Kristin Kreuk with Allison Mack were recruiting college students for NXIVM – and little girls too

Kristin Kreuk appears in a 2008 video with young girls.

In 2007, Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, using their celebrity status, were trying to get college students to take an online survey – on the premise that the two actresses were going to start up a special-for-college students’ website and network.

One of our readers wrote:

Here is a link of Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack doing a phone interview on the CW Network promoting this NXIVM recruitment survey. The CW Network is currently shielding Kreuk from reporters’ questions. On a side note, Kreuk recruited Suzanne Gomez into the NXIVM cult. She was Kreuk’s CW Network publicist.

Here is a link of Sarah Edmondson promoting the College Project:


The first video is from 2007. It is curious that neither Kreuk nor Mack went to college, but are promoting an online survey for college students – for a website they do not know about, or can’t say precisely what it’s going to be about.


The second link is to Sarah Edmondson’s blog [Sarah has since left the cult in a fairly spectacular way and did some pretty historic whistle blowing.]

Sarah wrote on her blog on December14, 2007 about the online college student’s survey. This was one week after Kristin, Allison and Nicki Clyne appeared together in Albany for an a Cappella concert that critics said was a thinly veiled NXIVM recruitment effort for college students in the Albany area.

The links on Sarah’s blog – to the online survey – go to a domain called – [a Raniere domain]. The website no longer has the survey. In fact, the domain is up for sale for $2,995.

From Edmondson’s blog:

Exciting news…

December 14, 2007

So, it’s official! I am starting a very cool new business with some of my girlfriends (Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk from Smallville, and Nicki Clyne from Battlestar Galactica). See what can be accomplished from one’s bed? Anyhoo! We are creating something very top secret for university students, so we’d like to hear about you and what’s important to you through this survey . We’d LOVE your feedback…and trust me…it’s a pretty funny survey. Please feel free to spread the word and have fun! Here’s a recent 

article with a little more info too…


The graphic [for the link] to the survey says, “No it ain’t your momma’s survey”.  This is true, unless your momma is Keith Raniere.
Sarah, Kristin and Allison may have thought this left-handed way of getting college students to take a surreptitious NXIVM survey was all for the good. They used their celebrity status to get students to trust them and give their names and personal information to an otherwise strangely named website called
Maybe they believed NXIVM would be good for college students not knowing in 2007 that Keith was a lecherous pervert.
At some point, things changed.
Sarah left and burned the cult down – when she showed the world the human branding was real.
Allison Mack remained and has been charged with sex trafficking.
Kristin Kreuk seems to have left sometime between 2013 – 2015 or maybe later – and is now trying to downplay her role in NXIVM.
But this is easier said than done.  Around the same time as the online college survey, Kristin was promoting something called “Girls By Design” – which was ostensibly to help teens – once again using her celebrity status – to become empowered women.
Was that a recruitment technique for NXIVM? Sources say Kristin worked with Nancy Salzman to design Girls by Design.
[I believe the man who had designs on these teen girls was Keith Raniere.]
 Surveys for college girls and Girls By Design for teens – both promoted by TV actress Kristin Kreuk.
How many girls, students and others were recruited by these less than forthright recruiting devices is unknown. But Raniere’s hand seems to be evident.
There are videos where Kreuk and another NXIVM member, Kendra Voth, appear with little girls who claim they are “Girls by Design” and seemingly mouthing Raniere type formulas.
One little girls says, “When a boy hits you, you get to tell everybody. But if you hit a boy, it doesn’t matter.”
Another little girl says, “The common bond that all girls share is just having fun when they want to.”
The “common bond” she says? It sounds scripted.
Another girl says, “Everybody has the same problems, they just experience them differently.”
The videos were made before the Albany Times Union revealed Keith Raniere was likely a pedophile. But the videos remain online. Kreuk is not known to have made any attempt to clarify her role in this and its connection to NXIVM or to remove them.

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  • Girls By Design has the hints of a Scientology audit, which is Scientology’s recruiting tool for identifying people who would be susceptible to their brainwashing. I’d be curious as to what Kendra’s one-on-one conversations with those girls was like.

