Bad day for Cult: Raniere tries to make eye contact with Allison Mack; trial date set for Oct. 1


Courtroom today.

The big news is that there will be more indictments coming.

Allison Mack was there in court.

Keith Raniere entered the courtroom after his chains were removed.

As he sat before the judge with his attorneys, Raniere tried desperately to make eye contact with Allison. He leaned back repeatedly to try to snatch an eye-to-eye look at her.  Mack’s attorneys were in between, making it difficult.

When they stood to address the judge, Raniere tried again. Mack absolutely declined to look at him.

Raniere looked red in the face. He looked angry when the prosecutor said there is no amount of bail that would satisfy them in terms of letting him out of prison before his trial.

Two people from Raniere’s cult were in attendance.

The judge said Raniere’s defense team could propose a bail package but the judge looked grim when he said “these are very serious charges,” seeming to indicate that Raniere would not be getting bail.

Raniere appeared to have not bathed, and looked horrendous. He was truly beet red in the face. With his brown jumpsuit, red face, and unkempt appearance, he looked nothing like a Vanguard.

During the hearing – wherein it was decided that the trial for Raniere and Mack would begin on October 1, 2018 [a date that is certainly not set in stone] – Mack’s defense lawyer asked if Mack had to come all the way from California for every hearing.

The judge said she had to appear.  He said “I am not sure I am comfortable with the fact that she is 2,500 miles away.”

Mack came in first and was sitting in the back row.

Raniere came in out of the “rat hole.”

Before he came in, Mack was moved to the other side of the bar.

Raniere’s attorney demanded a speedy trial. The judge declined saying that Mack had waived her right to a speedy trial and that Raniere is bound by her decision since they are co-defendants in the case.

Mack is in plea negotiations but her attorneys said that they are awaiting discovery [of evidence against Mack] before any serious plea negotiations could be started.

Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza told the judge there will be a superseding indictment and that more people besides Raniere and Mack will be charged.

Mack remains under house arrest. Her ankle monitor could not be seen in court. Mack came alone without her mother.

Raniere was mad. And he looked at Toni Natalie who was in the courtroom and he gave her a snarl.

The last time Raniere met Natalie he said, “I will either see you dead or in prison.”

He missed by half.

The next hearing date is June 12 at 11 am.


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  • Voluntary fraternal branding participation, choice of location choice, and one-second duration says:

    There are key differences between university fraternity and NXIVM DOS branding. And there are a few lawsuits regarding fraternity branding that I suspect Raniere’s lawyers will be relying upon for legal precedent.

    One involving Blake Novacek maybe has not been resolved (can’t find resolution of court case)? And he was blindfolded, so a key case to follow. That incident also got that fraternity shut down at University of Oklahoma. Fraternity branding is not officially condoned by any universities or fraternal organizations.

    Fraternity branding is genuinely voluntary, with many unbranded members as proof. And the location for the brand is up to the student getting branded, in stark contrast to DOS. Also, the branding takes only seconds!!! Not 20-30 minutes. Here’s a video to illustrate how long fraternity branding takes and pay close attention at the 12 second mark because the branding lasts only one second:

  • Raniere has been in federal custody for over four weeks. During that time, he was likely holding on to two thin strands of hope as he spent hour after hour in his cell: the possibility of being released on bail, and the expectation that his co-conspirator would take the fall for him.

    Within a short few minutes, both of these last threads of hope for Raniere were severed in front of his eyes.

    Now he goes back to his cell, not for four weeks, but for five months, until the trial begins.

    Five months sitting in a cell with no hope.

    May 4, 2018 was a very good day for justice.

  • I am happy to see KR frustrated and uncomfortable. Just like he made others. I hope the trial is postponed over and over and over, until he grinds his teeth down to tiny stubs, I hope he enjoys his bologna, jello, fake cheese, and quiet time. I hope he enjoys the lack of fresh air and sunshine. Just remember, K, how you made women deprive themselves of food, sleep, and self esteem – all in the name of your sick, selfish desires and whims. Screw you!! Mr. Ethical Self Improvement, my ass!

  • Anyone can order a transcript. Just make arrangements with Court Reporter. Most hearings are recorded digitally now and the Court Reporter or transcription service will produce the transcript when/if you pay the fee.

  • Raniere’s suffering brings me endless joy. It’s nice to know that good for nothing faggot is rotting in a jail cell,unwashed and unhappy.

    • Congrats – you are a winner. I hope he gets life – and then lives to be 103 so the joy lasts for a long long time.

