Raniere’s lawyers: Because Mexican women stole, she was imprisoned in room for 18 months – Frank Report reveals what she stole: Raniere’s semen

By Frank Parlato

The latest filing by the Raniere defense team is a three page document of lies.  The post below is my rebuttal to the defense team’s incredible assertions about the adult Mexican woman who was imprisoned for 18 months in a room with no human company.

The defense’s language is below and my responses follow:

Raniere Defense: The Government … points to Raniere’s “participation in the psychological torture of a young woman” as apparently relevant to the charges at issue.

Frank Report: The defense is referring to the Mexican woman who was imprisoned for 18 months. I have referred to her as Jane Doe #3 or just Jane in an earlier post.

Raniere Defense: The Government has apparently been severely misinformed about the “imprisonment” of this woman. The adult woman was living in a townhouse near Albany with her family (her mother, brother, and one sister).

Frank: That home is owned by Clare Bronfman and was used as a Rainbow Cultural Garden Center for child experiments, as well as a temporary residence for some of Jane’s family. Another sister was living with Raniere and Pam Cafritz in their home.

Raniere Defense: When it was discovered that the woman [Jane] may have stolen other people’s property, she faced a choice:

(i) return to her home in Mexico,

(ii) make amends for the theft or

(iii) remain in an unlocked bedroom of her family’s residence with her family until she made such amends.

Frank: The defense says she faced a choice. Who was this person that dictated her choices? The defense does not say. We know the answer – it was  Raniere.

The defense further says “the woman may have stolen other people’s property.” They do not say she definitely stole, but “MAY” have stolen other people’s property. What was the property? Who was the other person or persons? Raniere’s lawyers don’t say; nor do they ascribe any value to what may have been stolen.

I am fairly certain I know what the property that “may” have been stolen is:  When you hear it, you’ll cringe.  So what did this “adult woman” [Jane] steal that justified her facing a choice of going to her to a room [for 18 months], going ‘home’ to Mexico or making amends?

What Raniere is referring to is that she stole his semen. He told her – as he told all the women – that once he ejaculated on her – he owned her and by her having an affair with another man -[Ben Meyers] – she was stealing Raniere’s life force and energy.

This was her theft, I am certain. She took Raniere’s semen under false premises. Jane was stealing his semen or, said another way, — because she allowed another man to touch her body – because her body was Raniere’s property – she was giving away HIS property  – i.e. her body- which no longer belonged to her. That was her theft!

Raniere’s attorneys do not say Jane had to remain in the room until she returned the stolen property or made restitution. They say she had to remain in the room, go back to Mexico, or make “amends”.

Jane Doe #3 could not earn money to make restitution confined in a room. Neither could she hide the so-called stolen property inside the room  – for she was not allowed any possessions – no TV, no books, no games or any possessions other than her clothes and a notebook and a pen.

So unless that property was her own body – which Raniere claimed to own – how could locking her in a room allow her to “make amends?”

The amends she had to make was to agree to never allow her body to be touched by another man – for the rest of her life.

She would not do that. She was too honest to agree to that.  She could have lied like Raniere does. She could have said she would join his harem as he demanded. He already had her sister in his harem.

Imagine the torture of Jane Doe #3. Her family is supporting a madman. His sister is living with Raniere as one of his harem women – and all of her family believes he is a divine being  and that Jane is being defiant.

Raniere orders the family to keep her in a room. He orders them not to talk to her about her ethical breach.  The room does not need to be locked, Jane is in the US illegally [so is her sister living with Raniere]. Jane has no money to go home. She might not be able to cross the border.

A lock is not needed. There is always someone home. There are cameras. Other NXIVM members stand guard including Ben Meyers and Michelle Salzman.

Jane cannot escape.

And to tell you how crazy this all was – after more than a year of Jane being imprisoned – her mother also agreed to be imprisoned in an adjoining room to try to put an end to her daughter’s suffering. Ultimately, her mother left the cult, like Jane did.

Raniere gave it out to the NXIVM community that Jane had an ethical breach and she had stolen something – but he did not say that it was his semen. He let the community assume she was a thief and defiant about making amends. He gave it out that he was the ethical one.

Since Jane was in a room with no outside communication, the truth could not be told. When she finally left – after 18 long months – she ran for her life and tried to hide in Mexico. She did not return to her home in Mexico – if she even had a home there. .