    • Wrong, Stig (who is probably Scott )
      Have you crossed from Canada into the US, as a Canadian citizen, at the Peace Arch border before? Or at the truck border on Hwy 15? Or at the Aldergrove border? Most likely KK would have gone thru Peace Arch.
      Have you ever crossed there? Are you a Canadian?
      If not, shut the fuck up.

    • You can’t “project” your own insecurities onto/into other people. THAT is nonsense.

      And she took courses in NXIVM because she wanted to overcome her shyness more than anything else. She was probably thought reformed into believing she had more insecurities that she actually had because that’s how they keep you coming back: keep you believing that you still have issues that need to be resolved. She was the perfect bait for a group like this.

      NXIVM didn’t provide anything original in the self-help arena as it ripped off its techniques from elsewhere.

      • You absolutely CAN project your own insecurities onto others. Especially the impressionable ones that GBD dealt with.
        And you said so yourself in your response. She was using star status and the same ” thought reforming ” on young impressionable Girls that was used on her. To suck them in for Raniere.

        • No you can’t. Projection and thought reform are two different things. Conflating two terms, one describing an action where the person accuses someone of doing something they do themselves in order to hide/distract from the latter, and another a methodology to deceptively change behavior, are not even remotely the same, and neither take place in the video.

          • Though I do have to disagree with your explanation for WHY people use projection. In my own experience , of being on the receiving end of that type of craziness, I have to think these individuals are so delusional, that they are not even aware they are projecting . They seem to have had a break with reality….
            I think they can’t admit to, or take responsibility for their own bad behaviour, so they invent a new reality in their minds.

          • You are that little prick in the school yard, walking around with a brief case, talking psycho babble with a smug, self righteous arrogance, who gets the shit kicked out of him on a regular basis. I would knock you the fuck out. If you were in any close proximity with me, I would be battering you with my bare hands. Fuck you. There is zero way you have a wife, girlfriend or children. You may even be a fucking virgin. Cannot stand cunts like you.

        • I don’t think you understand what is meant by projection. No, you can’t project your insecurities onto other’s. Projection means that in the mind of the projector, other people take on the negative qualities they hate about their self.
          Typically narcissistic types of people will do this…..”It’s a witch hunt”… “So and so collaborated with the Russians, NOT ME!”
          That’s projection.

          I think you might mean KK was trying to influence these girls to feel insecure about themselves.

          • KK: “I’m insecure, you are insecure, let’s be insecure together with NXIVM!” People project their bullshit to influence the other person. They believe if everyone else falls for their bullshit, than they are less alone. They try and convince people to believe what they believe in.

            This stalker “SultanOfSix”, who also posts as “Scarrom”, “SoSalty” and quite possibly that “Finklestein” whatever his name is, is obsessed with Kristin Kreuk and constantly comes to her defence. He even has the audacity to argue with at least two former NXIVM people who have either called out Kristin Kreuk or simply said something he does not like. He is a prick.

            He decided he has the right to declare that Omar Rosales aka “FormerNxian” is not an insider because Omar, who has actually been a part of the organisation and actually met Kreuk and the other big names, has called out Kreuk and he cannot stand it. He thinks he has the right to downplay this man’s involvement to try and take weight from his words and opinions.

            Omar Rosales had a production company that filmed Kreuk’s GBD videos in Thailand. The crew told Omar they were freaked out by Kreuk, because she was so culty. Omar simply relayed that information, but this little cunt can’t stand it and pretends it didn’t happen and these people’s experiences don’t matter because it contradicts his little shitty image of Kristin Kreuk, who only lives on his jizz-stained screen and little pretentious psycho babble mind.

          • – KK: “I’m insecure, you are insecure, let’s be insecure together with NXIVM!” People project their bullshit to influence the other person. They believe if everyone else falls for their bullshit, than they are less alone. They try and convince people to believe what they believe in.


            No they don’t. They project their bullshit to defend “itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.”

            – This stalker “SultanOfSix”, who also posts as “Scarrom”, “SoSalty” and quite possibly that “Finklestein” whatever his name is,

            This is a case in point of projection. When this one hundred aliasing donning loser repetitively posts the same content under a multitude of aliases he starts projecting this same behavior onto others.

            – is obsessed with Kristin Kreuk and constantly comes to her defence.

            Yeah so what? You keep criticizing her with half-truths, baseless speculations, logical fallacies, etc. If you have as much right to slander her, then I have an even greater right to defend her.

