Vanguard Week 2018 has been canceled

The Inn at Silver Bay Resort, the largest of several buildings on the campus. During V-Week, organizers book the entire facility and the Resort closed its doors to outside overnight guests and casual visitors.

By Frank Parlato

According to multiple, informed sources, Vanguard Week 2018 is canceled.

Every summer, since 2005, hundreds of followers of Vanguard, A/K/A Keith Raniere, assemble at the Silver Bay YMCA camp on the shores of Lake George for “Vanguard Week” – a 10 day celebration of the nativity of Raniere.

His birthday is August 26, 1960. Raniere gave himself the title Vanguard.

Followers pay from $2,000 to $5,000 to attend the event. The fee includes a shared room, vegetarian meals, beach time, hikes in the woods, informal gatherings, talent shows, and the right to listen to 10 days of lectures about Raniere and his teachings.

Traditionally, Clare Bronfman rents the entire YMCA camp and all of its dozen or more hotels and cabins and excludes all non-NXIVM members from entering the 500-acre YMCA campus during Vanguard Week.

Keith Raniere in front of devotees at V-Week 2016.Now jailed at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, having been denied bail, Raniere is seen as highly unlikely to attend this year.  He has been charged with sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracy.

Slide from V-Week from his thankful students.
Keith Raniere in audience as his followers perform for him.
V Week 2016 had an estimated 400 attendees. V Week 2017 had an estimated 175. V-Week 2018 has been canceled. In this V-Week 2016 photo, Raniere applauds to homages made to him. Seated next to him is  Nancy Salzman A/K/A Prefect, and the late harem member, Pamela Cafritz.
At V-Week 2012, Sara Bronfman [center] and Allison Mack [right] do a dance exercise on the grounds of Silver Bay [Photo John Tighe].
Allison Mack during a performance at V-Week 2016.
DOS slave women Vany Huber, Bibbiana Huber and Jacqueline Ronay sun themselves on Silver Bay beach at V-Week 2017.

Vanguard Week also known as V-Week is held during the prime tourist season in the Adirondacks and it is a sure bet the YMCA will be taking reservations for their hotels and cabins during this all important 10 days – leading up to Labor Day – during their beautiful but short summer tourist season.

Raniere founded Executive Success Programs, NXIVM, Jness, DOS, SOP, Knife of Aristotle, The Source and many other recruiting programs.

Traditionally, the faithful would arrive at V-Week on August 21 and attend events focused on Raniere’s brilliance and greatness – but without Raniere. He would appear on the 6th day – his actual birthday – to the adulation of followers.

In years gone by, as many as 400 people attended V-Week. But in 2017, rocked by details first revealed in the Frank Report – an estimated 175 people attended.

Last year –  in June – four months before the New York Times blockbuster story came out – and two months before V-Week 2017,  I wrote, “There is a time when everyone who sows, reaps his harvest. Less than 200 people registered for V Week [2017]. Last year [2016] at this time, it was more than double that number.  Is it a sign perhaps of the harvest about to come?”

It has come and many people are feasting. Thank the Lord.


The beautiful grounds of Silver Bay where V-Week is held.
Nancy Salzman at Silver Bay during V-Week.

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  • Cancellation of this type of event so close to it happening has to be costing Clare Bear mucho dollars.

  • well… if you think about it, vweek could be celebrated @jail with all the next information they are going to release, I mean, vweek at MDC 😉

  • Vanguard week looks like a bad family reunion from the 1970’s. I keep waiting for the next pictures to be of ABBA and the Villiage People.

  • They claim to be an organization with the drive to change the world. They cite famous people on their social media and compare their leader/organization with what these people achieved. But what happens when their plans meet reality and they have to face opposition? All give up and cancel V Week, close training centers and so on and leave quietly.
    You are just a bunch of cynical morons. If the organization and it’s values had ever meant a thing to you, this is the time to prove it. Did Gandhi or Mandela and their followers give up because of a prison sentence or just an indictments?
    Yes I know, you were in it to make money from freshly scammed recruits and sleep around like you learned from your messiah. At least the NXIVM members showed their real face now. Loyal, but not to the end, determined, but unwilling to take personal risks. And neither of them had the guts to leave early or even inform the officials to stop the madness either. I guess doing something like that would have required some personal growth in the first place – you were still students.

  • V-Week wouldn’t be the same without the sex addicted little monkey troll there. Who is going to poison the food without Keith there? Who is going to sleep with super skinny students who haven’t shaved their groin areas? Who is going to give the word salad speeches that go nowhere and waste everyone’s time? Who is going to go without bathing for a month before and during his birthday celebration? You can’t have V-week without the ultimate small dicked dickhead – The Vanguard.

