to make choices, others were able to leave the cult once they became aware it was not ethical.
      Since Ethical was Keith’s big platform what was left of him when that was taken away?

    • She DOES look tired and worn down. I wonder how far she was into the food (protein and fat) and sleep deprivation at that point. That is how Raniere breaks down, weakens and ultimately controls people.

  • She has a really nice voice, especially on the vibrato. Not sure what I think of the accompaniment. They sometimes sounded a bit out of tune.

    It just hit me that NXIVM really is so much of her life, aside from her relationship to Keith. Throwing him under the bus would probably cost her all of her friends, and all of the work she put into this community. Still hoping she makes the right decision in the end though.

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