Part 5: Secret tapes: Salinas claims Vicente and Edmondson are part of a plot to extort money from NXIVM

Sarah Edmondson stood up to the ruthless perjurer, Clare Bronfman.

Part 5 of the secretly recorded phone conversation in August 2017 between Toni Zarattini and Emiliano Salinas.

Zarattini has just explained to Salinas why he was disturbed about Raniere and DOS and how he was kicked out of NXIVM.

Salinas seems to be concerned about what Toni told Alejandro Junco – the powerful newspaper publisher whose daughter Rosa Laura is in the cult.

ES: Well I think the same. Well and about [Toni talking to] Alejandro [Junco] how did that happen? Like the last chapter in this telenovela and I do not know how it happened.

TZ: Alejandro is the same dude, is part of, for me, it is like Laurel, [he] is my friend.  Luis is my friend. For me what was happening was not ok. It was not ok, and I went to look for him because I know he has never agreed [with his daughter being in NXIVM] and for me, [DOS, Keith sleeping with students] it has been a revelation that this is not cool so [I went to Junco to discuss] what can we do so this does not happen anymore? That is the truth, Emiliano, and well, I think this was a mistake. I think it is a mistake because, for example, yesterday, you talked to me, I started to think, ok, you called me, or you at least started talking, and you showed me what you are like. I said ‘Yes, I did not think about you, or that I’m going to hurt Emiliano.’ No man, I started thinking and looking at it more as with like with a bad intent, where, if they ask me, I can’t say what I think, dude.

ES: Yes, I understand.

TZ: So —

ES: I feel that way too. I am also one of the people who cannot say something I do not believe in, or say something I do not believe in, so I don’t think it’s strange, right?

TZ: Right.

ES: Maybe I do not see things exactly as you see them, but if I understand what you’re saying to me and how you told me yesterday, maybe we do not agree with the whole situation, but I also felt you were honest when you said your intention was not to hurt. The truth, it does not go there.

TZ: Right, correct.

ES: And from my side, it’s the same, Ok? Do you want me to tell you a little about my side? Or is there something more?

TZ: Of course

ES: So look, you told me in chronological order, and I’ll tell you as it comes out, but the end [game] for me is we [NXIVM] have an open, preliminary investigation against a group of people who have been extorting us for a long time, trying to extort money, and when I say extort, I mean we have letters addressed to me – not exclusively me, but I’m included, where basically it says ‘if you do not give me X amount of money, I will destroy your company. I will destroy your reputation and I will destroy your relationships.’

[Ed. note: I would like to see those letters because I suspect Emiliano is lying and nobody wrote a letter saying give me money or I will destroy your company.]

TZ: That is extortion of course.

ES: That’s clear and plain extortion, right? And then, on the other hand, these people do not know what has happened. For several years anyone who fights with the organization [NXIVM], I do not know if it is designed or coincidence, but [they] always ends up working with those who have left before. It makes sense to me. I imagine that at the time when you were on one side in a fight, right? And then you fight with the side you were [once on] I don’t think it’s crazy to go to the other side, right? It is even a way to seek support, I think. The thing is that several important people left the organization. It has nothing to do with leaving the organization, it has to do with fighting with us.

TZ: Okay

ES: Many people have left the organization and we are still good friends and nothing else happens; they are no longer in the organization, the same, hey, you have left the organization, you are like those who say I am a clear example of those who have stopped smoking. I have stopped smoking a few times.

TZ: Yes

ES: You have also left the organization. It has happened many times and it has never been a problem; that is not a problem. [But] These people have declared war against us and they have been extorting us.

TZ: Okay

ES: Then suddenly we find a person [Toni Zarattini] – and this has never happened in Mexico before; it has almost [always] been in the United States – and there have been actions in Mexico – and we suddenly realize that that person is you, right? From our perspective is [now] carrying out all the threats that this group [of extortionists] has made against us for years [for money], to destroy our company too, to destroy our reputation and destroy our relationships. And that person [in Mexico, Zarattini] who is doing those actions that are carrying out the threats that we have been subjected to for years is in contact with these people. At least that’s what they have made us believe, right?

TZ: But wait Emiliano, what people specifically?

ES: Well, Mark [Vicente] and Sarah [Edmondson].

TZ: Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson?

ES: Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson are in direct contact with the extortionists. And also doing the same actions that are destroying the company, our reputation and our relationships. And you have been in contact with them.

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  • As new stories come out Allison appears less and less as a victim and more and more as an eager and willing perpetrator.

  • The Salinas Family thinks everyone’s a gangster because the Salinas Family are the biggest gangsters in Mexico.

