Laura Darby: NXIVM’s John Fox and Sylvie Lloyd have moved to England

Sylvie Lloyd has moved with her NXIVM husband John Fox from Albany to England.

By Laura Darby

NXIVM married couple – John Fox and Sylvie Lloyd are out of the Albany area and moved to Sylvie’s native England.

I confirmed it with some social media stalking.  I do not know if they are out of NXIVM.

An inside source told me he had heard they weren’t happy and wanted out. Yet, when John saw an ex-member who was eager to help him escape from the cult last March, John basically looked the other way and did his best to pretend he didn’t see him.

The odd thing, however, is the Fox/Lloyd’s were living at #9 Hale, next to the [Sex lair] Library. All has been quiet there – but today, there was a table lamp light on. This unit may be one of Nancy’s properties. So, I wonder who is living there now or if it was rented/leased out.
When the French film crew was in town, I thought it was Ben Myers I saw there. It was not. Michelle Salzman and Ben do not live in Knox Woods. Michelle drew the short straw apparently and lives in an apartment complex with Ben. They do not own a house. Kind of strange don’t you think that Lauren gets a house but Michelle didn’t?
I haven’t been able to do the walking tour with the rain. But I did notice the US Marshall’s signs are no longer on the door of 127 Grenadier – which is odd since no one is supposed to be entering that unit.
The silver Nissan that inhabited Nancy’s driveway on Oregon Trial for quite some time is no longer there.
Right after Lauren’s arrest, there was a dark SUV pulled up to the side of the garage which is behind her house on Lape Road. It was there for about a week but has been gone for the past week or so.
Allison Mack’s BMW or should we say Clare’s BMW still sits in the Knox Woods pool parking lot.
NXIVM’s John Fox, a staunch soldier for his Vanguard – married Sylvie Lloyd. Sylvie needed to remain in the USA so John did the right thing. Somehow the two stayed together unlike many of Raniere-made fake marriages for immigration purposes. But now the couple has bolted to England.
Albany Ghost Town: NXIVM’s Sylvie Lloyd – once the body servant and reputed lover of Clare Bronfman  moved with her American husband, John Fox to her native England. Will they be back? It is hard to know with NXIVM falling to pieces. Maybe the brainwashed couple are ready to leave NXIVM. On the other hand, Sylvie and John have been good servants of the Bronfmans – and with Sara running NXIVM now – it makes sense for them to go to England to be near their leader. They can do nothing in Albany and even less in Brooklyn.


Sylvie was on the $15 per hour payroll of the Knife Media – as a news analyst. It is not known what experience she had in media – but she had an abundance of experience in Executive Success Programs. How else do you think she got up to making $15 per hour ?
Here is the man the couple followed – Keith Alan Raniere, known also as The Vanguard.
And how.

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  • August 15, 2018 at 6:45 am – One Woman Army asks- Why did I get pissed at Pam?

    I wasn’t pissed at Pam per se. I was angered and disgusted by what I read in this article – An abuser of children and animals, was residing a few cul-de-sacs away in my own neighborhood and someone I was acquainted with (PAM) was procuring these young ladies for Keith. I have no issues with a swinging or polyamorous lifestyle if that is what floats your boat, however you cross the line when you involve children and animals. Now, I personally knew someone who was involved in behavior I abhor.

    It was after the TU series broke and I read up on Keith’s claims of greatness that I figured out that the boyfriend Pam sometimes mentioned was Keith. It all made sense, her belief that she was going to be an Olympic miler (The lie about her winning the 5th Avenue Mile came years later), and the talk during the CBI days when I first met her, about her amazing boyfriend. Although I knew NXIVM was cult-like after 2009 it wasn’t until 2012 that the evil gnome who paraded thru Knox Woods with a different woman every day it seemed and whom I had almost hit with my car on numerous occasions was Keith Raniere. I had barely noticed Keith walking thru Knox Woods or paid him any mind after I moved into KNOX Woods in 2004 as I was busy playing a ton of on-line and live poker on a part-time basis. I had done my best job to avoid running into Pam however after I realized she lived in my development (she got here first obviously). Note – I may have said this before but I never saw Pam and Keith together once!!

