Kristin Kreuk at 2009 NXIVM event with Native American actor Russell Means – as Allison Mack falls asleep

I received this email today from a reader:
Frank, are you aware of those photographs of Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack at a NXIVM event in Albany, New York in 2009?
Also in attendance was the Native American actor and “activist” Russell Means, who played the father in the film The Last Of The Mohicans. Kristin Kreuk and Alison Mack, obviously using their fame to represent NXIVM, were onstage with a microphone as was Russell Means.
Isn’t it true that NXIVM were targeting prominent Native Americans so that they can lay claim to land, that Keith Raniere would control with his own currency!? There are still some photographs online, but I can’t seem to find the ones with Russell Means. They are definitely there though.
Provided some photos. Siobahn Hotaling is in one of them.
It is not clear who posted this video – whether it was a fanboy or Kreuk’s paid staff.
One thing is certain the music is over the top ….
The movie proclaim Kristin Kreuk is the best.
Allison seems a little sleepy.
It could be sleep deprivation.
Can she stay awake through the entire event?


Kreuk was supporting an organization called Executive Success Programs

NXIVM is led by this prince of a man, Keith Alan Raniere, known also as The Vanguard.


After a time, Keith Raniere and Allison Mack introduced this meaningful symbol – which represents, they said, the four elements. It was branded on the pubic region of female slaves with a white-hot cauterizing pen.


MK10ART created this marvelous painting. It is of Dr. Brandon Porter and one of his subjects for a human-fright study he was conducting. These studies were going on in Albany – the headquarters of NXIVM – where Kristin Kreuk came to lend her name and support.
This is a copy of the latest paperwork for NXIVM. No, a confidentiality agreement is not necessary to read it.  It is a letter, filed with the court, from Keith Raniere’s attorney – for the judge – to get him out on bail.


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  • Shut up you retard.

    In white countries, the majority are white because they are our countries. Of course white people are in leadership roles in their own countries. That is not oppressing anyone.

    Do you complain that the Chinese leadership is 100% Chinese? In China the majority are Chinese because it is Chinese territory. Where is the “diversity” – you obsess over?

    Do you complain that the African leadership are black? They are the majority in their own lands and are in all the leadership roles, where’s the “diversity”?

    Being non white in a white country is not oppression to non whites you moron.

    It’s fashionable for jealous non-whites to hate white people. That is racism. All this “Oscars So White” bullshit for example. Why not “Bollywood So Brown”? There are no complaints about the majority white men killed and wounded in wars. Don’t you want to see more brown and black folk maimed in wars fighting under a western flag?

    If blacks bring up slavery, I’ll shut them up immediately by pointing out Black Africans ran black slave trades, sold slaves to Arabs and through the Arab-created Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, blacks were shipped to the Americas, where they were eventually set free by whites, whites who got the Ottoman Turks to end slavery too.

    I would point out the CENTURIES of Arab Muslim occupation of European lands and the enslavement of European whites. Also the Muslim Barbary slave trade and the terrible Ottoman Empire slave trade.

    Whites were enslaved to brown people longer than blacks were enslaved to whites. And those blacks were sold into slavery by blacks and Arabs.

    Arabs had black slaves much longer than whites did.

    Yet boo fucking hoo, white people exist in our own countries. Non whites have the PRIVILEGE to live in our lands.

    Whites have been brainwashed to feel “white guilt” despite others being worse – Muslim invasions and occupations, Ottoman Empire, Khmer Rougue, Mongol Empire etc.

    The narrative is whites are bad oppressors and non whites are squeaky clean who have done nothing.

    Why don’t blacks hate their own people for enslaving blacks? Where’s the black guilt?

    Why don’t Arabs feel Muslim guilt for occupying, oppressing and enslaving whites in European lands for literally centuries?

    Whites have a right to exist in our own lands. Being a minority in a land that’s not your own is not oppression. Seeing white people in white countries running their own countries is not oppression. Calling us “privileged bigots” in our own fucking countries, especially while ignoring what they have done to us and each other, is racist.

    Non whites can go spread “diversity” in their own countries of origins. They can acknowledge all the terrible things their kind have done to others, including to Europeans. They can go be inflicted with brown guilt and black guilt.

    Whites being the majority in their own countries does not stop them being shit on by white liberals and jealous non white minorities who constantly bash us for absolutely nothing.

    And not all whites are equal. Most whites have absolutely zero political power. Even our votes are cast out by minorities who vote against us and for politicians who shit on us for minority and women’s votes.

    Guess what? Saying these facts does not make one a “Nazi, racist, xenophobic, bigot” and all these other irritating names you like to call us. Piss off.

    • This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read, by the whiniest white bitch I’ve ever come across. The dominant majority that is responsible for centuries of colonialism and oppression crying about racism against them in countries they initially stole land from the native inhabitants, often pillaging and killing them in the process is the biggest barrel of ironic laughter I’ve had the pleasure to belly out here.

      • Shut up SultanofSix.

        Arab Muslims occupied European lands longer than the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese held colonies. And the Europeans suffered significantly worse. Look at the Ottoman Empire. Centuries of oppression and slavery. They were oppressing and enslaving people for over 600 years.

        Where’s your brown guilt you privileged racist bigot? Why do you think it is okay to enslave Europeans for hundreds of years? Check your privilege right now.

        As for America, you racist xenophobe, America is just 242 years old since declaring independence. Canada is just 150 years old.

        The Muslims occupied, oppressed and enslaved Europeans for hundreds of years longer.

        There was no genocide commited against the indigenous. Nothing like what the Ottoman Turkish Muslims did to the Greeks and Armenians for example.

        Natives fought shoulder to shoulder with white colonies against other white colonies and rival tribes. Also, slavery was a big part of their cultures.

        The America’s were populated by nomadic tribes, not nations. The US and Canadian nations were built on nomad land. Native genes exist in a lot of white Americans and Canadians and even blacks. Their genes have spread and they still have recognised tribes and identities and territories. They just can’t organise to improve their lives, instead tell lies and partial truths while ignoring key facts.

        Whatever their treatment, it is nothing compared to what Muslims did to white Europeans for significantly longer, as well as to blacks.

        The Mongol Empire was the largest contiguous land empire in history.

