New Photos Show Allison Mack Is Off the DOS Diet and With a Busy June Ahead She Must Show She Is a Victim Not a Villain

Allison Mack spent three years subject to home confinement at her parents' home.

Allison Mack is going to be sentenced in one month and three days – unless the sentencing hearing drags on the entirety of its slated June 30 date, and spills over to July 1, a possibility the court has considered and is prepared to accommodate.

It comes as no surprise that the always intrepid columnists at Page Six for the New York Post have come up with pictures of the once-beloved actress of Smallville, as she popped out of the house.

She is on home arrest at her parents’ home in Los Alamitos, California, but is permitted to go out with the judge or the Probation Department’s permission. And is allowed to walk about the grounds evidently.

Mack was caught on camera, Monday, May 24, outside the home to collect mail and the helpful paparazzo was kind enough to snap a few photos as she walked around the grounds.

Happily, Allison seems to be off the DOS 800 calorie diet, which is probably a healthy thing for her.

A source told me that poor Allison kept a count of her calories on her refrigerator attached to a magnet — fighting always to maintain that 800 or less caloric intake that would keep any fat off the previously curvaceous actress.

Mack at the height of her DOS dieting in 2017.


She could look but not eat.
Allison Mack jogging in Knox Woods in 2017.

Despite being on an 800 calorie diet, Mack was advised that running tens of miles per week was the other thing needful for her to secure the best weight and spiritual advancement. She was slimming down to please her Vanguard.

Allison Mack was not overly thin when she rose to fame as an actress.
Allison Mack pre-NXIVM


Allison Mack pre-NXIVM

And again, another photo of the semi-starved Mack with her fellow first line master, Lauren Salzman, during the period when Mack was watching her weight most carefully.

Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack give each other a hug. They were each charged and took similar plea deals – one count each of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy for both of them.

When you consider the self-destructive nature of Allison Mack’s behavior and judge this in light of the destruction she foisted upon others such as India Oxenberg, Nicole and Jessica Joan, a balancing judgment is required.

Allison Mack with her then-slave, India Oxenberg.

No one in their right mind, not under some kind of crazed influence, would undertake such a detrimental diet, submit to sleep deprivation via readiness drills and share the man she loves with 20 other women. She injured herself just as she did so to others.

This qualifies her at least for some kind of consideration as a victim.

Meantime, the one individual who waxed as the others waned, a Vanguard-ethicist by the name of Raniere, said to be the world’s smartest man, had none of the strictures he imposed on the others. Because he was so benignly elevated, unified, he said, he slept when he wanted, slept with whom he wanted, when he wanted, ate what he wanted, and laughed when he wanted, even if at the gullible women who adored him and followed him, calling him master.

Lord bless Raniere for not having run into an old-style father or brother of the same heritage as he was – Sicilian. His father and grandfather used to speak in the parlance of the old-style mafioso and acted as though connected.

I remember the days, not long ago, in my own town, of Stephano ‘The Undertaker’ Magaddino and all my old friends, now gone, Salvatore ‘Sam John’ Pieri, Ignatius T.  ‘Iggie’ Agro, Albino ‘Sha Sha, Principe, Vincent ‘Jimmy’ Sicurelli and all the rest.  God rest their souls.

I remember when a woman connected to one of those who took refuge with them was treated badly but no so badly as Allison Mack, and how the man was found with his penis and testicles in his mouth. Another quite disappeared and if I am not mistaken, he rests under the La Salle Expressway that leads out of town.

If you happened to see Sam Pieri at the Como on Pine Ave in Little Italy in Niagara Falls, Santasiero’s on Niagara and Lafayette in Buffalo, or perchance happened to visit him in his gracious home, you might think him a kindly, genial, and grandfatherly old gent, with impeccable manners. He abandoned his manners when someone ill-treated a woman or someone in the family. It was Keith Raniere’s great good fortune to have not accidentally brushed up against the very type and kind his father, James, and grandfather, Rocco Raniere purported to be.
Keith Raniere with his father, James.

But we were speaking of Allison Mack and not the old mafia.

As we saw from the photo above and this closeup, purloined from Page Six under the doctrine of fair use, she is also still wearing the ankle monitor, now part of her attire for more than three years, ever since she made $5 million bail in April 2018 and was confined to her parents and their soft home in California.

Meantime, Allison will be busy during the month of June and perhaps it is poignant to say that she may be enjoying her last few weeks of comparative freedom, if one can call home arrest at one’s parent’s home freedom of a kind.

It is perhaps not too unkind to mention that Allison, in serving her vow of DOS, gave as collateral to her leader, the Vanguard, confessions against her father and other family members falsely alleging abuse. It is a mark of blood being thicker than Vanguards that she has been with them daily for about 1100 days, perhaps the longest unbroken stretch since her childhood.

They took her in when no one else wanted her and the whole world heaped calumny on her head.

Jonathan and Mindy Mack, Allison’s parents, outside their home where they shelter Allison.

It is fair to state that the parents always bear some burden for it is natural for the world to think that somehow something defective the parents did during upbringing led to the horrors of the child.

How much worse it was for the parents of Allison Mack who for so many years boasted of their golden child, the famous actress. Now known as the sex slaver.