    I have always had a fascination with cults, I was 9 years old when the Tate-LaBianca murders happened and remember reading Helter Skelter and The Family as soon as the books were out as a teenager. I was in my Freshman year of College when the Jonestown Massacre happened. I had a couple of friends join religious cults during my junior year of college. My campus was full of every religious movement from the Krishna’s to the Moonies to the Maranatha Movement (which the two friends joined) to crazy Reverend Jed Smock coming thru.

    And now here I was living in Cultville.

    After reading up on anything I could find about NXIVM, i decided to monitor it and try to figure out why it had been allowed to continue to operate after all the allegations in the Times Union Series had been made and all the crazy stuff i was reading on SID Blog and the cult education institute website. I will cover when I began to believe the fix was in with law enforcement, politicians etc in my post on the NXIVM deep state.

  • Love your work Laura (and Lana)! As we’ve seen elsewhere on the blog Doxxers be doxxing. Since I’m sure you are not the only person who wants to remain safe here’s a handy guide to help protect yourself from all the trolls in the NXIVM and internet village.

    Also to ALL even Reddit: that 1st Amendment Beacon has a No Personal Info rule. I know that uncovering where and who the Criminals in this case are is important, but stop being a**$@/!?s

  • Thank you for this set of questions which I will re-post and answer here (Two for tonight):

    August 13, 2018 at 11:02 pm

    1) How did you befriend Catherine Oxenberg? – My neighbor saw India walking thru Knox Woods, right after Catherine gave her first interviews with People magazine and Megyn Kelly. She was walking towards Lauren Salzman’s house with headphones in her ears. He texted or called me and I pinged Frank. We wanted to let Catherine know that India although her hair was thin, and she looked a little haggard was okay. Frank got me Catherine’s email and number, which I passed on to my neighbor and they corresponded via either email or text. That night I was on a three-way with Catherine and my neighbor much to my surprise. Catherine asked us to keep our eyes open for India and we both agreed. Catherine did not have any help from India’s dads and she was alone on this 3000 miles away. When she came to Albany to meet with the AG office she also wanted to meet up with us. I was the only one other than Burbs who agreed to meet her. If you read Captive, you will find out what happened that night. That night was probably one of the last nights Keith was spotted, on a walkabout with two of his girls (neither was India or Allison they were brunettes and I think one had glasses) . If you drive-by 21 Oregon, you will see one of the curtains in one of the windows to the left of the door pushed just a bit aside. That was whoever was peeking out at us, I think Karim thought it was Keith peeking. and that curtain is still ajar almost 10 months later. That weekend there was the big meeting at Apropos where Keith basically said his life was endanger and he was going into hiding. Shortly thereafter he vamoosed. So Catherine and I, along with Karim and his partner probably had a hand of sending him off to Mexico. I’ll give you a sample of what we were dealing with locally as far as incorrect information. We had neighbors saying they saw Keith on a particular day and we already knew he was in Mexico and had been photo’d there. I was able to prove to be a reliable pair of eyes and my observations as an outsider were collaborated by leaks from the inside.

    3) What do you know about Kristin Kreuk’s NXIVM involvement?

    First, I never watched Smallville – I am too old to have watched most CW or WB shows. Never heard of the show until I heard about a couple of B/C list actresses being members of the cult in town. Most of my original info about Kreuk came from SID blog and reading the old RARB/CASA thread on the cult –

    I do not know much at all about Kreuk’s involvement other than what I have read. I never saw her with my own eyes walking thru Knox Wood but she obviously did come to town at least occasionally. We know she attended one of the Acapella Innovations, appeared in a play for Prefect’s Birthday and she coached which means she obviously recruited.

    That being said, I myself do not think she was ever in Keith’s inner circle or harem. For one, she had a busy schedule shooting Smallville, 2 she had a boyfriend which offers at least a modicum of protection from creepers (although we know that wouldn’t stop Keith from wanting to attempt to seduce her) and three I think she was actual courted by Sara Bronfman, because Sara liked having minor celebrity friends.

