Guest View: ‘Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse are among the strongest, bravest, truest, most compassionate’

Susan Dones interviewed by Dr. Oz on the subject of Keith Raniere.

Another reader weighs in – in defense of Susan Dones.  The writer here clearly indicates she was part of the NXIVM team and calls herself:

By Not the Heidi Troll

Methinks I sniff the most foul, odiferous droppings of an epic Scott-Schlock squat.

That ain’t no way to treat this lady and Frank knows better.

Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse are among the strongest, bravest, truest, most compassionate — making them the most unique — people I’ve ever had the privilege to know.

They gave up everything and left NXIVM with the other nine top-ranking women in the cult at the time; the moment their suspicions of criminal and immoral activities were confirmed — by none other than the Vanguard beast himself.

Among the evidence they preserved for law enforcement —which turned a blind eye for years — is a recorded interview with Keith Raniere wherein he admits to having had “people killed for his beliefs or for their beliefs.” And, no, he was not kidding nor was he lying…for a change.

Keith Raniere explains he has had people killed

As one might imagine, and as anyone who’s tangled with the dark side of NXIVM well knows, all manner of vengeful hell was called upon to reign down on Dones and Woolhouse including, of course, a standard Clare Bronfman lawsuit grounded on outrageous, perjurious criminal claims against Dones and Woolhouse.

The two innocent, soon penniless women were forced to represent themselves In Pro Se; alone in court, against “Latham and Watkins’” finest, with the infamous Robert Crockett, Esquire acting as lead counsel.

It was unfathomable! David vs. Goliath is a child’s bedtime story by comparison to these two gals vs. the wealthiest, wickedest heiress on Earth under the spell of perhaps its slimiest psychopath (Vanguard) hellbent on a path of destruction against them.

A few of us, including Joe O’hara, Toni Natalie, John Tighe and myself, desperately scrambled to help find them a merciful, pro- bono lawyer and, failing that, help research laws, file pleadings, strategize, etc.


Heidi Hutchinson, sister of the later Gina Hutchinson, was an anti-NXIVM fighter for years.

In the face of such formidable opposition, most “women” (I dare say) would have been reduced to a pile of snot and tissue.

Kim Woolhouse

But even through some tears of grief and remorse, Dones and Woolhouse stood the Satanists down in court and, ultimately, won the case with a big admonishment from the Judge that NXIVM would have been wise to heed but for their insatiable, undeterred thirst for wickedness.

Frank would be wise to at least seriously consider Dones’ viewpoint on Kruek, as opposed to the despised, cowardly, ad hominem, bigot in which he has apparently misplaced his loyalty.

Roger Stone – has Frank Parlato put his trust in him?

But, seeing as Frank prefers to foolishly (IMO) place his stubborn trust in the alt-right boy’s club likes of THE Roger Stone, the ex-Nexian who hooked Frank up with Raniere to begin with, I suppose he’ll just have to keep learning the hard way. (I do hope Frank’s team-Trump bro buddies will bail him out when he’s left hanging, but judging by what’s become of Stone himself…)

All Susan’s really asking for is a show of compassion and maybe a little respect for the victims of NXIVM who may not be as strong, brave or capable as she and Kim.

And Susan’s point that this tabloid “starlet” coverage might distract from the actual criminals and their acts is well-taken.

Yes, Frank apparently admits that it’s click bait, but it could also be jail-bait.… Right Flowergirl?


Keith Raniere


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  • Heidi
    A few more questions.
    You mention that you know Frank quite well. How do you know him, as I thought you were never a NXIVM member, and that Frank only worked for NXIVM for a short time? Were you both connected to NXIVM during the same time period?

    Also, who are the other alt-right men you mentioned? Apparently you mean Scott Johnson, but are there other regular posters here who also identify as alt-right?

    • I wouldn’t expect Heidi to answer anything honestly.

      Just a few minutes ago Heidi (or her buddies) ran to Frank to get my latest response to her deleted. LOL.

      What a wussy. 🙂

      She talks really tough as though she can debate anybody — but when a post is made which totally destroys her and her sister’s bullshit point by point, she can only cope by going to Uncle Frank to get it deleted. That’s weak.

      Heidi frequently goes off topic and attacks everybody when Frank has forbid that behavior, yet Frank then deletes my comments which respond to her insults — but leaves her comments alone.

      Frank… Spare me the “Gina” exception sir, since I never discussed her death — I merely pointed out where Heidi’s story doesn’t make sense surrounding Gina’s involvement in developing NXIVM technologies, using sarcasm. It’s clear that Heidi’s wittle feelings got hurt and she or her buddies ran to you to get it deleted.

