Guest View: No matter what, Keith achieved his goal — writing history

Keith Raniere

By Ferdinand Rinder

Hi Frank;

I do know and acknowledge your blog is living from the hits. As such you may need frequent new postings. Well Keith Raniere is arrested.

The accusations will pile up as the Feds dig into the seized material (slowly). They have tons of files to carefully read and terabytes of text mail and data. Their challenge is to combine it for true legal violations. No matter what, there will be superseding charges – some of which might be dropped for bigger ones  K.R. will get life one way or the other. He might be mentally ill or whatever and end up in an asylum. Either way, he will never again walk outside confinement except in and out court.

He is done. You did your job.

I’d rather you focus on getting others indicted such as the Bronfmans who tried to harm you. They are a much bigger risk to society. They could start a similar cult with their understanding learned from Keith Raniere. Or they could merely rev up NXIVM once the dust settles. Clare is Legatus and with her millions she can attract and do what KR has done.

I feel sorry for the families of those members – burning through savings – trying to rescue their kids with no help. Anything you could do to foster – with your blog – to show people a way out – would be great.

A frequent update on those Rainbow Cultural Garden children to mobilize CPS to shut down and seize the locations – get illegal nannies indicted – would be a success especially for the children still being abused.

Reports on Raniere are good for clicks, but will not convince the brainwashed.  Is there no way the Feds would offer NXIVM members who come foreword with a good plea deal to help the Feds move on facts?

The Keith Raniere case may not be just another cult, but perhaps the biggest cult using modern life developing and multilevel marketing ideas – combined with the latest digital world. There will be lots of books, PhD, theses written based on KR.  No matter what –  KR achieved his goal of writing history.

And how about that sweater?

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  • Haven’t seen here any reviews/comments on this recent NXIVM amazon book by one of our posters.
    I’m especially interested in insiders’ opinions on whether the author’s stories ring true.
    Or if he had any interesting new details to share on some of the more well known members…and if they are believable.

  • Keith Raniere and Allison Mack have written their mark in history in the form of burned flesh — K-R-A-M
    It should have been spelled — K-R-A-P

    That said Clare’s various financial scams at NXIVM would still be going strong if she had not tied herself to those two ass clowns, Raniere and Mack.
    People might not understand financial crimes like money laundering but they sure do understand white slavery, sex harems and branded sex slaves.

  • I see these old pictures of him and wonder how this clown coaxed many women into sleeping with him. He’s not more attractive than average, his outfits are distasteful, his hair is a mess, his glasses are too big, he’s overweight, and yet his clothes are still too big for his body. Also, is it really “writing history” if you will essentially only be infamously remembered and people mock you and use you as an example of what *not* to be and how to live?

    • I’ve wondered a lot about this too. Perhaps his narcissism attracts those with low self esteem? Maybe just that he is the leader of a ‘movement’ is attractive? When building his harem, I doubt he ever said to anyone, ‘Would you like to be one of the many women I have sex with?’ I think it was much closer to the text messages the gov’t revealed where he tells a slave she is his number 1. He probably told all of them that they were the favorite and maybe that they would be the one he would finally marry or have kids with.

      • The thing is, it’s not probably not anything about him that made them want to sleep with him. At least, not outside of the way he had his hands in their minds, making them see him as a paragon of intellectual and moral virtue. Really, how of these women sleep with him before they’d spent years having peers say how amazing he is and then have him turn an eye towards them? You could probably count them on one hand.

    • I found him utterly repulsive… The only thing I can guess is some people are more susceptible to his NLP schtick, because of things like how women have said they don’t remember most of the time they are talking with him.

      Apparently there is some switch he can flip that sudden gives him the charisma that I never saw.

      • The idea that this clown had sex with Allison Mack or Kristanna Loken makes me question reality. But these women are Hollywood so they tend to be more liberal sexually.

    • The people almost everyone knows by name are infamous tyrants and murderers like Caligula, Nero, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Jack the Ripper, Mosulini, Hitler, Stalin, Manson, Bundy,…
      But how many people can actually name historic people from long ago that did good and selfless things?
      If you want to be remembered throughout the ages, you need to do horrible things and cause as many deaths as possible.
      So, while Keith may have preserved himself a place in the books about cults, he was just not horrible enough to make a lasting impression on humanity as a whole. In a generation or two he will be as good as forgotten and only cult experts may remember his name.

