Local jails and state prisons are reducing the number of prisoners

Prison guards where Raniere resides might make it hard for him to be Vanguard

Lt. Eugenio Perez is accused of forcing women at the Metropolitan Detention Center to give him oral sex.

A woman, who was jailed at the time on a drug charge but has since been released, said Perez had approached her when she was getting cleaning supplies from the camera-less lieutenants’ office at the jail — and at first she embraced his hugs and kisses because she was lonely.  But when he whipped out his pecker, she got scared.

“He just tried to like, you know, push my head down so I could suck his d–k,” the woman testified, weeping.

“I felt used at that point. And I felt like I was making a mistake. Like, I wanted to be touched by another human being, but it just wasn’t him. I just was lonely…It made me feel normal again, alive. Because when you’re in jail, you feel dead.”

Perez was one of three guards charged last May with turning the detention center into their personal harem.

“This is a case about power, opportunity and abuse…Eugenio Perez, used his position and power as a law enforcement officer, a lieutenant at the Federal Bureau of Prisons to sexually abuse five different women, female inmates entrusted to his care and custody,” prosecutor Nadia Shihata said in her opening statements.

“He arranged for them to clean on the second floor, of the prison, exposed his penis through the zipper of his pants, masturbated and demanded oral sex.”

There was even a pattern to how he ejaculated, she said — into a paper towel that he then folded up to dispose.

Too bad this dude did not take Keith Raniere’s SOP classes. He would have never ejaculated into a towel. Raniere teaches that if a man ejaculates on a woman’s face, it means he owns her.

Perez’s fellow lieutenant, Carlos Richard Martinez, was convicted in January of raping an inmate and faces up to life behind bars.

Too bad Martinez did not use as a defense, Raniere’s teachings that if a man rapes a woman and she has an orgasm, it is not technically rape.

Guard Armando Moronta in November pleaded guilty to sexually abusing inmates and smuggling drugs into the facility. He faces up to 95 years behind bars and a $1 million dollar fine when sentenced.

And these are the kind of guys who are currently guarding Raniere a/k/a Federal Inmate 57005-177. They may even wind up being his cellmates. Oh, the joy!



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  • If you want to know someone’s real character, you have to give that person power. This counts for KR as well as the guards. They are the same type of scum when they use their position to exploit inferiors.

    The only difference between the guards and people like Raniere, Trump and Weinstein is, that the later can pay hush money and good attorneys.

  • Keith Raniere went from a $10K a week villa in paradise to a smelly cell guarded by unpleasant men. And it’s costing him thousands of dollars a day.

    OJ Simpson’s dream team, about 9 lawyers, cost about $20,000 a day, $32K in today dollars, estimate published at the time in the Wall Street Journal.

    While Raniere’s team may not yet be that big, he’s still got years to go and may well get there. Lucky for him he brainwashed the Bronfmans! He can finance his own dream team for years to come. All while in a smelly cell.

  • There are more details on this story at NyPost. Apparently, Lt. Perez has an unusually large, hook-shaped, smelly phallus. So Federal agents were able to identify the suspect via witnesses who remembered his member…

    Not making this up…

    • The women in the elite of the NXIVM cult are almost all middle and upper class white women.

      The Mexican women in NXIVM’s elite like Ms. Junco are generally upper-class Mexicans.

      They all have money and many have or had careers.

      All these women chose to be Raniere’s “slaves” of their own free wills.

      Instead of merely talking about female empowerment, women need to practice it every once in a while.

      Don’t rely on the police to protect you.

      Protect yourselves.

      Stand up on your own two feet and fight back every once in a while.

    • I’m half Cherokee Indian. I don’t want reparations. I don’t blame anyone else for anything I wish I had and don’t. If I could go back in time , I would put a foot up my ancestors’ asses for being so gullible and weak to let happen what happened. Take my land and march us to a slow death. For adults, slavery is a choice. I would die fighting first.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Parlato was the lead investigator and coordinating producer of Investigation Discovery's 2 hour blockbuster special 'The Lost Women of NXIVM.'

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