Where will Raniere be incarcerated [if he’s convicted]?

Although his trial may not start for another year – and although the outcome of every trial is always uncertain – my prediction is “he’s taking the fall.”

It’s not too early to start thinking about where 58-year-old Keith Alan Raniere (AKA The Vanguard) may spend the next 20 years or so of his life.

This is, therefore, as good a time as any to begin to look at how the Feds determine where to place particular prisoners.

First, it’s important to note that the “designation process” is controlled by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). While the sentencing judge can make a recommendation as to where a prisoner should serve his/her time, in the end, it’s the BOP who has final say. Although the BOP states it treats judicial recommendations seriously, it emphasizes that such recommendations will not override security concerns.

The BOP has a special unit located in Grand Prairie, TX that is responsible for deciding where a prisoner should be designated. It also has a 108-page manual that describes the factors it takes into consideration when making that decision.

The first thing the BOP determines is the prisoner’s “security level”. To do that, the BOP relies on information contained in the “Presentence Investigative Report” – which is compiled by the local U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services (USPPS) officer who has been assigned to a case.

In Vanguard’s case, the USPPS has already recommended that he not be released on bail while awaiting trial – which does not bode well for him in terms of what his “Presentence Investigative Report” will recommend if he is convicted. Even if he gets a new USPPS officer to compile the report [again, assuming he is convicted], that officer will have access to the prosecutors – and the trial judge – in putting together that report which will likely seal the fate of the Vanguard in regard to where his next and perhaps final home will be.

If Raniere is convicted of any sex-related crime, he will automatically be given the “Sex Offender Public Safety Factor” – which means he must be designated to a “secure facility”. Even if he somehow avoids that, he’ll still end up in a “maximum security facility” if his sentence is more than 10-years.

A conviction on a sex-related crime could also result in Raniere being ordered to participate in a sex offender treatment program – which could have an impact on where he’s assigned (Not every federal prison operates such a program). Should that event occur, Raniere will find himself surrounded by sex offenders – which, incidentally, is exactly his current situation at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY, where he remains incarcerated, having been denied bail, as he awaits trial.

In addition to looking at the crimes that a prisoner was convicted of, the BOP may take into consideration any other crimes the prisoner was accused of. In Raniere’s case, this will likely end up being a dozen or more crimes.

The BOP will also take into consideration the location of a prisoner’s family when deciding where to send the prisoner. In Raniere’s case, his only known family is his elderly father, who has not visited him since he’s been incarcerated — and his two sons, one of whom is in hiding from him and the other of whom is in Mexico.

It’s not likely that the BOP will take into consideration the location of harem members or DOS slaves when it’s deciding where to place the prisoner Raniere.

What are the likely prospects for Raniere’s new “home-away-from-home”?  As the BOP notes on its website, it has “many facilities”. In fact, it has 122 prison locations – plus another 11 facilities operated by private corporations.

If Raniere is designated to stay in the Northeast Region, there are numerous options for where he could be assigned. But only three of them are “maximum security” level prisons – which is where The Vanguard will almost certainly end up:

– Allenwood (Pennsylvania)

– Canaan (Pennsylvania)

– Lewisburg (Pennsylvania)

Of course, there’s another possibility – especially as more evidence unfolds about how dangerous Raniere truly is: If the BOP decides that Raniere is a very dangerous criminal – [capable of manipulating, influencing, hypnotizing, brainwashing or otherwise potentially harming other prisoners or guards] – it may decide to play it safe and send him to the one place where he will have little chance to use his ‘Tech” on other prisoners or employees of the prison. That facility is ADX Florence, the supermax prison located in Colorado.

Here’s a little bit of Wikipedia’s description of what that place is like:

ADX Florence is a 37-acre, 490-bed complex at 5880 Highway 67, Florence, Colorado, about 100 miles south of Denver and 40 miles south of Colorado Springs. It is one part of the Florence Federal Correctional Complex (FFCC) which comprises three correctional facilities, each with a different security rating.

The majority of the facility is above ground. The only part that is underground is a subterranean corridor that links cellblocks to the lobby. Inmates spend 23 hours a day locked in their cells and are escorted by a minimum of three officers for their five hours of private recreation per week.

Each cell has a desk, a stool, and a bed, which are almost entirely made out of poured concrete, as well as a toilet that shuts off if blocked, a shower that runs on a timer to prevent flooding, and a sink lacking a potentially dangerous tap.

Rooms may also be fitted with polished steel mirrors bolted to the wall, an electric light that can be shut off only remotely, a radio, and on rare occasions, a black-and-white television that shows recreational, educational, and religious programming.

In addition, all cells are soundproofed to prevent prisoners from communicating with each other via Morse code.

The 1⁄3-by-4-foot  windows are designed to prevent inmates from knowing their specific location within the complex because they can see only the sky and roof through them, making it virtually impossible to plan an escape.

Inmates exercise in a concrete pit resembling an empty swimming pool, also designed to prevent them from knowing their location in the facility.The pit is only large enough for a prisoner to walk 10 steps in a straight line, or 31 steps in a circle.