        Stop with your racist denial. Acknowledge your racist legacy and check your brown privilege you bigot. And stop forcing little girls into sex slavery, “marriage”, cutting off their vaginal lips and clits so that they can’t feel sexual pleasure and stop making them wear god awful black polyester bin liners out in the hot sun.

          • No I am not.

            Either you know I’m not but are two cowardly to admit it, or you are so blinded by your ignorance that you believe that. Either way, you have nothing to win with. Check mate.

        • Yes you are. You’re making shit up.

          You’re the one being a bigot about people from other countries being in an area of land that your ancestors immigrated into. You’re the one whining about an alleged mistreatment (LOL) in countries where people of your “race” form the dominant majority and have been and still are the beneficiaries of centuries of privileged status. It’s hilarious that you think you’re clever in trying to turn the idea of bigotry around onto me using alleged historical events that other people may or may not have been a part of that is completely irrelevant to the subject matter at hand on this website which you use to make it ABOUT YOU and your crying. Boohoo, Hollywood. Boohoo, libtards. Boohoo, immigrants.

          Sorry, it won’t work. What you’re engaging in is the “Narcissistic flip”.

          You’re such a whiny bitch.

          • No Haroon, I am not making it up you pure evil racist scumbag.

            History is history and no amount of halal hissy fits and excessive masturbation to pictures of Kristin Kreuk when she was a teenager will ever change history.

            Whether you like it or not, Arab Muslims invaded and occupied European lands for centuries. Slavery was rife.

            The Ottoman Empire lasted over 600 years. Slavery was rife. Barbary pirates captured slaves as far away as Ireland and Scandinavia for the Muslim sultans.

            You have zero idea what my ethnicity is or what country I am from. How do you know if my ancestors had any dealings with native Indians?

            As already stated you racist bigot, white people are the dominant ones in our own countries BECAUSE THEY ARE OUR OWN COUNTRIES. Just like the Chinese dominate their country and Africans dominate theirs. Just like pakis dominate Pakiland. Check your brown privilege.

            We have the right to exist. You coming from an inferior race and being an unwelcome pest in one of our countries as a minority is not oppression. You are not oppressed. You are extremely privleged. Would the paki government be so welcoming to a white person? Check your privilege bigot.

            “Centuries of privilege”!?!?

            Like when we whites were enslaved to inferior Arab and Ottoman barbarians for centuries in our own lands? Are the dominate pakis privileged in your horrible racist intolerant country?

            Face it halal boy, we whites are a very successful group of people despite what your kind did to us. We are not privleged. Being successful is not privlege. Your jealousy is ridiculous. After centuries of oppression in our own lands by the evil Muslims, we have come out strong, you jealous xenophobic racist bigot.

            Most whites are average Joes and Janes. They have to work and pay taxes. God forbid they might exist in their own countries. God forbid their race is numerically higher in number than foreigners who are not of the land. They are not oppressing anyone.

            You foreigners are not entitled to live in white countries. You are not owed anything. It is you who are the privleged ones.

            In the US, Chinese and Indians make more money then whites on average despite being fewer in number. Are they privileged?

            Jews make up 2% of the US population yet run everything including banks and the media. That is excessive over representation.

            And your obsession with bringing up native Indians. There was no genocide commited against native Indians. America and Canada initially was made up of colonies. Various nomadic Indian tribes sided with different colonies before the colonies formed into the nations of the United STATES of America which is just 242 years old and Canada which recently turned 150 years old. Natives still exist. They have territories. Their bloodlines exist. They were simply outbred. White colonies fought each other. Indians took sides, fighting rival tribes and other white colonies.

            The treatment of Native Indians was nothing compared to the horrific treatment of whites by barbaric Muslims that lasted for centuries. In fact, combine the ages of the US and Canada. Muslim devils occupied European lands and enslaved the people for centuries longer than that.

            But white people are the ones who are hated by brown people!? We are the privleged ones!?

            Our votes get cast out by foreign racists like yourself. We are the sacrificial lambs in our own lands. Politicians pander to foreigners and women for votes to secure a predictable voter bloc.

            With Trump, Brexit, the Brazilian election results, the huge right wing and far right wave in Europe etc, whites are waking up. Even white women are starting to use their votes differently and are being attacked for it.

            You are privleged Farouk. You are a nasty, evil racist, white slavery apologist bigot. Check that brown privlege on your way out.

          • I don’t need your fucking fake history lesson that you sandblast into the comments you bigoted narcissistic flipping loser. You’re whining and bitching is a massive sign of you’re losing. That’s why you cry here. Asians – more so the Chinese and Indians than the Muslims – are taking over and your true colors are showing. No longer are you guaranteed your white privilege to give weak ass bigoted bitches your dwindling advantage. You’re nothing more than a fucking coward. America was filled with good honest Christians, and that’s why it became successful. You’re not one of them from the way you act like a little bitch. What goes around fucking comes around.

          • Still in racist denial. Still a white slavery apologist. Still calling whites “privleged” merely for existing in our own countries. Still not calling non whites privileged for being dominant at home. Still ignoring history. What a privleged, bigoted, intolerant xenophobic racist.

          • — Still in racist denial.

            You’re either a racist or not. Since I don’t accept the idea that one race is superior to another – unlike you as you’ve shown through the numerous troll like comments you’ve made in an attempt to incite me through your multitude of alias – I therefore can’t be a racist. Since I have never made a general claim that another race is superior to another based merely on racial composition – or anything else for that matter – and deserve more rights as a result, then tried to deny it, I can’t be a racist in denial.

            — Still a white slavery apologist.

            A statement of fact that slavery has existed in practically every culture, people, civilization, etc., throughout human history, is not a positive defense of the institution.

            — Still calling whites “privleged” merely for existing in our own countries.

            Privileged – belonging to a class that enjoys special privileges; favored:

            With the exception of a just society, the dominant majority almost always enjoys favoritism in a country that smaller minorities do not, in not explicitly, then implicitly. This is obvious in societies where the dominant majority holds views of superiority over others. It’s only been a little over a half a century in the US since African Americans were legally granted the same rights as whites, and they are still suffering from the effects of systemic racism.