Reading and Writing Ahead

Allison Mack should already have her Presentence Investigation Report – that report by Probation which tells the judge what they think of this comely lass charged with such despicable crimes

By now, she must have read it and it is up to her to marshal her objections in order that her attorneys may respond to it by June 7.

The Government and Probation Office will file their responses to Mack’s objections, if any, by June 14.

Mack will have to read their response and help her lawyers file a reply by June 18.

The Government will file its sentencing submission including any Victim Impact Statements by June 21. It will be a matter of keen interest to see if the Government seeks a stern penalty for Mack and tops it off by seeking out victims as it did for Keith Alan Raniere and Clare Bronfman and encourage victims to speak at the sentencing. If they do, they are out for blood. If they don’t, they may not object or argue too strenuously against leniency.

The view of the prosecution at this point will be extremely important.

How much prison time do they want Mack to serve?

Mack will have to read all this and help her attorneys craft any objections to the government’s arguments.  Well before that, Mack and her attorneys will be writing their own sentencing submission, which has to be filed by June 25, only four days after the government files their submission on sentencing. Undoubtedly, her attorneys will portray Mack as a victim of Raniere and ask for leniency, perhaps proposing an in-home sentence or even probation.

By June 28, the Government will inform the court as to whether any victims wish to attend the sentencing hearing and, if so, which of them wish to speak at the hearing. From this, Mack will get a pretty good idea of how bad the day is going to go. It will go bad no doubt and it will be attended by many — the media, in particular, will think this is the really big show of the entire NXIVM debacle.

Her sentence will also be a bellwether for the remaining defendants to be sentenced. If it is harsh, look out Kathy Russell and Nancy and Lauren Salzman. If it shows the least temperance, an acknowledgment that this woman was deceived as much or more than she deceived others and falls close to the sentencing guidelines for the crimes of conviction  – if mercy carries the day – then the others may breathe a little easy.





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  • Page Six said the branding was her idea so I don’t think there’s a chance in hell she can victim-card herself out of this situation. Maybe she’ll even get victimized in jail someday like she victimized others! Wouldn’t that be nice?!

    -All the best to the Frank Report! 🙂

  • The Friends (of Keith) Reunion Show

    Like the reunion of the cast of Friends, I think a great TV special would be getting the female “stars” of NXIVM together for a reunion to hash it out.

    What would whistle-blowers India or Sarah E say when face-to-face with dead-enders like Nicki, or the soon-to-be incarcerated Allison, Clare or Nancy? What would any of these branded slaves say to the unsullied Kristin Kreuk when she explains her “non-involvement?”

    HBO and other networks have gotten good ratings from their NXIVM documentaries, so the obvious next step is to have all these sex slaves together interviewed by Frank.

    Ratings Gold! ​

    • Kreuk may have introduced Mack to the cult- and Sarah E and Nippy discussed why she bolted briefly in their kitchen- but I don’t believe she had any malicious intent. And neither did Rosario Dawson. Most likely they received what they wanted from the ripped off cobbled teachings early and most likely sensed that there was something amiss with Raniere if he was trying to illicit their attentions, and based on Catherine Oxenberg’s book he was trying to pull crap like that on her during the volleyball games, so I’m going to guess that was the reason why. Oh yeah, I can’t help but wonder why Jim and Ron Watkins- I’m sorry Q- hadn’t dropped anything on Raniere since their cult is so obsessed with saving kids and women from predators. If Hollywood’s so evil, why did a bunch of deprogrammed actors and a filmmaker raise so much hell trying to take down a sex cult?

      • “Kreuk may have introduced Mack to the cult- and Sarah E and Nippy discussed why she bolted briefly in their kitchen”

        What was the reason they said?

        • And I’d like some reliable ex-Nxers to weigh in on why Kreuk left then — and whether it was because of being approached about DOS.

      • Because it started to cost money. Or looking at jail time. None of them were heroes!! Just a freaky sex cult that got out of hand. Money is what killed nxivm and dos. Sara Edmondson kisses Salzman and said thank you for branding me and I love you. But once she was asked for deed to her house, she woke up. India Oxenberg was full in sitting on evidence for 6 months until the FBI was closing in. Mommy’s money and power got her cleared. None of them were heroes, all just covered their asses as shit began to fall apart.

        • Great points. But, I think some deserve more credit than others. The easy route would have been to slink away and let others continue to suffer at the hands of Vanguard. (Think slinky Ed Kinum and most ex-NX). With the definition of “hero” being cloudy and up for judgment, I’ll simply give a big thanks to those who deserve it.

  • Took a peek at some recent Nicki Clyne tweets. Sorry to hear that she has a lot of back and neck pain, lately.

    Saw a disturbing May 27 tweet where Nicki declared, “I was born to do this.”

    Funny, my sister Gina Hutchinson quoted Kristin Keefe saying the exact same thing about starting up NXIVM in her journal in 1998.

    Kristin also had neck problems that KAR and Nancy convinced her were from a past life transgression.

    I don’t think Keith should be allowed visitations with these women who may still be susceptible to his charms.

    P.S. Drink some hemlock if you’re reading this in prison, douchebag.

    • ‘P.S. Drink some hemlock if you’re reading this in prison, douchebag.’

