Neighbor: Allison Mack befriended 8-year-old girl – and seemed to be grooming her- said to have fondled her

Allison Mack walks out of court. She has been charged with sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy.

This story came from a neighbor of Allison Mack. And, as you read it, please keep in mind that we do not yet have Allison’s side of the story.


 Allison Mack befriended an 8-year-old girl in Knox Woods where Allison lived near her cult leader, Keith Raniere. The girl was a budding gymnast and Mack spent time with her encouraging her – quite possibly telling the child she knew of a wonderful man who could help fulfill her youthful dreams of becoming an Olympian.

The neighbor witnessed this – and interacted with Mack several times. He saw firsthand what he spoke of, he said.  He felt the relationship was inappropriate. He went so far as to say that once – and only once – he personally saw Allison fondle the girl on or about her chest.

I asked him if it might be innocent – just a playful push or an accidental slip of her hands amid hugs, after the girl would show off her skill as a gymnast.

He said no. He believed it was inappropriate to touch the girl and rub her chest that way.  This was before the exposure of Raniere and Mack in the mainstream media. He did not report it to authorities – although perhaps, in retrospect, he should have.

Allison – several neighbors said –  seemed to only rarely walk with Raniere – who was often spotted walking and holding hands with many different women at all hours of the days.  Most times, Allison walked alone, however. Perhaps she was busy texting other women – encouraging – or ordering them into Raniere’s boudoir – or looking for fresh conquests for Raniere – of any age.  Perhaps one day, she intended to bring the little girl over to 8 Hale Drive for Raniere to teach her gymnastics. Or possibly not.

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What was Allison Mack up to with a 8-year old girl?

A note on 8 Hale Drive :

Keith Raniere seems to have acquired – or rather it just magically appeared – via Bronfman money – his town home on 8 Hale Drive around 2006-07.  While he lived there ménage a trois with Pam Cafritz [until her death] and Mariana Fernandez on nearby Flintlock Lane and later Oregon Trial, he had his own personal space at 8 Hale Drive. This was his bachelor pad.

Inside it was his $40,000 grand piano [magically appearing with Bronfman money]. He also had his library there to give it a bookish feel for the man who claimed to be the world’s smartest man.

The home was raided by the FBI in late March and many items were removed. It lies empty now.  The piano remains (downstairs) as does his hot tub (upstairs), I am told. An ex-NXIVM member reminded me that 8 Hale Drive was not merely a sex lair – as it has been described by critics. It was a multi-faceted place, she said, where Raniere met people for other-than-sexual purposes. He taught at least one male actor piano lessons there. He would also read ther4e or simply enjoy the good company of NXIVM students, I was told. He would coach, teach singing, play piano for adoring slaves and mentor there.

And he used it as a sex lair.  At least one DOS slave told me she was allowed to stay overnight at 8 Hale Drive – after he had sex with her. Her coming down in the morning and going over and seeing Allison – with hair mussed up – led Allison to realize she had stayed at 8 Hale Drive overnight and this got Allison jealous, according to the DOS slave – now escaped.

Sad Allison. She was terribly conflicted. Pam Cafrtiz enjoyed finding women and girls for Raniere to bed. This was because she was bisexual and liked the fun of pleasing her horny master.

It may be true that Allison had no ill intentions for the 8-year-old girl mentioned above – and maybe others of like age. But Allison [like Pam] knowingly associated with – chose to dedicate herself to – a man accused of pedophilia. Now, Allison stands accused of sex trafficking. She is on home arrest and a $5 million bond, 2,500 miles away from Raniere who is still in a prison cell. If she is convicted she will spend years – perhaps life – in prison, maybe she’ll agree to tell the truth about Raniere and his sex-slaver cult. Maybe not. .

