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Keith Raniere
Metropolitan Detention Center – Brooklyn:
Be careful, Vanguard…
Georgian fighter, Avtandil Khurtsidze was attacked by a rival gang at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center and was hospitalized. Khurtsidze suffered multiple stab wounds from the incident.
The 39-year-old fighter was scheduled to take on Billy Joe Saunders for the WBO world title in July 2017 but was arrested before the bout due to alleged links with organized crime, known as the Shulaya Enterprise.
In June 2018, he was found guilty of racketeering and wire fraud and was remanded in custody.  Hew is still at MDC awaiting sentencing.
If he comes back to MDC, Khurtsidze might consider taking judo lessons from an East Coast Judo Champion – also in detention at MDC and awaiting trial. His name is Keith Alan Raniere.


Remembering the pre-Keith past of Nancy Salzman

If she had never met her Vanguard, she would not be a Prefect today…  But how does one alter fate?

Vanguard told her that she was Adolf Hitler in her past life. That’s a lot of karma to get rid of.

This photo was sent by a reader and is from approx. 1987.

Prefect 2nd from left, Jim Pike, who became her second husband, far right. Also in photo [far left] Scottie Smith, an Ericksonian Hypnosis trainer and Linda Sommers, an NLP Trainer.

The reader who sent the photo adds, “brushing over Keith’s business of persuasion as ‘Typical Brainwashing techniques’ and his work as a blend of Scientology and EST etc. – also brushes over who may be key connections, dots to be connected….   Of course the tactics Keith and his team were perpetrating were crimes, not persuasion techniques.  Who set Keith up with the Bronfmans and the Mexican president’s son? What did Nancy model when she watched Keith do his stuff on another person?
A cover of my newspaper in 2015 

Just a reminder that I was encouraging the FBI to investigate Bronfman-Raniere back in 2015.  I named the crimes they committed but was ignored in the Western District. It took the Eastern District to finally catch on – in 2018 – after 150 women were brutally branded. The Western District more interested in indicting me – and making Clare Bronfman their victim.


A reminder of the past

This Las Vegas hotel recalls a period of the old west when cattle were branded, not women.


Truth Test for NXIVM members

You don’t need a lie detector test for Keith or his High Rank.

So how do you tell when NXIVM High Rank are lying?

It’s simple.  The default assumption is if Keith or any of his High Rank are moving their lips, and emitting a sound that resembles speech – they are [ethically] lying.

Otherwise, they are not lying.

If they put something in writing – the default assumption is they are lying, unless it is a court document – then you may safely conclude it is perjury.

If Keith admits he is lying – he might be lying about lying and might actually tell the truth. But it still qualifies as ethical lying, since he lied about it being a lie

Otherwise, and at all other times, it is safe to assume he is lying.

Lana Darby [Laura’s twin sister] on Raniere’s recent motion to seal [hide the names of his guarantors on his bail bond]
No way in fucking hell the judge agrees to this. The letter is so fraught with half truths it isn’t even funny. I think Keith’s attorneys  combined Jim Odato and Joe Ohara into the person they said was the disgraced journalist who did time in a Texas jail.
No, that would be a former consultant.
Now, they have you conspiring with John Tighe. I am pretty sure John didn’t peg you in a positive light in any of his posts. If anything they were neutral, but he predicted the Bronfmans would come after you. I find the idea that you were conspiring with him laughable.
Who the hell do you think would even have the kind of money to post Keith’s bail? And do you have to be a US citizen to post bail?
I take the letter as alluding to the mischief that Clare accused Sara E of doing?
Lastly, if I was the judge, I would line my cat litter box with this motion.
Carlos Salinas and son Emi can dance
Carlos Salinas has been called “chief of the power mafia ” by President-elect Obrador.
But he can dance. You know it’s a funny thing. I always figured Carlos was more interested in making other guys dance.
From a reader about Vanguard’s birthday post
Not a real photo.
A reader writes: Frank, you excelled yourself with Vanguards birthday treat. I have a confession to make. I have not laughed as much in ages visualizing all those little birthday suits. Then, of course, I read the list of horrors. That sobered me up. Then you produced the ultimate finito – Vanguard’s take on “up with people”.  Thank you for making me laugh with the visualization of all those little birthday suits
Ludwika looking good
Ludwika Paleta is a famous Mexican actress and sex pot. She is married to Emiliano Salinas – at least in name. Some say she is his beard. Sources tell me that Emiliano did indeed bend both ways but Ludwika always craved a true man, something Emiliano could never offer. While it has been said that Emiliano is every woman’s husband and every man’s wife, Ludwika preferred to be with a man – and sadly Emiliano just was not such a person.
Emi and Ludwika take us in their bedroom for a posed shot of the happy lovers. Emi is a sex addict in the tradition of his master Vanguard. But Vanguard told him he was not heterosexual, but homosexual and his true soul mate was Alex Betancourt [who he said was formerly Benito Mussolini]. Have faith in Vanguard he will lead you to places you never dreamed possible.