            The US isn’t “your” country. Other people existed in its land well before your ancestors came here an established roots. You are just as much an immigrant as others. The Native Americans were here for centuries before whites, and the Hispanics owned all of Texas, and significant parts of New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

            — Still not calling non whites privileged for being dominant at home.

            Huh? Why would I care about your vapid attempt at a red herring? Bigotry creates privilege. Privilege doesn’t create bigotry – it can be earned – except from whiners who maybe afraid of losing what they have unfairly gained.

            The irony is if you go to many of these third world countries, the white folk from Western countries who live and work there are treated much better than many members of the indigenous populations.

            — Still ignoring history.

            I don’t ignore anything. I don’t accept your rewrites, absurd generalizations, cherry picking, and selective amnesia, etc. I know history is a lot more complex and nuanced than your silliness and your obvious and lame attempts at flipping the script.

            — What a privleged, bigoted, intolerant xenophobic racist.

            When are you going to learn that projection and narcissistic flips are so obvious?

          • Check that brown privilege paki boy.

            Do you accept brown Muslims “enjoy special privileges” in Pakistan.

            Do you accept Chinese in China “enjoy special privileges” in China.

            Do you accept Arab Muslims “enjoy special privileges” in the Middle East?

            Stop calling whites “privileged” for existing in our own countries. Merit is not privilege.

            Why do you keep bringing up America? What makes you think I am American? European people in Europe are the indigenous people of the lands. America is one of few white diaspora lands. And as already explained you racist bigot, the America’s were populated by Stone Age nomadic tribes, not nations. Whites existed in small colonies and traded with Indians. Indians fought shoulder to shoulder with the white man against other colonies and rival tribes. That is historical fact. They were out bred. Fact. The only nations that have existed in the US and Canada are… the US and Canada. Nothing was stolen. Look at Africa. Tribes are being out down by city slicker Africans. Tribes cannot compete with modern expansion.
            And yes, Abdullah, America is white. All around the world, non whites think of America as a white country. A country that allows them in without merit while their countries always put their own kind first. What privileged racist bigots.

            What “racism” do blacks face in America? They kill each other. Since 2001, more blacks in Chicago have killed each other than all the US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. They get white people tax dollars promised to them by the identity politics riddled Democrat Party. They have a poor illiteracy rate. They don’t want to work. They make up around 13% of the US population yet commit 52% of all murders. They attack the police for doing their jobs but keep their mouths shut about their own black on black killing sprees. They are privileged to live in the west too. Their black African ancestors sold them into slavery and were transported to the Americas via the Muslims Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. They were then freed. The crime rate spiked once slaves were freed. They love to play victim too. One in five black babies are aborted. Most are born to selfish single mothers who claim welfare checks paid for by whites. Blacks are not owed anything. Non black foreigners in America are doing better than blacks in America. Are they “privileged”?

            Do you really think a white kid in a paki school would be accepted? Can a white person practice their Christian faith in Pakistan without the threat of violent mob attacks leading to death? You continue to call whites “privileged” for belonging to a successful group, violated for centuries by yours. And for being the majority in our own lands. Look at your past and present you racist intolerant xenophobe.

            Why can’t the French rule France? Why can’t the Germans rule Germany? Why can’t the Greeks rule Greece? Why can’t whites/Europeans rule their own lands without ungrateful bigoted racist jealous foreigners like you insulting us all the time with impunity?

            “A statement of fact that slavery has existed in practically every culture, people, civilization, etc., throughout human history, is not a positive defense of the institution.”

            Yet whites who were slaves to brown people for centuries, who had black slaves for the shortest period of time and freed slaves and allowed them to live in their countries are the face of slavery while Muslims and Arabs and blacks themselves get a very free pass.

            “and the Hispanics owned all of Texas, and significant parts of New Mexico, Arizona, and California.”

            You mean those people who are descendants of the Spanish who brought over black slaves via the Muslims Trans Atlantic Slave Trade? Those people who have out bred the indigenous populations!? Mexicans need to check their racist privilege too!

            Check your brown privilege you selfish, ungrateful, xenophobic, intolerant racist bigot.

            Check mate Rasheed.

          • — Why do you keep bringing up America? What makes you think I am American?

            Well, this is an American site so I assumed so. If not American, then Canadian. And If not Canadian, then you’re European and so WTF are you even here bitching about NXIVM?

            Regardless, you’re just a fucking coward. You could never say the things you’re saying out in the open to anyone face to face. That’s why you whine like a little bitch here.

            — Check mate Rasheed.

            You’re playing checkers in a game of chess bigot.

        • As a white person living in Canada, I don’t feel discriminated against. I’m wondering what you mean when you say white people are being discriminated against ,or, so you say “shit on” by liberals and minorities?

          • It is fashionable for “straight white males” to be blamed for everything bad in the world. Other races are never called out on. Why do blacks hate whites regarding slavery, when they were sold into slavery by their own kin? When Arabs had them as slaves centuries longer than whites did? When Arabs created the Trans Atlantic slave trade to sell blacks to the Portuguese, Spanish and British? Why don’t blacks hate Arabs and Muslims? White men are called privleged when we are not. Being in charge of your own country is not privlege. Where is the “diversity” in non-white countries?

          • So, you’ve not experienced any actual incidents of discrimination, but you believe that white people are hated by blacks and other races?

          • You’re fucking dumb. Slavery as it existed in Muslim lands in general – though there were always cases of abuse human behavior being what it is – was more like indentured servitude, not the racist garbage that existed in the colonies. That some Arabs and others traded in slaves was nothing new to that time of the world and it existed in every are of the world in some form or another, whites enslaving their own people too in their own areas of land. They had no idea how some of your bigoted forefathers were going to abuse them for centuries. Get over your absurdly generalizing, selective cherry picking of history.

        • No that’s an alias you fucktard. Sultan means leader, authority figure, king, etc. it has no implicit or explicit connection to racism you ignorant fucking tool.

          • Of course you real name is not “SultanOfSix”. Of course that is an alias you use, usually it seems, to stalk Kristin Kreuk related websites which is sad.

            The point is, you chose to use the name/alias “Sultan”. Not “King”, not “Leader”, but “Sultan”.