We do not have Allison’s statement on the little girl. We do know that the woman she replaced as chief pimp for Raniere – the late Pamela Ann Cafritz –  hired a 12-year-old girl to walk her dog for her to get the child close to Raniere – and that he subsequently taught the 12-year old how to hug like an adult – pelvis to pelvis. There were lots of hugs in those days – and kisses on the lips.  It worked then. Raniere raped the 12-year-old about 60 times, the girl, now a grown woman, claimed in written statements at the time.  Police chose not to press charges unless the girl agreed to wear a wire and confront Raniere alone. She declined. He was not prosecuted.

Fast forward 25 years. Was Allison trying to groom a little girl into Raniere’s harem? Or just trying to be nice? – treating a child with kindness and affectionate encouragement?  I am inclined to think perhaps she was just trying to be nice, but the neighbor thinks otherwise.

If she was trying to groom her, was it because she was trying to please her Vanguard – or satisfy her own perversions?  It doesn’t matter, perhaps. She hitched her wagon to the dark star of Raniere – a monster of perversion – and, either way, she pays the price – like many others will do shortly.


8 Hale Drive is a town home that Keith Raniere used as a multi-faceted place – including using it as his sex lair. The door on the left leads to his town home. Right next door, at one time lived Michelle Salzman. Other women came and went, according to neighbors. Just up the street – a few doors down – lived Lauren Salzman. She later moved to another home on nearby Lape.


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  • i support Alison for touching this girl. all touch is a way to show love and it is innocent and i have touched many children in this same way below the waist

  • Unreal I Know Now This Site Frank Only Post What He Wants So What Does That Say He Has To Be A Big Part Of This Not Good ! He Blocks A True Stoy About A 8 Year Old Girl That Has And Still Is Kidnapped Continues To Block Anything We Try To Post. If Frank Was Who He Wants Everyone To Believe He Would Let Our Case Come Out And Help!

  • Another left by someone else- –

    The US Justice Department’s website on child sex trafficking.

    Child Sex Trafficking

    Child sex trafficking refers to the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, obtaining, patronizing, or soliciting of a minor for the purpose of a commercial sex act. Offenders of this crime who are commonly referred to as traffickers, or pimps, target vulnerable children and gain control over them using a variety of manipulative methods. Victims frequently fall prey to traffickers who lure them in with an offer of food, clothes, attention, friendship, love, and a seemingly safe place to sleep. After cultivating a relationship with the child and engendering a false sense of trust, the trafficker will begin engaging the child in prostitution, and use physical, emotional, and psychological abuse to keep the child trapped in a life of prostitution. It is common for traffickers to isolate victims by moving them far away from friends and family, altering their physical appearances, or continuously moving them to new locations. Victims are heavily conditioned to remain loyal to the trafficker and to distrust law enforcement. No child is immune to becoming a victim of child sex trafficking, regardless of the child’s race, age, socioeconomic status, or location, and every child involved in this form of commercial sexual exploitation is a victim.

    • The Truth Be Told I Have A 8 Year Old Granddaughter That Has Been And Still Is Kidnapped By This Cult! She Is Being Used For Sex Trafficking! We Have Tons Of Evedince That Needs To Be Brought Forward! No One Will Look At This ! Been To Many Officials, New York FBI, State Police, Police Department, Everyone Snow Balls Us Won’t Look At One Thing We Have Which Is Everything The FBI Right On There Site Should Be In Charge Of ! All Do To Pay Offs. Innocent Children Has To Be The Ones To Suffer From This! Where Is Justice For The Children? if Frank Is Who He Wants Everything To Think He Is, Frank Would Be Helping And Hearing Our Case! Our Granddaughter Everyday Is Deeply In Danger And No One Cares Only About Making Money Very Sad!

    • It’s True Because They Don’t Want The Real True Story’s Out Only What They Want ! What Does That Tell You??????

    • That’s for sure.
      Did you read the Van Douche guys post about a “fair-skinned, green eyed Afghanistan woman?”

      The lambs are still screaming, Van Douchie-boy.
      We always knew the truth.
      You know how?

