The debate on Kristin Kreuk continues – plus 7 photos of Kreuk with NXIVM pals

NXIVM coaches Kristin Kreuk and Siohban Hotaling
A debate has been ongoing on this website as to what role Kristin Kreuk had in NIXVM. Whether it was just, as she says, a minimal role or an aggressive one – is one of interest to readers.
Kreuk has made only one statement  – on Twitter – just days after Keith Raniere was arrested in late March:

“When I was about 23, I took an Executive Success Programs/NXIVM “intensive,” what I understood to be a self-help/personal growth course that helped me handle my previous shyness, which is why I continued with the program. I left about five years ago and had minimal contact with those who were still involved. The accusations that I was in the “inner circle” or recruited women as “sex slaves” are blatantly false. During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity. I am horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS. Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share their stories and expose DOS; I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you. I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM. I hope that the investigation leads to justice for all of those affected.”

There are some who say her statement is misleading and her role was deeper than she suggests. What is not in dispute is that Kreuk was on the NXIVM Stripe Path. She was a NXIVM coach who rose to the rank of Yellow Sash with Two Stripes. This means she took many courses and spent perhaps as much as $100,000 in courses during her seven or so years with NXIVM.
It means she coached and taught people the NXIVM teachings.  Her role as a coach is something she fails to mention in her Twitter statement – leading people to believe she was just a student and nothing more.
It is quite possible she never saw anything illegal, as she says, and never suspected things were amiss or foul. She may not, as she says, have been in the inner circle. Yet she was close to those in the inner circle – and was invited to attend a meeting of select NXIVM members – many of whom were in the inner circle – at Necker Island.  She was also quite close to Nancy Salzman, the president of NXIVM, who guided her in many of her NXIVM endeavors.
There are other curious aspects concerning Kreuk’s involvement in NXIVM. Kreuk publicly claimed to have co-authored a college survey [along with Allison Mack] that was posted online on a website owned by NXVIM inner circle member, Karen Unterreiner.  The survey sought to learn about college students’ spending habits and was almost certainly meant to be used by NXIVM for recruitment.
Kreuk headlined an a-Cappella concert organized by Keith Raniere. NXIVM was criticized by college students, some of whom claimed that when they expressed interest in performing in the concert, they were pitched to join NXIVM. Kreuk said nothing in rebuttal then.
Also troubling is her role in a teen group called Girls By Design – along with other NXIVM members. GBD was alleged to have been a NXIVM recruitment tool for girls – although no dispositive proof has been offered to date.
What is troubling about this is that Keith Raniere is an alleged pedophile with a penchant for underage teen girls. Kreuk, an actress and coach for NXIVM, is involved in a program that sought to reach out to teen girls and get them to attend various events.  It sounds suspicious but it could be a coincidence.
The Girls by Design Facebook, still online, has as a “related page” – with Jness, Raniere’s women’s group that teaches that women are monogamous and men polygamous.  The Facebook for GBD seems to have been active in 2013.  The website for GBD is password protected like most NXIVM related sites
Many defend Kreuk’s role in GBD, saying she had no way of knowing Raniere was a pedophile prior to a February 2012 story in the Albany Times Union that exposed him. If Kreuk’s statement about leaving is accurate, she left one year after the story of his pedophilia was revealed publicly.

None of this means Kreuk was involved in anything nefarious.  Although there are some who say “enough coincidences make a fact.”  There are others who say the extended discussion of this topic on this website is unfair to Kreuk, who used to be shy until she took NXIVM courses to “…handle my previous shyness, which is why I continued with the program.”