  • Raniere tried to make eye contact with Mack. And he did make eye contact with Toni Natalie last time he was in court.
    In the case of Allison Mack maybe I’m being too imaginative, but Raniere is a hypnotist and I’m wondering if he was trying to activate some sort of post-hypnotic suggestion.

  • Are there any artist renderings of today’s hearing available? Vantard sounds like he is starting to get a little Manson on us.

  • Nope if the middle of your name (words) looked in to the double sided mirror at a right angle to you, then you would see if you looked straight ahead you have “i | i ” then glance glance one way “a” then the other “”m”

  • Don’t care how much her bail is, that smug look on her face walking into court should be as happy as she will ever be again. Traveling from CA an inconvenience?And laughing with lawyers in court? Those she held down while they were being branded should make up the jury (of her peers)! And part of his reward should be the branding of him one by one by his victims. Let him wear their initials! And let neither of them ever see the light of day again! Branding, sex slaves, forced pornography, coercing friends to join? Unless she is found to be mentally incompetent, brand her all over too! The Lord will surely forgive her, but Lord!, will she ever be able to forgive herself? Otherwise, she’s going to walk into that CA ocean and keep walking!

  • A social group! I know that the social groups I belong to all have a thing for corporeal punishment, confinement in cages, drinking from puddles, and forced naked branding. Wait… never mind, they don’t.

    • Oh, that’s rich. I can only imagine that his lawyers are grasping at straws- I mean, calling NXIVM a ‘social group’ and claiming that men brand each other all the time in certain parts of the world reeks of desperation.

  • Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped!!!

    There is nothing that Mack did that makes her a victim. She was smart enough to have an acting career where she also started some directing and could remember her.lines.

    What Mack did was make one decision after another to follow her Master/Lover deeper into his criminal endeavors and said Hell To You every time she did one more dirty deed. She stepped outside of her moral compass one decision after another, until she was willing to be 2nd in command in Raniere’s DOS organization.

    No ultimate victim in this case. Allison Mack went for the power and attention she got by being Raniere’s #2.

    Those that want to believe she is a victim have their own agenda promoting this propaganda. Mack could have stepped away like those who have and spoke out against Raniere. Yet she was in his 10,000 a day Villa in Mexico when he was busted & once back State side, she still did nothing to speak out against him and admit her participation in his evil deeds.

  • Still not wearing wedding band (We all know it was a false marriage otherwise she would have never taken it off. That’s two court appearances without the band )

    She is cutting ties with everything to do with NXVIM, Nicki and, hopefully, if her lawyers are good enough, they will prove she is a victim like Elizabeth Smart, Like the Jim Jones Followers and David Koresh Followers.

    The best outcome of this is that Keith goes away for the rest of his life.

    • She didn’t have a choice about what she wore the first time she was in court.

      You don’t get to keep wearing your jewelry when you are arrested.

  • “The judge set their trial date for Oct. 1 and the next hearing for June 12.”

  • Two awesome things: Allison refusing to look at Raniere and that he is bound to her waiving a speedy trial because they are co-defendants. He has lost his control over Allison and he knows it and I also hope she is spilling her guts to her attorneys and the feds. She needs to do the right thing to not only help herself but to help all of the people that have been hurt.

    I wonder who will be arrested next — perhaps the mother/daughter Salzman team. Lastly, thank you Frank for helping us non-lawyers understand the legal proceedings.

    • Especially thank you, Frank! Made me so happy that Mack refused to look at Raniere. And evidently her wearing a new necklace, and not her cult necklace, has significance that Raniere will have understood.

    • Did you not hear his lawyers commend the Vanguard’s stamina?? The messiah is in perfect health!

      What a weird statement to make, about Raniere’s stamina. And they could only make it because no photos have come out. Yet. I’m looking so forward to seeing beet-faced Raniere!

      Lisinopril is used to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. No way he’s not getting his meds, esp with his expensive defense team, so I suspect that’s too much to hope for. Heart failure would be an apt end for a psychopath without a heart.

  • She showed up to court not wearing the DOS necklace she’s worn for years, but a different one with a butterfly pendant that could easily be seen across a room.

    Seems like a fairly unmistakable silent fuck-you to Keith on her part. Off the description of his reaction, sounds like he got the message.

    • Butterflies are symbolism for hope, resurrection, change and freedom. It’s a great fuck you to keith.

