Univision’s timeline of Keith Raniere’s life

Back in July, Univision published several stories about Keith Raniere – including, ‘The Saga of Keith Raniere’ which is a timeline of his life. The original version was published in Spanish. Below is the English translation.

While some dates are questionable, for the most part, it is accurate and it bears publishing because it reveals a little of how the American Spanish language TV network viewed the important events in  Raniere life – for its Hispanic American audience.

The saga of Keith Raniere

His followers revered him as a god. Both men and women from his close circle greeted him with a kiss on the mouth. The FBI accuses him of having created a sex trafficking sect.
Keith Alan Raniere always thought himself superior to the others. Those around him also believed it. He ventured into many fields: he registered technology patents, he built massive multilevel businesses and finally found that his reputation as a gifted worked successfully in the handling of other people’s emotions.

The FBI thinks that Raniere used the same skills to induce a group of women to a sophisticated scheme of sexual and mental slavery. He referred to them, in more explicit terms, as “some toys of fornication,” according to an email seized by the authorities.

Raniere has pleaded not guilty. His lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, says the alleged victims knew what they were getting into.

The FBI thinks that Raniere used the same skills to induce a group of women to a sophisticated scheme of sexual and mental slavery. He referred to them, in more explicit terms, as “some toys of fornication,” according to an email seized by the authorities.

Raniere has pleaded not guilty. His lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, says the alleged victims knew what they were getting into.

The following are some milestones of his life:


August- Keith Raniere is born. Son of James Raniere, an advertising executive and Vera a former ballroom dancer.


The parents of Raniere are separated. His mother takes care of the child.


Study at Rockland Country Day School. At this age, according to him, he was the East Coast judo champion.


Raniere is 13 years old. He says that at this age he learned piano at the concert level and was a computer programmer.


December- Vera, Raniere’s mother, dies.


Raniere takes Amway courses.


He graduated from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York with studies in physics, mathematics and biology.

Pictures inside the NXIVM headquarters in Albany, NY.  Univision


According to The Albany Times Union, Raniere meets Gina Melita, a 15-year-old girl with whom he has sex. At this time, Raniere took the girl to play Pac Man and a game called Vanguard in which destroying enemies increases the fuel in the player’s tank. Vanguard would be Raniere’s battle name in the indoctrination of his followers.

December- According to the Times Union newspaper, Raniere has sex with Gina Hutchinson, a 15-year-old girl. According to the newspaper, when her sister, a Mormon, discovers the relationship, she makes the claim to Raniere. He told her that she did not understand that Gina’s soul was older than her biological age. The man explained that Gina was a Buddhist goddess destined to be with him. Gina committed suicide in a complex of Tibetan monks in 2002. There is no argument linking the fact to the relationship of the young woman with Raniere.


August- Along with his college classmate Karen Unterreiner, he buys a house in Clifton Park for $ 90,355. In that house, he lives with Karen and Pam Cafritz.


The Guinness Book of World Records cites Raniere for being one of three people in the world with an IQ (IQ for its acronym in English) superior to the rest of humanity after undergoing a non-contact test.


According to a judicial statement released by the Times Union, this year Raniere convinces a 12-year-old girl to have sex with him. He had sixty sexual encounters with the minor, according to the journalistic investigation.


The girl with whom Raniere had sexual relations when she was younger reports it to the police. Finally she signed a document saying that everything was true, but gave up the legal action.


September 3- Raniere signs an agreement with the New York public prosecutor’s office committing to stop operating a chain of distribution of goods. Pay a fine of $ 40,000.


Raniere founds Consumers Buyline, a nationwide shopping club.


The state of New Jersey seizes Consumers Buyline Inc, for $41,991, for non-payment of taxes

Raniere cover Executive Success Programs with Nancy Salzman


The state of New Jersey seizes Raniere’s business, Direct Buyline, at 97 thousand dollars for non-payment of taxes.

Toni Natalie, Ranieri’s girlfriend leaves after eight years of courtship.