      H, I think it would be more apropos, more at cause, for him to douse himself in petrol and strike a light— against world poverty and injustice, you understand. Isn’t he lucky to have the law protect him from our sentiments? Unfortunately, he is living out accountability for his own actions, in a place where he can eat noodles with Lay’s chips and hot sauce while he’s at it. How fair is that? Some guys have all the luck. Viva that crazy little thing called Executive Success!

  • Translation:
    Allison Mack next to be sentenced in NXIVM case
    Allison Mack pleaded guilty in April 2019 to racketeering and conspiracy to recruit women for Keith Reniere’s sex slave club.
    Share this news

    New York, United States / 28.05.2021.

    Wednesday, June 30 is the date the Eastern District Court of New York chose to sentence Allison Mack, one of Keith Raniere’s five co-defendants in the NXIVM case. She pleaded guilty in April 2019 to extortion and conspiracy to recruit women for the sex slave club run by Rraniere, which ultimately led to the destruction of that enterprise and was the reason he was sentenced on Oct. 19 to 120 years behind bars. Mack will be the third person sentenced in the case after wealthy Seagrams heiress Clare Bronfman was sentenced to seven years in prison on Sept. 30, 2020. Allison Mack, who is under house arrest at her parents’ home in California, told Judge Nicholas Garaufis on the day she pleaded guilty “that she joined NXIVM to find purpose” because she was dissatisfied with an acting career, despite her middling success on the hit TV series Smallville, where she played the role of Superman’s close friend. Mack turned out to be so malleable to the wishes of cult leader Raniere that she began to deceitfully recruit other women into the organization, according to several witnesses who also pointed out her decisive role in the recruitment of the secret sect in which women were branded with Raniere’s initials on their waists and forced to have sex with him. After Mack’s sentencing on June 30 at 11 a.m., the only thing left to know is the sentence that the judge will give to Nancy and Lauren Salzman, mother and daughter, and the group’s accountant Kathy Russell.

  • I would read a book by Allison’s parents. Especially if they were honest about what it was like to have squash hands live with them during this house arrest.

    Did they realize their daughter was an emaciated foot soldier for Raniere? Do they accept her version of events? Have they followed Keith’s trial? What do they make of Nicki as their ex-daughter-in-law?

    How do they feel about the branding?

    Are they ever just a little, tiny, bit scared of Allison? Or just scared FOR her?

    What would they say to Catherine Oxenburg if they all sat down together?

    What do they think of Clare? Nancy?

    So many questions…

    • I don’t wish for a book written by Allison Mack’s parents. I will not spend money on it because I imagine what the content of this book would be like. I don’t care if they write such a book or not, something else is the truthfulness and honesty in this book. This cannot be answered because it would probably be very subjective and serve their own interests and those of their daughter Allison. Everything relevant is known.

      • Explaining something from your own point of view is not mutually exclusive with telling objective truth. Inner experience is subjective, but matter of facts are not.

        IMO, it would be very interesting to read a book by Allison—presuming she is more of a manipulated victim rather than perpetrator—after the cult brain fog has been lifted and wafted away from her mind, and she can look back on events with some retrospective clarity. She could give a lot of detailed information on the activities and behavior of the inner circle of the cult, its prominent figures, Raniere in particular, the Bronfmans, her state of mind, etc.

        • Agree. And I think the more totally honest Allison was in her writing, the more she would reclaim her story and life.

    • Typically, someone like Mack who ended up in such a dysfunctional and abusive situation, did so in part because her upbringing and family of origin put her on a trajectory towards it – remember, she reportedly was on her own in Hollywood living with an abusive boyfriend before she was even 18, if I recall the details correctly. Sometimes good parents do just have bad apple kids, but more often they are part of the problem.

      And on the one hand, they probably felt between a rock and hard place when an adult child got involved in a cult; parents don’t want to push things to a point that would risk having the child cut off all connections. But, on the other hand, Kreuk’s parents, for instance, seem to have done more to try to get her to break with NXIVM, though she was also not as deeply involved.

      So I think that, unfortunately, it’s less than likely that you’d get anything insightful out of them, and more likely that it would be apologism and coverup. It would, however, be very interesting to know the full picture of her life story and family background.

    • I want to hear about how her parents found that incredibly adorable dog!!

      No one is talking about that adorable scruffy creature Allison’s mom is holding! What is that? Its ears are too big to be a full-bred Jack Russell… what is it…?

  • Living in parents home, walking around outside with no shoes on, wonder what the rug looks like inside the home?

  • Frank-

    Thanks for publishing the cankle/barefoot picture. Ugly feet and cankles are like pickled-pig-feet and grits — some things are just meant to go together.

    BTW: I know, one Chicagoan, who would love a taste of the duck-pate, between the toes of those feet.

    I bet her feet smell like Feta Blue cheese.

  • “Poor Allison”. Walking the grounds of the family’s $5 million home with the Lexus parked in the driveway.

    Give me an effin’ break!

    “ Mack will have to read all this and help her attorneys craft any objections”

    That’s inverted. It’s the attorneys, the paid professionals, who read it, go through it all with a fine-toothed legal comb, then get her input.

    Poor wee Allison is not all alone in her struggle. She has a top-notch legal team handling it for her.