Raniere’s lawyers: Eventually, she voluntarily chose to return to Mexico and was driven there by her father and another person. Her father arranged for her to safely enter Mexico, where she is now living.

Frank:  She escaped from a second story window during Vanguard Week when Raniere was out of town. Her father and a sympathetic harem woman drove her to the border. Her despicable father – having been ordered by Raniere to have her cross the border with nothing – zero – gave his daughter only $100 and left her to fend for herself.  Her father was not poor. He owned a successful company in Mexico. He could have given her enough to live and get a new start. He did not.  He left her at the border with $100.

And as a final poetic irony, the other harem woman who helped Jane escape –  later escaped herself from Raniere. She fled and went into hiding. She is still in hiding; so is Jane Doe.  And Keith Raniere – his lawyers assure us – is an ethicist.

I disagree. He is a criminal.





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    • NEW YORK (NEWS10) – NXIVM Founder Keith Raniere and Allison Mack both appeared in federal court on Tuesday.

      The government laid out that it still has about a month and a half left in the discovery process and still expecting superseding indictments as well as more arrests connected to NXIVM.

      The judge denied Raniere’s recent bail application saying he is a flight risk.

      The defense claimed the funds for bail would come out of a trust that was established when Raniere was first arrested, saying it’s funded by a third party.

      The government and those familiar with NXIVM suspect this third party is none other than Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman.

      The government also making mention that they are in continues talks with Mack about a potential plea.

  • When you smile, the world *smiles* with you.

    If Clare has an ounce of brains, she will jump on her plane and head to St. Petersburg.

    But alas, she won’t. That’s what brainwashing does to you…

  • I wonder if there are witnesses lined up yet. Maybe he will try to marry them all and blackmail them into refusing to testiify. Maybe not.

    • No cameras in the courtroom. But Toni Natalie is there and will hopefully give frank an eyewitness account. News10 is there too.

      • Search twitter for Ayla Ferrone and/or Dan Levy, both local news outlets, for updates once adjourned.

    • His lawyers tried to say that he wasn’t fleeing to Mexico because he had tried to go to Montreal first.

      One of his DOS slaves, Diana Lim, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Concordia University…


  • Raniere is playing his attorneys but they don’t give sh… they are earning soooo much money and they know for sure there is no chance in hell he is avoiding 15 yrs to life in prision.

    • Knowing defense attorneys I can confident;y say that most of them regard their clients as “schmucks.”
      But the monthly bill for the “Bimmer” (BMW) needs to be paid.
      Lawyers will say whatever their clients want them to say.

  • So exciting. Will Allison Mack throw away her plea opportunity to spend her life in jail?? Will Keith Raniere look like shit?? All red-faced and looking like he’s about to have a heart attack. Will he remain in his homey little cell, home since March, home for life, or will he get temporary reprieve in a fancy mansion with personal chef, high thread count sheets and extra soft feather pillows??

    • I think the prosecution understands that it’s a waiting game with these plea deals and it has adequate evidence to make its case. It’s a cult and therefore many prospective pleas won’t succumb to your typical pressures. In AM’s case, it’s clear that survival instincts won’t suffice without nudges (hence the house arrest and exit counseling) and even then nothing is certain. I guess the indictments of some of the lesser known (and perchance lesser committed figures) might yield something within time.

    • As the cult turns.

      Raniere is not getting bail.
      No Way, No How!
      As for Allison Mack, even if she cuts a plea deal, her life as an actress is over.
      What she did was stupid and cruel.

      The real question is whether Nancy Salzman, who appears to have some intelligence, will cut a plea deal to save herself and her daughter Lauren.
      Nancy Salzman, the so called Prefect, cobbled together NXIVM’s philosophy and educational programs.
      Moreover Salzman appears to be the day to day money manager of the cult.
      If anyone can explain how the Bronfmans were using NXIVM to launder money it is Nancy Salzman.
      Allison Mack is too witless to operate a money laundering scheme.

      And the Feds already have enough emails, text messages, photos, videos and coerced, fabricated confessions
      to nail Raniere and Mack in that aspect of the case not to mention victim testimonies.

      • Tony Nathalie’s account of first meeting Nancy Salzman is rather interesting. Before meeting him, Salzman knew that Raniere was a sociopath and was herself trained in neurolinguistic programming. Nonetheless, she was described as coming out of that first meeting in a daze of sorts. Is she a self-aware opportunist or a brainwashed opportunist?? In a mafia trial, you would expect her to flip, but I am don’t have my fingers crossed here.

