Attorney Omar Rosales brings class action lawsuit against Sara Bronfman-Igtet for NXIVM fraud

Omar Rosales moves fast.

The former NXIVM student, and attorney was first to write a book about NXIVM —  American Cult: Nxivm Exposed.

Now, he is first to bring a class action lawsuit against NXIVM – suing one of its High Rank – Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

Utilizing Frank Report and Artvoice to announce he was seeking clients who have taken NXIVM courses, Rosales is pursuing a legal theory that everyone who took the NXIVM courses were deceived into taking it – because Raniere – the fountainhead of the teachings – egregiously lied about his credentials and accomplishments.

Rosales is suing deep-pocketed Sara Bronfman-Igtet as the main defendant.

Read the 33-page complaint.

Rosales has two named plaintiffs –  Isabella Martinez and Gabriella Leal, who took NXIVM courses – to lead in this class action suit.

While Rosales alleges many crimes that Bronfman-Igtet participated in, the lawsuit is a civil lawsuit brought in New York State and is meant to recover class fees and tuition plus damages paid by plaintiffs and others who paid for Executive Success Program (ESP) and NXIVM classes sold as “Intensives”.

Former students are invited by Rosales to get in touch with him and join the lawsuit.

Here are a few excerpts from the complaint.

Defendant [Bronfman-Igtet] uniformly misled Plaintiffs and the Class that they would participate in classes that were equivalent to a ‘practical MBA’ to achieve  success in business and in life. Part of the fraud committed to induce the purchase from ESP, was the claim that the program was developed by ‘one of the World’s Smartest Men’ – Keith Raniere.

… [T]he classes were designed (and known by the Defendant) to be another Multi-Level Marketing scheme to defraud students out of millions of dollars with classes that had no end, no graduation, no certification, and no credential. Moreover, the student-
victims’ tuition was used to fund a criminal enterprise run by Defendant and her indicted co-conspirators.

4. Defendant set out to leverage false claims about her co-founder and partner, Keith Raniere (who proclaimed himself as “Vanguard”), to sell classes that promised to give students the keys to success in business and life. Defendant also
developed and distributed marketing materials claiming that her associate Keith Raniere:

1) was one of the World’s Smartest Men;

2) began talking in complete sentences by age one;

3) was an East Coast Judo Champion at age twelve;

4) tied the New York State record for the 100-yard dash in High School; and

5) had a very rare problem-solving ability that allowed him to create a curriculum to assist others with their business

5. …  Defendant repeated these claims. Defendant Bronfman-Igtet also personally paid for celebrity appearances and jet travel to induce student-victims to attend ESP classes and sign up for more ESP classes. …  Defendant paid for the marketing event and trip to Albany, New York by the His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in April 2009, in order to give ESP and NXIVM credibility and legitimacy….

6. What the Defendant did not disclose, is that her co-founder Mr. Raniere had previously been sued by the New York State Attorney General’s Office for operating an illegal Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business called “Consumers Buyline.” …

11. After Keith Raniere’s arrest, Mr. Raniere’s criminal defense attorney … Marc Agnifilo …  in an interview on Dateline
NBC … announced … (on August 6, 2018), that Mr. Raniere’s qualifications and resume were fabricated. Thus, the students who enrolled in ESP and NXIVM courses did so under false pretenses…  thus admitting the Defendant’s fraud and scheme to defraud Plaintiffs and class members of their money.

12. Although she was asked to appear in Federal Court to help secure her sister (and indicted co-Conspirator) Clare Bronfman’s  $100 Million-dollar bail package, Defendant Sara Bronfman Igtet refused to appear in New York. … Defendant said he is nursing a young child and could not travel. Defendant then sent her Egyptian-born husband to post bond for Clare Bronfman.

However, her young children did not prevent the Defendant from traveling to Silver Bay, NY in Aug 2017 to coordinate and supervise Keith Raniere’s week-long birthday celebration and the ESP event known as “Vanguard Week” or “V-Week”….

13. Several Attomeys General and the U.S. Department of Justice are continuing their prosecution of the senior leadership of the Executive Success Program….

15. Plaintiffs seek damages and equitable relief on behalf of themselves and the Class, including…  treble their monetary damages or a $1,000 damage award per class member; restitution; injunctive relief; punitive damages; costs and expenses, including attorneys’ and expert fees; interest; and any additional relief that this Court determines to be necessary or appropriate …

19. Plaintiff Isabella Martinez is a resident of the state of New York. Ms. Martinez learned about the Executive Success Program when she was told of the program by a friend. Plaintiff was given a marketing pitch developed by the Defendant. Plaintiff
was told that: Keith Raniere was one of the world’s smartest men, had a rare and unique problem-solving ability, spoke in complete sentences by age one, was an East Coast Judo Champion by age 12, and tied the State record for the 100-yard dash while in High School.