            – He even has the audacity to argue with at least two former NXIVM people who have either called out Kristin Kreuk or simply said something he does not like. He is a prick.

            A former NXIVM person could take one course and do nothing more. This gives the person no insider level credence, let alone a conversational or acquaintance level credibility. Omar isn’t an authority on NXIVM and he’s certainly not an insider.

            – He decided he has the right to declare that Omar Rosales aka “FormerNxian” is not an insider because Omar, who has actually been a part of the organisation and actually met Kreuk and the other big names, has called out Kreuk and he cannot stand it. He thinks he has the right to downplay this man’s involvement to try and take weight from his words and opinions.

            LOOOOOLLLL. Shut up Omar with your bullshit. You’ve been shown to be wrong an multiple occasions about Kristin. You don’t have any more inside information about her involvement in the group than any other “NXIVM people”, and certainly not more than someone like Sarah Edmondson.

            – Omar Rosales had a production company that filmed Kreuk’s GBD videos in Thailand. The crew told Omar they were freaked out by Kreuk, because she was so culty. Omar simply relayed that information, but this little cunt can’t stand it and pretends it didn’t happen and these people’s

            Then it should be very easy for Omar to bring forth these witnesses on the record to describe how crazy and kooky Kristin was in her cult behavior. As easy at has been for me to show that Omar’s recapitulation of information is so bad he can be considered a liar.

            – experiences don’t matter because it contradicts his little shitty image of Kristin Kreuk, who only lives on his jizz-stained screen and little pretentious psycho babble mind.

            Bugger off.

  • The timing alone shows Keith’s very grubby hand here. He gets KK AND Allison to survey surprise surprise ‘ College Student’s and The stalking of well off college students through a Capella- which backfired because the a cappella network easily saw through Keith’s bullshit because guess what, they really are rational and critical thinkers and they outsmarted the idiot vanguard( what a stupid name). They even offered him some good advice, clean up your act , fix your PR problem, why over litigate? So what does idiot vanguard do, he hires a qualified PR person, but rather than take this person’s advice and appreciate the recovery of a large sum of Bronfman money (because let’s face facts, he didn’t want the money recovered). He turned on Frank (a leopard just can’t change it’s spots), only this time he once again came up against someone smarter than his self. 10 years later , 10 years of another innocent man’s life, his cult had grown dirtier, creepier, more people were leaving, talking, fighting back, more human beings were harmed including young children not with a tested, certified outcome based course, but based on another stupid I’m sure illegal idea that idiot Keith came up with. How many kids are fucked up from rainbow cultural gardens? We will again have to wait a few years to see what damage was done here. I had no idea we had so many parents out there who would entrust their precious children to a group of people so unqualified it boggles the mind, a cult with at least 15 years of bad press, no positive validation. Can any of you current members tell the truth from a lie? Can you make sense of this? I’d really like to hear what you have to say. It’s obvious KR has convinced you with his kind , soft voice, his ethics etc… Don’t any of you think for yourselves? Convince me

  • Come on, of course it did. So obviously scripted. Maybe KK AND Kendra didn’t realize they were being setup. As KK said I just woke up one day and knew I had to do this! Yea after a night of nlp with keith.

    • Yes it did. NXIVM people were encouraged to create NXIVM projects and Kristin Kreuk and Kendra Voth did this. Tabby Chapman, a Smallville superfan who was recruited into NXIVM by Ally Wack was involved. As was [name redacted] another NXIVM member. A former NXIVM member on this site said his(?) production company filmed the GBD videos in Thailand but the crew were freaked out by Kristin Kreuk because of her culty behavior.

      • Shut up Omar.

        The fact that NXIVM set itself up as an MLM business entails its participants to recruit because that is the only way such businesses make money. You jilted man-children are trying to conflate recruiting/referring into taking courses provided by NXIVM into being responsible for any illegal shenanigans and/or sexual misbehavior that occurred almost a decade later since Kristin took her first course in NXIVM, and it doesn’t fly no matter how many times you guys repeat it.

        • Keep educating us with your evidence STALKER.

          What were your interactions with Kreuk? Watching television, watching vids, and online interactions. In other words, you were tracking KK via the internet.

          That sounds like stalking. In fact, your new name is SULTAN OF STALKERS

          • Someone has to since you’ve been obviously wrong so many times.