      No need to respond.

      I get it, I’m the next Scott in your mind — and you’ll selectively enforce the civility rules against me but not against others openly breaking them. LOL.

      • Dont be so sure that Heidi is asking to have the comments deleted, or even that Frank is deleting them.
        The blog could be hacked.
        Or, the comments could be deleted for another reason besides Heidi having hurt feelings.
        She doesn’t strike me as a person who gets hurt feelings that easily.
        I think something else may be going on here.

  • Sure is a lot of mind readers on here. Again I don’t see Kristin as being accused so much as being asked to explain her role and what she was aware of while actively participating. And the truth about how long she was a member, to many people exes seem to believe she was active as late as 2016. Why don’t you tell the media yourself Kristin instead of letting others talk for you. Do you really not get that’s not working. Especially if those standing in for you are ex-nxivms

    • I don’t trust the ex-NXIVM people at all.

      Susan Dones went to the press to do damage control for Kreuk claiming Kreuk left shortly after she did in 2009. What BS.
      Kreuk herself claims 2013 and retweeted Sarah Edmondson’s defense of her which also stated 2013.

      However, Kreuk was still a supporter of NXIVM even after 2013.

      Also, Sarah Edmondson is hardly a trustworthy individual. She is talking to the feds about crimes, meaning she knows and knew about crimes. Does she sound like a good moral person who only learnt the truth after being branded?

  • All of this bickering about Kristen Kreuk and her culpability helps only one group of people.
    Keith Raniere and his Flying Monkeys awaiting trial.
    If Ms. Kreuk committed crimes on behalf of NXIVM, it will be contained in NXIVM’s voluminous computer files and will eventually come out.
    Until then focus on the defendants and not fighting each other.

  • Great stuff and props to all those strong ladies who fought back – with their lives, as opposed to an index finger and a keyboard. And managed to keep their good humour and grace intact. Many lessons for those who care to learn…Sadly I think Frank’s heart and mind aligns with the worst this board has to offer, but that doesn’t really matter. Karma is writing the script, all actions count, including Frank’s, he really contributed to the demise of Nxium, but as to his own position, let Scott and Flowers continue to illustrate his ethics, its his choice.

    • Quick note: I know Frank pretty well and he’s not really as chauvinistic as most of the alt-right reps on here. For an old-school Sicilian from a long line of “Don Parlato’s” Frank’s a lion-hearted kitten when it comes to the ladies. He’s nothing close to a bigot, either. Just a good ole boy Republican who thinks America was great when Mom’s knew more about baking a lasagne than politics or business.

    • Another poster missing the point. Frank is a forum, a place to give opinions. Like yours or mine or Susan Dones. This case will be played out in a court of law, so instead of blaming Frank for what others write look at the whole picture.
      I guess every ex Nxivm is petrified by the Frank Report. It’s out of his hands what happens next. The fact that he finally got someone to listen and do something about it goes directly to Keith’s ego by starting DOS. Keith put himself in jail and his ego will keep him there. The superceding indictments will answer the other most pressing questions. One fact Susan pointed out is very true. Not every espian was involved in the illegal side of things. But those that worked for the company knew some of the truth

  • I have no idea what Heidi’s little insult towards me is all about, (and considering that I’ve never said that I thought Kruek was guilty, Heidi’s dig towards me is highly illogical.) I find it disturbing that a woman of Heidi’s rather advantaged age behaves like a highschool mean-girl. It’s especially bizarre because anyone re-reading the old comments can plainly see that she engaged me first (with a nasty remark, and for no reason at all) and she has continued to so do.

    Heidi, Frank has explained to you that I’m not Scott, (Frank is able to see our IPs and locations)but you refuse to accept the facts.

    Ask yourself this question, Heidi – if I were Scott, what purpose would it serve to critisize Kruek under one name, and then defend her using another alias? I fail to see the point of anyone doing that.

    • Heidi went on a rampage against you and Scott in the previous thread just under this one — but she did it using an “anonymous” user name.

      She went totally berserk with calling you guys names, LOL. She is one angry woman, nearly psychotic in her temperament. 🙂

      Her comment is here: “Reader defends Frank Report handling of Kristin Kreuk story”

      (I tried to post a link to her comment, but my post didn’t seem to go thru)

      • Girl you are the only person obsessed with HH, Why? Do you think you might be in with a chance? Too pretty? Happy? successful?
        Why not put effort into making your own sad life a bit better ?

