Bonus Pictures: Clare, Lauren, Allison and Kathy Russell leaving court

Thanks to our good friends at the Daily MailFrank Report readers have pictures to enjoy of four of the six defendants in the NXIVM case.

They are Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell — leaving court yesterday.

Vanguard and Prefect are both missing – Prefect because she is bed-ridden, recovering from recent surgery.  Raniere, who appeared in court, is in federal custody and no pictures are permitted of the august leader of the group called NXIVM.

Here are the group of defendants leaving court. None of them left together or walked together even though it is perfectly acceptable for them to be together in the presence of their attorneys.

All of the attorneys were rather roundly scolded in court by the judge for what he says was a serious breach of good behavior in their attitude toward him at the last hearing:

Dressed in fashionable baby blue pants, and a dullard grey shirt, Clare, weighing all of 90 pounds, walks with attorneys – the woman to the right of her is Kathleen Cassidy, at the rear is Susan Necheles. The two men are believed to be bodyguards, possibly former US Secret Service agents.


Allison Mack leaving court with lawyers, William McGovern and Sean Buckley.


Lauren Salzman leaving court with Arizona lawyer, Hector J. Diaz of Quarles & Brady, LLP.



Kathy Russell leaving court with her lawyers, Justine Harris and Amanda Ravich.

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  • It appears Mr Scotty Scooter has nothing better to do all this time once again. Hey Scottie Boy how many people did you suck into Amway?

    You could win the soap box derby of all blogs. Amway does not compare to what the NXIVM Mafia has been up to and it is not illegal.

    Your have nothing new or intelligent today in any of your post. Go find another soapbox to waste your time on.

        • The reason they are so scared, Scott is because they are fakes. They dont have any firsthand knowledge of NXIVM, and they are afraid you’ll expose them as liars.

          • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH….. the only thing Scooter ever exposed is himself. I think the one commenter is right….you are Scooter Johnson.

    • Captain Obvious, now you’re sounding just like Raniere, offering some scraps of knowledge while holding back the good stuff, just to keep others interested. Spill the beans if you have them.

      To what are you referring?

        • Ms. Mack has a sister who is openly lesbian.
          The sister states as much.
          And the family is very tolerant of different sexual lifestyles.
          It’s little wonder that Allison Mack married her girl friend Nicki Clyne for a permanent relationship.
          NXIVM is a sex cult for cuckolds and gays.

          Allison’s sister commenting on the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court legalizing Gay Marriage:
          “Today marks 1 year since the Supreme Court decided that EVERYONE deserves a shot at loving marriage. June is the month of #pride I wear my pride around my neck, the necklace my mother lovingly crafted for me. I am proud to be a woman, proud to be queer, and proud to make girls blush and giggle. I have so much love in my heart, and I will never go quietly away. This love glows brighter than the shadows that threaten it. Let us remember this day with reverence for the fighters who brought us this far, with loving kindness and respect for the victims in Orlando, and hope for a future where we are simply loved, as we love. #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #loveislove #lovewins”

          Because the sister is not a public person or a member of NXIVM and has not committed a crime I will not identify the young woman.

          • Fuck off. Some of us know who she is without having to be a fucking perv stalker. Look idiot, the family has spent much time around the leftist shitbagger Hollywood culture and bought into much of the bullshit. You have no great insight there Kreskin. Only a fellow idiot Johnson seems to think you know anything other than what you search on line in your local library.

  • Lauren is not looking nearly as smug as she used to, but Clare still is.

    And the photog next to Clare in the photo ? There to take pictures of anyone who is taking pictures ? Otherwise,why would the so-called bodyguards let anybody that close to Clare unless he’s with their group ?

  • So its really really obvious to anyone with working eyeballs….that these “women” of NX – Allison, Lauren, Claire, Etc. Etc….are in fact all MEN. As in born MALE. as in TRANSGENDER. Why are ya fronting, Dudes??? You all aren’t female VICTIMS — You’re all MALE PERPETRATORS dressed in DRAG. And the STRESS you’re under …really brings out your MASCULINE FEATURES. Oh and Kieth was BORN A FEMALE.

    Not interested in arguments from a peanut gallery here either.

    Check out those jawbones! Adams apples! Massive man hands and necks and loooong man arms, and stocky square MAN BODIES no waists, thick MAN FEET….Broad shoulders extending way past the hips….

    Science/skeletal anatomy DOESN’T LIE….even though everyone here DOES

    nice cover up FAIL

    When will the REAL truth come out – —this is a TRANSGENDER ORGANIZATION – the supposed women victims are actually the MALE perpetrators…and the One person in jail – the “supposed dude”—Kieth – – WASN’T BORN A DUDE – HE WAS BORN A WOMAN

    ironic, isn’t it….men — only this time hiding in DRAG –STILL managing to F8ck over women…..or in this case –THE “woman”

    i say free Keith and put the REAL SCUM in jail — these MEN dressed up as WOMEN.

    my guess – frank is too chicken to post my comment.
    dont want the REAL TRUTH getting out hey bud.

    that’s ok.

    im just sayin. even if its for your eyes only.