            Also, what I do is the actions of a fan you clown. Stalking in its common usage meaning is only applicable when the one who is being stalked is pursued in a stealthy manner and would feel threatened if they came to know about it. It is used in the pejorative sense by losers as nothing more than an ad hominem.

            Stalking is what you men-children do here by trying to sully a person’s character because of ulterior motives using an association as an excuse to cast your speculations, non-substantiated claims, logical fallacies, etc. because you have no actual evidence of any wrongdoing.

          • It’s more than obvious that Sultan is very obsessed. Infatuated is an understatement.
            His posts are so colored in her defense that they seem improbable at best if you consider his
            motive. Then on the other side there are accusations that sound slightly drummed up and may not be 100% accurate. No doubt the truth lies somewhere in between. And the truth will come out.

          • What horseshit.

            My comments are “improbable” considering my “motive” yet other people’s comments are “slightly” drummed up but are not “100% accurate”, but almost so. Gee I wonder who you are? [roll eyes] I like how I’m on the biased side of the spectrum because I’m a fan and can’t maintain my objectivity even though sound rational argumentation is supposed to be disinterested and independent of emotional influence, but anonymous posters with a hundred different aliases are so much more objective due to their negative opinions, you know, just because.

            I’m not making claims based on speculation and logical fallacies such as arguments from ignorance, red herrings, non sequiturs, slippery slopes, etc. I’m countering misinformation, providing true information from my vast knowledge – you know being a “stalker” and all – and poking holes in the the bad argumentation.

          • What Horseshit is correct. The perfect way for your post’s to start.Thanks for the warning. Sounds like your “vast knowledge” is only in whipping up a big batch of word salad. So glad you believe your own BS because I doubt anyone else here does. You remind me of a big mouth kid that gets beat up in school every day. I sure don’t wonder who you are. There’s one in every crowd.

          • I read through the purpose of your comments like a samurai sword through warm butter. You’ve got nothing to say. Rational argumentation is clearly distinct from word salad dum-dum, the latter falling under the concept of sophistry, while the former is based on the well known rules of logic. For example, your shtick is the same the majority of the time – poison the well from the beginning, e.g., “obsessed”, “infatuated”, “so biased”. You also used a variation of appeal to the people by claiming no one else who reads this site – where the majority of those who post are mostly the same people who post anonymously or repetitively shift aliases – believes what I say as if that validates or disproves anything with respect to the content of what has been said. Yes, my motives are emotionally driven, but the reasoning can’t be and isn’t.

        • SoS, you don’t know squat about MLM scams. NXIVM was the most legal MLM I’ve ever come across, but everything else about it was corrupt, illegal, disgusting, etc. You should be banned for making such an ignorant statement. Frank, ban SoS NOW!

          • Scott
            You shouldn’t be able to ban someone for being ignorant . If that were the case , most here would be banned already . For example Heather, who believes that US border guards will just “wave” people across the border if those people cross frequently . Lol.
            But if someone said something like “I think Scott is a know-it-all, abusive asshole who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, but is actually delusional since he’s really full of shit”… then the person who said that could be banned.

          • I tried to ban the Static Man. But the CIA implant in my head orders me to turn to Channel 10 – the static channel. If I relax, the Static Man comes out of the television and gives me instructions for the day. Last night, he said to say BAN HIM.

      • Thailand, who’s idea was that? Mothers sell their children there for sex from infancy on yet you pick Thailand. Is this a code for pedofiles?

        • Heather, Kristin Kreuk and Kendra Voth were in Thailand when Kreuk was filming “Streetfighter” (which bombed by the way). They were still promoting Girls By Design, their little NXIVM project from Thailand. A former member of NXIVM had a production company which went to a Thailand to film these GBD videos. According to him, the crew were freaked out by Kreuk’s culty behaviour.

          • – According to him, the crew were freaked out by Kreuk’s culty behaviour.

            Sure thing Omar.

    • GBD did not need to teach NXIVM or Jness philosophy (did it?) and the fact that KK tweeted that GBD was not connected to NXIVM means nothing.
      Kristin maybe-truly-honestly was just trying to empower the girls…but her membership in the cult, which was well known to all the young girls who joined GBD and idolized her, would mean that some girls would want to “be like Kristin” and consider a future in the cult.
      GBD probably wasn’t recruiting girls by design into NXIVM…but with Kristin being idolized by many young girls, maybe it did anyway.

