Readers: Kristin Kreuk’s hypocrisy gets more stunning by the week!

Is it true that Kristin Kreuk doesn't even know Sultan?

Some readers think that Frank Report has devoted too much space to Kristin Kreuk.  Yet, just in the last few days, she was mentioned hundreds of times in comments by a wide array of different readers.

A number of readers commented on Kreuk’s lack of backbone in calling out the cult that she helped build.

Some readers – including Sultan of Six – have rushed to defend Kreuk. In a subsequent post, I will try to include the best of Sultan’s arguments in defense of Kreuk.

My own opinion is that I feel sorry for Kreuk. She missed a golden opportunity to speak up and now it’s a little late.  In the meantime, it’s rather stunning that she plays the role on TV that she should have played in real life.  And that to me is sad.

Here is Kreuk’s 2018 statement on NXIVM:

“When I was about 23, I took an Executive Success Programs/NXIVM ‘intensive, what I understood to be a self-help/personal growth course that helped me handle my previous shyness, which is why I continued with the program. I left about five years ago and had minimal contact with those who were still involved. The accusations that I was in the ‘inner circle’ or recruited women as ‘sex slaves’ are blatantly false. During my time, I never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity. I am horrified and disgusted by what has come out about DOS. Thank you to all of the brave women who have come forward to share their stories and expose DOS; I can’t imagine how difficult this has been for you. I am deeply disturbed and embarrassed to have been associated with NXIVM. I hope that the investigation leads to justice for all of those affected.”

Here are some of readers latest views:

By Hypocrisy

Kristin Kreuk has posted a Twitter message sharing a video of a woman talking about her alleged sexual assault, even thanking her for doing it.

Kreuk says absolutely nothing about the women raped and later branded by NXIVM.

Kreuk says nothing about Allison Mack, who she recruited into the cult, who turned women into blackmailed branded sex slaves.

Kreuk says nothing about the women who spoke up about being raped by Keith Raniere in February 2012 in the Times Union expose, which named her alongside that story.

She has never spoken about Gina Hutchinson who was raped by Keith Raniere and later committed suicide.

She has never spoken about Kristin Snyder whose body has never been found.

She has never thanked Toni Natalie for talking about being raped by Keith Raniere.

Kreuk released a weak, tepid statement denying being part of DOS because the press were on her back.

She did that for damage control, not to help the women. Back to silence again.

How can this woman be so openly hypocritical? Does she not see it? Does she simply not care? Why is she thanking a woman for sharing her alleged sexual abuse, when she won’t even talk about the awful rapes NXIVM? She keeps her mouth shut about NXIVM but opens it for something that has nothing to do with her.


Kristin Kreuk appears in a 2008 video with young girls promoting Girls By Design.


By The Hypocrisy is Stunning

You have to see the clip [click link above] to believe it.

Kristin Kraven Kreuk appears in a bullshit piece of acting where she stands up to a high school principal in a Burden of Truth episode.

It is really laughable, not just because the acting is atrocious but because when there were real girls [not actors] and real women that a real monster [Vanguard] really messed with, Kraven Kreuk said nothing.

No, when it really would have mattered – when they were still in the fight- when people like Sarah Edmondson might have been arrested, when Allison Mack might have been rescued [if Kowardly Kristin spoke out], Kreuk hid like the obscene coward that she really is and always will be.

Just think of how Allison’s life might have been saved had Kreuk spoken up.

Even after the fight when Vanguard and the monster, Legatus, were arrested, still Kreuk said nothing and did nothing brave. Then she lied and said she knew nothing, saw nothing, heard nothing, thought of nothing. Conceived of nothing.

She was shocked, shocked – she said – in 2018 – that there was abuse of women in NXIVM.

In 2012, the Albany Times Union detailed pedophilia and rape allegations [and even named her in the story] but she must have forgotten that. She was in the cult then. But did not care to speak out then or now.

I think I would have tolerated her cowardice if she wasn’t playing a brave woman on [taxpayer] subsidized TV.

Kreuk says: Good morning Vanguard… if you do not return their collateral I will petition the NXIVM executive board for your removal and I will sue you for slander and for violating their civil rights.

If you can’t perform your intensives unbiased by the pressure of your sex addiction we will find a new Vanguard and I will have your Vanguard University license revoked and then I will go after your collateral. Don’t mess with my girls.


By Meh 

Are you familiar with the College Project Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack were promoting? It was a NXIVM market research survey that the two cultists deliberately pretended was an independent project for a teen website. The questions were designed to find college kids for Keith Raniere. They tricked college kids into taking part. Somebody said on Twitter how they took part, not knowing it was for the cult. That was deliberate. NXIVM wanted to find out who would be game.


By NXIVM Cult Recruiters 

There are known recruiters still being silent cowards. Kristin Kreuk was a BIG recruiter. The coward has not even admitted to being a coach let alone the recruiter she was. She has shown zero remorse for the many many people she recruited under false pretenses. No mention of Allison Mack who she recruited. Mark Hildreth has not said a single thing. His testicles are like acorns. Proof that those who virtue signal and pretend to care about “causes” are full of shit. When the time comes to step up and prove themselves, silence. Olivia Cheng was a big recruiter too. She fronted NXIVM shell company “One Asian”. Where is her accountability? When Frank broke the DOS story, he was calling out Kreuk/Crook to get her to draw attention to NXIVM and do the right thing, nothing. She even left Allison Mack to rot.


By Anonymous 

She is being criticised because of her cowardly silence on NXIVM and her deliberate downplaying of her involvement. Some are also pointing out she is a shit actress too, which she is.


Here are a few more:

Acting is Not Real Life

Oh Kristin dear, if only you had the guts and morality to confront Keith like this when those young women you actively recruited were fucked physically and mentally by him…

“Stay away from my girls”…..



Pointing out that Kreuk has little to no acting ability is not racism, not letting her getting away with pretending that she wasn’t a member of a cult is not racism. Nice try though.



Currently, Kreuk is receiving tax dollars from people who actually work, money she has not earned.



Kristin CROOK can’t act her way out of a paper bag. She did a NXIVM play for Nancy Salzman on her birthday. Not good.


Just Sayin’

Kristin Kreuk was back and forth between Vancouver and Tacoma and knew Siohban Hotaling well. Both women were in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit too.



Keith Raniere had two plans: 1) Use Kreuk’s name to legitimise NXIVM, which she was very happy to do through all the controversy and bullshit and 2) to fuck Kreuk.



When Kreuk joined I heard (3rd hand though) that Vanguard had ordered Hildreth to recruit his girlfriend into the cult. He wanted the Smallville star to be a celebrity draw. I don’t know if Vanguard’s plan was to sleep with her too but that would make sense too.


Master Thespian

Most here believe Kreuk is not a good actress, so her successful acting career must be the result of the tech she learned in Executive Success Program.



It’s the fact she lied that people are talking about [Kreuk]. She did not just do a few self help courses, coach these courses and recruit specifically for these courses. People know she has downplayed her involvement because she knows she did a lot more than the things stated above. Of course she is trying to protect her career. She does not want to face up to what she has done and been a part of because she loves all the money she gets from being on television. Fame is more important to her than doing the right thing, coming completely clean. The more she hides, the more people will talk about it.