        • The Perversion Of A Human
          When is it okay to take what is not yours? Through generations we have justified it is okay to take from others when we are right, “ lawful”, or that is what we want. Do you remember before law suits? When you had a car accident and you worked it out based on what was the “right thing to do”. Nancy, speak up, say something. Do you remember before . . . Just taking an opportunity to say what I think. I have survived, and work to do good. Nancy talk to me, what is going on? What are you doing? If Keith has mistakes, admit it and move on. There was something good that went bad? Nancy are you there? You know who I am, call me, talk to me, please tell me you are okay with DOS. Please tell me there are some boundaries to human satisfaction. Is it okay to have sex with an animal? Is it okay to have sex with a child? Is it okay to have sex with a slave? Is it okay for Keith to have sex with your daughter if it is for the greater good? Tell me what is okay with you, because what you are doing, what you have allowed, is not ethical.

  • fiction or is this about Raniere?

    “MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2018
    Blind Item #11
    Apparently there is a plan in place that if bail is granted tomorrow, this child molester/sex trafficker is going to flee the country to the island from where he cannot be extradited. The thing about all of this that is crazy to me is that the person telling me all this must know their communications are being monitored, so they are not very good at keeping secrets or maybe they just want to kill him but have him think they are going to save him. ”


    also this
    FRIDAY, JUNE 01, 2018
    Blind Items Revealed #4
    May 25, 2018
    There sure is a lot of back and forth of two jets, one of which is registered to this very wealthy family, between various properties in the US owned by the family and an island in the South Pacific. Apparently in the two weeks it has been going on, no one from any agency has even inspected the outgoing planes or the passengers or what they are carrying. On the other end, everything is greased with local officials so nothing has to be done. One celebrity offspring is in the South Pacific, but no one knows if she will stay.

    Clare Bronfman/Wakaya Island

  • So his attorneys have admitted that he denied due process and acted as judge, jury, and executioner on a ‘may have/possibly/probably’ indictment.

    This is the gift that keeps on giving.

    I hope he takes the stand. He likes to talk.
    The prosecution needs to let him talk for as long as he wants. He’ll continue to hang himself with his own rope.

    • Raniere will hang himself with his own tongue.
      And since Mack is an actress who enjoys performing for people, then let her give the performance of a lifetime.

    • Everyone is ultimately convicted by their own words.
      That’s why we have a right to remain silent.

      • Someone should have told Allison Mack that before she told the New York Times reporter that DOS and branding women were her ideas., not Raniere’s.

  • Wow that is an amazing story if true about stealing his sperm and life force energy. What a fracking clown this Vanprick is.

    Any Judge with half a brain can see right through this pile of lies. The defense team is weak and are scrambling to find any thread of defense for Clownguard.

    Cherry picked things to make their precious client look like such a victim of the prosecution. Not a reason in the world that the prosecution would share everything that they have on Vandaddy.

    The Grand Jury saw enough to say, yep his a criminal. This isn’t a weak case and there is more to come before Vansicko is fully charged.

    Just a hunch since Nancy Salzman has not been arrested on anything after finding 500,000.00 ++ all those computers and other documents in her house, shes cutting a deal.

    • Nancy Salzman is the key to bringing down NXIVM.
      Mack is too goofy to manage an organization as large as NXIVM.

  • So what are people’s predictions here? Trial?
    This could get really messy (and juicy) if the collateral really does still exist and if the government has found any yet. I mean, were those branding sessions and paddlings really filmed? Some people posting here (i.e., insiders, former members) might actually know for sure.

    Also wondering if any disciples/slaves will hang around the courthouse like those Manson Girls did all those years ago.
    As twisted as it sounds, he might not have the charisma (if that is the right word) of Charlie. Or does he?
    Maybe this will all resolve out of court to spare the collateral damage, if it still exists.

    Looks like a long way to go on this.

    • It’s very interesting because Raniere has to maintain his posture that he is absolutely right, and has done absolutely nothing wrong, but we all know if he could hop in Clare’s jet, he would bolt in under 5 seconds, and that is not the action of an innocent man.
      Even for our labelling of sociopath / psychopath / etc., he is really just a scared little boy trying to get revenge on the skinny girl from the 2nd grade. He knows what he has done. He just thought he was so slick that he could get away with it.