    • @Darth VanDouche
      June 9th at 9:33pm

      My impression all along is that Vanguard’s only goal was to get the women. That’s probably been his sole motivation. He looks like the kind of guy who would have trouble with females, and he’s probably emotionally incapable of settling (like normal people do). The stories about his adolescence tend to confirm my suspicions. The Consumer Buy-Line and ESP stuff was his way of fulfilling his ideals concerning women. Just my two cents.

      • – He looks like the kind of guy who would have trouble with females,

        The attractive ones with self-esteem at least.

        – and he’s probably emotionally incapable of settling (like normal people do)

        I think this is pretty obvious. Like most misguided jock wannabe horny teen boys, he thinks what makes a man is how many women he can “pump and (possibly) dump”.

        He also programs such a immature point of view into the women who follow him. It’s true he teaches that women are monogamous (which is true in general due to pregnancy). but only does so because he wants a woman sexually for himself under the unequal condition that she must share him with other women. In order to rationalize the inequality, he asserts that men are polyamorous by nature (which is debatable) a condition that holds the implication that men are more sexual. This position is of course all taken from an interpretation of Darwinian evolution which is arguable, where in order for the human species to survive, men had to “pump” as many women as possible and get them pregnant. This one-sided monogamy is obviously antithetical to what is actually preached by female empowerment, i.e., equality of rights, which is what Jness pretends to promote. The problem is, because he is teen boy trapped in a man’s body, he only looks at the male-female relationship dynamics from the perspective of sexuality.

        The irony is, it is true that men are generally more horny than women, but only in the sense that they tend to want to have sex more, which doesn’t necessarily translate into having more sex partners. But a woman can have a qualitatively much better sexual experience if her partner is skillful enough in giving it to her, e.g., slow burn, longer orgasms, full body orgasms, multiple orgasms, shorter refractory periods, etc.

  • Right on Shadow.

    There are no gurus. You have to be your own guru and find truth for yourself.

    If you place too much faith in a human being (whether it’s Keith Raniere, the Dalai Lama, the President, or a General)… you will always be disappointed. Because everyone is flawed.

    The ability to reason also provides us with the power of discernment. However, we must discern that consciousness, technology, and speech do not always equal or give rise to wisdom.

    If you see the Buddha in the middle of the road, kill him. Awake traveler, for you have the knowledge you seek…

    • “Awake traveler, for you have the knowledge you seek.”

      We each have the power within ourselves to take charge of our own destinies.
      We don’t need charlatans like Raniere to take charge of our lives.

      It’s like the scene near the end of the “Wizard of Oz” where the Good Witch Glinda tells Dorothy that she has always had the power within herself to return home to Kansas.
      We each need to learn for ourselves that we have the power to change our lives for the better.
      The Ruby Slippers – You’ve always had the power

    • The trick is, learn, but question. Trust but verify. Always think. Cults work because they atrophy your critical thinking skills, and you escape by jump starting them. So never stop thinking in the first place. There’s nothing inherently wrong with gurus and wise men, but as you said, they’re flawed, anything they can teach will only be one peice of a puzzle, and maybe not even your puzzle.

  • People must learn that they are the first line in defending themselves against cults.
    Don’t depend on Big Brother government to defend you.
    In cases like NXIVM where the cult is rich and powerful the government will defend the cult

  • Great observations, particularly about RCG (that children are kept separated from their parents for 12 hours a day is horrifying).

    There is one cult that has success beyond Keith Raniere’s wildest dreams: Amway Corp. Almost $9 billion in revenue last year.

    Amway was founded by the father-in-law of Betsy Devos, Secretary of Education under Trump and from the Prince family of Michigan (her brother is Erik Prince of Blackwater / Xe/ Academi infamy, continual name changes to evade its own history). She married Dick Devos, son of Amway founder, and together they have formed a company called Neurocore which uses technology just like Keith Raniere attempted to do with NXIVM.

    From the New York Times 1/30/17 “Betsy DeVos Invests in a Therapy Under Scrutiny”:

    The treatment offered by Neurocore, a business in which Ms. DeVos and her husband, Dick, are the chief investors, consists of showing movies to patients and interrupting them when the viewers become distracted, in an effort to retrain their brains.

