German Reader: Allison Mack needs help and deserves a second chance

Allison Mack, slave and slave master.

By a German:

I won’t believe that Allison did this all by herself, but because she was brainwashed.

She´s a trained actor, who used “Method Acting” for her roles. The characters she played (Opposite Sex, Smallville) were extremely lovable.

In my case, I fall in love with her beautiful smile, right from the start. Beneath the fact, that she was born not far from me in Preetz, Germany.

It was heart crushing when I found out that she is a member of a cult … or however you´ll call it.  If it´s just a BDSM, why hide behind good-sounding names?

I saw pics of Allison and Kristin Kreuk in a meeting of the “World Ethics Foundation” … ah, ethics, sounds good, yes … but no, it´s NXIVM …. or take JNess, which is also working on German soil … it has an office in Hamburg … to help young women build up self-confidence … but no, it´s just a way to find women, who feel insecure, to lure them into the master´s harem.

I finally looked behind these mirrors, when Allison made advertising for the new acting school, “The Source”, where Keith Raniere teaches methods the students should not only use in her work but in their real life, especially by raising their children.

I also won´t believe that her family did not have a problem that their daughter/sister is a member of a cult … any cult, but also support it. In the FAQ-Videos, Allison talks about her family life for example in Amsterdam, Netherlands, that it was quite nice.

My wish, from someone who had a major crush on Allison for almost 15 years, who may even have thought that Allison was the woman of my dreams, is that she´ll make a deal with the prosecutor.

I want to believe, that Allison was one of the first victims and that she developed Stockholm Syndrome.

She really needs to go into therapy … and the best way to do that is for her to start her life all over again, by moving back to her birth town. The people in Schleswig-Holstein have no problems with cults… Jehovah Witnesses aside.  And here, no one will recognize her.

PS: I overcome my social anxiety and asked German TV networks to invite Allison to Germany before I noticed the cult. If I got a note from her potential German therapist, that she overcame the brainwashing, I still could think about a friendship, maybe even a relationship with her.

But she has to become healthy again. What Allison did was disgusting, don´t get me wrong … but if she really suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, she needs help and after that deserves a second chance. If she got her money back, she could adjudge compensation to her own victims. And if she will move from U.S. to Germany, she could conclude with this part of her life, and become a normal person again.

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  • flowerpot the usual stupidity from you. Black males commit most of the murders that is for sure. Libtards sure do hate reality

  • Ummm….NO! Because of obvious reasons…your not indited because of maybe! Allison had a part in it. Allison actively recruted. She isn’t “The” mastermind but is a victim of having no moral character or way back in same status. Allison actively tried to take advantage of women…done…in my book…

  • Sorry a-wipe I don’t watch lying CNN or its contemporaries. Sorry that is all Mr. Dullard gets his info from to fill that empty head of his.


  • This is one of the creepiest articles I’ve ever read and the fact that it’s at the top of googles news feed is despicable. I bet the writer does want her to move to Germany close to him what a piece of shit. This girl may very well be a victim but she wouldn’t be helping herself if she got close to a weird creepy stalker like this guy. Sounds like you just wanna take advantage of a girl that you know has sercum to mind controlling abuse in the past!

  • Honestly, she human trafficked, branfed, and held horrible blackmail over all her victims. If she wants to go with the brainwashed route, on a federal case with so many eyewitness victims, the only option would be Criminal Insanity which we define as not knowing the difference between right and wrong and a need for psychiatric treatment. That means she goes to a home for the Criminally Insane, which are typically filled with a lot more tragic and very uncomfortable situations. She’s gonna get like…25 Years in a low security women’s prision. That’s honestly a lot better option for her.

  • As a non-German living in Germany I shall allow myself to point that this post very well depicts this very peculiar facet of German mindset of superiority, namely the very deeply rooted inability to believe, to admit that a German can do really wrong (especially to non-German), and, by the way, what a non-German can really know about the very deep German soul? It is always a mistake, an order, a necessity, and, above all, SECURITY. The need for security explains all here, it is an universal excuse in Germany.

