Alex Betancourt writes about ‘Defamation in the Age of the Internet’ – he should know

Alex could not hide being gay like Emi could.

Alejandro Alex Betancourt took to his website to write about “Defamation in the Age of the Internet”.

This is fine coming from him – the man who perjured himself repeatedly to level false charges of extortion against Toni Zarattini and others – to try to silence them and actually jail Toni for speaking out about Keith Raniere and his cult that brands and blackmails women.

Betancourt is a projectionist. He accuses others of what he does himself. Happily, Betancourt may soon find what it is like to be accused of crimes [this time not falsely] as the FBI is investigating him and his lover and business partner, Emiliano Salinas, and charges may be coming soon.

The most striking thing I can think of about Alex – other than his reputed predilection for man-boy sex during sex tours in Asia – is that Keith Raniere identified him as Benito Mussolini in his former life.

Raniere identified many of his flunkies as various infamous figures of the past. For Alex, it was El Duce – the Italian tyrant who rose under Hitler then fell – to be executed graphically and was publicly displayed alongside his lover, Carla, [who I suspect Keith may have told Emiliano he was in his past life – to encourage his homosexual propensities.]



Mussolini [Betancourt] with his lover Carla Petacci [Emiliano Salinas?].
Two lovers who have wealth and no conscience. Emi Salinas [l] and Alex Betancourt [r]. Keith told Alex that he was Mussolini in his last life. It is not clear who Keith told Emiliano he was – but I suspect it is Carla Petacci.
In any event, our El Duce – Alex Betancourt – has a lot to say about defamation – which is really nothing more than lying about someone else.  Alex is an expert in that. Let’s hear what he has to say. My comments are in [bold and brackets].  If you want to read the original without my editorial interpolations see it here.

Defamation in the Age of the Internet

By Alejandro Betancourt

In a way, people now have the most power ever in the history of humanity. Never has a single individual been able to permanently affect how a person or group is perceived, using cheap and easily available tools, like now.  Any person with a free blogging account can say anything they want about anyone else, wrap it up in attention-grabbing headlines, and permanently damage that person’s reputation. 

[Is he talking about me?]

In fact, the more scandalous what they say is, the more attention it gets,  the better their page ranks on Google, and the more money they make.

This works so well because of people’s emotional tendency to be engaged with content of a “scandalous” nature.  It is similar to the impulse that makes you want to look at a car accident [Or a sex cult that brands women]. Content about “sordid” topics appeals to primitive human feelings. It draws people in, and keeps them hooked, like a drug [or hypnosis]. The more drugs you give an addict, the more drugs they want. But the drugs hurt them.

Increasingly, the “professional” media rely on this human physiological mechanism for their financial health.  Mass media depends on “views” and “clicks” for advertising revenue. If they publish objective, unspun, non-scandalous material, they might lose viewers and readers, and go out of business. They need to “out-scandal” their competitors, to survive. This “race to the bottom” is a recipe for disaster: informing you is less profitable than exploiting your primitive urges.

[Alex is so noble and ethical – when he falsely charged Toni with extortion, he was following no primitive urges – it was high-minded perjury.]

They give you more of what you “want”, even if it’s not good for you. There is little regard for the welfare of the audience, and even less for the welfare of their victims. Official news media and the fake news outlets are the Roman Coliseum of our time.

For all of the above reasons, you could say individuals are also the most dis-empowered we’ve ever been.

As the readers, or audience, we have lost the privilege of having reliable and objective news sources. [But we can trust Keith Raniere] Now we must do the extra work of carefully analyzing our news and what we read on the Internet, to try to squeeze out a drop of truth from the hard rock of what today passes for information.

[Funny, I feel the same way about Raniere – he was always lying and women had to squeeze out a drop of truth especially when he was trying to get them in bed].

We must always be on guard for articles and newscasts that have a hidden agenda.  Maybe they are trying to inspire us to hate someone, to like someone, to feel like we need something, or to fear a person or group of people.

As the victims of sensationalist publications, and especially in the United States, which is where most of the Western Internet resides, we have almost no rights or ability to protect ourselves.

[You could consider responding with the truth. I did – and it worked].

The laws of free speech allow anyone to say anything they want, and the only way to stop them is to prove that they were intentionally lying.

[I think I proved Clare and Keith were lying].

This is very difficult or nearly impossible: if you publish something false about me, how can I prove, days or weeks or months later, that you knew that it was false and said it anyway?

[You could start a blog and tell the truth, Alex – a concept so alien to you that it sounds, I am sure, like it is “very difficult” or “nearly impossible.”]