Kristin Kreuk was one of NXIVM’s most high profile members. She was used – even if inadvertently on her part – to recruit new members.  She allowed her name and image to be used in support of NXIVM repeatedly.  She never explained her full role, or exactly why she left.  There are still some she knew, and possibly recruited, who are still in NXIVM – a group, she said, she was “…deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with”
Perhaps it might help those who are still in NXIVM to disassociate from the cult – ifshe explained why she left.
On the other hand, there are those who say she owes no one an explanation. She left NXIVM and others who left did so without having to give their reasons.  There are some who think NXIVM might have collateral on her, something they could use to blackmail her. This might be the reason she is silent. There are others who suspect Clare Bronfman is behind the attacks on Kreuk as a way to divert attention from her co-defendant Allison Mack. Clare might even be doing this as a message to Kreuk to keep her mouth shut or else.
Opinions are divided. One thing is sure – readers are interested. Kreuk is a public figure.  She is not only a public figure but in a sense a public cost. She is supported by Canadian taxpayers; she stars in a taxpayer-funded TV show, Burden of Truth.  The show, evidently not good enough to make it to air based on normal commercial considerations, requires the government to tax Canadians – whether they like it or not – to pay for her appearances.  For that reason alone – the people who un-voluntarily pay might argue they have a right to know if the woman they are paying to act was really a cult figure – who is trying to downplay her past.
On her taxpayer-funded show, Kreuk plays a heroic, outspoken and fearless female lawyer who stands up to Big Pharma, big time lawyers and corrupt politicians to protect weak and vulnerable girls. Some find it curious that Kreuk does not speak up just a little more about NXIVM.  It is not as if she does not speak out about causes. She is a virtue signaller extraordinaire, expressing her opinions on all kinds of women “victims” all over the globe.
Kreuk used her image and fame to get special treatment at NXIVM, and, in turn, was used by NXIVM to recruit new members [she recruited Allison Mack].
She says she is interested in the truth coming out. She says herself, “I hope that the investigation leads to justice for all of those affected.”
As we continue to debate the truth or falsity of the proposition that she knows something “illegal or nefarious” about NXIVM, we are reminded of what she herself said of others who spoke out, “Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share their stories and expose DOS.”
Has she any stories about NXIVM that might help expose it? Or did she only see good in it? If so then why is she “…deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM.”
Meantime, I wish to thank a reader for sending me the following photographs.
Below is the reader’s comments. The captions are also those of the same reader who sent the pictures. Perhaps other readers can help identify some of the people who are unnamed.
Hi Frank
I have a few snaps of NXIVM actress Kristin Kreuk with her fellow cult members.  In the snaps, you see Kreuk with Lauren Salzman, Emiliano Salinas, Allison Mack, Siobhan Hotaling, Nicki Clyne, and others. One of them looks like it was taken at a NXIVM course.
1 and 02: Sima Kumar (recruited by Kreuk), Marissa Cepelinski, Kreuk, Unknown, Unknown, Mack.


03: Kreuk, Edmondson, Omar Boone[?] Lauren Salzman
Tabatha Chapman (Smallville fan recruited into NXIVM by Allison Mack. She was involved with GBD, was a website designer for Kreuk and Mack, she is on IMDB having done an interview as a Smallville fan)  Sarah Edmondson [?], Marissa Ceplinski, Unknown, Unknown, Kendra Voth, Kristin Kreuk, Mark Hildreth
05: Kristin Kreuk, Sarah Edmondson, Nicki Clyne, Michel Chernitzky
06: Kristin Kreuk, Siobhan Hotaling
07: Quite a few in there. I’m sure you can name them. Kreuk, Hildreth, Emiliano Salinas, Alejandro Benecourt, Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson, and others
Not sure where photos 01 and 02 are from. Photos 03, 05 and 07 come from the Facebook page of Michel Chernitzky. 06 is from Siobhan Hotaling’s Facebook page. You can find other pictures there of her with Allison Mack. Not sure about photo 04, possible from Tabatha Chapman’s Facebook page.
There are other relevant photographs. If you chose to publish these photographs, please don’t say where you got them from.
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  • The worst thing that could happen to KK is a sex tape leak in the public which she will deny its hers. But her past will haunt her where ever she will go, her face will be associated with NVIM forever, her religion is NXVIM a burden that will rot her emotional stability every now and then. Living in denial is a bad place to be, not to mention that age is catching up her pretty face and calcium problems will soon take its toll on her back. She is losing bigtime in every aspect of her life. Hopefully, Jay can ride her to calmness.

    • She has the same body shape than retired sex performer known as « Aurora Snow », she could anytime claim it was one of her private performances. The latter would agree and testify it was her instead of Kristin Kreuk…

  • No perverted stalker, don’t care about your honey bitch Kreuk. I care about my money and the government that abuses it to frivolous bullshit. Here in Ontario the tide is slowly starting to turn. so I ill keep at it. You might as well stop your girly bitching and moaning everytime some one criticizes the object of your perverted lust.

    • Yeah sure. That’s why you’re whining and bitching on a forum that HAS NO POWER TO CHANGE whatever you’re complaining about.

      You’re like a “virtue signaller” of alleged frivolous government spending.


      • Keep whining about your fantasy girl Kreuk, stalker. Better chance of reducing the tax burden than you changing anyone’s mind here on your little fantasy chick. Soy boys like you are not capable of getting any women. Stalk away creeper.

        • None of what of you said is relevant to your own “virtue signalling”.