Raniere meets Clara and Sara Bronfman, heirs to the fortune of Edgar Bronfman, an American Canadian philanthropist president and owner of Seagram’s, the largest liquor manufacturer in the world.


Raniere founds ESP (Executive Success Programs). Among the admiring students is Emiliano Salinas, the son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Fall- Sara Bronfman takes the Executive Success Programs course for $7,500.


February- Kristin Snyder, a 35-year-old environmental consultant, disappears in Alaska after completing several NXIVM sessions. According to a court report, the Alaska state police never found his body, but a notebook inside his car that read: “They brainwashed me and the emotional center of my brain has been killed, turned off … contact my parents … if you find me or this note, I’m sorry, I did not know I was already dead. ”

Principles – According to the Vanity Fair magazine, Edgar Bronfman takes the intensive course of ESP. He is delighted and starts taking private therapy courses with Salzman, whom he sent to pick her up in the helicopter that was taking her to NY. However, Bronfman was disappointed after learning that his daughter Clare had lent $ 2 million to ESP.

October- Raniere appears on the cover of Forbes as part of a story titled “Cult of Personality”. It was an article that painted the character as a manipulator who did not even have a driver’s license or bank accounts in his name. Edgar Bronfman told the magazine that he thought Raniere’s organization was a cult.


August- On Raniere’s birthday, Sara and Clare Bronfman perform on the stage with a huge 20 million dollar check in cardboard courtesy of the Ethical Foundation.


August- The Brofman sisters begin to cover Raniere’s losses in the stock market. The losses continued. Raniere blamed the sisters’ father.

November- The Bronfman sisters are appointed directors of the Raniere organization. Sara was named “humanities minister.”


Raniere meets actress Allison Mack.


The ESP center is inaugurated in Las Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City. Alejandro Betancourt, Nancy Salzman and Emiliano Salinas participate.


Raniere founds a new program called Jness to promote the empowerment of women.


October- According to the Times Union, Barbara Bouchey, a former Ranière investor, states in court that the spiritual leader blamed her that her pessimistic emotional reactions influenced the universal forces, which negatively affected Raniere.

November- Vanity Fair publishes an article in which it states that the Bronfman sisters are victims of a fearsome cult.

The sisters Clare and Sara Bronfman have been followers and unconditional friends of Keith Raniere.Social media



August- Toni Natalie, Raniere’s ex-girlfriend, is filing a memorandum in federal court in which she denounces Raniere as raping her and refers to Raniere’s organization as a cult. Raniere’s lawyer says those allegations are false.



February 12 – Under the title “Secrets of NXIVM” The Times Union of Albany begins a series about the life and adventures of Raniere to which he dedicated a year of research. He attributes 10,000 followers. He states that Raniere says that his intelligence can escape if those around him disappoint him or desert him. He boasts of having the highest IQ in the world, and that his intellectual energy is capable of turning off radars.



Raniere promotes the documentary Encender el Corazón in Le Baron, a Mormon community in Mexico.



According to the criminal complaint against Raniere in New York, Raniere created this year DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium) or The Vow a secret criminal organization that operates in New York, Canada and Mexico as a pyramid with slaves levels led by masters.

April. Raniere’s Mexican partner, mother of her son, enters the United States, according to the motion of the defense attorney.

December. Frank Parlato creates a critical internet portal for NXIVM and the activities of Raniere.


February- This month begins the facts for which Raniere and Allison Mack are accused in federal court in New York. They extend until June 2017 and include forcing people into commercial sex acts.

November 7- Pamela Cafritz, founder of Jness, one of the ESP programs, dies. Raniere is named by her as executor of his will.



May- Mark Vicente, a film director who was also an ESP member learns about some of the DOS practices.

May- Anthony Ames, husband of actress Sarah Edmondson, who was also a member of ESP, learns that his wife was tagged and presented with a live tape recorder to make the claim at the ESP offices in Albany.

