Prosecution’s Latest Filing Portends Big Problems For Raniere Et Al

Inside this house - Nancy Salzman's house at 3 Oregon Trail in Waterford NY -was some 51 devices that were seized by the FBI.

Lost in the buzz surrounding Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis’ admonishing of the defense attorneys for Keith Raniere and his cohorts-in-crime at last week’s Status Conference was the prosecution’s filing of a Memorandum-of-Law regarding how certain seized materials should be treated.

That filing may be more explosive than the judge’s chastisement of the defense attorneys for their apparent disrespect for his position.

In the Memorandum, there are some revelations that should cause all six of the current defendants – Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Kathy Russell, and Nancy Salzman – to lose more than a little sleep.

In that filing, the prosecution lays out its arguments as to why it believes it should be able to turn over “entire forensic copies of certain electronic evidence in its possession, pursuant to a protective order, to all defendants in the above-captioned case”. That, in fact, is exactly what the prosecution was doing until Nancy Salzman’s attorneys filed an objection to that process in late August.

The electronic evidence in question came from fifty-one electronic devices, including external hard drives and thumb drives, that were seized from Nancy Salzman’s house. The prosecution refers to these as “the Oregon Trail Devices”.

Judge Garaufis will likely rule on this matter within the next week or so. But regardless of which way he rules – and my sense is that he will rule for the prosecution – it’s what the prosecution disclosed in its Memorandum-of-Law that should be so disturbing to the defendants.

Here are some examples (Note: In this context, the term “other defendants” refers to Raniere, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell):

“A preliminary review of the Oregon Trail Devices has indicated that a very large quantity of material on the Oregon Trail Devices consists of documents or files authored by other defendants or witnesses in this case, including NXIVM course materials and documents shared or authored by other defendants”.

“…some of the Oregon Trail Devices contain files which appear to contain confessions of ‘breaches’ or other acknowledgments of purported personal failings authored by other defendants in the case”.

“Based on its initial search, the Oregon Trail Devices contain evidence that would be admissible as to all defendants as enterprise evidence, among other things”.

“The conspiracy charged in this case involves the intimate and near-daily association of the defendants for over a decade. Not surprisingly, therefore, the content of the Oregon Trail Devices includes data created by, or sent to, or related to, NXIVM and the defendants charged in this case”.

Clearly, the FBI found a treasure trove of evidence when it raided Nancy Salzman’s home two days after Raniere was arrested in Mexico. Which raises several questions – and calls into question just how bright Raniere really is (Despite his oft-repeated claim of being the “smartest man in the world”, he did only achieve a 2.26 GPA while in college).

Such as:

– Why did Raniere entrust all these potentially damming materials to Nancy Salzman, the former Queen Bee of his cult who he demoted in favor of Clare Bronfman? Didn’t it ever occur to him that Nancy might be a little pissed-off about having to beg Clare for her monthly allowance?

– Why didn’t Raniere dispose of all these materials before he fled to Mexico? He knew the Feds were investigating him – and probably could have had a nice “burn party” before he left town.

– Why would Nancy not have disposed of these materials after she found out Keith had been arrested? Did she deliberately hold onto them – and more than $500,000 in cash – to ensure that the Feds would be able to take Vanguard down?

– Why did Raniere insist on having so many things recorded? Didn’t it ever occur to him that all this stuff could be used as evidence against him someday?

If you were one of the defendants in this case, this latest disclosure by the government should have already caused you to tell your attorney to see if you can get a decent plea deal from the government. Unfortunately, since Clare’s paying for your attorney, you’re probably reluctant to do that out of fear that it would cause her to cut off that funding.

And if you’re one of the many potential defendants who has not yet been charged, you ought to be calling friends and family members to try and raise enough money to hire your own attorney to seek out a plea deal. Or maybe try using a GoFundMe Campaign for that purpose (I’ll promote any such campaigns here on the Frank Report).

It’s ironic that Raniere’s perverted need to collect blackmail material on people – and the arrogance that he built up by getting away with his crimes for almost two decades – have made it so easy for the prosecution to put him away. It’s almost like he’s helping them.

