Will Diamond; James Del Negro raped my girlfriend

By Will Diamond

This is in response to Frank Parlato’s article on Jim Del Negro. There is one thing that was not told in his article. Jim Del Negro drank mass amounts of liquor. Videos I have show him drunk, faking jerking off to the cameras. While at the Beverly Hilton, he is standing in the hotel drunk and thinking he’s funny.

Jim Del Negro came home drunk. Rose, my then girlfriend told me. He’d come home drunk and started clowning around. Saying sexual things to Rose.

He then held her down and forcibly raped her, that’s what she told me. She said she tried to get away. But he was very persistent. And he ripped off her panties. As she always wears a dress. Then he told her if she told anyone, she would be shipped back to the Philippines. And never see her baby again.

Then he made up lies saying I just told Jim – that I had an affair with another woman. He said many lies to manipulate Rose who was 19 and persuade this very immature girl who was not even a U.S. citizen into going against me.  By telling her many lies and threats to never see her child again.

He used hypnotism. Saying statements over and over to her. He said he was a teacher of ethics and that made me drop my guard. She even to this day says she was hypnotized just like the Bronfman sisters with Keith.

He coerced Rose through threats and manipulated her through lies and hypnotic suggestions – just like Keith. He turned her  against me. Jim could control the young girl. Same tactics used by Keith. These are the true details that happened.

It was a slow calculated brainwash. Brought on by large amounts of alcohol . After the rape, he told her that if she said anything to me or anyone he would have her kicked out of U.S. and never see her child again. Rose coming from the Philippines, living in the poorest conditions, living in a tent with 6 brothers and sisters. She had a daily struggle just for food. Her father had abandoned them. Just another girl taken advantage of by Nxivm. Talking about ethics and how good they are doing helping the world. To get your guard down. So they can then swoop in like Satan and ruin lives and relationships.

Turning wives against husbands and vice versa. To satisfy their demonic pleasures. Just another Nxivm trait. To control and manipulate.

[Editor’s note – to Jim Del Negro – please feel free to submit your version of what happened to you and Rose. I will publish your response in full. Don’t hesitate. If you did rape this young woman, the statute of limitations has passed and it is unlikely you will be prosecuted. You have told me you were raped by her, so don’t you think that, as an ethical man and a leader of NXIVM, you should come forward with the truth. Perhaps you do not, but if you do, Jim, please feel free to email me or call. Frankparlato@gmail.com or 716-990-5740. I am interested in the truth, of course.]  


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  • There has been rumors about the Jimmy Boy situation for years rregardingthe rape and videos of his drunken behavior.

    Will Diamond wanted money to share his Jimmy D behavior video’s. If he had made them public Jimmy D would have been exposed for the moronic fool he is years ago and had a negative impact on his role in NXIVM.

    Well Mr Diamond you might have to hand them over to the FEDS now.

    Jimmy is most likely going to be involved in indictments since he helped set up shell companies for NXIVM and helped launder money for the Raniere
    /NXIVM crime syndicate.

  • Pea’s ideas come from Raniere’s misogynistic hatred of women.
    And combined with Allison Mack’s jealousies towards other women and sado-masochistic self-hatred these ideas make a dangerous combination.
    Now you can understand why the FBI regards Allison Mack as a very dangerous person.
    She uses her acting skills and charisma to spread this dangerous hatred of women.
    Allison Mack believes that the highest aspiration for women is to be either a pimp or a prostitute and she has spread this idea to other women.

  • Keith said it and it is true. I’m a woman and I dare say hot or hotter than any woman on this site. When I say no I mean maybe. When I say maybe I am signaling yes. Women want sex 10 times more than men but men are always blamed for wanting sex. Woman use men. They lead them on and then if the don’t like the result they act like Princesses or primadonnas or victims. It makes me sick. The way they are attacking Keith just because he is a man. The bottom line is women want sex and when a man takes them up on it they have this choice to accept or reject it. We got branded so the greatest man in the world would share himself with us and you want to crucify us and Put him and us in jail. You are wicked and sick. There is no rape if the woman wants it. If a woman dresses seductively it is not and it. Cannot be rape!!!!!

    • Pea….stop it. Whoever you are, and I doubt very much that you’re a real woman who actually became involved with Keith, or DOS for that matter. This isn’t even a good troll. You say ridiculous and outlandish things that no one involved would ever think to say. As outlandish as NXIVM became, and that was very outlandish and evil, they never reached the level of stupidity that you express. Just stop it

      • ionwhitepoetry

        I hate to tell you this but Pea is merely expressing the ideas that Allison Mack and Keith Raniere used to brand and enslave women.
        These ideas are straight from the NXIVM playbook.