Steve Smith

Honestly, what do people here expect her do?

Purposefully “suicide” her career with a “come to Jesus” post on her social media accounts?

“I’m sorry I lied. I was involved with NXIVM far-longer than I first claimed, and did a lot of things that may implicate me in some of the criminal wrongdoings of the cult, and its members. Please cancel my show. Please “cancel” my career. Sorry.”

Of course she’s going to say as little as possible, and avoid any of the controversy, as much as possible.



I know she was involved, supporting beyond 2013.



People don’t like it that one of the main characters of NXIVM lied about her involvement and downplayed what she did and knows. She does not want people to know she still supported the cult after she claims she left. (She did).


KK is trying to pretend she wasn’t deeply involved

From what I gather from this blog, ANYTHING she says about her involvement won’t be enough–unless she says she was a tax-evading, money-laundering, teen girl-pimp, and Vanguard’s slutty harem princess.



I kind of massively love that the Frank Report’s readers refuse to forget that Kreuk was a member/recruiter/coach of NXIVM – she is trying to pretend she wasn’t as deeply involved as she was and it’s not going to work.



DOS was formed in 2015 and was exposed in 2017. Kreuk was not with DOS hence why she did not flee to Mexico. She was forced by the press to make a weak damage control statement where she downplayed her involvement. She said she left in 2013, but I know she still supported the cult at least two years later.



Kristin Kreuk recruited Allison Mack. If Mack got special privileges, so did Kreuk.


Shadow State

NXIVM deliberately targeted younger celebrities like Kreuk and Mack to appeal to teen age girls and young women and seduce them into the cult.



The College Project survey Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack were promoting for NXIVM had probing questions. They seem to try and recruit anyone who is pliable and rich.

Would you say if you were on the striped path as a coach, you at least knew that NXIVM encouraged it’s members not to pay taxes? Would you say the higher up someone was on the striped path, the more likely they engaged in such behavior? Also, did they encourage members to mule money from Canada to the US? Surely the money from Canada was illegally moved across the border as the US was their headquarters.


Truly so many missed opportunities

Surely Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack would have been able to draw the press to look closer at NXIVM. The press has recently spoken about Kreuk. The press could have written articles calling out these two actresses for their continued devotion to a pedophile, lawsuit terrorist, money laundering, tax evading scumbag. They had enough fame to try and legitimize the cult with their mere membership and enough fame for the press to look into the NXIVM cult. Kreuk was actually more famous back then when she was young.



I am disgusted with these celebrities. Kristin Kreuk being the most famous in particular. Even when DOS was being exposed by Frank and he was calling her out to bring attention to the DOS story, nothing. Instead, she was portraying herself as the savior of young girls in a television show. Frank was right to call her a hypocrite. Allison Mack went on to become a nutjob sex slaver. I know of many people in the acting world who were involved. Looking at their social media pages, they are all silent. I guess public image is more important to these people than doing the honorable thing. They truly did not learn about ethics in NXIVM.


Virtue Signalling

Kristin Kreuk never posted anything NXIVM related because being in a cult + being in the public eye = bad publicity. However, she indirectly promoted NXIVM via Acapella innovations, Juicy Peach, College Project, Girls By Design etc. But having a look at her twitter page and some interviews in 2017 when she was being called out on NXIVM, lots and lots and lots of virtue signaling. Her tv show Burden Of Truth is all left wing liberal drivel written by ugly white feminists and soy boy dickheads, funded by white male taxpayers. Season 2 will lecture said white taxpayers about Native Americans. I want to hear about NXIVM, not Native Americans from Kristin Kook.



Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth virtue signal. No talk of NXIVM though. All cock and no balls. Pretending to be moral ethical crusaders yet prove themselves to be cowards.


Coming soon will be the defenders of Kristin Kreuk – led by Sultan of Six

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    • Jesus How pathetic of an obsessed hater are you? At least Sultan is a fan. How many hours a day are you wasting, stalking someone you hate on Twitter, IG message boards, and the comment section here looking for anything you can try to use in another of your repetitive, hate-filled, bs posts. They way you desperately quiz people who claim to be in the know, hoping they’ll give you a crumb of something you can twist into another unsubstantiated, accusatory post is laughable.

    • Here a gift from the horse’s mouth itself — “To make it clear, Kristin Kreuk and Grace Park are not part of the criminal enterprise that is NXIVM.” — Frank Parlato, Frank Report April 2018

  • It’s amazing Frank as 2 how many anonymous posts here. Why no names? Cowardice perhaps?

    You lost money with Keith on a real estate venture in CA. Care 2 comment? Perhaps Frank, your personal bias gets in the way?

    The entertainment Industry works as follows; Investors, etc+ – Kristin Kreuk, sponsors/advertisers – Verizon, shareholders in CW, etc, pays 4 the production, distribution, etc, AND THEN, ME, paying my Verizon 4 streaming the service, I ain’t getting anything 4 free.

    SHE is a good actress, executive producer, stunt woman, developer, entrepreneur, college educated, etc & more. Don’t be jealous, envious that She’s so good. Lift Her up, don’t put Her down, learn from Her. SHE does the thing I need, entertainment, thing I can’t on my own. no talent on my part, so I’m Grateful 2 Her talent & work giving me that I can’t give myself.

    I don’t watch tv, movies, etc 4 the morals or lack of. Those are their problems, not mine, I take care of my bs, drama, first, no time 4 others. Judge not, least ye shall be judged yourself 4 sure, let the 1 with no sin cast the stone first, JC said.

    Then, if you’d be a young, inexperienced, trusting talent with a whole good career ahead, 1 charlatan fools your boyfriend into dupping you into something nefarious you don’t know abt, you’re off the mark 1ce & then blackmailed, forced, coerced in otherwise Personal Ruin will ensue. How Courageous You’d be Frank? You stand 2 loose a lot, would you go out there talking? (only if you’d have nothing 2 loose, that’s 4 sure.)

    She said I’m sorry so many times, twice that I know of, what else do you want? How many times 1 have 2 atone b4 been forgiven? She tried 2 get Her colleagues out, but it was 2 late 4 them. Many of them, confirmed Her acct. isn’t that something?

    Walk in Her shoes 4 awhile b4 you judge. None of us would have the courage 2 do what we ask of Her, so lay off.

    Let’s allow the case 2 be tried in the court of law first, not the public opinion with little or no real facts on hand except 4 rumors, ppls with no complete picture on hand unlike the investigators looking into it, gathering all evidence.

    Innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

    Let’s also go after the real criminals here, Keith Rainiere, Nancy Salzman, etc, not the victims who are already embarrassed, humiliated, victimized over & over again.

    Thank you 4 your attn.

  • **Heidi**
    (Can we even confirm you are Gina’s sister….because you sound like a teenager, not an adult)

    Now you are lying and trying to backtrack . Your previous comments to me insinuated that I was a “fungas” and that I should use a masculine name. My post was not to you or about you (and I’ve not addressed you before you addressed me) ….yet for some bizarre reason you decided to attack me.

    Now you are attempting to say the attack is on the trolls??? You sound more illogical with each and every post.

