Will Diamond releases notes of how Jim Del Negro seduced his wife while teaching her ethics

Head of the Society of Protectors James Del Negro

As some readers know, I took James Del Negro – a NXIVM member – with me to Los Angeles, California to assist with my recovering $26 million for the Bronfman sisters. I also retained Will DIamond to help with the project. For a time, Will, his wife Jean, and their baby, shared a rented house with Del Negro. That did not work out well. Neither did my work in Los Angeles. After I recovered $26 million for the two sisters, I began to make inquiries about the $65 million they lost under Keith Raniere’s direction in the commodities market. I did not know then that Raniere was actually stealing from the Bronfmans. In any event, I was fired. So was Will Diamond. While I lost my position, Will both lost his job and something else.  Here is what he wrote back in February 2008 – just after he and I were fired. He recently sent this to me with permission to publish it. He wrote it when the hurt was new and he was very upset. 

[My comments and clarifications are in bold and in brackets]  

By Will Diamond

When I first met James Del Negro, he seemed to be a really nice guy. Always happy and nice. He would talk to me and my wife and tell us both about ethics. He had a lot of great things to say. But to me being older and wiser, I found some of what he had to say repetitious. And something that was said to people at classes over and over again.

He told my wife and I, he taught ethics classes. Little did I realize what NXIVM was. Until now, but it is too late.

We were doing a business deal [in Los Angeles] which required my wife and I and my 15 month old baby to stay in a $7,000 a month home in Woodland Hills. And I worked for someone [Frank Parlato] who was hired to work for Nxivm. At first, we stayed at the Beverly Hilton in separate rooms. My wife and I and baby in one and Jim in his own room. But it cost $600 a night per room.  For almost a month. Nxivm paid for that.

When we moved into the house, I knew Jim pretty well and I felt secure enough to share a house with him. Jim Del Negro was talking to my wife and her being very naive and very immature she fell for his teachings on ethics.

At first I was wondering why my wife, who used to hug me every night did not do that anymore.. Then I noticed our sexual pattern was not the same and she was treating me different. I trusted Jim and did not suspect him. He was an ethics teacher and  I thought he would do the right thing like he was preaching to us all. But what happened may surprise you.

I would go out to do things like copy plans which Mr. Del Negro would ask me to do. And I would leave. Leaving my wife and child at home. So this went on for about three weeks. One day heading home, our van broke down at 1 am and I saw my wife on the text messaging and thought to myself “Hmm why would she be texting at 1 am?”

So the next morning I picked up her phone and looked. She erased James Del Negros 88 responses but because she is not that tech smart and very immature, she forgot to erase the ones she sent him. Each message had his name on top of the message. And what I saw made me numb and blew my mind. I was upset. My wife and I were supposed to go to Hawaii in two months on a honeymoon and I thought I had my family and a good woman.

But the night that I saw her text someone – that someone being Jim Del Negro – my life fell apart. It was 1 am – the last message before I checked her phone the next morning read: ” You are in my mind and pussy.”  “Can we meet at Paul’s room (which was 10 ft from me and the baby across the hall. While I slept they engaged in sex across the room. ) 10 FT FROM HER OWN BABY. WHILE I LAID SLEEPING.

“Will you shower? I will come to your room.”

And it goes on and on – very disgusting. I was devastated.  88 real disgusting messages.

First of all, I came to help Nxivm on a important project. Gave my all and then this happens.  I could not believe it. Total mind brain washing and total disrespect for a man’s wife and kid.

He would say “I am a nice guy.” Joke with her when I was not around and lead her to believe he liked her. She is a very naive girl.  Easily persuaded.

I would say the ethical thing to do is to walk away. Any real man I know would of… to have sex with a man’s wife while he is sleeping 10 ft from his son and husband. One wall away. She is from the Philippines and was not a U.S. citizen. She is only 23 . But acts like 16. And I myself, after working two months and being the number two guy, who helped saved $26 million. Have in two months lost everything. Because of James Del Negro an ethics teacher at NXIVM.

He was shaking my hand being my friend the whole time. Smiling at my face. And he was fucking my wife. In my opinion he is a disgrace as a human being. . This is what he read to my wife. “NXIVM is a new ethical understanding that allows us to build an internal civilization and have it manifest in the external world. It allows us to explore our most fundamental nature and to begin to redirect our power of creation, a power that we all possess in a very human sense. It is a place where humanity can rise to its noble possibility.”


[When Will told me about how Jim had seduced his wife, I asked Jim about it. At first he denied it. Then when I said it would be no good to lie about it, he finally admitted it – saying that Will’s wife seduced him. He was lying in bed and she came and jumped upon him and virtually raped him. 

