I finally start deleting comments with no connection to story – both Scott Johnson and fake Scott Johnson comments get deleted

It had to happen I suppose.

I have begun o delete comments that attack one another and offer nothing whatsoever to do with the story at hand.

Earlier today I posted Scott Johnson’s “Why I am here.”

On that post, I asked Scott to explain why he comments as much as he does (He has over 1,000 comments – far more than anyone else).

Scott said he wanted – and encouraged everyone else to do the same- for or against him – or anything else. I will keep that post wide open to commenters in the future who wish to insult one another. If you want to insult each other and link to porn and give out each others’ addresses, this is the link for you.

In all subsequent posts, however, I plan to take down comments that add nothing to the conversation and merely insult one another.  I wish I didn’t have to do this, but a blog has to be responsive to its readers. Overwhelmingly, readers ask that the comments section return to what it was for quite a while – a place to further the topic at hand and oftentimes provide valuable information.

By way of example, here are the comments I took down today:

[Fake] Scott Johnson

Hey Everyone,

I’m having a FREE AMWAY PRODUCT give away this evening. I will be giving away Amway Legacy of Clean products and Amway artistry face creams.

Starts at 7pm. If you are in the Plano, Dallas, or Richardson area.

3241 Portside Lane
Plano TX 75023

Ask for Scott


[Fake] Scott Johnson

Hey SNOWFLAKES! Eat my Schwartz.

My radio show broadcasts at 5am, weekdays ON FM 108.1. Next show, I will be having Tanster, Ben Szemkus, DB Cooper, and Sirhan Sirhan as guests.

Tune in, if you have THE GUTS. LOL

You can’t handle the TRUTH.


[Real] Scott Johnson

in reply to Python Swoope.

Thanks for your input, Libtard. LOL


[Real] Scott Johnson 

In reply to [Fake] Scott Johnson

Too bad everyone knows that clicking on the real @ScottTexJohnson’s name goes to a link to his twitter account, where they can then visit my websites. Thanks for the free publicity, LOSER! LOL


[Real] Scott Johnson

In reply to [Fake] Scott Johnson

I help myself every time I comment, you just don’t get it. LOL


[Fake] Scott Johnson

And here is the latest pic of Ben Szemkus taken today.



Viva Amway! Viva Scott Johnson!


The link above brings us to this picture:



Clearly, these comments have nothing to do with posts on Emiliano Salinas or Clare Bronfman’s bail package – where they appeared. So I [reluctantly] deleted them.

Finally, I would like to say that I like Scott Johnson and when I appeared on his show, he was a true gentleman. We have spoken on the phone and when we don’t agree, he is not rude in the slightest. I think he is an intelligent man and I am pretty sure the Fake Scott Johnson would like him if they met for a beer.

I also think the Fake Scott Johnson has a good sense of humor and I get where he/she is coming from – trying to use ridicule to dampen the disagreeable comments.

But it just seems to be distracting from the important dialogue. So, I invite both of you to continue commenting but please try to stay on topic and if that is impossible, try at least not to be rude.




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  • I’m thinking about vacationing in the lovely country of Northern Ireland. It has a rich history that I wish to learn about (especially their history of political violence).

    I was wondering if anybody could help me out with answering a few questions.

    1) Are there any ‘tours’ which operate from armored vehicles, for extra protection against Northern Irish thugs?

    2) If I’m a protestant and I encounter a catholic in a pub, does that mean I’ll have to run for my life?

    3) Are there any Hotels or Inns which have private toilets in each room? Or do they all use shared outhouses built in the 1800’s?

    4) Are there any pubs with Happy Hour after 9am?

    5) Are there any restaurants which won’t force me to eat potatoes or cabbage?

    6) Are there any buildings which are free of cockroaches?

    7) Are there translators available to decipher the butchery of the English language caused by the Northern Irish accent? (ex: “down” is pronounced as “dine”)

    Any assistance would be most appreciated.

  • You have to do what you have to do! People like this annihilated chat rooms online that many normal people enjoyed conversing and having rational debates i say good riddance.

  • Frank:

    Have you considered the possibility that Scott Johnson acts differently towards you, than he does towards just about everybody else? He’s basically a suck-up. Scott’s Twitter replies to other people on there, are the same smartassed ways he replies to people here, i.e. “everybody that I don’t agree with is an idiot”.

    While online trolls are nothing new, it remains fact that Scott Johnson’s comments have brought little-no value to this site.

    Yes, we all get it – NXIVM was an MLM in certain aspects of their operation, but that is only 1 facet of the case (and a relatively minor one).

