Part 1: Raniere and NXIVM neighbors speak to Frank Report

Monica Duran waits on Keith Raniere.

This is the first part of a series on neighbors views of Keith Raniere and his NXIVM sex-slaver cult.

A number of neighbors in Knox Woods spoke with Frank Report about the presence of Keith Raniere and NXIVM in their neighborhood.

Keith is gone and so are most of the NXIVM followers who once lived there.

On a circle called Minuteman – a nice enclave of town houses in Knox Woods – neighbors said that, up until Raniere’s arrest in March, there were a number of NXIVM members who lived in at least two different properties. But they haver since moved out – and Minuteman now appears to be NXIVM-free.

One NXIVM property was rented to a non-NXIVM couple and the other is vacant.

Neighbors explained how they could determine if a home was a NXIVM house: There were cameras on the houses pointing outward and a small satellite dish on the roof.

These were removed as soon as NXIVM members moved out – it was observed on Minuteman, Wilton Court and elsewhere.

Knox Woods is a low crime area. It is quiet – with middle class homeowners in town homes selling for $140,000 – $300,000. It is not rich enough to attract high level security concerns and neighbors seem to watch out for one another. The grounds are nice – with an abundance of trees and curving roads – and little inclines that change the topography slightly and add to the beauty of this suburban locale. People tend to stay here for years.

Around Knox Woods, there did not seem to many town homes with cameras on the outside – other than NXIVM properties. And, once again, few or no people have satellite dishes – other than than NXIVM members.  It was surmised that the dishes on NXIVM homes were not for television reception – since cable is readily available – but for some private means of communication among NXIVM members, perhaps via a computer server.

At least one neighbor went to the Homeowners Association to object to cameras on one NXIVM house – for the cameras were trained outwards on another NXIVM home – with several homes in between.  The neighbor objected because the cameras on the home would be able to surveil  people coming up and down the street and in front yards of other non-NXIVM homes.

The camera on this one home was pointed at the home where DOS slave Monica Duran used to lived.  Monica does not live there any more. She moved after Raniere’s arrest and is believed to be in Mexico. The house was rented out to a couple – who are believed not to be NXIVM members – especially since they work – and the satellite dish and cameras were removed.

The purpose of the cameras on the other home evidently was to keep on eye on Monica’s house and the neighbor thought it was a bad precedent: NXIVM owns so many houses in the area and if they all have cameras pointing outward, across and down streets etc.- they would soon have their own community surveillance network to spy on all their neighbors.

One neighbor told me that Keith would frequently come by Minuteman – on foot – and walk right into Monica’s house. He would not knock.

All over Knox Woods, neighbors said they often saw Keith walking – either alone or with one or more young, slender and often beautiful women.

Some were disgusted by his adolescent antics. He was frequently holding hands with women – and there were always different women he walked with. He would hold hands with one woman one hour – and be back walking later with another woman, once again holding hands.  Sometimes, he would seem to be very affectionate – too affectionate for a middle age man – on a public street with an attractive much younger, slender woman.

He sometimes walked with two women. No one recalled him holding hands with two women at once.  No one recalls seeing him walking with a man.

Several recall also seeing Allison Mack walking in the neighborhood – usually alone – and always furiously texting while walking.

At one house on Minuteman, neighbors told me there was an unusual number of UPS drop offs. As neighbors were discussing this unusual UPS activity, a UPS truck pulled up and the UPS driver delivered a package to the house despite the fact that it was empty.  NXIVM members had moved out several weeks ago and the cameras and satellite dishes have been taken down.

One neighbor remarked sadly about Monica – that she had no work – remained home all day – and spent most of her awake time just waiting around for Keith to pop in.

More than a year ago, she got his permission [before he was arrested] to go visit her family and she told the neighbor when she came back that she was so happy to be able to see her family. This year Monica left – it is not clear when – but probably about the time Raniere fled to Mexico.

Monica has not returned to Knox Woods since Raniere’s arrest as far as is known.

Poor Monica. No children – no work – nothing to do with her life except to be on hand for assignments from the cult – and her house monitored by cameras from a neighboring house. She could not even have a visitor without it being recorded on camera. Maybe she could slip out the back door.