      I’ll let you think about it for a while. Lol

      • Sorry, but I don’t speak your cryptic version of stupid. Who’s “we”? I’m sure the word salad of your master has scrambled your mind, but true stories of abuse exist in the real world.

        Also, I don’t know why what I said about an Afghan woman is so shocking to you. Here’s a link with further information on the Afghan people:

        Pretty cool that the real world exists outside of your information closed, VanDouchian bubble, eh?

        • My, but you think so highly of yourself, Van DOUCHE .Do you really think that you are the center of my world? Sorry to burst that bubble for you .

          It seems you misunderstood my reason for finding your post distasteful. You can’t disguise your racism so easily , Van DOUCHE. What was your purpose in mentioning the ethnicity and skin/eye coloring of this woman? How was it relevant to the story in any way?

          • Lolwut? That’s a nice non-sequitur you got going there. You call me out and I respond, and you’re like “What? You think your the center of my world.” Deliberately misrepresenting someone to the point of absurdity is one of the marks of a sociopath.

            “You can’t disguise your racism so easily”

            Yippee! Another non-sequitur. The mere mention of physical features of a particular person in a story doesn’t make them a racist you bobblehead.

            As to the purpose of mentioning them, it’s pretty obvious. Even though she was a nice woman and physically attractive, the sexual abuse had such an impact on her emotional state that these things weren’t enough to maintain the relationship.

            Like I said, NXIVM makes people dumber.

          • Good try DOUCHE .
            You know I’m not a member of NXIVM or of any cult, and I seriously doubt any NXIVM members are writing posts here.
            You also are aware that I’m not a sociopath, (but it’s very likely that you are, all things considered, Doc.)

            You know that this woman’s skin color was irrelevant to the fact the she had been sexually abused, but yet you mentioned it as though the abuse had been connected to that.

            It’s amusing how you try to put words in my mouth. Your claims that I believe the mere mention of skin color demonstrates racism are YOUR beliefs. I never said it was racist to mention those things. I said your comments suggested racism because you mentioned it as though her ethnicity was relevant to her childhood abuse.

        • – You know I’m not a member of NXIVM or of any cult,

          I don’t know anything certain about you. I just make a probabilistic determination based off of what you have posted so far.

          – and I seriously doubt any NXIVM members are writing posts here.

          And that is why I you’ve shifted my probabilistic gauge needle towards the side that says “NXIVM member”. You’re telling me one of the most popular websites for anti-NXIVM information, the one responsible for revealing DOS and other inside information was being silently ignored by NXIVM members for the years it has been around? No, I don’t think so because human motivations would suggest otherwise.

          – You also are aware that I’m not a sociopath, (but it’s very likely that you are, all things considered, Doc.)

          I don’t know that either. I only pointed out an indicator that suggested that you could be one.

          – You know that this woman’s skin color was irrelevant to the fact the she had been sexually abused, but yet you mentioned it as though the abuse had been connected to that.

          I guess you don’t know what a non-sequitur is. There is no correlation nor causation between a person’s skin color, race, creed, ethnicity, political affiliation, etc., and their susceptibility to being sexually abused. The mere mention of some extrinsic detail not directly tied to main import of a story has never been a positive assertion for some irrelevant relationship between the two.

          This is what you unequivocally suggested:

          1) I mentioned a woman’s ethnicity and physical features.
          2) She was sexually abused.
          2) 1) is irrelevant to 2)
          3) Therefore, I am anti whatever is mentioned in 1).

          If I mentioned that she was a doctor, would that make me anti-medicine? LOL.

          This is exactly what a non-sequitur is. This is just some wishful thinking you’re trying to concoct onto what I have stated and it fails miserably.

          But nice try in attempting to paint me as a racist. We can add this aspersion to ones that I have previously been called, such as anti-feminist and misogynistic.

