NXIVM problems at Waldorf School of Saratoga

Young Keith Raniere was a student at a Waldorf School in Suffern County. But don't blame the school.
According to a blog dedicated to reviews of Waldorf Schools in different cities, the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs has been touched by NXIVM for years.
From the blog:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs: NXIVM hotspot?

First; A women contacted me about her experience in The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs. She said that she felt so pressed to take NXIVM classes, both from other parents and from school administrators that she pulled her daughter out and enrolled her in my old alma mater Catholic Central{Old St.Peter’s in my day}. She then asked if I knew anything about it, which I must say I didn’t.

Second; Coincidentally someone who is close to me and that I care deeply about asked me what I thought about the school because her granddaughter was thinking of going to their preschool.

Before NXIVM was done with her, she had lost her husband, who was forced to defend himself against ridiculous NXIVM Black Ops allegations, her piece of mind and the respect of the community. So why am I bringing this up? DeeDee at least on the Waldorf School website is still listed as a high school teacher, although she is the only staff member not to have biographical information available.

  1. I have a very recent experience with this school and although the NXIVM people are still around, they are few and quiet about it. ….

  2. Keith Raniere, the “leader” of NXIVM, has been in jail for several months and will be on trial, probably sometime in 2019. For more information, the best source is http://www.FrankReport.com



By the way – and this is no reflection on Waldorf Schools – Keith Raniere attended a Waldorf School when he was in grammar school and at least a part of high school.

That is not the reason he turned out to be a criminal, but it does suggest why his followers are so keen on having their children attend Waldorf Schools.  If it was good enough for their Vanguard – it is superb for their children.

The Waldorf School in Saratoga Springs just happened to be the nearest one for the local followers of the odious one.  Don’t blame the school.


Finally – this message came in from a reliable source:
You may have heard what I am going to tell you. And I hope you don’t publish the victim’s name since she is still a young woman (she may actually still be a student at the Waldorf School in Saratoga Springs)…
I heard a story that [son of High Rank NXIVM member – name redacted] was good at fixing computers. Someone needed their computer fixed and wanted to know how to get in touch with [the son of NXIM High Rank]. They were told not to ask him.
I mentioned that he is the son of a high rank Espian that allegedly was molesting children.
The victim was [a young girl who was the daughter of another NXIVM member] was definitely under the age of consent at the time.
State Trooper Rodger Kirsopp was assigned to investigate the child molesting of the son of the High Rank NXIVM member.
Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and others told the parents of the victim [and other victims] what to say or not say.
Strangely, instead of following through with the investigation, Kirsop was dissuaded from arresting the boy and instead went after NXIVM enemies Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie and Joe O’Hara for computer trespassing. He arrested John Tighe – another NXIVM enemy – for computer trespassing and after seizing the computer “found” child porn on his computer.
Funny, the young man who was actually sexually abusing children, as well as his mentor Vanguard – who has been a pedophile for years – were not charged.
You have to admit it is ironic.
One NXIVM enemy  – Tighe – allegedly looked at pictures of kids – and is in prison – and the two guys Vanguard and student – who actually abused children – were given a pass.
There are sources who say the EDNY is well aware of how law enforcement enabled the Raniere crime organization to flourish and may be investigating it.
I am sure eventually more about this will come out.
Finally, Lauren Salzman may have paid a visit to one of the NXIVM sexual abuse victim’s mother’s house yesterday. A source reported seeing a black jeep behind her house around dusk.
First sighting of one of her known vehicles in months. If that visit is true, then Lauren has violated the conditions of her bail.

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  • The feds don’t seem to care much about any of these people violating their bail conditions.

    Going after a potential witness does sound like something Lauren would do, though.

  • > Finally, Lauren Salzman may have paid a visit to one of the NXIVM sexual abuse victim’s mother’s house yesterday. A source reported seeing a black jeep behind her house around dusk.
    First sighting of one of her known vehicles in months. If that visit is true, then Lauren has violated the conditions of her bail.<

    Omg. Is there any way to confirm this. Are they – the ones who are out on bail – coming after witnesses? I know that Clare and Allison have limited travel possibilities, but that won't stop them from finding a way to contact witnesses, this is very disturbing and needs to be checked out.