    While you have your reasons for defending him (because he invited you onto a small internet radio show), please don’t expect the rest of us to suddenly start liking him.

    Nobody likes a smartass.

  • I’ve been a steady reader of Frank’s reporting for over 5 years, first ever comment. Thank you Frank for the policing of the comments – long overdue.

  • I would venture to postulate that some of the extraneous comments are posted by NXIVM supporters desperate to get the focus of the conversation off of NXIVM and the evils committed by the NXIVM hierarchy.

  • Thank you Frank. it really was getting hard to sort through the comments for real discussion.
    I have no problem when Scott discusses in a manner similar to any other commenters, but all the “libtard” and “snowflake” button pushing definitely needed to go. This really is not a political subject except where it applies to possible external NXIVM supporters; it serves no purpose to the discussion. I was growing tired of seeing him comment at least once on every reply people made, too. Discussion is great, but a cry for attention is not. No one needs to dominate the discussion. I, like many around here just come to read and discuss with a sense of concern that NXIVM is taken down, no more people are harmed by it, and the people responsible are given proper punishment. This blog has been instrumental to that, and I believe it has been a continuing source of keeping this case in the public eye.
    It’s appreciated.
    Maybe Scott could make a board similar to this concerning Amway. I do believe it’s a threat, and a site about it could stand on it’s own merits.

    • I don’t cry for attention, I’m just checking to see whether the person is capable of carrying on a conversation. Most aren’t. LOL

      I already have two websites, and I’ve often referred to them, all you have to do is click my name. Try reading for comprehension next time.

  • Please erase all related Mom posts too. Well meaning yet boring a long winded. And anything related to her posts.

  • Back in the old days, when it was only shadowstate posting excessively, it was pretty easy to ignore. He has actually gotten more on target quite often, and I think overall we have accepted him because he has not made fun of those of us who got away from NXIVM or asked us really stupid questions while pretending to know more about NXIVM than any of us.

    The Sultan’s chronic defense of his dream girl… Same… Annoying, but accepted, and even expected, and he actually lightened up on it.
    I am going to be the negative nilly here and say I don’t expect this to slow Scott Johnson down. I expect he will still find a way to comment on every single comment and just generally drag people’s energy down where he gets the chance.

    Trolls are gonna troll.

    If everyone will excuse me, I’ll refrain from the premature happy dances of the past when it had seemed to lessen up at times.

    If anybody is interested in setting up a group somewhere like Minds.com, I would be more interested in discussing there where we can have some control over it and people who wish to remain anonymous can. I am not joining facebook. I’d consider mewe, but that place is full of MLM spammers.

  • Thanks Frank from me and the SEVEN other reader’s of this site in our staffroom, not including J, interested party in IT, who kindly allows us to access the Frank Report from a specific computer, but who was going to have to withdraw the privilege on account of the porn and what he rightly called ‘the bigotry’ This makes us all happy.

    • As bad as Scottie is —- if your coworker is going to withdraw your computer “privileges” (lol) on account of his own snowflake interpretation of “bigotry” then you’re better off not visiting the site since your skin is too thin.

      Frank is deleting messages based on the fact that they have no conversational value and are purely personal attacks or responses to personal attacks. He’s not deleting messages based upon your own snowflake version of “bigotry”. When Sarah Sanders gets called misogynistic names by major news agencies, I don’t think your coworker seems to mind that type of bigotry against women. lol You’re just not the saint that you pretend to be and you ought to stop playing that role. Neither is your coworker in IT.

      Save your crocodile tears for elsewhere. Nobody cares if you get triggered. This isn’t a safe space like Berkeley. It’s a blog.

      • Most forums similar to this one don’t allow bullying and name-calling. It’s not Reddit. , and maybe bullies even get removed from Reddit, too. I’m not sure, as I’ve never used that site.

        I think the bottomline is why does Scott keep attacking people with insults when he doesn’t agree with their opinion? Scott, at his age, knows its inappropriate so why does he do it?

        • Because he is one of life’s losers, and can’t bear to see even the slightest example of mutual cooperation? even when its a load of strangers all engaging in chat? Also his somewhat touching infatuation with Frank? Now this I understand- Scott Johnson has done no work on his ‘blog’ since 2016? 2014? – whatever, he is lazy, over-sensitive, and incapable of producing anywhere near the quality of work done by the object of his deep admiration and fascination – Frank.

