Some brilliant NXIVM artwork by mk10art


There is some surprisingly striking art on the Instagram account of mk10art.

While the artist does not exclusively create art about NXIVM, the NXIVM-related ones ought to strike a chord with Frank Report readers.  Follow mk10art here

Here are some of the NXIVM-related work.


mk10art writes, “Clare Bronfman + the NXIVM cult of destroying families.”

This scene depicts how Clare went to see her dying father, Edgar Bronfman Sr., with a video camera to try to elicit from him a statement that he was wrong about Keith Raniere. She was unsuccessful.


mk10art writes, “Catherine Oxenberg saves her daughter from NXIVM DOS slavery. Now she is threatened by Mexico NXIVM who threaten her life for protecting her child from pedophiles and con artists.”

Catherine did rescue her daughter, India, this past month from the vicious cult and she has received threatening letters from Mexico. I love the artist’s depiction of Keith in red NXIVM underwear with his pants down at his ankles.


mk10art writes, “Keith Ranier’s brand shares some wisdom. NXIVM cult. Clare Bronfman funded the cult.”

This image shows Keith in prison. The pubic brand is doing the thinking. Keith often put women on insane diets or punishing penances which he claimed were character building.  Some of the women who were branded said the branding was also character building.


mk10art writes, “Allison Mack and Keith Ranier’s discuss NXIVM cult on YouTube. Clare Bronfman funded the cult that enslaved women.”

This is a representation of the Conversations with Keith Raniere – some of them still available on YouTube – where Keith pontificates to an adoring Allison Mack on his various philosophies. In the YouTube videos one cannot see what is below the table where they are seated.  The artist shows us.

The artist seems to have captured Allison’s nose pretty well here.


mk10art writes, “Allison Mack branding her and Keith Ranier’s initials into a DOS slave as Raniere and Clare Bronfman hold her down.”

While not a literally accurate depiction of the branding ceremony – Keith was not physically present and DOS slave Dr. Danielle Roberts did the actual branding, not Allison – this portrayal does capture the true spirit of the branding. I love Allison and Clare’s eager expression as they look at each other, excited – with a lascivious Raniere looking on.


mk10art writes,  “Pimp Mack. NXIVM helped her reach her ‘fullest’.”

That certainly cannot be denied – if fullest is defined by fulfilling Raniere’s goals for her. Allison went from famous, successful actress to nearly broke sex slave and pimp for Raniere. She is now charged with sex trafficking and a bunch of other crimes. Pimp Mack achieved Raniere’s goal – destruction of all who follow him.


No caption here and perhaps no caption needed. This mk10art work beautifully symbolizes NXIVM.  Personally, I love the representation the artist has of sinister Keith Raniere. It’s truly hair raising.

Hope mk10art continues.

Follow this brilliant artist on Instargram for more excellent artwork. 

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  • The Cruella Bronfman drawing captures the very essence of the woman.
    Her father is literally on his death bed galloping towards eternity and Cruella is there with a camera crew demanding he acknowledge that Keith Raniere is God.
    Nothing sums up Cruella better than that drawing.

    The drawing of the branding ceremony leaves out a number of details.
    While Ms. Mack did not wield the branding iron, that was Doctor Danielle Roberts, Allison Mack did grab the women’s bare cheasts and chant, “feel the pain and think of your master.”

    “During the branding ceremony, prosecutors say Mack placed her hands on the slaves’ chest as they cried, telling them to “feel the pain” and “think of (their) master.”

    And the Pimp Mack portrait sums up the degeneracy of NXIVM.
    The greed and lack of all morality.

    mk10 art has an extensive Instagram page.
    Her recent drawings deal with NXIVM.
    Most of her older drawings relate to the Amanda Knox case.
    Amanda Knox was a US college student in Italy in 2007.
    Her nickname was Foxy Knoxy.
    Knox’s roommate,, a British student named Meredith Kerchner was stabbed to death under mysterious circumstances and Knox was charged with the murder.
    Knox was convicted but the conviction was later overturned and Knox returned to the US.
    To this day the murder is unsolved.
    It did not help that Amanda Knox did not act in a sober, respectful manner immediately after the murder.
    And her nickname worked against her.

    But mk10art has an impressive portfolio of art work well worth looking at.

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