    Why do I suggest that the trolls have nothing to do with NXIVM? Well, Heidi, think about it ….why would NXIVM members work so hard to INCRIMINATE themselves? Could anyone be THAT stupid? Obviously not.

    Quit being such a nitwit, you lying troll.

    • Hey dumb dumb.

      If you really thought Heidi was a troll you wouldn’t have spent several paragraphs trying to CONVINCE her that your opinion is true — which is just another way of saying that you’re trying to gain Heidi’s approval, which means you don’t think she’s a troll. lol

      You really are a dumb Canadian.

      You’re also an aging blimp with a face and body similar to Barbara Bouchey’s. Yuck. Now go exercise.

      • Haha
        More illogical troll shit.
        Nope MF….I really DO think *HEIDI* is a troll. Unless she’s a 50 year old who happens to sound like a 15 year old.

        Why do you assume you know what I look like, stalker troll? Have you been stalking me and you believe youve discovered my identity?
        If so, your detective skills are extremely shitty, and your stalking obsession only serves to demonstrate how mentally Ill you truly are .
        Seek help.

    • “Flowers” wrote: why would NXIVM members work so hard to INCRIMINATE themselves? Could anyone be THAT stupid? Obviously not.”

      Now, that’s a point worth exploring. Allison Mack readily “incriminated” herself; said the branding was all her idea. It’s said the DOS girls all competed for that honor. Even ex-NXIVM harem members, like Barbara Bouchey — who claimed she built the “infrastructure” of the illegal pyramid and PONZI scheme she was caught up in — seems ready to don that “coat of many colors,” — as Barb describes Keith’s prison garb — beside her Vanguard or, as I’m sure he’d rather have it — nay, DESIGNED it — in his stead.

      Keith sure knew how to pick ‘em and pluck ‘em. Or wouldn’t you agree, Flowers?

      Finally, I deeply apologize and did not mean to call you or any of your plant pals a “weed” or a “fungus.” You are dainty, fragile, fragrant flowers all and very good spellers. Please take no personal offense.

      P.S. I also misspelled “cow udders” for “cow utters” and improperly pluralized “Funguses” — “Fungi” is the plural for Fungus. Correct? 🐝

      • Heidi
        You’re a troll., and a very strange one at that.

        First you decided to attack me without a reason, on a post that was not about you .
        Second, when I responded to ask why you were attacking me, you lied and tried to weasel your way out of what you said earlier.

        And now you’re pretending to not understand how illogical it would be for NXIVM members to troll here by continually trying to implicate Kruek in a crime. Why in the world would a NXIVM member who is hoping to hide their past crimes keep claiming their former members committed more crimes while working with them!?! Does that make any sense at all????
        What is wrong with you, for crying out loud?.
        At this point I believe Kruek, who has not been charged with any crimes, should take notice of what is being posted here for legal reasons.

        • Flowers,

          I wish to respectfully apologize for my past insults to you.

          I have realized the error of my ways and I’ve had a change of heart.

          You are a kind person and I have unfairly made derogatory comments towards you.

          You have thoughtfully posted many interesting facts for us to consider.

          I truly hope that you can find it within your heart to forgive me.

          I only seek respectful discourse here at the forums. I only seek thoughtful conversation with you. Perhaps we can even be pals.

          p.s. Just kidding. Kiss my ass —- you fat, aging bitch.

          Now go jog a few miles and get rid of those fat Canadian love handles.

          • *Heidi*
            What I find the most bizarre is that you are posting here pretending to be Gina’s sister, as if you thought that by using someone else’s identity, you would come across as a credible source .

            It’s even more strange that became angry with me after I pointed out the obvious (that it would be incredibly stupid for NXIVM trolls to keep accusing Kruek of crimes)
            Implicating her serves no purpose to them, and is counter productive to what they hope to achieve.
            So why did that comment get the fake *HEIDI * so confused and agitated ?

            But thanks, nitwit, because all your mistakes are very telling. Keep fucking up.

  • Kristin Kreuk is a traitor. She was with us side by side helping then when the heat is on she hides and betrays. She is not some one you want in a fox hole and she is not good on stage live either ok

    • What do you mean Kristin Kreuk is a traitor? What do you mean “helping”. What “heat” are you talking about?

      As for her being on stage, she performed a NXIVM inspired play for Nancy Salzman on her birthday.

        • Do you and your fellow boy-troll sit by the computer and wait for a Sultan post? And since almost all your posts are about manturbation, do you need a Sultan post to jerk off?
          People on this site are laughing AT you…if they don’t ignore you.

          • Oh hi Flowers, LOL.

            Did you honestly think you could disguise yourself by posting in drag?

            Or are you just the Sultan of Arabia himself, posting in drag?

            Either way, it looks like you’re letting the so called trolls get to you. Don’t take it so personally, you weak minded fool. 🙂

      • Back in 2014 she also performed on stage in “Love Letters” for charity. I assume some here will label this a virtue signaling.

        “Kreuk and co-star Eric Johnson perform the two person play in a special limited four-night run with all proceeds going towards the Daily Bread Food Bank. “When we were talking about doing the play we were like, ‘well we don’t want to do this… like we don’t need to make money off it,’ we want to do this for a purpose – to provide something and give something back to the community… they provide a lot of aid for a lot of people here.”

        • Yep, that is virtue signalling.

          What does Kristin Kreuk care about the “Daily Bread Food Bank”? It’s about public profile. Celebrities who attach themselves to a “charity” do it for the publicity and to feel righteous. Kreuk said they don’t need to do it for the money. Sure as shit, the studios already give her ridiculous amounts of money she has not earned. What celebrity says “we don’t need to make money of it”? Acknowledging she is filthy rich.

          These celebrities are spoilt brat dickheads. Those celebrity UNICEF ambassadors who pretend to cry in Africa, with the single tear wipe need a slap.

          Doctors, nurses, paramedics, surgeons, midwives, firefighters, police officers, road sweepers, sewer workers etc are the people who deserve praise. Their service/work is done anonymously. . And they are often overworked and underpaid and generally undervalued while celebrities who do nothing get their useless asses kissed.

          • Shitting on anything good someone sincerely does regardless of who they are doesn’t give you moral points.

  • Where’s the proof that Kreuk knew about Keith’s “designs” on young girls when she & Mack, et. al. developed “Girls by Design” for Keith?

    “Girls by Design,” especially, along with “JNESS,” Accapella, “Rainbow Culture Garden,” etc. DID, btw, help with Odato’s 2012 Albany TU expose.

    The existence of these “girl-lure” groups within NXIVM emboldened some of the pedophilia victims to break their silence and come forward to try to break the recruitment momentum. Congrats to Kreuk on that!

    …Funny how so few on here throwing stones at Kreuk are using their real names to do so.

    • ““Girls by Design,” especially, along with “JNESS,” Accapella, “Rainbow Culture Garden,” etc. DID, btw, help with Odato’s 2012 Albany TU expose.”

      What do you mean?

      “The existence of these “girl-lure” groups within NXIVM emboldened some of the pedophilia victims to break their silence and come forward to try to break the recruitment momentum. Congrats to Kreuk on that!”