          – It’s amusing how you try to put words in my mouth. Your claims that I believe the mere mention of skin color demonstrates racism are YOUR beliefs. I never said it was racist to mention those things. I said your comments suggested racism because you mentioned it as though her ethnicity was relevant to her childhood abuse.

          Wow, that sounds like a whole lot of convoluted nonsense. I’ve now put words into your mouth because when you suggested I was a racist – “You can’t disguise your racism so easily” – and I responded by telling you that the mere mention of someone’s physical characteristics and ethnicity in a story about sexual abuse suggests no such thing, this has now become proof of my own racist beliefs. LOL.

          That word salad really mucks with your logical thought processes. Or this was just a really shitty attempt at gaslighting.

          • You’re the master gas-lighter, DOC. You’ve been doing it for years, doc. Right, Spin doctor?. LOL.

            You still are unable to explain why you mention this woman’s ethnicity and coloring in relation to childhood sexual abuse.
            You CAN’T explain it,.right Dr.?
            That’s why you tossed out all that ridiculous word salad in an attempt to draw attention away from that, instead of answering the question.

            You could argue until you turn purple and pass out ….it won’t change what you said earlier. Right, Lil dictator?
            Not everyone wants to rule the world, you know.

          • – You still are unable to explain why you mention this woman’s ethnicity and coloring in relation to childhood sexual abuse.

            Wow. You’re either willfully obtuse, really stupid, or a disingenuous ass-wipe, none of these cases worthy of further response.

            The rest of your response is nothing more than a “I know you are but what am I”. This is the furthest extent of your intellectual capacity. Goodbye Pee-Wee Herman.

          • Wow, Doc Coward!
            You sure told me!!
            But yet, no explanation was given for the question I asked. Hmmm…

            It’s funny watching you morons scramble around like this 😁😀

            Is that really Mikey posting there?

            Oh, I know.. now you’re going to say I’m “off my rocker” and that you have no idea what I refer to.

            The truth always comes out eventually , so I guess we will see what happens; Doc.

  • Even children’s bodies can respond to touch. That doesn’t mean they are ready or willing to be molested. Children tend to trust some adults, this is why they used innocent looking Allison. We have laws to protect children for this very reason, sadly against their own parents sometimes.

  • I feel like this is a bit of a leap–yes, I have no doubt Allison Mack was trying to recruit as many adult woman as she could which is already gross, but there is a level of evilness in deciding to groom a child and I just have my doubts to the truthfulness of the story involving AM’s fondling a child and that there was an adult who witnessed it and did nothing to stop it.

    If this truly happened, then I hope the child and her parents are talking to cops, but somehow I think this is the last we’ll hear about this.

      • But can’t the collateral be things that are made up, just so they’d could destroy the person ? I don’t think for one moment that AM abused her nephews–this story is just to stir up controversy.

        • The allegation that a thirty something adult, particularly a public figure such as Allison Mack, fondled an 8 year old girl and was trying to groom this child for sexual abuse is so serious that no one would make it up on a whim.
          I hope the witness will tell the FBI what he saw if he hasn’t already.

  • As Keith never told the whole truth to anyone, including his #2 , he was also getting more bold and dangerous as time went by. Who knows what was next in his little pea brain of sick fantasies. Had he not finally been caught be assured he would have continued to create new horrors upon his slaves. My guess is the authorities have written verification of said ideas, wether admissible I can’t say.

    • You cannot be more correct. Raniere was escalating big time. As to his methods: Sleep deprivation, withholding of food, and blackmailing members to prevent them from leaving are all classic, age old cult techniques. Jim Jones used them and eventually wound up visiting physical and mental horrors of his “followers.” The prolonged lack of sleep and food results in an inability to reason or make good decisions. I agree with you the KR was on the way to something awful. Maybe murder, if it happened to suit him at the time.

  • Baaaa Baaa Black sheep
    Have you any wool?
    Yes sir! Yes sir!
    5 shitbag5 full
    One for my master
    One for…….

