Dr. Danielle Roberts removed from Naval Expo website – will she appear on Nov. 10-11?

Danielle, we hardly knew ye!

Will she or won’t she?

Dr. Danielle Roberts was scheduled to appear at the Navel Expo at the Sheraton Time Square on November 10–11 in NYC.  But, sometime in the last ,onth, the website for the Navel Expo has removed her name and picture – as if she vanished like a ghost.


Roberts was listed as a speaker on the official website for the Navel Expo, an event that boasts “experts in human optimization from around the world.” The expo is set for November 10-11 at the Sheraton Times Square, with pricing starting at $20 for a one-day pass.


Filling Robert’s shoes evidently is Mathew Silverman, DO.

Roberts, a licensed osteopath and follower of Keith Raniere, is the woman who wielded the cauterizing pen that branded women with Raniere’s and Allison Mack’s initials on their pubic region, according to several women who were branded.  It is been estimated that as many as 150 women were branded by Dr. Roberts.

Dr. Roberts branded six women at a session, in Allison Mack’s apartment in Clifton Park.

Keith Raniere – the man Dr. Roberts followed. She branded his initials “K-R” on women.

Dr. Roberts branded both Keith Raniere’s and Allision Mack’s initials on DOS slaves – scarred on their pubic region.

Back on September 28, the Daily Beast contacted Alex Lubarsky, the Founder of the Navel Expo, to ask him about Dr. Roberts’ role at the Navel Expo.

He told The Daily Beast that he was aware of allegations against Dr. Roberts, and said, “[S]he’s not at liberty to discuss them.”

Lubarsky continued, “Just to be clear, she’s speaking not [on behalf of] whatever other organization she was involved with, she’s speaking as a physician who’s focused on human optimization. So that’s the only part of Dr. Roberts that I’m interested in.”

Lubarsky explained that he’s known Dr. Roberts “for over 10 years. And from knowing her as long as I have, I just couldn’t believe that she would do something intentionally sinister. It didn’t ring true to me on any level.”

Dr. Roberts participated in the Navel Expo for the last three years.

Last year, on a tip from Catherine Oxenberg, a 20-20 film crew appeared at the Navel Expo and questioned Dr. Roberts about her role in branding women. Dr. Roberts told them it was irrelevant to the Navel Expo and its purposes.

MK10ART has done several exquisite paintings of Dr. Roberts and her branding efforts.


At the time of his Daily Beast interview, Lubarsky said despite what has been said about Dr. Roberts, he hasn’t “changed [his] mind about her.”

Maybe that changed as he learned more…In any event, Dr. Roberts’ name and picture no longer adorn the Navel Expo website. Was she dis-invited because of the controversy?

Did she lose her medical license and, hence, cannot attend?

Did she choose not to appear because of the likelihood the media will appear?

We don’t know. All we know is she’s gone and apparently forgot to say goodbye to the women she disfigured.

At the risk of being repetitive, may I just add  — “Viva Executive Success!”

Not a real picture: This is an artist’s conception of Dr. Danielle Roberts as a deranged mad doctor. It may be an unfair depiction. Roberts may have put women in danger with her fiendish branding practices, but she should be forgiven for, first and foremost, she is a slave to Master Raniere. She took a lifetime vow of obedience to him which apparently trumps her Hippocratic Oath.

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  • Dear OCD – You are right. He chose creatives and women in search of adding meaning and order to their lives because they are more easily manipulated – at least that’s what he believed.

  • It’s interesting how KAR consistently takes bright and promising people down the path of ruin. Ballerinas, singers, actresses, writers, heiresses, doctors, people smart in their own right – how he must hate them. Because he will never amount to anything but a two-bit con man and a loser from a broken home with no family of his own. What did he accomplish with his upscale schooling and (allegedly) fine intellect? Exactly noting. Except ruin.

    • You sound like the typical democrap politician. Do these people bear an responsibility? They obviously were not that smart in there own right.