          I never cared about changing the minds of people like you. You’re only here for one (obvious) purpose. Anything I write is for myself and for others who aren’t like you.

          As for your “soy boy” comment, I don’t even know WTF that means. I’ve never eaten soy in my life – or at least intentionally and was aware of – and I eat meat almost every day.

          • Bullshit little fella. Keep lying you phony stalker. All you have done is post idiotic responses to my reasonable requests that my government stop wasting my tax dollars on frivolous bullshit. It is almost as bad as your constant defense of the object of your fantasy lust. You are a very sick pervert and really need to get out of your mama’s tent and get a life.

          • Thank you AG. The sick bastard Sultan perv is in serious need of reprogramming from his own NXIVM days.

          • LOL. How is anyone a “phony stalker”?

            Irony. Your “reasonable” requests for stopping frivolous government spending are irrational on a site that will have no power to change such. Is that reasonable? If you were reasonable, you would go down to your Parliament and talk to government officials and file petitions to make it happen. Not whine and bitch in a comment section that is irrelevant to them. But you don’t because you’re not here to do anything reasonable.

            You think people are as retarded you are. You think you can avoid the issue and then throw red herrings all over the place like it’s the middle of the ocean.

            Fools don’t fool anyone except themselves.

          • The simple minded retard can’t shut up. Nobody claims complaining here will stop unjust taxation you creepy a-hole. Obviously it has not stopped your creepy obsession with a b grade young actress. You constantly post the same obsessive shit without any credibility as if you are some expert on Kreuk. You are the one who desperately needs psychiatric help before your obsession with Miss Kreuk causes you to take action you will deeply regret. For the sake of Mohammed you creepy pervert get help.

          • — The simple minded retard can’t shut up. Nobody claims complaining here will stop unjust taxation you creepy a-hole.

            So what are you complaining about it for then? Just to bitch about it? Just to whine about Hollywood and/or their equivalents in other countries and their “virtue signalling”? Your posts reveal how much you know about virtue.

            — Obviously it has not stopped your creepy obsession with a b grade young actress.


            — You constantly post the same obsessive shit without any credibility as if you are some expert on Kreuk.

            I never claimed to be an “expert” on the Kreuk. I claimed to know more about her than many other people since I’ve followed her as a fan for years. I’ve read many articles and watched many interviews of her. I haven’t seen all of her work though. I never watched a full episode of Edgemont (I’ve seen less than five minutes of clips), Earth Sea, or Ecstasy. It’s not like there is ton of stuff out there.

            — You are the one who desperately needs psychiatric help before your obsession with Miss Kreuk causes you to take action you will deeply regret. For the sake of Mohammed you creepy pervert get help.

            I know how to control myself unlike you freaks.

          • Now we know how Kreuk feels having you for a stalker. Typical cuckold. I own you Sultan of Perversion. My complaints of unjust taxation have nothing to do with your little fantasy girl. She is one of too many benefitting from it. Like your buddy shadowperv everything posted revolves around one person. Your masturbation fantasies about a women that you will never know are your issue Mr. Hezbollah. We are tired of your own projections on others about your own demented psychological disorders.

          • “I never claimed to be an “expert” on the Kreuk. I claimed to know more about her than many other people since I’ve followed her as a fan for years. I’ve read many articles and watched many interviews of her. I haven’t seen all of her work though. I never watched a full episode of Edgemont (I’ve seen less than five minutes of clips), Earth Sea, or Ecstasy. It’s not like there is ton of stuff out there.”

            What an absolute loser you are.

          • — My complaints of unjust taxation have nothing to do with your little fantasy girl.

            Your complaints and posts show what a whiny little bitch you are. You can’t handle any rational assailment of your post content, and then engage in ad hominems, red herrings, non-sequiturs, etc., and think people are as dumbed-down as you are to not see what you’re doing.

            Do you think that calling people pervs and casting sexual insults, along with engaging in religious and cultural bigotry is anything other than the spewed frustration and lame attempts at bullying of a mental midget still stuck on the playground?

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            But express it—and you’re not necessarily better off. Anger doesn’t automatically dissipate by being unleashed. We rarely experience catharsis. Venting it in words or action doesn’t make anger easier to manage; often it only increases the intensity of the feeling. Anger often feeds on itself. Plus, by furthering aggression it often brings irreversible damage to those in the immediate vicinity.”


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          • You say you “are involved with a real woman” then be a man and consider her having to live with your anger:

            “Anger often often brings irreversible damage to those in the immediate vicinity.”