20. Based on Defendant’s misrepresentations and material omissions, Plaintiff Martinez purchased the $2,400 five-day intensive, which she attended in San Francisco, CA on November 18, 2016.

21. Plaintiff would not have paid for any of the ESP classes had she known the true nature of Keith Raniere’s qualifications: specifically, that all of Raniere’s purported qualifications were a lie.

22. Plaintiff Gabriella Leal is a resident of the state of New York. Ms. Leal learned about the Executive Success Program when she was told of the program by a friend. Plaintiff was given a marketing pitch developed by the Defendant. Plaintiff was told that: Keith Raniere was one of the world’s smartest men, had a rare and unique problem-solving ability, spoke in complete sentences by age one, was an East Coast Judo Champion by age 12, and tied the State record for the 100-yard dash while in High

23. Based on Defendant’s misrepresentations and material omissions, Plaintiff Leal purchased the $2,400 five-day intensive, which she attended in San Francisco, CA on November 18, 2016.

24. Plaintiff would not have paid for any of the ESP classes had she known the true nature of Keith Raniere’s qualifications: specifically, that all of Raniere’s purported qualifications were a lie.

26 …. Sara Bronfman-Igtet was a founder, board member, officer, director, managing member, principal, and/or controlling shareholder of ESP, NXIVM, and the associated shell companies. …  Defendant and her sister aided in the creation of over 100 shell companies to mask overseas profits from NXIVM’s foreign operations …  and to avoid … tax liabilities…

26. Defendant Bronfman-Igtet received revenues paid to ESP from Plaintiff and other Class Members through U.S. bank accounts and shell companies. Defendant used the proceeds to fund the criminal enterprise and Raneire’s crime spree….

29. Defendant Bronfman-Igtet and others, including … Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, and Clare Bronfman, devised and executed a scheme to make tens of millions of dollars by marketing ESP (Executive Success Program) as both: (1) a practical MBA; and (2) a learning institution with a faculty of qualified instructors and staff.

30. This scheme was fueled by an advertising campaign, selection of celebrities as spokespersons and recruiters for ESP (including Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk), payment for celebrity appearances by the Dalai Lama, and the production and placement of main promotional videos on YouTube. …  The YouTube videos stated that Keith Raniere (the developer of the ESP classes) was the one of the smartest men in the world, had a rare problem-solving ability, and was one of the world’s leading ethicists and philosophers. And though Defendant knew these claims to be false, Defendant continued to use these bogus qualifications as a
marketing hook.

31. ….  (a) Defendant Bronfman-Igtet reviewed and approved the ESP marketing materials before they were released, which featured Raniere’s bogus qualifications and claimed that the program was a practical MBA.

(b) Defendant used her vast wealth and resources to pay for marketing and advertising of the ESP program.

(c) Defendant used her private jet to provide travel for celebrities who fronted the ESP organization.

(d) Defendant paid for real estate, property, buildings, utilities, and expenses so that ESP could provide classes to student-victims.

(e) Defendant sent promotional and sales materials to student-victims through email.

(f) Defendant established more than 100 shell corporations to hide profits and avoid Federal income tax and state sales tax on the ESP classes.

(g) Defendant developed the marketing scheme to upsell student- victims to take more courses beyond the initial five-day intensive by claiming that student-victims needed additional classes to become fully integrated.

(h) Defendant helped to create the “Stripe Path” with the promise that the student-victims who achieve the highest rank (by taking classes and recruiting others) would be successful in business and in life.

(i) Defendant claimed that she is an “education entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the field of human potential” – even though Defendant lacks a teaching certificate, lacks a college degree, and lacks a basic High school diploma.

(j) Defendant enforced the uniform deceptive portrayal of ESP, NXIVM, and NXIVM University through policies and procedures, including Marketing Guidelines, lesson plans, scripts, flashcards, nonsense scenarios (such as: Is it ethical to kill one person to save 10,000 people?), PowerPoint presentations, videos, and scripts that instructors were required to use. For example, the Marketing Guidelines were designed to “ensure brand, tone, and message across all of ESP’s marketing efforts.” The “tone” required by those Marketing Guidelines was to upsell more classes, encourage student-victims to recruit other victims, and portray Keith Raniere as an ethicist who was the one of the world’s smartest men with a rare problem-solving ability. Furthermore, to build brand legitimacy, ESP opened up a class center in Mexico and called it “NXIVM University” even though neither the classes, faculty, or school was ever accredited by any educational institution….

32. Defendant knew that these representations were false, that Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman were actually con-artists who were running another illegal Multi- Level Marketing scam, and that Keith Raniere was not one of the world’s smartest men, but was instead using his position within ESP to have sex with women and children.

