A cult worse than NXIVM? — a mother’s plea to rescue her daughter from ‘OneTaste!’

Recently an anguished mother contacted me – after reading Catherine Oxenberg’s book Captive – to see if I could help her out.
Her daughter, she said, was in a cult as bad or worse than NXIVM.
Like NXIVM, the cult – or group – OneTaste – bills itself as a self-improvement and female empowerment business, offering classes for a fee.
While NXIVM, and its subsidiary, DOS, distinguished itself by persuading [and coercing] women to be branded on their pubic region with the cult leader’s initials [and blackmailed to boot],  OneTaste offers women the opportunity to be ‘fingered’ in public by strangers.
Public masturbation – they call it “Orgasmic Meditation” or “OM” – is what distinguishes this group. According to some, for women members who get deeply involved – there is also the horrifying specter of the descent into glorified prostitution – becoming an escort – but with a twist:  They are prostitutes who are not paid.
It seems that men and couples hire OneTaste women to live in their homes and be their private whores, paying as much as $10,000 per month for the woman’s sexual services – but the woman does not get the money.
OneTaste does – according to a source familiar with their secret practices.
So why does the prostitute not get paid? Because she is a student of OneTaste and owes so much money to the cult – for courses – that the money earned for her sex services is absorbed to pay off debt for classes to OneTaste.
Sound familiar?
According to a source, a woman goes from one wealthy ‘John” [sometimes a John and Jane ] to another and another and lives with them for a month. The Johns pay $10,000 for the month, the woman gets nothing – the cult gets it all.
The woman becomes dead broke, dependent on the cult for arranging her to have another place to live when the month is up – where she trades sex for course work, while the cult rakes in money from the Johns [wealthy students.]
Another source told me that Russian and Turkish men may be involved and that some women might be traveling overseas to perform [learn] more about the secret teachings of OneTaste – and who knows – may never return.
Of course, OneTaste CEO co-founder Nicole Daedone would likely disagree with my sources’ assessments.  She has said she sees herself as the leader of the “slow sex movement,” one that places emphasis on women’s pleasure.
She teaches – for a fee – highly advanced lessons on sexuality and offers women and men a chance to become coaches and recruit others into the group to learn her sublime teachings.
She’s claimed in interviews that OM aims to “free women from sexual inequality and collective female trauma,” and hopes OneTaste will “go into the belly of the beast and begin to heal this trauma about misused sexuality” while speaking of the need for women empowerment.
She’s quoted on OneTaste’s Twitter page: “Orgasm is the best teacher I know for how to be human.”


OneTaste’s best known practice is “OMing.”  Participants (often strangers) are paired up to become “Research Partners.”

One of them is designated as the “Strokee” (typically female). She lays naked from the waist down, legs spread eagle, in a “nest” of pillows with a blanket over her (the “OM container”).

The “Stroker” (typically male) sits fully clothed in front of her.  He puts one finger from his gloved hand at the entrance of her vagina and uses another finger to stroke the upper left quadrant of the clitoris up and down for a timed 15 minutes.

He verbalizes the physical details of what he sees taking place with her body parts and she speaks to him about what it is she’s experiencing.

The two of them are not necessarily alone. This is done at group gatherings where the Research Partners are paired then separate to stoke and be stroked.  After 15 minutes are up, everyone regroups to form one large group circle on the floor where they share what took place during their enlightened [masturbatory] time together as “Research Partners.”

Here are some of the costs. [Note: If you are a young, attractive woman – who wants to be a strokee – and more – there is a chance you can work off your fees.]

Checking Out a Turn-On event: $10+

OMXperience conference: $195 – $395+

Women-focused Training: $495+

Men-focused Training: $495+

Mastery Program: $7,500+

Train to Become a Coach: $15,000 and up.


The idea of OneTaste seems to have sprung from Daedone’s personal experience.

She claims to have met a Buddhist with a practice in “contemplative sexuality” in 1998, while attending a party. At that time, she was dealing with personal issues related to her estranged, incarcerated father’s death.

He had been doing time for molesting two girls when he died in prison from complications of cancer. Daedone spoke of the distant relationship they had while growing up, and how her world shattered upon learning of his death.