The Canadian actiz Sarah Edmonson was the first member of DOS to go out to denounce the program.Sarah Edmonson

Fall – According to the current lawyer of Raniere, Marc Agnifilo, the spiritual leader contracts as a lawyer a former prosecutor from Massachusetts to investigate whether there are ongoing investigations against him in the state and federal prosecutors of New York.

September 4- Toni Zarattini, one of ESP Mexico’s instructors, makes a call to Emiliano Salinas to complain about the practices of sexual slavery that he had learned about. In the conversation it is revealed that several members of ESP knew about these practices. Salinas remembers that he knew two cases of women who had recorded and written self-incriminating information, but assures that Raniere was not involved. Salinas has not given statements about when he heard about the practices. His public relations agent cites a press release from the managers of ESP Mexico in which he claims that none of them knew.


October 13 – Canada’s immigration authorities deny entry to Raniere, his girlfriend and her son, according to a motion presented by his lawyer in New York to reconstruct the trip his client made before leaving for Mexico. The lawyer explains that the girlfriend, a Mexican citizen without residence in the United States, had to leave the country because her temporary visa had expired.

October 14 – Raniere travels from New York to San Diego, where he passes the border to Mexico (border post of San Ysidro) by land.

October 17 – The New York Times publishes an article about Rainiere’s organization in which the existence of DOS is revealed. Sarah Edmondson shows the scars of the tattoo that they did to him.

October 17 – Raniere returns from Mexico to the United States. He leaves Monterrey. According to his lawyer, this shows that Raniere was not fleeing from the United States authorities after the publication of the New York Times.

Exit and entry stamps to Mexico in Keith Raniere’s passport.Court document of the Eastern District of New York.

November 7- Raniere spends the day in Clifton Park in remembrance of one year of the death of someone close to him, according to the motion of his lawyer.

November 10- According to an air ticket provided to the judicial file of New York, Raniere travels from Albany to Atlanta and from there to Monterrey “to celebrate the birthday of her son’s mother.”

November 15 – Birthday of the mother of the son of Raniere.

December 20 – Raniere is presented before a notary public in Mexico to resign as executor of the will of Pamela Cafritz.


February 14 – Before the federal court of the Eastern District of New York, the FBI files a criminal complaint against Raniere. The complaint remains reversed until he is arrested in March 2018. He is accused of forcing unidentified persons to engage in commercial sexual acts. The agent in the case says that the FBI has interviewed eight victims, several witnesses, and raided a Raniere email account. They also accuse him of a pyramid scheme and of exploiting the members economically.

March 15- Raniere’s attorney maintains that this day he contacted the District Attorney of the Northern District of New York, Grand Jacquith. Based on that conversation, he understood that there was no investigation in progress and that he was not aware that another district was carrying it out.

March 25 – Raniere is arrested in Mexico. His lawyer maintains that he was denied access to a lawyer and was held incommunicado. “He was taken to the United States border without being brought before a Mexican court, in the absence of a legal process,” the lawyer wrote.

Hearing of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack in a Federal Court of Brooklyn, in June 2018.Shirley Shepard

March 28 – Federal authorities raid a house in northern New York linked to the investigation of sexual abuse of Raniere and the DOS program.

April 19- A grand jury agrees to file charges against Allison Mack for sex trafficking. Mack pleads innocent.

April 20 – In a memorandum to the judge, the prosecutors in Mack’s case, who pleaded not guilty, request that he not be granted bail because it represents a flight risk. In citing that risk, they say that she has visited Mexico where the son of a former president of that country is the head of NXIVM. The judge grants him bail.

June 6- Raniere’s attorney files a bail petition. Offer $ 10 million, deliver the client’s passport and submit to the surveillance of private armed guards.

June 20 – Judge Nicholas Garaufis denies the request for bail. In a previous hearing he asked Raniere’s lawyer if the private security guards he proposed as custody of his client were to prevent him from escaping or to shoot any journalist who wanted to interview him.


Emiliano Salinas a devoted follower of Keith Raniere.


A few other Univision stories on Raniere

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