      • Read what this former participant of Girls By Design has to say about it:

        April 17, 2018 at 4:37 am

        “I was a part of GBD in 2008 when I was 17 years old. KK would have girls fill out questionnaires (usually open ended questions about your experience as a teen) on facebook, and Kendra would contact us privately if we said something that interested her. Here’s one thing I do remember– it seemed Kristen and Kendra were more interested in recruiting girls much younger in age than me, closer to middle school. I ended up leaving GBD because of that. I also remember them both posting numerous vlogs on youtube.

        I do remember at one point Kendra was much more interactive with having one on one’s with individual girls than KK was. I remember thinking that perhaps GBD was Kendra’s thing and KK was there to generate attention (at least she didn’t seem to want to get her hands dirty).

        Not sure if that information is useful, but I wanted to put it out there.”

        Article can be found here:

        • Yes, like this:

          ..”Time out retreat for teens is an overnight holistic retreat for teen girls where they will have the opportunity to attend rotations designed to empower them to have access to tools to achieve balance in their lives.

          There will be an evening event introducing young female celebrities who will attend as speakers for the evening as well as mentors. Retreat is opened to all girls aged 13-17 in the Los Angeles area. Transportation, food and lodging is free thanks to the generous donation of Warner Springs Ranch ( and Kristin Kreuk. To be selected to attend, follow the directions below.
          Answer the following question:

          What do you want the world to look like in your lifetime? Send us a project that best expresses your vision of how you can contribute to make the world closer to that vision.
          *Please submit your project in either a collage, painting, writing, video, musical c.d., or other multi-media format.

          To Enter go to”

    • Members in NXIVM that were further along the ladder/sash path were ordered to create Ethical business based upon Vanguard’s teachings.

      GBD was Kreuk’s business and she took it to Nancy Salzman for approval. Girls By Design was supposed to be about young woman female empowerment. It also had leadership retreats and meetings in Kreuk’s home.

      Leadership retreats for teen girls based on ethical teachings – does that sound familiar? Duh. VanGrifter’s MO.

      As for her recruitment drive, KK personally recruited Kendra Voth, Allison Mack, Sima Kumar, Suzanne Gomez, Rose Bhura, and a bunch of others.

      But Kreuk HAD.NO.IDEA. that anything nefarious was going on (her statement, but who uses nefarious in a sentence?).

    • GBD was a Front Organization to lead unsuspecting people into NXIVM.
      Like “A Capella Innovations” or “Jness” or “The Source” or any number of other fronts.

      People come for the singing or the acting and end up in the cult.

  • Kristin Kreuk recruited every woman in this photograph from late 2016 into NXIVM.

    From left: Kreuk, Suzanne Gomez (her CW Publicist), Kendra Voth (who she met on CW Network show Smallville) and Rose Bhura. Kristin Kreuk and Rose Bhura did a short film together called “Blink” where lots of NXIVM people were involved, including obviously Kreuk and Bhura, Mark Hildreth and Tony Dean Smith.

  • Kristin Kreuk has retweeted something to her Twitter page about this so called “Red Dress Project”, which is about missing and murdered indigenous women and girls… despite the fact most missing indigenous people are males and most of the murdered were murdered by male Native Indians. Kreuk still pretending to care about “causes” she does not care about or have any connection to, that doesn’t require any sacrifice on her part, while arrogantly remaining silent on NXIVM. Thats nice.

    No mention of Kristin Snyder eh Kristin? Her body has never been found.

    No mention of the women who came forward in February 2012 revealing they were raped by your beloved Keith Raniere when they were young children. Kreuk was named in that same expose and she was STILL coaching in Albany and LA as if nothing happened and was STILL supporting Keith Raniere in 2015.

    Kreuk has not done anything for the many branded sex slaves of Keith Raniere.

    Still no criticism of Allison Mack (who she recruited), Keith Raniere, her beloved Nancy Salzman, the Bronfmans etc.

    Give it a fucking rest with all this pretentious virtue signalling Kristin. You have zero morals. You attach yourself to posting shit on social media about things that have nothing to do with you yet remain arrogantly silent on NXIVM, a thing you were deeply involved with and have a lot to answer for… and you know it.

