Did Clare buy a plane?

Clare may be leaving on a jet plane to Fiji.

By Laura Darby

Not sure what to make of this. Someone had posted that a plane that could be Clare’s was registered to a RidgeRun LLC  largely because it was a similar make and mode as the prior jet they had.

 I found this relating to Ridgerun LLC. It is a foreign LLC

Click on the document images at the bottom and you will find
Clare’s name is no where on this paperwork and it appears Jeffrey Feinman is an agent but is he an agent of Clare or of Scot French who signed the originally filing but he appears to be an agent too. In other words, did I find a shell corporation here?  I am trying to tie this back to Clare.
Can any of our readers help out here?

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  • Once Clare is indicted and brought to stand for her crimes, this whole investigation will get better than any show I’ve ever binge watched. Time to stock up on buttery popcorn!

  • The real question should be: Where oh where is Clare Bronfman right now? Not whether she owns one, two, or more getaway jets. WHERE IS CLARE? Who knows? Trying to trace down her jet(s) is an exercise in futility. Where is she, physically, is the only question that ultimately matters. Without knowing that, everything else that follows is of an extremely shallow speculative nature.

    The runway on Wakaya appears to be far too short for mid-size jets to land – roughly 700 meters – and there is no fuel storage facility there either (See Google maps). The gentleman with whom I spoke at Priority One Jets did not think that the Wakaya’s airstrip could handle midsize jets either. It is more likely that a small light aircraft would be needed to make the journey from an international airport on one of Fiji’s islands to the airstrip on Wakaya. Or, alternately, one could also travel to Wakaya by sea on a water craft.

    It is entirely possible for Clare to be extradited from Fiji regardless of which international airport on that island chain that she might choose to land her aircraft. She has very few attractive safe havens to which she can flee. I am quite sure that she is currently considering all of her options including Libya. Most likely she will continue to litigate as long as she has the assets to do so.

    Israel is a state that might grant her safe haven (think Meyer Lansky) considering all that her father, Edgar Bronfman Senior, did for the benefit of Israel, Holocaust victims, and Soviet Jewry throughout his adult life, which Clare and Sara did their best to make very unpleasant in the latter years of their dad’s life. Saudi Arabia or one of the Persian Gulf States are other viable options. She may be buying her way into one of these Middle Eastern nations as this is being written. Who knows? It is impossible to know that which you do not know. Intelligence is only as good as the reliable information upon which it is based, and experienced analysis provides the key to asking the right questions.

    However, if Clare’s assets are seized or frozen, then she may go the way of Ilse Koch, the “Bitch of Buchenwald.” That bitch could no longer tolerate her incarceration in a German prison after she started to hallucinate that her surviving victims (“suppressives”) were plotting revenge on her. So, she hung herself! What was that NXIVM teaching/ philosophy on suicide being good or bad? I suspect that we shall be seeing more results of those warped suicide-teachings over the next year or so. Anyone remember Marshall Applewhite and the Heaven’s Gate cult? Cult members are notorious for taking their own lives and those of their current and former members – “I’ve had people killed for my beliefs. I’ve had people killed for their beliefs…” Creepy Keith and the principal members of NXIVM, i.e., the “Inner Circle” or the “Family”” tend to act with all of the utter ruthlessness and fanaticism of the Kali-worshipping Thuggee cult members of Old India. WHERE IS CLARE BRONFMAN?

    • Wrong.

      She can fly a mid sized jet over the island at low speed, open the door, and parachute onto Wakaya quite easily. 🙂

      Seriously though……there’s too many fucken mosquitoes on that shithole island and Clare will not spend the REST of her LIFE on that tiny piece of jungle.

      Mansion or not, resort or not, it’s still a tiny shithole jungle island that’s infested with mosquitoes. Yeah it has a nice beach, but that’s not exactly the makings of THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

      Libya or the middle east was a very good guess you made. That’s a logical plan. It ain’t heaven but it’s better than Wakaya and mosquitoes.

  • When Clare bought her airplane, I hope she got full value on the broom she traded in….

  • Of the twelve CL-600-2B16 aircraft registered in the state of New York, one is registered in Saratoga Springs, tail number N5852. The lease agreement involves two LLCs and one LP, all three companies registered in Delaware:

    “THIS AIRCRAFT DRY LEASE AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”) is made and entered effective as of August 7, 2017 (the “Effective Date”) between GBBX Associates LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, WLBX LLC, Delaware limited liability company, together as (“Lessor”) and Blackstone Administrative Services Partnership L.P., a Delaware limited partnership (“Lessee”) (collectively the “Parties”).


    GBBX – 321 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY, very little information available
    Blackstone – From Bloomberg: “Blackstone Administrative Services Partnership L.P is based in New York, New York. Blackstone Administrative Services Partnership L.P operates as a subsidiary of The Blackstone Group L.P.” From Wikipedia: “The Blackstone Group L.P. is an American multinational private equity, alternative asset management and financial services firm based in New York City.”