    Im not hatin, frank…..its just these “women” are all so DAMN UGLY …they need to do better. Trans-FAIL. BUTT UGLY . EW! Take your hormones at least.


    • You have to demonstrate real regret and remorse and admit to everything you have done, including lying about leaving in 2013. You have dug yourself in a deeper hole with your silence and downplaying/lying statement.

    • “So its really really obvious to anyone with working eyeballs….that these “women” of NX – Allison, Lauren, Claire, Etc. Etc….are in fact all MEN. As in born MALE. as in TRANSGENDER.
      You’re all MALE PERPETRATORS dressed in DRAG. And the STRESS you’re under …really brings out your MASCULINE FEATURES. Oh and Kieth was BORN A FEMALE.”

      Without going into details I will reveal that Allison’s sister is an out and proud lesbian and somewhat mannish at that.
      Because this young woman is not a public figure and not involved in NXIVM and has not committed any crimes that I know of I will not identify this woman beyond what I have said.

      • Ally Wack attended a lesbian “wedding” (marriage is between a man and a woman) a while back. It was a fake “wedding” of a fat ugly lesbian called Tabby Chapman. She was a Smallville super fan recruited into NXIVM by Ally Wack. She was also involved with cowardly d-list actress Kristin Crook’s Girls By Design bullshit. She was a website designer and when Ally Wack posted a blog post praising Keith Raniere like a dumb hoe, people expressed disgust in the comments section and these comments were all deleted and many were blocked from posting, presumably by this fat ugly lesbian. She also designed a website for Kristin Crook.

        • To bull dykes:
          Even though Mack’s sister is openly gay, and I am no fan of gay marriage, I would sooner entrust children to the care of the sister than Allison who fabricates stories about child molestation

          • It does not have to be one or the other. Don’t give kids to pedophiles OR bull dykes. Either way, you are denying the child a normal life. These freaks want to defy nature so that they can feel normal (they are not normal).

  • Hahahahaha Clare with bodyguards hahahahahahaha just like Keith with protection. Why would she need bodyguards?

  • What, no pictures of Mack’s cankles? How disappointing. Also disappointing is Russell not showing up in her favorite ballerina tutu. However, Mack and Lauren appear to be color coordinated. Of course, the only way they can pull that off is to send word through their respective attorneys. Fashion is so hard for them now.

    • I thought they all looked surprisingly well, considering the situation they are in. Clare is still much too thin, but she looked better than she did a few weeks ago, and Allison has gained a little weight.
      And most of them were even smiling.

      • And most of them were even smiling.

        I doubt if the defendants fully appreciate the gravity of this situation.
        Clare can’t buy her way out of this mess.
        Allison can’t act her way out of this quagmire.

        And knowing the mental state of Raniere’s admirers some of them are probably even thrilled to be in the great man’s presence.

        • Shadowstate
          I thought that they all looked less worried and less stressed than they appeared to be a few weeks ago. I wonder why….

          • Flowers:
            Trials are a grim business.
            Like going to a new funeral every ay for weeks or months.

            People don’t go to trials to joke around with the lawyers.
            I believe the defendants still do not appreciate the seriousness of this business.

            The only person the Feds must have is Nancy Salzman who can explain the complex bookkeeping.
            Lauren Salzman’s behavior is also very understandable.
            I am not sure Clare and Allison understand that that the US DOJ can be a relentless juggernaut that will crush a criminal conspiracy.

  • Kristin Crook, are you watching this? Do you feel ashamed of yourself that you did nothing to get Allison Mack out? That she will leave prison an old, infertile, childless, single, broke mess? You lied about leaving in 2013 didn’t you Kristin? You didn’t just maintain “minimal contact” did you Kristin? You could of spoke out years ago. You continued to be involved with NXIVM after you claimed you left. DOS didn’t have to exist if you spoke out. Even when DOS was revealed by Frank Parlato, what did you do to get Allsion Mack out? Nothing. Now she’s going to jail.

    Stop being a hypocrite by being silent and retweeting pretentious shit like this:

    • Kristen is a TRANNY. Born a man. NOT a joke. Like, SERIOUSLY….BORN. A. MAN. Check out that Neck! Those FEET! those Massive shoulders ans jawbone. Wow…..duuuude. you a MAN!!!!!!! What an ASSH*LE.

        • you can “doubt” all you want. SKELETAL ANATOMY doesnt lie. oh and for the win, ALL OF NXIVM ARE REVERSE GENDER – as in the men were born female and the WOMEN were born male. just sayin. i mean…no one thinks thats relevant?

          no one?


          thats what i thought.