    I haven’t read this yet, but it looks interesting, from someone who endured the Neurocore therapy sessions:

    • I don’t think they are just changing names. I think they are changing corporate entities in an attempt to limit the liabilities for all the people they kill.

      It’s okay to kill anybody because “It is God’s will that we meet.” If you weren’t meant to die, you wouldn’t have bumped into them. Amazing what the human brain can rationalise. Like locking a young woman into a room for 18 months, basically in solitary confinement, for not wanting sleep with a disgusting older guy.

  • Until I hear guilty from 12 jurors I trust no predictions regardless of the evidence, possibly Frank feels this way too. All I know for sure is trust is something you cannot count on anymore, wether it’s laws enforcement (although we must admit their hands are tied for many reasons) . news outlets (I don’t want CNN commentators opinions) I want the facts. I am America, I do not want to be paranoid but my posts disappear as I post them, Clare I am no danger to you , we do not know each other. But I need to know if you really EVER believed the Holocaust was faked and Keith had the truth, was this easier to believe than the real truth. ( yes my Intel alerts me ). HOW are your horses? You and I both know you have gone to far, you see no way out , the truth is a way out , please tell the truth it is your only chance at salvation.
    Frank please keep up the fight. I wish I had more to offer. Thank you, sincerely Heather Poats

    • Sadly, even facts do not seem to be a sufficient basis for trust when it comes to holocaust denial, as we move further away in time from collateral witness, there is a possibility that new generations may be increasingly vulnerable to the kind of disinformation spread by the likes of kreepy keith Raniere. I live in Europe, (UK) So like many people, Ive seen Auschwitz, Belsen, walked through the camps, the chambers, seen the piles of shoes, eyeglasses, fillings. Served high tea as a youth in a jewish seaside hotel, and watched in horror as the frail tattooed wrists of elderly ladies and men shovelled food, (they must have hoped, discreetly) into handbags. Had my roof fixed, plumbing fixed by an elderly pole with the terrible tattoo on his wrist. I think revisionism is easier, possibly for most of us, its just immoral to hide evidence of the worst human behaviour, and extends and increases the chances of it happening again and again..

      • Revisionism is well underway as the Holocaust is only the third largest genocide of the last hundred years. Revisionism is so entrenched that many people do not even know of the other two LARGER genocides, and often CELEBRATE the ideology that lead to those genocides. It makes Holocaust denial look like child’s play, as horrific as that sounds. And its normal every day people that are doing it, not fringe conspiracy types.

        Holocaust denial is terrible, but living in denial is also part of the human condition. One person faces an issue straight on, admitting the reality of it, while denying the existence of the 800 pound gorilla of a second issue that’s right in their face. A second person will face the gorilla straight on, and completely deny the first issue. It happens to all of us, the only thing we can do is be aware of it in ourselves.

        • I agree. There are too many unsung genocides and holocausts. Even as we live and breathe such things are in progress.

  • Man, this is going to make one hell of a movie!

    But…Who do we cast?

    Vanguard needs to be played by someone with built-in creepiness, instantly recognizable as a bit off-center. Candidates: Steve Buscemi, Christopher Walken, Gary Busey, Willem Dafoe, and, of course Eric Roberts. (Travolta and Cruse shall be exempt from consideration here).

    Assuming Ms. Mack will be unavailable to play herself in this sordid drama, a good choice would be some actress who routinely takes on oddball, off-the-wall roles. Right offhand, I can think of no better candidate than Christina Ricci (Addams Family, Casper, Black Snake Moan, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Monster, and God knows what else). Kirsten Dunst, maybe? Maggie Gyllenhall? I’d suggest today’s hottest actress, Jennifer Lawrence (who can seemingly take on any role), but her collateral is all over the internet already. (And it is terriffic)!
    Dakota Johnson?

    For Sarah Edmondson? Not sure there. Marcia Gay Harden? Juliette Lewis? No, wait! Sarah could play herself. I almost forgot she is an actress with 67 entries in She gets first shot at this role, but might want to hire a body double for the, uh, tattoo scene. Will probably have to fake this unless some aspiring actress has a “KR-AM” tattoo in that area already or a coincidental birthmark. You never know.

    For the emaciated slaves, perhaps Clare Bronfman could be played by Shelly Duvall. The rest of the skinny slaves would all be played by Calista Flockhart.