      • Right on, Ionwhite. I, too, doubt she is a real woman who was involved. Everything she talks about has been covered on this site. She never offers one new, enlightening point of view or piece of information. The posts do not have the ring of truth. For all we know, it could be Frank himself, having fun. Certainly whoever it is, is posting simply to stir the sh*t and get people all exercised. He / she adds nothing to these discussions. A real current or former member would have much more to say, other than that Keith is the best thing to have come down the pike since Jesus.

    • I’m wearing a boiler suit at the moment and under it some underwear that had the word ‘lingerie’ on the lable. Now I thought I was simply going paint balling with my godson’s crew today, but evidently in the nxivm-verse, Im preparing for seduction. So, I should expect to be raped today? would that be singly or gang raped, because there are so many of us?or what about all the other days in my underwear? If a woman wants to signal ‘dont rape me’ should she what? leave off the underwear? Your nxivm ethic is so moronic. Did keith make you run into a tree?

      • You’ve got it.
        This philosophy is pure NXIVM.
        This is the mindset that justified Allison Mack’s branding and enslaving of women.

        Now you know why the FBI views Allison Mack as particularly dangerous.

    • – I’m a woman and I dare say hot or hotter than any woman on this site.

      Nah. You’re just an obvious troll.

    • Pea,
      Is that the same philosophy Allison Mack uses to justify enslaving women and turning them into prostitutes?
      Because according to Keith Raniere and Allison Mack all women secretly desire to be sex slaves or to be raped?

    • “We got branded so the greatest man in the world would share himself with us” You were mislead, I’m sure as hell not sharing myself with you.

  • Pea, what you are saying is rape doesn’t really exist. It’s all consensual. As you (and others) say you were “taught” by Keith and is apparent in NXIVM module teachings.

    Jim Del Negro, a reknown NXIVM ethicist, insists however that HE was raped. Not seduced, straight-up raped by a petite 19-year-old with a tiny baby in her arms.

    So, which one of you is more full of shit?

  • Women almost always ask for it. Not every time but almost all times. They want men to notice them flirt with them notice them. Then they just say no after leading a man on. Keith taught that women have to take responsibility too. She wore a lingerie to entice him and that means she was signaling she wanted sex. Jim took her signal and have her a rich reward for he was mentored by Vangaurd himself. So while it wasn’t the same as if it was Vangaurd it certainly was superior to anything she might have had previously. I genuinely think you cannot rape the willing.

    • Really? So she should have been wearing a burka to deter sexual advances? This logic is no better that the perverts you believe if a woman is wearing a dress she is asking to get raped. What century do live in?

    • – Women almost always ask for it. Not every time but almost all times.

      Ask for what? To be raped. No one can ask to be raped because by definition rape is non-consensual, forced sexual activity, which makes the notion of asking for it (the meaning of consensual) contradictory, and thus incoherent.

      Ask for sex? That depends upon the context like everything.

      – They want men to notice them flirt with them notice them.

      Sure if it is a romantic context and the woman is attractive to the man. But in a non-romantic context, flirting only implies enjoyable conversation. Even if it is a romantic context, flirting is simply the first step to the possibility of future sex. It does not necessarily entail it. A lot of things can happen in between flirting and the future possibility of an intimate scenario.

      – She wore a lingerie to entice him and that means she was signaling she wanted sex.

      This is a claim by Jim. I don’t see this as confirmed by Will or his girlfriend here.

      Wearing lingerie is usually considered intimate but not necessarily sexual. For example, models wear lingerie as part of their job. Doing so does not mean they want to have sex with the photographer. Even if a woman is wearing lingerie in front of a man who is her sexual partner, the mere fact that she is wearing it doesn’t imply that she wants to have sex with him. It only implies that she is comfortable wearing such attire in front of him. That she wants to engage in sexual activity is conditional upon additional verbal and non-verbal clues. Typically such signals are so obvious a reasonable man would know exactly what they are. And a reasonable man would also know when to stop if the woman was verbally or non-verbally uncomfortable.

      Of course, when the leader of NXIVM says that when a women says “no” she means “maybe”, and when she says “maybe” she means “yes”, then it is not difficult to understand why pea brains who actually believe him would think “women almost always ask for it”.

      • She wore a dress . You idiot. I can tell you are also brainwashed by the chosen one. You are filled with demons. Kiss your God Satan feet then a darting rim.

      • “No one can ask to be raped because by definition rape is non-consensual, forced sexual activity, which makes the notion of asking for it (the meaning of consensual) contradictory, and thus incoherent.”

        It could not have been said better. Bravo!