The Buddhist invited her to experience an OM [female masturbation] session right there at the party, which she described as the “moment she decided to live.”

He promised to teach her all about OM on the condition she would spread the concept to the rest of the world, she claims.

A OneTaste recent Twitter post includes this: “As a woman comes more into her sexuality as a woman her father gets more protective and more controlling.”


OneTaste appears to seek women with a history of trauma and/or those going through vulnerable times in their lives.

OneTaste claims that what they do is therapeutic, religious, ethical, spiritual and necessary in our world right now.

According to their website (onetaste.us) they teach a “trauma-informed curriculum,” and have staff whose titles are “Trauma Advisor-in-Chief” and “Spiritual Director.”


Brad-Kammer, Trauma Advisor in Chief


Joanne Coleman Spiritual Director

Their headquarters are San Francisco, but there is a network of sites across the U.S. and beyond.

Some of their leaders, coaches and students reportedly live together in communes.

Daedone’s admirers see her as a sex diva, while some who left OneTaste call her a master manipulator.


Sex slave or orgasmic coach?

OneTaste published this video of a woman [above]. In the video she extols OneTaste, but a source says she is believed to be working as an unpaid escort for the company.

She was reportedly recruited into the sex industry and turned into an escort by OneTaste as they keep her in debt and sexual bondage. Like DOS slaves, if you asked her, she would say she was never happier.
She has paid or worked off over $60,000 for membership fees and courses to become an Orgasmic Meditation Coach.
It is not women alone who get orgasmic meditation.  OneTaste teaches women how to give it to men. This is from an interview with the President of OneTaste, Joanne Van Vleck.
“There’s a clitoris in your throat,” she told Playboy. “Once you reach it, you can suck a cock for an hour.”
She made a video called Oral Sex For Her Pleasure.  The endorsement blurbs on the video are:

Sucking cock for my own pleasure changed the way I related with men. Before I did it out of obligation or to make him feel good. Now the primary reason is because I have a hungry desire and lust for cock.—Yia V.

The first time I sucked a cock for my own pleasure, I took him all the way into my mouth, and I could feel the pulsing of his cock in my pussy. I had no idea it could be that intensely pleasurable.—Lianna

This is from a blogger who went for a weekend training:
Now, all of this may be innocent – and emancipating for women – – or like NXIVM — it may be disguised as women’s empowerment, but is actually female enslavement and a criminal enterprise.
There is a strong financial component.  According to one source, there are numerous shell companies:
These may be such as:

One Taste

OneTaste Incorporated

OneTaste Lineage, LLC

OneTaste Cooperative, Inc

OneTaste Media, LLC

Ehrlich Photography & Shutterbug Studio

Shutterbug Shop

Ehrlich Photography

Del Monte Realty, Inc.

Caravan, Inc

Caravan Incorporated

Caravan Retreats Incorporated

Mirror Clan, Inc

Insight Institute, LLC



Another source tells me that an heiress of the Wrigley’s Gum fortune is a high rank member, possibly part owner.

More on that later.

Rachel gets bottomless as Eli prepares to put on his rubber glove and finger her. No it’s not masturbation, it’s Orgasmic Meditation – or OMing.