      How do you know that?

      • Those who knew first-hand that Keith was prone to, had committed, pedophilia; including myself and some of Gina’s friends and our relatives, had hoped that was in his past. Girls by Design, etc. was, is, however a strong indication that those “tendencies” were, are, being planned for his future. (Except now it looks like Keith’s future will be on the receiving end of such deviant sexual behavior!)

        For me, and I believe others who spoke up, the prospect of a new generation suffering the same — but in greater, exponentially increasing (given the pyramid, MLM or Ponzi structure) numbers outweighed the fear of retaliation — even though we knew we were beyond statutes insofar as recommence.

        Also, btw, I don’t think Keith’s strictly a “pedophile.” I believe he’s an equal opportunity abuser but the more harm he can inflict on a victim the bigger the payoff for him. The young are more vulnerable and more likely to be emotionally scarred for life. Also riskier in terms of getting caught — which is part of the payoff when he gets away with it.

        • “Those who knew first-hand that Keith was prone to, had committed, pedophilia; including myself and some of Gina’s friends and our relatives, had hoped that was in his past. Girls by Design, etc. was, is, however a strong indication that those “tendencies” were, are, being planned for his future.”

          Girls By Design was Kristin Kreuk’s NXIVM project with Kendra Voth who she recruited into the cult. She planned it with the help of Nancy Salzman. When people were joining the dots between Kristin Kreuk, NXIVM and Girls By Design, Kreuk released a statement pretending Girls By Design had nothing to do with NXIVM. She also claimed it had nothing to do with her other NXIVM projects: Juicy Peach and College Project. Tabby Chapman, [name redacted] and other NXIVM people were involved.

          “Also, btw, I don’t think Keith’s strictly a “pedophile.” I believe he’s an equal opportunity abuser but the more harm he can inflict on a victim the bigger the payoff for him. The young are more vulnerable and more likely to be emotionally scarred for life. Also riskier in terms of getting caught — which is part of the payoff when he gets away with it.”

          Keith Raniere is a pedophile and rapist. Engaging in sexual activity with a minor is the definition of pedophile. He clearly gets a sick thrill from dominating people with his perverted sexual desires. Toni Natalie accused him of rape years ago.

          • – Girls By Design was Kristin Kreuk’s NXIVM project with Kendra Voth who she recruited into the cult. She planned it with the help of Nancy Salzman. When people were joining the dots between Kristin Kreuk, NXIVM and Girls By Design, Kreuk released a statement pretending Girls By Design had nothing to do with NXIVM.

            Hey Omar, Girls by Design was her project no matter how many times you lie about it. It was not VanFraud’s nor a NXIVM project. Kristin explicitly stated in an article that she had originally thought of starting a positive magazine for teen girls and then found out how much it cost and it quickly become out of the question. She then realized that many people were created internet related businesses, they didn’t cost that much to start, and so she could go that route.

            NXIVM is a corporation with a tax id that professed to provide services to people with “executive success” in mind. Gee. I wonder what a company that advertises itself as such would do? Help people start and run successful business. DUH. So it is not surprising that she sought the help of Nancy Salzman to do this since she claimed to be an expert at it. THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT WAS A NXIVM BUSINESS.

            Holy shit. You people are retarded. Sorry slime has infested your minds such that you can’t distinguish granularity and nuance.

            Stop repeating lies you losers.

          • Too bad Sultan. She’s going down.They all are.
            All of your comments pretending to be different posters are not helping.
            Your nonsense just pisses more and more people off because they know you are more than just a little infatuated. At first I wondered why folks on this post picked on you, but now it’s very clear.
            Also it is plain to see more and more posters do not want to hear her being defended by an obsessed fan.They would rather hear it from a reputable source. Lighten up before you give yourself a coronary. All your doing is bringing more negative attention to your girl.

          • – It’s not working.

            Me pointing out facts; answering claims with calls to evidence; pointing out bad premises and logical fallacies in arguments. Yeah, it’s not working for you guys at all.

            – All of your comments pretending to be different posters are not helping.

            So much irony and projection in this statement.

            – Your nonsense just pisses more and more people off because they know you are more than just a little infatuated.

            Nothing makes any of you more impartial than me. “Haters” in general are the worst in terms of bias. Anyone who is a laid back fan understands the psychology of a rabid hater. They are only surpassed by the “celebrity” and “jealous” haters. They are the worst as reflected in the ease at which they lie and cast bigoted slurs and third rate sex insults.

            Rational argumentation from premises to conclusion using the laws of logic is impartial by definition. It doesn’t matter how allegedly biased you are towards the subject at hand. In a syllogistic argument, as long as the premises are true and the argument is devoid of logical fallacies, then the conclusion will follow by logical necessity.

            Sorry the best you guys can do is the “monkey throw shit and hope it sticks on wall” form of “argumentation”.

          • “Kreuk released a statement pretending Girls By Design had nothing to do with NXIVM. She also claimed it had nothing to do with her other NXIVM projects: Juicy Peach and College Project. Tabby Chapman, [name redacted] and other NXIVM people were involved.”

            That’s interesting. What year was that? Was NXIVM, per se, getting bad publicity at that time? Was it subterfuge or embarrassment on Kristin’s part? Or a business move to divest one entity from the other.

            Think I read here on FR that Keith had called for a “Shark-Tank” type contest for the girls to pitch him new business ideas. He (or the Bronfman’s) would fund the winning concept. Then, wasn’t Nancy appointed to “Prefect” (perfect) on Kruek’s top prize for: “Girls by Design!” ?

            But before anyone judges Kreuk for this bright idea, may I offer that Keith may have had more input — and with a different idea of the concept in mind — than Kreuk. Maybe “baby face” Kreuk was just looking for a younger fan base than she’s attracting on this site! …That’s show biz!

          • – That’s interesting. What year was that?

            I can’t remember the exact year. It was likely 2010-2011 but I’m not sure at all. Like I said, that site is gone. If it wasn’t I could do a search on it and find the exact post.

            – Was NXIVM, per se, getting bad publicity at that time?

            I think NXIVM has always been mired in controversy, so it depends upon the negative weight you give to the term bad. I think any fan was concerned with the cult pejorative and the swirling rumors attached to the group at the time.

            – Was it subterfuge or embarrassment on Kristin’s part?

            How would I know about “subterfuge”? That’s a pretty loaded question.

            – Or a business move to divest one entity from the other.

            It was never a NXIVM affiliated company..

            ET Canada did a short segment with Kristin and Kendra in 2008 at Kristin’s home in Vancouver discussing the project. It can still be found on YouTube.

            Relatively recent fan forum posting stating GbD had nothing to do with NXIVM from fans of hers:

            – Think I read here on FR that Keith had called for a “Shark-Tank” type contest for the girls to pitch him new business ideas.

            I’ve read every article related to to Kristin here and I don’t recall this ever being stated.

          • LOL at the woman who supposedly “doesn’t care” about the posts of others.

            Hint: You constantly respond about posts made days earlier. This clearly shows that you think about these posts all day long, and probably all night. lol

            That’s just basic logic.

            You’re obsessed with the very same people you claim not to care about, lol.