    • So much fail in the bail application! For instance, Keith Raniere’s lawyers argued in the application that “several of the women chose to voluntarily brand themselves,” which is, to put it mildly, insufficiently compelling. There are several who have said (to the court and/or to the public) that the process was NOT consensual and that’s all we need to know. Also good to know, fraternity brandings typically take 1-3 SECONDS while the DOS brandings took 20-40 MINUTES. (Here’s a video showing fraternity branding, seconds 14-16 show the actual branding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urwA1fqDGgw )

  • Oh Vantard, please, please, please try to use that line of defense. In light of Weinstein, Cosby, etc, We could sell tickets to the trial and movie rights.

  • The problem the NXIVM lawyers have is that their clients, the NXIVM defendants, have twisted around words in an Orwellian fashion so that words mean nothing.

    Enslavement means female empowerment.

    Blackmail material becomes collateral.

    False imprisonment becomes grounding someone.

    Raniere and Mack are screwing their own lawyers.

  • I know that Keeffe has fled and is in hiding, and is protecting her child. And good for her.

    But I also hope that she’s made herself available to the government to give testimony against Keith at trial, since she’d be physically protected (plus she’s already given evidence against Keith in other cases anyway).

    *So IF she decides to stay hidden and doesn’t have the courage to testify against Keith to combat these lies he’s telling about this poor girl from Mexico (and a lot of other things she knows about)……then I don’t give a fuck about any good deeds she’s done and she’ll be no better than Keith IMO.

    To all WHITE KNIGHTS out there…

    There’s no need for Keeffe’s “white knights” to come to her aid and tell me to fuck off…..since Keith needs to be convicted of as many crimes as possible. Plus the well being of many other women depend upon witnesses having the courage to testify about what they saw.

    Besides, Keith and Clare can’t do shit right now to Keeffe. Keith is a worldwide pervert. He ain’t gonna get custody of his child or succeed in bringing any new civil cases against Keeffe. Not anymore. What judge is gonna entertain ANY motions brought by that pervert?

    Anybody who argues otherwise is a fucken idiot and dumber than dirt.

    Anyway… I’m sure she’s already secretly agreed to testify for the government. So if that’s true, I applaud this brave woman and I feel sorry for Keith cuz she knows lots of shit. 🙂

    …But IF she won’t testify against Keith at trial, then she’s a fucken coward in my opinion.

    Disagree all you want but I’m right and you ain’t. 🙂

    Have a nice day! 🙂

    • She’d probably have to cut a deal to testify though. She herself is implicated in many of the crimes that were committed; wishing up and leaving doesn’t undo the crimes. Unless she has truly grown a conscience and a backbone, I think she might stay in hiding especially since she has an underage child to protect.

    • She will do her part. Both because she knows it’s the right thing to do (as we have already seen), and because she knows Keith will try to blame as much as possible on her if she doesn’t. She’s not alone in this thinking. I’ve got money on Nancy doing the same thing.

  • If you have any hope of being a father and being a part of your child’s life, arrange a plea based upon sharing the real story about the imprisoned woman. It would be a kindness to the woman, long overdue, and it would be a kindness to your wife and future child, who would get to see you sooner rather than possibly much, much later.

  • By my understanding, Raniere was quite generous with sharing his precious bodily fluids and liked to spill those fluids all over women’s bodies.
    That was Raniere’s idea of sisterhood.

  • “What goes around comes around.”

    Welcome to your future life VanFraud. This is what happens when you are the worst kind of hypocrite, using the best of things, i.e., ethics, for your own control and lusts. God won’t let you get away with this in this life.

    You know what I think this impotent attempt at bail is? This is a last gasp attempt by Raniere to get bail so he can take off. His lawyers are only doing it because they are being paid to. The defense knows he is finished. The prosecution has everything it needs to put this clown away for a long time. They only have to take it to court and prove it to a jury. I think they intend to do this barring any technicality, something totally unexpected, or even unethical in itself. Do you think a jury is going to hear words like master/slave, fuck toy, imprisonment, starvation, etc., when it comes to just the DOS women alone – not even considering purported illegal activities such as tax evasion or money laundering – and think this guy is an ethical human being? Get out of here.

    • Try to get a jury of only NXIVM members empaneled… I mean it is the least they can do since he is truly peerless.

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