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By Emiliano Salinas

The immigration policy of US President Donald Trump is, in addition to being repudiated, a clear example of one of the most aggressive cancers that humanity lives today.

Separating families, causing one of the deepest pains that can be experienced, is reprehensible in times of war. In times of peace and prosperity, with the excuse that is, it is aberrant, inadmissible and an offense to the whole humanity.

The argument that a country needs borders or is not a country, as a justification to carry out actions worthy of the concentration camps in World War II, is simply abhorrent.

Wanting to make a waterproof border for people while staying perfectly permeable for weapons and drugs must outrage us as Mexicans and also as members of the human species. And it is imperative to raise your voice and condemn the abuses that are being committed against Mexicans and Central Americans, but above all human beings, children, mothers.

The term “migrant,” in addition, is something that exists only in our minds. In reality there are no migrants, neither Mexicans nor Americans, nor countries, nor borders. In reality there are people, there are human beings, and this is a crime that is committed by human beings against human beings, and that shows the deterioration of human solidarity, an indispensable requirement for what we call civilization to have viability. We are attacking the best we have as a species. This should worry us all. Absolutely everyone!

When labels are more powerful than reality, any atrocity against people, especially the most vulnerable, can be justified. When labels blind us, humanity is lost.