            Yet you honestly don’t realize just how much you telegraph this fact to the whole board here.

            I’m guessing that after your last man gaslighted and dumped you, your mental state became a broken mess.

            I just hope your daughter in college doesn’t follow in your footsteps and wind up a mentally deranged man hater.

            Now go jog a few miles and lose those love handles, you aging blimp. Just kidding, we’re all friends here, right? not. 🙂

          • 😂🤣😅😆😁😘
            Which posts are you referring to, MF? (and why are YOU so obsessed with ME, that you are tracking my posts!??) Absolutely hilarious!

            If I’ve responded to a post that was not posted today, its because I didn’t READ the post the day it was first posted.
            Ohhhhh…..that was such tough one for you to figure out, eh stalker?🙄🤔

          • Obviously you were unable to understand my point, MF.
            If cowardly Heidi chooses to reply, she will have to think up a plausible answer to my question.
            How much do you wanna bet that *Heidi* won’t be able to think of a logical answer?
            Why did she attack me for my post addressed to anonymous?
            How about cowardly Heidi?

    • – Where’s the proof that Kreuk knew about Keith’s “designs” on young girls when she & Mack, et. al. developed “Girls by Design” for Keith?

      Just to clear up some misinformation. Mack was never a part of “Girls By Design” (GBD). Kristin’s partner was Kendra Voth. Both Kristin and Kendra released a statement about ten years ago on one of Kristin’s most popular fan forums (unfortunately it no longer exists) that GBD was their mutual project independent from NXIVM when fans expressed their concern that it was tied to the latter.

      • Dude, you’re an obsessed defender of Kreuk.

        You show up in EVERY thread defending her as though she was your beloved wife.

        Stop embarrassing yourself by defending her in every thread.

        She’s not interested in a towel-head that prays 5 times a day to a god who doesn’t exist (god doesn’t exist). All religions are fairy tales, including Christianity. You might as well pray to a purple unicorn.

        I realize that you wanna add Kreuk to your stable of burqa-clad wives but she just ain’t interested in your arabian ass. Now kindly fuck off, you towel-head.

      • SultanOfSpank/Beetlejuice is what happens when brothers, sisters and first cousins fuck like they do in Pakistan. They also have funny names like “Haroon”.

    • “That’s interesting. What year was that? Was NXIVM, per se, getting bad publicity at that time? Was it subterfuge or embarrassment on Kristin’s part? Or a business move to divest one entity from the other.”

      It was around the 2010 mark I think. There was the Saratoga In Decline blog, the Vanity Fair article etc. People knew NXIVM was bad. People knew Susan Dones left NXIVM and closed down her Tacoma branch in 2009 because of NXIVM criminal activity and Keith using the intensives to find women. Kreuk used to drive four hours from Vancouver to Tacoma every week coaching. She coached there with Kendra Voth who she recruited. Kreuk knew what happened to Dones. There was bad publicity out there, hence why when her teenage fans were talking about the link between Kreuk, NXIVM and Girls By Design, Kreuk released a statement in third person signed Kristin and Kendra.

      Her statement:

      “Hi All,

      We have been reading up on the latest news and concerns from many of you in regards to what GBD is all about and what our intent with the company is. We really appreciate that you share our concerns in regards to the safely of teens. Please know that GBD is not affiliated with NXIVM or the Executive Success Programs. GBD is also not a part of 10C (the college project), A cappella Innovations or Juicy Peach.

      GBD has been an independent project in the works since it was a budding idea many years ago when Kristin came to face many challenges as a young woman in her career. This project is something that we are both very proud of and invested in. Our mission is clearly stated on our coming soon page; we want to create a place where all teen girls can come together to explore, express and create (projects) and realize their potential together.

      We have found very few supportive safe places online for girls to interact and participate. It’s our goal to have a cool, fun environment where teen girls go to spend time with friends, make new friends, get involved in projects, and proudly share their accomplishments with their family and friends.

      The financial model will be a traditional internet model with no membership fees and accessible to all :).

      We both sincerely hope this clears up any concerns you may have.

      Kristin and Kendra”

      Read the first paragraph: “safety of teens”. They knew what information was out there and clearly read what was said online for them to of released a damage control statement.

      They lied. Girls By Design was created because those on the striped path were encouraged to start NXIVM inspired projects to spread their bullshit. Note how they made reference to NXIVM, ESP, College Project, Acapella Inovations and Juicy Peach. They indirectly acknowledge that Acapella Inovations, Juicy Peach and College Project are connected to NXIVM. Nancy Salzman claimed in an interview the College Project was not a NXIVM project. In an email to Metroland, Nancy Salzman said: “To say their business is affiliated with NXIUM [sic] is quite a stretch, but if you must it would also mean, Enron, Worldcom, Krispy Kreme and BNI, Black Entertainment TV and a number of different countries are NXIVM affiliated. . . . The business to which you refer is just another business started by one of our past or present 8,000 participants who took one of our courses in ethics, critical thinking and entrepreneurship. It is our intent to help people start businesses if they want to and be more joyful and prosperous in their lives, I guess we’re doing a good job.”

      Well the College Project NXIVM market research survey was hosted by, a NXIVM shell company registered to Keith’s pimp Karen Unterreiner. Kreuk and Voth refused to confirm or deny that they were a part of NXIVM and they lied that GBD was an independent project. It was a NXIVM project. Just like the others Kreuk was a part of.

      A former member of Girls By Design wrote this message on Frank Report:

      April 17, 2018 at 4:37 am
      I was a part of GBD in 2008 when I was 17 years old. KK would have girls fill out questionnaires (usually open ended questions about your experience as a teen) on facebook, and Kendra would contact us privately if we said something that interested her. Here’s one thing I do remember– it seemed Kristen and Kendra were more interested in recruiting girls much younger in age than me, closer to middle school. I ended up leaving GBD because of that. I also remember them both posting numerous vlogs on youtube.

      I do remember at one point Kendra was much more interactive with having one on one’s with individual girls than KK was. I remember thinking that perhaps GBD was Kendra’s thing and KK was there to generate attention (at least she didn’t seem to want to get her hands dirty).

      Not sure if that information is useful, but I wanted to put it out there.”

      As for NXIVM using shell companies and PO Boxes to hide money, here is the GBD PO Box for reference. Perhaps Frank can take note of this:

      Kristin Kreuk and Kendra Voth’s “Girls By Design”
      PO Box #19158 Fourth Ave RPO Vancouver BC V6K 4R8

      • – Read the first paragraph: “safety of teens”. They knew what information was out there and clearly read what was said online for them to of released a damage control statement.

        You have no idea what a damage control statement is. Some of the fans were concerned that it was a recruitment tool into NXIVM because they already knew Kristin and Kendra were involved in NXIVM and that resulted in the above statement. That’s not “damage control”. That’s called clearing the air.

        – They lied.

        No they didn’t.

        • Oh look, the vile disgusting paki stalker has to show up again. Kill yourself you fucking shit skin paki cunt. You are a worthless brown turd.

  • “According to TVByTheNumbers, last week’s episode of Burden of Truth improved to a 0.75 million viewer rating. The series swung back after a season low 0.63 rating the prior week and is no longer in a linear ratings decline. It appears the core fanbase of both Burden of Truth and lead Kristin Kreuk as an actress is not going anywhere.”