    Knowing how NXIVM worked any, money KK may have made from coaching was pumped back in for more courses and NXVIM travel expenses. Someone once posted how expensive it was to coach an intensive. You were required to pay not only your travel expenses,but you were responsible for your own lodging and meals. NXIVM didn’t provide catering etc! This is also borne out by the fact that many of their humanities events were potluck!

    I am going to hold off on answering question 2 -about the deep state as it relates to NXIVM until I sleep on it and have time to edit what I have been cogitating all day. I also want to get some of my notes. Maybe we will have a blog post out of it.

    • Thanks for the answers Laura.

      I have not read Catherine’s book other than excerpts posted to Frank Report. This website is the best source on NXIVM online.

      Regarding your comments on Kristin Kreuk and Keith Raniere’s inner circle and harem,

      Allison Mack was in Smallville longer than Kreuk. Kreuk left Smallville in 2008, Allison Mack continued on. Between 2008 and 2013, when Kreuk claims she left, her filmography suggests she was not a particularly busy actress. Also, for Kreuk to drive weekly from Vancouver to Tacoma for NXIVM activity, a long four hour drive suggests being on a television show did not prevent her from being very devoted to the cult. People have been questioning why she drove for four hours instead of taking a one hour plane ride. Money mule?

      Allison Mack too had a boyfriend. That obviously did not stop her ending up having sex with Raniere.

      Kreuk was coaching in Albany in June 2012, despite filming a television show in Toronto. She was also coaching in LA at the same time. A Reddit poster who claims she took a cult course in LA in 2012 said Kreuk appeared half alert and her legs unshaven.

      Kreuk was in NXIVM before Mack and was in just as deep as Mack. If Mack was engaged in any sexual activity with Raniere before Kreuk allegedly left, Kreuk very well could of too. Surely there were a lot of women who were sexual with Keith Raniere who were not considered full harem members. That could of been Kreuk and Mack.

      Look forward to your answer on the so-called “deep state” side of things. Have a feeling it runs deep. Political parties in the US, Mexican politics, etc.

      • I still believe KK was able to escape Keith’s limp dick and here is why – I have heard with my own ears from more than one first, second and even some third hand reports that most women found Keith CREEPY at least initially. And Keith didn’t come on to you directly, it was his inner circle of Stepford wives who worked you over and told you how good it would be for you to submit or to go for a walk with him and that happened over a period of indoctrination. That works best when you are continously surrounded by the Keith’s harpies acting in unison I believe it was once said that even Michelle Salzman found him creepy and she may have even played weird girl to avoid him.

        As for KK being a money mule thru TACOMA, it doesn’t make sense. Susan Dones was still part of NXIVM up until 2009 and she ran the center. That would mean the money was being run thru Susan and Kim’s Tacoma center and Susan has pretty much told us that she refused evade income taxes. The more likely scenario is Nancy or Lauren Salzman were taking frequent trips to Vancouver on the Bronfman jet to pick up course fees and then there were the stories of Siobhan Hotaling being a money mule with frequent trips to Canada.

        So back to KK. Her involvement was definitely more than just a casual student, she was obviously devout for a while. But for the same reason some people don’t go on to be full-blown alcoholics and others do, I believe she had her moment of clarity and got out and is frankly embarrassed and maybe even a little ashamed of that time period in her life. Its really none of our business if she has made any amends to people she may have harmed now that she knows what NXIVM really was. She obviously could have used a “fixer” to help her address her involvement in NXIVM. In my experience, telling the truth always works best.

        i am not sure what we are gaining by continuing to assassinate her character. As I have said before there are way bigger fish to fry. The end game is to see Keith locked away for life.

  • In the tradition of REDDIT it is: Ask me anything time. I will post my most honest answer or opinion. I have worked this story since 2012 on and off.

