Raniere, Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Mack appear in Brooklyn; Trial set for January 7, 2019

It was a gathering almost worthy of a V-Week – but without the sex, speeches or the talent show.

NXIVM leaders, Keith Raniere, Nancy SalzmanClare Bronfman and Allison Mack appeared at the US Courthouse in Brooklyn today for arraignment before Judge Nicolas Garaufis on a variety of charges including racketeering conspiracy. .

The hearing was brief and uneventful.

Our star reporter Toni Natalie was at the scene and reports:

“Nancy Salzman looked like a dead woman walking.  Keith looked like shit [very red in the face.] Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell were not there, They have to be in court Friday. They all looked like they were in shock. The hearing was much shorter than yesterday.  Keith made eye contact with each of them, nodding like ‘I understand.’ “

Cool customer: Bronfman defended the group and Raniere back in December (Bronfman with her attorney Susan Necheles)
Clare Bronfman with her attorney Susan Necheles.

Toni continued: “Keith and Clare were smiling at each other. He tried to make eye contact with Allison but she did not look back. Allison and Clare were talking to each other in a friendly fashion.”

The judge set the trial date for January 7, 2019.

As for Nancy, she had virtually no color to her skin;  she has no neck and appears to look like she is about 80 years old. Clare looks like she is in her late 60s.

“Keith looked red and dirty, his hair longer, he seems to be losing weight. He seemed happy to see his people and was smiling at them”.

There were three attorneys in court for Clare:  Susan R. Necheles, Kathleen Elizabeth Cassidy and Gedalia Moshe Stern.

After the court hearing, one of Keith Raniere’s attorney reportedly told the press gathered outside the courtroom that he believed that Catherine Oxenberg and Toni Natalie are “crazy.”

When asked about the comment, Natalie told the reporter to please air the comment since she wants it known that part of Raniere’s defense is to attack the victims.


Raniere attorney Marc Agnifilo [l] seems to think Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg may be overly zealous in their desire to see Raniere convicted.
Princess Elizabeth, Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg head to court today.


Who’s that masked woman? Why it’s Nancy Salzman – AKA Prefect.

No more happy smiles for Prefect. Now, she just looks very constipated. 


To give readers an idea of the amount of press interest in this case – here are some pictures sent by one of our readers:


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  • Lauren also has been in Mexico teaching. Nancy can have Michelle take care of her if shes that bad off or she can get free medical care at MDC

  • I love this post and have come back often just to see the pictures of these clowns that give me a deep belly laugh.

    Karma is a bitch ladies and VanScumBag

  • Bullshit. Shadowstate is the lone expert on Allie Wack. He has wacked his willie off silly to all her photos. He said she did not turn on Keith and he should know since it was Keith’s weenie she devoured and shadow could only weep.

  • “Clare looks like she is in her late 60s.” When the NYT article on this whole sorry affair appeared last year, I sent the almost lavish portrait photograph of Clare that had appeared in it to several of my friends, asking the following question: “This is the multi-multi millionaire heiress of the Seagram’s fortune. How old do you think she was when this photograph was taken?” Most said — and I myself thought at the time — that she looked about 55. A healthy, well-preserved 55, but clearly someone approaching 60. When I said she had been only 38, they were as shocked as I. Is this what cult life does even to “the beautiful people”? But walking from that courtroom, it was as if she were a woman at retirement age.

    Keep up the good work, Frank. Your coverage makes me laugh, and laughing at the downfall of such a privileged, self-centered, abusive person is a good thing indeed.

  • Just wait Libtards! LOL

    I used the CIA implants in my head to contact the FBI Field Office in Plano. HERE I am talking to the agents


    Special Agent Mike Hawk and Special Agent Fox Mulder. You’re in BIG TROUBLE WITH LITTLE JOHNSON now

  • This is going to sound funny but I sure hope for Prefect’s sake that she does, in fact, have ” a life threatening disease”. If she lied about that, she’s going to get hit with a perjury charge on top of everything else. And she may even have her bail revoked.

    I’m somewhat surprised that the Feds didn’t challenge the assertion that Nancy and Lauren have to be allowed to be in touch with one another because Lauren is taking care of Nancy. Is that why Lauren was down in Mexico at the time that Raniere was arrested?

    And what about Nancy’s other daughter, Michelle, who has not yet been charged with any crimes? Why can’t she take care of dear old Prefect?