    • Pea, You delusional piece of trash, shut the fuck up. Women do not “almost always ask for it.” I don’t give a damn if you’re just a sad incel boy trying to prove some sick, twisted deluded fantasy, or if you really are, as Shadow thinks, Nicki. You have no idea about the shit you spread and the damage you do. Do humanity a favor and stop talking and typing. Stop regurgitating the pathetic bullshit you’ve been spreading. You are not part of any secret mission to make a more ethical world, and the trash you type proves your utter lack of ethics and just plain common decency.

  • What Pea is spilling is exactly what we understand was taught in the NXIVM modules regarding “rape.” Sickening as it is.

    Keith and his cohorts ARE RAPISTS who seduced girls young as 12 to their lairs to be raped and abused. The NXIVM “executive success, JNESS, Rainbow Culture Garden and Society of Protectors programs all justify rape, incest, pedophilia, polygamy and mysongeny in a thinly veiled way.

    James Del Negro apparently used all the tech tools on the vulnerable mother of Mr. Diamond’s and her love child.

    As a reporter, I actually had the horror of watching Del Negro testify about how he was raped by the girl and frightened of Mr. Diamond’s subsequent vengeance on him — a hapless rape victim — due to the girl’s lies, at the 2011 Bronfman v. Plyam trial.

    Del Negro wreaked of alcohol from the witness stand (he frequented a nearby pub on recesses) and stammered his way through the questioning — by Plyam’s counsel, Dennis Miller — which was aimed at villifying NXIVM due to Mr. Parlato’s alleged gangster tactics. But Del Negro shielded NXIVM and himself by blaming Parlato and making Parlato and his team look like thugs whose tiny, fierce firecracker girlfriend had her way with the over 6’, husky goof. Clare Bronfman then testified she had a “placeholder” to sue Mr. Parlato, further making him the sole scapegoat, even though she’d spoken rather highly of Parlato earlier in the trial. It was all so bizarre and twisted, I tried to turn the story over to “Entertainment” but the editor declined.

  • I really hate that I am agreeing with Pea Onyu here, but getting cheated on by your girlfriend / baby mama / whatever does not make it rape. Especially not when she is opening the door in her lingerie while the guy she is screwing is sitting on the couch in his underwear.

    People should be really angry about bullshit accusations that demean women who really are actually raped. You know what the DOS slave did who was actually raped by Allison Mack / Keith Raniere / whomever else may have been involved ? Filed a report with the FBI.

    I had always wondered about those old lingering accusations because I knew he was way to soy boy to actually manage to rape someone. Interesting to have had confirmation from Frank Report that they really are total bullshit.

    • My husband says I am not really being fair to Will Diamond, and I should take into account what a total humiliation it must be to not only be cheated on, but to have the paramour be such a loser. He says it is just Will Diamond’s coping mechanism for his bruised ego.

      While he is probably right, I still say it is incredibly scummy to make the false accusation.

      • I have to agree with you. Even though I despise KR and what he stood for and all things NXIVM, I’m struggling to believe this story.
        I live in Asia and have traveled to the Philippines on a number of occasions. So many people live in poverty there and the young women are desperate, just DESPERATE, to get out. If she was 19 when this happened and already had a baby, how old was she when she got together with Will? Often there I’d see old white men with young Filipino ladies fawning all over them. It was a ticket out. Honestly, if this Jim character did rape her, that is horrifying and he deserves to be punished, but I sort of feel like perhaps it wasn’t the picture of marital bliss Will is putting forward either and that she may have been seduced by Jim with him spending time alone with her and spewing his NXIVM garbage.

  • Pea, that is soooo twisted!

    If the woman (or girl) has an orgasm it’s not rape is like saying a man (or boy) can never be raped because if he ejaculates or even has an erection.

    So, how did Del Negro get raped by this girl as HE claims he did?

    See the Society of Pussies module 101 and wear your scarf evenly.

  • What proof do you have that your girlfriend was raped? Did she have an orgasm? Some women finally free themselves by being raped from orgasmic inhibitions. Vanguard has taught that rape (or mock rape ) can open the door to a woman’s sexuality. Not that’ he condones violent rape of strangers but that a man decides when to have sex with his partner and the woman taken unawares can find the greatest fulfillment. Think of the caveman taking his women and dragging her by the hair. Jim was only teaching the power of the man to control and the female empowerment that comes from her total surrender. And lastly there seems to be an issue here. You say Jim rape your wife but he said she virtually raped him. Will diamond I think you have some issues with letting your girlfriend enjoy a superior ethical being.

    • That is a rationalization. The only things requiring rationalization are the irrational. You’re sick. Nauseatingly so. Do yourself a favor and check into a psych ward. Or move to India. Their whole culture revolves around raping everyone, family members included.