      • I was talking about Raniere’s incipient destructive nature. I did not say ONE WORD about the others’ responsibility or lack thereof. YOU sound like a typical blame gamer. “Serves them right!!” Sleep well, friend.

        • I sleep very well lady. Raniere did not put a gun to their head. They fell for his shit hook line and sinker. They were not too bright were they? Raniere will pay for his sins but to absolve others for their own foolishness is shortsighted….which you often are.

          • How do you know I am a lady? I am not in a position to absolve anyone for anything, and that is not what my posting said or even implied. It is shortsighted to throw every single person involved into the same box, making assumptions about what they knew, did not know, or should have known at any point in time.

      • Tyrone, like any MLM scam, NXIVM only needed a small percentage of people they approached to go along with their spiel to keep operating. As long as they could replace the people dropping out at least as fast with new people, all is well for them. Also like any other MLM scam, love bombing is common, as well as telling prospects the internet is full of lies (and it is, along with the truth), and the MLM promoters have their best interests in mind. Therefore, listen to the promoters instead of the internet. There is also a “slow boil” applied to prospects – in other words, they don’t tell you on day 1 they want to burn you with a cauterizing iron for a half hour while you lie there. Therefore, while you can place some blame on those joining NXIVM, the vast majority of blame rightly belongs with the MLM scam, in this case NXIVM.

    • Very perceptive of you, Orange. You are right on point that Keith hates most and seeks most to destroy any who supersede him and threaten to expose his fraud— after he robs them of their powers and claims their souls, fortunes, knowledge. Whatever his greedy fingers can pry their way into. He created a system, a web or trap, to lure the most alluring (for his purposes) and easiest, most effective prey. This Vanguard beast is INSANELY JEALOUS and POSSESSIVE, of all feeling humans. I believe it is, sadly, because he cannot feel for others, has no empathy — can only feel his own egoistic perception of power by manipulating others to bow to his will and be destroyed. All in the name of goodness — and didn’t that pitch work out well for God!

      Ignore Tyrone. He’s a toll, a paid troll, fo sho.

      Wanna whip you up another race riot homie? Btw, there is not a black chick in America who named her kid Tyrone since 1975. Go just a little younger on the demographic psychographic.

      • Fuck off racist. I ain’t be paid nuttin to post trut here. Those bitches and soy boys was as much responsible for dare situation as anyone. Likes I b sayin nobody put a gun to dare empty head to be given keef head

  • Hey, what’s the matter lying pigs? Running out of the usual bullshit you continually spew?
    It sure sounds like your retarded little pony-boy is in WAAAY over his retarded little head. Let’s see if he rats out the bigger rats!

  • She should appear as the consenting subject in a recorded branding demo performed by Brandon Porter; bare-ass naked pinned down by Allison Mack, Sarah Edmondson, Lauren Salzman and Kristin Kruek shouting “badass warrior bitches!”

  • This is just part of the passion of the Vanguard. We all have suffered for following our ideals and trying to create a more noble civilization. Dani is one of the most women in the most beautiful organization in the history of the world. Sure she must sifffer. This is our world. The more the light the more the bugs.

    • We all have suffered for following our ideals

      What ideals are those?
      That it’s appropriate for an adult to have sex with a 12 year old child?
      America has enough problems as it is without becoming a nation of pedophiles and perverts.

      • A female is not bound by age. If she gives consent it is only society that restricts her empowerment. Who says a female does not know what she wants at age 12? She can morally give consent but men have made laws that make this punishable. Keith has taught that the soul of a female knows herself at an early age. This is why girls mature faster than boys. Keith helped females in this maturation process. Ultimately his ideas will be accepted by humankind.

        • A 12 year old girl knows enough to get into trouble but not necessarily enough to avoid or get out of trouble.
          And I can guarantee you that most 12 year old girls want boy friends their own age.
          Boy friends they can relate to.