  • “Allison Mack very noticeably refused to make eye contact with her NXIVM slave master Keith Raniere at yesterday’s hearing in Brooklyn. She was sitting only a few feet from him and he was clearly trying to get her attention and she was very obviously ignoring him, she shunned him. For those of us that were there watching who know NXIVM protocol this is a huge sign that Allison’s finally turned on Keith,” an eyewitness in court tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

    “At yesterday’s hearing in Brooklyn Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Penza, the lead prosecutor for the government’s case, told the judge that the government is in discussions for a plea deal with one or more of the defendants. The way Allison behaved towards Keith in court makes a very good case for her being one of the defendants taking a plea deal. It seems very likely that she’s turned on him or very close to turning,” our witness continues.

    “It’s not a done deal yet though because she’s been wavering when it comes to NXIVM and Keith. One day she’s ready to break away from the cult and the next day she’s back in. But that’s part of waking up from something like this, it’s typical of what other members that are in the process of getting out go through. But her behavior yesterday towards Keith and her refusal to even meet his gaze is very telling. We are all taking it as good sign,” our insider adds.


  • Is this why she sought more self confidence thru ESP?

    “I was so scared for so long. On Smallville, there came a point where I finally got the courage to give my opinion on something, and it was so hard. I remember being on the phone with the producers and stating my opinion, and then quietly crying. I was so terrified to voice anything. And from that point on, it’s been a slow process of becoming more and more confident, speaking up, and having people listen to me.”


    • People with low self esteem are the ones who join cults, are drawn to “self help” and seek fame to get validation from others. Kreuk wants to be famous, spent at least seven years in a cult, ignoring all the information out there and virtue signals a lot. That goes hand in hand with low self esteem.

  • These changes are just the tip of the iceberg that can be exposed with these hot jobs.
    The authorities have a lot of evidence to go through and witness to interview.
    Make more popcorn Nutflix is just beginning

  • Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can answer, but I thought because it is a RICO case, that can increase the sentencing to 20 years per count.

  • You are an incessant bore. Please take your tedium to Scooter radio show and discuss your young girl TV star fantasies.

    • Cry me a River SNOWFLAKE. Waaa waaa waaaa.

      You’re just upset because I finally found photographic proof that Ben was at the NXIVM mixer in February with Allison Mack and Stormy Daniels.



      I always get the last word in. LOL

  • Now that the US government has essentially decapitated the leadership of NXIVM, it is time to examine the cult to understand what NXIVM is and is not.

    “There is nothing new under the sun.”
    NXIVM is not new or original.
    Everything in NXIVM has been borrowed from other cults and religions.
    NXIVM’s philosophy, such as it is, is a mixture of Scientology and Ayn Rand.
    NXIVM’s polyamory is borrowed from other religions such as early Mormonism and Islam.

    Keith Raniere’s ability to hypnotize his followers has a parallel in the Russian monk Grigory Rasputin who had a hypnotic power over women.
    Both Raniere and Rasputin attracted many wealthy powerful female followers.

    NXIVM adds Keith Ranbiere’s and Allison Mack’s personal sexual fetishes to the mix.
    Raniere’s pedophilia can be found in many religions where religious leaders use their power to sexually abuse children.
    Allison Mack’s sado-masochistic brutalities such as branding and paddling her acolytes in DOS have parallels in Christianity where followers were flagellated into religious and sexual ecstasy.
    In pre-Communist Russia a cult called “The Whips” (the Khlysts in Russian) consisting of men and women would whip each other into religious and sexual ecstasy.

    In my follow up comment I will discuss how people can protect themselves from the likes of NXIVM, Raniere and Mack.

    • Some people blame the government for failing to protect them from the likes of NXIVM and its mendacious, devious leaders Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.
      But the first line of defense against dangerous cults and their leaders is YOU!

      When you belong to a church or self-help group that engages in deception or where the leader abuses his or her powers, you must protect yourself by voting with your feet and leaving that cult.
      The minute you sense something is wrong you MUST LEAVE!

      Keith Raniere’s harem of women plus rumors of his pedophilia were clear warning signs.

      People like to blame Kristin Kreuk for not warning people of Raniere.
      Well Kreuk’s departure from NXIVM was a clear warning all by itself that something was wrong.
      Kreuk did the right thing to protect herself.
      What should she have done?
      Take out billboards and TV ads warning of NXIVM and risk one of Raniere’s law suits?