Read the entire prosecution document:


Keith Raniere at V-Week amuses and awes his followers.

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  • […] October 7, 2018 at 9:13 pm Tell me troll, are you paid to post here or are you a true believer? Is your name a tribute to Ayn Rand or to the moon Goddess Rhiannon, who well serviced our Vanguard in her youthful splendor? Ryanne S- response: I don’t know Pea, because I’m not the inventor of this dumb name. Allison is the one who chose it, so ask her!  Who is Rhiannon?, I’ve heard that name mentioned before.  But Pea, you may finally be right about something! How about THAT Captain Shadow. Finally Pea gets something correct!! *** Rhiannon was 12 when Keith started her on his mentoring program. He said he wanted to teach her algebra and Latin. […]

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    • Thanks a lot. Too bad his old lady didn’t take a good dump before birthing the loser. It would have put him where he belonged.

    • It seems that Scott is being more civil. Any chance you could give him the benefit of the doubt and be more civil yourself. If we all voluntarily try better manners it will show a spirit of support of Frank Report. I think if that lack of support is missing then I think that those who delight in rudeness especially anonymous rudeness should be asked to join other forums and leave this one behind.

      • The unfortunate problem is that Scott Johnson will just keep changing names and trolling, even to the point such as you see in these replies where he is both Nick and Flowers.
        He stays up until the week hours drinking and arguing with himself on one post and supporting himself on another.
        It is really a sad situation, and he clearly needs serious help.

        • No, little miss pretty, I am not Scott. And I didn’t even see any comments from a Nick.
          But as usual you make baseless assumptions and decide they are facts. Assumptions are not facts, dimwit.
          So if you were a normal, logical person, and you actually had evidence to support your assumptions, you would say “I suspect that this is what is going on because XYZ happened….” But you are a completely illogical person and have decided that just because you assume something it must be true.

          Grow up, pretty girl. You’re an adult now.

          • Ok.. just noticed that Nick was the earlier comment I replied to. And no, I didn’t write his comment, and I dont think Scott wrote it either ..
            Maybe Heidi or pretty girl wrote it???,
            That’s just an assumption, but it’s just as logical as your assumptions.

        • Actually, for those of you who don’t know, Just Sayin doesn’t *really* believe that Scott is Flowers.

          She’s saying that only because she hates both Scott and Flowers with a passion — and she’s frustrated to the point that if she can’t beat ’em (in a debate) she’ll join ’em by trying to troll them.

          She’s trying to troll you guys.

          Trust me, I can tell what she believes because her brainpower is very modest. She does not believe for one minute that Scott is Flowers.

          It’s kinda funny too, because for the last couple weeks Just Sayin was trying to pretend that she was “the grown up in the room” by responding to attacks on her with positive messages.

          But I knew that phony act wouldn’t last for long — since at her core she’s extremely angry and insecure about herself and will always take the low road after being attacked. LOL. She’s a little kiddie at heart.

          Results of my amateur Psych Exam:

          I know several super hot gals (super ‘pretty girls’) — and just yesterday I asked 2 of them what they think about an anonymous girl who goes online to tell everybody else how pretty she is…

          …they laughed and both told me the same thing, that she’s probably very insecure about her appearance (since neither of these gals would ever try to tell others how pretty they are online, especially to a bunch of strangers).

          They both agreed that Just Sayin probably has some mental issues related to her appearance or self worth. 🙂

          • No, I really believe you are all the same person logging in and out of IDs and having conversations with yourself.
            As I have said before, I really do hope you find some happiness in your life. Putting down the bottle and not hating people for their looks or gender is a really good place to start.

          • Bonbon
            Did you ask your friends what they thought of an anonymous guy who goes online to troll and insult people he doesn’t know and has never interacted with previously, on a blog about a topic he has no knowledge of?

            Mental health issues or something more sinister?

          • Spewing hatred at others is like drinking poison and hoping they will die.
            While I wish you more happiness, you seem to prefer to remain entrenched in misery, and that is incredibly sad.

          • And what did your “super hot” honey buns have to say about YOU — this loser dude who’s taunting a stranger online over mentioning she was lured into a crime syndicate “free of charge” to potentially service its pervert leader because of her good looks?

