Chele Farley: ‘Gillibrand’s a Hypocrite on Kavanaugh’ considering her lies about NXIVM

Either she has a bad memory or she really knows how to ethically lie as good as Keith Raniere.

New York, New York — U.S. Senate candidate Chele Farley (R, C, Reform) called on Kirsten Gillibrand to stop applying a phony double standard to Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“Kirsten Gillibrand is a complete and utter hypocrite. She has been extended the benefit of the doubt and due process in sloughing off questions about her ties to a notorious sex cult [NXIVM], yet has presumed Judge Kavanaugh guilty without providing the same,” said Farley.

Farley continued, “Throughout this campaign, I have called on Kirsten Gillibrand to explain how she failed so badly to protect women in her own backyard, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary – Kirsten Gillibrand has simply claimed ignorance. Judge Kavanaugh has denied actions that occurred 35 years ago with even less evidence and deserves due process.”

As the Washington Times reported earlier this week, “Kavanaugh’s not been so lucky. Neither the media nor Gillibrand have exactly given him a fair shake, preferring instead to convict first, get evidence later.”

In fact, when Gillibrand was confronted with questions regarding NXIVM, she unbelievably denied any knowledge and the liberal media including Salon and the Washington Post, jumped to her defense.

In March, Gillibrand’s spokesman claimed the Senator had no knowledge of the group, telling the New York Post, “Sen. Gillibrand had never heard of this group [NXIVM] until she recently read about them in the newspaper.”

By Gillibrand’s own standard, her spokesman’s claim strains credulity. Kirsten Gillibrand is from the Capital Region, represented the Capital Region in Congress and still has a home in the area today. NXIVM has been featured in scores of front-page stories by the Albany Times Union and reports on multiple television news outlets. Finally, and most importantly, Gillibrand’s father, Doug Rutnik, was employed by NXIVM and was involved in a high-profile lawsuit against them when Gillibrand was running for Congress.

“Since Kirsten Gillibrand believes Judge Kavanaugh should answer accusations stemming from incidents that are 35 years old, by the same standard, she should answer questions about her own past that are just a few years old,” said Farley.

In addition to Gillibrand’s father, her stepmother was deeply involved in NXIVM.

Frank Parlato broke the news about Gillibrand’s familial ties to NXIVM.

And first to question her honesty about the claim she made in 2018 that she had never heard of NXIVM until late 2017.

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  • I am conservative. And I like Trump. I think he’s a little crazy, but i like his candor. One would think I would want Brett Kavanaugh to be appointed. I have followed this story closely. I agree with Flowers. It’s not about his excessive drinking as a youth. It’s about his lying. Everyone who knew him are saying he drank to excess and was stumbling drunk and belligerent. All he had to do was say that yes, he drank too much. Instead he softened his past by saying he remembers everything and was never too drunk. Also, his temperament during his statement and questioning was out of control. Not a good demeanor for a Supreme Court Judge. All he had to do was stay even tempered and tell the truth. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t vote him in. He appeared to be a lying lunatic. Also, Christine Blasy Ford’s story is VERY credible.

    • You are so full of shit your eyes are brown. You know nothing about soon to be Justice Kavanaugh. FBI cleared again today. More will be coming out about the dirty liar Ford and her little charade.Post all you want flowerpot, you are losing bigly

    • VERY credible? Turn CNN off and pull your empty head out the lying cunt Feinstei’s yeast filled vag.

      Let’s not confuse this look with the same look in a normal person.

      She is not pained because she did not get justice for dr blow-z, she is not regretting any actions.

      Those eyes are the eyes of a psychopath who got caught and is trying for sympathy points so that she will be allowed to continue her depravity.

      • Regarding the filthy corrupt skank Feinstein
        She’s reaping what she sowed. Just as well all have at some point in time only she sold out her country. She sold out our constitution. I have zero pity for her. She deserves everything she’s going to get and then some. There isn’t enough pain for some of these wretches, she being one of the worst. How about some sympathy for Kavanaugh and his family after what SHE PUT THEM THROUGH? She did this. She started their pain. Zero sympathy, zero tolerance, zero compassion for this evil.