          “Ultimately his ideas will be accepted by humankind.”

          Pea: in Islamic countries it is legal for a man to marry a 6 year old girl and to consummate the marriage when the girl is 9 years old.
          Because the Prophet Mohammed was a pervert who married a 6 year old girl named Aysha and consummated the marriage when she was 9 years old.

          And Islamic countries are hell holes with 70% incest rates, violence, intolerance, tyranny and a host of other social maladies.

          1400 years of madness caused by a dirty old man who could not keep his robes closed around little girls.

        • Your a joke pea, wether your a real Nxivm or a 12 year old won’t matter when Rainere gets sentenced. Brainwashed or not your wrong and since it’s been proven that Rainere isn’t the smartest man- not even close. The law created by intelligent people decides what’s age appropriate based on rational inquiry. Your idol is a pedophile that’s the standard response from them

        • Keith gave you the gift thst keeps on giving. Make sure you inform your future sex partners. They have a right to know.

        • Pea, There is a big difference between a 14 year old girl and a 26 year old, both physiologically and psychologically. There is actual science to back that statement up. Your statement is utter nonsense made up to justify your precious “Vanguard’s” pedophilia. Stop spreading rubbish as if it is gospel, because the word salad rants of a narcissist are just that. Word salad.

  • Excluding her is just a different form of virtue signaling. If she is good at her job she should be allowed to speak there. It is something completely different when it comes to keeping her Dr, but if the local authorities are fine with that…
    BTW, it is NAVEL EXPO and looks super sketchy to me. As a real scientist I would never go there as this is just a marketing scam. Just saw the ad on hydrogen-enriched water against oxidative stress. Just PR bs to scam people off their money. But as long as it is legal.

    • Dr. Joel Fuhrman, the headliner of this health expo, used to appear on Chicago’s PBS TV station (WTTW) lecturing people on his diet.
      If you follow his diet you can live to be 169 and be jumping around like a jack rabbit.
      There will be no more heart disease or cancer or dementia.
      Eventually the TV station edited out the bit about living to 169.

      • I do not watch TV, so I did not know him. I was just browsing through the expo’s pictures which were pretty much from last year I guess. But let us be honest. The US has become completely hostile when it comes to science and facts. They have an administration which talks about alternative facts and tells the citizens that opinions or feelings are as important.
        On top of that, these people only hear or believe the stuff supporting their claim. A study or a hypothesis that contradicts their opinion is attacked and a bunch of morons with stupid hats, torches and pitchforks stands behind them.
        Welcome to our enlightened society, but the postmodern SJWs are not better at all. They are the same idiots, just without the MAGA hats.

        • Aw shut up you pompous ass. The left wing of this country and the world for that matter has corrupted science to fit their political agenda. Finally got a damn administration in there to cull the bullshit and stop using science as another excuse to transfer wealth.

      • Hope that KAR is aware of this diet and living to 169 years old! I’m sure the message was passed on to him from the branding doctor.

  • The other speakers may have requested it. I would have no faith in anyone associated with an event that allowed D Roberts as an expert
    I don’t want medical advice from a person that could do that harm to others.

  • Hopefully, it is because she has realised she is actually going to be indicted shortly.
    I can just see them furiously printing phony consent forms to backdate for the remainers. Good luck producing them for the victims who have already spoken out.

    • She’s definitely a cretin and a quack, I agree with you on that.

      But realistically, she’s not gonna be indicted and likely does not fear that. The EDNY are going after the bigger fish and they aren’t gonna bog down their case with tons of smaller fish which might confuse the jury (nor are they gonna hold a separate trial for the consent or branding issue, since that’s not even a charge for the main defendants — and the penalties would be small anyway).

      This quack ain’t being charged as part of the EDNY’s case and the Northern District ain’t doing jack shit since they’re likely a bunch of corrupt democrats who look after their own. That’s why the whole state of NY is a big corrupt shithole.