    Christ on a bike! Excuse me while I go play the world’s smallest violin for poor Allison the racketeer. Poor wee Allison the Slave Master and criminal conspirator. By her own admission, BTW.

    Curious that the subject of Sicilian organized crime goombahs came up here. Because those charming fellows were racketeers too. The Cosa Nostra was a criminal conspiracy just like Nxivm/DOS. It too had its loyal lieutenants and enforcers. Mack was Raniere’s loyal lieutenant and enforcer. Lying for him, enforcing his cruel edicts, and loyal to the end, fleeing to Mexico with him when the law was on their trail.

    It was Mack who enforced the starvation diet on her slaves. Who pimped them out to her Vanguard. Who kept tabs on them 24/7. Raniere was too busy sleeping all day and watching Star Trek re-runs to run his slaves ragged. He could trust Mack to do all that for him. Because she was loyal to him and industrious and innovative in his service and had a vicious streak a mile wide that he could depend upon.

    Can somebody explain to me how Mack was “deceived” about DOS when she knew all along that Raniere was running the show? About what kind of man he was? Because she was f**king him and was close to him for years. Can somebody explain how she was “misled” about what was going on, when her text records show she knew all along what was really going on?

    I’m not taken in by the “poor victim Allison” song and dance any more than I am by the pop-culture myth of Mafiosa as gentle men who were nice to women. Bunch of professional criminals, ruthless in their pursuit of power, remorseless and without pity. And yeah, that applies to “poor Allison” too.

    • How was she deceived? Well, she thought, as did everyone else in the organization, that Keith was the smartest man in the world and had all these patents and had a vision for a better world. Everyone, with the possible exception of Nancy, bought into that.

      The reason it matters is because he used that position of awe and respect to ask people to do a lot of weird stuff that they otherwise probably wouldn’t. In Allison’s case, I think a lot of what was going on didn’t really make sense to her, but she went along with it because she thought he had some grand plan for the world. And I also think there’s no way in hell she recognized DOS as a sex trafficking operation.

      • She thought Raniere was the smartest man in the world.

        Okay. That proves she was stupid, it does not prove she was a helpless victim.

        According to Mack’s boyfriend of the time, they both had the impression that Nxivm was “kind of culty”. Having a modicum of common sense, he stopped going. Mack dumped him. She joined the cult.

        She joined despite ample warnings and her own misgivings.


        When people make stupid choices, they risk paying the consequences. This is known as “personal responsibility”.

        I think the kids today call it “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

        Mack thought Raniere was Mr. Wonderful? Okay. Why didn’t she wise up in the decade or so she was intimately involved with the boorish, mean, selfish inept clown? According to Mark Vicente, the mask dropped pretty quickly when one was alone with the bastard.

        Raniere, the great feminist and champion of women, striving to make the world a better place. Mack believed this (!) even after he told her and the other women that they were too fat? When he told them it was “natural” for a man (him) to screw every girl he took a fancy to while they were all expected to remain his exclusive property? She was “misled” into thinking that was female empowerment and the prescription for a better world?

        “I was misled” was the excuse she gave in her allocution before Judge Garaufis. Misled?! The court heard her in an audio recording in conversation with Raniere planning the branding “ceremony”. A torture-porn ritual to be videoed and sent to Raniere. Women branded with a man’s initials, Raniere’s initials. And still Mack told the women she recruited that DOS was a women-only feminist group aimed at empowering women.

        She wasn’t misled. She knew exactly what was going on. She knew exactly what she was doing. She was a willing, nay enthusiastic partner of Raniere’s.

        Why, I ask, did she never wise up? Branding torture-porn ceremonies were conducted in her home. Sarah Edmondson among others was branded in Mack’s living room. The stench, reportedly, was unbelievable. (I knew a WWll vet who knew that stench, from a shot-up bomber crash landing. It’s an odor that persists.) Mack had that stink in her home like some devilish potpourri. Why, I ask myself, did she remain loyal to Raniere after that experience?

        Mack was, at least in part, the same as Raniere, selfish, power-hungry, self-centered and cruel.

        Mack bears responsibility for the crimes she committed. Justice demands it. Forget for a moment her gender, or that she’s kinda cute, or that she used to play a sweet kid on that TV show. Just look at the facts of what she did in DOS. Her role as Raniere’s trusted lieutenant. The facts of what she knew about the operation and yet remained loyal and enthusiastic, lying to her slaves and blackmailing them and humiliating them in service to Raniere.

        I say she bears responsibility for her crimes, for what she did alongside Raniere. Let’s say she’s just 15% as culpable as him. Consistent with Raniere’s sentencing that’s 18 years in prison for Mack.

        Justice. Personal responsibility.

        • I guess I could see you at 15% as culpable, but keep in mind that KAR was offered (somebody keep me honest here), 16 years as a plea deal and turned it down. The 120-year sentence is partly a punishment for daring to go to trial/not apologize. So how about 15% of 16 years = 2.4? Lol

          • You are a mathematical genius!
            The prosecutors accepted and knew with high probability in estimation of Raniere’s personality that Keith Raniere would refuse this offer. All of this is just another anecdote in the NXIVM saga. None of this deal holds water anymore, even with respect to Allison Mack. Judgment will be rendered in a different dimension than you imagine or desire.