Defendant also created over 100 shell corporations to mask corporate profits and fund a lavish lifestyle filled with decadence, debauchery, and crime for Keith Raniere and her associates. …

ESP was never accredited by any educational group and there was no end to the courses. Rather, the courses were designed by Defendant as another Multi- Level Marketing scam and racketeering initiative to lure students to take more classes and go further into debt. In other words, the Defendant promised an Executive Success Program, but delivered neither Executives nor Success, but instead a long running criminal enterprise to fleece and rip-off consumers….

33. Though Defendant represented that ESP was led by the top leaders in industry, entertainment, athletics, and business, Defendant was aware that none of this was true. In fact, Defendant does not even have a High School degree, let alone a college
diploma. None of the instructors or staff of ESP were ever licensed by the State of New York or certified by any teaching institutions in New York or California.

34. Furthermore, although Defendant claimed in marketing materials that Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere were among the world’s top ethicists, this claim was false. In fact, Salzman does not have a degree in ethics, philosophy, law, or English.

Instead, Salzman is a nurse. Furthermore, despite claims that he was the one of the world’s smartest men, it was revealed in 2018 by the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office that Keith Raniere barely graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic University with a 2.2 GPA,
having failed math and science classes.

35. Though the entirety of Defendant’s marketing and advertising campaigns were centered around claims about Salzman and Raniere’s qualifications, none of these qualifications were true….

36. Although Defendant promised that student-victims would become successful in life, industry, business and love, none of that was true. The first level classes (known as “Intensives”) were designed to upsell students to take more classes. As students paid for these classes, portions of the fees went to the Keith Raniere and the Defendant as part of the Multi-Level Marketing scam.

37. Moreover, there was no end to the program. There was no final course, final exam, final certification, or graduation. Rather, this insidious scheme was designed to make student-victims take more classes and more classes – with no end.

38. The true goal of ESP for the Defendant and her cohorts was to extract as much money from student-victims, as quickly as possible, to finance Raniere’s criminal enterprise….

39. [S]student-victims were told they could achieve rank (called “sashes”) by recruiting additional students and taking more classes. And there was no end to the courses.

40. The courses included such nonsense topics as “Human Pain”. During the courses, student-victims were posed nonsense questions and bombarded with off-the-wall teachings including that rape was ethical and that fathers should have sex with their

41. The money that was obtained from student-victims was then routed through over 100 shell corporations created by the Defendant to avoid Federal and state tax liabilities. Defendant and her associates would also claim that Keith Raniere was
penniless and a pauper, and that had evolved beyond a material lifestyle. However, Defendant re-routed the funds taken from student-victims to support Raniere’s lavish lifestyle that included $2,000 custom tailored-suits, Italian loafers, Villas in Puerto
Vallarta, Private Jet Travel, 10-day long birthday celebrations held in resorts, drugs, and a harem of sex partners….

53. … Defendant’s associates including Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell are all under Federal indictment for racketeering conspiracy in case no. 1:18-CR-204 in the Eastern District of New York.

54. Defendant Sara Bronfman-Igtet exercised substantial control over the affairs of the ESP enterprise, through among other methods and means, by the following:

(a) Providing the initial operating capital and holding an approximately 51% ownership stake;

(b) Creating and approving marketing and advertising materials, which featured her name and likeness;

(c) Recruiting celebrities such as the Dalai Lama, Allison Mack, and Kristin Kreuk, to appear on behalf of the enterprise and bring legitimacy to the enterprise;

(d) Providing her private jet for use by the enterprise;

(e) Selecting the names of shell companies to be used by the enterprise;

(f) Purchasing real estate for use by the enterprise;

(g) Hiring construction companies to build facilities for the enterprise;

(h) Regularly reviewing financial records of the enterprise;

(i) Negotiating and authorizing others to negotiate significant contracts, including employment contracts on behalf of the enterprise; and

(j) Organizing events on behalf of the enterprise including Raniere’s week-long Birthday celebration (known as “V-Week”) held in Silver Bay, New York.

55. Defendant Bronfman-Igtet was a knowing and willing participant in the scheme, and reaped revenues and/or profits therefrom. Approximately 16,000 student- victims went through the ESP course and each paid a minimum of $2,400 per training.

Thus, the enterprise was able to bring in at least $40-$80 Million dollars….

Read the entire complaint –

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  • Why would anyone want to be represented by a lawyer who is suspended in his home state of Texas for ethical violations? Surely victims of NXIVM could do better than that.

  • Great news Omar! I’m a bit behind here because of work, but just to say I wish you and your fellow plaintiffs every success, and I admire your energy!