      If only Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman had exercised more judgment and foresight.

      The government can not do everything for you.
      Ultimately you must protect yourself.
      The government does not have infinite resources to protect people from their stupidity.

      As a result Kristin Kreuk still has a media career as a B actress on a 2nd tier TV network.
      And Allison Mack is a pariah who will be a target for scorn the rest of her life.

      • Kristin Kreuk did not leave NXIVM for moral ethical reasons. She simply broke up with Mark Hildreth and moved to Toronto. There was no ‘clear warning’ as she never had a falling out with the cult.

        • The issue is how we protect ourselves from cults.
          Kreuk quietly left NXIVM and avoided a lot of grief for herself.
          Mack stayed with the cult and brought a world of woe on herself.

          Even if Kreuk left the cult for selfish purposes, Kreuk’s first duty is to protect herself.
          If more people had followed her lead, NXIVM might have collapsed on its own without the need for an FBI investigation.

          • Kreuk was not trying to protect herself from the cult as she did not have a falling out with them.

          • Reply to Anonymous below.
            People who had a public falling out with NXIVM usually were targeted by Raniere as enemies.
            Kreuk was smart to quietly leave NXIVM and leave it at that.

            It’s a matter of self-preservation.

          • Kreuk was not being ‘smart to quietly leave’. She just left. Her silence on the cult beween 2006-2017 was due to her still being pro-NXIVM. Her silence now in 2018 is due to her not wanting her public image threatened.

    • The U.S. Government has not decapitated NXIVM. Salinas remains free. Not as much as one charge. Why?

      • Salinas is a Mexican criminal and merely associated with NXIVM for a common criminal purpose.
        The Canadian-American core of NXIVM is shattered.
        The major leaders are all arrested or lying low.

    • EMs are almost a direct copy of a technique developed years ago by Marty Lefkoe to eliminate negative beliefs by shifting your perspective with a few simple questions.

  • The Daily Beast is reporting that Clare’s maximum possible sentence is only 5 years.

    The judge appeared to agree with that, according to the exchange in court between him and Susan Necheles:

    “The defense’s rebuttal, that Clare Bronfman does not personally own a plane, did not appear to convince the judge; neither did the defense’s invocation of the relatively short maximum sentence—five years—that Bronfman would face if convicted. Judge Garaufis countered that a wealthy person “might find a five-year sentence to be a substantial incentive to flee.”


    Can anybody here explain why the judge would have said this? Especially since other sites are reporting that Clare’s facing a max possible sentence of 15 years (for Identity theft) and 20 years for racketeering and wire fraud. Thanks.

  • INTERNET TROLLS: “Recent studies have found that people who are identified as trolls tend to have dark personality traits and show signs of sadism, antisocial behavior, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. The 2013 case study showed that there are a number of similarities between anti-social and flame trolling activities and the 2014 survey indicated that trolling is an internet manifestation of everyday sadism. Both studies suggest that this trolling may be linked to bullying in both adolescents and adults.” Wikipedia excerpt from Wikipedia article: “Dark triad.”

  • So let me get this straight….Nancy made bail but Lauren didn’t? Lauren is still sitting an Albany jail?

  • When Keith Raniere (head of NXIVM) had his 6/12/18 hearing, one of the people who showed-up in court that day (to assist in the release of Raniere) was Mark Sullivan. Sullivan has the distinction of being a former head of the US Secret Service:


    This is documented in the court transcripts from the hearing on 6/12/18. Raniere’s lawyers were trying to get him released on house arrest, under armed guard, using a company named TorchStone to provide the guard services. Mark Sullivan raised his hand & ID’d himself to the court as “assisting TorchStone”.

    Jeffrey Peterson has also ID’d him as a member of the “Arizona mafia”.


    See that Scott? It’s not too hard to post useful posts, and it helps everybody learn more. I see your post below, claiming you are a nasty piece of work; I’m neither scared, nor impressed. In fact, I’m more under the impression that you’re just an older man who’s life didn’t turn out like he’d hoped; you deal with a lot of disappointment, and very unfulfilling aspects of your life. Your annoyance of people here, is just a temporary reprieve, an escape from the unhappiness…much the same way some people drink to escape reality. It’s pretty sad, really.