            Sultans ruled over stolen lands, including stolen European lands, oppressing the people of the stolen occupied lands, ie European whites, enslaving whites as well as having white European sex slaves.

            The Ottoman Turks used the term “Sultan” to describe their leaders. The people invaded, oppressed and enslaved by these “Sultans”, ie Greeks and Armenians for example would not see the word “Sultan” in a positive light.

            The word “Sultan” does have racist connotation. Sultans rules over people of other races and religions in their own lands. Ottoman Turks forced their captures to convert to Islam. There was also the notorious “Devshirme” or “blood tax” scheme which was absolutely disgusting. Christian boys stolen, the horrors of Islam forced on them so they would be raised to serve the Ottoman Empire and Sultans.

            Here is a link to a brief description on a Wikipedia entry to make you a little less ignorant:

            Notice the part about Slavs you privileged, xenophobic, racist bigot?

            Whites are dubbed “racist” for the most ridiculous of things by people who have done not only what they accuse whites of doing, but doing much worse, for longer, to white people and others.

            Check that brown privilege of yours.

          • Haven’t you caught on yet that people are only debating you to get you to “educate” us about the world.
            Thanks for the laughs.

          • “Haven’t you caught on yet that people are only debating you to get you to “educate” us about the world.
            Thanks for the laughs.”

            By people, you mean YOU, “SultanOfSix”. 👳🏾‍♂️

            You are very welcome for being educated on these matters you are ignorant in.

            Perhaps the next time you want to attack a random white person for his/her skin tone and ancestry, in their own country, you will reconsider and reflect on the much more horrific and bigoted history of your own kind, as well as the oppressive behaviour of your kind to this very day.

        • Pakistan is not very tolerant to outsiders is it? If you are the wrong skin tone. If you are the wrong religion. Muslim pakis live an extremely privileged life in any western country they are wrongly allowed in. They get to call us all kinds of names such as “bigot” and “racist”. How would they treat white people there? How about white Christians? Why are these average brown people, who are truly oppressive, spared these names? Why are white people, literally the most tolerant (to the point of stupidity) people on Earth given these names?

  • Why does this site attract so many immature clowns who would never have the balls to say out loud the bigoted comments they write here?
    Aren’t there racist sites designed specifically for them where they can rant amongst their fellow fools?

    • White liberals and non-whites have free reign to talk shit about whites without consequences. The western liberal establishment encourages it. Don’t like it when lies and hypocrites are called out? Deal with it.

        • It’s not stupid to call out racism against white folk when the racists have violated whites for centuries. I bet you are a white liberal. An ashamed white person who believes “straight white males” are evil. The non-whites you probably pander to hate you.

          • “Racism” against the dominant majority where most of the power brokers in top business positions and politics are white. That’s fucking hilarious.

  • This thread was going fine until sultan took it over with his racist bullshit. I choose to skip over whatever point he decided to force on others. Just a warning

    • The only obsessed mad spanker here is you. Obsessed haters who create anonymous twitter accounts to cry about Kreuk being in NXIVM and retweet Frank Report articles.

        • The shit skin probably wants to spank it to Aisha, the little girl raped by pedophile Mohamed, the raping, slave owning, slave trading, invading cunt. He is a disgusting vile skid mark. He thinks he is an intellectual but really, he is a combination of the freak who stalked and killed John Lennon, Bin Laden and the autistic kid from Mercury Rising. His paki mommy stuck a banana up her third world cunt one day, pulled it out half eaten and knew a paki spanker monkey was on the way. She should of shoved a mongoose up there to kill the seed before it grew. Worthless cunt.

          • You are the racist. You enslaved white people for centuries. Whites were the property of Muslims for centuries. White women forced to be sex slaves for centuries. Check your brown privilege you racist xenophobic bigot.

  • Posting these pics is by far the cruelest thing that’s ever been done to Allison Mack yet on Frank Report.

    …Caught nodding off in a golden moment of spiritual AND inter-racial virtue signaling, while Kruek is so “wok” and tuned-in she’s turning Pocahontas on the spot. Tsk, tsk.

    WAKE UP, ALLY! We know there was a cat fight over who gets cred for the branding idea —it wasn’t Ally’s idea then, was it?

  • Just a little factual tidbit that might tie into this:

    My sister, Gina, had a Native American friend who lived on a reservation. Her Dad was a tribal Chief who has an official Gov. post representing the tribe in D.C.

    At the time, Native Americans were entitled to establish sovereign nations governed by their own tribal rules on portions of land deeded to them, under subsidy of the U.S. govt. These Native Nations could, for instance, establish a casino where gambling was otherwise illegal, use marijuana in religious ceremonies where not legal, etc.

    When Keith learned this from Gina, he globbed onto the prospect of using this little “Indian” girl’s status and connections to create his own Nation with its own laws, currency, etc. He had Gina and her friend, they were all of 15, 16 yrs. old, working diligently on this project. Until the girl’s Dad got really pissed when she came home completely wasted one night. The girl was forbidden to hang out with Gina and I understand the Chief had a little powwow with Keith about it, as well.

    True story. Honest Ingine.

  • Kristin-Kreuk is a lot like girls such as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande. Even though they are not children or under the age of consent I look at older guys that say how beautiful they are skeptically. They look very child-like to me. Perverts

    • I agree. Kruek was known as “Baby Face” for years in Vancouver elite actor’s circles. Almost looks like she’s a kid playing dress up in big jewelry, lady scarves and high heels (tee, hee!)

      As you say, there’s a bit of sickness behind an attraction to little girl look-alikes. In Keith’s case, I believe it went far beyond that to using little girlish gals like Kruek to rope-in the real thing. Sick.

      • “Kruek was known as “Baby Face” for years in Vancouver elite actor’s circles”

        How do you know that?

        Also, the fact she was named in the Times Union expose as a recruiter for NXIVM, that spoke about Keith Raniere’s pedophilia and she stayed with the cult says a lot. I still want to know more about Jane the DOS slave and her background from Girls By Design to branded sex slave. She said GBD was a “feminist approach to BDSM”, founded by Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack.

        Kreuk and two women she recruited into the cult: Mack and Rose Bhura started a “production company” called Parvati Creative to make films through the “female lens”.