  • Even though my other IP was banned by Frank i am back . Yes you can’t ban me because there are ways around that idiot.

    If you honestly think you are going to spew your crap online without anyone else speaking up for the likes of allison mack then you are mistaken.

    No wonder you were indicted. Idiot.

    • Speaking up to defend Allison is like defending the Unabomber or the Texas school shooter. Please explain to us how poor Allison is simply misunderstood and needs treatment and a widdle bitty teddy bear to make up for all the misery she caused her slaves.

      If anything, the evidence is showing she is more involved in VanGrifter’s scheme and wanted to be his partner in crime (literally)…

      So, please proceed and demonstrate your ignorance.

    • For one, there is not free speach on the internet as the owner decides what appears on his webpage. But I guess he does not ban IPs as most internet providers use dynamic IP adresses for many years now. Banning an IP is pointless.
      Last but not least, this website is bugged occasionally and eats posts. At least it eats my posts, but you can reload the page and send the same comment again and it works.

    • Back, back! here comes the shark attack.
      “I’m back” is gonna scrawl a lot of smack
      In defense of his fallen angel Allie Mack.
      It should be fun ’cause the dude’s a hack.

  • You must frequent forums like this:

    Unfortunately in society much of what is said is true. Women tend age out faster than men in the sense that their value decreases much faster with age while that of men decreases much slower or can sometimes even get better. If you’re a single women past thirty five, much of society considers you on your way down.

  • Rather sad how Sarah E hit the wall so hard and so fast.

    One day shes this cute little mink, then it ‘s seemed like a month later she’s a stressed-out, worn, middle aged prune at the grocery store.

    I’m sure the whole experience with Keith and the gang played a major part in this hyper-aging.

  • is or was it extortion, or was it give me my money back. Give me back all this money I turned over to your organization, give me back my collateral or I will share with the world your Crimes? Or I will tell the truth. It does seem everyone turns over all their assets and then depends on the income of the human pyramid enrollments for income and life.

  • She was so’ooooooooo jealous and envious of Ali and Nikki. Right there is what finally brought this circus down after all these years.

    • Sara E only turned on Allison after Allison, under false pretenses, lured Sara E to Allison’s house to be tortured and branded and enslaved.

      • Allison didn’t lure Sarah Edmondson into DOS. That credit falls on Lauren Salzman. Lauren was Sarah’s “master”. Rewatch the 20/20 video and Sarah describes it all. They were brought to Allison Mack’s home in Clifton Park from Lauren’s.. We neighbors here in Knox Woods still cannot figure out how it all went down without a neighbor hearing anything like crying especially with 5 people in the room. The walls are very thin in the condos and town homes here in KW. However, I have also discovered that many of my neighbors put their heads in the sand and pretend nothing is going on.

        • In my understanding of DOS’ bizarre hierarchy Lauren was the slave of Allison Mack.
          (I hate talking about people as each other’s slaves.)
          Regardless Allison and Lauren were as thick as thieves and it is difficult to imagine Lauren doing anything in DOS without first consulting Allison.
          As for the neighbors in Clifton Park and Knox Woods most people want to live their lives with the least amount of hassle possible.
          Life is difficult enough as it is.
          I feel sorry for the neighbors.
          Who’s that walking by?
          Oh, it’s just Keith Raniere and six of his girlfriends/ sister wives out for an evening stroll.
          And today people are more tolerant of alternate life styles.
          Even in my childhood (1970 in Duluth, Minnesota) we were tolerant of the divorced Mrs. A shacking up with a black airman from the local Air National Guard base.

          “Lauren Salzman, as a member of DOS, has made a vow of lifetime slavery to Mr. Raniere. Sources say she is branded in the pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.
          She is a slave to both Mr. Raniere and Miss Mack – which is a surprising fact since she served longer than Miss Mack.”

    • Who would be jealous of Allison and Nikki? Maybe when they were acting in a television show and making good money. Now they are your average liberal single white women in their mid thirties with no family or husbands of their own self-humiliated slaves to an almost sixty year old conman.

      It sounds so appealing who wouldn’t want to be jealous of that?

      • In the old days it was somewhat common for two unmarried women to shack up together and no one asked what they did at night.
        These were called “Boston Marriages.”

        Indeed the infamous Lizzie Borden openly lived for a two years with an actress named Nance O’ Neill.

        Relationship with Lizzie Borden
        In 1904, O’Neil met Lizzie Borden while in Boston. The two had a close friendship, which incited considerable gossip.[5][6]

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