So much was the Raniere-camera-concept known to neighbors – that while some of them did not know the name NXIVM, everyone knew there was a cult and they kept cameras on their houses – trained outwards and had satellite dishes on the roofs. That’s how neighbors identified cult houses – that plus the fact that the occupants were almost always young, single, slender women.

One last story on the cameras.  Someone – believed to be a non-NXIVM person – had been putting out poison to kill a pesky cat.  And it turned out a dog ate it and got sick or died.  It was observed that the NXIVM house had cameras trained in the direction where the poison was found. Raniere’s cult cooperated with police – providing video footage that showed the culprit leaving the poison. He was identified and arrested.

It is not known how many other things neighbors did that were observed by NXIVM cameras.

Before we go on to other things in our next post about things Raniere’s neighbors observed – some of them far more bizarre and disturbing than what is contained in this one –  I was struck with a feeling of sadness for Monica.  Cameras on her house. Cameras watching her house. UPS packages being delivered – quite possibly something illegal going on with those deliveries.  No work  – except to serve Raniere and his cult. Staying at home – all the best years of her life. She came to Know Woods, I believe, when she was in her 20s;  she is now perhaps 40. No children – no husband – nothing – nothing to do in life for her but to wait on Raniere – who would show up from a walk – whenever he wanted and walk right in her door.  The rest of the time she just waited.

Now, he is gone. He won’t be walking into her home anymore.  What does she do now? Still wait?

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    • This was a great and accurate read.

      “I tried to break it down for him: You got into this to be more successful, but you’re not achieving more success. Have you made more money since you’ve been in this? Absolutely not. You don’t have more friends. You have a terrible relationship with our family. What is success then? And it’s like he gets confused, like he can’t understand. When I talk to him I feel like I’m not even speaking English. That’s how brainwashed he is.”

      I know the feeling.

      Like I said, it makes people dumber. It’s like the emotional barriers which NXIVM purports to remove is flipped into another emotional barrier that blocks any rational criticism of NXIVM, which makes it insidious. Instead of fixing your problem and sending you on your way like professionally regulated help, it makes you emotionally dependent upon them. In order to make money, that is what their business model entails.

      “His sense of self is completely gone. They’re programming him.”

      Yes. You can witness at least some of this either in their thought process by what they verbally or in body language communicate, or in the actions they perform after they have taken a number of intensives. Of course, they use this as evidence that it is working, but it is little more than cyclical manipulation of the punishment/reward pathways in the brain. A person at a low point in their life who is searching for something because they have effectively generalized often changing lower emotional states as the condition that they are unhappy is a prime candidate for these type of groups. These people are not classified as medically depressed but just feel down because life isn’t going as they want it to be. Love bombing and other thought reform mechanisms are used to trigger emotional highs that render their previous way of thinking and living an negative remnant of the past. This is black and white thinking. It is an cathartic experience for some people that keeps them coming back. They believe they have had a breakthrough and are now “more joyful” thanks to the group. But it is just a blend of methods (some legitimately used by professionals) used in manipulative ways to create positive emotional triggers for the purposes of the group.

      “She’s not sure what else to do to get through to her brother, but at the very least she hopes she can help make sure it doesn’t happen to another family.”

      Pray for him.

    • Once someone is an adult there is little or nothing that his or her family can legally do to pull them out of a cult.
      Cult deprogrammers flirt with violating laws against kidnapping.

      “Some controversial methods and practices of self-identified “deprogrammers” have involved kidnapping, false imprisonment, and coercion, which have sometimes resulted in criminal convictions of the deprogrammers.”

      All one can do is hope the cult followers come to their senses before it’s too late.
      If someone wants to be a damned fool for some cult guru, it’s their Constitutional right.

  • It also appears that when Monica moved out, she left her dog behind with Sylvie Lloyd and John Fox. My dog walking neighbors advised me of this today. Monica’s dog once belonged to a former inner circle member who left the sweet pup behind when she fled with her son. Sidenote:, Sylvie and John have not been seen in the last few days.