  • Shadow state
    Then I bet Sara will not challenge this and the plaintiffs will win…how much will they get though?

    I’ve not read that book you mentioned, but I don’t agree with anything that stereotypes people. To say all liberal ‘s are intolerant bigots is sterotyping . And it’s obviously a false statement. ALL liberals or ALL Republicans or ALL people of any group, do not all share the same qualities.
    Your attempts to stereotype seem to be done to intentionally cause friction and anger.

    • Flowers likes to pretend that she respects every group of people and that she’s not racist.

      But she obviously doesn’t think much of the native americans who were slaughtered and driven from their land by Canadians who wanted that land for themselves.

      Like most leftists, she’s a hypocrite.

      For instance, she protests against Israel occupying the West Bank (even though they only did so after being invaded from that territory) — yet she has no problem owning a home and/or living on land originally occupied by native americans who were brutally slaughtered and driven from their land.

      …and unlike the arabs who invaded Israel from the West Bank, the native americans never invaded Canada first.

      Somehow I don’t think Flowers gives a flying fuck about native americans.

      She seems to think she’s better than they are and that she deserves their land more than they do.

      Flowers = white nationalist movement
      Flowers = racist in disguise

  • Scott & Shadow
    When you refer to an entire group of people, whatever that group may be, as all having the same negative qualities- then you make yourself the bigot. To call all liberals “intolerant bigots” is similar to saying all African Americans are criminals or all Asians can’t drive, or whatever the stereotype may be. YOU are being a bigot and you can’t even realize that….

    In regards to the lawsuit – so if Sara doesn’t respond within 30 days of being served (I’m going to guess the documents were sent to her lawyers office) then what will happen ? Will the judge automatically rule in favour of the plaintiffs?

  • You don’t know how finances in this cult work. A two-striped coach was anyone who enrolled 6 people to take any level class. It’s not that complex. They don’t generally handle the money, even four-stripes didnt regularly deal with money. They’re glorified salespeople. Some of them were involved in transporting funds across borders, but most were not. I don’t think mark and Kristen were involved in that end, they were rather naive and believed in what they were coaching was the best thing to help people grow.

    But the pitchforks will be raised by many on this blog who have never taken a class, and really have no idea what happened, they will just assume everyone who’s ever taken a class has taken ‘the fall’ and are evil and deceptive – even though most of the 16,000+ people were good people looking for a faster way to change their lives for the better, took classes, got what they needed and moved on.

    • Anyone who did a NXIVM “intensive” did so for low self esteem reasons, believing it was a “self help” group. But some went on to do more than just take a few courses. Some learnt about the sketchy things in the cult and even participated. Once you were told not to pay taxes or at least knew about it, that means you knew more than the average gullible course taker.

      By 2011, Kristin Kreuk was a yellow sash with two stripes and Mark Hildreth orange sash zero stripes.. Kreuk recruited big time for NXIVM. Significantly more than just six people.

      As a member of the striped path, Kreuk and Hildreth knew about tax evasion as the coaches were encouraged not to pay taxes. Often, they would put the money back into NXIVM for more bullshit classes that taught psycho-babble. Of course Kreuk and Hildreth knew money was being taken illegally across the border. People lower down the striped path knew that. Kreuk knows Vancouver branch founder Sarah Edmondson and alleged Canada-US money mule Siohban Hotaling very well.

      There has been discussion on this site about Kreuk herself potentially being a money mule, driving four hours every week from Vancouver to Tacoma to coach NXIVM nonsense. Why does a Vancouver actress need to drive to Seattle for four hours every week? Why not just concentrate on Vancouver? Why not fly one hour instead? Kreuk was not even based in Seattle. Kendra Voth coached in Tacoma too. When Susan Dones closed down the Tacoma branch in 2009, citing financial crimes and Raniere’s sexual perversion, getting law-raped in the process, they did not care. None of them did. They taught those on their intensives to ignore all of it.

      • I disagree. I didn’t take the intensive because I had low self-esteem. I took it because it was free (I don’t think I was the only pretty girl who had a free intensive), and I am always open to opportunities to better myself. Intelligent people don’t usually assume they already know everything there is to know, and that there is absolutely nothing to learn.

        Unfortunately, I was in significantly worse shape after 5 days, and I can only imagine how bad it would have been if I had stayed for the second part.

        I do agree, though, people knew about the tax evasion. It was part of the recruitment that you can get into this group and recruit other people and not have to pay taxes.

        To the OP, there are plenty of people with pitchforks, who did actually attend intensives.

        • In general though, a lot of people in cults, people who read self help books etc seem to be trying to fill a void of some sort, as if they are not good enough. Those who were deep in NXIVM surely fit that description. Cannot imagine a confident, self assured person wasting years of his/her life on a cult spending tens of thousands of dollars on it.

