So much for NXIVM closing down- Nancy Salzman now seeking 15 students to coach for $10,000 per month each

Prefect and the Dentist

Do you have some sort of personal or professional problem? Or perhaps you have Tourette’s Syndrome? Problem solved: You can now hire Nancy Salzman, the putative President of Executive Success Programs (ESP), for $10,000 a month to solve them.

Why so cheap? Because of legal and media challenges that ESP is facing, Nancy is taking on just 15 new people.

Please act fast because, as Chris Pearson-Smith notes below, slots are filling up fast. Four of the 15 are already taken. Which means there is room for only 11 of you.

So what do you get for your $10,000 per month? Up to two hours per week with Nancy.   That means she is charging around $1,250 per hour.

By the way, if you wish to avail yourself of this “very effective new science,” you have to sign up for at least six months.

$60,000 for 48 hours of one-on-one time with Nancy Salzman.

There is no mention here about refunds if Nancy goes to jail before you complete your six month program.


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  • once she ends up in prison. Imagine all of the unenlightened who need your help there, Prefect.

    Professing thyself wise you have become a fool.

    Perhaps Frank will volunteer to coach you out of your foolish delusions?

  • Let me hop right on that, just as soon as I finish my crowdfunding campaign to reinstate Vanguard Week 2018. /s

  • In early May, the authorities said more indictments would or might come “in a month.” That means early June. Will Salzman even escape that round of criminal charges?

    If not, then Salzman will need to make bail. I can’t imagine that the judge will give her permission to take on a new crew of NXIVM “students” while she’s awaiting trial.

  • There is a difference between NXIVM holding events and enrolling and teaching the curriculum and Prefect helping suffering people cure Tourette’s or helping business people who employ lots of people to solve their probelems so they don’t have to lay people off. This is the kind of thing Prefect does. Grow up people. Stop your hatred.

    • Hi India.

      I know you’re brainwashed and can’t tell down from up or sky from ground.

      But your mother loves you and someday, after enough days have passed since your last brainwashing session, the spell will weaken and eventually be broken……and you’ll be free to return to your family.

      PS — Your ex-stepdad Casper is a selfish fucken asshole IMO, since (according to Frank Parlato) he’s refusing to condemn NXIVM for having brainwashed and ruined the life of his ex-step daughter.

      What kind of a parent — even a step parent — refuses to CONDEMN a cult that brainwashed and BRANDED his ex-stepchild?

      What kind of a MAN refuses to condemn a cult that uses “blackmail material” to coerce women into having sex with a 57 YEAR OLD FAT SLOB with GEEKY GLASSES and a HEAD SO WIDE that he looks like an adult version of Mr. Potato Head?

    • India,
      Are you willing to go to prison while the Vanguard stuffs his face with hamburgers at Hooters?

    • Wake up dude.

      How many people are still stupid enough to call Nancy Salzman that?

      Then again, someone, who is stupid enough to destroy their reputation with alumni, probably would.

  • Clare Bear must have stopped paying the bills for NXIVM and Nancy Salzman

    First the post that no more classes are going to be taught, now Salzman’s swollen head goes after expensive brainwashing.

    The burning ship is going down

  • Apparently Nancy Salzman doesn’t have any effective therapy to cure people of homosexual tendencies.

  • Nancy is broke and desperate. She’s also a disgusting con artist who should be in jail. I guess this money (if anyone is stupid enough to bite) can go towards her and Lauren’s legal fund.

  • So if my problem is a Psychopath awaiting trial for human trafficking, a cult that swindles people out of their hard-earned money, a group that destroys families, and a corporation that engages in Organized Crime …

    Will Nancy take care of that too?

  • Okay when are Nancy and Lauren Salzman going to gt arrested? And does Nancy really think there will be people willing to pay that amount of money for her services? Who does she think she is, Vanguard? :):)

    • 10K per month is an awful lot of money. What could Salzman possibly offer in return, given her limited credentials educationally and professionally? As FP indicates, the “student” would be paying Salzman over $1.1K per hour. That’s a fee comparable to what the world’s best consultants and psychoanalysts get, and they qualify for this only because they’ve established very, very exceptional educational and professional bonafides.

      I can’t imagine highly paid professionals to be willing to shell out that kind of cash to Salzman. That’s because those people are sophisticated enough to know better. I’d be very surprised if Pearson-Smith’s appeal impresses the Tuck MBA crowd. That element is (generally) too smart to fall for something like NXIVM.