Here is a video of Rachel and Eli practicing Oming…


OT Cofounder, Nicole Daedone


Robert Kandell –Is he the Keith Raniere of OneTaste – the founder whose name is on nothing? He and Nicole founded OneTaste in 2001.
Here are more details:
Basic courses range between $199 – $499 and last from 1-2 days according to their website www.onetaste.us.
No pricing on intensives are shared unless one has a personalized account permitting access to their password protected website.
OneTaste sells their services as “technology” claiming all they do is based on scientific knowledge regarding physiology and psychology.
OneTaste claims their practices have a therapeutic (and healing) effect, physiologically and psychologically, and that they can heal past traumas and certain physical diseases.
Known clients consist of some many would not expect to be part of publicly-exposing practices – such as social workers, nurses, and business and technology executives.
Those who have been recruited on OneTaste’s training teams include former Canadian social worker, Justine Dawson; former software engineer for Apple, Ken Blackman; Stanford- trained psychiatrist and current OneTaste Director of Science & Research, Dr. Pooja Lakshmin; former software company Business Development Manager and current OneTaste Business Development Manager, Marcus Ratnathicam – who’s been quoted as saying, “Friends are lovers are friends”.
Those who attend training sessions report that oftentimes Research Partners are strangers.
OneTaste’s website “About Us” begins with an introductory quote, “Just as the ocean has one taste, the taste of salt, so does liberation, the taste of truth”
OneTaste has had mixed media reports over the years.  Some call it a pyramid scheme and a cult; the leadership structure behind the scenes may be similar to groups such as NXIVM and Scientology – with possible exploitation deeply woven beneath the surface; all of which has not been exposed yet due to their behind-closed-doors secretive practices.
OneTaste appears to target well-educated, intelligent, independent-minded women who may lack intimacy due to individual or societal traumas.
OneTaste seems to reflect the same power dynamics and large scale “culture-grooming” displayed in NXIVM and other sociopathic cults.
On the outside, they appear to be selling “female empowerment,” and have a group of joyful members – but on closer examination, it is possible that women are being trained or brainwashed to take on the vulnerable/submissive roles, while men are encouraged to be dominant and in control of women’s freedom and happiness.
It is estimated that OneTaste teaches 500 people each month in its “How to” classes.  Because of its secretive nature, the extent and power of OneTaste and its leaders are not known.
Is it a cult – or true female empowerment?
I predict publication of this article will prompt members and ex-members to contact me and we’ll begin a journey exploring  OneTaste and whether it is an abusive cult led by sociopaths or a true female empowerment group – or something in between.
There is at least one concerned and distraught mother – who wants her daughter out of this.
I well remember another anguished mother, who called me up one day in 2017 and told me her daughter, India, was in a cult and was branded.  And wanted her out of NXIVM.
India got out, her mother, Catherine, wrote a book and now a mother read the book and called me.
Stay tuned…

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  • A friend of mine tried to enroll me into One Taste and taking the course. We were not talking about sex or orgasm, it was completely unsolicited. It actually came out of a conversation about trauma and as a tool. It was explained to me by this friend that after you take the course (not sure what level) a complete list of men and women available to you to have hand sex by text and phone number to complete strangers. That you could meet anywhere to have your orgasm, home, car work etc and could do it as many times a day if you wanted. It was also expressed that what you got were experts in the stimulation who of coursed had taken the course and were really good!!! I was not into strangers masturbating me so I passed. I also already figured it all out and did not need a course to teach me how to have an orgasm. I think this group is not just a teaching group its a legal mass brothel. But as Clinton said , He did not SEx with that woman. So paid fingersex could be legal, and the pimps who set up the group are not doing anything legally wrong.

  • Orgasm is not meditation. It is pleasure or ectasy. As far as I know, Buddhism is against materialism and pleasure. In ancient India, when Buddhism was on the rise, it was seen as danger because it promotes celibacy. So Hinduism became popular as it gave importance of having family life and after fulfulling family duties the person can devote all of his or her time to spirituality. So I think the founder is lying about meeting a buddhist. She is promoting prostitution and bonded labour. This somewhat similar to devdasi system in southern India. I wish good luck to the mother and I hope her daugther escapes and have the foundet prosecuted

  • I had a friend in this group who told me “maybe my boyfriend and I will om someday”. Nope. We won’t!

    She met someone in the om group who she lived with and then went to Tony Robbins adventures with. And now she is just sticking to 12 step meeting. She is a cult hopper!!!

    Crazy how these groups get out of control. I saw their OM table at a sex expo last year and thought “I will stay away from that”

    It angers me that women who are looking for healing and trauma mastery will have this snake oil sent to them.

    I hope this group gets taken down next!!!!