    First I will answer two questions that were posted further below:

    Was I ever an ESPIAN? – The answer is no. Never took a course. But, I was offered vitamins and supplements vs National Health Outlet by Pam Cafritz and she cornered me during the CBI days but never got far. I met Pam in 1991 and saw her infrequently up til 2004 typically at a road race. Then I moved into Knox Woods and saw her occasionally either sitting in her car or jogging/walking. I didnt realize she was in NXIVM till I saw her walking down the street with Sara and Clare in the TU picture when the Dalai Lama came to town in 2009. I didn’t realize she was even involved with Keith until the 2012 TU series and then I got really pissed 🙂 ( you can ask me why)

    Why do I post via a pen name? – Frank created Laura Darby it was a way to preserve my anonymity and more so my sources. I can only see a short stretch of the main road thru KW. I relied on other eyes who have cameras that pick up activity on the road. If you read Captive you will understand that there was concern that India’s masters might single her out and punish her for Catherine going to the press. Some of us KW residents were willing to serve as a safe house for any slaves wanting an out. The issue was I didn’t know who in local law enforcement was trustworthy. I told Catherine so and figured if India ever knocked on my door I would have driven her to Uncle Stanley and figured out what to do from there. That never happened. India went home to CA shortly after Keith fled to Mexico and really only returned to Clifton Park for coaches summit. Her trail in Clifton Park went cold.

    The other reason, I continue to post under my pen name is I don’t need a bunch of crazy stalkers. We have more than a few villages missing their idiots here in Knox Woods.

    • 1) How did you befriend Catherine Oxenberg?

      2) How deep do you think NXIVM goes regarding politics, business, the so-called “deep state” etc?

      3) What do you know about Kristin Kreuk’s NXIVM involvement?

    • She may be Lauren Salzman or Nicki Clyne. If it is a real cult member, the delusion is unbelievable. How can a human be that dumb?

    • Interesting ….
      You know why?
      Because I tried to post with a fake address before (to see if it would work) and the comment did not post when I tried it before. So when I saw Laura’s recent commen about doing this, I thought I’d try it again. And now I was able to post with a different avatar.

      Interesting that it didnt work before.

      • And really it shouldn’t work, because then someone would be able to put in another person’s email address and pose as them….correct?

          • Alias
            If they used that email address to post, then I guess it will reveal their avatar. But I did try this before, more than once, and I could not get a comment that was written with a fake address or with an address that didn’t belong to me, to post. Now today I have been able to post with a fake address, and with 2 known real addresses that are not associated with this computer .
            Definitely interesting….

      • Pea Onyou changes her location to change her Avatar.

        Who has the easiest time changing her address right now?
        Nicki Clyne is not under indictment yet so there are no travel restrictions on her.
        And Nicki Clyne lives in New York City where every coffee shop has its own separate internet connection with its own separate IP address.

        • I have several email accounts – I can change my avatar just by posting under a different email account. Or I can just leave the email empty and stay anonymous. All without moving from this desk.

  • Thank you, Laura!
    August 11, 2018 at 10:15 pm
    You are the best. I always look forward to your posts. So, will Sara Bronfman’s relentless Twitter posts continue unabated with Lloyd in England? Also, I remain curious about Kim and Ryan Constable in Ireland.

    Here are some of Sara’s Twitter posts from today.

    Sara Bronfman

    2h2 hours ago
    It’s easy to forget that there is person or people behind every story out there.. it’s so important that we don’t though! @SueScheff
    #Thoughts Our keystrokes have the power to help, heal or hurt. The choice is up to us.

    0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes
    Reply Retweet Like

    Sara Bronfman

    4h4 hours ago
    🙂 @NelsonMandela
    “The habit of attending to small things and of appreciating small courtesies is one of the important marks of a good person” #NelsonMandela #BeTheLegacy #Mandela100 #FindTheMadibaInYou

    0 replies 0 retweets 1 like
    Reply Retweet Like 1

    Sara Bronfman

    5h5 hours ago
    Haha!! @DrLauraMarkham
    “Children are natural mimics: they act like their parents in spite of every attempt to teach them good manners.”- Anonymous

    • I wonder if Sara is aware of the infamous Mandela necklace that he and Winnie were so fond of. They even spoke publicly about their feelings for them.

      Mandela’s Necklace: Place a tire over your victim’s head. Start it on fire and watch them burn to death in agony.