      • Kristen Kruek is a nobody, a non person. She will lose her career over this she simply doesn’t have what it takes to pull herself out of this one. Just watch Kristen, parents will start blocking you and eventually your network will drop you. It’s happened before don’t forget NO ONE IS INDESPENSIBLE.

    • “she does not care about or have any connection to, that doesn’t require any sacrifice on her part,”

      Just like you. You don’t care about NXIVM or anyone who was hurt by it. You’re just here to excoriate Kristin. This is at least the third time you’ve posted a similar thing.

      “and have a lot to answer for… and you know it.”

      No she doesn’t. She moved on and forgot about NXIVM long before any of the DOS antics went down.

    • “Chloe’s [Allison Mack] been turned into Braniac,”

      How totally unlike real life.
      Since the branding story broke in June 2017 it’s hard to argue that Chloe (Allison) is Brainiac.

  • Yawn. This is old news. Kristin’s fans knew about these when they came out. Nothing ever became of Juicy Peach. It was a failure. Kristin is interviewed in an article in 2009 about Girls by Design and gives the age ranges for the girls that the group was open to, starting from 12-13 years old. She even mentioned that guys were welcome to take part in it. You can do a search for it on Google and find it. Girls by Design was also a failure. There was nothing nefarious about it. It failed because as Kristin made the point that there were already established companies doing a similar thing, e.g., “I Am That Girl” which she has shown her public support to.

    The only reason this is even an issue now is because of click bait and what was exposed ten years after the fact. No one at the time had anything but good thoughts about Kristin’s intentions back then and it’s only due to the stupidity of Allison Mack/Keith Raniere that they are now trying to sully a person’s character with a guilt by association fallacy for reasons mired in underhanded motives.

  • When the video shows a sample of the survey, it shows a page of questions about spending habits, asking the participant to check off boxes showing how much they spend on things like clothes, toiletries, transportation, etc. So the survey can provide a list of young impressionable college kids WITH money. NXIVM has no interest in broke college students (or broke ANYONE, for that matter).

    The other questions could be posed in a way to be able to discern if a young person is susceptible to being sucked into NXIVM.

    And NXIVM could end up with a targeted list culled from hundreds if not thousands of young people, with which they could target those who would be most likely to have the money and the personality to join NXIVM.

    Oh and when the interviewer asks KK and AM if they are in Vancouver, they reply that they are in New York.

    Betcha they weren’t talking about NYC.

    This survey is some dark shit.

    Kook needs to explain herself.

    • NXIVM is like its spiritual parent Scientology.
      Scientology gathers all kinds of information about its members, particularly blackmail information.
      Kinda like Allison Mack’s DOS sex cult.

      Many of the rumors about Scientology’s top celebrities’ sexuality supposedly come from information gleaned by the primitive lie detectors used by the Scientology examiners.

      And of course in NXIVM the only person allowed to be officially poor and have nothing in his name is the Vanguard himself.

      But the main NXIVM interest in Mack and Kreuk was their appeal to young impressionable girls.
      It’s why the NXIVM elite targeted them so ardently.

  • Suzanne Gomez is now Senior Vice President of Primetime Publicity for CW TV. Given that her level of success is far beyond Keith Raniere’s “executive success” (success which never actually materializes), I doubt Gomez was involved with NXIVM for long. But she very likely knows a lot about Kreuk’s involvement, and likely plays a role in protecting Kreuk from media inquiries about NXIVM.

  • I was a Smaville fan and remember the Girls By Design thing. It seemed a bit odd at the time and now it makes sense (it was a lot odd). Also, the praise that AM and KK got from the online fandom was also way over the top and weird. The Smallville online fandom was very polarized and could be quite nasty, especially the fans of the three main females. By far, Allison’s fans were the nastiest to the other females in the show and other fans, especially Erica Duirance (who was never in NXVIM). The nastiness was to her character and to her personally. In fact, the Smallville board on Television Without Pity (TWOP) was dominated by Allison’s crazy fans and any dissenters got warned/banned. I now wonder if some were her fellow cultists.

    • No doubt Allison’s fanatical fans ginned up support for her.
      And the CW audience was so small and specialized that determined NXIVM fans could tilt the show one way or the other.
      And some people were no doubt turned off by Kreuk’s exotic looks as someone who is Dutch and Chinese.