          For all I know both Scott and Frank, could be card carrying members of the Alt-Right? which looks to me like a satellite propagation of the Russian Right Wing. Don’t you remember how in the last century great swathes of the world fell for Mother Russia’s Left Wing propaganda? I had an uncle who used to wear a Lenin badge, worshipped the USSR, never left Belfast. As long as its just chat, I couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss. I think Scott Johnson is a ridiculous character, that Frank finds him a gentleman, doesn’t alter my view. Swabs like him end up being used to all sorts of ends, why not to generate traffic to a site? Or maybe, to degenerate the traffic on that site? Who knows? One thing though, I will never take an interest in the dealings of Amway. Ive been put off that subject for life!

      • noones skin is thin around here, keep your hair on keyboard warrior, we work in a community college, our network is monitored and governed by rulings set by the dept. of education. ‘Triggered’ ha ha ha ha, by a blog, – buffoon.

  • Thank you Frank, I love this blog but spent less and less time on it because of what you stated above. Be good to have the blog return to what it used to be.

  • I appreciate your efforts on this – I hope the phalanx of Scotts will stop now so you won’t have to waste your time weeding out the nonsense.

      • Ahh, Scottie’s best mate Frank, doing little ‘social experiments’ for his delicate fwend, to what end? To prove that no-one likes you?

        • Delicate? LOL.

          Aren’t you the one who’s been trying for weeks to get Scottie banned, all because you and your friends are too sensitive to handle his comments?

          If you’re not too sensitive, then WHY keep trying to get him banned? If you were comfortable with free speech here, you wouldn’t be screaming so hard to get people banned. 🙂 🙂

          • “Trying for weeks to get him banned”. No. I agree with Frank, or at least his strong Liberal position. With me what you see is what you get. Nothing more – I don’t give you a second thought outside these few fleeting seconds. You are an abstract irritant.

  • When I first started diving into the rabbit hole of NXIVM, I’d read old posts and the comments were generally relevant, interesting, and informative. With the greater exposure of this bizarre criminal enterprise, it seems the comments have devolved. The more people who visit and comment online, the more need for moderation. We should all just focus on the news and articles presented and not the people in he comment section.

    • When it all started it was about people who wanted the scam to end and expose those who were involved. After the branding story took off, this changed and propagandists tried to connect it to the other party by making up BS and started conspiracy theories.

      Just look at how it got connected to Ms Daniels – which is most likely made up to discredit her and what is happening around the moron in Washington DC.

    • To be honest every single one of us have added to this. Scott is provocative. And that’s something I am sure he woukd even admit himself. But look at all of us. Those who never commented before the drama started and put ourselves in the story. Look at all of us throwing stones . We let ourselves react and respond.
      He can be offensive. (So can we). He also is defensive too. (So can we).

      Not saying I agree with some things he has writtten. ( I don’t ) And not saying I like some things he writes ( I don’t) . He is who he is. As long as he stays on subject and talks about NXVIM which is hard to do when people incessantly complain about him. And worse the people mimiicing him.

      Again I just don’t like the drama. The drama around him is distracting.
      And as long as we only comment about scottt related to the article on him that is where it should stay. Not spill out to other articles.

  • It’s interesting that Scott behaves normally when speaking to people on the phone or on his radio program, and yet he is incredibly rude to most people who post here.

    Who else noticed that his extremely rude behaviour started as soon as some commenters doubted the Szemkus story? As I mentioned before – I’m pretty sure his bizarrely rude behaviour is an act, but I have no idea why he’s doing it.

    I don’t suppose Scott will explain what his purpose is in name-calling whenever someone disagrees with him. Obviously, Scott is intelligent enough to know it’s inappropriate, but yet he continues to do this repeatedly .

    Personally, the repetitive comments from either the real or fake Scott don’t bother me, but I think the commenters that insult and bully others for having a different opinion than they have, should have their posts removed. Those comments are unproductive and are only intended to shut down the conversation.

    • Social media stinks. Sometimes it causes misunderstanding or prolongs problems. It takes one person to admit they are wrong and end the conversation. Though damage is done. Sometimes we miss tone of voice, expressions and body language that completes the message. Things being taken out of context. But that’s a whole different matter. The above does not apply here. Except if one or both go forward and forgive the other and let it go.

      But in the case of blatant use of words that are either politically incorrect or socially inappropriate it doesn’t matter at all what the context is. Certain words hurt no matter the tone. There is no misunderstanding that the word was either uttered or written. And there is no excuse to insult another either on purpose. And it goes beyond not hurting feelings ( though that’s certainly part of it.) it’s about respect. When a person does not respect you you have every right to call out when it when it happens. Or you can let it go. Your call.