        • your observations are based more on your biased point of view than on actual knowledge, the stories that Frank has told about various Nxivm members, men and women alike who were very caught up in the cult mental fog, gives us a better perspective of As Allison got caught up in her relationship with KAR and the other women in the inner circle, even Mark Vicente admitted how KAR had revealed his true face on several occasions, but he was not able to recognize the elephant in the middle of the room, and he He is a man he was not having sex or participating in threesomes with KAR, on the other hand you have to take into account the fact that in cults someone may have a position near or far from the leader but he will never be in a position in which he is not a victim of the group’s power over her.

    • Excellent points!
      Every one of them.
      I could hardly read the offal in the main story without gagging.

      “the pop-culture myth of Mafiosa as gentle men who were nice to women. Bunch of professional criminals, ruthless in their pursuit of power, remorseless and without pity. And yeah, that applies to “poor Allison” too.” Aristotle’s Sausage

      In Chicago, we had a gangster named Tony Spilotro.
      Tony was a childhood friend of the actor Robert Conrad (The Wild, Wild West).
      Conrad eulogized Spilotro as a gentleman who would not tolerate swearing around ladies.
      Robert Conrad failed to mention that once Spilotro put a man’s head in a vise and tightened it until the man’s eyes popped out.

      Allison Mack earned her nickname of “Pimp”.
      Mack insulted women and called them “Brat” and “Princess”.
      If Mack had not been stopped, she would still be torturing and blackmailing women.

      I have linked a number of videos showing the hardships of people in Southern California.
      People lacking housing, healthcare and food.
      If you want to feel sorry for anyone, feel sorry for them, not an entitled, sadistic actress like Allison Pimp Mack.

      • You call her pimp and I think of her as a madam in Raniere’s bordello. And what a klutz Mack was as an indiscreet, hotshot madam or pimp. Ugh that word like a zit.

        Mack and the Executioner’s Success Story. Hear all about it!

        “Success in almost any field depends more on energy and drive than it does on intelligence. This explains why we have so many stupid

        Sloan Wilson, American writer (A Summer Place, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. Be still my heart, Sloan Wilson.

        Whitney Houston: Crack is WHACK. me: A Mack attack is as WHACK as all that.

    • In California, you often gave to pay for your home confinement. Which not everyone can afford. They don’t all have “Clares” footing their legal bills.

      So there’s that. And 5 million in bail.

      Odd that the passionate justice warriors from Nxivm do not care about wealth disparity and incarcerated people.

      • If you mean that the person on home confinement has to pay the monthly fee for the ankle bracelet, that’s pretty commonplace nowadays. You can read more about the topic at:

        Whenever you’re assessing how Keith and his followers act towards others, remember first and foremost that much of their thinking is built on principles previously espoused by Ayn Rand. So, while they may make some noise about compassion and caring for those in need, they really look at those people as parasites — which, interesting enough, makes Keith the biggest parasite of all.

  • ” …we were speaking of Allison Mack and not the old mafia.”

    This thought divergence reminds me of some of the Buffalo/Niagara Falls mafioso snippets I heard from Toni Natalie re: her “Married to the Mob” days in that region. Along with Frank’s own enthusiasm for Godfather movies and lore.

    Boggles the imagination how many ex-NXIANS who hail from Buffalo for-real mingled with mobsters in their glory days of youth and vigor. When girls lined up to do their laundry instead of telling them to use the garden hose.

    Also reminds me of that time when AnonyMaker accused me of sending my Italian Upstate, NY cousins (I hadn’t talked to in years) to spy on and harass (or kill) him or her.

    And that time in May 2018 when an actor distinctively disguised as my brother showed up at Rite Aid while the mafia boss character of a store clerk I’d never seen before was speaking into his collar, and other oddities such as a couple of pasty guys from Oregon wearing tie-dyed shirts following me around the store, etc., occurred.

    But I guess only a truly paranoid schizophrenic person would note such anomalies in their daily, ho-hum existence despite the fact that she exposed a cult leader backed by billions as a pedophile and has been a (not-so-subtly) forewarned gas lighting and harassment target ever since with, apparently, more and more creeps on the payroll.

    To the bad actor who most recently portrayed my brother just a couple weeks ago now – please enjoy the charcoal toothpaste from my late Dad’s attaché case. Oh, and he died of Covid co-morbidity in a nursing home with an outbreak. Fluoride is a great germ and mutant worm preservative.

    Now, were these the same stalkers that tried to run us off the road recently or are these more anti-stalker stalkers?

    Double dare you to post, Frank. Also, having never met my vagina, how would you know it might require resizing like the lady in The Godfather book you mentioned?

    Personally, I’m going for an insanity plea if you all ever succeed in framing me for whatever “criminally-minded” act shows up next.

  • What’s the worse punishment?

    1. Spending three years of house arrest at your really cheery parent’s house?
    2. Spending two years at a minimum-security prison?
    3. Losing your life savings to a madman?
    4. Losing your career and your dignity?
    5. Having paparazzi giddy they caught you taking out the trash?
    6. Having weird Shadows of the world call you a gangster in dozens of articles?
    7. Feeling the guilt of leading your friends into the clutches of a monster?
    8. Having hunger pains every second of the day for years on end?
    9. Being branded and forced to give false defaming accusations against the nicest, friendliest, most jolly parents in CA?
    10. Having sex with hairy, stinky, limpy Keith?