      So who, really, is Salzman trying to attract? My guess is that she’s deliberately attempting to lure super rich trust fund kids who are confused and lacking in formal education. Nobody else fits the bill.

      • Nancy is only an RN. She’s not a counsellor, psychiatrist or psychologist. She is a plain ole nurse that has studied NLP.
        She will provide extensive brainwashing and programming using NLP and Hypnosis.
        Whomever these few are who have signed up, if you are dumb enough not to do your R & D, you deserve every lesson she teaches.
        The audacity of this boggles my mind, but I guess, desperate times call for desperate measures.

        • She was a mediocre student at best in Cranford nj high , went to a sub par hospital nursing school called muhlenberg hospital now defunct and lied and said she went to the prestigious Muhlenberg college. Her nlp and hypnosis trainings were a few sign up courses at a time and certainly not the fraud she puts out about being me trained and studying under these prestigious and credible professionals. Vanguard new the perfect useful idiot when he saw one. A clothing budget, cosmetic treatments, hair transplants, name dropping oops and fanning her narcissistic flames was all he had to do. And then she would sell her ditzy daughters to sleep with Vanguard when he tossed her out of his bed. She’s been practicing that fake smile for years. Now it’s so wide it’s stuck and fools call it joy

        • There’s nothing wrong with being a credible hard working RN. In fact it’s righteous and requires intennigebce and dedication. There is no correlation at all between what she started out as and where she ended up. This is just an aberrant and abhorrent person out fir glory and fame who fit in way over her head. Greed and naïveté.

  • You can practically feel the desperation in Salzman’s offer. Money outside Nxivm channels make it sound like she knows the cult (and her precious Vanguard) is never coming back. And anything she earns on a one-on-one basis outside the corporate entities is not subject to seizure by the Feds if/when she’s indicted. Pretty ballsy to think that your advice is so valuable that a part-time gig could pay you the equivalent of $1.8 million a year (15 suckers * $10,000 a month * 6 months * 2).

    And pretty deluded of this guy to take this offer to a bunch of B-school classmates, who are presumably smarter and less deluded than the average bear. Any of those “Tuckies” does a Google search on Nancy Salzman, the first result that comes up is the Times Union article about the feds raiding her house. Just the sort of thing an up-and-coming Wall Street hedge fund manager wants to learn about a prospective executive coach. Wonder if this guy will get unfriended by all his buddies for being a deranged dweeb.

  • I wouldn’t exactly call this NXIVM resuming operations.

    I’d call it one crazy gal’s desperation.

    Looks like she’s trying to get enough money to replace the $500k swiped by the Feds, LOL.

    Probably gonna use it to pay for her future lawyer after her no good ass gets arrested in the coming weeks.

    PS — Kinda hard to get 6 months of coaching if your coach is likely to be indicted and arrested in the next few weeks. Maybe she can offer coaching from the jail’s visitor booth. 🙂

  • I think a Tuckie is a graduate of Tuck Business School at Dartmouth. So “T 13.5” means class of 2013, maybe in the summer?

    • Correct – C P-S graduated from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business with an MBA- He was probably bound for more greatness working with Deloitte Consulting his prior employer before falling into bed with NXIVM. I believe his NXIVM coach was/is Allison Mack (many pictures of them together)

      At least C P-S was honest about the “legal” troubles. Any Tuckie worth his MBA would see that as a red flag.

      Lana want’s to know who the 4 brain dead and made of money sheeple are?

  • “New Science” is the hot shit for bullshit bingo I guess. Science itself is never new, while discoveries/breakthroughs can be. I rate the stuff behind new science at the same level I rate alternative facts. There is or are only two types, those that are true and there is crap. This is why I am a nice guy and fix the offer for Nancy.

    Hey guys,

    As you all know, we are in a lot of legal trouble due to breaking several laws and getting top notch lawyers is expensive as hell. On top of that, I had to find out that I am not good friends with the Bronfmans and have to pay for the lawyers on my own.
    This is where you can help me, as I am selling these courses with a “special discount”. If you are into it, we can help each other. All you have to do is part with your money and listen to me two to three hours a week. You might help reducing my prison sentence doing so.



  • My problem is: I want the Kreuk chick; but nooooooo.
    If Nancy can fix that, then hell yes I’ll sign up

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