            I’ll tell you what they were thinking: “This perv here has a bad case of VENUS ENVY. He wishes HE could get a “free” slave branding with a hot cauterizing laser. Better not let him anywhere near our heels 👠 ruuuuuuuun! And hold your heels tight!

        • Got that Johnny B.? You wanna try to stop me from taking over your silly blog with repulsive racial slurs, shocking pic links, rape accusations, stalking and name-calling everyone who posts here:

          Show me some goddamn respect and respond to every insignificant point I make that’s remotely on topic!

  • To take a stab at answering the author’s questions, I am believe the he is just to narcissistic to believe he would ever get caught. He got deluded to point where he believes his own bullshit. This enterprise went on for decades did it not? With help apparently with some corrupt government officials. I feel they all just got sloppy and arrogant not like John Gotti.

  • 1) Which of the two posters Shadowstate (here because of his obsession with Allison Mack) or Scott Johnson (here because of Amway) leaves his house more frequently?

    2) Which of Shadow or Scott has more of what most of us consider a “normal” life? (job, family, friends, involvement with the community, hobbies). Not sure if we can include Scott’s involvement with “Building Fortunes”, the anti MLM MLM organization.

    3) Which of the two “esses” is the more prolific poster? Use any of the following metrics: Number of posts. Percentage of all posts on a given string. Number of consecutive days posting.

    4) If you were flying first class from New York to California, and Scott or Shadow took the seat next to you (big leap of faith as I personally would find it hard to believe either one of these guys has been away from home in a long time), would you a) ask to move to coach or b) request a parachute?

    Scott, you can count me among the “anonymous cowards” who will decline the as of yet to be extended invitation to appear on your radio show.

    • 1) Shadow
      2) Shadow
      3) Tough call, and not enough time to waste measuring.
      4) This is reason #4,671 to fly private. Before anyone attacks about how expensive it is, it can be surprisingly affordable if you are travel to common markets and are flexible about your travel dates.

      Good questions !

    • Scott is unique because he is the only one who can get Shadow to stop posting. He just politely invites Shadow onto his pretend radio show and Shadow goes dark for several hours.

      Shadow is good for a chuckle whenever he posts something that took him hours/days to put together and we all know he’s praying that Frank will repost his essay. I’m still laughing about the 21 point post – even though I didn’t read 5 words from it.

      • The 21 point comment I had yesterday is actually taken from a Frank Report article from last year.
        I actually provided a link to the post in my comment.
        So my comment is highly relevant to the general issue of NXIVM and what it takes to be successful in the cult.

        • Shadow, I’m sure you are a good guy and I appreciate your passion for FR. It sounds like your post was relevant and I’ll go look at it. But if you yourself want to stay relevant, it will help if you can somehow force yourself to comment less. I doubt I’m alone in not having the time to sift through your dozens of daily posts.

  • Oh, the irony.

    Just seeing Oregon Trail makes me wonder which defendants are going to end up eating others to survive.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Nancy deliberate kept incriminating evidence against everyone else.

    • That’s a good thought. Nancy couldn’t leave her daughter’s behind, but she knew it was a sham as she helped create it. I do think the money though wasn’t hers to spend. It probably came over a border while Rainere was hiding out.

      • Since it appears she really is that sick, she could have forgotten about that particular box entirely due to meds and stress.

        If she had collected that much just in the few months of him being away, it would certainly point to a cartel money laundering operation. I do not believe NXIVM was ever making that kind of money in mere months. Vancouver had been dead for a while, and even at its busiest, I doubt Mexico was making that much.

    • Nope. Just not a logical assumption, considering the facts.

      1) If Nancy had kept evidence to deliberately incriminate Keith/Clare one day, she would have kept everything hidden away (not exposed to a government raid) in order to give her all the trump cards to cut the best deals with the prosecutor in exchange for turning over said evidence.

      2) By leaving tons of that evidence lying around her house it’s an indication she wasn’t deliberately doing anything, but simply believed that because the Albany D.A. was in the tank for NXIVM a raid was never possible.