          • If there is anyone who compensates for what he has missing down there it’s the internet troll like yourself. But keep on getting angry. Like “yelling” about tax payer money being spent frivolously in the comments here, it ain’t gonna help. The blood can’t flow to what doesn’t exist.

            Also, you make me laugh at how stupid you sound (and are) because of what you don’t know.

  • Frank is just not objective when it comes to Keith.

    For instance, Frank sees Keith as so evil that ANY negative allegation made against Keith — by ANY source — is automatically reported by Frank as being either true or at least somewhat credible.

    For example, you have the nutty Toni Natalie using the hashtag “#justiceforkristinsnyder” everyplace on Earth, including as the very first “anonymous” Amazon review for Catherine Oxenberg’s new book. Yeah, everybody knows it’s you, Toni.

    Toni has implied that Kristin Snyder must have been killed by Keith or Keith’s minions. However, even Kristin’s own parents have confirmed that she was BATSHIT CRAZY in the days before her SUICIDE. She claimed to have been responsible for the NASA space shuttle explosion. She also wrote a suicide note in her own handwriting.

    This means Kristin Snyder was a BATSHIT CRAZY woman who SUICIDED HERSELF one day.

    Keith was not responsible for that. Just because Keith may have dumped her shortly before the suicide or she was pregnant with his child, it doesn’t mean he’s responsible. Kristin was just too weak minded to keep going. It was HER OWN FAULT. Period. Toni hates Keith so much that I have no doubt she’d pin the Kennedy Assassination on him if given the chance. Toni is not objective.

    I can see Frank’s next headline: “Raniere tied to JFK death? Inside sources tell me it might be so.”

    Frank continues to report the Kristin Snyder story as though Keith is a serious suspect and that law enforcement should somehow re-open the investigation.

    Re-open what exactly, Frankie boy?

    How the fuck can Law Enforcement do anything when Kristin fucking SUICIDED HERSELF and was BATSHIT CRAZY even according to her parents?

    Then there’s the tragic story of Gina Hutchinson.

    Again, Frank implies that Gina’s suicide was somehow Keith’s fault and that Keith is evil and responsible for Gina’s suicide.

    But it wasn’t Keith’s fault.

    I have no doubt that Keith dumped her and probably made her feel depressed, and that’s certainly not a nice thing to do. However, women get dumped everyday and don’t SUICIDE THEMSELVES for it.

    Gina apparently had no life and nothing to live for outside of her beloved Keith, thus when he dumped her, she had no reasons to live anymore.

    Look Frank, it doesn’t matter if Gina killed herself minutes or hours after visiting with Keith in a hotel or wherever.

    The only thing that matters is that Gina pulled out a gun and SUICIDED HERSELF.

    You can’t blame Keith for Gina’s lack of self esteem and family support, which led her to feel so depressed that she killed herself.

    If Gina’s sister had truly been closer and more supportive of Gina then MAYBE she wouldn’t have felt the only way out of her misery was to kill herself.

    As for the cognitive dissonance bullshit mentioned by her sister, look, Gina bought a gun because she was depressed and her life was shit. After seeing Keith in a hotel or wherever, she obviously got dumped and suicided herself. . It’s tragic but it’s not Keith’s fault.

    I’m tired of Frank blaming Keith for EVERYTHING bad that happens to anybody around him. Keith was not responsible for Kristin Snyder’s suicide or Gina Hutchinson’s suicide.

    Stop listening to Toni’s bullshit. I’m even doubting the alleged Mexico kidnapping plan she keeps harping about. I seriously doubt Keith had any such plans. But Toni needs material for her new book so I have no doubt she’ll be telling lots of whoppers. .

  • Dumb bastards. They think they’re entitled to the blog of their choosing. It’s Frank’s blog. If you don’t like Scott Johnson or shadowstate or flowers or what he writes about and you can’t ignore it, can’t skip over it, then fuck off.


    Months of pissing and moaning in the comment section about a few people that post and the articles about Kreuk. Yet look at the number of comments on those articles. Figure it out? Correct, they create traffic and get people talking. Morons

    What is really left to talk about concerning NXIVM until the trial? Nevertheless, if this blog bothers you so much go the fuck away entitled fucks

  • Wow another posts to just get clicks. Still nothing proven, just speculation and Frank’s own brand of word salad.

    Why are you not writing about Grace Parks. She was in Nxivm longer and did a conversations with Keit Raniere supporting him.

    Grace Parks is way more famous and didn’t leave until after DOS was exposed.

    Why Frank? Not the same eye candy or the fighting between posters with Grace?

    Did Grace Parks contact you, talk with you to quit writing about her? Did she say she’d sue you if you kept it up?