“Well what about the other times?” I asked him. He said, “she attacked me in the bathroom and tore off my clothing. What could I do?”

 Jim is about 6’3” and 225 pounds and at the time quite athletic. Jean was at best 5 feet tall and under 100 pounds. I found it hard to believe and I told Jim so. After that, we never spoke again. I heard he later led the Society of Protectors  – a men’s group for Keith Raniere.

Jim was a consummate liar and a coward. He refused to meet Will Diamond and went into hiding until Will left town. He also refused to see his wife Jean who he had sex with and ruined her and her husband’s relationship. Jim told me he never had any interest in her and wished he never met her. If she had not seduced him, he said, he would never have paid any attention to her. He was just trying to teach her ethics. 

For better or worse, I don’t know, Will and Jean got back together and Jim went on to be a mini Vanguard – hopefully not too often to be raped by 5 feet tall skinny women that overpower him in his bed.] 

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  • Ugh this dude is a total creep. He’s my neighbor and I’ve heard him yell at someone (I think it’s his wife or partner) some nights. He plays “nice” and looks like he has manners but you can just see it in his eyes that he’s a creep.

  • Jim is a,drunk. Videos will be posted if him all drunk taking his hand and jerking off to CAMERA. While he was in the hotel days before the rape. Liquor gave,him the balls you say he lacked. All drunk . He is a rapist. . Raped that poor girl in a drunken rage. Then threatened to get her kicked out of the country . Used hypnotism . Used lies to total control her to hate husband . And used many kinds of hypnosis to eventually say. “You are in my mind and,pussy ” she is,now seeking to have Del Negro a true low life drunk. And rapist. Arrested. As there is no time limit. For brainsahung So he,can be next to his savior and god. You must be ranaire knob swoller go kill yourself do you and the world a favor. Scumbag.

  • Sounds like the “Society of Protectors” is slightly off, should have been named “Society of (condom) Protection.”

  • The other question about the Society of Protectors is the money. When Frank posted the records, they showed $350,000 in money sent to the top leaders of the group.

    The members paid $50 a month and the entries included more than 7000 payments. When they talk about the Mafia keeping books – these records are the books.

    So, where exactly did that money go? Several members at the top of the pyramid did not pay dues. This included Ivy Nevares and Mark Vicente.

    So, was this money split 3 ways? 1/3 to Ivy, 1/3 to Mark, and 1/3 to VanGrifter?

    I’m sure INQUIRING MINDS at the IRS would LOVE TO KNOW…

  • NXIVM TOP MEMBERS are MASTER HYPNOTIST!!! NLP NEURA LINGUISTICS PROGRAMMING is covert hypnosis #Coverthypnosis. Watch this to see what a LAWYER did to women he soft talked women into thinking he was helping them. Starting with MEDITATION to calm YOU DOWN. Look what word he suggested they use , looks like what Jim Del Negro used on his WIFE. This is when hypnisis is done and the person does not remember the first encounter but makes them want to have sex with them.

  • Well, JDN followed the NXIVM playbook to a ‘T’. Do shitty things and then pretend you are a victim in direct contradiction to your supposed tenet that there are no ultimate victims.

    I have given up on judging people for being cowards because there are just far too many of them, and I have had my own experiences with not standing as strong as I should have. Thinking back, I think JDN has always been rather a coward. I just attributed it to all the soy he was eating. That was part of the reason I have never been able to believe rape allegations about him. It takes some sort of cojones to do something like that, or not so brave ones have to go the Raniere route and get collateral to be able to force women into sex, which JDN wouldn’t have the pull to accomplish.

  • This story shows Keith was wrong about women being monogamous and men polygamous. Once she got a taste of ethics she became just like a Nxian.

  • There is no evidence Jim Del Negro did any of this to this awful woman. she was aggressor. She attacked him and yes women can rape a man. she is the one who texted him and attacked him in the bathroom. Imagine if reversed. She is predator. When will people realize it’s not always the man. If you read the indictment against Keith – Jane Doe was ordered to seduce Keith and enjoy it. Allison did that. 99 times out of 100 it’s woman who goes after the man. And Men get the blame. Jim is a victim and Keith also. Just think about this. This woman was married and she went after Jim. She was one who made marriage vows. Not jim. So stop blaming Jim.

    • OMG that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in ages. If Jim Del Negro was ethical…which isn’t that what Nxivm and POS is all about, he would have
      1) Gone to the husband immediately and shown him the texts and explained what happened
      2) contacted Nxivm to tell them that he needed to stay elsewhere because of the ethical breach that was occurring with someone else’s wife.