      And stupid westerners celebrate this guy like he’s some sort of Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was a great leader who achieved his goals without violence, Mandela was a debased animal. His political party is a reflection of who he was and they’re rapidly turning South Africa into a corrupt, violent, and insanely racist third world country.

      But he’s a hero because western media and western feelings say so.

      • The Mandela necklace is a brutal way to die.
        One of the few Westerners to document what is happening right now in South Africa is the Canadian journalist Lauren Southern.
        Here is her recent documentary “Farmlands.”

        • Lauren is a alt-right, racist hate-mongering 23-year old puppet for Molyneux , as you well know “Shadow”…. and she, Stefan, and their brand of hate, were unwelcome in NZ.

          • I believe in freedom of speech.
            And don’t the white farmers of South Africa have the right not to be persecuted and murdered for their skin color?

            And Lauren Southern once had a black boyfriend.
            Alt-Right Males Freak Out Over Pics Of Lauren Southern With Black & Arab Men

          • Get bent bitch. Typical alt left sleaze bag. You throw out shit with no proof what so ever. We saw your brand of hate at various alt leftist Antifa riots this past weekend. Please take your despicable hate and lies to some alt left wing bomb site

          • Banned from the UK too. Good. We don’t need to import bigotry, we have enough of our own, small beer alt-right here, represented by the feeble ‘tommy robinson’. Even with big money help from the right wing detritus of America, even with (because of) support from US president trump, it doesn’t stand a snowflake’s chance in hell of gaining anywhere near the popular support it would need to pose a threat. Stay sharp Flowers! Fascism is evil.


      • Nelson Rolihlahla ‘Madiba’ Mandela, is a hero because he played a significant part in South Africa FAILING to become another protestant colonial success in the same way that the USA, Australia and NZ became ‘successes’. White monopoly capital has failed to eliminate the indigenous population of ZA. White people without a supremicist agenda are welcome as is the case in most of Africa.

  • I noticed that Sara was not eager to attend Clare’s bail hearing in Brooklyn.
    Sara sent their mother and Sara’s Libyan husband instead.

    Could Sara fear arrest?
    Could Sara be rearranging the chess pieces to make her activities with the Rainbow Cultural Garden more difficult to investigate?
    A recent Frank Report hinted that there could be an investigation of ties to child sex trafficking

      • Shadowstate1955 is obsessed with Allie Whack and wants all the fire to fall on her because she blocked him on Twitter. SultanOfSix is obsessed with Kristin Crook and can’t stand any criticism of her whatsoever. There are some really irritating people on Frank Report.

          • Hey stupid, you can link but you were blocked from posting, as you did ad nauseam. You do the same here. It would seem you come from a house that your wife never let you talk. However I doubt there was anyone out there who would marry your creepy ass.

          • Response to Anonymous:
            Watch who you call an idiot.
            What would be the purpose of posting to someone on Twitter i/f the social media account holder is cooling her heels awaiting trial under court orders not to respond?
            Besides I don’t use Twitter or Facebook.

        • How do you know that they were blocked by them? I get the feeling that these posts accusing the 2 idiots, ShadowPerv and SultanPerv, are really written by the 2 Pervs themselves. What’s more, I think Shadow and Sultan are probably the same person.
          How would you KNOW that Allison blocked him on Twitter? Only a total moron would ever say something that ignorant. There is absolutely no way for you to know if she blocked him – so you sound retarded every time you see this nonsense.
          I know you must be ShadowPerv and you are writing these accusatory posts to try and make it seem like you have some real reason to post on Frank Report.

          You dont.
          Time for you to fuck off now.

          • Gawd you’re fucking dumb. Shadowstate has posted a plethora of anti-Islamic comments and links to videos in the comment section for multiple articles made on this website and I’ve rebuked him a zillion times for doing so because NXIVM has no relevance to the religion. If you think Shadowstate and me are the same person you’re a blithering retard verifying your paranoia.

            Also, learn the definition of perv and stalker you stalking, call-out, fucking loser.

          • Paranoid about what, SultanPerv?
            Think carefully before you answer (but you’re probably to cowardly to reply.)

