Source: Siobhan Hotaling’s ethical breach

one of the few of the Old Guard to turn down a chance at believing his lie that she would have his avatar baby. Why? Because she is gay. Keith Raniere pronounced that declination as her ethical breach.

Here is what a lady from Clifton Park had to say:

Siobhan Hotaling is an EMP. She is also Allison Mack’s punching bag.

Allison takes out her “meanness and bitchiness” on her just like Lauren Salzman takes her “bitchiness and meanness” out on Allison.

Everyone knows Siobhan had an ethical breach. It was “non-integrity”, [lack of] loyalty.

Her breach was she refused to fuck Keith.

Of course, it was said differently: Her ethical breach was: “She refused to have Keith’s baby.”

She did not want to have a baby. She’s a lesbian. And not the motherly type.

But Keith probably had no intention of having a baby. He likes “missionary work”. [Trying to convert lesbians.]

If she had sex, Keith might have found that, after fucking her, she had another ethical breach. Then, like he did with Ivy [Nevares,] Lauren [Salzman,] Allison [Mack], Barbie [Bouchey] and others, he would have found another ethical breach that kept her from getting pregnant.

Siobhan could have had it all.  But she did not agree to have his baby. Now, it is too late. Bullshit.

She didn’t want to fuck him. She’s a lesbian for Christ’s sake.

Siobhan knows Vanguard is full of shit. I know she would like to get out. But she makes money EMing people. But that is drying up. People who can pay that is.

She does NOT make any money with her music.  Yet Vanguard keeps telling her she is going to be like the next Beyonce.

Another intelligent woman wasting her life. Thanks to Vanguard.


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‘She knows he is full of shit, but stays on for the money’ says a source.



Allison and Siobhan both are under the spell of Vanguard. But one of them did not want to have his golden avatar child….


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  • Siobhan, I’ve been in circles to have known you since childhood. A bf even lived next to you. Never have I heard anyone describe you as less than amazing. You were always fun, insightful and confident. You did your thing & your thing is amazing. You were born amazing, you are still amazing. You don’t need anyone’s guidance. Follow your moral compass! Please get back in touch with old friends, everyone misses you! It’ll be OK. No one on the outside wants anything but your success and happiness in this life. We LOVE YOU!!! No matter what, we love you & you’re a precious gift. I can still hear you laugh & see you smile. Your light shines bright. You are loved.

  • Siobhan, I do not know you at all. Start working on your exit plan now, get out while you can. Even if it means working a $12 an hour job at Starbucks or two $12 an hour jobs it will all be worth it in the end. Keith is mind fucking you since he cant fuck you. He just wants to see how far he can go with people. He toys with people because he is a sick motherfucker. He never wanted to father a child with you that is his spin so he can put an Ethical Breach on you. Note: in the real world we outsiders don’t talk about Ethical breaches, most of us are born with a normal internal moral compass and no where our boundaries are. We know what is right and what is wrong. We do not need to be dragged before the harem or higher council, whose motives are obviously not pure to be told about how we have wronged them or Uncle Keith. You have been gaslighted for so long do you even know what is real?

    I leave you with a couple of things:

    “The human spirit can only be suppressed so long before it says it’s had enough.” Todd McCullough. –


    To thine own self be true

    Go to a safe place and watch Holy Hell, also watch Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath.

    Then honestly ask yourself: Have you had enough yet?

  • I heard Siobahn is going to be getting married soon, so this comment is to her fiancé:

    Congrats, Siobahn is a wonderful woman and I’m so happy you’ve found each other. If you’re reading this you’re probably aware that Keith Raniere and ESP have been abusing people (and Siobahn) for years. I respect that you are probably trying to ‘gather data’ before forming an opinion either way about whether ESP is good, and I want to encourage you to read up about ‘High demand groups’. ESP is a High Demand Group and is very destructive to it’s members. Siobahn’s goodness has been used against her and they have abused her for years. She will probably share with you that she is not being paid much, and maybe she’ll say it’s her fault, but I want to say please help her see that it’s not normal to be treated so badly. Please encourage her to get another job so she doesn’t feel so dependent on the organization. Please love her and care for her so she knows what that’s like and in comparison she sees that Keith is not actually loving or caring.

    I hope one day we can all hang out and talk about these days. Above all, thank you for helping her get at least geographically away from this destructive group.

  • Dear Sioban. The use of the term Ethical Breach (referenced above) is an abuse. There probably ARE real moral injuries one can do to oneself. But to refuse to have sex with and/or conceive a child with some leader is NOT an abuse or an “Ethical Breach”. That sounds like some malignant narcissist trying to head-fuck you for DECADES so you are forever in ‘debt’! Not having sex with and/or conceiving a child with him is NOT an injury to yourself and CERTAINLY not to him (maybe only to his very fragile unstable ego). Sounds like some crappy logic a man might use to try and entrap girls. It’s GASLIGHTING101 Some part of you must know how ridiculous it sounds right? “My Ethical Breach is I didn’t have his baby.”… ? WTF! That’s Cray! You are not the ‘sinner’. The moral abuse is on the part of the leader and the Bitter Two-Faced Gestapo SPINSTERS that are enforcing this kind of thing. Please!!! Listen to how it sounds. It’s insane! You cannot waste your whole life on some bullshit fairytale about this terrible thing you supposedly did. For God’s sake READ, QUESTION, USE SOME LOGIC!!!!

    ….. Facepalm

  • Siobahn you’re a good person. You’ve been in ESP for so long you can’t tell that the kind of abuse you’re suffering is not normal. Many people have found the courage to leave. If you leave you will not be alone. I know you’re afraid of losing your friends and I want to reassure you we will all be here for you once you’re out. There is a large group of us who care about each other, are kind to each other, and support each other in ways you would never ever experience as long as you’re still under the suppression of NXIVM. You know things are bad but you think you’re bad. Please know that you’re good and you’re worthy and we love you.

  • Siobhan they have used and abused you long enough. I see your photos & think how sad or upset you look in most of them.

    Start making your exit plan now as the number of people leaving is only going to get worse & the number coming in is going to be less & less.

    He has gone too far & crossed a line that the company is not going to recover from. As more things get exposed & when legal issues come to the forefront you don’t want to be left high, dry & totally unemployable.

    You do have talent but have been held back to be punished.

    You have so much more to offer yourself but first you must break free from the bondage you have put upon yourself & heal your open wounds

    If you stay you only open yourself for more stories about you as you are one of them. One who supports their agenda their the abuse of EM (mind bending / brainwashing) those who do not fall in line.

  • Siobhan you are a good person. What are you doing? You see what Keith is. We’ve spoken about it. It’s time to get out. You are logical and can see the problems. Get out now. You are barely making any money anyways. Cut your losses before they get worse. Evil is evil. I know you read this blog.

  • Lesbians aside, and I may be generalizing, but it seems to me that most of the younger women who are single, join this group, and get drawn deeper into it, lose their natural motherly instinct. Perhaps it’s just part of their brainwashing process. After all, if a woman has a kid, that usually becomes her top priority, and that can’t happen because it will take the place of serving VanDouche’s big and little heads.

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