  • KK’s Burden of Truth wasn’t bad for a summer CW show, and KK was actually pretty good.
    She showed more acting chops than her usual look pretty and smile.
    Maybe she took a Source class or two from Ally Wack.
    KK might be a rare “Executive Success.”

    • Did the narrative change? Wasn’t she the naive venus trap used to lure innocent people into cults? Was she not the coward who did not dare to distance herself from the branding cult?

    • Kristin has been a good actress for a while, and the signs she could be good were there before she ever joined NXIVM. Do you people think NXIVM provided anything original?

      The idea that she’s a coward in distancing herself from the cult is based on what? Is an unarmed woman who runs away from a man with a bat and gun a coward, or is a coward someone, who despite having the power to do something, decides to run away? We can say someone who stands up in the former situation is brave, but we can’t call them a coward. What if she actually didn’t do or know anything and is merely “guilty by association”? What if the biggest thing she is guilty for is being naive? Being a shy girl who was love bombed into joining a cult that wasn’t that bad in the beginning but only devolved over time?

      Is it brave to speak out even if she didn’t do anything wrong or wasn’t negatively impacted in anyway so she’d get stuck in endless litigation like Toni Natalie who only wanted to leave VanFraud? Is that what you call brave? Losing everything you’ve earned because of the anger and feelings of betrayal of a little man who is easily jilted? No that’s just stupid.

      • I think you might need to be prepared for some ugly truths to come out about Kreuk. Raniere, the Salzmans, Bronfman and Mack are all being indicted for their actions in the organization as far back as 2005 and Kreuk was involved in NXIVM in those years, so it stands to reason that as a person who was a coach and recruiter in those years that she was a party to illegal actions.

        • Umm…Allison Mack wasn’t even in the organization until 2007 so it looks like you’re just making stuff up.

          Also, cults have inner cores that are hidden behind business fronts. People who were even as high up as Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson may not have even known about or even participated in any illegal activities. They could have brought in people, sent the money to NXIVM headquarters, were paid their share, while only the inner core were doing things that were illegal. Not everyone who was part of Enron was convicted of white collar crimes, even people who were part of upper level management teams. This is not a difficult concept to understand. It appears that the education system is now trash in this country.

          • I think you’re right. I think it’s perfectly, and likely, feasible that people in middle management, so to speak (ex. Edmondson), won’t be swept up in the prosecution. Those people may have been aware of money laundering, but not participated in it. And the prosecution will want their testimony.

          • You are worse than fucking Beatlejuice. Whisper any criticism of Kristin Kreuk online and there you are. You are emotionally attached to a person who does not even know you exist and would not give a shit whether you live or die.

            You were not in NXIVM. You do not know anyone in NXIVM. You don’t know nothing about what anyone did in NXIVM or what they knew.

            You are in no position to defend anyone in NXIVM just because you want them to be innocent because of a sad unrequited infatuation.

          • Hey dumbshit, whether I am emotionally attached or not is irrelevant to countering speculation.

            The fact of the matter is you know jack shit too. You and your ilk are relying on argument from ignorance and guilt by association, which are nothing but logical fallacies. I have merely emphasized these notions, offered counterpoints, or pointed out holes in various claims. Some of you can’t even get simple facts right.

            It is not my burden to prove anything.

            You act like I don’t have a right to defend someone yet you people have a right to throw baseless shit at the wall to criticize someone?

            Fuck off.

          • Yes anon, I have heard other posters say that your beetle juice (sultan salami) Is a Kook fanatic / stalker and will defend her much like the poster that was said to be Allison’s mom.
            One track mind about the subject.

          • You guys are fucking “hilarious”. You think because I am positively emotionally attached to – or have a positive view of – someone I can’t be objective.

            So what about your negative views? How does that make you any more objective? You guys think you can sit behind the lines in your anonymity and disclaim bias, but who says you’re any less disinterested?


            The fact of the matter is, I’ve been consistent in my negative attitude concerning her relationship with NXIVM starting soon after I first learned about it and gathered some information about the group and its leader. I have almost always felt that the longer she stayed in it, the more she would be playing with fire, and have made my opinion known on a few of her more popular fan sites. Whether she knew anything about what I said or not is moot, but the fact that I was critical about her relationship with the group *while she was still in it* at the expense of being seen in a positive light in her eyes is antithetical to the notion that I can’t be emotionally detached from being critical of her based on some criteria.