    Why is KK the one you keep posting on every couple of days when you not posting about others who did damage and didn’t speak out?

    What about your gal pal Kristen Keeffe? Why no post on her, Keith Raniere’s right hand mobster, who we know was involved with stalking ex members through the legal system?

  • WOOOOOOOASAhhhh nowww was it s minute

    Are you saying…

    Kristin Kreuk….

    Was in NXIVM??


    Why are there no posts on this site about her being in NXIVM?

    This is huge.



  • Only Kristen Kruek can clear up anything to do with her involvement. We all know she was in deep even if she didn’t do anything illegal. She knows things that could help others, she also knows do things that could help the feds case if she really wants justice for those harmed. In all of the info the feds have there’s plenty with her name on it.
    I doubt she wrote the tweet denying involvement, I’m sure lawyers and publisists put together that bland post.
    If she hasn’t already spoke with authorities, she will have to at some point.

  • Is Kristin stealing your tax loonies?

    Frank said BofT needs taxpayer funds because it is not commercially viable.
    But most TV/Film productions get tax breaks in order to secure local citizens jobs — not just for stars, but staff and crew, plus local businesses that supply the production. So remember to complain about your taxes going to jobs for carpenters, electricians, and the local waitresses…not just Kreuk. In BofT, jobs are being created in Manitoba, some among the indigenous people…so feel free to shout “virtue signalling!”

    This is done in the US too, even in Hollywood, trying to keep productions from moving more jobs to Toronto and Vancouver. Remember, Smallville was a US TV show (set in Kansas), but shot in Vancouver–so maybe back then you should have praised KK for helping steal American TV jobs for Canadians.

    Tax credits are often given to non-showbiz industries also, hoping for jobs, jobs, jobs. It may be wrong, but it is done. Is your job taxpayer supported?

    Personally, I don’t think BofT is very good, but the CW network likes it enough to pay Canada to air it in the US. Who knows, maybe Kreuk’s “smell the fart” acting on BofT is not only creating jobs in Canada, it might be making taxpayers money, too.

    BURDEN OF TRUTH is produced with the participation of the Canada Media Fund and Manitoba Film and Music, and with the assistance of the Government of Manitoba – Manitoba Film & Video Production Tax Credit, and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit. eOne controls worldwide rights to the series.

    • Wrong. Burden Of Truth is funded by tax payers as it is a CBC show. The BBC is 100% reliant on tax payers. The CBC is reliant on tax dollars. It is not about tax breaks as it is tax payer funded.

      No one is complaining about civil service jobs. Of course tax money goes to the military, police and road sweepers. That is fine. But a shitty tv show? Why should I work only for my money to go to Kristin Kreuk? At least police arrest criminals and road sweepers keep my street clean. Kreuk and other actors do absolutely nothing for me but annoy me with their sanctimonious virtue signalling. I want to keep my money.

      Also, they don’t create jobs. Once the film or tv show is done filming, guess what? Contract terminated.

      Yes, US tv networks filmed in Canada. That was for tax breaks, not tax funds. These shows were not dependent on Canadian tax dollars. Burden of truth is.

      • What sre you talking about? Of course film crews create jobs and revenue where ever they film.

        I’m near Vancouver, and I know several people who work in the film industry (at least part time.) Every retail store I have worked at since the 80’s has had film crews come in to buy products, for props, etc. The company where I currently work, regularly rents out space to the film crews for various things.

        I know several people who have had their homes or businesses used as filming locations, and they recieved a sizable payment for that. There are many ways the film industry creates jobs and revenue for people in area.

        • You are talking about one off payments and contracts that terminate after filming. Most people are not crew workers and those who are have to find new work after filming. The only “work” is for crew members. This does not benefit the average resident.

        • Films/TV shows cost money to make. Of course they should pay to film in someone’s property. Of course they should pay contracted crew members. They should not do so with tax dollars taken from the population is the point. Self fund because I ain’t paying for it.

          • to Bart
            You are wrong to call “anonymous” ignorant.” Her opinions are just misguided by hatred that is eating away at her.

          • Since Frank has asked for no insults and bullying, you’ve just violated his policy.

            In case you’re unaware, the film industry in Vancouver did create a ton of jobs (and still does, to a lesser extent) but with any business, markets fluctuate. But when the industry was booming, crew members didnt lose their jobs…they just moved on to the next project.

            A number of shows are still filmed here, as I mentioned the company I work for regularly rents out space to the film crews. But its not like it was back when the Xfiles were filmed here.