    • I agree in leniency, Nutjob, but many believe those things you mention don’t meet the societal definition of victim restitution.

      Yes, she lost a lot…..but in the eyes of her critics here, so have her victims, and they haven’t been made whole yet.

      It will be interesting to see the Victim Impact statements.

      • Of course, you’re right. But, with what she went through, the juxtaposition of the victim impact statements with her personal Vanguardian history will be unavoidable for the judge to notice. And if the victims who submit statements are all outside the courthouse lining up podcast guests, I hope the judge makes a mental note.

  • This will test Nicki’s veracity for “Make Justice Blind” and if she really is for criminal justice reform and fights for the rights of accused and incarcerated. We’ll see just how sincere “Make Justice Blind” really is. More than likely, she’s completely full of shit, will leave her ex-wife to hang, and will just do whatever prisoner 57005-177 tells her to do.


    • She has repented when she has served her sentence within the law and guidelines. And not before.

        • No. She needs to do time. Consequences are supposed to sting. Granted, I would rather it be in a safe rehabilitative environment, and that’s not what she’s going to get. No one deserves those conditions.

    • Although federal judges can order a convicted defendant to perform community service, they generally only do so for very minor crimes. Since she pleaded guilty to two major felonies (Racketeering and Racketeering Conspiracy) — each of which carries a maximum sentence of 20-years — there is virtually no chance that Allison Mack will be ordered to do community service in lieu of serving time in prison.

  • Isn’t it reasonable to say that the Judge will already know what he will be sentencing Mack the moment he sits down in court?

    • Most judges will at least go along with the illusion that what is said at the sentencing hearing actually has an impact on the sentence they will mete out to the defendant (That’s why there is often a “break” after the victims have given their “Impact Statements” and the attorneys for both sides have made their arguments — which is when judges supposedly decide what the sentence should be). But in 99.9% of the cases, the judge will have already decided what the sentence will be before the sentencing hearing even starts — and short of some “bombshell announcement” by one of the victims (“It was me who killed Mr. Smith, not the defendant”), that is what will be announced after the “break”.

      • I kind of thought that was the case at sentencing. Especially since the judge has the reasons for his sentence down in his written report already. It’s not all made up at the last minute.

        Judicial rulings are supposed to be dispassionate and well thought out, based on law and precedent and the facts that came out on trial. Not based on emotional appeals.

        So Mack can burst into tears, swoon and drop to the floor, and start speaking in tongues next month in front of Judge Garaufis. Won’t do her a bit of good.

        On another subject— are victim’s statements relatively new court proceedings? Seems like they’ve become a thing in recent years. I don’t remember them way back.

  • Frank, I agree absolutely the right father would have put Vanguard in his place. If he messes with my sister, my father would have beat the crap out of his pussbag face. Heck, if it was my sister, I would have beat the crap out of him. That little shitass weasel.

    I am thinking most of these women were ‘older’ and daddy didn’t know.

    • A good old school Italian daddy always knows. And there is never an “older” with your daughter. She is forever your little girl.

      Take this from someone who has family that kept loot buried for “emergencies”.

  • “He abandoned his manners when someone ill-treated a woman” Frank Parlato

    Allison Mack mistreated dozens of women.
    Allison Mack branded and blackmailed numerous women.
    Frank, do you have the courage to admit Mack’s willing abuse of women?

    Nicki Clyne is right about one thing.
    Women have agency and responsibility for their actions.

  • A really pretty girl who had it all, and lost so much because of an asshole.

    Those pictures of her starved beg for leniency.

  • Love her cankles. She has the third-best candles in NXIVM next to Toni Natalie and Kristin Kreuk.

    • “Gastone Porter MD PhD DDS DO RSVP”

      RSVP ? ? ? ?
      répondez s’il vous plaît ? ? ? ?

      ” She has the third-best cankles in NXIVM next to Toni Natalie and Kristin Kreuk.” Gastone Porter

      I take it by your comment that Allison Mack is still part of NXIVM’s Clown World.

      • Shadow, do you see Mack’s face in the pap photos Frank has here, taken a few days ago?

        That face tells its story right then. If one reads faces at all, and I think that we ALL read faces, all of our lives, and often without noticing that we do so at all….Yup. Open books. Faces. So what lies beneath the surface, the book cover?

        From the moment as a baby when we can begin to see, we begin reading everyone, everything. It is a natural way to gather info and clues, to”read” everyone and everything.

        Every one of our senses is an interpretative device, a receiver. This is true for me, anyhow. As well as giving off our own unique vibe, also, we are always receiving. How very I Ching are the inner workings of our sensitivities! What magnets people really are.

        I’m anticipating Mack in court and having a chance to study her acting. What I am seeing so far, simmering from out of Mack, is that she is holding on to a lot of secretiveness and is trying to cover that over with rusty, unpracticed or no longer existent theatrical skills.

        Hiding in plain, plain sight? There is a lot more to observe here than 2 unfortunate cankles and a pair of now larger boobies. Ah yes. A lot more.