            What do you guys have to prove that in your case? Absolutely nothing. For all I know you could be jealous girls or jilted guys for whatever motivation and be even far worse in bias than you have alleged for me.

            So fuck off.

          • Is a perfect name for that ass clown that comes scurrying out of the woodwork every time Kruek’s name is mentioned like the cockroach that he is. What a moron.

          • That’s all you got for your lame response? Your “Beetlejuice”.

            Like I would click on any of the minimized links here.

  • Hey Libtards. I’m baaaaaaaaack. Tune into my radio show on FM 108.1 at 5am.


    I will be talking about Roswell, Area 51, the Deep State, and Amway. LOL.

    I also have footage of when the Greys examed me. Trust me, these are the real illegal aliens you should worry about.

    • Stronk logic chain….

      Amway = bad; Raniere was part of Amway => Raniere = bad

      I have another one.

      Hitler = drank water; Scott Johnson drinks water => Scott Johnson = Hitler

  • Since Frank refuses to take Scott Johnson off due to his obsession for posting about Amway, I’m starting my own campaign of Scott Johnson BS in protest. Enjoy everyone or contact Frank to stop the insanity.

  • The cult destroyed a lot of lives and did their best to ruin Frank. His is a David and Goliath type story. I don’t know how you found the strength to keep fighting these monsters. Just no quit in you. It’s impressive.

      • I don’t mean to attack you, Mr. Johnson, but what is your purpose for posting here? I wish Frank would block you.

          • Internet troll @ Wikipedia “A troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion whether for the troll’s amusement or A SPECIFIC GAIN.”

        • Not that I want to defend the guy in any way, but think about how sad and pathetic his life must be for him to come exhibit this behaviour here.

          Anyone with a decent life and a shred of happiness would not need to do what he is doing.

          He comes here and calls all of us pathetic, but he is really just talking to himself.

          No real man needs to attack other people like that let alone all of us women that he attacks.

  • Trial date January 7, 2019. Good. Thank you, Judge. I hope all the Defendants have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Maybe they will take the time to ponder the sorrow and misfortunes they wreaked on others.

    Is now too early to start designing Christmas cards? Idea:

    Dear Keith:

    Merry Christmas! I know you tried to look like JC at one time – as you know, it his His birthday! The look was not a bad effort, but your underlying monstrosity still shone through your blank, bored eyes, Then you switched to the “thoughtful professor” look – replete with studious glasses. Not bad either but we were all guffawing over your secret 2.26 GPA. Finally, you got dressed up by your sugar mommas in a designer suit for an expensive photo shoot, “at a secret location” – trying the “successful businessman” look. Pretty good – they must have made you take a shower.

    However, as you probably know, JC is far nicer than any of us, and I am sure he forgives you. And us, for our terrible comments.

    Seriously – they must do something festive at MDC for the Christmas holiday. We hope they do, for without a doubt there are many, many inmates there for a fraction of your offenses.


    Orangecountydreams – OCD, etc.

  • This brings to mind Toni Natalie’s comments about when she went into a room with KR and he talked to her about quitting smoking. (I think this was their first meeting?) She thought she was with him for about 15 minutes until her then boyfriend or husband said she’d been with KR for something like an hour and a half.

    I have no doubt NLP was employed by KR to some extent, but you can’t keep people in a fog for decades without some willingness on their part — especially when it comes to criminal activity. ***** I make no excuses for what these men and women have done, and are continuing to do — in the guises of Rainbow Cultural Garden, etc. They need to be held accountable****

    However, if I were being prosecuted in this case, that’s what I’d be hanging my hat on defensively. I’d get a cult deprogrammer to testify that I’d been systematically kept in a fog and that I’d been emotionally distanced from my family and support system outside of the NXIVM community, so that my moral barometer was adjusted at the whims of KR, NS, etc. And finally, that the idea of getting away — if I ever had those inklings — was thwarted by my fear that collateral would be released.

    That being said, I hope this wouldn’t fly with a jury. Although, NYC has mostly street savvy people who wouldn’t buy KR’s crap for a hot minute. I think there will be a push to move the trial outside of the Burroughs.