        • Anon, for all I know, you are could be Heidi. You both sound very similar, and your logic and read skills are on par, since you don’t seem to notice that she’s the obsessed one who has mentioned me in her post. Again. For no reason at all.

          Heidi is aware that I’m not Scott, yet she continues to attack me. I actually wouldn’t care about her and her odd and faulty logic, except it sounds as though she is threatening me in some way with her passive aggressive comment about “jailbait”.

          To be honest , I dont even understand what she is insinuating with her remark about me. As far as I know, the term jailbait is a slang used to describe underage girls who appear older than they really are….so Heidi’s use of that word here is both confusing and troubling.

          Maybe she will explain what she was referring to?

          • “Flowergirl” is a name being posted under lately which I did not initially assume had anything to do with you or Schlock, “Flowers.”

            “Odd” that you assume the “Flowergirl” I mention was a reference to either you or our resident KKK official. Much less an “attack.”

            Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some Garden pruning to do with a new set of sharp, long shears I got in case you or the KKK ever appear here — stalker.

          • More passive aggressive remarks and some obvious lies from someone who might be Heidi (but who probably is not. Who can tell when the anon icon is used?)

            The trolls can keep chattering away like toddlers having tantrums, I don’t care. But it is noted that these remarks directed towards me are once again threatening (this time in a way that implies violence)

            Frank, you may want to consider banning those type of remarks that imply physical violence.

          • Good question. And you might also note that the dumbass duo tend to post in strings — especially when “Flowers” was whining about how one of her floppy little petals was wilted —as is, I suspect, the typical state of Schlock’s “male” counterpart.

            “ME” is among Schlock’s latest alias’ which “Flowers” now rarely responds to.

        • Heather, while it isn’t your business, you brought it up, so I have to ask what you meant by that comment. Are you saying that you think someone is impersonating Heidi? Obviously you wouldn’t know if that’s true or not, but if someone were doing that, perhaps she should alert Frank so that he can ban the imposter’s IP.

        • No, fellow anon, Scott has the courage of his convictions, and when he posts infrequently, and doesn’t stand in the way of his own light, he can be very funny, very sharp. I wouldn’t move to ban Scott, even though my politics are diametrically opposed to his.

          This is a Democracy I would die for the right for both Scott and I to be strongly represented in our different ways, by a government created to do just that, anything less would be a dictatorship. Trump won the election. People voted in numbers to be free of the corruption perpetrated by the democrats, why is it so difficult to live with the fact that democrats and liberals and even socialists can be every bit as corrupt as republicans and fascists? Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. I have sympathy for Trump voters and their refusal to be patronised by the Liberal Elite.

          Flowers just hates women who were once targeted by NX, or are suffering grave illness, especially any she perceives as ‘pretty’ ‘smart’ or more interesting than herself, this is vain and narcissistic, in short basic trolling.

        • Yes, yes, yes, they both are wasting this thread too let’s ignore them and move on this post is about Susan Frank, Roger and Kristin not # flowers or# scott.

    • Flowers no one cares. Comment on the posts. Wether Heidi likes you or not the rest of us could care less. Get over yourself.

      • Heather, once again- NOT your business.
        Unless you’re actually Heidi?
        Which seems pretty likely at this point, since you so obsessed with me.
        Concentrate on yourself Heather, instead of poking your nose into other people’s business.

  • I understand the “I’ve had people killed” comment to be Raniere had his followers killed by others, perhaps in Mexico? After all, Raniere developed a peace movement lesson plan for Mexicans.

    • I heard Roger wanted Frank to “mooch on” (move on) with him to greener pastueres than NXIVM when Vanfraud and his Bronfman heiress financiers placed their bets on the wrong horse in the presidential race and funded Hillary as opposed to Trump.

      But Frank had some NXIVM real estate business to take Clare of plus he’d fallen in love with one of Keith’s distressed damsels.

      • Please, if not a name then a definite description…I just knew there was heart involved.. there had to be, Frank is definitely…
        Come on girl, give us a clue !!

  • Why is Susan Dones defending Kristin “not a victim” Kreuk? What did Kreuk do for her when she was being dragged thru the shit? Nothing. Still a devoted cult member. Dones wants you to think once she was going thru all this, Kreuk left. Lies. But why lie? Why lie for Kreuk?

    • Who cares why? What difference, at this point, does it make? All I care about is Susan is talking, we need more former NXIVM folks to speak up. Come on, we know you’re reading this website, speak up.

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