        • Oh please, Shadowstate. You are looking for anything to continue your obsession with Mack. Disregard anything shadowstate says. He was turned down by mack on twitter and he’s burned because of it. He never focused on anyone else except mack. Time to move on shadowstate

          • Exactly right. He’s obsessed and crazy and not a nice person.

          • Allison was a victim of her mother whoring her out when she was a child, but she had a choice what to do when she became an adult and she used her choices to create this mess.

            She may have been a victim then, now she is a perpetrator.

          • No you dirty little bitch, YOU are the ONLY one who has undying love for the sadistic criminal sexual deviant violent abuser of women, Allison Mack. You and only you are immoral and mentally ill enough to humiliate yourself on every single post about her, defending your great love, the violent twisted sick sadistic abuser and enslaver Allison Mack, who is going down in history as Co-conspirator #2 right next to Raniere. And there is nothing you can do about it. There is also nothing you will ever be able to do to stop sane normal people from stating their own freely formed and expressed opinions of her, in perpetuity. No amount of immature ridiculously obsessed comments with stupid ass subject lines telling readers to ignore everyone else’s opinions, only trust and believe yours–when you are clearly insane yourself–will ever have any effect on what the public sees with their own eyeballs. It is past time for you to show some respect to the victims of this bloody sex cult and move on your damn self. Your time could more productively be spent putting money on Keith’s commissary and writing love letters to Allison than wasting your time arguing with sane people on a blog devoted–entirely–to taking down Raniere, the cult, and the criminals that ran it. Go tell twitter how much you love Allison and what an innocent fragile petal she is, you will do well over there, where the average opinion is to dispense with a trial and burn her alive this minute.

    • I guess she still can’t get anybody to come to her mother’s house and take care of that moustache.

      Come on, Mom. Get your daughter a home waxing kit or something before her next court date.

    • You said she wore a butterfly necklace!

      If you read about Hollywood and the mind control of child performers, some people claim that the butterfly, particularly the monarch butterfly, is a symbol of mind control.

      There is a whole website called the “Vigilant Citizen that talks about the symbology of the butterfly.
      Here is a sample of some stories about what butterflies mean.
      there are a lot more stories in this vein.

      • Oh man, shadow state,, You gotta get yourself checked for Narcissistic Personality Disorder yourself and get yourself admitted to a mental hospital before you too need to be put away in jail.

      • if you think this is a monarch project conspiracy because then you focus on seeing allison as evil for its wrong decisions if something that is clear about monarch techniques is the ability to manipulate people in everything published by frank always It is clear that the Two is the least of the evils done by Keith Raniere if we remember Gina Hutchinson or the Rhiannon girl but above all the way in which the lives of so many people have arisen because not only are women there are also men with lives ruined that even with raenier in prison might need a lot of time to awaken are too many lives allison may be weak character but the only reason to be in that position was because Keith wanted it because he did not raise the level in ESP but was one of the executive leaders of Jness where they were all part of the ring closest to Keith from the beginning in the frame and moved his chips with the other women of the ring for that purpose so it was not just bad decisions on the part of allison to ignore her own survival instinct and also take the fact that there were and there are many other women who were willing to replace her at any time if allison had defected before all this .

    • Does anyone know what the DOS necklace looks like? Does it have any hidden meanings or symbols?

        • I just assumed it was related given Allison’s worn it in every photo (save when in costume last year) since around mid-2015 when it was said she first posted collateral. It’s not in photos from before that time, either.

          Is it related in some other way…? Because the timing (and decision to not wear it today) seems strangely suspect otherwise. Nicki has been wearing hers in every photo for years as well.

      • Per reports, some of the women in DOS wore other types of jewelry, but Allison and Nicki both always wore necklaces (except when doing the occasional acting work) over the past few years if you look at their Instagrams. Allison had a thin silver chain (can be clearly seen in her profile pic), and Nicki a twisted gold chain. They’re both pretty subtle and plain-looking.

        • Thanks! We’re still trying to figure everything out and put the pieces together.

          VanGrifter is a person of hidden symbols in plain sight. Hidden initials in the brand, plain necklace that symbolized slave, secret handshake (I know it)…

          Like he has a compulsion to mark his property – using semen, brands on flesh, sashes.

          Was he constantly losing stuff as a kid, or having stuff taken away? Why does Keith have to mark everything like an animal would?

          • I noticed Allison’s necklace change today as well. It seems significant since she is wearing the other one in literally every image/vid I’ve seen of her since 2015. I haven’t been able to get a clear look at what the DOS necklace looked like as it was so delicate, zooming in just turns it to pixels, but it was def the same.