  • Flowers just said the following quote:
    “It doesn’t matter if a more conservative person gets thru, it’s not about being a Democrat or a Republican. It’s about being an honest person, and Kavanaugh does not demonstrate honesty.”

    Hey Flowers, my dear, you just got caught lying and contradicting your other posts.

    *You now say that you don’t care if a more conservative person is appointed?

    *You now say it’s only about Kavanaugh’s lack of honesty that matters?

    *You now say it’s not about democrat or republican?

    News flash: A more conservative person will for sure vote to overturn Roe v Wade, which is an issue that rules your life.

    So I guess you just lied about not caring who gets confirmed, my dear twat.

    I can promise you that if they appoint somebody new (more conservative) you’ll pretend as though you never made the above post —- and you’ll begin screaming that all conservative nominees need to be stopped, and that it’s all about republicans vs democrats. LOL

    You’re becoming a sad tale of woe.

    You need to stop taking so many pain killers with wine.

    Get off the sofa.

    Get away from your cats.

    Go out to a club and flirt a little —– then go pick up some guy and fuck his brains out and give him the best fuck of his life (assuming you haven’t forgotten how to do that).

    Then maybe you’ll remember what it’s like to be normal again, instead of a liberal cat lady.

    • Which one of you criminal stalkers is writing this bullshit about me? Dont try and blame Scott, either, because he’s not stalking me. But it sure is easy to see who is stalking me thru what you morons do on your Twitter accounts.
      Why would I care so much about the Roe vs Wade decision when I’m CANADIAN?
      We don’t follow your laws here, idiot.

      I don’t think Boof should get in because he’s proven he’s dishonest, and I suspect he is a rapist, as accused. And when Trump is so determined for him to get in, and the guy has all these strikes against him, you have to wonder WHY. There are other candidates.

  • May no be perfect? This is the understatement of the year. He is a fucking clown. It is a shame that a country of what 340M people cannot come up with two decent people, let alone one who runs for presidency.
    There is not one thing he managed to accomplish but boasting about fake accomplishments. Something like rebranding NAFTA and selling it as a success. Remember the NK deal and the rapid disarmament? How about the wall? Trumpcare? War on drugs? Peace in the middle east? Playing less golf?

    This guy is not a president but a parody of one. He achieved nothing but stupid infighting in the US, in NATO and in the West. He is the best President Russia and China ever could have hoped for.

      • And Republicans can’t even read right, because the person who made that comment is NOT a Democrat. She was defending Trump, and has defended him previously.

        I wonder how much Trump will accomplish when Boofy is no longer an option for SCOTUS., as Trump seemed to be counting on him to help him get away with more BS.
        Or at least that’s how it’s started to look to most people.
        And every day a new Boof scandal is uncovered. I’m afraid to check the news, as the latest allegation against him is sickening.

        • Flowers, which person made which comment? If Kavanaugh doesn’t get through (a VERY remote event unless they get more evidence than they currently have), Trump will nominate an even more conservative person. Trump isn’t “getting away” with anything, the FAKE NEWS is lying. Plus, “most” people don’t agree with this crazy view, although it probably does look that way from your drug-induced perspective. Which latest allegation are you talking about, the one from Swetnick, who has been destroyed by the LIBERAL media?

          • Scott, I was referring to your comment about anon’s misspelling. Anon’s comment was defending Trump.

            I cant agree with you that it’s fake news, because I really believe that Boof is guilty of most of the accusations against him, and is therefore unfit for this position.

            It doesn’t matter if a more conservative person gets thru, it’s not about being a Democrat or a Republican. It’s about being an honest person, and Kavanaugh does not demonstrate honesty.

          • Flowers, read it again. My comment corrected F.D.C Willard’s error. But thanks for being consistent. Consistently STUPID.

            You can believe whatever you want, but how some birdbrain like you “feels” about somebody isn’t how America works. Using your “logic,” I could accuse you of raping me, even though I had no facts, nobody witnessed it, I don’t know when it happened, where it happened, how I got to the location or back home, and you would be put in prison for a long time. That is how Europe operated in the Middle Ages and during The Inquisition, and how places like China and North Korea still operate. I suggest you move to one of those places, you’ll fit right in.