    • Pea, you have been taught some really awful things about women that are simply not true! This is not about Empowerment of women! Vanguard does not like women, except to exploit them and degrade them He has learned that women won’t stick with him without force of some sort (because of WHO HE IS, not because women are bad!), unless they are fully broken and financially broke. He can bring in insecure women with his lies and his harem’s lies, but he wouldn’t be able to keep them. More women are destroyed by rapes, never able to fully give and receive sexually. I know, I worked with many in domestic violence shelters, raped (often brutally) by their own partners or family members, tortured in other ways, often similar to DOS treatment without the branding. Sleep deprivation and starvation diets are destructive in themselves and keep women from thinking rationally. The women that may possibly have experienced orgasm for the first time by being (mock?) raped would have been already very damaged. And I don’t believe they were helped in any real way.

      This is Will’s and Rose’s story, Frank has given his, and has invited Jim to give his story. That something happened is obvious. Jim could easily have lied because he was afraid of Will (understandable from Frank’s story!), and he basically ran away right after. Or maybe he was afraid she’d rape him again???

      Proof of rape or being coerced is not needed here, it’s not a trial, and statute of limitations likely gone. But a sad and believable story none the less. A women who was broken by her earlier life, her status in this country insecure, makes a good target for a victimizer.

    • ‘What proof do you have that your girlfriend was raped? Did she have an orgasm?’8

      What an off the wall comment.
      All rape requires is penetration without consent.
      The victim does not need to have an orgasm.

      “Definition of rape
      1 : unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against a person’s will or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent because of mental illness, mental deficiency, intoxication, unconsciousness, or deception — compare sexual assault, statutory rape”

      You NXIVM women who learn sex education from Vanguard are screwed up.

    • The only one with issues is YOU Pea brain. Your a lying troll with nothing to offer other then repeating what you have read on Frank report.

    • Wow Pea I hope your entire evolutionary DNA is proud of you to sit top of their mountain and claim rape is good and fair play in in any form in today’s day and age. I bet the ones generations or three or more ahead of you are cringing right now looking back.

    • Pee on you, you are a disgrace to your genre. What I haven’t figured out yet, is if you are pure evil or just an imbecile.

    • Ha what a lost sole. To have even someone say such insane statements leaves only one solution. Your mind is possessed with demons. To even think in them terms only strengthens the fact even more. A living typing Demon. Please stab pen into eye to small brain . And join your only true god. Satan himself .

  • Rape is not really about sex
    Rape is about exercising power, not only over the young lady but also, in this case, over the young lady’s boy friend.
    NXIVM was and is all about abusing power.

    Jim Del Negro was also a NXIVM coach whose job was to train NXIVM members to be clones of himself.
    And whom did Jim Del Negro train?

    Allison Mack
    Coach: James J Del Negro

    In fact Ms. Mack is the only person in the NXIVM hierarchy listed as being coached by the rapist psychopath Jim Del Negro.

  • Yep. This cult is a Satan’s potion that likes to break up relationships, all for the whims of a self-serving, hedonistic, wimp. Mack came into the cult with the normal desire to settle down with a guy, and came out promoting Jness in a video where she “didn’t need a husband to find happiness” or whatever. But she needed to become the pimp wing woman to share the sexual fetishes of a “man” she was brainwashed into fooling herself into liking. Nice upgrade Ally Wack.

    • Two comments and both from Shadowperv under two different names. How many times have you mentally raped Allie Wack?

      • I’m not shadowstate1958 and I’m certainly not a fan of his prolific posts or his constant maligning of Ally, but he didn’t post because I did.

        • Annoyed!

          Can you all please stay on topic? Mr. Diamond is sharing his truly heart wrenching experience having his naive, young baby-mama RAPED and mentally kidnapped by these demonic freaks — while helping the Bronfman’s regain properties out in LA.

          Have some respect for the man and Frank’s blog before he has to start editing you out. You’re only making bickering fools of yourselves!

          • WTF are you responding to me? I’m not bickering. I posted twice, once was my initial post and the second to make known that I wasn’t shadowstate54. Whatever I posted was on topic. It is on topic of how NXIVM fucks with your mind especially when it comes to relationships because Vantard I’m A Huge Loser has to fuck around all the time.

        • “I’m certainly not a fan of his constant
          maligning of Ally”

          Wait until you see what the FBI plans for Allison Mack.
          From Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive.”
          “A few weeks earlier, one witness told me that the FBI was dividing people in the investigation into three categories: subject, witness, and target.”
          “Okay, who are the bad guys?” they’d asked this witness. “Keith, Clare, Allison . . .”

          • That doesn’t make sense to me. Don’t investigators share information with those outside of the investigation on a “need-to-know” basis only?

            Why would the FBI share that they were dividing people into three categories with a witness?

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