        I wonder if that was a NXIVM project too. Jane the DOS slave said Mack was taken off GBD and moved elsewhere. She also left Parvati Creative. Could that be because of Raniere?

        The only thing Kreuk has “produced” is a few YouTube videos with fellow NXIVM coach and recruiter Olivia Cheng, who was the front for “One Asian”, a NXIVM shell company. It was called “Queenie” about some stupid Chinese immigrant.

        There was also a short film called “Blink” with Mark Hildreth, his recruiter Tony Dean Smith and other NXIVM people. I bet little Keithy was involved with that too.

        • My “Baby Face Kruek” source is the former entertainment editor for the LA Times, confirmed by a couple of former Vancouver Nexians.

          I am the real Heidi Hutchinson, sister of Gina Hutchinson. I never lived in but have filmed in and consumed much Chinese food in Vancouver. I’ve never met “Baby Face” in person. I believe this nickname suits Kristin Kreuk from her pictures. Were I a 12-17 year-old-boy or lesbian, I imagine I would probably find her attractive.

          I am not “nice” to commentors/posters who undeservingly belittle and attempt to quash others, particularly ex-NXIVM female victims, particularly with sexist or racist remarks.

          • No you’re not Heidi Hutchinson. Anyone can rip off information from the internet and pretend to be someone they’re not.

          • Why did they call her “Baby Face”?

            “I am not “nice” to commentors/posters who undeservingly belittle and attempt to quash others, particularly ex-NXIVM female victims, particularly with sexist or racist remarks.”

            What racist/sexist remarks? Who is the NXIVM female victims?

    • I think the weight issue is to make them look childlike , the pic of Allison in Mexico looks like the body of a 12 year old. On clares latest pic it just makes her look gaunt. But many of the Nxivm women look like women with childlike bodies. Kristin certainly fits that model so does Nicky Clyne.

    • – They look very child-like to me.

      No they look young. Most women would love stay looking as young in the face (and other parts of the body) as these women do as they get older. Beautiful Asians and Hispanics in general have daintier features, better skin, and tend to look younger than white women who seem get wrinkles quicker and age faster.

  • So, was Russell Means actually there or did “a reader” (who doesn’t appear to claim to have been in attendance) just name drop for funsies? Maybe they meant Russell Crowe (with Vanguard trying to get a center set up in Australia)? Or Russell Brand (b/c Vanguard was working on an anti-addiction “tech” and wanted his endorsement.)

    • Russell Means was definitely there. There was a picture(s) of him on stage with a Native American woman, Kristin Kook and Ally Wack.

  • Oh my God- that music! Wtf…

    I have a question for the writer of this post- how would NXIVM be able to lay claim to Native American land?

    • “Oh my God- that music! Wtf…”

      It’s a bit much.

      “I have a question for the writer of this post- how would NXIVM be able to lay claim to Native American land?”

      An ex-member made that claim. Perhaps they were thinking if they had enough First Nation members on board, they could make a claim for land. That is certainly retarded. If I’m remembering correctly, I think I may of read something about them trying to do the same thing in Australia. These cult members are MAD.

      • So if they had enough members from a single Nation, they could gain control of that Nation’s land? Hmmm….seems like a plan Russell Brand might include in his comedy routines.

      • Keith was constantly on the lookout for new ideas to scam the public, with no regard for who that land should belong to. I’m sure that’s why he lists so many false patents, most are the same patent listed several times for various reasons yet he count them as individual patents. I’d like to see a list of the many that were flat out refused, which is hard to do with patents.
        The number of hidden companies most of which never evolved into anything seem excessive for a company that just sells executive success programs.

  • This was Kristin Kook’s Indian phase. For a time, she would buy clothes from an Indian fashion shop on Granville Island, to look Global and hip.

    Clothing from India. Cult from Albany. High School degree from nowhere. Acting skills from the Steven Seagal School of Acting.


    • “This was Kristin Kook’s Indian phase. For a time, she would buy clothes from an Indian fashion shop on Granville Island, to look Global and hip.”

      Like many liberal virtue signalers, I bet Kook has a problem with so-called “cultural appropriation” – where the virtue signaling PC brigade attack ONLY white people for embracing something found in a non-white culture, yet would Kook consider her wearing Indian clothing cultural appropriation? Nope. White chicks are shit on for wearing hooped ear rings.

      “Acting skills from the Steven Seagal School of Acting”

      Her acting “skills”, or lack of have been dubbed “smell the fart acting” here on Frank Report.

      • The absolute master of acting while appearing to smell a fart was the late Kenneth Williams. KK pales in comparison.

      • On the tiniest chance your comment was made out of ignorance rather than misc butthurtery: the reason why “ONLY white people”–which I’ll refer to as the “dominant culture” henceforth–are charged with “appropriating” other cultures when it would seem they are merely “embracing” them is because one generally CAN’T appropriate a dominant culture because it’s forced upon you. The best illustration would be dreadlocks. There is a well-documented history of non-white people who have worn their hair in this style (or other “natural” or curly styles) being discriminated against (as looking unprofessional at best but more often “too ethnic”) and even targeted for violence. While a white frat-boy sporting dreads like cool-dude Bob Marley may endure some comments from his parents or disapproving looks from say, me, the inherent riskiness of his “embracing” this hairstyle is low. Furthermore, if it comes down to nobody hiring him because of his faux locs, he can dispense with the style. Simply by cutting his hair short again, he now has the acceptable aesthetic of the dominant culture. Whereas an African-American perming, hot-combing, ironing their hair straight is not “appropriation” even if it’s an aesthetic choice, because this style conforms to that of the dominant culture rather than existing outside of it.

        Whether one should or shouldn’t wear or do something b/c it appropriates other cultures (or classes… I keep thinking of Carrie on Sex and the City saying, “well, I wear ghetto gold for fun!”) is another story. But someone concerned about being hurtful or hypocritical may value knowing the pros/cons of using someone else’s culture as fashion that you can put on or take off as it conveniences you,

        And that’s one to grow on!