  • These sick fucks have got to be stopped, there must be laws created specifically to protect women from these cults. Look at the Kingston clan of polygamists in Utah, they have 7 brothers marrying sisters ,nieces, cousins , only relatives as normal folks won’t join, when babies are born deformed mothers are blamed for their sins. Not the fact that blood relatives are supposedly banned from breeding because it causes these deformities. Laws on the books aren’t protecting women from any of these cults because of the money changing hands. We need every available person in a position of power to fight back. Politicians, lawyers, cult reprogrammers

  • This tech is borrowed heavily from Keith. That said it appears to empower women. Keith gave us a life a birthplace a family. We can never repay him. But we can see the good in other teachings. This is the secret of Vanguard. He accepts all and hates no one. Everything he does is fine for justice and ethics.

  • That is just crazy.

    For anyone who feels they are, or might be in a cult, here is one of the better articles on how would I know if I am in a cult…


    And here is some reasoning behind tripping the brain up, and maybe, understanding why you might have had your brain tripped up…


  • Any self-improvement group selling classes in “anonymous sex” is morally bankrupt ….so I believe all the other claims about them are probably true. What a bunch of sickos.

    In the video clip posted here, they seem to try to sell it as a class to teach sexual techniques to couples in a relationship, and they don’t mention that the sexual activities are between strangers. Disgusting.

    If they were providing classes to teach sexual techniques (and had couples join the classes together and practice the techniques in PRIVATE at home) then I would say it was a legitimate business. This is not ….and this also appears to be a form of forced prostitution.

    This cult needs to be investigated and these criminals need to be charged.

  • I read this article about ONE TASTE and some of the comments about ESP/NXIVM and there appears to be a lot of victim shaming going on. And I think that’s wrong.

    What people need to understand is the FRAUD ASPECT OF ESP. ESP was marketed and sold as a Practical MBA and a program to help people obtain more success in their lives – business and professional.

    But from the beginning, it was structured as an MLM. ESP was also designed to mask the money trail through various shell corporations.

    This was a sophisticated enterprise to ripoff and take money from consumers.

    So please think twice before we start victim shaming the rank-and-file people who took the courses such as ESP or One Taste.

    • But some of the ESP course takers went on the “striped path” and must of known about the tax evasion and money laundering scheme. They deserve to be named and shamed.

      Also, anyone who took a ESP course after Keith Raniere was exposed as a pedophile rapist in Feb 2012 does not deserve sympathy. Would you not do an internet search before handing over a few thousand bucks? If someone was so impressed by what they were told about this “Vanguard”, would they not do an internet search?

  • Interesting that the smartest man in the world didn’t come up with the OneTaste idea first. After all, no garlic results in OneTaste. However, it’s a lot easier to find morally bankrupt, rich, and bored people in San Fransicko than Albany, NY. At least OneTaste doesn’t have an influx of outside multi-millionaire money and goes around suing anyone who complains about them. Silver lining.

  • There is an heir to the Wrigley’s gum fortune involved in One Taste.
    His name is Jim Offield and he owns a residential compound in the West Los Angeles neighborhood of Venice.
    His wife Sujo owns One Taste.

    Here’s something to chew on. A Venice compound owned by Jim Offield, an heir to the Wrigley chewing gum fortune, and his wife, sexual health entrepreneur Sujo Offield, has come on the market for $12.95 million.

    Jim Offield is the great-grandson of William Wrigley Jr., who founded the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company in 1891. In 2008, the company was sold to Mars, the makers of M&M’s, in a $23-billion deal.

    Sujo Offield is the owner of OneTaste, a health and sexual wellness company that provides, among other things, orgasmic meditation services.


  • Someone please tell Pea Onyu and the other ladies of NXIVM about One Taste and Orgasmic Meditation.
    Once Vanguard gets sentenced to 20 years plus in prison, they will need a sex new cult to hang their hats.

  • While much more dramatic and sexually-charged than most MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) scams, OneTaste is like NXIVM, reserved mainly for a handful of relatively wealthy individuals.

    On the other hand, most MLMs (such as Amway, where Raniere learned his MLM scam fundamentals) are willing and able to scam anybody, although most of them are relatively poor, and the number of new people being scammed by MLMs is in the 10s of millions every year. It doesn’t take much financial abuse to ruin a poor person’s financial future.

    One could call MLM scams the relatively boring and asexual versions of NXIVM and OneTaste, although there are exceptions: http://allmlmfacts.org/2018/09/le-vel-its-a-killer-of/

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