Will Judge Garaufis let this man - who calls himself a scientist and ethicist - go free on bail prior to trial? Don't bet on it.

Reader: KAR, a man of evil

By a Reader:

KAR bail package sounds like an advertisement package, not a real legal document. It is full of BS testimony of what a great guy KAR is and why he should be granted bail.

The Judge already refused 10 Million dollars with armed security guards while staying within the reach of the DOJ/FBI in NYC.

KAR now believes a motion on “What a great guy KAR is and what he has done for the world (minus all the illegal crap KAR has pulled) will change the ruling with 1/10th the bail (which is still not KAR’s) and he gets to go back to his old stomping grounds of Clifton Park where KAR seems to have political/law enforcement protection?

KAR is still burning through “other people’s money”. The properties that are going to be put up are most likely those that cannot sell anyway because they have the CULT stink on them.

He is still a flight risk. If he can get three fools to put up $1 million, won’t his foolish followers put up the funds to get him out of the country? He is the ringleader of the CULT.

Without his evil mind plotting to do illegal behavior, Clare would still be riding her ponies, Nancy would still be in private practice and teaching NLP courses, Lauren would have a real job, be married with children and have a relationship with her father. Kathy would of never moved from Alaska and would have a relationship with her family and her now adult son.

Or they might of fallen for another stupid scam.

Clare Bronfman was an equestrian before she became a Nxian.

Editor’s note: And Allison Mack?  Perhaps she would be still acting in TV, but for her mentor who taught her the “effective tools to achieve success and greater happiness” learned exclusively from Executive Success Programs.

How many people have suffered from the “ethics, logical analysis and problem-solving skills” of one sinister person?

KAR of ESP and DOS

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  • Great article. He stole their lives and they don’t even know what they’ve lost-yet. I will keep saying this over and over, Keith gets out on bail he will disappear. He would probably get caught but I have 0 doubt he wants out of jail desperately and he knows this is his only chance. He doesn’t care about others, nor does he care about losing their money. Who are they trying to kid. If he can lose multiple millions of cult members life savings plus 65 million minimum of the Bronfman inheritance why would he care about losing 1 million in someone he could care less about s money? The lawyers will still get paid until the money runs out, I imagine Marc Agnifilo is either brainwashed at this point or hoping Keith escapes and shuts the fuck up.

  • I like how Keith Raniere calls himself a “scientist” as displayed in the image. Has this “man” ever conducted an actual science experiment, or been a part of team that has done so, and published the results in a paper for a legitimate scientific magazine? LOL.

    This guy is only great in his own mind and believes that whatever he comes up can convince others beside his sheeple who have been brainwashed with hundreds of hours of intensives. He is a total grifter.

  • Well said. I do believe my sister, Gina Rose Hutchinson — along with others who needlessly passed — would be alive and well had they never crossed paths with KAR.

      • There’s definitely something to “the devil made me do it” — peer pressure, etc. — but I think you’re right that there must be some proclivities for narcissistic or sociopathic conduct among the few, top-tier defendants and yet-to-be charged here. When you look at the roster of names: Salinas, Bronfman, wouldn’t rule out a genetic criminal disorder.

      • Thanks for the sentiment, NY. It’s long ago enough now that most of us who were close to Gina are pretty well healed —scarred over, I’d say. But the grief and healing process never stops.

        A lot can be learned from it that might spare others from suffering the same as those who went before them like Gina. Mostly what I’m here for and to further heal, get closure, if possible.

          • Anyone who listens to your radio show is way beyond my help, Schlock. Sorry to disappoint your audience of “millions.”

          • P.S. You are not funny, Schlock.

            Eliminating perceived comedic competition on here by trying to shame me away from using my natural sense of humor will not help you appear witted.

            You could try bovine embryo brain cell injections to boost your intellectual capacity but that’s not entirely where funny comes from. Tragedy helps.

            Say, maybe it’s not too late for you to join NXIVM! Keep attacking ex-Nx victims and even the AUSA prosecution team like you do and Nx may brand you at the pretty chick discount rate. Bet they’ll at least waive your genitalia pics collateral.

  • The man is a psychopath. Plain and simple. He has ruined the lives of the above listed people and so many others. He doesn’t feel remorse about anything. Every emotion he shows is fake. He’s good at stealing money from people, and he’s good at getting people (mostly women) to follow his every word.

    Why doesn’t Keith have his college roommate vouch for him? You know, the poor trusting sap who sat by dumfounded as Keith stole 50 grand from him.

    • AMEN. Psychopath’s like Keith IS are natural born, unreformable predators. Their self-serving ness and complete lack of feeling or comprehension of any consequence to others makes them very dangerous manipulators. They pass polygraphs, shock unsuspecting victims – part of the thrill – with their well-disguised sheer ruthlessness.

      I know of Keith cons he fairly boasted of even before the college roommate rip-off — he probably scammed his own mother to death somehow!

      • Possibly has a form of fetal alcohol syndrome. My nephew has it and he simply cannot tell the truth, nor can he work a normal job. Constantly trying to con others. Big difference though he’s not the smartest man nor a great problem solver. He’s also to lazy to do the crimes himself, he comes up with ideas and others carry them out.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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