          I did not know NXIVM offered free intensives. Did they only offer those to a specific type of person?

          A lot of people have said they only did the five day intensive and it messed their minds up a bit. Did you leave after the five days? What happens during these intensives?

      • Who gives shit if you’re not convinced? You’re a nobody. You’re not the law. You don’t know what anyone is guilty of. You don’t have any evidence. You have no clue how many people anyone recruited. You have no idea how much money “illegally” crossed the border. You’re just speculating based off of how you want things to be because you obviously have some vendetta against members of the Vancouver branch of NXIVM. No corporation that has been in business for twenty years can get away with tax evasion by telling all of its members to not pay taxes. Not a single one. If there is one government agency that makes sure you can’t get away with something it’s the IRS.

        • You sound emotional about it. It is true coaches were encouraged not to declare NXIVM earnings. NXIVM has been getting away with crimes for years.

          A commentator brought up two NXIVM members and another commentator responded. Simple.

      • I took the courses and was NEVER told not to pay taxes. That’s ridiculous. Making accusations that people were told not to pay taxes or that they were involved in money transferring across borders is silly. That may have gone on in Albany and Mexico with the high ranking members, but any lower ranking members would not be privy to any of that shit.

        It’s ridiculous the accusations that go on here from people who clearly have no idea what they are talking about. Kristen Kruek, Sarah Edmondson and Mark Hildreth had no knowledge of that shit.

          • Fuck you douchebag. I don’t need a zillion aliases like you to say what I need to say. I’m not the only person here who thinks you talk out of your ass.

          • Awwwwwww…. Poor Apu…. Wants to live in a white country instead of his own shithole country but thinks he can call white lands “white trashville”. Feel free to fuck off home anytime Apu.

          • I was born and raised in the USA you turd blossom.

            And I implied you were “white trash”. I have no problem with white, brown, black, Asian, etc., people in general. Only bigoted assholes like you. Dumbass.

            Gawd you’re dumb.

            Don’t you have to get going to your next KKK meeting?

          • If a donkey is born in a stable, don’t make him a horse Apu. If a white man was born in Pakistan and smells funny, don’t make him an Asian. You said “WHITE trashville”. It’s an attack on white people, coming from someone from a third world degenerate country no one wants to live in, including you Apu.

            No, I am not in the KKK. I am not a Nazi either. But I would never tolerate a cast member from the Jungle Book calling me “white trash” to my face.

          • Wow, you are sadder and sicker than I thought.
            Don’t ever post your name because you will be fired from every decent company and lose every decent friend.
            You are not a defender of white people, you are a disgrace.

          • That’s one hell of a rationalization, considering the Native Americans were here first and came from Asia, and many of your ancestors effectively committed genocide against them.

            It’s also one hell of an ironic post. Repeatedly say racist shit to someone whose predecessors have origins from a different part of the world knowing that what he is saying is explicitly intended to be so, and then play the tough guy about not tolerating that person reacting to his racist shit who calls him out for acting like the “white trash” that he is. No, “white trash” is an designation predominantly given to ignorant, bigoted white people who are often poor and tend to be more overtly racist than other white people because they blame Asians, blacks, Mexicans, or people of some other “race”, for their underprivileged condition.

            Nice try white trash.

          • Why bring up Native Americans? Who said I am American? And no, working class white people don’t blame foreigners for being poor. Not wanting to pay the welfare of lazy people, criminals and illegals is a normal reaction. The only people blaming others for being poor are non-whites. That is YOUR thing. Blacks, Asians, Mexicans blame whites for all their problems.

          • You could be Canadian. The same thing happened there too as Canada is part of the Americas as well. I don’t care what country you’re from. You’re obviously a bigot which is the main point.

            “Give a man a mask and he will show his true face.”

            You’re the one bringing countries into it trying to isolate a person’s heritage to his right to belong to a certain geographical location.

            “Thank you. Come again.”

            – And no, working class white people don’t blame foreigners for being poor.

            Who said anything about “working class” white people? I gave the common definition of the “white trash” designation. I spoke specifically.

            – Not wanting to pay the welfare of lazy people, criminals and illegals is a normal reaction.

            Gee. I wonder what “color” all of those “lazy people” and “criminals” are to you. [rolleyes]

            – The only people blaming others for being poor are non-whites.

            The “only” people, eh?

            – That is YOUR thing. Blacks, Asians, Mexicans blame whites for all their problems.