  • Allison Mack the Pimp
    Allison Mack the Slave Master
    Allison Mack the Sex Trafficker
    Allison Mack the Blackmailer
    Allison Mack the Torturer
    Allison Mack the Child Molester
    Allison Mack the Public Face of NXIVM!

  • Keith does not like 8 year old girls. He prefers teenage girls. If anything Allison was grooming her for her future.

    • How do you know he doesn’t like 8 year old girls? Even Rainere would be careful who he shared that with. Maybe 12 to 15 year olds were getting too old for him. This is a man who has claimed he’s murdered for his beliefs, incest is acceptable children enjoy sex. This sick depraved creature has obviously never been molested or raped (yet). What do you think would be next if he were free? He’s pushing his slaves farther into depravity, given time he would have gotten bored with just branding. Maybe he already had.

  • Has the girl been identified? Are there statements from the parents? The story seems incomplete for press.

  • Again just because Allison wanted to intro the girl to Vanguard doesn’t mean he was going to have sex with her before she reached puberty. Keith often taught that puberty is the true age of consent. Grow up and get a grip. There is nothing wrong with a teacher teaching children.

    • Pea Onyu:

      What kind of perversions does your girl friend Allison Mack have to stoop to before you finally admit that Allison is a seriously broken person.
      A danger to herself and to the people around her.

      The law clearly states that an 8 year old child is not to be a target of sexual advances from adults.
      Your Vanguard and his flunky Allison do not have the option of changing the age of consent because it suits their weird libidos.
      The age of consent is a matter for the New York State Legislature to decide.

      Was this child to be a sex toy for Vanguard or your demented friend Allison?
      Is your friend Allison, in your eyes, a hero for trying to groom an 8 year old child for sex?

      • She did what she believed was in the girls best interest. How can you judge her you don’t know her or the girl ? In some societies it is not pedophilia if it is a woman mentoring a girl

        • The same way Heidi Fleiss mentored young women into prostitution?

          America has laws against such mentoring.

          And was it acceptable when the perverted Congressman Dennis Hastert from Yorkville, Illinois molested high school boys?
          Was it acceptable when members of the clergy molested boys entrusted to their care?

          Adults owe children the respect not to take advantage of the children’s inexperience and naivete.

        • Pea,
          Seriously? You’re defending this??? The age of consent is defined by the state of New York, not some narcissist child molester that you seem to be happy following (YUCK!). Furthermore, according to ACTUAL SCIENCE, the reasoning and judgement centers of the brain do not fully mature until around the age of 25 in both males and females. In other words, young girls may not fully understand that someone is grooming them for sex and taking advantage of them. Is this really consent? NOPE.
          You are seriously deluded in defending this. You need psychological help.

        • We aren’t talking about the cave man era here. You or I couldn’t say I don’t like that law me going to ignore it. I want, i take. You can’t change laws to suit your own sicknesses.

      • Allison is a noble person. She did what Vangaurd asked of her. Who doubts her doubts Vangaurd himself. Stay with the course. They will both be acquitted and we will be bigger than ever. Never doubt it.

        • Grooming a child to be RAPED by a pedophile is not the action of a noble person. You are delusional. I feel sorry for you.

          • I know a lovely young woman with downs syndrome, she is much more intelligent than Pea.

        • Do you remember being 8? A child cannot get her innocence back once a predator has taken it, it destroys her trust, it leaves emotional scars for the rest of her life. It ups the chances of alcoholism and drug addiction, suicide rates are much higher in sexually abused children. Do YOU really believe Allison, Keith or anyone has the right to justify this?

          • Speaking as someone who was abused when I was 8, please allow me to thank you for saying this. I’ve spent the last 34 years since it happened fighting off a deep depression and complete lack of trust in people. I have been hospitalized because I tried to kill myself over this. I still have nightmares about this. No child should have to go through something like this. Hell, no human being should have to deal with the mental and emotional trauma of being sexually abused.