    • There is a reason the CW Network is shielding Kristin Kreuk from reporters wanting to interview her about NXIVM. Those numbers would drop. There is a reason the Oscars and Emmys are losing viewers. People don’t like virtue signalling celebrities talking down to them. America has a population of 327 million people so not a good ratio. Also, there is a difference between someone watching the whole show or just a little bit. Having a look at Kreuk’s social media follower list, the numbers don’t match.

  • I have some questions for one the Anonymous commenters in this thread.

    You accuse Frank, Omar, and a few others of writing fake comments under various aliases. Obviously there are trolls doing just that (and the trolls are certainly not NXIVM members, as some suggest) but do you have any evidence to show that Frank is responsible for the fake comments? Or is that a hypothesis based on things you’ve noticed?

    I agree it’s quite laughable to suggest that all these random troll are writing here to accuse Kristen ….are we to believe these folks are lurking here constantly to attack others? Common sense suggests that’s a very unlikely explanation for these obsessed trolls.

    The ManMaking site is interesting, too. I’ve not seen anything overtly misogynistic there, but it seems that maybe some posts were removed, as the headings are still there.

    I can’t help but notice that I’ve been
    viciously attacked here with misogynistic comments , and my posts were removed, but the posts of those calling me a dumb bitch, a cunt , a slut, and posting false stories about me, remain on the board .

    It’s also bizarre (troubling) how Frank not only removed my post, but made a point of pointing out my spelling mistake (I believe spell check added an ‘ to a plural) ad though he wants to demonstrate my lack of intelligence .

    Obviously, I don’t give a fuck about what any of these people post about me, but my question is WHY are they behaving this way?

    • Another lie. You do give a fuck about what people say. Your feministic ego will not allow anything less. Quit bitching about the speck in other people’s eyes when you have huge planks in your own.

      • Haha
        Why would I give even half a fuck about the opinions of a bunch of lowlife criminals and liars??😁
        Buts it soooo amusing to watch these soon-to-be charged morons scramble around like a bunch of sewer rats on a sinking ship.
        Start jumping , rats. I know you’re all going to sink like a STONE .

        Pun intended.

    • Hi Flowers. I wouldn’t be so sure there aren’t NXIVM troll-pros on here. (Unless, of course, I were a troll being paid to say that 🤨.) Using mysoginistic stereotypes to manipulate — sow discord, rile up both sexes — is Standard Operating Procedure for the cult. Look into “Society of Protectors,” some of the modules where girls wore cow utters while the “Protectors” hurled insults at them, etc.

      Why not change your moniker to something a little less feminine like “Weeds” or “Funguses?” 😆 Just a thought.

      • And why are you attacking ME, *Heidi*?
        Why didn’t you attack the anonymous person who wrote the posts I just commented on?.
        What sort of woman defends and supports misogynistic behaviour ??
        How curious.

        Perhaps you’ve been smoking a little too much WEED.
        … Just a thought, *HEIDI* ….
        (That is really your name, right?)

        • My earlier response would only be an “attack”’on you, “Flowers,” if you WERE a NXIVM troll.
          We differed as to who or what was behind the alleged mysoginie you claim is directed at you on this site. Why would you rule out the notion it might be NXIVM trolls when misaginy rules that entire org? Why are you so sensitive about my weed / fungus joke if you aren’t actually a man? And why wouldn’t you choose a less feminine name if you feel you are under genuine gender attack on here?

          I say you’re a “plant” to attract masajenists or come under attack by other planted mesoginest trolls to throw the blog off-topic and scare away DOS female victims from this site.

          As such, I will ignore you henceforth.

      • Frank . .please remove HEIDI’S nasty post and make sure you point out her hilarious spelling of misogynistic .
        Fair is fair is fair

          • Haha
            You’re not even Scott.
            Do you wanna be him???

            Too fucking funny.

            Oh yeah….kiss my ASS.

            (That includes **HEIDI** as well. Especially Heidi. I see you and Toni are great friends HEIDI. Interesting….. Have you learned how to spell misogynistic yet.)

  • It would look a lot better for her if she came clean now and did not
    wait until the prosecution names her. She will not look as bad in court
    if she talks honestly first,as hard as it may be. Otherwise she will look like a Big Liar.
    Which she probably could be anyway. .

  • Leave Kristin alone. She has to play a lawyer who risks her careeer to expose Bad men to protect women. You people have scared her so bad she can’t even play the scene believably. And she is afraid even to post on instagram because every time she wants to speak up for women causes a bunch of you ask why her whole life is nothing but virtue signaling and acting brave. It’s time to let her alone and let her go back to virtue signaling and acting tough and fooling people. Let everyone forget she was one of the pillars who built Nxivm. The hard working taxpayers who pay for her tv series should not find out about this. Then when they watch her they won’t beleive her authenticity as an actress.

  • The College project survey just seems so disgusting, especially when you realize it was all NXIVM based and Raniere’s way to troll for available chicks. I’m also ashamed to admit that I bought the Mack/Kreuk Juicy Peach calendar back in the day–DAMN!!’

    Question though, Kreuk says she was 23 when she first took classes, but wasn’t she involved as early as 2002, when she was around 19 years old? And then she recruited Mack, so that by 2005 they were both recruiting and coaching?

    • “I’m also ashamed to admit that I bought the Mack/Kreuk Juicy Peach calendar back in the day–DAMN!!’”

      Well don’t you just feel silly now? Juicy Peach was Kristin Crook and Ally Wack’s attempt to lure in “artists” to NXIVM. Of course, they didn’t mention that, because, well you know, who wants to join a cult? Same with the College Project. They used their celebrity to trick people. Not good.

      “Question though, Kreuk says she was 23 when she first took classes, but wasn’t she involved as early as 2002, when she was around 19 years old? And then she recruited Mack, so that by 2005 they were both recruiting and coaching?”

      Where are you getting this from? Rick Ross wrote an article in 2006 claiming Kristin Crook had recently attended an intensive. Kristin Crook was in the NXIVM cult first and was holding meetings at her house very early on with Nancy and Lauren Salzman. She brought in Ally Wack later on. She was more culty than Mack in those days.

  • For the same reason her limited fame helped the cult, the same could be said if she took a real stand today. She has to know ‘thing’s.
    This cult was almost 20 years in the making. As cults do it got worse every year. Anyone involved in the hierarchy up to even 2013 knew about illegal activities. It may be what led her to leave. And the fact that she was aware of the Bronfman money and cults tactics with defectors of course she was afraid. So she’s in a bad spot here. I think if she came forward now it would be the safest time to share what she knows, he’ll it may even help her career and would certainly help the young girls who watch her on t.v. Kristin could make an impact if she came forward even now. Do your own documentary whatever it takes.
    This case will come to trial and no one can predict what will come out by then but names will be named, stories told, people outed for their roles. And the whole world will be watching when that happens.
    Just because mainstream America isn’t posting here doesn’t mean they are not following. Just like the cult is following and posting, pretending to be humans.
    I don’t believe Frank and others are posting under numerous alias, he doesn’t need to. And if there weren’t so many assholes waiting to attack average posters more people would be writing what they think . This is to Scott, Flowers and others . I’ve watched you and if anyone is a troll here it’s you two.