        • The smugness of liberals is thicker than pollution. Nobody forces anything on non-white people living in white countries. Non-white people living in white countries want to live there. There are thousands of Honduran people walking through Mexico to get to the US. They don’t want to live in Mexico. If you are non-white and you live in a white country, you don’t get to insult the majority average Joe’s and Jane’s by accusing them of forcing their culture on you when they are not doing anything. In America, non-whites accuse whites of having no culture, so what culture is being forced on them? Italian American? Irish American?

          In China, the dominant culture is Chinese culture. So according to you, if a Slavic person moves to China and sees a Chinese person wearing some kind of traditional Slavic clothing, he can accuse the Chinese person of “cultural appropriation” because the dominant culture is Chinese and not Slavic? Bear in mind also, “Slav” literally means “slave” as the Slavic people were enslaved in huge numbers by invader Muslim Arabs and Ottoman Turks. Were they “privileged straight white males”? How about the huge number of Irish slaves taken by the Muslim Barbary slavers?

          There are quite a few Africans living and working in China. If an African sees a Chinese person wearing dreadlocks, is that “cultural appropriation” because the dominant culture is Chinese and not African?

          You think French people are forcing their French culture on the blacks and Arabs who have saturated France? White/European people are getting more and more sick of being constantly attacked for nothing. We have the right to exist in our own countries. Not only are whites not forcing their culture(s) on anyone at home, they are also not forcing anyone to stay. Being the majority in your own country is not oppressing minorities.

          And no, I am not “racist”, a “bigot”, “KKK” or anything else you liberals like to call us.

          Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to eat some THAI sweet chili potato chips and no I am not oppressing Thai people for doing so.

          • — Slav” literally means “slave” as the Slavic people were enslaved in huge numbers by invader Muslim Arabs and Ottoman Turks. Were they “privileged straight white males”? How about the huge number of Irish slaves taken by the Muslim Barbary slavers?

            No. Just because something looks like an English word doesn’t mean its meaning is similar to the English word. Haha.

          • To the anon who states predominately white countries are not forcing anything on non whites. I agree 100 percent, a new liberal pile of bullshit to cause division where there wasn’t any. People you are being used for political reasons. In this era of accepting people from every walk of life let’s not create problems that are petty and derisive. There are real issues such as homelessness, lack of medical care etc..grownups you will be creating a new problem in our schools where the kids are finally integrated. Do you really want your kid attacked for a hairstyle? Or the earnings she wears? Where is all this going to end. Anyone that bothered should maybe find a country more to your liking
            . You are going to create segregation where there wasn’t any.

        • What if the dominant culture is non white but the minorities (by choise) are white, such as Irish people in Bangladesh? Does that not fit your anti-white narrative? You would probably say that there is no such thing as “reverse cultural appropriation” where whites are minorities in a non-white country.

          In Germany, the dominant culture is indigenous German (white). There are other Europeans living in Germany such as Greeks (also white, but still foreign). Are the Greeks having dominant German culture forced on them? Can they accuse Germans of “cultural appropriation” for doing something related to Greek culture, or does that not count in your little libtard mind because they are both white so “basically the same”?

          What about the minority (numerically fewer in number) Rohingya living in Burma? Two non-white people. Not including the genocide, if a Burmese person from the dominant culture embraces something from the Rohingya culture, is that “cultural appropriation”?

          It’s fashionable to hate white people. No matter what country, it is considered a requirement if you are a liberal. White liberals think they are cool and hip for attacking their own race. Really, they are dickheads.

        • Western military/intelligence personnel often wear Arabic/Muslim clothing and grow their beards out when operating in Muslim-dominant countries. They do it to fit in. Are they culturally appropriating Arab culture in these Arab countries?

        • America the land of the free and the brave. People should be able to wear what they want, eat what they want, name their children whatever they want. Such bullshit to add cultural appropriation to a country that is supposed to be integrating everyone not excluding more people for the dumbest reasons.

      • Indian people from South Asia are called INDIAN, not Native American. Pakistanis like yourself are also not called Native American. You buffoon.

        • Where the fuck does this article mention Indians from South Asia you idiot who created an Anonymous Twitter account to constantly tweet about Kristin Kreuk and NXIVM?

          • “They’re labelled “Native Americans”. Not Indians. Not Injuns. You bigoted buffoon.”

            The article did not call Native Americans “Indian”. The article referred to them as Native Americans.

            You accused an above poster of calling them “Indians/Injuns” Those being referred to as “Indians” are Indians from India.

            You are in the wrong.

          • – “Where the fuck does this article mention Indians from South Asia you idiot”

            NoisyMouse, November 16, 2018 at 2:53 pm said she bought Indian (Asian) clothes. Then you made your unnecessarily aggressive and rude attack, throwing out the unnecessary insult “bigoted buffoon”

            – “who created an Anonymous Twitter account to constantly tweet about Kristin Kreuk and NXIVM?”


          • — This was Kristin Kook’s Indian phase.

            See the word THIS.

            No duh “Indian” was said when the article referenced only “Native American”, obviously conflating the two. So no it wasn’t Indian (Asian). That’s why I made the comment you buffoon.

            And spare me the “rude unnecessary attack” bullshit when the entire comment that was responded to was a complete belittlement of Kristin “Kook”.

      • Oh bullshit. A label is a label. They become offensive with the winds of change or the tides of the ocean. All so people like you can label people like me racist. You can’t debate facts so you rely on emotion

      • NoisyMouse, November 16, 2018 at 2:53pm – brought up her Indian looking clothing in the pictures. He or she was not making any reference to the article, just the pictures. It had nothing to do with Russell Means being Native American “Indian”. You came in and started insulting people.

        You are a cowardly bully. You are wrong and you wont admit it. Instead you double down with further insults. You are very smug.

        • LOL. You can only see a small portion of her clothes. Where can you tell she’s wearing Indian (Asian) clothes here? Where’s the Sari, the Daputa, or the Shalwar Kamese. She’s wearing a scarf like all NXIVM women did way back when.

          • Don’t you dare accuse me of anything you nasty evil piece of scum. Don’t you dare accuse me of making something “seem” a certain way. It’s not my fault you don’t know history and I’m so much more smarter than you.

            Once the Muslim filth took over European lands for centuries, Slavs were amongst the main ethnic groups of slaves. For centuries, CENTURIES, Slavs and many others, particularly white Europeans were enslaved by Muslim devil scum.