    • The cult is paying for the defense. An exit counselor would have relevance in sentencing and parole hearing for anyone who accepts a plea deal.

    • Take off Scott Johnson and his soap selling crap. Your throwing up in your mouth, go was it out with all the Amway products you still have trying to buy your way up.

        • You are clearly pro Amway. No such thing as bad publicity, right? You are giving them all the free publicity they could ever want.

          They are holding the entirety of the real estate in your pea sized brain for free.

          Amway is running every moment of every day of your life, which is why you are accomplishing absolutely nothing with it.

          Have another beer. It’s clearly helping your cognitive skills (or lack thereof).

        • Internet trolls @ Wikipedia and Dark triad @ Wikipedia. Please, see section in “Dark triad” on internet trolls

    • Dark triad @ Wikipedia “The dark triad is a subject in psychology that focuses on three personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Use of the term “dark” implies that people possessing these traits have malevolent qualities. See the section in this article, Internet trolls.

  • If Nancy Salzman is really sick with cancer perhaps she is willing to flip as the last thing she can do to save her daughters.

    As the manager of NXIVM, the so called Prefect, and really the co-creator of the cult, perhaps Nancy is horrified at her creation and what it threatens to bring down on her daughters.
    NXIVM is really a Frankenstein Monster for Nancy Salzman.
    Her daughter Lauren is right in there with Allison Mack on a lot of the NXIVM insanity.

    Nancy Salzman should know much more about the day to day internal business affairs of the cult than almost anyone else, particularly the lazy, stupid Raniere.

    • She can’t flip without hanging them, and anything she tries to do that contradicts the evidence will only make her situation worse.

    • My money is still on Karen Unterreiner as a flippee, though not arrested nor indicted. Think about that. As to a guess of which of the Defendants flipped, my guess is the older ones, who would like not to die in prison. My main hope and concern is that KR gets life, as he so richly deserves. He can tattle on no one, because he basically did it all. Smart, Keith!!

      He thought he was Vito Corleone. Wrong.

      KR needs to thank God that our prison system – while unpleasant and imperfect – is far better than alternatives in Mexico, etc.

    • Why in the world do the prosecutors need people at the top of the pyramid to “flip”? They probably have gigabytes of electronic documents and rooms full of boxes of printed documents as evidence. Even if they don’t have that, probably all they need at a minimum are the documents filed in the civil cases.

    • He’ll be identified if any transcripts come out from either the hearing yesterday or today. She must care more about saving $, though, since she waived the identity hearing (unlike Kathy Russell and Lauren Salzman apparently).

  • A few of my Impressionistic Impressions of the July 25 NXIVM hearing:

    In the front row, seated next to each other, were Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg. I remember watching Oxenberg when she was on Dynasty. In that show, it was the older actresses who had seen more of life, Linda Evans and Joan Collins, who were the stars of the show. They radiated glamour and strength. It’s like things have come full circle. Now Toni and Catherine exude the beauty, strength, and fighting spirt of Alexis and Krystle. Only not on TV, but in real life.

    Also in attendance was Vanessa Grigoriadis.

    The photo above does not even show just how painfully thin Clare is. She looks so different from earlier photos of her. Allison is also thin, but it is not as obvious. Partly because of what she was wearing, and partly because Claire looks to be more small-boned.

    At one point, a man and woman, both in suits, sat toward the back of the court area. They were close to me where I was in the observer’s area. I took them to be lawyers. Later I realized it was Nancy Salzman and her lawyer. When the judge called on him, Salzman’s lawyer said, as if in explanation of why he was sitting in the back, something like “I want to stay out of the way as much as I can.” He had said something very similar to that when he and Nancy first sat there, and before I realized who they were. It made me wonder if Salzman’s lawyer wanted to distance Nancy from the other defendants.

    Yes, before things got started, Clare and Allison smiled and chatted just as if they were meeting for coffee, rather than in a courtroom.

    Keith looked bad. Creepy.

    Later, in the press area outside the courthouse, one thing really jumped out at me, as referenced above. A reporter asked about former members who said they felt threatened by NXIVM. One of the NXIVM lawyers immediately burst out with “They’re crazy!” He said it more than once if I remember correctly. That was a real shocker. I don’t remember the lawyers name, but it’s the lawyer pictured above with DerOhannesian. Then the lawyers went on to explain that they were going to show that thousands of people had not had a bad experience, but were helped by NXIVM. And that it was only this tiny minority who had anything negative to say. All I can say is that lawyer might want to think again before labeling women like Toni, Catherine, and Sarah Edmondson as crazy.