  • This kind of gaslighting of Kreuk is why women are afraid to speak in the first place.

    You guys have gone to lengths to detail the threats the company has on women and members both former and current but you still choose to blame her rather than looking at the facts of the case including that most of the nefarious activities of the group started in 2015, 3 years after she left and that they have personal information of anyone who was there previously which would many people in an extorted position if they did.

    Kreuk has spoken about the activities and denounced them and , the women who came forward to expose Keith have said on record Krisitn was not involved (Sarah Edmonson, Susan Downes) in the activities and left, there has been no evidence of any further people being recruited by Kreuk other than Mack who devised DoS with Keith (Tabby Chapman and Kendra Voth both left when Kreuk)

    What exactly do you want her to do that isnt already being done by the authorities and the people related to the members who were actually in NXVIM during the initiation of DoS? She already has condemned them but she simply wasnt there when the criminal activity broke and there is no record of people she recruited being there other than Mack who chose to initiate this stuff

    Frank playing this strategic double talk of saying he has no problem with Kreuk but then funnelling these bizarre articles republishing comments attacking her is pretty unethical in its own right, probably done as a way to avoid a slanderous lawsuit.

    Disappointing and it further hurts the credibility here

    • 1) Saying the “nefarious” stuff started in 2015 is ridiculous. DOS is the collateral/branding stuff. The authorities are looking at things years before DOS was formed, when Kreuk was still a devoted member. Tax evasion, money laundering etc.

      2) Kreuk only wrote that statement because of the press coverage suggesting she was a DOS member. If it were not for that, she would never of made that statement.

      3) Sarah Edmondson knows that “shit got weird” way before Kreuk allegedly left. She is talking to the FBI because she knows about the criminal activity. Her defence of Kreuk has no weight to it. NXIVM is significantly more than two years of DOS.

      4) Susan Dones lied and said Kreuk left shortly after she did in 2009. That is absolutely not true.

      5) Kreuk was a big recruiter. Kendra Voth and Allison Mack were not the only people recruited by her.

      6) Kreuk did not have to be part of DOS for her to be criticised.

      7) In some article, it said Kendra Voth left in 2009. That is a complete and utter lie.

      8) Tabby Chapman was a “Smallville” superman and a big fan of Allison Mack. She was re ruined by Allison Mack.

      • I personally know she was still supporting them in 2015. I know when she was with the Vancouver group in 2015 and the names of some of those there.

        How do you know she was still a supporter in 2016?

        It’s unlikely she changed her mind about NXIVM in 2016. After being with the Vancouver group in 2015, she went back to Toronto to film the fourth and final season of her television show Beauty and the Beast which finished filming at the end of 2015. I would assume going into 2016, she still supported NXIVM.

        Do you know what she was doing in 2016?

      • Also, she was in New York near the end of 2016. Sarah Edmondson was branded in March 2017, Frank Parlato broke the story in June 2017 and Kreuk is still silent…

  • “Wide array of different readers” LOL Frank, are you really trying to cover up the fact that you wrote the original rant and that many of the comments are written by just you and Omar “Former ‘I Smell Like a Monkey’ Nexian” Rosales? That might have been more believable if you hadn’t edited what you originally wrote. You and O’Hara posting and commenting under different names also doesn’t do this site any favors.

    You’ve been called out for your misogyny in the past and your old manmaking site, where you call women “BLOOD AND PUS FILLED,” is starting to make the rounds. Was it the inspiration for Raniere’s Society of Protectors? You never have admitted what kind of module your sex slaver pal Raniere asked you to create for him?

    • Misogynist, racist, fascist etc etc. You feminist libtards are in need of a fresh douche. To accuse Frank of this is lower than whale shit in the bottom of the ocean.

  • – Yet, just in the last few days, she was mentioned hundreds of times in comments by a wide array of different readers.

    Kristin has been mentioned by the same few people donning dozens of aliases and posting multiple times.

    These people need to learn the definition of hypocrisy. According to Webster’s dictionary the definition of hypocrisy is the following:

    a) feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not : behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel.

    In other words, someone who doesn’t practice what they preach. Where has Kristin demonstrated not practicing what she preaches?

    For example, where does she say people should be vegetarians, but is caught eating a Big Mac at McDonalds?

    Actors who play characters in a television series or film do not imply in any way, shape, or form, that they support the beliefs and behavior of the characters they are representing. That is why it is called “playing” or “acting”. Otherwise people who play murderers, thieves, or some other reprehensible character, would also be showing support for such beliefs and actions. So if Kristin portrays a strong woman on television who happens to be a lawyer that stands up to authority or a big corporation, that doesn’t mean she can do the same thing in reality, nor does it mean she is preaching to other women that they *must* do so. Of course, she may find certain attributes in a such a character to be representative of what a strong woman ought to be. That she does not live up to them in no way makes her a hypocrite. The characters represented in entertainment are often merely exemplars who may inspire others, even the actors themselves to be better people. Also, sharing stories of women on the internet who are strong enough to tell their own stories of overcoming abuse or rape doesn’t in any way make her a hypocrite.

    As far as NXIVM is concerned, she’s done talking about it after she released her statement. The latter made it glaringly clear that she is embarrassed about her past association to it in light of current events. That she supported NXIVM in what she thought it stood for in the past doesn’t mean she supports what it devolved into today. To claim she didn’t previously publicly condemn any philandering VanFraud did in the past with teen girls when it was exposed (even though she left NXIVM soon after), or that she isn’t currently out on a vocal crusade against what NXIVM devolved into, implies that she supports such behavior or that it makes her a hypocrite because of her support for female empowerment, is a form of the argument from ignorance fallacy, called the argument from silence. Her statement already makes it clear that she doesn’t support any of it. Sorry the granularity is too difficult for some people to conceptualize.

      • Piss off sociopath.

        You few dicks who take on multiple aliases are the same broken record on repeat who keep claiming this is a lie and that is lie, but you don’t provide the one shred of the thing to prove your claims: EVIDENCE.

        The only thing you guys are great at is executing the Joseph Goebbels methodology of propaganda: repeat a life often enough and people will begin to believe it.

        It is the methodology of sociopaths.

        You know what’s going to happen to Kreuk. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Because she’s innocent of any wrongdoing, ethically and legally.

        You can virtually scream and spread the trash that exists in your souls in the comments of this website all you want about how much you hate virtue signalling, feminism, Islam, brown people, etc. It will reach no one of significance and will not engender any change whatsoever.

        All you guys will have left is a barren section of comments to continue cry on.

        So cry me a river.