          • Hey asshole yes we do know he was blocked. The man is a cyberstalker and twitter has the records of his blockage by Allie Wack. He knows he was blocked also.

          • Anonymous
            You really are a very stupid person.
            There is no way in the world you would know if Allison Mack blocked him unless she tweeted that she had blocked him , or if ShadowPerv tweeted that information. There is no other way for other twitter followers to know who has bkocked who.

            Do you even know the name of ShadowPervs twitter account?

        • Hey idiot you stalked her on twitter when the account was active. Stop trying to play dumber than you already are.

          • Allison Mack is a sado-masochistic, sociopathic, devious woman who enjoys torturing and enslaving women.
            (There are even intimations that Allison Mack might be grooming underage girls.)
            Allison Mack has so many internal demons that she awakes at night screaming murderously.
            “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg.
            Allison Mack is a vain, egotistical, vacuous woman.
            Allison Mack is so paranoid and delusional she fancies herself as a modern day Joan of Arc.
            Allison Mack is so immoral and wicked that she prides herself in being a pimp.
            On top of all that Allison Mack sleeps with a promiscuous man who might be a walking, talking bag of venereal diseases.

            If that sounds like a “keeper” to you, go for it!

            The only ones stalking Allison Mack are FBI agents.

    • I am pretty sure Nancy is behind the curtain of that LLC. based on her bail collateral she stated she owned at least 8 properties in Clifton Park. At one point she herself lived in #9 or at least Michelle did. – – I don’t think i noticed this before but Loreta Garza at one point lived there too.

        • Lauren’s trail went cold ages ago sadly. I think the last time I saw her BMW was around coaches summit in January and my other pairs of eyes have not seen her either. My guess is she is holed up somewhere locally, has changed vehicles and has someone checking in at her house. Someone does drag her garbage cans out to the road which makes me wonder is her cat(s) still in there?

          Nancy was last seen the morning of her arrest pulling out of the area of Raleigh and Wilton Court in Knox Woods early in the morning. Someone from KW mentioned that 12 Wilton is rented to a non-Espian couple on a post here. My eyes over there have not reported seeing her recently.

          BTW a drive past 3 Oregon Trail today made me think that I did witness the final clean-out of the house Nancy called home. It looks pretty deserted.

          • Lauren was spotted in Saratoga last week..probably thought she could blend in with the track goers..haha..not so much!

          • Laura Darby:

            Thank you for your posts.

            You’ve seen the posts by “Pea Onyou.”
            Do you believe that this misguided person might be Lauren Salzman or another deluded Nexian?

            Thank you.

          • @shadowstate1958 – In answer to your question – Do I think Pea Onyu is a real person? It is hard to tell. I try to subscribe to believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. If Pea is real then the most likely candidates would be Lauren Salzman or Nicky Clyne, as the devotion is pretty authentic which is scary to think right? But it could also be the works of a former Espian prankster trying to get a rise out of us all. I originally thought Monte Blu could be Clare.

            And to the person who posted my real name. I am not sure what satisfaction you got by posting it and my cul de sac but whatever.I assume you figured it out from Catherine’s book, if so good job . Yes, CatOx is a friend and my job was to serve as a possible safety net for India if shit got really weird up here.

          • Laura:

            Thank you for answering my question so promptly.

            And whoever posted your real name is despicable.
            I am afraid there are many NXIVM snakes in the grass who are lying low waiting to strike with pranks and dirty tricks.

            One thing about “Pea Onyou” is that the person’s IP address constantly changes causing a change in the avatar.
            If Pea is not Lauren it might be Nicki using different computers in different locations.

            Again thank you for answering my question.

          • @shadowstate1958 – you don’t actually have to be at another computer have your avatar change.– Note I used my normal screen name but used a made up email address and the avatar changes. WordPress must assign an avatar to an email address and recognize it.

          • why do you post under a different name? were you in nxivm? if someone has revealed your real identity, why not just use your real name? up to you of course.

  • You are the best. I always look forward to your posts. So, will Sara Bronfman’s relentless Twitter posts continue unabated with Lloyd in England? Also, I remain curious about Kim and Ryan Constable in Ireland.

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