NXIVM alive and well: Lauren Salzman in Monterrey to teach ‘Human Pain’ course

Lauren Salzman

By Frank Parlato;

For those of you who think that NXIVM is dead and buried: Think again!

Edgar Boone is in Monterrey. So is Dani Padilla. And, most importantly, so is Lauren Salzman.

Why is she there? To teach the NXIVM course on “Human Pain” of course.  That is “Level 2 Human Pain” training – as taught by the High-Ranking Lauren Salzman, Green Sash and Director of Education for NXIVM.

It make perfect sense that NXIVM would teach this right now to the people still inside the cult, since it is meant to help students deal with and suppress pain – and to endure it and give it a noble meaning.  So, this is is perfectly awesome brainwashing for a cult whose leader is in jail; whose most popular recruiter [Allison Mack] has been charged with sex trafficking; and whose other high-rank members – including Lauren herself- are likely to be arrested soon.

Edgar Boone  — the man who pioneered Mexican enrollment of NXIVM some 18 years ago – is in Monterrey, presumably to shore up the Mexican NXians. If you are in town, stop by and say “Hola”.


dani's horse farm
DOS slave Dani Padilla is in Monterrey. She recently posted this picture of her “happy place”. Her father owns a farm and this might be a picture of that farm. It is too bad the farm girl left her father’s farm to become a branded slave and to enroll others into slavery. But you know the old song. “How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm, [After they’ve seen Raniere?]

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  • OMG! Her eyebrows drive me nuts.

    I’d just be so fixated on her over-plucked eyebrows I’d never be able to listen to anything she was teaching!

    • Complete agreed re her eyebrows. I think her eyebrows are drawn on. I’m not sure she has any hair at all?

  • Nancy and Laura Salzman have been the most active people in ESP, who directly performed the pre-school courses … I believe that they are the most dangerous, because knowing their actions executed the orders, and committing the crimes by favoring directly under the orders direct from KR … Great and dangerous criminals

  • Lauren Salzmans as needs to be in jail. She will continue to rebuild NXIVM for her Master Raniere.

    • i couldn’t agree more! She sold her soul long ago for the limelight of being the” head mistress”/ trainer.She is addicted to the popularity and power it gives her, has never had another job in her life, and is not going to stop until she gets slapped hard- hard time. And-OMFG how brazen of them to teach that level 2 now. Making a mockery of the “real” justice system.

  • When the DOS story hit the NYT last fall, I emailed NXIVM asking if they issued gift cards since my ex wife had a birthday coming up. Never did hear back.

  • Good questions. How about Nurse Nancy? When they come to take her away, will she answer the door bell? Is she even in the USA, or has she fled?

  • I so agree. KR deserves to be in prison. Alison Mack deserves to be in prison as well, but what about the rest? So many people had a hand whether big or small in creating and sustaining this Nxivm monster however I don’t see any of them being arrested…Evidence against Reniere was found in Nancy’s home but she is still free even though she is even more of an accomplice…Sarah Edmondson blatantly says that Lauren Salzman led her to be branded but yet she is still free. Cc2 who we are still unsure of it’s india.. Nicki or Lauren…still free…no wonder these people can go about business as usual if none of them are being held accountable….

    • Simple, ultimately everyone in the world can be held responsible for having enabled NXIVM etc.. the point is to follow due process and prosecute based on evidence. You are also conflating different crimes.

  • I rewatched the 20/20 episode dedicated to the investigation on this cult and Sarah Edmonson specifically talked about Lauren recruiting her into DOS and that Lauren explained it was a master/slave situation and that Sarah had to give collateral to Lauren–Lauren is as much a master as Allison and yet she’s still waking free? Not only walking free but still working for the cult? How brazen can you get? If I was any part of this cult, I’d be in hiding.

    • More than brazen they are dumb brainwashed followers. I personally knew a few of them back in the day! Smug phony harem followers with no morals and certainly no ethics! They are the ultimate hypocrites and criminals.
      The feds are methodically wading their way through wads of evidence, putting together a nice tight case. Plenty of time to arrest the others. As they say “patience is a virtue”
      In the meantime, they live the daily fear of never quite knowing when the feds will be at their door.

      • That was definitely my experience with Siobahn Totaling and Christine Collins. Zero ethics, whatsoever.
        Still waiting for Siobahn to turn out to be the one that one of the Jane Does was forced to have sex with, and couldn’t figure out if it was a man, woman or child.

        • Do you know what happened to Christine Collins? She was my trainer.

          I emailed her when story broke. Never heard back…

          • I tried..must be in hiding. I see her as the ostrich with her head in the sand. She has been told of many things.Never believed people and just stayed there.WEAK. Now Siobahn knows much more and went along.Weak and like a scared little rat.

    • Lena patience is important. Let law enforcement get all their ducks in a row before proceeding against the criminals still at large. This will be especially important with the Bronfmans, who have unlimited funds to spend on their defense.

      • AOTW, a very good comment indeed. I think patience is in order. I know it is frustrating to see certain people walking free, but the more preparation the feds put into their case, the better. I do not think they will fumble the ball or “overlook” other perpetrators. Remember how painful it was to see OJ get off for murder? That was state court, and the prosecution failed to anticipate the glove defense. There is a lot of fighting on this blog about who is a victim, who is a perpetrator, who is not yet arrested, and so on. I think it will all be sorted out, but it will take time. In my opinion (as you all know by now), the important thing is that the first arrest was the Monster at the top of the pyramid.

    • No, you wouldn’t be hiding if you believed you did something good and it was important to not hide when you are upholding good… whatever. It’s not too hard to see their perspective.

      • The whole humanitarian spin is a total front. Do you think the moral compass of these people was destroyed by being in the cult? Could it be they didn’t have one to begin with?

        This story has layers. It is likely some outside the inner circle were duped. But the personal motives of the key players are disgusting. People like Raniere, Mack, Salinas, and the Salzmans were “living the life” off the backs of others. Slavery, coercion, blackmail, sex trafficking, etc. These alleged crimes are not nuanced acts. They stayed in the cult. They initiated these behaviors. On some level, they had to know what they were doing was inhumane, criminal, and wrong.

        It’s like saying you believe the mob is in the “construction” business and looking the other way (i.e. buying merchandise that “fell off a truck”). Whatever plea deals are made, may justice be served so the real victims can have some solace and this nightmare can come to an end at last.

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