Telecommunication with the outside world is forbidden, and food is hand-delivered by correction officers. However, inmates sent here from other prisons can potentially be allowed to eat in a shared dining room.

The prison as a whole contains a multitude of motion detectors and cameras, and 1,400 remote-controlled steel doors.

Officers in the prison’s Control Center monitor inmates 24 hours a day and can activate a “panic button” that instantly closes every door in the facility should an escape attempt be suspected.

Pressure pads and 12-foot-tall razor wire fences surround the perimeter, which is patrolled by heavily armed officers.

    In the case of inmates who are deemed to be extreme security risks, the center of the prison houses an area known as “Z-Unit”. Each of the three Z-Unit cells is equipped with a full set of body restraints that are built directly into the concrete bed, as is true for every cell in the facility.


Of course, Raniere may not go to the supermax. He may just get a high-security designation.

All high-security federal prisons have either multiple reinforced fences or an actual wall surrounding the prison. Most also have gun towers. All types of prisoners are permitted to be housed in high-security prisons, though some, such as sex offenders and informants, have a hard time staying due to violent acts perpetrated against them. As far as regular security federal prisons go, high-security prisons have the highest staffing levels.

Now for some artwork on the man known to be one of the top three problem solvers in the world to illustrate the problem he now must solve. {Note to Raniere’s lawyers- these are not actual photographs].

He was once a happy little guy who enjoyed teaching his many followers and relaxing in his Clifton Park gardens.


Now he resides in swank accommodations in Brooklyn.

When he’s convicted, he will be relocated to a maximum security facility somewhere – quite possibly in Colorado.

Of course, with the Bronfman money, perhaps Keith thinks he can simply buy his way out of this predicament.

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  • I’m not sure how useful it is to speculate on where his incarceration will happen. There’s a good chance Raniere will never be convicted.

    On the one hand, Raniere has excellent council and it would be wrong to assume recent events will play much of a role in his defense. It’s very likely NXIVM adherents will be lining up to testify their actions were consensual and that will make the the sex trafficking crimes tough to prosecute. I believe prosecutors will have a much easier time with the money laundering charges, but – even then – he could end up on probation or in a white collar prison. All that seized evidence might do more to incriminate others than Raniere, he engaged in a lot of behaviors designed to disguise his actual role in the affairs of NXIVM. There’s a good chance he actually did insulate himself from prosecution and others are going to take the fall.

    On the other hand, it doesn’t sound like Raniere is fairing well in prison. One of the things I know is that pre-trial detention is very hard on people, there’s a psychology to being incarcerated where one must give up hope of eventual release to accept their present surroundings. It does not sound like Raniere is anywhere close to making that turn.

    Being detained for extended periods without being convicted does something to people, akin to a fugue state. The prisoner still believes there’s a chance of being restored to previous life circumstances while simultaneously embracing the despair all prisoners encounter over the loss of freedom and personal dignity. This dread builds over an extended period as prisoners try to reconcile those wildly competing world views, you just can’t imagine how important an internally-consistent world view actually is.

    The response to a perceived gap is often self-harm. It happens fast, like a switch. One day, you’re with someone who seems very optimistic about the future, the next, you find out that person checked out when no one was looking. While I don’t have any data to support this, it always seems like it’s the smart ones (or the ones who think they’re smart) who are the most vulnerable. I think they feel an immense sense of failure over not being able to convince others of their innocence and it just consumes them.

    That’s why I say the odds of Raniere ever being convicted are slim. There’s a better chance his council gets the charges thrown out, or he does himself in, or both – offing himself after getting out and finding his little empire is gone and no one wants anything to do with him.


    This is a boring topic anyway, so let’s talk about something real.

    FAUX Social Justice Warriors

    I want to point out that ‘Faux’ Social Justice Warriors are hurting women more than helping them.

    For instance, clowns like Heidi and Flowers (and many others here) hate Trump and Kavanaugh and think they’re rapists (because women never lie — well, except for Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax, UVA rape Hoax, etc).

    However, when Bill Clinton had 7 women accusing him of everything from rape to sexual abuse to exposing himself — these Social Justice Warriors not only ignored such claims, but they actually supported Bill Clinton and his wife even though they acted to shut these women up.

    As another example, clowns like Heidi and Flowers hate Kavanaugh but love Keith Ellison —- a man who has a REAL claim of female abuse against him, including a real 911 call from his ex girlfriend as proof.

    But these ladies have no problem calling that women a liar and supporting Keith as a major leader of the democratic party. She’s a liar in their minds, and is not to be believed.

    What about Ted Kennedy?

    He drunkenly wrecked a car with a woman inside, then left her inside the car (dead) under water until he could run home and concoct a better story for law enforcement (all the while the woman was left inside the car dead, like a piece of trash, for many hours).

    But these Social Justice Warriors supported Ted Kennedy until his dying breath.

    They hated Bush because he had a DUI thirty years ago where nobody got hurt —- but they loved Ted Kennedy after he drunkenly KILLED an innocent woman and left her for dead in a car.