      Oh wait…I forgot….that’s not an ethical breach for someone in Nxvim. They are biologically intended to procreate with any woman whether married or not. That’s society’s ethics to not covet someone else’s wife. Silly me.

      • EXACT:LY… just posted the same response elsewhere. NXVIM EXC are all MASTERS in Hypnosis , and covert hypnosis called NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He did this to the poor woman probably. But if a ETHICS person he would have told the husband and MOVED OUT IMMEDIATELY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EASfZaY6y0k

    • you’ve got 99 problems and the only woman that could conceivably be blamed for them is your mum, even then, your dad should’ve withdrawn and spared the rest of humanity from your lack of potty-training. You’re that nasty kid causing havoc while pointing at random others in the playground and whining “she did it”, when everyone saw it was you. Or that bigger nastier kid you mistakenly believe is your best friend.

    • So someone less than half Jim Del Negro’s size (100 lbs vs 225 lbs; 4’11” vs 6’3″) attacked Jim and raped him? TWICE?? Someone who then sought therapy because of what Jim did to her? That’s some good drugs you’re on.


      And how does Del Negro celebrate his own marriage vows? After being mentored by Nancy Salzman, he divorced his wife (!) and left his business:

      “The sad thing is Jim Del Negro was such a nice guy when he first came with his wife. Nancy Salzman got her claws into him. He followed her around for a long time “learning from her”. He got divorced, gave up his business and became one of NXIVM’s mobsters.” (From FrankReport, December 3, 2017.)

      Jim Del Negro is a class act (not really). He apparently also has a thing for tiny young women of color (Jean was a 23-year-old from the Philippines and not yet a U.S. citizen). Also his home went into foreclosure earlier this year. That impressive executive success (not really).

      • – And how does Del Negro celebrate his own marriage vows? After being mentored by Nancy Salzman, he divorced his wife (!) and left his business:

        This is a common pattern of those taught by VanDouche. They become the same kind of douche-bags themselves. Separate people from their existing relationships by effectively declaring them as destructive then reeling them into NXIVM to serve VanDouche et al.

        The irony couldn’t be more glaring because VanDouche et al are the most destructive of them all.

      • The guy is completely soyed out. He’s never stood up for anything or anyone. He has just always done what he was told, and the perfect patsy. His name on companies that he doesn’t even know what they do, and he just signs whenever he is told.

        Read his testimony from the Los Angeles case. It’s like his brain barely functions, and that was a while ago.

    • If that was correct Stop Blaming Jim, when did he make those clams to you or is this you? If he were part of an Executive Success Program and taught ETHICS he would have known exactly how to react to this situation. He would have brought it to the attention of the husband. He would have MOVED OUT IMMEDIATELY, not one second and gone back to the $600 a night at the Hilton that the Nxivm was paying for . Please?????? Watch this video to see what these type of trained Covert Hypnotist can do. All top EXC of NXIVM are masters in Hypnosis and NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming is Covert HYPNOSIS

  • The story of religious and cult leaders who are horn dogs is as old as the hills.
    Read the novel “Elmer Gantry” by Sinclair Lewis.

    And Del Negro did you a favor by exposing your wife’s true nature.

  • The more I read about people in this group, the more surprised I am that they are all alive and walking around apparently in complete safety. I don’t advocate or condone violence, but I am surprised that some of these NXIVM people haven’t had unfortunate “accidents”, caused by jealous/enraged victims, or their relatives.

    • Totally Agree! Once the Mexican members of NXIVM realize they were swindled MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by Nancy Salzman, Keith Raniere, Scarecrow, and the rest of the NXSCUM leadership…Wow! Standby.

      I would not be hiding in Mexico (if I was NXIVM) since NXIVM stole MILLIONS of dollars from victims with FAKE UNIVERSITIES, FAKE CURES FOR DISEASES, AND FAKE SCHOOLS, all the while a child molester was lurking and trying to rape their kids.

  • “And folks, for a low $50 per month, you too can become a member of the Society of Proctologists (I mean Protectors). For your wonderful contribution you get: 1) nonsense ethics teachings, 2) brainwashing, 3) the chance to be in a society of wanna bees, and 4) a title that means absolutely nothing…”

    “But wait, there’s more. Sign up right now and we’ll throw in a bonus of getting bent over and screwed by Jim Del Negro and Mark Vicente free-of-charge”

    Send your contributions to:

    4 TaxEvasion Way
    United States Penitentiary Leavenworth, KS

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