  • I’m confused. Why wouldn’t the Vanguard’s followers give proof of their devotion by joining him in prison for a week? It really can’t be all that hard, all they would have to do is get caught committing a federal crime in New York, right?

  • I have been following this case since Allison Mack hit the news (I had watched all the Smallville seasons). Reading about Keith Raniere, I expected him to look like Brad Pitt or Tom Welling. And then I saw him. Seriously??!! THIS guy?? What he should patent is his voodoo freaky hypnosis to get girls to fall for him. Honestly, does he know magic?? Even that pic of him at his narcissist celebrate myself week, he’s just sad and homely looking with his Birkenstocks. And harry af. I don’t get it. Would a former lover of his please fill us in on WHAT was attractive about this guy?

    • During my involvement with NXIVM, I found the guy utterly repulsive. Then again, I went into it assuming his high IQ claims and such were exaggerated, so I was singing Shania Twain on the way in, anyhow.

  • Sara, my love, looked so hot in that 2012 photo. She was at her physical and sexual peak. What made her even hotter is that she was — how shall we politely put it — slow in the noggin’.

    Come back , Sara. We have unfinished business to fulfill.

    Yes, your Dad turns in his grave on a nightly basis over what has become of you. But you must be forgiven because of your….insufficiencies.

    It’s dangerous over there in Libya. Meet me in Mexico. Bring the duffel bag with the cash and the suitcase of bullion.

    And oh yeah, one more thing: leave Sis behind.

          • But you are wrong. Just a woman who isn’t an SJW wanting to attack every man for every joke he makes.

          • I don’t care. If you have a right to your opinion, I have a right to mine.

            I have a sense of humor too. I just don’t find constant sexual references and clearly misogynistic references in all the jokes he tells humorous.

            Too bad.

      • Hey, didn’t we meet at V-Week? Mari? Marih? Mari H? Hmmm. You have the fuzzy tongue; right? And the one is a tad bigger than the other? Or one might say the one is a tad small than the other. Is this you? We need to talk.

    • Sara,
      As for me, shadowstate1958, just send me the duffel bag of cash and the suitcase of bullion and stay in Libya.

    • “I’ve heard of women, many women, signing lifelong vows to only have sex with Keith,” says [Sarah] Edmondson, who criticizes Raniere’s practice of sleeping with his Nxivm lieutenants and students as “a conflict of interest.”

      “They’re there to learn. You have the person teaching them having sex with them as part of their growth?” she says. “If that’s what he wants to do, that should be on their fucking website.”

      • “Growth” is one of the favorite words of the indoctrinated people of NXIVM. What exactly did they grow in? It’s like another word I’ve heard repeatedly said in the modern world: “progress”.

        Where exactly are these people progressing to? A progress that doesn’t end anywhere is groping in the dark. It’s a state between doubt and certainty, which is mere conjecture.

        And that’s all these people were doing. Conjecturing their way to believing they achieved something when all they received were a bunch of worthless sashes devised by a conman in a perpetual cycle of classes. Are they really better people now? More compassionate? More ethical? More content? More joyful? More respectful? More grateful? More dignified? Do they treat people better? Do they even know what that means? Great leaders breed other leaders, not losers.

        Or did they just learn a big lesson?

    • Funny how information about Ranieres sexual escapades was available on 2009 when a group of nine women left NXIVM after confronting Raniere about his conflict of interest within the company. Now it’s common for those who didn’t question to think his behavior is not OK.

      Think of what could of been SAVED if only those who have jumped ship within the last year or so would of just taken the time to reach out and find out WHY nine woman left. Instead, the nine were the ones branded as supressives.

      This whole branding shit could of been avoided if a few inquiry minds would of reached across what became enemy lines and asked WTF, why did you all leave?

      That is how good this organizations ring leaders were at convincing people to be sheep. Crazy isn’t it.

      • Nobody can say it wouldn’t have happened sooner or later with other parties involved.

        It is silly to think Keith Raniere would have stopped any other way than going to jail, and if Clare can help it, that won’t stop him.

  • I still can’t believe people paid thousands of dollars celebrating this charlatan for a week. Who celebrates their birthday for a week except a narcissist? Some people came every year for ten years and could’ve spent upwards of $50K on this clown’s birthday party. What fools.

    • What do you mean, you wouldn’t pay thousand of dollars to watch Keith play volleyball? :):)

      Seriously, the more more I learn about this cult, the sadder all of the participants involved in it seem. Allison Mack cut people out of her life who weren’t involved in the cult and who questioned her about it. If your group is so awesome and so worthy of respect, then it can stand up to scrutiny.

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