      3) Even if she has additional stuff hidden away, there’s just too much stuff taken from the raid for anybody to logically assume she did any of this “deliberately” to incriminate anybody.

      You’re usually fairly smart but you sound like a noob moron with your latest comment. Perhaps you watch too many episodes of Murder She Wrote?

  • I’d really like to know if Ranieri is aware that he’s talking nonsense and just strategically brainwashed people or deluded enough to actually believe his own nonsense.

    • That’s a question of the ages probably best answered by criminology experts which I am not. I do know Keith’s delusions of grandeur and omnipotence were present since his RPI days and someone on here who knew him since childhood says even then he was declaring himself a genius of epic proportions. I think his failed efforts to prove his superiority to himself and the rest of us did nothing to humble him or alter his view of himself. He never accepted the least bit of responsibility that way, just used scapegoats to cast any fault away from himself, resorting to criminal activity to do so. And used criminal activity to make his claims of superior power a fact. Does that indicate more cunning than delusion?! Beats me.

  • Great post, so glad you got that info. It explains why attorneys are suddenly willing to extend discovery. They Need every second to figure out ways to get their clients deals, let’s hope the judge stays strong. I would really like to see justice for victims for a change.

  • Can we please place rancid or ryann whatever it’s name is in the nasty corner. Pea is relatively harmless but this rancid person is too gross for your blog.

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      Are you sure you’re really a female Anon?

      • You must be a NXIVM insider coming here to be disruptive to the blog. If not man do you habe some serious issues.

        Does your mama know you behave in such a manner? Maybe she raised you to be an ass wipe.

      • Yes I’ve said plenty about the males, there’s Scottys corner too. Nothing you say means anything, you know nothing. You don’t know me you haven’t once added anything true so your here just to screw with strangers? Wow your special. So post away I doubt your attracting the attention your looking for. Have a great day.

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          Just like that
          Here come the monsters ,,,crawling out from under the beds.

          • Ryanne S.
            If Allison mistreated you in NXIVM,
            If other members of NXIVM mistreated you,
            would you consider telling your story to Frank Parlato so that he could publish it.?

            People are obviously curious about the behind the scenes interactions in NXIVM.
            The backbiting and cruelty of this self-help cult.

            Frank will keep your name private and NXIVM is not really in any position to retaliate.
            The one thing NXIVM fears after the US government is publicity.
            Shouldn’t people know that the Goody Two Shoes Allison Mack is a mean, vicious woman who enjoys punishing and dehumanizing other women?

            Towards the bottom of this page is Frank’s email address.
            Just write up an email as a remembrance of your experiences in NXIVM
            Allow Frank Parlato to ask questions to flesh out your account and you will help strike a blow against NXIVM.

  • Vanguard meant to be caught in this way to spread his word and seed to the world! His video recordings and teachings will live forever even should he die for his beliefs as all men and women do.

  • I question that Nancy had to beg for an allowance. With 500k I’m cash at the house this seems a little off. I also think that’s a drop in the bucket just what was left behind and she forgot about it.

    • I wa wondering about that too. Wasn’t Nancy affluent? Was the money found in her house intended to be laundered to NXIVM? Was she forced to give Clare or Keith control of her own money?
      If Nancy has flipped, then obviously she is now in control of her finances, and not dependent on Clare. I wonder if she had money that Keith and Clare didn’t know about.

  • This is why phone calls between mobsters are so cryptic.

    Ring Ring
    Meet at the usual time?
    Meet at the usual place?
    (End of Call)
    Call lasts no more than 15 seconds.

    Smart criminals always assume they are being bugged.
    They act more like spies in a hostile foreign country rather than street thugs.

      • Shadow, sorry to ‘hijack’ your reply, but this is for Heidi and due to troll interference it makes more sense to post this here.

        In that case I wonder if there’s any, what would it be? super-8 footage? of the van-quished as a precocious toddler, doubt any of it contains even a fragment of the wise child speaking complete sentences or such footage would have taken pride of place at V-week at least, Still, what began as a life with complete sentences, might well end with a complete life sentence.

  • Keith wanted to be video’d constantly from the get-go. I’m sure I asked him a time or two which parent must have followed him around with a camera his entire childhood?