  • Well now we know how Raniere got his high opinion of himself as an “ethical” human being, an advanced critical thinker, and a genius. He was groomed that way. Combine that with a cold, sociopathic personality, and: Disaster!

    I wonder what, if anything, his parents did to him, or ignored. Maybe nothing – he was just a bad seed?

    I have never seen reported here one kind, selfless act or gesture on his part.

  • The Christianity the parent is complaining about in 2018 post may be the schools weak attempt at combating the EVIL influence that NXIVM has had in the Saratoga Waldorf school. Of the two give my child a background of God any day.

  • “Waldorf education, also known as Steiner education, is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy. Its pedagogy emphasizes the role of imagination in learning, ”

    Keith Raniere is the third smartest man in the world.

    Keith Raniere holds the 100 yard dash record for North America.

    Keith Raniere was speaking whole sentences by the age of one.

    Keith Raniere was playing concert level piano at the age of three and composing classical music by the age of five.

    Keith Raniere is the East Coast Judo champion.

    Keith Raniere graduated from the Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute with degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Math by the age of 21.

    It seems that Keith Raniere is the star pupil of the Waldorf Schools in terms of imagination.

  • “Isn’t it funny how Rodger Kirsopp keeps showing up in investigations that involved NXIVM.”

    New York State is infested with NXIVM and it’s agents.
    The State won’t be fixed until the local officials — the police, prosecutors, judges and other officials — are investigated and called to justice.
    “the encouragement of way too close relations between teachers and students”

    This truthful comment is disturbing because it demonstrates that the Waldorf School is trying to displace the authority of the parents.
    Any school that tries to replace the parents in a child’s life is inherently dangerous.

    Waldorf schools have apparently become recruiting grounds for NXIVM the same way that JNESS was a recruiting ground for DOS.
    “I heard a story that [son of High Rank NXIVM member – name redacted] was good at fixing computers”

    Finally, Lauren Salzman may have paid a visit to one of the NXIVM sexual abuse victim’s mother’s house yesterday.

    If that visit is true, then Lauren has violated the conditions of her bail.

    As was pointed out earlier this week there is very good reason to believe the NXIVM members have set up back channel methods of communications using mirror social media accounts with Nicki Clyne using an account under the name Clicky Nine.

  • Isn’t it funny how Rodger Kirsopp keeps showing up in investigations that involved NXIVM. Makes you wonder if he’s the only Senior Investigator in the New York State Police who is qualified to conduct such investigations.

    And isn’t it funny that every one of Kirsopp’s investigations turns out the same way: no charges against Raniere or anyone else involved with NXIVM – and new investigations and charges brought against those who originally contacted the State Police about some nefarious activity involving NXIVM.

    Coincidence? I think not…

    • He helped Kristen Keefe and Son escape. Could that have been planned to put her where Nxivm could get to her. She disappeared after that so he doesn’t know where she is either. His involvement is extremely suspect. All of these members aware that Keith’s bio was BS, yet still willing to lie for him. The very technology they used in their favor will be instrumental in taking them down.

  • There is nothing wrong with Steiner schools and their phylosophy. You can’t tar them with the same brush because one has been corrupted by nexium trash. It’s just unfortunate that they are being tarnished simply because a criminal, pervert attended there in childhood and his pathetic followers, who idolise him, are sending their children to them. A thorough investigation into the one corrupted need to be implemented and anyone connected to nexium need to be thrown out. It needs to be cleansed of these sociopaths.

      • I’ve never heard of this type of school before, and after a quick look at the comments, I have to say it does sound like they teach in unconventional ways.

        My own kids went to a “fine arts ” program in elementary school, and they did well in high school and University. I don’t think an unconventional program is usually a bad idea. But with people comparing this particular program to a cult, I’m a bit suspicious of it.

      • That is really interesting. Wow! It’s really worrying, as I’ve heard good things along the lines of parents being impressed with the schools supposedly taking into account the needs of the whole child, emotional and physical as well as academical and imagination being an important part of learning. I suppose its all the things a parent wants to hear. Like your link says
        “No one will speak openly about the links between Waldorf education and Anthroposophical beliefs…”
        It’s sad that the (none nexium!) parents of children obviously have such good intentions as they want the best for their children but there’s always going to be someone/organisation to take advantage and corrupt. Thanks for the eye opening link!

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