      • In a way, yes. They committed crimes as a group, and having admitted it, got later rehabilitated as a group (or so they like to believe). What is still tabu in Germany, is any kind of individual responsibility. They have a special word for that, for acting as a criminal, but at the same time not as an individual, it is Mitläufer, someone who goes by or with, a follower but not a ‘conscious’ one. In this manner, Hitler just ‘happened’ to them.
        If Raniere were a Nazi sentenced by a German court in the post-war Germany, he would get 2 years prison in suspended sentence: that was reality in non-Soviet zones.

  • As a non-German living in Germany I shall allow myself to point that this post very well depicts this very peculiar facet of German mindset, still a mindset of superiority, namely the very deeply rooted inability to believe, to admit that a German can do really wrong, and, by the way, what a non-German can really know about a German?. It is always a mistake, an order, a necessity, and, above all, SECURITY. The need for security is an universal excuse in Germany.

      • After WWII there was a popular joke in Germany, that ‘Niemand’ (nobody)must have been the most popular surname in Germany, since no one wanted to admit any guilt.
        So it must have been some ‘Niemand/Nobody’ who had done all the bad things.

  • Hey Fritz, Germany can have Mack when she gets out of prison in 40 years, she’ll be in her mid-70s, assuming she’s still alive, which is not a good bet in prison. The world doesn’t have very good experience with Germans being given 2nd chances. Remember Adolf?

  • The only way to immigrate legally for her into the EU unless as a tourist is a work visa, which it technically unlimited. In order to get that she is required to have a job in the first place. This should be problematic without speaking the language sufficiently well and having a needed qualification. My bet is both of these things are not fulfilled.

  • If she goes free I’m sure we’d love to have her move back to Germany! You or I foolishly spend our money, we do not get it back do we? To get a 2nd chance she has to admit wrongdoing and I hope she does to. But she still has to pay a price.

  • It’s touching how this German reader displays more care for the criminal who branded women like cattle than for the 100 plus women
    who had their flesh burned and were then turned into sex slaves.
    And because Ms. Mack is an actress she should receive special treatment that a store clerk would not get.

    “Allison made advertising for the new acting school, “The Source”, where Keith Raniere teaches methods the students should not only use in her work, but in their real life, especially by raising their children.”

    And don’t we want Keith Rainere training people how to raise their kids so we will have a generation of perverts and pedophiles?
    Under Keith Rainere every American city will have districts like Hamburg’s Reeperbahn with legalized prostitution and BDSM dungeons.
    Yes, my German reader friend, I know all about German culture and history including about the unique fetishes their past leader practiced.

    “Allison talks about her family life for example in Amsterdam, Netherlands, that it was quiet nice.”

    What a unique argument.
    In America criminals beg for mercy because they had a horrible childhood.
    In Germany perhaps criminals should beg for mercy because they had a good childhood.

    “My wish, is that she´ll make a deal with the prosecutor.”
    That train has left the station long ago.
    American prosecutors are not obligated to make deals with slave masters and sado-masochists..

    “I want to believe, that Allison was one of the first victims and that she developed Stockholm Syndrome.
    Just what we need, people.making excuses for criminals.

    I’m disappointed that our German reader friend failed to mention that time honored excuse that “Allison was just following orders.”

    Perhaps our German friend should get a quick American History lesson.

    America had to fight a massive Civil War to end slavery that cost about 750,000 lives.
    And then America fought two World Wars to save Europe from its demons.
    Then America fought a Cold save Europe from Communist slavery.

    And now Europeans are too weak and rootless to understand the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.
    Europeans are even too detached from reality to defend their women on the streets of Cologne while they’re being raped on New Year’s Eve by Muslim invaders.
    Europe is becoming a continent of male cuckolds and female sex slaves.
    Just like NXIVM.