        • SultanOfSpank thinks spanking it to Kristin Crook means he knows what Kristin Crook did in NXIVM and what she knows about. His little testicles are the size of raisins and the same color as a used tea bag. He has a tiny brown sea creature penile gland that he spanks 24/7 to Kristin Crook. When he is not spanking it to Kook or busting his tiny nuts on the comments section of Frank Report, he sits there with a notebook and pen doodling “Sultan and KK 4 eva” like a teenage girl. If you shine an infrared light on his laptop, you will see it saturated with the lowest quality seminal fluid you could find. A ferret has more testosterone in his testicles than SultanOfSpank. Soy has synthesized with his Y chromosome on a molecular level creating this hybrid brown/soy creature. He is either face down, ass up to Mecca or lying on his back, legs in the air, thumb and forefinger pinch griping his banana slug gland stroking like he trying to stretch a noodle, spanking it to Kristin Kook.

  • All of you would be silent if you had stupidly joined NXIVM and feared a reprisal. Most people are cowards. Nothing new here.

  • That Just Sayin’ post was someone fake posting as me.

    I wouldn’t have any way of knowing what Kristin Kreuk was or wasn’t doing other than what I know about from here, and I definitely would not have heard anything whatsoever about it from Siobahn Hotaling. We were never friends.

  • Kristin sought out NXIVM to address her shyness issues. The fact that she is still too shy to speak up speaks volumes about the efficacy of NXIVM’s technology.

  • Isn’t it time to give Kristin Kreuk her due? She built the cult as one of its top 10 most important people. She left the cult and hid her involvement. What is she supposed to do now? Condemn it? She built it up. she was the celebrity they used to recruit 100s. Why should she own that? No the smart thing for her is to lay low. Pretend she knows nothing. Let it pass.

    • For a start, she can shut the fuck up with all this “thank you for sharing your sexual assult story” and acknowledge what she has done and what she knows about in full.

  • I agree with “I’m Scared”. Kristin comes off formidable when she yells at the principal. Little girls watching on TV will be inspired to be brave and sound off to male authority. In real life Kristin coward down to Vsnguard or the media but who knows this ? Not the little girls who watch Kristin. They think she’s brave and tough.

  • Kristin does her part every day playing brave burden of truth lawyer. She inspires thousands of girls to be brave when she herself isn’t brave. That’s enough. That’s what an actor is supposed to do.

  • Why are you so obsessed with Kreuk? You do good work here, but it’s time to give up now. While you got solid proof for everyone on trial, all you have about her are speculations. If you can present solid proof like you did with the others is one thing, but all this specuation and allegedleness against her jus cheapens all your other work.

    • “Why so obsessed” I’ve wondered that myself. At first I thought Frank was just using her name for click bait to attract attention the same way he used her name when he was working as a publicist for the sex cult. Frank probably doesn’t want to admit this, but it looks like the few times Kreuk ever did anything publicly connected with NXIVM was when HE was the one doing the PR for the sex cult and setting her up.

      Someone on here commented previously that Frank was one of the many men (maybe women too) who had sexually harassed or propositioned Kreuk, so Frank is probably just trying to get his revenge. Maybe Kreuk complained about Frank’s behaviour to Keith or Clare and that’s one of the reason’s he got fired.

      However with Frank’s latest unhinged, vitriolic post, I think we could have some fun speculating as to other sources of poor Frank’s obsession. If you read Frank’s old manmaking site — which I highly recommend if you enjoy The Onion — you’ll see that he is/was a big proponent of Bramachayra — the be celibate, hang onto your seaman cuz it’s good for your brain power thing. So I offer that the real reason for Frank’s vendetta against Kreuk is that she makes him UNCONTROLABLY JIZZ IN HIS PANTS. And since he wrote this absurd statement: “I could have tolerated all of her cowardice, if she wasn’t playing a tough brave woman on [taxpayer] subsidized TV,” I think he obviously needs to horde all the brain cells he can.

  • “Why is she thanking a woman for sharing her alleged sexual abuse, when she won’t even talk about the awful rapes NXIVM? She keeps her mouth shut about NXIVM but opens it for something that has nothing to do with her.”

    Hey Hypocrite — Jayli isn’t some random woman. Kristin has worked with Jayli for the last two years on Burden of Truth. I doubt Kreuk’s ever met Natalie and what would you expect her to say about the other women who were also gone 4 years before she even got involved with NXIVM.

    • Kristin Kreuk does not care about sexual assault victims. She has had years to condemn NXIVM. Whether you like it or not, she was named as a cult member in 2012 in an expose that spoke about her dear Vanguard’s rape of teen girls. Where was her support for those girls? Why not publically thank them for coming forward. Did she not believe them? Did she not care? Why does she believe this Jayli chick then? Hypocrite. A bad person. She continued coaching and still was pro-NXIVM/Keith Raniere years later. If she did the right thing years ago, perhaps DOS would not of ever existed. Kreuk can’t even say she tried. It requires no sacrifice on her part to pretend to care about an alleged sexual assault case that is not related to her in any way. Kreuk thanking (!) this Jayli chick for telling her story (whether it’s true or not) is like being a former member of ISIS, refusing to talk about it, hen thanking a woman who comes forward talking about being raped by ISIS. It’s fucking ridiculous. Kristin Kreuk is a shitty person. Who are you? A fan? Become a fan of someone else. Maybe someone who works in a sexual assault shelter.

    • “Hey Hypocrite — Jayli isn’t some random woman. Kristin has worked with Jayli for the last two years on Burden of Truth.”

      She has known pedophile Keith Raniere for years. She was silent about his pedophilia though…

      • She’s SUPPORTING a VICTIM that she knows personally who has come forward. She thanked the brave women who came forward to expose DOS but didn’t thoughtlessly expose them by name the way Frank did, since only Sarah E has gone public so far.

        • Yes or no: was Kreuk named in the same expose that exposed Keith Raniere’s pedophilia complete with police report? What did Kreuk do about it? Nothing. She did not leave and never turned on the cult.

          Kreuk did not do anything for the branded sex slaves of DOS. You know full well she only wrote that weak note to protect her public image, not for the women of DOS. It requires no sacrifice to Kreuk’s image to post a pretentious message to twitter about this Jayli Wolf. She is silent about NXIVM because she knows she was deep in a cult and knew it was more than just a “self help” group. Her words are empty. The more she virtue signals, the more she will get called out on it. She brought this on herself.

    • Behind the scenes, Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg were trying to get Allison Mack out, trying to get her to leave. Frank was calling out Kristin Kreuk to draw attention to the DOS story. Kreuk will always be wrapped to NXIVM. She will always be the one who recruited Allison Mack. Mack was supposed to be her friend and Kreuk did nothing, nothing to get her out. She left her to get her life wrecked. At the same time, she was filming a tax payer funded television show portraying herself as the saviour of teen girls. That is very disgusting. Celebrity virtue signalling, such as on twitter or during awards shows is bad enough, but this is genuinely disgusting and hypocritical behaviour. From now on, if ever Kreuk pretends to care about any “causes”, this will always come back to bite her in her ass.

      • There have been articles here by people claiming Kristin tried to get Allison out when she left so I dont know where this never did talk came from either

        • I read those messages and they were bullshit. Someone said Kreuk tried over many “years” to get her out. Well it is a fact Kreuk did not leave the cult for moral ethical reasons because she was still a supporter of the cult beyond 2013. She would not of tried to get Allison Mack out when she herself still liked NXIVM. Someone went to the press claiming Kreuk left because of “rumours” of a “sex cult”. That is bullshit too.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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