    • “before things got started, Clare and Allison smiled and chatted just as if they were meeting for coffee, rather than in a courtroom.”

      Clare and Allison are still True Believers in NXIVM.

      true believer. noun. One who is deeply, sometimes fanatically devoted to a cause, organization, or person: “a band of true believers bonded together against all those who did not agree with them”

      Clare no doubt is arrogant because of all that inherited wealth.
      It would be difficult to be born with 300 million dollars and not think you were special.
      Allison Mack fits the profile of the narcississstic, self-centered actress who expects people to adore her.
      No doubt Mack sees herself as a persecuted Joan of Arc type character.
      Neither woman would be pleasant to deal with.
      Neither woman yet understands that what they did was wrong.

      If anyone decides to cooperate it will be the defendants from more humble backgrounds.

    • Kathy Oxenburg and Linda Evans and others who had early involvement in NXVNM were involved in the Ramtha cult before they got involved in Rainere and got other people involved with Rainere.
      Too bad they are sweeping that fact and the Ramthic group under the rug.

        • Well I know brainwashing and money sucking isn’t illegal but Ramtha has also been involved in extorting members and also all the money laundered through all the other countries that Ramtha Inc is involved in.
          Ramtha is also just as litigious as Claire.
          Lots of mind blowing stuff about Ramtha cult that isn’t being written about and their hand in hand involvement in Raineres culty money milking group when ESP was in its early years.
          Ramtha did lots of illegal things to people with cancer, similar to Rainere or the Dianetics people.
          Also Ramtha made people drink lye and line everything with copper or else live in fear.
          Laundry lists of Ramtha stuff, they are being infiltrated right now by undercover journalists for Season 2 of Cults.
          Hoping they make into a two parter

    • Good to see that Joan and Linda are supporting Katherine. That’s Good friends.
      I wanted to go to albany but found out too late.

    • Great job with the Dynasty analogy.

      I wouldn’t have minded either if I was Nancy and couldn’t fit in at that defense table — what a lineup.

      Also, I wonder if the testimony of those thousands of people who had not had a bad experience with NXIUM/ESP comes from those shoddy surveys they had people fill out at the end of intensives. Not exactly unchallengeable evidence, if that’s the case. They can’t very well call thousands of witnesses during trial.

  • Why are all the charges left out of article ? Is that supposed to ge top secret? We know there’s sooooo much more !

    Definitely not getting any news out of these articles

  • Raniere attorney Marc Agnifilo seems to think Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg may be overly zealous in their desire to see Raniere convicted.

    What does Catherine Oxenburg have to say about the reprehensible Allison Mack?

    “I hope the arrest of Ms. Mack will continue to expose what Nxivm is — a dangerous cult — and the members, including my daughter, will come to that realization and find their way back to their loved ones,” Oxenberg tells PEOPLE exclusively.

    • and then you say you are not obsessed with Allison Mack this item is from April 23 it seems that your body only has to punish Allison as your only interest to be in this blog

      • The US Department of Justice is obsessed with Allison Mack.
        The prosecutors just added SEVERAL charges to Allison Mack’s indictment including Racketeering, Wire Fraud, State Law Extortion and a few more Jane Does victimized by your girl friend Allison Mack.

        And whenever the US talks about Allson Mack it always capitalizes her full name like this: ALLISON MACK

      • Say what you will, I’d rather be obsessed with Allison Mack as opposed to Amway, like a certain truly pathetic person we know around here.

        • Couldn’t agree more.

          Anyhow, it is just childish namecalling by someone who is obsessed with stalking shadowstate. I would say pot meet kettle, except I don’t believe shadowstate is obsessed with Allison Mack.

          Even if he were, who cares… At least he is on topic, and sometimes has interesting points.

          • Nonsense. His obsession is not healthy for him. He really needs to grow up and act like a 60 year old man and quit obsessing over a girl almost half his age. She once was a b list actress….so what. She fell into a cult and became corrupted. Sorry the poor little shadowstate had his hollywood crush disappoint him….but that’s life. Most of his comments are not informative at all, just a constant regurgitation of the criminal airhead who stole his heart and branded it for life. Most people have real women shit all over them in divorce or child support or custody. Shit…. listening to this goof ball, you think ally wack dated him and left him for a real man.