            It… it warps you and makes living so damned hard. Anyone who thinks abusing little girls or boys is noble frankly deserves to be condemned to the deepest regions of whatever Hell they subscribe to.

          • Yeah it’s really creepy that people don’t empathize with this. I have a friend who married a fair skinned Afghan woman mostly raised in America who had pretty green eyes and was considered beautiful by many, but she was molested as a child. Needless to say the marriage lasted less than a year and I believe there were attempts at therapy. I heard it through the grapevine that she just could not deal with being sexually touched and there were points where she would literally scream due to past abuse and run around the house naked. That was the extent of her psychological damage. This friend of mine tried to do so, but he could no longer deal with such ramifications even though she was quite attractive. One has to question the judgement of anyone who thinks sexually messing with young teenagers – let alone a child – is anything other than appalling.

        • Good luck with that. Especially if you participated in any of the depravity yourself. May you survive the collision with reality when it comes.

        • Who are you trying to convince?

          It may be of necessity that you receive a closer look under a microscope. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something very questionable about you!

          Noble? Really? Pedophiles are not sick – they are pure evil ergo grooming a child includes ‘intent’.

    • It is a parent’s right to decide who is an appropriate teacher for their children. We trust state certified teachers with our children because there are safeguards in place to train teachers and to ascertain if they are appropriate candidates for teaching. And if a teacher steps over the line, that can be dealt with legally. Keith and Allison don’t get to appoint themselves as teachers for minor children. If that were my child and I thought Ms Mack or Mr Raniere were approaching her without my consent, at best, we would have exchanged words. And there would have been legal repercussions if they didn’t back off. And having known Keith personally and intimately, I never want him anywhere near my child! You get a grip – what the fuck world do you live in that you don’t recognize you need to leave other people’s children alone unless you are rescuing them from abuse. And in the case of Keith, the abuser would be him.

    • Puberty, are you fucking kidding? It’s called `child molestation` for a reason. How did Keith convince espians that sex with him was somehow to their benefit, he’s obviously no genius but he sure is smarter than his followers.

  • If the neighbour thought Allison Mack was truly acting inappropriately then he or she should have notified the authorities when this was occurring. I think this person is looking for attention and it’s quite sad. Allison Mack will need to answer for her proven crimes…..anything else is just gossip!

        • Free speech does not mean youre allowed to make up bullshit and lies about people and then post it as though it’s the truth.
          There’s another name for that, Scottie.

          I hear the lambs crying ,Scottie. Can you hear them?

          • How do you know this story was made up? Is it so inconsistent with Mack’s behavior that it is not believable? Frank never claimed it was true, get a clue. The lambs you hear is your Libtard snowflake imagination. LOL

          • Dear God, I never thought I would be defending Scott Johnson, but here I am. Free speech means exactly that. You might want to check out the Bill of Rights and decisions by the Supremes. If the claims made by the “neighbor” are untrue, then Allison could sue for libel or slander.
            At the same time, these claims deserve investigation.

          • NC girl? Do you still hear them?Do you wake up in the middle of the night and hear the lambs screaming?

            And do you know these guys have a lot in common with Dr. Lector?

          • I hear no sheep because I don’t follow Keith mindlessly. In fact I don’t follow him at all.

            Nor do I buy into the misogyny that I see from the manchildren here. But, they aren’t grooming girls for pedophiles, either. They don’t have a harem of women happily committing sex trafficking, grooming adolescent girls for a pedophile, money laundering and terror by law suits. However I don’t appreciate the childish name calling (i.e. “libtard” or “feckless cunt”). That said, they do occasionally give me pause to consider some of the more sinister overtones of this case.

            I can think for my self, thanks. I look at the women who Keith has held sway over, and I am aghast that people have bought this garbage. These people spent thousands of dollars being spoon fed pretty run of the mill self help stuff that could have been purchased at a book store for far less. They were programmed through long days, sleep deprivation, starvation and massive peer pressure to give up what were once successful lives.