The damage is greater if you consider that there are actual Internet archives which keep a copy of everything that’s published on the Internet, forever. Even if I were to succeed in getting you to remove what you published about me, I cannot erase it from the archives. Defamation is unstoppable and permanent.

[I disagree, Alex  — only the truth is unstoppable and permanent. If you don’t believe that — you know nothing, Alex.]

This is especially sad if we consider why free speech laws were created originally. I am not a legal expert, but my understanding is that free speech guarantees the ability of citizens to publicly criticize their government. Free speech laws are designed to protect citizens and the press from repression from governments that don’t want their policies or actions questioned or discussed.

[Free speech is more than freedom to speak about government; it is freedom to expose criminality and dishonesty in every form it comes in. Keith is an oppressor and a criminal – so is Alex – and they should be was exposed by free speech. It is not defamation when it is the truth.]

In their most noble form, free speech laws are there to help prevent dictatorships and tyranny. It is the sign of a strong country when conscientious political satire and editorial opinions can be expressed without fear of reprisals.

[Funny, Keith could never tolerate anyone criticizing him; he punished them.]

Unfortunately, in many places, “free speech” is now used to try anyone in the court of public opinion, with no concern for the truth, and with no consequence.

[Keith used Bronfman wealth, and perjury, to try people in real courts – for quite a long time – with no consequence].

Free speech laws are now used as a shield by slanderers and defamers. Murder with words is a crime that pays, and very well.

[If “murder with words” is a crime, the takedown of Keith was justifiable homicide.]

What can you do about this? And most importantly, what should you do? I do not have the answer to these questions. But I think a good thing would be to stop rewarding sensationalist media with our attention.

[Stop reading the Frank Report!]

This is very difficult to do because there are very few alternatives to get our news from.

[There’s always the Knife Media – unless Clare can no longer pay for the staff there.]

A more immediate thing you can do, that is entirely in your control, is to think. When you find information on the Internet, always ask yourself “Why is this information being presented in this way?”. Think about how much of what you are reading is opinion and how much is facts. Ask yourself “Is there information that is being left out of this publication? And if so, who does it benefit to leave it out?”

[Yes, don’t be brainwashed by the media. Be brainwashed by Keith Raniere instead]

And perhaps, the most important thing to look out for is whether the material you are reading is designed to inspire in you a certain emotion. Is it written to make you angry against a certain person? [Like Keith?] Afraid of a certain thing? [Like getting branded] To feel indignation, [for blackmailing women or imprisoning them?] which is a form of anger? Many people say that “sex sells”, [But Keith did not want to pay for it] but I think the statement should be expanded to “sex, fear and anger sell”.

It is the most profitable thing for a publication to inspire you to feel afraid of something. If you feel afraid of X or Y, you will want to know more about it, and you will want to come back to the publication to find out. More hits, more views, more visits, more money for them. But at what price for you?

[My website is free.]

Now more than ever, don’t be a sheep [like a NXIVM follower] or don’t be their monkey [or a flying monkey]. Think for yourself.

[Hey Alex – when he told you, you were Benito Mussolini – did you think for yourself and tell him he was full of shit?]

Was this poor benighted soul foully abused, slandered and defamed by this blog, and the media, to create a Roman Colosseum-like destruction of one of nature’s true noblemen – or is Keith Raniere really a destructive animal – a true criminal  -who was rightly exposed?


Alex is against defamation but not against perjury.

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  • Don’t ya find it funny that of all the law suits Raniere and his Legal Beagles filed against out speakers, nothing was about defamation?

    Doing so would have opened the can of worms labeled Criminal Cult.

    AlexBetancourt is such a hypocritical defamatory liar. He appears to still be drunk on NX-Koolaid and on of NXIVM’S sheep himself.

    He is not following NXIVM’S teachings either. How can words hurt you Alex? Does others opinions of you change you in any way?

    Maybe Nancy can help you with some EM’s around you’re delusions, with your anger, be “at cause” with what your projecting on to others and help you work your ethical breeches.

    After all these years, all the NX trainings you’ve taken, coaching and mentoring you have had, you still dont fr it.

    How about you do some unencumbered research on Google and see what other information is out there that could help you make more informed decisions. Maybe you dont want to find out after all this years, your the one who has had the wool pulled.over your head.

  • Just a quick question as the first thing I read was “…try to silence them and actually jail Toni for speaking out…” . Is Toni Zarattini in jail right now? Was he arrested? Is he out of jail? Could you please clarify this point? I heard the recordings he gave to the FrankReport, but never realized he was in jail. It is horrible to know this, as Toni was kidnapped long time ago in Mexico and actually suffered mutilations in his body. He doesn’t deserve this.

  • Your looking for a date with them, you filthy little pickle smoocher.None of us want to know about it gerbil boy.