          • Yes ..I saw that post later. Since you didn’t address your post, it’s hard to know who is addressing who.

            My feelings have nothing to do with it. Boof has obviously lied about several things, which does not inspire confidence in his honesty in regards to the assault allegations.

            Most rape or sexual assault cases will not have a witness, correct? Sometimes the victim can still win the case, but I think most of the time the victim doesn’t even report it.

            I didn’t report it when it happened to me, and I had a witness, too. Most women don’t want to report it because they get dragged thru the mud… very few rape accusations are false. The women who are accusing Boof now, just want it known that he has done this, so people are aware of his character. They are not asking for him to be arrested.

          • Flowers, that makes it doubly stupid to not report, as having a witness is a major advantage. Congratulations for allowing the creep to rape lots of other women, just like the women who didn’t report Cosby, Weinstein, etc., for decades didn’t report them as well. You’re a real credit to your sex…NOT.

          • Scott…I’m not sure what happened to the 2 creeps that attacked me, except that I know they disappeared after that. Maybe some real men taught them a lesson? That’s all I’ll say about them…but look at what does happen to women who do report it – they are publicly mocked by the President, (as just occurred tonight.)
            Nice system y’all got there.

          • Flowers, it’s called politics. The Dems don’t have a case against Kavanaugh with facts to back it up, so all they can do is smear Kavanaugh. When Trump pushes back (which most Republicans don’t do) the Dems get upset. Big deal. And you still wonder why lots of people like Trump?

          • Oh c’mon, Scott, Trump wasn’t pushing back atthe Democrats, he was just spewing more hateful misogynistic lies. Did you catch his earlier insulting comment to the female journalist? So hilarious how the WH lied and tried to change Trump’s comment to THANK , when we all know he said THINK.

            Women are being openly disrespected by Trump and by many Republicans.

          • And BTW, “Justin”, Trudeau has never made inappropriate comments toward women, hasn’t screwed porn stars, and hasn’t been caught cheating on his wife…..
            (and since Justin is much better looking than Trump, it would be much easier for him to cheat without having to pay for it!🤣)

            And he hasn’t.

    • Typical leftist bullshit. Russia Russia Russia….only collusion with the Ruskies was with the demoncraps. Investigating right from the start and still no evidence. Economy running tens time hotter than under o-hole. USA respected again around the world instead of having a muslim communist bowing down to everyone. By the way what of ISIS ? We got rid of the freak show clown and replaced his worthless ass with a real leader. Wait till November when your shitstain of a party takes more huge hit.

  • Sorry, but there is a difference between actually committing a mayor crime and having a dad working for a shady company. And basically all they asked was one thing: Clear out something that came up before we promote you in a position for life. A position you will have until death of hell freezes over.
    I do not know whether you watched it, but there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

    1. Why should she come forward now? All she can do is lose.
    2. Is being a good Christian a valid defense? -rape scandals
    3. Why did he talk about minor alcohol abuse when there are former friends who disagree?

    It should be standard by now that people who try to get into certain positions are looked into by say the FBI. And I will say so with Trump’s own words, the biggest hypocrite in the world.
    ‘If you vote for Hillary you will have a president who is under investigation from day one’. Guess what? Some voted for Hillary and got that president.
    He is a lame duck who will never shake the Russia investigation and the allegation of being corrupt and a Russian puppet. It drags on and on and he is simply not interested in clearing his name. I guess the GOP would have learned from it and would not risk such a debacle again.

    Regarding Sen Gillibrand I do not see anything close to that magnitude at the moment.

    • Bobo
      Can’t read? Kirsten is her name. Not KRISTEN.
      You have something against that name, maybe, or are you just exceedingly stupid?
      Go fuck yourself, creep

      • Fuck off cunt Krissy is going down in the near future. And I don’t mean on a real man’s cock. She and Coumo are about t be toast. There are sealed indictments with their corrupt names on them. Go douche you useless piece of shit.

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