      • I’m sure fighting for $1 that comes out of your paycheck on an annual basis to fund BoT is going to woo over governmental officials and change policy.

          • Why don’t you go and complain how billions of dollars are being wasted on excess defense spending and government bureaucracy in Parliament instead of crying about anonymously in the comment section of a blog that has no power to change this disingenuous “complaint” of yours.

            Oh yeah because you don’t really give two shits that the $1 out of your paycheck is being spent on BoT.

        • Who the fuck are you tax and spend libtard. You ought to see the fucking deductions coming out my paycheck moron. I am sick and fucking tired of Canada and Ontario and the local municipalities robbing me blind every fucking week. Get lost, I don’t want to finance your object of fantasy and lust

          • Everyone has money being taken out of their paycheck by the government. Complaining about it on a blog that has no power to change government spending is futile. Therefore, the only reason you are whining about it here is because you want to cry about Kristin Kreuk. She’s the target; government spending is the excuse for it. That’s it. Anyone who has functioning intellect can see it.

            Talk about creeper.

  • Women will take their secrets to the grave. She wont be persecuted, the western court system works well for the rich, it also favor women in general. What is lost is her blameless image which will be tarnished a bit but the western people like sluts, for example the kardkardissex tape, it propelled here popularity. So a Kristin Kreuk sex tape will catapult her to stardom. ” Birds with same feather flocks together. ” there is no doubt that she is aware of what is going on in NXVIM, DOS included. We will see her more in TV and she will produce more documentary in the future. To the men who adore her, she is not the wife type, she will never be. She will never bear a child for men will bed her for the sexual experience and vice versa. Personally I’m stopping my support to her and her endeavors.

    • The men who adore her and Allie Wack are not interested in marriage but a sexual fantasy that will never happen. If these duds were interested in getting married they would get off their asses and meet real flesh and blood women in their area. Or maybe they have and are found to be losers.

      • Information that is leaked to various sources that may be false or only partially true. Often used in investigations to keep suspects guessing or allowing them to become a little too comfortable. Their are plenty of armchair sleuths here who are helpful in spreading disinformation.

        • Who are you saying is leaking the information though?

          And what do you think is the disinformation being spread?

  • Why not bring up NXIVM when tricking college kids into taking part in a NXIVM market research survey? Same with “Juicy Peach”?

    How can you not know about anything “nefarious” and “illegal” when you are named in a February 2012 lawsuit that seeks to expose NXIVM criminal behaviour? Surely, you would know you were named in said lawsuit and seek to know why.

    How can you not know about anything “illegal” and “nefarious” where the same month as the lawsuit, you are exposed as being on Necker Island where the man responsible for revealing that trip and other facts in that one article said those there discussed money laundering including hiding money in the Carribean? Everyone in that article was also named in the lawsuit. Siohban Hotaling, (whose photo is at the top of this article) was accused of being a money mule and was also named in the lawsuit. Surely Kreuk knew those photos of her on Necker Island were online and wondered how these private photos got there. Surely, she would of read that article about money laundering talks on Necker Island.

    How can you not know anything when the same month as the lawsuit and Necker Island article, you are personally name dropped in the Times Union expose as a cult member that revealed your leader is an actual pedophile rapist with police report published? Didn’t believe the victims? Then why believe those accusing Weinstein? Hypocrite. Was Kreuk “embarrassed” and “disturbed” to be named as a follower of a pedophile rapist? Nope.

    How can you not know anything bad when Susan Dones, whose Tacoma center Kreuk coached at, publically claimed the reason she left NXIVM in 2009 was specifically because of financial crimes and sexual predatory behaviour on Raniere’s part? Susan Dones is being suspicious. Kreuk did not care when Dones was being dragged through the courts by NXISCUM yet Dones is happy to defend Kreuk. Dones went to the press and lied saying Kreuk left shortly after she did in 2009 before things became ” bizarre”. Not true at all and Dones still has not revealed why she lied about Kreuk leaving in 2009.

    As for this “Jane” DOS slave claiming she was recruited by Kristin Kreuk from Girls By Design, it is fairly easy to get proof without looking at Allison Mack’s inner thigh for a tattoo. Frank has already verified the woman is indeed who she says she is. All he has to do is contact the woman and ask for a picture of “Jane” with Kristin Kreuk and the “Girls By Design” group. There are pictures already online of the GBD teens, perhaps she is in one of them? If she really did join GBD, then NXIVM then DOS and Kreuk is the reason, that is huge. She claims she does not want Kreuk to know who she is. Why? Is it because there were other GBD girls recruited into NXIVM and she does not want Kreuk to know which one she is? Is she worried that Kreuk might rat her out to other DOS members and she’ll be punished for talking to Frank? If this “Jane” wants to clarify further, which she should, she should reveal more. If it is true that GBD was a deliberate recruitment tool for teen girls to identify a particular type of girl, that is really bad. An ex-GBD member said that Kreuk would have girls fill out open ended questionnaires on Facebook and if a girl said something they liked, they would be contacted.