    However in 15 or 20 years after Allison has served her time for a decade of crime, and Europe has become EURABIA Allison should be compelled to live in Europe.
    After all Allison Mack has a knack for training women to serve as sex slaves.

    • Do you even possess a passport? Have you ever been to the EU? Any EU country? What qualifies you to make a statement about EURABIA?

      The facts are that the crime rate, violent crime rate, especially murder is way lower in basically all EU countries compared to the US, while the US has 4 times the number of people incarcerated per 100k inhabitants compared to countries like Germany.
      BTW murder is the main cause of death for under 30 year olds in the US… Quality of life.

        • It is not even close. Get out of your echo chamber redneck. You are as retarded as the morons doing ‘gender studies’

          • I love when you left wing nutsacks get called out on your leftist bullshit. Redneck, racist yada yada. You are not so bright Dullard, even an ignorant redneck like scooter makes you look dumb

          • I’m in Oregon.

            We have almost a thousand illegals in our state prisons for violent crimes, including murder, rape, kidnapping, and assault. But the libs in Portland and Eugene will always fight for illegals first, regardless of how many Americans suffer at the hands of illegals.

            Next week should be interesting. Removing the sanctuary status of Oregon is on the ballot. Oregonians are voting on it.

          • Chris Tomlinson 3 Nov 2018, 5:33 AM PDT

            Women in Migrant-heavy Paris Area Complain Harassment Getting Even Worse

            Women living in a heavily migrant-populated Paris area who complained about constant harassment from men last year are saying the situation has become even worse, with some refusing to even leave their homes.
            Last year a group of local women signed a petition in an attempt to call attention to the situation in the Chapelle-Pajol district in northern Paris, but now they claim the situation has become even worse than before, Le Parisien reports.

            “The situation has worsened. Of course, since these men are more and more numerous. Like many others, I gave up taking the metro to La Chapelle, to cross the square … Even at a running pace,” a local woman who did not wish to be identified said.
            And do not talk about cafes. They do not say ‘Women Prohibited’ on the front, of course, but who would risk it? The police are more present, it’s true, but the fights are also more and more numerous and violent. I have the impression that these traffickers won the game: they took possession of the place,” she added.

            Others have referred to the area as “Hell” due to the rampant criminality, with Loïc Guezo, president of the association Demain la Chapelle describing the change in the area over the past several years: “In just a few years, what was an island of tranquility has become an area of lawlessness, where the criminal activity grows and hardens,” he said.

            “Trafficking and illegal trade began to set in 2014 and 2015 near the first camp of migrants in Paris, installed at that time Boulevard de la Chapelle,” Guezo added.

            Despite increased police presence in the area, there has been little sign of crime slowing down, with officers stopping and searching 2618 individuals in the first eight months of 2018 and arresting 226. The summer also saw increased violence in the area with five mass brawls involving traffickers armed with knives and iron bars.

            So far, despite optimism from some local politicians, no solution has come to the problem of criminality in the area, although Paris police have made some progress tackling Moroccan underage gangs after co-operating with Moroccan police.

          • As you are so well informed it should be easy to name two or three of the many European countries that have Sharia Law.

            Stop watching fox FAKEnews for god’s sake.

      • 83% of the murder in the USA are black gangbangers killing other black gangbangers. Facts are a pesky thing to libtards

        • Scooter you are all boy. The only time you look like a man is in comparison to the ultra feminine FDC fuckup Willard

        • Not a single European country has adapted to, or accept Sharia law, no matter what the right wing fucker from “Paris is a shithole” has to say. At this point, though, everything in the US os so extremely black and white, undoubtedly people in Europe would generally be more suportive of granting a milder than 40 year sentence because European prison systems are far more focussed on rehabilitation than the US

  • Looks like Shadowstate has some competition. I think the author is probably right that Germany, or Europe in general, would be less likely to ostracize her.

  • I agree she deserves a second chance and her going back to Germany i disgree with. On her getting help i agree with she can find someone in the states to help her further with her treatment.

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