            Do you cunts have Muslim guilt? Of course not.

            But whites are expected to feel guilty because some white nations bought black slaves from black slave markets and imported them to the Americas via the Muslim’s Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

            Whites only had blacks as slaves for a tiny period of time compared to the amount of time Muslims and blacks kept whites AND blacks as slaves.

            Whites were enslaved longer by Muslims then blacks were enslaved by whites.

            Whites freed black slaves and encouraged the Ottomans, who took over from the Arabs, to stop slavery.

            Yet, whites are blamed for everything. Whites are the proverbial punch bags for jealous inferior people who won’t leave us the fuck alone.

            All whites are called “privileged” and “bigots” from those who have treated Europeans and their own races terribly for centuries. By those who treated each other appallingly for even longer.

            All the hate is on white people. Nobody talks about the centuries of Muslims oppressing others, the Barbary slavers, the black-run slave markets and more.

            You don’t even know history. You have a warped world view influenced by western liberal “white guilt” bullshit that has no legs to stand on and a belief in the death cult of Islam.

            White liberals, rely on lies, partial truths, deliberately ignoring important facts and political correctness to silence their opponents and dictate the cuntiest of narratives.

            Jealous non-whites are more than happy to jump in.

            Don’t argue with your superior you nasty evil prick. I know more than you will ever know.

            You have the privilege of living in one of OUR countries. We don’t need to feel any guilt. We had it worse than you did, because of your kind and for longer. And we are still the successful ones. I will never feel “white guilt”.


          • Smarter and capable of knocking you the fuck out with my bare hands you piece of shit pedo worshipper.

            Go get some Muslim guilt and check your brown privilege you bigoted oppressive, slaver racist.

          • — For centuries, CENTURIES, Slavs and many others, particularly white Europeans were enslaved by Muslim devil scum.

            You’re such a fucking liar.

            — Nobody talks about the centuries of Muslims oppressing others, the Barbary slavers, the black-run slave markets and more.

            Who was the demand portion of the supply and demand? Who treated such slaves FAR, FAR worse than Muslims ever did.

            More fucking garbage.

            From Wiki:

            The Barbary slave trade refers to the slave markets that were lucrative and vast on the Barbary Coast of North Africa, which included the Ottoman provinces of Algeria, Tunisia and Tripolitania and the independent sultanate of Morocco, between the 16th and middle of the 18th century. The Ottoman provinces in North Africa were nominally under Ottoman suzerainty, but in reality they were mostly autonomous. The North African slave markets were part of the Arab slave trade.

            Perpetrated largely on Europeans, and within in-land routes to indigenous European inhabitants. These peoples were systematically preyed upon and turned into slaves, acquired by Barbary pirates during slave raids on ships and by raids on coastal towns from Italy to the Netherlands, as far north as Iceland and in the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

            You’re such a racist, crybaby loser.

            And it’s hilarious that you think people LIKE YOU are responsible for the current material success of America. If you actually knew of success you wouldn’t constantly be bitching about others TAKING OVER. ROFL.

            Unlike you, I don’t stereotype other races, cultures, and religions. I know there are plenty of good white people who aren’t like your kind.

      • – “No. Just because something looks like an English word doesn’t mean its meaning is similar to the English word. Haha.”

        “The term slave has its origins in the word slav. The slavs, who inhabited a large part of Eastern Europe, were taken as slaves by the Muslims of Spain during the ninth century AD.

        Slavery can broadly be described as the ownership, buying and selling of human beings for the purpose of forced and unpaid labour. It is an ancient practice, mentioned in both the Bible and the Koran”

        • Lolwut? That page has to do with African slavery. Slav isn’t an English word and it certainly doesn’t refer to Africa. It refers to the Slavic people who are Indo-European and native to Eurasia.

          • I copied and pasted a section of the article that explains the origins of the word “slave” and the article it came from.

            Nobody said “Slav” is an English word. But it is widely accepted that the word “Slave” comes from the word “Slav”, a people who were enslaved and treated appallingly be the Muslims who captured and enslaved them. That is history. Whether you like it or not, “Sultan”.

          • — “Slav” literally means “slave” as the Slavic people

            ROFL. No it doesn’t. You took the word “slav” from a source on African slavery, stated “slave” was derived from it”, and then conflated it with some false slavery of the Slavic people by Ottomans/Muslims. You literally meshed the history of two different peoples together in a virtual blender. Slavic has never been used to refer to the slaves of Africa.

          • “Slavic has never been used to refer to the slaves of Africa.”

            You fucking stupid idiot. I did not link the word “slavic” with slaves in Africa. I am talking about where the origins of the WORD “slaves” comes from.

            African slaves are not called “slavic”. They are called “slaves” and the WORD “slaves” – irregardless of where the slave people are from, comes from the WORD “slav” which is the name of a people enslaved by muslims and Turks.

            I simply went online looking for an article I could copy and paste as I could no be bothered to type things out and I just so happened to find the article I posted. I only cut and pasted the relevant part to my point. I added the link so you could see where the copy and paste job came from. But no, you have to be a narcissistic arrogant smug cunt.

            You are an imbecile. You will never admit to being wrong will you? You must be absolutely insufferable and unbearable in real life.

          • You literally used “slav”, “slave”, and the “Slavic” people together and some made up history about them being enslaved by Ottomans and then literally backed it up with a website source that has “The Story of Africa” and “Slavery” in its banner. The Ottoman empire wasn’t even formed until the 14th century.

            Also, that first paragraph is not even credible. How did the Muslims of Spain – which is in WESTERN Europe – take as “slaves” the “Slavs” – LOL – who inhabited EASTERN Europe?

          • “You literally used “slav”, “slave”, and the “Slavic” people together and some made up history about them being enslaved by Ottomans and then literally backed it up with a website source that has “The Story of Africa” and “Slavery” in its banner. The Ottoman empire wasn’t even formed until the 14th century.”

            You need executing. I cannot make it any more clearer. Are you dumb or are you arrogantly pretending you are right?


            Get this through your thick skull you scumbag:

            – The word SLAVE comes from the word SLAV.

            – The word SLAV is the name of the SLAV people.