          • I know that’s not her collar, if you didn’t get that from my first post.

            She wore a belly chain…her necklaces had no symbolism except for her own meaning. Some of the women wore infinity necklaces. Danielle Roberts, Dani P., Nicki to name a few, wore necklaces. But FOR SURE India and Allison wore belly chains.

            Allison wore the same necklaces for years, she just liked ones with simple chains.

  • Great Reporting! Very descriptive.

    It says a lot when Allie won’t make eye contact with VanGrifter. Time to save your own skin gf.

    • We’ll call it The Jesus look… Or JCv2.0

      It actually happens with Cults. Going back to the Mexica (Aztecs), religious cults would adopt symbols of rulership (such as Quetzalcoatl – the feathered serpent) to show a link to past lineages of rulership.

      Koresh did this also. His real name was Vernon Howell, but he adopted the name David Koresh from Hebrew King David and Persian King Cyrus (Koresh is Cyrus in Hebrew) to show links to a religious lineage…

  • Why do Journalists, Reporters, Media all refuse to call this what it is? They hide behind the word Cult to dumb it down. It’s more than a Cult. Its Human Trafficking including the trafficking of Children!! Call it what it is and name others in positions of power that are involved. Don’t be Complicit and try to soften the crime for them.

    • Yep, just a word to please the public. She can sing, but remember she did all of this too. She needs serious jail time. It’s all about money and power. Sick deranged people.

    • Cult psychology is a complex thing. And due to the high volume of trolls here and the high running emotions, I doubt going on about it would be too useful BUT— being brainwashed by a cult DOES NOT EQUAL being complicit. Complicity involves free will. Once you are brainwashed, your free will is severely compromised. Literally any textbook on cult psychology will show you this.

      • I do see you are calling media complicit rather than the cult victims. But minimizing the psychological trauma of being in a cult is not helpful.

  • “Raniere appeared to have not bathed, and looked horrendous. He was truly beet red in the face. With his brown jumpsuit, red face, and unkempt appearance, he looked nothing like a Vanguard.”

    • A Vanguard without their ability to push themselves beyond boundaries, literally, how very avant-garde. Now should we be using a capital of not?

  • If anyone knows what cultists showed up, please share, and thanks.

    • LOL

      Since he had zero support at any other hearing, somebody had to show up.

      Was one of them Rosa Laura Junco pretending to be a member of the press? That is what she does every day with anyhow. Ivy Nevares by her side?

    • Yes, why not name them. If people are going to keep bringing up people who left the cult, some of them years ago, why hide the names of those still actually supporting Keith currently? One reason Frank has given for exposing, shaming, ridiculing people on his blog is supposedly to help them see the light, save themselves and others before it is too late. Well . . .

  • Karma could not be any sweeter for Raniere. Just wait and see when others are arrested and more charges follow.

    The sec slave / forced labor is just the tip of the iceberg for this band of criminals.

    #Making more popcorn

      • To put into context I had just read shadows rant about AM in a previous thread in addition to this.

        • Well, he lives off a “healthy” diet of misogyny. I assumed the 1958 was the year he was born, but you know what they say about assuming. But he LOVES to rant about AM. If you don’t agree, then you must see her as a saint (although no one has ever said that).

        • I too assumed it was his birth year. Your discovery makes more sense. From comment he made before, he’s older than 60. He’s also active in the ShadowPeople Reddit subgroup and a serious (including using hashtag MAGA) Trump lover. Not a nice or reasonable human being, and he really doesn’t like women.

          • Talking in your mirror again.

            And you are ever so nice, right?

            The misandrist calling out the misogynist.

            At least it has gone past annoying, and it’s just entertaining to laugh at the stupidity at this point.

      • Her initials are branded on all those slaves.. She has spent more then 10 years involved in this mess.. Recruiting vulnerable and enabled and taken part in horrendous crimes.. Victim once, maybe.. Every bit a perpetrator for years now..

    • I don’t think it’s stabbing someone in the back when you tell the truth and no one knows what Allison Mack is thinking or feeling. I wouldn’t doubt it if the enormity of the wrongdoing she was a part of truly hit her, especially If she is away from his influence and manipulation and able to sleep and eat normally, The more time she spends away from his brainwashing and with normal people will help her come back to reality and then she’ll truly have to face what she’s done and the type of person she’s become.

      I have faith Allison Mack will do the right thing and help his victims get justice and that she will, in turn, face the justice she deserves.

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