            Look at Allison Mack. She gave up a promising career as a tv actress to become a groomer for an impotent creep who sold her on creating more joy. She gave up her life and sold her soul to Keith. Among her “collateral” were apparently statements that would make anyone leery of letting her near their kids. This story seems to support that, if this story is true. At the end of this, if she is acquitted, she will be a pariah. No one will hire her as an actress, let alone as a fast food employee.

            I am as fascinated as I am horrified at what makes people give up their lives to follow someone so blindly. I have been to some beautiful places and studied with some amazing teachers, but I never felt the need to give up everything and everyone I love to follow a teacher. At the end of my workshop, I just go home and go back to my normal life. I might take some kernels of wisdom with me, but I have no intention of running mindlessly for some so called guru.

          • NC girl, the value of this story goes far beyond this singular story. Other people may have similar stories, be an additional witness to this story, etc., and when they see this story, may feel “brave” (aka doing the right thing so others aren’t sexually attacked) enough to step forward, just as we saw when Bill Cosby, Eric Schneider, and Harvey Weinstein were exposed (pun intended). One person came forward, then floods of others chimed in. And perhaps some of these other stories would be easier to prove as true, such as multiple witnesses, pictures/video, etc. Sometimes these stories can’t be used during a trial, but can be introduced during the sentencing phase.

    • Most people don’t want to be dragged into a mess like that even as witnesses or innocent bystanders.
      That’s how child molesters are able to operate for years.

      • One of my male neighbors did give an on-camera interview the other day, not sure if is the same person who may have witnessed these interactions.

        However, I can tell you that when Keith’s first son was still living in Knox Woods. CPS was called multiple times and they never found anything out of the ordinary. In fact, my lady neighbors the other day mentioned that for all the crap his mom took in the Saratoga in Decline blog from John Tighe, his mom did a good job in caring for him when he was not being spoken to by nannies in different languages. Apparently G could speak those languages but only when in the company of the nanny for which that was their native tongue.

        I am also pretty sure the Ushers Road location owned by one of the LLC’s, although intended to be used as the RCG school, never fulfilled its duty as such as it is too far away from the Knox Woods compound. It was used for housing though of RCG nannies who were hired by Nxivm for Rainbow. That is one of the reasons, they needed drivers for the nannies.

  • Oh please
    This is another anon bit of info that could easily be totally fabricated. I despise pediphes as much as anyone (and I would have seriously damaged anyone who targeted my kids) but this story is pure speculation.
    If this really happened then I hope this witness has reported it to police, as it could be useful information in this investigation.

  • Wow, this is really creepy. If this is true, it looks like VanDouche was trying to mold Allison into another Pamela Cafritz for himself, and Allison was trying to become the best Pamela Cafritz she could be. If it’s true that Pamela Cafritz was also bisexual, then Allison Mack marrying Nicki Clyne may have been more than just to stay in this country. It could have been him making her into a comparable “tool” that Pamela Cafritz was to VanDouche over the years.

    • One of Allison’s pieces of collateral was that she had harmed a nephew, I wonder if this is being looked into by CPS in that district.

  • When Sara Edmondson was being branded in Allison Mack’s townhouse didn’t Allison Mack, who was in charge of the process, hold down Edmondson by her breasts?
    That’s my recollection of the story.

  • Since when is it normal for a mid-thirties woman (Allison Mack) to befriend an eight year old girl to whom she is not related and talk about a “man” who can help that child realize her Olympic Dreams?
    Chloe Sullivan had only one Wall of Weird.
    Allison Mack seems to have a whole house built out of Walls of Weird.

    If Mack texted this girl or emailed the kid, then the US government might have the texts and emails.

    • And since when is it normal for a “man” your age to be so interested in these things you keep commenting on? A fake sounding story submitted by a wimp who couldnt go to the police but yet was brave enough to provide the information to Frank Report ? Your retarded interest in Allison Macks ankles?
      Yeah…you sound like a real man.

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Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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