      I do know that Kreuk was supposed to be the lead female but through fandom or force of personality Mack had a hard core following.

      My interest in the CW is as an investor.
      My family owns shares in both CBS and Warner Brothers.
      I watched Smallville only about twice.
      It was basically the story of “Superman in High School.”
      But network demographics is a fascinating subject.

    • That’s funny because I’m sure if you asked AM’s fans, they would say that Erica Durance’s fans were by far the nastiest, especially with how self-promoting Durance was during the show’s run. Mack and Kreuk’s fans were able to work together on several charity projects–raising money for the Christopher Reeve Foundation.

      • Yes, I suspect they would say that. Also, perhaps if Allison concentrated on promoting her career during the show’s run instead of promting Raniere, she would be in a better place right nwo.

      • Since AM and KK were both in the NXIVM cult and had been on Smallville since the beginning it stands to reason that they would be personally close and the newcomer Durance would be regarded as the interloper.

        • I have no doubt that the three women got along, at least professionally, it was the rabid fanbases of the actresses who had a hard time coexisting.

  • Kristin Kreuk may be trying to downplay her role in NXIVM but info posted online is forever and facts just keep popping up. If she were truly wise, she’d talk about the cult and why she decided to leave — pretending that she wasn’t that deeply involved when there is obvious proof otherwise is clearly not working.

    • That’s kind of a two-edged sword.
      If Kreuk claims she left and tried to get Mack out, people will ask her why she didn’t warn the general public about Raniere and NXIVM.
      So the best thing, the only thing Kreuk can do is keep a low profile and hope the story blows away.
      Like the British say, “Keep Calm and Bugger On.”

      • I really don’t see this going away for Kristin Kreuk anytime soon.

        Different day and age than the old Hollywood cover-up days.

        It is interesting that other than the weak initial statement, she has gone straight back to the NXIVM playbook of pretending it doesn’t exist.

        • It’s already gone from her life like it was five years ago. It was only brought back into it because of actions of Allison Whack and some tabloid untrue sex cult linkage. This is one of the few sites that keeps coming back to her and only its irrelevant anonymous combox commenters care about its tinfoil hat conspiracies.

  • My, My, My, How The Worm Turns!

    While Kristen Kreuk was not involved in the bizarre antics of Allison Mack, she was deeper into NXIVM and the recruitment of young people and girls than she would like to admit.

    Let’s just say that Kristen is as pure as the driven slush.

    And the amusing thing about this video is that Kristen and Allison, neither of whom even attended college, not even community college, are working on some sort of website and TV network to attract college students.
    (Sarah Edmondson did graduate from Concordia University in Montreal.)

    Which genius at the CW dreamed up the idea of non-college graduates Kreuk and Mack developing TV programming for college students?
    Moreover did the suits at the CW understand that the website and TV programming appear to be developed from NXIVM material?
    And did the CW executives understand that Kreuk and Mack were playing footsie with Raniere, a hard core pedophile?
    Did the CW understand that the girls appearing in the Girls By Design video are precisely the kind of girls who would appeal to Raniere?

    And Allison wanted to recreate the atmosphere of dorm life.
    Sounds like Allison created the rowdiest sorority in history with sado-masochism and prostitution.

    No wonder Kreuk does not want to talk about NXIVM except in general terms.

    Under sliihtly different circumstances Kreuk could be in the dock with Mack.

    BTW the CW network is a joint venture between CBS and Warner Brothers, the owner of DC Comics and Superman.

  • I think its highly likely that KK’s people will do what they can to disappear these vids off the internet as soon as possible.

    If someone wants to download the videos so they are not lost and can be reposted later, replace the “you” in youtube in the url to “hook.” Hooktube will pull the video from youtube and give you the option to download it.

    This is starting to remind me of the DNC and Podesta email drops. As hundreds of thousands of tech savvy netizens, who were methodically going through the emails, started to realize and connect the dots on the massive web of corruption that the DNC and Clinton machine had become, links, videos, and other evidence connected to the emails started disappearing off of the internet. Fortunately, people caught on relatively quickly and started archiving and downloading everything before they’d post new information to forums, but there was a window of time where the major discoveries just disappeared.

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