          • You seem like way more of a nutjob stalking shadowstate.

            He’s just here talking about a topic that all of us are talking about.

          • Take off Scott Johnson and his soap selling crap. No one who comes to the Frank Report is stupid enough to get involved with Amway

          • No mirror mirror aka shadowstate you are the obsessed nutjob. over 80% of your posts are about your beloved. Should not have stalked her on twitter. Girl who is half your age no less and a criminal. Grow the fuck up.

  • Anyone want to help me start a gofundme for Toni Natalie so she can sue Keith’s attorney for victim shaming, aka, S L A N D E R. – he said it publicly and to people who might not be aware of the details of this case.

  • Agnifilio scoring something of a home goal with his ‘insanity’ slur directed at Toni Nathalie and Catherine Oxenberg – the sort of smart move you’d expect from the defender of the smartest man in the world, and this on the day the court met some true examples of insanity in Clare Bronfman and Nancy Salzman.

  • Nancy and Clare do not look like they are Winning in the Joy arena, do they.

    Nancy looks likes she is using bad four letter words getting through the crowd.

    Clare looks like she is the begging of the real zombie apocalypse

    It was so nice for their Vanscambag to great each of them

    I’m sure Clare told Ali that she needed a good paddling. Ali, not being able to contact members must of told Clare she needs to do a major Mea culpa for being stupid enough to send those dam emails.

  • What does the math amount to? How much prospective time is each defendant looking at with these multiple counts?

  • Agnifilo is either stupid or he isn’t working for his clients best interest. In the political climate we have today don’t go blaming the victims. Actually I don’t care about your client so say whatever

  • Nefarious Nancy scampering away in a hoodie. She looks haggard.

    And whatever Keith’s attorney wants to say about the victims IN COURT is fine. But, he cannot just start attacking people outside court, in a press conference, calling witnesses crazy. That is the textbook definition of Slander.

    Is attorney Marc Agnifilio a medical doctor? Is he a psychiatrist? Can he make a diagnosis? Does he have access to medical records?

    You cannot just attack witnesses outside of court like that.

    • @ Toni Natalie:

      See the post above mine? Former Nexian is right; if you have the means to “pull a Bronfman”, I’d seriously consider filing a Slander claim against VanTard’s lawyer…

      It’ll bring some unwanted pressure onto VanTard’s legal defense team, possibly causing him to make mistakes (especially if you go to court whenever he’s there), and net you a few bucks in the process.

      There is nothing bullies and abusers dislike more, than victims who fight back.

      You’ve been through a lot already, and revenge is a dish best served cold.

    • FormerNexian (aka Omar Rosales) has a lot of experience with frivolous lawsuits. He blackmailed literally thousands of Austin, Texas businesses for ADA issues, and now faces over $275,000 and a 3 year suspension from practicing law. He should be listened to. LOL

      • Nothing wrong with my law license, you half-wit limp dick moron. My license is in PERFECT STANDING unlike your make-believe job.

        Maybe we need to contact your wife to take away your computer privileges. She works for Plano ISD right? I’m sure her name and your address is listed in some school directory.

        You really sound unhinged Scott. Maybe the police need to do an elderly person welfare check regarding your delusions and conspiracy theories.

        Nobody wants to hear about your Alien abduction, CIA implants, or how you and Ben rape each other.

        Lastly, you bring your freakshow sidekick Ben on here. And you all threaten to sue Frank? GTFO

        The more we hear from you Scott, the more insane you sound.

        I wonder what the number is for Collin County Mental Health authorities?


        Maybe someone needs to call in a mental health welfare check on Scott Johnson. He might be a danger to himself or others.

    • What’s a fine lesbian? What does homosexuality have to do with this? It is comments like this that pollute the forum…you have no respect for the work of Frank Parlato

  • Of course Raniere is happy. A well adjusted person wouldn’t be happy to see his “friends” under indictment, but a narcissist wouldn’t let that cloud their relief at seeing their nearest allies in the same sinking boat they’re in.

  • Taking one look at Nancy, I’d better get that 60K out to her quick to get my six months coaching in before she kicks the bucket.

    Nothing better, really, than watching evil people eat themselves from the inside out.

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