      Hopefully the public toxicity of her reputation will be enough to cause her to seek a new profession.

  • I got a dollar that says that she will be there and speak, business as usual, at the expo. The reason they took her off the roster is to avoid bad publicity, hoping that not advertising her name will keep the media from showing up as they had before. That would give the expo a bad name. I hope i’m wrong, lose the dollar, and she doesn’t speak. Too bad more media doesn’t pick up on her and what she has done.

      • What has she (Dr. Roberts) done?

        When the patients screamed out in pain and cried for the branding ritual to stop, Dr. Roberts, instead of stopping acted under the orders of Allison Mack, who is not a doctor, and continued the branding.

        The first rule of doctors is “First Do No Harm.”
        Doctor Roberts failed to use pain killers to prevent the pain.
        When I’ve had medical procedures done the doctors always used pain killers and did everything necessary to reduce or eliminate the pain.
        Of course my doctors were associated with the University of Chicago or had graduated from Stanford University.
        My doctors weren’t associated with a sex slave cult.

      • She won’t be investigated for unethical behaviour until one of the branding victims issues a complaint against her. I wonder why Sarah Edmundson hasn’t already done so , since she is the one who went public with this story.
        Was it definitely Dr. Robert’s who branded Sarah? Ciuld there have been more than one person who did the branding?

        • To Flowers- I think you’re onto something. Probably were two branders! See if you can figure out the 2nd!

          To Shadow – I think we’re all a little curious about what procedures you’ve had done. And good to know your Doctors don’t participate in sex clubs.

          To Scott – I see your point, but it doesn’t help the narrative.

          • Nutjob
            Your chosen name is very revealing.
            Now you’re interested in ShadowStates sex life? OMG…enough already.
            Are you also the same nutjob who keeps writing posts about “ball suckers”? Just asking because you seem so interested in nuts, I thought balls may also fascinate you.

          • To Nutjob:
            The procedures I had done did not involve sex or gender in any way.
            They could be performed on either males or females.

            And one of my doctors is on the faculty of the University of Chicago Medical School.

          • Gee, Flowers, how do you know that no complaints have been filed?
            The opposite has been reported here.

          • Anonymous.
            I dont know if a complaint has or hasn’t been filed. I never said I knew. People keep asking why she is still practicing, and the reason is that either no complaint was filed, or she was investigated but no action was taken against her. I have no idea which case it is. Maybe Frank or someone can try to get that information. …

        • You said Sarah Edmundson (sic) hasn’t already filed a complaint.

          “Flowers October 31, 2018 at 12:16 pm
          I wonder why Sarah Edmundson hasn’t already done so , since she is the one who went public with this story.”

          Can’t keep your story straight as usual. Take your meds.

          • You’re truly an idiot , Nutjob/Anon/Ball-sucker extraordinaire….
            Go suck on a couple balls, and
            maybe you’ll feel less argumentative in the morning.

          • By the way, anon, (sic!!)…
            (What a dick you are!🤣)

            ….HAS she filed a complaint? Since you claim to know, why don’t you inform everyone, instead of just acting like a dick?

          • Frank, you crossed out the best parts of my post. 🤨

            (I think it’s only fair that all references to ball-sucking, jacking off, and death threats be crossed out….)

          • Anon🤪🤮 and nutjob🤡🤮
            I see that the emojis can’t be crossed out.
            Good to know.

          • She can’t help it. Her true colors will always show.
            It’s our misfortune she decided to become a fake expert on NXIVM.

  • Let’s hope that Dr. Roberts gets to defend her conduct in Federal Court after a future round of indictments.
    Dr. Roberts aided and abetted a sex trafficking conspiracy and should be called to account.

  • The argument “I was only folliwing orders” didn’t work at Nuremburg and will not work in a court of law thus Dr. Roberts has no defence for violating the Hippocratic oath.

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