Emiliano and sister Cecilia – both High Rank {Green Sash] members of NXIVM salute their Vanguard on his birthday.


A reader sent this picture
Pam, you don’t need conventional medical treatment. Here drink this milky beverage I concocted. It will cure you of cancer.
Uh-oh…Another blow for Rainbow Cultural Garden: 
Could this be another of Raniere’s “love children”?  Certainly sounds like he has a lot of Keith’s traits…
David Katz
National Enquirer
Apparently, the Enquirer doesn’t do “capture and kill” for NXIVM stories…
From another reader:

This may sound odd, but my girlfriend and I are a little obsessed with the absolute weirdness of NXIVM.  I say that not from a perspective of we’d ever join, I guess you can’t now anyway, ha; but just how ridiculous are these people?  It just blows our minds that an individual could be so caught up in absolute non-sense, and they paid money for this!? What planet are we on?!  Anyway, that said, do you know where, and, or if, there is a place we can go on the internet that has more of the absolute bizarre V-Week videos?  They are hilarious.  We both belly laugh with how bad they are.  You’d be the most joyous (pun intended) person we’ve met online if you could share.

Big props to you: you’ve definitely brought down an evil empire.



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  • When I 1st told my husband about the branding he was naturally appalled. He grew up on a farm , spent his adult life working on a fishing boat in Alaska and logging in WA state. In other words he’s no wimp. What he didn’t realize was these women were branded with a cauterizing iron, he assumed it was a cattle type brand, bad enough right? When I explained a female Dr took 20 to 30 minutes while these women were held down by their friends,the smell of burning flesh, the possible damage to their reproductive organs, no anesthetic all to join an all women’s group while providing collateral that no one would ever see to prove they could keep their word, supposedly getting a simple tattoo, he thought how stupid I had to agree sure Lauren I’ll sign over the deed to my house, I’ll make up a gross lie about a family member that could ruin their life. I find Sarah E to be an intelligent person but I still don’t get it, nothing that was said made sense. Your friends do not ask you to do things like this and then betray you , put you in a position where you have to have gross sex with a pervert to protect your home, your husband, your children, your credibility. Your friends don’t hold you down and burn you, possibly causing irriparrable damage to your body, yet once there in this familiar house, naked possibly drugged and brainwashed, a part of me understands the follow through. The collateral would be devastating once you knew you’d been duped. To go through with the incredible pain once you realized this was no simple tattoo would be so horrifying. And add in that a man ‘ the men’s was actually the mastermind along with a woman you knew and cared for, can you imagine the courage of Sarah E to go to her husband and tell him what she had fallen for.I recently found out that my illness has grown at a very rapid rate my tumor markers have almost doubled in 3 weeks, my chemo of 31/2 years canceled. Yet aside from my family all I want is to see justice for these women. And we haven’t even touched on rainbow’s damage and the fright experiments. I am begging the prosecutors, judge, jurors to keep indicting to prove to the injured to me that justice will prevail in America. Please at least take these Drs licenses away permanently. This sick story has to have some bright spots , I won’t be around to see what happens, I believe Keith sped up Pam C s death, I imagine he is responsible for things through the Mexican connection that will become history, the type of history that will break our hearts. God bless Frank, Catherine O, Toni, Barbara, Ms Dones, everyone who had th a courage to fight back despite the despicable corruption of attorneys, judges and you know who you are. Death comes for all of us. Will you be ready. When my cancer hit my brain I knew I was getting close and I have to say the cruelty of certain posters stunned me, turning on people you don’t know, it’s never to late to do the right thing. I’ve gone on way to long, one last thought , does anyone care enough to find or prove a young woman committed suicide. Please force Alaska to do their job the right way this time. Adios

  • With regard to bail co-signors:

    It’s just not supposed to be NXIVM members, which the Allison Mack’s parents are, Nancy Salzman’s signor is, and I am not sure Kathy Russell needed a signor since it was 25,000$ that was paid in case in spite of her lawyer saying she couldn’t even come up with 2,000$.

    Seeing as how a Libyan NXIVM member with Swiss residency and a Brit signed for Clare’s bail, they don’t seem to be particularly selective about who is on the hook.

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