    He told us it all started when his genius-ness was discovered at the age of 1 and he was speaking in complete sentences and all.

    Seemed like Keith was mourning his Mom’s death and regressed into some toddlerhood stage when parents trail kids with cameras. But Keith insisted it was because he was especially precocious. Science needed to have a record of his every rare genius thought and action.

    • Hidey hidey the Ho
      Dont frigging lie to us, missy Ho. We all know.
      You were taping yourself as you screwed that hairy, sexy beast, Keith. We know about your Bigfoot erotica fetish… and even though Keith has those tiny feet , he sure is hairy.
      How about his ass, Hidey Ho? How hairy is he there? Anything else you’d like to share with us?
      Come on… You could even go on scooter’s cooter show and spill the beans. Enquiring minds and all that!!

      • Tell me troll, are you paid to post here or are you a true believer? Is your name a tribute to Ayn Rand or to the moon Goddess Rhiannon, who well serviced our Vanguard in her youthful splendor?

        • I don’t know Pea because I’m not the inventor of this dumb name Alison is the one who chose it, so ask her!
          Who is Rhiannon?, I’ve heard that name .mentioned before.
          But Pea, you may finally be right about something! How about THAT Captain Shadow!!
          Finally Pea gets something correct!!

          • I don’t know Pea because I’m not the inventor of this dumb name Alison is the one who chose it, so ask her!

            Are you saying Allison Mack created Pea Onyu?
            Or at least chose the name?
            Pea first appeared about a year ago.
            So Pea is actually Nicki Cline, Allison Mack’s spouse.!

          • Sorry Captain Shadow
            I wasnt clear, which was my fault.
            No, Allison did not create Pea Onyu, as far as I know. But she did choose THIS name, right Allie?…And I ever said anything about Mack.
            Now I think Allie is all mad cuz I’m taunting her with this dumb name…
            What happened to Bianca and Lara Le Fart?
            I really HATED that Fart bitch!

          • Now I think Allie is all mad cuz I’m taunting her with this dumb name…

            Does Allie follow the Frank Report?
            How does she do so in spite of the court order?

          • She sure does, Captain Shadow. She even writes posts here. In fact, she could be Heidi or Anon or Onewomanarmy or
            OCD. But I dont think she is the scooter/flowers guy, but maybe she is.

            But I know for a fact that she is writing shit here. Right Allie?

            I dont think this Allie is a Mack, though, more like Allie Whack.

          • “She sure does. She even writes posts here.”

            Then she must enjoy playing with fire.
            I don’t try to restrict anyone from writing here.
            I don’t even call for banning a commenter even after they attack me personally.

            I will even try to hold a civil conversation with someone who has attacked me.

            If I do respond back I try to do so in a passive-aggressive manner.
            That’s the result of having spent my childhood in Minnesota, the home of Minnesota Nice.

            But in her case commenting on this site or any web site is really playing with fire.

            Allison has been playing with fire for too long.

            BTW what is the business with these false names?
            Names like Bianca or Lara LaFart?
            Did Allison assign her female friends false names to disguise their identities?
            When did this practice start?
            Around the time the sex slave stories heated up?

        • Now just compare Flowers / Rayanne to Scott Johnson.

          He can’t help it that he can’t consistently change his writing stuff enough to make them look any different.

          • If you scroll down to the bottom of this thread you’ll see that Flowers and RyanneS are one and the same. (she forgot to switch out her name next to the symbol she generally uses directly below) Maybe Scott and bun-bun are the same. Its all trolling.

            Maybe Scott and Flowers really do have all-consuming personal issues that override the importance of Frank Report business, or maybe they are nxivm shills paid or unpaid, conscious or not conscious of the damage they do, almost entirely to themselves.

            I say almost, because the gas-lighting, of ex-nx victims and their advocates looks pointed and strategic, the quality of the writing obviously intended to bewilder and diminish the general wit and good sense of FR.

        • Oh really?
          Then you can also help to verify that the anon poster using the name Flowers, was not me. But apparently you find it acceptable for one of you to use the name I use, and write comments telling others to suicide themselves.