            I’m upper middle class living in America dumbass. I’m not complaining about a damn thing. I’m in IT, an industry that has some of the highest paying jobs in the USA which happen to be filled with Indians and Asians. The people who are making a big stink about foreigners taking jobs aren’t colored people. They are poor white folk who don’t want to work dull or menial jobs at McDonalds or Walmart or in construction like Hispanics, or working class white people who have had their manufacturing jobs taken away by being outsourced to other countries due to greedy businessmen (ironically predominantly white) cutting costs to make a bigger profit for themselves.

            Foreigners ire is mostly reactive when blaming whites in general due primarily to their military hegemony fucking with the social and economic stability of their countries. Kind of like another predominantly white enterprise: colonialism.

        • Actually, coaches, those who wore sashes and held some rank were encouraged to not declare taxes. That is true. Not sure about random people just doing the five day intensive, but those who coached were told about it. A few ex-members on this site have said the same thing.

        • “Kristen Kruek, Sarah Edmondson and Mark Hildreth had no knowledge of that shit.”

          How do you know?

          Also, Sarah Edmondson founded and ran the Vancouver branch and it was her sole source of income. Stating she knew nothing about financial crimes in NXIVM is ridiculous. And money did cross over from the Vancouver branch to the US.

      • “There has been discussion on this site about Kreuk herself potentially being a money mule, driving four hours every week from Vancouver to Tacoma.”
        It has been asked before and never answered: What do you mean by “every week”?

        Did she drive every week for years, for one year, for one month? And how do you know?
        That makes a crucial difference.
        If you can’t truthfully answer these questions then you don’t have any real knowledge and are just speculating.

    • I understand but disagree that the “pitch forks will be raised” against those who bought the NXIVM “self-improvement” courses to better themselves and the world. I believe you’ll be admired, in fact, for your good intentions and vindicated here and ultimately in court over the deception wrought by they who took advantage of your honest, idealistic hopes.

    • Sara will never file for BK. The Courts would require full financial disclosure from her and I don’t see her submitting herself to that kind of scrutiny.

    • When a legal action is initiated against a defendant, and that defendant cannot be found to accept delivery of legal documents, service by publication may be permitted by a judge’s order. This process refers to official notification published in the newspaper.

      Or serve Sara’s known attorneys.

  • The cool thing about this is that the Defendant will have to make honest disclosures in this case that could be useful in the criminal case. The money is secondary in a way.

  • Omar,
    Because Sara is already liquidating her US assets by selling her Albany area mansion, it might be wise to slap liens on those properties ASAP.
    Once the proceeds of those sales are spirited out of the country they’ll be hard to track down.

    • In order to file a lien, there has to be a judgement.
      In order for there to be a judgement, there has to be a lawsuit that has reached a conclusion.

      • Don’t be a dummy
        I would assume that you’re correct – I doubt if anyone can just “slap a lien” on a piece of property without an existing ruling in place.

        I’m curious why ShadowState thinks that Anonymous is a liberal, and why Shadow
        is referring to liberals as intolerant bigots?
        What the hell? Sounds like the Shadow has been listening to “fake news Ezra”.
        You do know that Ezra is known as a sewer rat, right?

        With a civil case like this one there will be a time period where the defendant must respond after being served, and if the defendant fails to respond then the judge will probably grant in favour of the plaintiffs. Any idea on the length of that time period?

      • The proper filing at this point in the suit would be a Lis Pendens, not a lien. Mr. Rosales – will you be recording any Lis Pendens?

        • Great idea
          Lis pendens
          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
          For the concept of staying proceedings, when a law suit is pending elsewhere, see Lis alibi pendens.
          In United States law, a lis pendens is a written notice that a lawsuit has been filed concerning real estate, involving either the title to the property or a claimed ownership interest in it. The notice is usually filed in the county land records office. Recording a lis pendens against a piece of property alerts a potential purchaser or lender that the property’s title is in question, which makes the property less attractive to a buyer or lender. Once the notice is filed, the legal title of anyone who nevertheless purchases the land or property described in the notice is subject to the ultimate decision of the lawsuit.

          Lis pendens is Latin for “suit pending”.[1] This may refer to any pending lawsuit or to a specific situation with a public notice of litigation that has been recorded in the same location where the title of real property has been recorded. This notice secures a plaintiff’s claim on the property so that a sale, mortgage, or encumbrance of the property will not diminish plaintiff’s rights to the property, should the plaintiff prevail in its case. In some jurisdictions, when the notice is properly recorded, lis pendens is considered constructive notice to other litigants or other unrecorded or subordinate lienholders.

          With a lis pendens attached to Sara’s properties would be buyers would know that other parties have a legal claim to her properties.

          • Congratulations on being accepted to the Wikipedia School of Law!
            Maybe when you graduate you can join your hero Omar Rosales, who boasts of ACTUALLY HAVING MET ALLISON MACK!