    • 321 Broadway is headquarters for Ayco, investment and finance house for well to do. May be the ayco ceos plane or one of his clients.

      • Ayco is part of Goldman Sachs now.. I know, I worked for Ayco circa 1984-1988 as a financial analyst . I actually have a pension coming from Goldman’s that I receive the required annual notices on. At the time I worked for Ayco we were part of Shearson Lehman Brothers. Ayco had a LBO by the owners (my old bosses) who in turn sold it to Goldman Sachs.

  • I don’t think we have the right plane. Scot French (who we may be causing to shit his pants) appears to be legitimate and might have need for a private plane – https://www.hpspartners.com/en/home/ – The firm is led by five principals: Scott Kapnick, Scot French, Michael Patterson, Purnima Puri and Faith Rosenfeld. They bought it out from JP Morgan Asset Mgmt.

    • He’ll be thrilled when googling his name shows results from Frank Report.

      P.S. I still say that https://www.thenetworknyc.com/ is somebody who took the training and then developed their own program, -OR- Allison Mack stole his program to create NXIVM’s The Source.

  • On whitepages, his current address is listed as 92 Greene St NYC (a 15-unit 7-floor condo building known as Mercer Greene, alternate addresses are 92-94 Greene and 109 Mercer St), and 9705 Collins Unit 2301N is described is listed as a previous location. He definitely still owns the Bal Harbour condo, and that was the address he used for the Delaware paperwork last November 11/03/17.

  • To clarify some definitions here – The opposite of a domestic LLC or corporation is a foreign LLC or corporation, which is operating in a different state from the state in which it was organized. There is no such thing as an LLC formed in a foreign country that would be recognized by a U.S. state.

    The term “foreign” just means that the primary location of the business is outside the state

    So RIDGERUN LLC incorporated in Delaware (which is one of the most common states to incorporate in) does not do business in Delaware

    I also discovered that the main reason to form an aircraft LLC is anonymity and to make it more difficult to track. I also noticed that the owner of the plane does not allow tracking via one aircraft tracking site I found.

    It appears Scot French may have been the original agent and then it was transferred to Creative Creations. Basically, whoever created this LLC hired someone to handle the filings and does not want to be known.

    I did find some old pictures of this plane where it had both both the US and Singapore flags painted on the tail and appears to have previously been owned by an company that did business in the US and Asia.

  • Scot French is a partner at HPS Investment Partners.

    So he could have formed the LLC on behalf of a client for investment in the plane. It’s unlikely we are going to find out that Clare Bronfman is or is not a client of HPS unless Scot French wants to deny any association with a criminal…

    Plus, if Clare has any brain cells in her head (which is debatable, but surely some adviser somewhere does), she won’t use her own tail number for shady activities.

    There are a zillion places to rent private jets that don’t ask a whole lot of questions.

    • From his company bio page (and his photo looks like someone 47ish, so he could be Scot Powell French of Bal Harbour and Soho): “Mr. French is a Governing Partner of HPS Investment Partners and is the Portfolio Manager of the Mezzanine Fund. Prior to joining HPS in 2007…” Bloomberg lists Mr. Scot French as a “key executive” for HPS and “Partner and Head of Mezzanine Funds.”

      HPS was created in 2007: “HPS Investment Partners, LLC (“HPS”) is a leading global investment firm with a focus on non-investment grade credit. Established in 2007, HPS has approximately 100 investment professionals and over 200 total employees.”

      HPS has created and managed 3 Mezzanine Funds, the 2016 fund was its most recent. From a Dec 2016 finance article: “High yield credit specialist HPS Investment Partners has raised $6.6 billion in capital commitments for its third, and largest, dedicated mezzanine fund.”

      Maybe it is his plane? Could the accountant being located at 1 Penn Plaza (address Clare previously used for her plane registration) and the make and model of the plane (Clare’s favorite) just be coincidences?

      Regarding aircraft on the FAA Registry in New York County, of the 50 records on the first page (there are total 597 records on 12 pages), 5 are Canadair/Bombardier, so roughly 10% are the same make (and 1 is the same model, CL-600-2B16). In the entire state of New York, there are 12 Bombardier CL-600-2B16, one of which is Ridgerun’s: http://registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/MMS_results.aspx?Mmstxt=1390009&Statetxt=NY&conVal=0&PageNo=1

  • Corporate Creations is a national company that will file anyone’s paperwork. They don’t have to know you to take your money and file your paperwork. They are big with filing Foreign LLCs and things like that. It is more interesting to me that they opened an LLC in Delaware to use a Florida agent to file as a Foreign LLC. They did this paperwork so fast Delware didn’t even have time to issue them their ID #s. Money talks.

  • Scot French in Bel Harbour lives in a huge and extra nice condo with glorious unobstructed views. He does well for himself. It’s curious that he’s an agent for a plane that’s based at KHPN (small airport just north of NYC). And he uses his own address, vs an office location, is that usual for a registered agent of a plane? He bought his condo for $8.36 million in 2014 and Zillow estimates it now at almost $1 million less.

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