  • Indeed. The Mexican minimafia of ESP are really getting nervous. Bola de estúpidos sumisos mentales.

  • COMMENT OF THE DAY!! – [If “murder with words” is a crime, the take down of Keith was justifiable homicide.] – Kudos Frank!!

    Alex could be a walking advertisement for the KNIFE Media or delivering the module “why not to believe what the media writes about us (us= NXIVM)” to the students they no longer have.

    And my message to Alex: You all thought you silenced JohnTighe and got his blog removed when he was arrested and then jailed. Bet you were surprised to find out that people smarter than Keith et al saw to it that must of the old Saratoga in Decline blog was archived via the WAY BACK Machine and we could resurrect it at whim.

    Time to grow a conscience and a set of cojones Alex.

  • Before ESP/NEXIVM you use to have too many unresolved “issues”, it seems now you must have too many issues …instead of getting them off. You are acting as poor mediocre student of ESP. you are acting ultimately as a victim. So many time, so many money, so many harm to many…and you are still need many IEM-Rational Inquiry, you should better try sometingh more meaningfull.

    • Does Alejandro have a bunch of shoes for when he plays Puto Grande for his novio Emi? Silly putos.

      • probably, but its more the hairline and smug mien on his face that recalls imelda to me, or maybe he’s trying to do an Evita Peron, you know? now that Emi’s name is dirt, she gingerly steps into the spotlight..

        “…It won’t be easy, you’ll think it strange…when I try to explain how I feel..that I still need your love.. after all that I’ve done….”

  • Frank, if Baby Benito had a defamation case against you, why hasn’t he taken action against you by now? 😀
    I agree that these types of people love to project, but we all know that they don’t have a case if the things you say about them are all true. ..and they must be true. Right, Baby Benito?

    And who the heck is Pupe?
    Poopie Onyu? Lol.

  • I want to disclaim and decredit a man who calls himself Pupe Onyu. He is not my brother. He is trying to mock my name which is deplorable. And low class. I stand by Keith, Lauren and Karen is deplorable. Kathy is brave. Nancy is sick but she is using the tech and will survive. Allison and Karen are despicable. After all he has done for them. The guy calling himself Pupe is not to be trusted. My name is pronounced Pieyah Onwoo. But historically our great family name is transliterated as O-n-y-u. Grow up. You all put down Scott Johnson but one thing about Scott he has class he won’t mock out my name.

      • And perhaps Karen and Allison have turned as well? Is that why poor Pea is rolling in a different direction? Careful you don’t get caught in the crossfire, Pea – or we’ll have to call you Puree.

    • Oi gevalt, there’s nothing great about the name Pee On You unless you like those golden showers.Kinky slut,I’d tie you up with my tefillins.

    • Yeah, like my name is ‘onewomanarmy’, but historically, this great family name has been transliterated to ‘on-yu-man-armi ‘- so I totally get where you’re coming from. Your brother’s name is cute, if unfortunate.

  • How come everyone claims to be someone famous in their past life? How come nobody ever claims to have just been an ordinary schmo?

    • I happily claim to be an ordinary schmo in every single one of my past lives. And I fully intend to schmo it up in all the ones to follow as well. I’ll just sit here with my popcorn and watch the former Hitlers and Mussolinis tap dance their way through court tossing word salad along the way.

  • It’s not that what Betancourt writes is so false. It’s that none it applies to NXIVM or to himself. When you have committed real abuses and crimes, you don’t get to portray yourself as a victim of the internet age.

    • Exactly this.

      The first NXIVM rule he is violating: Acknowledge nothing said in the public.

      The second NXIVM rule he is violating: There are no ultimate victims.

      He had better take this down and get some EMs right away.

  • Negrito, feito y putito… claro que iba a decir todo eso.. tú imagínate los complejos con los que creció este chavo y se encuentra con Keith Raniere!!! Suerte con el FBI Alex..!!

  • The connections being made to Mexico and the implications of a broader criminal enterprise being involved – sounds like the Mexican branch of NXIVM is getting nervous. Alex can do the verbal dance all he wants; it won’t stop the pursuit of truth – including the truth of his part in all of this. And yeah, media in general does sell by sensationalizing things. I’d rather see them sensationalize and sell truth than sell the utter self-serving garbage that Raniere and Alex and their cohort have been doling out all these years.

  • “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”

    People like Alex Betancourt who lay down with NXIVM and Keith Raniere, are getting up with a lot of fleas.
    Alex, get yourself a Hartz dog collar to fight off those fleas.

    It’s too bad the NXIVM hierarchy is being prosecuted in the court of public opinion the same way it persecuted innocent people in real courts.
    Alex Betancourt, cry me a river.

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