  • I candidly believe this cult makes people dumber. Especially women who it primarily exploits for VanDouche’s sexual purposes. I wholeheartedly believe men and women are just as intellectually adept as each other. But I think women’s propensity to be more open and less skeptical than men, along with seemingly having more self-esteem issues makes them more vulnerable to these type of groups, organizations, and cults. I believe the longer women stay in this cult, the dumber they become. They think dumb things. They do dumb things. Instead of becoming more rational as Rational Inquiry professes to teach them how to be (laughable) they become moronically dependent upon this group. Which is sadly ironic unfortunately.

    • Women are more naturally nurturing and protective. KR presents himself as needy and vulnerable. Women respond. Sad.

  • Imagine Allison furiously goose stepping around Clifton Park, New York rabidly texting out messages to other NXIVM members, as well as her harem of slaves, trying to keep the organization alive for her Vanguard, her Fuehrer, Keith Raniere.
    Just like a good German.
    Allison truly was and is Vanguard’s most loyal acolyte.
    Martin Bormann would be proud.
    Sehr Gut, Allison!

    Allison served as the communications hub to keep NXIVM connected and functioning, particularly the harem part of NXIVM.

    And now all of those thousands upon thousands of text messages are in the hands of the FBI and the Federal prosecutors.
    Nicht so gut, Allison!

    And the US DOJ has a message for Fraeulein Mack!

    Without your thousands of texts, Fraeulein Mack, the Federal prosecutors would have never nailed your Vanguard to the Wall!

    Danke Schoen, Fraeulein Mack!

    • You know, today’s Germans are not like that anymore.
      They actually learned from their past to be very cautious with loud-mouthed leaders promising easy solutions to complex problems.
      And they learned to see through propaganda and lies.

      • Ich weiss das.
        I know that.
        If you must know my brother and sister in law lived in Heidelberg, Germany for several years as part of the US Armed Forces.
        And I studied German for two years in high school and one year in college.
        Ich habe Deutsch fuer drei Jahre studiert — zwei Jahre in der Hochschule und ein Jahr in der Universitaet.
        And I am part German-American.

        I’m not making fun of Germans.
        I am making fun of Fraeulein Mack and the other NXIVM members who have such a slavish devotion to their Vanguard, their Fuehrer, Keith Raniere.

    • If you believe the guy who tells you that you are a reincarnated Nazi to atone for your sins against the holocaust victims, and that same guy denies the holocaust ever happened…you might be a dumbass.

    • Allison seems to be a self-absorbed, hedonistic, insecure opportunist. I do not know enough to say with certainty – just my impressions.

  • This penchant by NXIVM members for Big Brother type surveillance was noted in the recent New York Times article.

    “Nxivm had not granted access to a journalist for an article for 14 years before it gave me a tightly stage-managed tour of its leadership and operations this winter, ahead of potential indictments. It remains highly secretive and exquisitely paranoid. Members not only tape-recorded my interviews with them but had a practice of extensively taping or video recording within the group, including documenting many of Raniere’s statements.”

    When I visited Mack in her gorgeous apartment in Brooklyn — paintings by an ex-boyfriend resting against a wall, Palo Santo just burned in an incense dish — she told me this, too. With a bright smile, Mack, who came to Nxivm when she was unhappy with her TV acting career (she asked Raniere to “make her a great actress again”), explained the way DOS worked. She gestured to a beige love seat and asked if I wanted to sit down, near the tape recorders.

    Nothing says “Welcome to my home” like seating the guest near the tape recorders.

  • – Staying at home – all the best years of her life. She came I believe when she was in her 20s; she is now perhaps 40. No children – no husband – nothing – nothing to do in life for her but to wait on Raniere – who would show up from a walk – whenever he wanted and walk right in her door.

    Yep. This is what the the VanFraud “teaches” women. Brainwash them to stick around, serve his non-existent mission, be “used up” sexually only by him until they’re out of their prime child rearing years, and then be disposed of when a newer model comes along, no doubt under the manipulative excuse of some “ethical breach” when all he wants is just some new pussy.

    People have been having normal relationships for hundreds or thousands of years and this guy pretends to come off as ethical teaching this crap.

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