      Some people unintentionally insult. But when they realize it and feel bad they will rethink things and make amends. If that’s the case with Scott. I hope he does. If they mean to insult they continue to insult and feel no guilt or contrition.
      Time will tell going further in future posts.keeping this discussion on this page since this is the subject.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks so much Frank. It sucks that some folks turned a valuable resource into…well any other unmoderated comments zone (that nobody reads because it’s generally knee-jerk racism alternating with various links to scams.)
      A couple further helpful tips for the FR Community
      1. The posting of other people’s personal info in an attempt to intimidate or invite further harassment is called “DOXXING” and often illegal. (Go ahead, trolls, and google up where it is and isn’t to make whatever point you want. I’ve got better things to do). And it’s not allowed on even most subReddits. If someone does or threatens to do so, take it seriously and report it ( to the authorities)
      2. FUN FACT! Those who keep using “trigger” and “safe space” ironically have actually revealed themselves as …easily triggered and angry their own “safe space” has been threatened. For example, maybe my user name stirs up feelings of impotent rage amongst some people–in this case (**TW** for language that may upset people that always bring up bathrooms when the conversation turns towards trans people) mostly cisgender men– who feel they have been abused by women and looked to this as a “safe space” to speak. Perhaps they were about to say something insightful about NXIVM, cults, or reveal their own experiences, they weren’t sure this was a place where their opinions would be even heard, much less respected, and their triggers cause them to lash out. I guess all I have to say is WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD SNOWFLAKES!

      • So true, this ‘alt-right’ trend is preternaturally over-sensitive and seemingly, constantly ‘triggered’ ha, I laugh every time I see that word used in its context, maybe its because I’m from Belfast, where not many use weapon related words like ‘trigger’ to describe ‘hurt posting-on-the-internet feelings’! Also, please don’t welcome Scott Johnson to the world. Its best if he never leaves the US, or even better, Texas, it would be too traumatising an experience for him, other people and all that….

        • Onewomanarmy
          Unfortunately there are many “Scott Johnsons” in the world, but it does seem lately that certain political movements have made bullying more acceptable.

          If someone can’t make a point without insulting, intimidating or belittling someone, you gotta wonder why that is. 😁

          Remember – the meek shall inherent the Earth.

          • Scott,

            Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth. (Not inherent, spell check 😁)

            The Bible, written when it was, and translated to English, can sometimes lose something in the translation. But I think this line means that aggressive, pushy, unempathatic people will not live happy lives…that people with these traits will never be satisfied with life.

            Do you think if I went on your radio program and discussed the issues with you, that you would then explain why you need to insult people on this blog? You could just explain that right here. Right?

          • You happen to be the one who is wrong, Scott. Why don’t you Google it and see for yourself if you don’t believe me?

        • Well if you’re from Belfast and your coworker gets triggered over blog comments, then how could he deal with the fact that your own barbaric population was slaughtering each other just a few years ago? Does he not consider that immoral too? 🙂

          You hate Trump and USA republicans, but have no problem with killing your own population? Got it. lol

          Rumor has it that Brexit may bring back The Troubles aka civil war, lol. Sounds like a real mature and evolved population. 🙂

          Anytime you don’t get your way, you threaten to start killing, terrorizing and beating people to a pulp. Sounds very cultured. Belfast has more expert bomb makers than Bin Laden had.

          Nice country you have there. Well, not exactly a sovereign country since you’re still ruled by a foreign nation and probably couldn’t muster a native army big enough to prevent the California Highway Patrol from invading.

          I’ll take the USA, please stay in Ireland if possible. 🙂

          • You should do something to soothe your gut, and get some air. Also paraphrasing is not your strong point, less Anglo-Irish history.

            I live and work in London. Perhaps surprisingly to you, although from Belfast, I have no expertise with bombs.

            You sound like a troubled man though, cursing nations from your keyboard, grrrr!@%&*!!! defending your president from invisible attack!!! Defending yourself against your own projections, phantom enemies..

            I understand this alt-right fantasy is the reality you crave, and this site is realer than life to you, but for me its a great blog I frequent to keep up with a very interesting story, in my down time from work, and at odd times in a busy life.

      • No one should give out his address. That crap is scary and above the pale. And even though lots of people are pissed off he doesn’t deserve his address being broadcast over and over again. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. By reading the responses he certainly has some responsibity for negituve responses which he has brought upon himself. But that falls short at the one who gave out his address
        I am sure I am not the only one who wishes the drama woukd cease. And by his not appearing so much can bring it down. And that for sure. No one absolutely no one deserves their personal information going out for all to see.

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