  • Omar, what is the amount you’re for? It may be mentioned in the complaint, but I couldn’t find it.
    If Sara is still in France, will she need to return to the US if she plans to fight this suit? It might be better for her to just pay up without a fight, I would think. I bet she doesn’t want to return to the US right now, all things considered.

  • Thanks Shadow! Thanks everyone.

    Frank has really inspired me to pick up the flag and help the victims of ESP and NXIVM.

    The people who took these courses paid their hard-earned money. And they received drivel.

    Sara Bronfman is the Patient Zero. Without her involvement, NXIVM would not have taken advantage of so many people.

    So, we’re on the job. Working! Getting people their money back.

    More to come soon…

    • Those “celebrities” should be sued too for attempting to recruit on false pretences. The Acapella Inovations, College Project, Juicy Peach, Girls By Design, One Asian. When you are on the striped path, you know about the illegal financial scheme. On top of that, using what fame you have to trick people into joining your cult, taking part in a NXIVM cult market research survey etc is morally wrong. It is also false advertising.

      • A special hell is being arranged for the celebrities.
        From the US indictment.

        Allison Mack 1:18-CR-204 EDNY Sex Trafficking of Children,
        Racketeering Conspiracy,
        Conspiracy to Commit Sex
        Trafficking of Children, Forced
        Labor Conspiracy, Human
        Trafficking, Wire Fraud
        Conspiracy, Sex Trafficking,

        • You are exhausting. It is not all about Allison Mack. The point of this lawsuit is recruiting on lies. Celebrities, including Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack deliberately recruited on lies. They got college kids to answer questions for a survey for Keith Raniere to lure in college kids. Just one example. This lawsuit is not about branding and trafficking. It is about recruiting on deliberate bullshit.

          • The Feds are treating NXIVM as a giant organized crime conspiracy involving many defendants and many crimes.
            That’s why NXIVM is a RICO case.
            Allison Mack is essentially a gangster.

          • If you truly find shadowstate exhausting, quit feeding him by responding. Just scroll on by, because your whinging is just as exhausting as any other drivel.

      • Add Kristen Kruek, wether she pulled out before the branding ( or before she could be branded). She was aware of the scams and helped sell courses and bring in young innocents

        • Agree. There is absolutely no way in hell she did not know about tax evasion and money laundering. Look into her tax records and see if there is even a mention on NXIVM. She was named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit. He said as a minimum, people on the list did not declare their NXIVM earnings. Also, Kreuk was on Necker Island where money laundering was discussed. She was one of the top people in the cult. There is no way she did not know about the behind the scenes stuff. She never even turned against the cult when Keith Raniere was exposed as a filthy pedophile.

          • I recommend you cut and paste your comment. It’ll save time so you won’t have to retype this same comment again and again like you have the ten or so times you’ve posted it already.

          • A lot has been said here about NXIVM recommending tax fraud to its members. The high ranks in the cult do get lots of cash coming in and have reason to dodge taxes…but do members, even coaches, actually get significant money that they need to hide?

            Take Kristin Kreuk who has been accused here of tax fraud. What money did she make from coaching, from recruiting, from MCing Acapela, from Girls By Design? Anything? Or at most thousands. She makes MILLIONS from showbiz, and has since high school. What’s more, show biz income (with salary, residuals, expenses etc) is complicated and I’m sure she has used lawyers and tax pros from the start and has never filled out her own tax return in her life.

            Doesn’t NXIVM require members to volunteer their services? So if they were not among the few high-rankers, they are reporting tax losses not gains.

    • To people who work hard for their money that few thousand dollars in ESP tuition means a lot.
      It might not mean anything to the obscenely rich Bronfmans who made their money the easy way, by inheriting it.
      It might not mean much to lawyers who dream of big tort cases.
      But Omar you are providing a measure of justice to people who need it he most.
      Thank you.

    • While you are in NY, maybe you can work the “handicapped shakedown”. The first lawyer to try it here in NYC got exposed by the NY Post when his idiot client got out of his wheelchair and walked.

      All kidding aside, best of luck retrieving as much as you can on behalf of those who were badly duped (I do not use the word “brainwashed”
      because the prerequisite for this is actually having a brain). Much as you can not petition the Lord with prayer, you can not “buy” enlightenment. These folks, mostly in my eyes lonely and impressionable (in the case of the “Mexians”, probably idly rich) (condescending enough?) if not too embarrassed to come forward and admit they were victims of a massive and pervasive fraud, deserve to share in whatever Bronfman gelt has not been sucked into the NXIVM/Excessive Sex Program black hole.