    “I was a part of GBD in 2008 when I was 17 years old. KK would have girls fill out questionnaires (usually open ended questions about your experience as a teen) on facebook, and Kendra would contact us privately if we said something that interested her. Here’s one thing I do remember– it seemed Kristen and Kendra were more interested in recruiting girls much younger in age than me, closer to middle school. I ended up leaving GBD because of that. I also remember them both posting numerous vlogs on youtube.

    I do remember at one point Kendra was much more interactive with having one on one’s with individual girls than KK was. I remember thinking that perhaps GBD was Kendra’s thing and KK was there to generate attention (at least she didn’t seem to want to get her hands dirty).

    Not sure if that information is useful, but I wanted to put it out there.”

    Why were they getting girls to fill out questionnaires? We know why Kreuk tricked college kids with the College Project NXIVM market research survey, but why these teen girls? Also this “Jane” says they were trying to reach girls early to plant a seed and this ex-GBD member said they were more interested in younger girls.

    [paragraph redacted]

    As a minimum, GBD was a NXIVM project where they spread NXIVM bullshit to teen girls. Frank should get more proof from “Jane” – photographic evidence of her with GBD.

    When there are so many allegations and questions and none are getting answered, it looks sketchy. Kreuk made sure not to mention she was a coach and recruiter. She has not even admitted to recruiting Allison Mack. She says she left in 2013, yet she was still around after that. Also, an ex-NXIVM member on this site claims the top NXIVM people told him/her Kreuk was still active but was busy on a TV show. She absolutely did not cut the cord with NXIVM. She obviously did not care about the “illegal” and “nefarious” activity of NXIVM and its members to still be pro-NXIVM beyond 2013. Even Sarah Edmondson’s defence of Kreuk, suggesting “shit got weird” after 2013. Then why is Sarah Edmondson talking to the Feds about crimes before DOS was even formed in 2015 🤔.

    If the press went after Kreuk in 2012/13 and brought up the lawsuit, Necker Island article, Times Union expose, all bad press in one month, Kreuk would of been held to account and she would of been in a panic.

    I don’t want my hard earned tax dollars going to a character like Kreuk.

    • Kruek is not going to say anything until she knows what the feds have on her. Most anything she says to make herself look blameless will be proven a lie. She knows this therefore she will say nothing. She’s not going to shoot herself in the foot. The whole creepy stripe path guru bullshit says it all. She’s in deep and she’s a recruiter. She pulled back some in 2013 to 2016 who knows why. Susan Dones is covering up for some personal reason. I doubt it’s to protect Kruek, more likely she is protecting both of them. Or trying to,
      it kinda backfired on her. The respect I had for her shutting down her center is gone. She was involved in the video where Keith claimed to have killed to protect Nxivm? Himself? ESP? No one was surprised in the video, the women in the room simply agreed with him.
      Who says things like that? I can only imagine the reaction my boss would have gotten for saying that in a meeting. Your all going to learn much weirder stuff in the next year or so. But don’t expect any KK confessions. By all means keep the pressure on her, it’s bothering a lot of Nxivm.

      • Agreed heather, because this business of keith’s supposed admission of murder has always confounded me, he says it so glibly, his audience didn’t react the way I would have expected, I Actually tried this. Thought of a belief i hold, of which it could be said “people died for my beliefs” came up with women’s suffrage, tried to flex it in a conversation, instead of saying “people have died for the right to vote” I said “people died for MY belief..” and before I could add the clause “ women’ suffrage” I was looking at a lot of very bewildered faces. Some of whom have been giving me side-eye ever since..

        I’ve watched and listened to that conversation a few times and feel that he must have meant what he said, plainly. Its just too awkward to use those words in an innocent context, my experiment persuaded me of this anyhow, and keith had no sensible concluding clause to defuse what was and is an incendiary claim.

  • The group pictures with Kreuk and Mack should keep the perv brothers busy for awhile (shadow&sultan) sadly not long enough to keep them from commenting.

  • Poor, pathetic Siobahn. So grateful to even have someone even willing to have their picture taken with her.
    Is there anybody Siobahn didn’t have a crush on ?