    Suggestions anyone?
    Lawyers? Judge? Surprise Witnesses? Last-minute confessions?
    Coming to a theater new you, perhaps in time for Christmas 2018.
    Fun for the whole family.

  • The book written by Amanda Carrington is coming out in 8 weeks.

    I’m really hoping that she gives a lot of insight regarding the ‘slow’ and ‘step by step’ process that NXIVM used to brainwash her child over several years.

    I hope she also gives the reader insight into the “psychological/self esteem” element (provided by NXIVM’s teachings) that gives her daughter the FALSE SENSE of “self esteem” necessary to abandon her normal life and family…….in favor of living a bizarre life without any normal dating, college, marriage, kids, real career or any serious contact with her own family.

    Especially since she’s essentially giving up a normal life (dating, college, marriage, kids, modeling career, ties to family) for the sole purpose of lusting after a 57 year old CHUBBY FAT SLOB with a head as fat as a PUMPKIN and an unkempt appearance. He’s not exactly James Dean or Brad Pitt.

    What I mean is… I hope that Amanda Carrington’s book doesn’t simply claim that India followed NXIVM just because Keith is a “charismatic guy” SINCE THAT’S FUCKEN BULLSHIT and it’s NOT the reason.

    If her book is just another “my child followed a charismatic cult leader book” then she shouldn’t bother even writing it since it’ll be a sleeping aid.

    Guess what? I’ve seen Keith’s FUCKEN YOUTUBE VIDEOS (and so have all of you) and he’s not even the LEAST BIT charismatic or convincing in those videos.

    He sounds like a novice ‘pretender’ throwing out “word salad” phrases which literally give no insight into anything other than his own lack of charisma. It’s hard to stay awake watching him speak.

    I’ve seen truly charismatic leaders speak before……but Keith sure as fuck ain’t one of them.

    Even watching that dark “Bouchey” video (when Keith is confronted by Bouchey and others in 2009)……he still sounded like a total idiot and looked like a chubby, unkempt slob.


    PS — For those who don’t like my long posts, kindly EAT SHIT, since I type very fast and if you don’t like reading my posts then please don’t read them. 🙂 🙂

    • *I’m aware what the author’s real name is. 🙂

      Just used A.C. to annoy some of the idiots on this board who like to criticize my posts. LOL

    • Your posts are as important as everyone else’s, the problem in today’s society is most think their opinion is all that counts.

  • From the story, “The Keith Raniere case may not be just another cult, but perhaps the biggest cult using modern life developing and multilevel marketing ideas – combined with the latest digital world.” Not even close. Amway is where Raniere started and Amway is, by FAR, the largest “cult using modern life developing and multilevel marketing ideas – combined with the latest digital world.” Raniere simply sponged up what he saw in Amway and applied it to Consumer’s Buyline until it was shut down, then decided he would move from making money to making bastard, illegitimate babies and abusing children and women, since he was prohibited from doing the former.

      • I was a leftist liberal my whole life. I volunteered for Obama’s campaign twice. I recently left the cult of leftism and I’m now a card carrying member of the Republican Party. Let me tell you, its the furthest thing from a cult. The diversity of ideas and open debate reminds me of the Democrats of the early 90s. Its so refreshing not to have the fact-free propaganda of leftism infecting every. single. debate. Its okay to agree to disagree and still be friends. It really is.

        Since you probably don’t know any Republicans and mostly likely can’t articulate any conservative arguments, how would you know if the Republican Party was a cult? Oh yes, your ideological overlords told you! Now who’s in a cult again?

        BTW: Since shedding the blinders of leftist groupthink, I’ve yet to meet one Amway shill over here on the right.

        But, what that has to do with Nexium, I don’t know.

        P.S. – There was study from Dartmouth that came out recently. Members of the Democrat Party were the least likely, by a HUGE margin, to be okay with having a room mate who had different political views than they did (now who’s a cult again). Conservatives on the other hand, were the most okay with having a roommate with a different political views (that’s a cult?).

        Other Facts: In Pew Research’s annual “What Do American’s Know?” survey, Republicans always win (I was surprised at that, but know that I’m friends with Republicans its easy to see why). Last year, of the 12 questions asked, Republicans beat Democrats in every demographic in 10 out of the 12 questions asked by double digit margins. In the two questions they lost to Democrats, they only lost by single digit margins.

        But what that has to do with Nexium, I don’t know.

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