      As an aside, the first time I listened to the Raniere schtick which brought Allison Mack to tears, it did not sound very enlightened. It actually sounded like me 40 years ago, after a night of beer, trying to talk my way into some young lady’s underdrawers. Raniere’s success rate was much higher than mine, but of course I was not a state judo and/or 100 yard dash champion.

      • Lawsuits brought on behalf of the handicapped are NOT all shakedowns. There are plenty of establishments out there that are blatantly out of compliance with the ADA. The lawsuits typically result in them fixing the premises. It’s true that compensation is involved, but no one can afford to work for free.

        • OCD from what I have read I would rather let municipal/state/federal attorneys pursue the ADA claims, eliminating the greed aspect of such actions, thereby reducing what Professor Posner called “transaction costs”.

          • (We’re having storms here any my internet access is spotty. I hope I’m not double-posting this! If so, sorry.)

            Fair enough. These suits are a full blown cottage industry in California – and thriving because the government does not do enough to enforce the clear federal requirements for handicap access.

            But I think to call Omar an ambulance chaser (not you) is unfair.

            Civil attorneys file suit where they have reason to believe a wrong has been committed and someone is liable, in whole or in part. That is what attorneys do. Al la, the Bronfman class action.

    • “Frank” (MONEY) has really inspired me to pick up the flag and help the victims of ESP and NXIVM.

      Ambulance chasers are all alike.

    • …and good luck.
      Maybe you should hire Kristin Kreuk as your second chair.
      She plays a top litigator on TV so probably can act the part.

      • Oh great, now that you mentioned Kristin Kreuk, APU will chime in to defend her sorry ass.

        Apu is another sexless loser, obsessed with another lowlife NXIVM actress who should have an adjoining cell with Shadowperv’s dream girl.

        • You and Beetlejuice seem like love-sick boys hoping to catch a glimpse of a Sultan post…as if you get an erection when he appears and you can shyly exchange a few words with him.
          Ever think that YOU two may be the sexually obsessed sickos?
          Others here think so….

          • They call SultanOfSix “Beetlejuice” because he shows up whenever someone says anything remotely critical of Kristin Kreuk. An accurate name actually.

        • Oh look the whiny, bigoted bitching parade. Posting anonymously about a subject they don’t pretend to care about so they can call out the person who they know who does. You’re nothing but a hypocritical loser.

          You have nothing. You just repeat the same things over and over again. The law doesn’t care about Kristin because she didn’t do anything worthy of prosecution. She was used for her celebrity and was lucky enough to have friends outside of the cult along with the many of her fans that weren’t just sycophants who made a stink about her association to the cult, and actually was smart enough had principles enough to not walk down the unfortunate path that Allison trodded.

          Cry some more you disingenuous pieces of shit.

      • Kristin Kreuk played a huge part in expanding the cult. She fronted many NXIVM recruitment efforts without once mentioning NXIVM. She was a yellow sash with two stripes by 2011. Maybe she got ranked higher. She would of known about tax evasion. If she declared taxes, there would be a record of it. She was named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit for a reason alongside other big NXIVM fish.

        John Tigue wrote in 2012: “Next, renowned filmmaker Mark Vicente was named Executive of Enrollment. A charismatic speaker, he had teamed with the Canadians Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack to sell NXIVM poison in Vancouver. While Salinas is Mexican royalty, these three stooges have a vast following among teen and preteen girls. The perfect combination really, money from Mexico and girls from Canada.”

        “Well, once the board was hashed out and hurt feelings stroked, about who was in and who was out, the attendees began to plot the massive logistics of moving massive amounts of money around the globe to avoid taxation”.

        • Allison Mack was no deeper in NXIVM than Kristin Kreuk. Kreuk was described as more into the cult than Mack. Kreuk brought Mack in. DOS was formed in 2015 and was exposed by Frank Parlato in June 2017. Just two years. Do you think Allison Mack was some innocent little victim before 2015? She was not. And neither was Kristin Kreuk.

          • Allison Mack was no deeper in NXIVM than Kristin Kreuk.

            From Omar’s complaint filed against Sara Bronfan and her cohorts.
            Allison Mack 1:18-CR-204 EDNY Sex Trafficking of Children,
            Racketeering Conspiracy,
            Conspiracy to Commit Sex
            Trafficking of Children, Forced
            Labor Conspiracy, Human
            Trafficking, Wire Fraud
            Conspiracy, Sex Trafficking

            So far what has Kristn Kreuk been indicted for?

      • Hope that is a joke. Kristin Kreuk is not a naive victim in the NXIVM story at all. She was one of the top coaches and recruiters and knew full well NXIVM was dirty. Literally on day one of intensives, she would of taught attendees to ignore all the bad press about the cult calling all the critics, including those who were attacked in the courts by NXIVM, as “suppressives”.

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