  • All this tells me is Raniere never thought he was going to get caught or he never would have kept any of this stuff where it could be so easily found. He had no Plan B, because he thought Plan A was so fool-proof. No instructions to destroy this stuff when he got busted. Hilarious. A jury is going to take one look it at this and that will be the end of everyone. I’m just shocked. I used to love Smallville. Now I wish Mack was never in that show. I can’t watch it ever again knowing that one of the most compelling protagonists in that show is a sexual predator. I’m never watching it again for the same reason that I have ceased watching the Fat Albert Christmas Special around the holidays. It used to be a tradition for me but there’s no way I can separate the art from the artist on this. These are all terrible people that need to be locked up for life. They should all serve as an example. You want to betray people’s trust for sexual gratification? You won’t ever see the light of day ever again.

    • Matt, come back to Earth…shows aimed at teens and tweens (and 60 year old obssessees) have “compelling protagonists?” Really?

  • This is the beauty of conspiracy law.
    The confession of one defendant can be used against each and every defendant.
    In the hands of a good prosecutor the crime of conspiracy is like an Atomic Bomb.
    And under RICO it is like Hydrogen Bomb.

    Smart criminals record nothing and put nothing in writing.

  • Just curious,

    1) Why do you call him Scooter?

    2) Do you truly think he’s an asshole?

    3) Do you think his radio show has lots of listeners? How many?

    • Dear friend. I understand why you would I want to challenge Scott. Because he has an appalling lack of manners. But is it possible to consider trying to be polite to him on the odd chance that his unique bad manners might evaporate through our lack of reaction to it? Have you considered that Scott never got an upbringing that gave him the skill set to treat people with basic kindness as the first reaction?

    • 1. Because most people called Scooter are 5 years old. That is Scooters mentality.

      2. Don’t think he is an asshole. Know it. Proven fact

      3. 1 if you count his imaginary friend.

    • He is everyone’s least favorite poster but it really is only because of his lack of good manners. He actually often has intelligent things to say. It is not mind but rather a defect of heart that occasions his outbursts that curiously ruins his otherwise worthwhile statements. I would ask readers -all of whom are anonymous – to indulge him his rudeness and ignore his insults and just read into his comments. Then we can behave better than he and hopefully maybe show him through kindness how to act in a considerate manner to others. The goal should not be to get Scott to stop posting but to merely post with some basic civility.

      • If Scott stopped posting, I would not have my daily laugh at his expense. Better then the Times Unions comics for sure!

      • And Johnny B Dumb, I would ask all readers to tell you to go fuck yourself with a pointy stick dipped in hot sauce, sitting in a room filled with nude pictures of Clare.
        But you may enjoy that too much!!

        • Poor Ryanne. I would
          Guess he/she/it is about a day away from getting banned. At least Scott has something relevant to say. It is fairly
          Clear Ryanne S has only the ambition to disrupt and sabotage. My guess is Frank reaIzes this and unless Ryanne wants to contribute to meaningful discussion it’s time to say farewell to Ryanne.

          • If Frank was going to ban disruptive or abusive people why would he start with Ryanne, when he’s had ample abusive posters to choose from, and he hasn’t banned any of them yet?

          • Look! I just noticed this reply! I told Johnny to stick a pointy stick up his ass and then he says ” I would “… obviously he enjoyed my suggestion.

            So quit complaining bitches! Frank won’t ban me because then he would need to ban almost everyone. Cuz you’re all bitches too!

          • As you can see from the above Ryanne S postings, is this Flowers? Because the picture on the first belongs to Flowers, but she forgot to change her name, in fact she refers to Ryanne in the post she forgot to switch names for. Why Flowers? Why so much hatred?

        • You’re like a dirty version of Don Rickles. But lashing out at anonymous posters. It’s just not as funny.

          • Fred, you are making a mockery of this site. This is a serious and well- respected forum, with many intelligent and truthful comments posted daily. In all my time reading these comments, I have never seen, even once, a single disrespectful or insulting remark. Until you showed up here, Fred.
            Hang your head in shame, Fred, and please apologize to Frank and to all his readers.
            Thank you for your cooperation.

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