    Yeah, that makes a lot of logical sense.

    They hate Kavanaugh for allegedly exposing himself to a woman in college (with a shaky witness who’s not very credible) but they loved Bill Clinton for exposing himself to Paula Jones and even settling a lawsuit with her over it.

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

    What about the rape claims against Clinton? What about sexual assault?

    What does this say about the moral character of these “faux” social justice warriors? They claim that all women should be believed, but even they don’t believe all women. LOL.

    No wonder Heidi kept talking to Raniere even after he abused her sister. She’s a real phony. If God is watching, he’s gonna shit on Heidi when she tries to enter Heaven.

    Hijack over. 🙂

    • I dont know about those other bitches you mentioned , but I would rather be seduced by slick Willy than raped by the ugly boofer guy.
      And didn’t Willy finally admit to unleashing little Willy , or did he keep lying too , like poofer or booger or whatever hes called?

  • @Scott, you are probably right. For someone completely brainwashed, I don’t expect Pea Onyu to have an epiphany and change her mind. I would just love to see the reason and logic behind her beliefs. I am truly baffled.

  • Pea, I am not attacking or condemning you for your beliefs. I just want to make that clear. I am truly trying to understand. I had one more thought that I wanted to ask you about. There are many great men and women who have been killed or locked up for their beliefs. Christ himself was killed. Martin Luther King Jr., Sophie Scholl, William Tyndale, and many many others. If Keith Raniere truly is a great man being persecuted unjustly, then I and many others are in great need of repentance and change. But, when I compare their lives, there are just a couple of things that fly in the face of reason and logic. Branding with initials. I can’t imagine MLK branding people in support of his beliefs. I can’t imagine any great person doing that. Having a 2 week celebration of ones own birthday. It is fueled by ego. I can’t see it. There are countless other examples. All I see when watching the “interview” with Allison Mack and Keith is a man puffed up with pride and ego. I don’t see a humble man. I don’t see a great man. So, how do you reconcile these differences? I honestly want to know. How is Keith a martyr and not someone who is locked up for the bad things he has done?

  • I wish Rick Ross and/or any cult expert would write an article for Frank Report now that so much has come out. Brainwashing and NLP explain some behaviors , does anyone think drugs of any type were used?

    • I can’t believe this IDIOT is still posting on this blog.

      No one wants to hear about Amway, your undercover work at Amway, your CIA implants, space aliens, or your radio show with 2 listeners.

      For punishment, lock up Vanguard with Scott Johnson. Whoa Nellie

  • Also, Pea, I am curious to know, what prophecy are you referring to? Is it biblical? And he is the true one? What “one” are you referring to? Do you believe he is a prophet or Christ himself? Refer to my previous post and answer: What good has he produced?

  • You are correct, Pea. But your adoration for him (and not only your persistence that he’s innocent, but your believing that he is a moral and ethical person) is troubling, given what he has done. It’s one thing to stay neutral and believe in innocence until proven guilty, it’s another thing to actually respect and adore the man when the whole world is already aware of the monster he is. Scripturally speaking, “by their fruits ye shall know them”. What are his good fruits? What has he produced that is good? You believe sex with minors is good? You believe financially ruining people is good? You believe tax evasion is good? You believe locking up a woman for 18 months is good? You believe human trafficking is good? You believe lying is good? (The world knows his true GPA). Do you really believe that he has produced good things??

  • if we all voluntarily try courtesy toward one another and debate issues on their meirits I think it will show a spirit of support for Frank Report. I think if that lack of support is missing then I think those who delight in rudeness especially anonymous rudeness should be asked to join other forums and leave this one behind.

  • Have you not considered the doctrine of innocent until proven guilty so cherished in your country? He has been convicted of nothing. He is therefore innocent by your nation’s law.

  • It’s wrong and disrespectful to photoshop him on other people’s bodies -disrespectful to the other people. It’s oretty clear in the one photo that it is from Star Trek. And the photoshop of his head on the monopoly card must be a clear destructive ethical breach against the Parker Brothers. What does it mean if Clare Bronfman doesn’t bring suit immediately.

  • Any update on Frank’s case? If he’s convicted, would he have to go to prison right away and where would he most likely end up? If he is sent away, what would happen to the blog? Has he made arrangements for someone like you to keep it going?

  • I can never get enough of his head photoshopped onto garden gnomes. More, please.

    Since his father isn’t stepping up to claim him, there is no “family” for him to have a reason to stay based in the NE.

    My prediction is 20 years to life of regular intervals of diesel therapy being shifted around to every supermax in the country.

    As Frank says, Viva Executive Success !

  • MATTHEW 24:24 false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.

    • Keith is the true one. I think a lot of people now realize this and feel sorrow in their hearts for his great burden.

      • The day Pea Onyu actually answers a question rather than general blather about the great vanguard, then I might believe she’s a real cult member.
        But just in case you said he chose to be arrested and charged on purpose. What would that be?
        And do you think he may try to plea himself down now that he’s aware his chances of beating this rap are nil. Escaping is unlikely too.

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