        But Mack looks rough and tough, too. Hardened. That does not offer an impression of reliability at all. There is something weasel-like about her (current) posture, face, motion, comportment. So, red flag that. I do. Not as a judgment upon Mack, but more as a thermometer guage, if that makes sense.

        But these are only pap photos, and some awareness of the camera could be a factor affecting her “composure.”

        To me, Mack does not look at all composed. Again, she looks rough, and that will require some more analyzation, more prolonged attention on my part, to weigh what I am sensing and observing.

        It will be fascinating to see how she acts upon her (criminal) sentencing. Of course, Shadow, my particular emphasis, when studying and detecting Mack’s state of mind is always watched by me with all of my own theatrical training as a backdrop, and as a piece of my own kind of measuring equipment.

        This aspect of detection work is quite fascinating, to me at least. Night and day! All or nothing at all. Lalalalalalala! The delight of it ALL.

        But it would have been wonderful if Mack had never gone down this road, the one she chose for herself.

        To me, Mack is completely an unseductive sort of an ego, rife with a lot of obvious insecurities concerning her own identity, which somehow shames her, or causes her to be ill-at-ease, under her skin, and it appears as though she thinks that she needs to conceal all of this to be found acceptable. To be liked, to seem popular and lovable, and also as if she’s new age fashionable and philosophical. But that can be as superficial as one makes it, too.

        It is sad. Not a happy story. No doubt Mack was better off before she got hooked and love-bombed by treachery and decided that it was all so GOLDEN and self-aggrandizingly “attractive.”

        Love me love me love me is a huge angle of what I get from her, a person who seeks validation exteriorly, rather than through examining the qualities of her own consciousness, unadorned by so much neediness and egotism, so misaligned and unfortunately combined.

        What WAS or IS Mack seeking, really? Only she knows, if she knows at all.

        I wait to sense more of what Mack dreams that she can successfully conceal, and not only what she can or cannot hide from the perception of some others. The surface is almost too obvious, but her secretiveness leads one to look deeper, at what Mack want, so badly, to conceal. What is that?

        Even moreso, I seek out insight regarding what and who Mack might still be HIDING from herself.

        Having also studied what is possible to see within Mack’s astrological portrait, with my ephemeris delineating all of these angular intersections, I simply keep any predictions to myself. Prediction isn’t my great interest. Character analysis is, and viewing an individual’s potentialities, for good or for ill. Learning how to learn?

        That astrologic language is complex, and it is not that suitable here at Frank’s. Explanations are too specific and detailed to write out to an audience of those who have never studied the languages of the stars and heavenly bodies, never mind the theoretical math points of convergence which one can interpret. You have got to understand the language to be able to use it or to even learn, to see a or to sense what it can contain.

        I guess that we all have our tool belts wired in our own various and also unique ways. If we are living, we are watching. And here we are, together, Shadow! The thrill is never,ever gone. Amazing.

        • Shivani,

          We have all tried to “reach Shadow”; attempting to get him to understand that Mack is not just a “villain”, but also a victim.

          Nutjob, myself, and many others have all tried to reach Shadow multiple times.

          Shadowstate1958 has written over 120 articles all on Mack……Get my point?

          You have a better shot at parting the sea than reaching Shadow.

        • Read Sarah Berman’s NXIVM book “Don’t Call It a Cult”. It’s an actual piece of excellent investigative journalism on the mechanics and history of the cult. Mack was sucked in because she was ashamed for having no formal education. She had begun acting at 3 and her parents pulled her out of school early, which is not unusual in the acting business. Mack was just fortunate to make the transition from child actor to adult actor. But she also didn’t have many friends that could’ve been a real support system. On Michael Rosenbaum’s podcast, “Inside of You”, he interviewed Sarah E and admitted that he and Tom Welling did not hang out with her while on Smallville because she was so much younger than them. Kreuk found herself an overnight sensation, but almost ended her own career because of extreme shyness to the point she didn’t want to be in front of the camera – which is why she ended up in NXIVM.

  • She is both victim and perpetrator. Her future actions going forth will tip the scales in the perception of her past behavior. She was a red flag from the get go, and was exploited because of it. They played on her pettiness and insecurities because it insured more commissions, more money. Those who recruited her and drained her bank account dry are all out walking free, with the exception of Keith?

    Let’s make a deal!

  • Let’s get back to reality.
    Mack took Gender Studies classes at Long Beach Community College and UC Berkeley via Zoom.
    Why Gender Studies?
    To push the NXIVM narrative on sex and gender issues.

    Young women do not need help from the likes of Allison Mack to form healthy sexual and personal relationships.

    Let’s see what the public thinks of Allison Mack.

    So I guess you got good at brainwashing and sex abuse…bc you practiced it daily
    1w3 likesReply

    Before anyone feels sorry for Miss Mack, be aware she was the one who suggested the brand to Keith & designed the brand & what it should be, eg. A brand, not a tattoo, initials but say it represents 4 elements. She told him woman might be more hesitant getting brand if they knew about initials.
    2w4 likesReply

    She was no victim! She was one of the biggest decision makers! she’s the one who started the whole sex scout with branding the women! She is filth she’s a kinder rapist to a pedophile she is no different
    12w2 likesReply

    Criminal monster! 💩
    12w5 likesReply

      • I don’t think most people “hate” Allison.