    • An unlike a “man” you still have a micropenis. I’ve watched to see how often Kristin was mentioned without me saying a damn thing and it’s been over a dozen times in the past some articles. You people are hypocritical lying sacks of shit.

      • Oh look, it’s “Karl Basset”! The Brown Crusader has temporarily put down his camel skin quran to come to the defence of Kristin Kook, again. How many times have you spanked it since your last pathetic post Rasheed? And what’s this about a micropenis? You should talk old man, with your little burnt noodle. If your mom knew you would have such a small tiny brown penis, would she of still had your foreskin removed in allah’s name? I bet you wish you still had that foreskin. With a dick as tiny as your’s must be, you can’t afford to be cutting bits off Tanwar.

        • You trolls are cowardly little shits. You trolls are cowardly little shits. Your “game” is obvious and it’s worthless like your pathetic lives. It’s game over soon. Tick tock bigoted asswipes.

          • Here’s an idea “Karl”… pay an infidel hooker to put on a Kristin Kook mask… and a hijab. Take her out for dinner at the Allahu Snack Bar, then pop a few halal viagra like tic tacs.

          • Listen Karl/Scarrom/SoSalty/Hmmm etc… The world would instantly be a better place if there were no muslims in it. Western countries would be better off too if we did not have foreign fucks like you in them.

          • Come let us mock at the great
            That had such burdens on the mind
            And toiled so hard and late
            To leave some monument behind,
            Nor thought of the levelling wind.

            Come let us mock at the wise;
            With all those calendars whereon
            They fixed old aching eyes,
            They never saw how seasons run,
            And now but gape at the sun.

            Come let us mock at the good
            That fancied goodness might be gay,
            And sick of solitude
            Might proclaim a holiday:
            Wind shrieked—and where are they?

            Mock mockers after that
            That would not lift a hand maybe
            To help good, wise or great
            To bar that foul storm out, for we
            Traffic in mockery.

            ~ WY

          • Poof Poof
            Paki Paki
            Does your bum smell of curry?
            Let me smell…
            FUCKING HELL!

          • What’s hilarious to me is the notion that you with your cowardly behavior on display here could remotely associate himself (or herself) with the good part of Western civilization. If you were it’s average citizen it would’ve died off long ago. Your time will come when you’re least expecting it.

          • Westen civilization is dying because liberals have taken over and they are all retards. All their “causes” are textbook how to destroy a nation from within. Not to mention, inferior foreigners are allowed in and given the vote, which means they always vote against the people who don’t want them there. The establishment libtard politicians have secured a voter block by pandering to literally anyone and anything not “straight white male”. That is why they shit themselves over Trump and this judge. All they want is power and control and people are sick of it.

            If more westerners thought like me, the west would be saved. Nuclear families. No feminism, no fags, dykes and trannies. No lottery/chain/diversity immigration bullshit. No illegal immigrants. No globalization. Jobs, not lazy welfare assholes. All these gangs and criminals would be executed by firing squad. No political correctness. Just white man and white woman. Ahhhhhhh.

  • Britain’s Daily Mail gives more complete coverage to this case than the US media.
    Is America’s elite ashamed that one of their own, Cruella Bronfman, was caught grubbing around for pocket change?
    Or do the media want to keep the sexual degeneracy of America’s upper class under wraps?
    Or are the corporate owned media trying to conceal how pervasive money laundering is by America’s corporate and financial rulers?
    Or all of the above?.

    • Shadow do not think America’s Elite really consider an unattractive lesbian with a sixth grade education “one of their own”. We still have Phippses and Whitneys and Vanderbilts wandering around here, people whose families earned stole and lost millions before Cruella’s grandpappy smuggled his first cask of hooch across the border. And as I have told you, many people in NY’s capital district, not to mention here in NYC, have ever even heard of the cross eyed Manson wannabe and his harem of heirheads and marginally talented actresses.

      • “many people in NY’s capital district, not to mention here in NYC, have ever even heard of the cross eyed Manson wannabe and his harem of heirheads and marginally talented actresses.”

        You can bet that the public officials who count in New York State, the prosecutors, judges, elected officials and cops, all have heard of the Bronfmans and many profited,from the sisters’ generosity.
        And Clare and Sara bought a ;lot of protection with their money.
        But they can’t buy off the FBI.

        Every state has behind the scenes power brokers who really call the shots.
        In Illinois the Democrats had businessman Tony Rezko who helped Barack Obama buy his South Side home.
        The Republicans had Bill Cellini a lobbyist who received 5% of every road building contract in the state.
        Cellini owned every GOP Governor from 1976 to 2002.
        And 95%of the people in Illinois did not know who Rezko and Cellini were.
        Ultimately the US DOJ put Rezko and Cellini in prison.

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