            – Muslims and Ottoman Turks both enslaved SLAV PEOPLE. How dare you accuse me of making that up? These people were treated appallingly and you have the audacity to accuse me of making it up?

            – The article being about African slavery is irrelevant. I went looking for a DESCRIPTION for the ORIGINS FOR THE WORD “SLAVERY”. I happened to find a description on an article on African slavery. It could of been an article on slavery in India. I copied and pasted the section on the ORIGINS OF THE WORD “SLAVERY” and ignored the rest as it was not relevant to my point.

            – I posted the link to make it clear the words were not my own. I only copied and pasted the relevant bit and left out the irrelevant parts.


            “Also, that first paragraph is not even credible. How did the Muslims of Spain – which is in WESTERN Europe – take as “slaves” the “Slavs” – LOL – who inhabited EASTERN Europe?”

            Spain, a southern European country was under muslim occupation for centuries. Not that that is relevant to the origins of the word “slave”.

            Are you actually denying Arab muslims and Ottoman Turks enslaved the Slav people? Are you this arrogant? You are a disgusting human being. Arrogant, smug, rude and wrong.


          • — “Slav” literally means “slave” as the Slavic people were enslaved in huge numbers by invader Muslim Arabs and Ottoman Turks.

            Slav does not literally mean “slave”. The latter word was DERIVED from “Slav”. And according to the Wiki you linked the SLAVIC SLAVES were called “Saqaliba”. If “Slavic” or “Slav” means slave then that would literally be a tautology.

            EVERY PEOPLE AND CULTURE IN THE WORLD THAT EXISTED OVER A THOUSAND YEARS AGO HAD SOME FORM OF SLAVERY. You made it seem like it was only the Ottomans/Muslims took the Slavic people as slaves en masse.


            “Word History: The derivation of the word slave encapsulates a bit of European history and explains why the two words slave and Slav are so similar; they are, in fact, historically identical. The word slave first appears in English around 1290, spelled sclave. The spelling is based on Old French esclave from Medieval Latin sclavus, “Slav, slave,” first recorded around 800. Sclavus comes from Byzantine Greek sklabos (pronounced sklävōs) “Slav,” which appears around 580. Sklavos approximates the Slavs’ own name for themselves, the Slověnci, surviving in English Slovene and Slovenian. The spelling of English slave, closer to its original Slavic form, first appears in English in the 1500s. Slavs became slaves around the beginning of the ninth century when the Holy Roman Empire tried to stabilize a German-Slav frontier. By the 1100s, stabilization had given way to wars of expansion and extermination that did not end until 1410, when the Poles crushed the knights of the Teutonic Order at Grunwald in north-central Poland. · As far as the Slavs’ own self-designation goes, its meaning is, understandably, better than “slave”; it comes from the Indo-European root *kleu-, whose basic meaning is “to hear” and occurs in many derivatives meaning “renown, fame.” The Slavs are thus “the famous people.” Slavic names ending in -slav incorporate the same word, such as Czech Bohu-slav, “God’s fame,” Russian Msti-slav, “vengeful fame,” and Polish Stani-slaw, “famous for withstanding (enemies).”

          • “You made it seem like it was only the Ottomans/Muslims took the Slavic people as slaves en masse”

            No I did not. If it “seems” that to you, that is your fault and not mine. For centuries, the Slavic people were enslaved by Muslim barbarians.

            Variants of the English word “slave” are used in other languages and come from the word “Slav”.

            From Wikipedia:

            “The English term slave derives from the ethnonym Slav. In medieval wars many Slavs were captured and enslaved, which led to the word slav becoming synonym to “enslaved person”. In plus, the English word Slav derives from the Middle English word sclave, which was borrowed from Medieval Latin sclavus or slavus, better source needed] itself a borrowing and Byzantine Greek σκλάβος sklábos “slave,” which was in turn apparently derived from a misunderstanding of the Slavic autonym (denoting a speaker of their own languages). The Byzantine term Sklavinoi was loaned into Arabic as Saqaliba (صقالبة; sing. Saqlabi, صقلبي) by medieval Arab historiographers. However, the origin of this word is disputed”.

          • — No I did not. If it “seems” that to you, that is your fault and not mine. For centuries, the Slavic people were enslaved by Muslim barbarians.

            Yes you did: “Bear in mind also, ‘Slav’ literally means “slave” AS THE SLAVIC PEOPLE WERE ENSLAVED IN HUGE NUMBERS BY INVADER MUSLIM ARABS AND OTTOMAN TURKS.”

            No they weren’t. They were enslaved by mostly Europeans and some were taken as slaves by some Muslims.

            Even in the Wiki source it implies no such thing: “Saqaliba refers to Slavic slaves, kidnapped from the coasts of Europe or in wars, as well as white mercenaries in the medieval Muslim world, in the Middle East, North Africa, Sicily and Al-Andalus.”

            It says Saqaliba refers to Slavic slaves AS WELL AS WHITE MERCENARIES. Mercenaries are people who fight in wars simply for pay and don’t care about politics.

      The U.S. Supreme Court declined to review SANCTIONS totaling over $230,000 against Austin attorney OMAR ROSALES for bad conduct against an opposing lawyer and FABRICATING evidence, among other problems Rosales created while representing one client in hundreds of lawsuits against local businesses for technical violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

      The $230,000 in sanctions includes $60,500 the U.S. 5th Circuit of Appeals tacked on for FILING A FRIVOLOUS appeal. Rosales cannot appeal the sanctions further, following the Supreme Court’s decision.

      ROSALES WAS SUSPENDED FOR THREE YEARS from practicing in the U.S. Western District. He was sanctioned $175,000 in U.S. District Court in Austin for disparaging Austin civil rights attorney Jim Harrington.

      The Texas State Bar’s Commission for Lawyer Discipline sued Rosales for a second time in April for violating rules of professional conduct and acting in bad faith.

    • Indian = something from/near India. Indian curry, Indian Elephant, Indian Ocean
      Native American = self-explanatory
      First Nations = People indigenous to Canada

      Duh. Indian is not a racist when referring to people or things from India

      Go Away Sultan

  • Who cares about the Kruek and Russell Means pictures. WE NEED TO FIND THE MISSING PICTURES OF KEITH PLAYING VOLLEYBALL!

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