  • “There are some who think NXIVM might have collateral on her, something they could use to blackmail her. This might be the reason she is silent. There are others who suspect Clare Bronfman is behind the attacks on Kreuk as a way to divert attention from her co-defendant Allison Mack. Clare might even be doing this as a message to Kreuk to keep her mouth shut or else.”

    I am in this camp.
    Jane, the young woman who claimed to be one of Allison Mack’s slaves, also stated that Kristen Kreuk has her own personal sexual kinks.
    Kinks that, while not illegal, would be embarrassing to Kreuk were they to become widespread public knowledge.
    If Jane is correct I am sure that Kreuk is aware that Cruella and her Flying Monkeys know all about these kinks.
    If NXIVM is good at anything it is collecting blackmail information just like its spiritual cousin Scientology.

    And NXIVM is well practiced in slinging mud at people.,
    The more people focus on Kristen Kreuk, the less they focus on the Bronfman sisters and Allison Mack and her wife Nicki Clyne.

    Ultimately the only debate that counts about Kristen Kreuk is the debate within the ED NY in Brooklyn and the DOJ in the Robert Kennedy building in Washington DC.

    The DOJ which includes both the prosecutors and the FBI will examine the computer files of the 70 or so confiscated NXIVM computers and will decide if Ms. Kreuk is somehow involved in criminal conduct.
    If she is it would behoove Ms. Kreuk to be honest and forthcoming.

    In light of the fact that Ms. Kreuk left years ago and was not directly involved in the recruitment and management of “slaves” it is less likely that she will be indicted.
    DOS or the Vow, the worst aspects of the slave cult, only came along around 2015.
    Of course I am not passing judgement on any financial crimes Ms. Kreuk might have committed.

    Until anything serious is revealed about Ms. Kreuk I am suspending all judgment on her.

    And remember cowardice and hypocrisy are not crimes.
    So far the greatest crime Ms. Kreuk appears to have committed is wooden acting.

  • The Vanguard demanded that the Princess abstain for one year, after which he bedded her for a (near) virginal experience. The hope was that she would bear him the Wonder Child.

  • Frank sees his clicks goes down after some irrelevant articles, so he regurgitates the same tabloid maligning shit concerning Kristin Kreuk like a broken record that has already been rebutted multiple times.

    Of course Kristin made a lot of friends in NXIVM. It professed an ethical message that fooled a lot of naive and good people. Kristin was used for her celebrity and the cult hid a lot of things from most of them. That’s what they do. It devolved over the years into a SECRET DOS well after she left. The authorities don’t care about her because she’s innocent. End of story.

    You’re the only pseudo-journalistic personality who keeps bringing her up because she brings in the clicks to a website whose traffic is slowly going down. Your motivations are not pure and you just provide a forum for haters to vent their frustrations against her and who want to trash her reputation.

      • Yes I do. Do you think the FBI and others were “Hey, check out this blog and what it’s claiming” a month before Raniere was arrested? No, because the authorities have been investigating this for years and building a case against those who are now in trouble. That’s how the system works. They hire intelligent people to make a careful and thorough investigation so that they have a case is that is strong and free from legal error so that getting off due to technicalities doesn’t happen. This takes a lot patience, detailed work, that takes a lot of time. If Kristin was in trouble then it would already be known. People she works with at the CW and other media places would vet these things and would not allow their reputation to be damaged. Look how fast Allison got taken off the IMDB credit list for the animated film for kids she did voice over work for. So yes, I do know based off of what hasn’t happened yet. Kristin isn’t some diabolical criminal mind who can fool people of illegal criminal activities. She’s just an actress doing what she likes/loves to do. Sorry haters.

        • Blah blah blah blah blah.

          Blah blah.

          Blah blah Blaaaaaahh.


          That’s the extent of what I read and what is relevant in whatever you post.

    • So SOS you don’t think she has to answer to anything like the rest ex-nxivms? What gives her a free pass? How can you say she’s completely innocent if you don’t know her. You behavior is very strange like you have ESP

      • Who says she has to answer to a bunch of anonymous commentators on blog?

        She only has to answer to the government if she did anything illegal and/or anyone she could be shown to be the main causal responsibility in harming anyone in NXIVM. That’s it.

    • Lala
      Yes….I lived right near the Peace Arch crossing during that time period, and I can verify that is exactly what KK did. Everyday. Walking across the border, loonies rolling all over…the US border guards, just dumber than shit, did not notice a thing!
      But there was that one time I tried to bring some apples over the border….damn, those guards were on THAT pretty quick!

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