        They may hate what she participated in and enabled. There is a difference.

        Some don’t even “hate” her actions. They just recognize them as illegal and amoral (in their opinion), revolting, not particularly rational, etc.

        If you want a more nuanced view of Nxivm, DOS, Allison, etc. You could start with yourself. Stop making broad and lazy general statements about others.

      • Oh shit! The mouse has just roared again. Such unappetizing spittle, too. Gah. Gah gah.

        Blergh. Hiccup. Choke. Cough. Ahem.

        Mousy but highly befuddled hawk hocking some more loogies. Hoo boy. Unholy haiku.

        Is this how come jock straps were invented? (I would not know.)

        To serve as loogie diapers or somethin’ like that? Like a blowdryer for a set of balls or bawls?

        Thank God it is not meal or even snacking time at this very moment.

        Perhaps there will be no appetite available this Friday at all. Oooh dear. At least there is still a chance to swallow some beverages. The mangoes are going crazy here! Want some?

        Oh for heaven’s and earth’s sake, never mind. Way too much anthropomorphism is happening to the delicacy of this widdle, lonely, empty stomach. All is ditzy. Au secours. There is nothing left to lose.

        How flattening, yes. Not fattening. Certainly and shirley, this Mouse offers no-cal wastage. No truth in advertising.

        Well fuck a duck. By gum yes. That’s it. Chicken lickin.’ And I nevah bite into dead flesh, and will leave such digestive matters to those who do chew it, who do swallow it. These meaty, heartbeating creatures are friends of mine with such sweet hearts of their very own. And eyes, too. It would feel like I were eating one of my babies. Not happening!

        And now, back to non-divergence.

        Roar, mouse-hawk. It is only erectile dysfunction, rearing its inconvenient head. Boo hoo. The voodoo of boo hoo gets a ho-hum. Remember Siskel and Ebert?

        What about Dorothy Kilgallen? No? Moo
        moo? (Was she murdered?)

        What about Bennett Cerf? Six feet and one inch of delight, a man with a very SEXY kind of intelligence. Random House? The dictionary, at least? Noooooo? Yessss? My first big crush, Bennett Cerf. What’s My Line and Mount Kisco. What a hot daddy. Dreamy.

        Back to mouse that BORED. Bennett is still too distracting. Sigh. That darn dreamboat.

        Ho-ho-ho hum to the boo hoo voodoo. Hem and haw, shallow throat. Glug glug.

        Mousy. No Cuban coffee 4u. Good to the last drop! Too good. Does too good ever happen?

        If so, when?
        If not, how cum!?

    • That UCal fiasco sure indicates she didn’t learn her lesson. Heedless of what the young women in that class might feel, she concealed the fact that she was a convicted conspirator awaiting sentencing for her role in a sex-trafficking criminal enterprise.

      This indicates to me she still thinks she did nothing wrong. Her guilty plea was therefore a legalistic gambit, insincere and cynical.

      “I was misled” is not a statement of remorse, it is an evasion of responsibility.

      People on this forum may debate whether or not Mack is a victim, but Mack clearly thinks she merits that distinction.


    Good to see Allie in apparently good health. Speaking of fattening up, I was doing some digging in to one of Frank’s old fine feathered friends G. Steve Pigeon who purportedly introduced Frank to NXIVM with Kristin Keefe and Roger Stone – and Lil Sis still lists Clare Bronfman as one of his esteemed clients. Pigeon’s going on 5 years w/o being caged for admitting to and being convicted of bribery of a judge and channeling campaign donations to Cuomo from a foreign (Canadian) resource. His sweet plea deal was a $250k fine and a year of time in prison. Purportedly it’s all been delayed bc Pigeon’s helping the FBI with a big case. …Do you think?

    Nooooooooo, not NXIVM 😱 or IDK maybe some kind of insurrection somewhere..but, but, but Pigeon was indicted waaaaaaay before that, shortly after Trump got elected in 2016 as a Republican not the Democrat Trump was when Frank, Stone and Kristin Keefe were all NXIVM affiliates.

  • Fyi, you are supposed to flatten all cardboard before placing it in the recycle bin there, Allison.

    But on the bright side, how many of us will get to see NYC this summer?

    • “But on the bright side, how many of us will get to see NYC this summer?” Snorlax

      Back to reality, Shadow State

      NEW YORK (PIX11) — Crime rose by 30.4% in April 2021 compared to April 2020, an NYPD report released Wednesday said. Police said the greatest increases came in shootings, which were up 166%—149 in April 2021, compared to 56 in April 2020. May 19, 2021

      NYPD: Shootings up 166%, fueling NYC crime surge

      COVID-weary NYC opens to violent crime surge – New York

      Pandemic is no excuse for NYC’s rising tide of violent crime

        • No, clearly this shows the need to defund all forms of law enforcement and put those funds straight into the community. Our world needs bridges and not walls.

        • My daughter and I have just resolved to buying guns and going to the target range to learn to use them. I’ve recently been informed that my local police force has 25 cases per officer. They can’t even come out and collect camera evidence.

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